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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  February 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we start with traffic and weather every ten minutes. let's start with lisa baden. >> newschopper 7 is flying over an accident that has happened recently in. you are looking at georgia avenue closed southbound near mount colorado cemetery road which is near new hampshire ave. georgia avenue is blocked. one vehicle and rolled over and two other vehicles involved in the crash. until they can move things, georgia avenue southbound will not be an option. there is police direction. mass transit, orange line delay is to start the morning commute. there was a disabled train at the boston station that is being removed. expect delays on the orange line,. now 2 adam caskey. >> a little action on the radar screen, nothing to get in the way of your travel plans to and from work today. just a few isolated hits of precipitation possible. areas of white will endorse the
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shenandoah valley approaching the 81 corridor, not everything you see is precipitation hitting the ground. some of it is just in the clouds. there are few snowflakes to the west and north along the mason-dixon line. a dusting at best is what it looks like. 35 degrees in mount airy. 34 in remington. if 30 degrees in strasbourg, virginia. the 30four degrees48 degrees this afternoon. >> whitney houston's body has returned home to new jersey. as it did the dirty from the airport to a funeral home in new jersey, fans lined the streets to say a final goodbye. -- as it made the journey from to the funeral home. >> jummy olabanji has the latest
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and plans for the pop star's final resting place. >> flawless and candles lined the area around new hope baptist church in new jersey, the place where the world's first terrorist whitney houston's gift. aretha franklin herself remembered her goddaughter whitney houston. >> ♪ i will always love you ♪ >> her fans at responded in a big way. the top albums sold on amazon and itunes all hers. " kelly, her fans set up this vigil in dupont circle. >>--- locally. >> i've knowngrew up with her. she's been there through the good and bad. >> there were no visible traces of illegal drugs.
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but sources say better or prescription bottles in the bathroom where body was found. her family is in the process of planning a public memorial similar to the 1 michael jackson's family plans for him. reports say that it could happen this friday capped at the prudential center in newark, new jersey, all but her publicist says nothing is final yet. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> new this morning, police need your help in finding a missing girl from silver spring, 80 years old. londin marshall was last seen kaiser family around 4:30 yesterday afternoon when she left their apartment after an argument. she is familiar with the metro system and they claim that she's scared to return home because she did not have permission to leave. call police if you see her. >> promedica video of an arrest -- there's dramatic video of an arrest made by a loudoun county deputy. it appeared to show a deputy terry daniel hit carlos garcia
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in the back of the head while his hands were in their air. garcia says the punch knocked him unconscious and left him with brain damage. >> the prosecution still presenting evidence in charlottesville will likely present new evidence in the case subscript george huguely -- in the case of lacrosse player dar-- lacrosse player george huguely. >> of torrance a pathologist who conducted yeardley love's autopsy testified and described his findings that showed interest to the neck. this is key evidence and was displayed on before the jury to see. seven men and seven women on the jury sat in silence as their account is of a frightening letter george huguely wrote to yeardley love. the letter and an e-mail where he allegedly said why should killed you were presented.
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the judge said because of the courtroom designed with the jury seated beneath the judge's bench, the witnesses had their back to the spectators so no one else in the courtroom to exceed the content, not even the families. the medical examiner also showed the jury autopsy photographs of many of the bruises on the body and diagrams will pwhere bloodstains were found. signs of smothering according to the medical examiner, buhe said that the two or physical but that george huguely did not strangle her. it will be interesting to see if the judge makes all information available to the media. >> police released video
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evidence in the lululemon murder. the video shows detectives interrogating brittany norwood. >> what did they say? >> i don't remember. >> ok. >> i don't remember. >> ok. >> you don't know how many times they hit me in my head. i did whatever they said. >> initially claimed two masked men attacked her and jayna murray in the bethesda store but investigators say that her well gloss unraveled during the testimony. she is now serving a life sentence without parole. >> looking in the day ahead. president obama and other top u.s. leaders will meet today and with the man who will likely be the next leader of china. the vice president xi jinping a ride in the united states today and is expected to take power later this year.
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he will also make stops in iowa and california during his week- long visit. spending cuts included in the president's 2013 budget plan could affect metro. the white house wants to cut $15 million from the $150 million the transit agency receives every year. that money is used to pay for track repairs and new escalators and will cost. metro says any reduction could impact safety and capital improvements and that will work to preserve the fund. 6:07, 36 degrees in lanham maryland. >> still ahead, rick santorum's popularity soaring, a former pennsylvania senator giving mitt romney a run for his money. >> elite shall valentine's day tradition, david letterman debuting the 2012 sports illustrated swimsuit cover. >> adam caskey has a look at how long the weather will last.
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>> i am lisa tased with women hard the national coalition for women with heart disease. if you are woman living with heart disease, we are here for you. -- i am lisa tate. go to our web site. >> good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 sent. -- 6:10. in the brookeville area of
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montgomery county. a complicated crashed on georgia avenue noaa of new hampshire ave. traffic is now able to get through. -- a complicated crash on georgia avenue north of new hampshire ave. 95 and 395 looking good. here's the place near the pentagon in virginia. looks wonderful. back inside. >> happy valentine's day. a little action of to the west in west virginia. a little white and pink on the screen indicating a chance of a few flakes. most of what we've seen so far but your screen is evaporated before it hits the ground. that is moving east towards the interstate 81 corridor. you could run into a brief snow shot amounting to dusting at best this morning off to the west. 32 degrees in frederick, 30 in manassas, 38 in the district, not as cold as yesterday. upper 40's this afternoon with a few isolated sprinkles this
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afternoon and evening. not much. tomorrow sunshine, 63 degrees. by thursday, some areas of rain by midday and afternoon. an ability to forecast in a few minutes. >> sports illustrated has its latest swimsuit issue. the cover of this year will stop by the late show to show it off. >> anytime and we are going to see it. their legal. -- there we go. >> that is a 19-year-old kate upton, she is from florida and was in the magazine last year. she was the rookie of the year in 2011 crowned by the magazine. >> a great honor for her. >> 6:12 on this tuesday morning, 31 degrees in cumberland. >> a tv network ratings a whole lineup aimed at your dog.
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>> the supreme court justice becoming the victim of a crime even while on vacation. we will tell you what happen. >> and an update [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices in more ways than ever. and our netrks are getting croowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy.
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and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. >> it appears that rick santorum's popularity with republican voters is surging. the former pennsylvania senator is neck and neck with mitt romney in the latest gallup poll. another poll puts santorum in the lead. romney could also be in trouble in his home state of michigan, where the polls show central and closing the gap. santorum now says this is a two- man race. >> we think this is a two person race will now and are focused on making sure folks know we are the best alternative to barack obama and have the best chance of beating him. >> gingrich disagrees. he will not drop out of the race
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to set up a direct contest between romney and santorum. the four candidates will face off again in michigan and arizona two weeks from now. >> , the region, as a bill that says human rights begin at conception be discussed in the house of delegates in virginia today. they gave preliminary approval to the person chood bill yesterday. they will discuss a bill that requires women to have an evasive ultrasound before getting an abortion. more turmoil police arrested two protesters during a demonstration in the request last night. but it's up a camp outside a building on 15th street. police took away a tent after the arrests were made. this comes about a week after mcpherson square was rated. -- raided. cyril williams, accused of
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killing state trooper wesley williams at the applebee's restaurant last year. his lawyers say that there's no proof that he committed the crime. >> a man with a machete confronted supreme court justice stephen breyer and his wife in the caribbean islands and robbed them of money. no one was injured. >> gas prices keep rising. and how you can own a piece of the big apple landmark. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> topping america's money, an early price hike. gas prices rising again. the annual spring run-up is coming earlier than usual this year. that could mean gas as high as $5 a gallon in some areas by june. apple is asking an outside
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group to inspect working conditions at its factories overseas. that follows growing criticism of how the workers there are treated. inspections are under way. you may soon be able to buy a share of the world's best known skyscrapers. the company that owns the empire state building is planning to go public and sell stock. the 102-story building was the tallest in the world when completed in 1931. a cable-tv channel is going to the dogs. dog tv's programming is especially for dogs left home alone during the day because the owners are too busy to play. happy valentine's day. i am rob nelson. >> i see that of nelson was able to find every and decide to put on for valentine's day. >> he should have lent me one. i did not want to overdo it. i want to give them a chance to shine today. >> let's turn to the weather today. is the weather going to hold out
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for valentine's day plans this evening? >> yes, you will have a chance to hold the umbrella for that special someone. very romantic. it's 32 degrees outside. here's a look at live super doppler 7. we have some areas of light pink. most of action so far that we seen a great honor is not even give the ground. one exception is higher elevations in the mountains. the atmosphere is dry so that the precipitation hits the gr -- evaporates before it hits the ground, most of it. a few snow flurries and maybe a brief testing this morning. 38 in the district, 30 in manassas, 36 in gaithersburg this morning. martinsburg get the freezing mark along with a winchester. in lexington park, 39. the average high is 47 and we will be right there this
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afternoon. not much in terms of precipitation all day long. if you hit possible here and there. extensive cloud cover. gray skies on this valentine's day. you can see that cloud cover on the east coast. that's associated with the upper level energy. now it's over there. we have clouds and a few chances of light precipitation here and there. that will area of low pressure developing in the four corners region. that will track across the mississippi and delta to the west of washington. that will put us on the one side of this system. sorry, snow lovers. looks like a rainmaker on thursday. that's mainly for the midafternoon. 48 this afternoon, 20% chance of a few sprinkles later this afternoon and evening. tomorrow sunshine, 53. by thursday, still near 50. we will be on the one side of
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the system, so it looks like rain maker by the midday. clearing on friday. computer models say there's a storm system possibly affecting us on sunday. they have not had the best track record so far this winter. i will keep an eye on that. let's go to lisa baden for the commute. >> there is a backup. exactly what you'll find on 66 eastbound traffic slowing at the visitor center. seven has a little volume getting to clark's gap. open-collar of leesburg. upstream all of manassas, here come your neighbors from 28, open to get past compton will. looks good through falls church on 66. quiet is 395 north the beltway to the 14th street bridge. green light on the george washington parkway, moving very nicely. and and the beltway in maryland looks good at university boulevard. back to you. >> thank you. 6:20, 37 degrees in bethesda.
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>> singing the blues at the white house. who the first family will welcome a the next concert series. you are watching "good morning washington."
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>> ♪ finally i can see your crystal clear ♪
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>> singer adele's sweep helped the grammy awards surged to its second-highest ratings ever. the largest audience since michael jackson took the award in 1984. president obama will be singing the blues next week. this has nothing to do with his campaign or poll numbers. >> it is listening to the blues. next tuesday's concert performance of the white house. ms. jagger, b.b. king, and jeff beck celebrating blow's music and black history month. the event will be streamed live on the white rose website and broadcast later in the week on pbs. still another half-hour are ahead. >> what led to the rest of the lululemon killer, video. >> discussion gongaware for public war on friday to remember whitney houston. -- discussions are under way for
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a public memorial on friday. >> a few hits on the radar screen in early this morning. we will take a look [ female announcer
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> she's an inspiration to a lot of people. it is so sad. qwikster ahead at 6:30, long journey home for whitney houston, the latest from the investigation, and plans for a public memorial. it's tuesday, a brick 14, valentine's day. i'm steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. spanx adjoining us. we begin with traffic and weather. -- thanks for joining us. -- tuesday, february 14. >> not much precipitation
6:29 am
expected. dr. the northwest approaching martinsburg and hagerstown, echoes of the little screen. i'm not confident that is hitting the ground. a lot of that is still up in the clouds. we could squeeze out a few snowflakes northwest of town the early this morning not a big deal. 37 in clarksburg. the freezing mark in shepherdstown. 35 in the plate. 36 in stafford. that is warmer than yesterday. 48 this afternoon, close to average. partly cloudy to night. paramount of sunshine tomorrow, low to mid '50's. 7 that they forecast coming up. >> we feel pretty comfortable about what we are going to see. we will take you over maryland. looking at 270 at 495. headlights are northbound. red headed southbound away from us. no accidents. we do this every day off and on from frederick all the way to the beltway.
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no problems at the american legion bridge. looks good on the beltway at the mormon temple. quiet in virginia. no. found on 95, stalled car has been moved to the shoulder. leaving woodbridge to get to springfield, the patient. back to news. >> whitney houston's body is back in new jersey as it did the journey, from the airport to the funeral home, fans lined the streets to say a final goodbye. she died saturday in a beverly hills hotel. >> while the investigation is ongoing, we are learning new details about her final moments and plans for a memorial service. tahman bradley is live in the west joining us with the latest. >> good morning. whitney houston's body arrived in new jersey from los angeles overnight on a private plane. preparations are under way for a possible public memorial that will be held to at the prudential center on friday in newark, new jersey.
6:31 am
medical examiners in los angeles are not ready to declare a cause of death. sources tell abc news there were no signs of trauma or foul play on the 48-year-old's body fat and no visible traces of illegal drugs. sources say there were prescription card is in the bathroom where the body was found. the queen of soul aretha franklin remembered her goddaughter last night. >> one of the greatest singers that has ever stood before man. >> the queen of soul right there. whitney houston's fans have shown enormous support. seven of the top 10 albums sold on monday on were whitney houston albums. tahman bradley reporting live from northwest. >> thank you. new this morning, police need your help to find a missing 8- year-old girl from silver spring.
6:32 am
londin marshall was last seen by her family yesterday around 4: 30 p.m. when she left their public-sector argument. we are told she is familiar with metro and may claim that she is scared to return home because she did not get permission to leave. you are asked to contact police if you see are. >> a dramatic video of an arrest leading to a lawsuit against its former loudoun county deputy. the-cam video appears to show terry daniel hitting carlos garcia in the back of the dead in november of 2009. garcia was arrested for and later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery. in a lawsuit, garcia said the plunge knocked him unconscious and left him with brain damage. >> testimony resumes this morning in the trial of former uva lacrosse player george huguely, accused of killing is escrow fund yeardley love. the medical examiner testified that she showed no signs of suffocation and that's making documentaries to an artery in
6:33 am
her neck. george huguely's lotus a better death could have been accidental and possibly related to her use of adhd medication. >> getting a closer look at police tapes that helped close lululemon murder case and put brittany norwood behind bars for the rest of her life. >> authorities have released the interrogations tapes which schiller lying about the attacks. brianne carter and is live in bethesda with this or that use of first on abc 7. >> a brutal crime that happens in this upscale boutique. now we're getting new images of exactly what happened behind- the-scenes with investigators. authorities say that it chose brittany norwood could not keep track of her lies. >> he cut my stomach and my chest. i was trying to fight him. he hit me in my head. >> this is her talking to police a week after she brutally killed co-worker jayna murray in
6:34 am
the bethesda lululemon store. the interrogations tapes show that she continues to claim she and jayna murray were attacked by two masked men. >> she was very believable at times. when appropriate, she cried and her hands were shaking. >> contradictions on the day began to catch up with her. her allies began to unravel. >> prior to him sexually assaulting me and tying me, they made me move her car. >> there was no they. only two female voices that apple store employees heard through the wall. this video shows employees listening and then when the noise stopped, they walked away. those employees never contacted authorities. that became a big discussion during the trial as to why a call was never made. but authorities say that they did nothing wrong legally.
6:35 am
brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> president obama will meet today with the man who will soon become his chinese counterpart. the vice-president of china, xi jinping of district in the u.s. and will meet with other top u.s. leaders. a group will hold protests outside today, a group wanting to free tibet. the white house wants to cut $50 million from 150 million metro receives every year. the money is used to pay for track repairs and escalators and real cars. the transit agency says a reduction could impact safety and capital improvements. and whatsays it will work to preserve the funding. it's 38 degrees in alexandria. >> still ahead on this tuesday rick santorum surging. a new poll shows the former senator and giving mitt romney a run for his money. >> we will show you the
6:36 am
finalists for the westminster best in show. >> checking traffic and weather every ten minutes. a nice view of the nation's capital this morning. 6:36 now. back after this as we continue.
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>> welcome back. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's find out how the roads are. good morning, lisa baden. >> if you're heading on to 95 in maryland in and out of baltimore, in good shape right now on 270 70, and the complicated from waldorf on route 5. in springfield, virginia, you will need extra time. delays are consistent from woodbridge to newington. there was a broken-down car at the beltway northbound 95 in springfield. 395 will improve noaa of the beltway to the 14th street bridge. metro rail is on normal service systemwide. back inside. >> thanks so much. >> let's check in with doug hill in the weather department. >> good morning. kind of cloudy, a little
6:40 am
different than yesterday. it was in the teens a yesterday morning. in the 30's this morning. a little precipitation here and there. live super doppler 7 radar shows off most of that is well to the west and northeast of baltimore. there was light yesterday with some snowflakes. maybe a few snow flurries today off to the west and maybe some sprinkles east. not bad on this february morning. near 32. in martinsburg and frederick 32. 36 in gaithersburg. 38 in the nation's capital and in quantico. of the amount of clouds and moisture on the satellite view -- a fair amount of clouds. most of the precipitation is to this alabama will stay there. temperatures headed to the 50s today. we will not happen of wind but a little bit of a breeze.
6:41 am
temperatures will climb the upper 40's to nearly 50 degrees with a morning sprinkle. looks pretty good tomorrow. low 50's tomorrow. another system on thursday will bring a good chance of rain to the area. a mild weekend will follow. more in about 10 minutes. >> thank you. there are more than 2000 entries but only one gets to be named best in show tonight. >> malachi. >> among the favorites to take the top honors at the westminster kennel club prestigious annual event a pekingese, fox terrier, and a donation. no dalmatian has ever taken the top spot at westminster. we will see how this turns out. we are looking at 37 degrees in bethesda. >> growing support for same-sex marriage. where it is illegal now and where it could be soon and white
6:42 am
faces an uphill battle still close to home. >> t-bill controversial abortion pill will forward in the general assembly in virginia.
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whatcha lookin' for hon? ah, these new jeans i want. i've been looking everywhere. new blue jeans? oh don'be crazy i've got tons of blue jeans. frank! frank! get my jean bin, susie wants my jeans. no she doesn't. here we go. nice and loose. ohhh. those are loose,
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but i actually just ordered three pairs of this kind. ooooohhhh. oh. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. >> tonight at 5:00, a therapy that has worked for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. it's working for others as well. patients with brain injury battling back to regain their speech to the use of music. our report tonight at 5. >> the foo fighters will show their support for president obama soon. the obama campaign says the group will perform at a fund- raiser in los angeles tomorrow. it just won a grammy. the former sound garden front man named chris will perform on
6:45 am
thursday. the president's fundraising trip will end friday in seattle. 2012, rick santorum's popularity with republican voters is growing. >> the former pennsylvania senator is neck-and-neck with mitt romney. this is in the latest gallup poll. another poll puts central in the lead. romney could also be in trouble in michigan. that's where the poll shows central closing the gap. santorum says this has become a two-man race. >> this is a two person race now and we are focused on making sure folks know we are the best alternative to barack obama and tap the best chance at beating him. >> gingrich disagrees. the former house speaker said that he will not drop by the race to set up a direct contest between romney and santorum. four remaining gop candidates will face off again in michigan and arizona two weeks from today. washington has become the
6:46 am
seventh state to allow gay marriage. the governor signed the historic legislation yesterday. >> opponents are trying to block this. this comes as the new jersey state senate approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. governor chris christie had said that he will veto that bill. maryland governor o'malia said he still needs the votes of a couple of lawmakers to pass a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. supporters of the bill nelly last night in annapolis. the-- supporters of the bill rallied last night in annapolis. >> a bill that says human life begins at inception could win passage in the virginia house of delegates today. they gave preliminary approval to the bill yesterday. the house will take a final vote today on a bill requiring women to have an evasive ultrasound before getting an abortion. turmoil involving police and
6:47 am
occupy dc protesters. two were arrested during a demonstration in northwest last night. several protesters had set up camp outside a building on 16th street. if police took away a tense after the arrests were made. this comes over a week after u.s. park police raided the occupy dc camp at mcpherson square. testimony resumes today in the trial man accused of killing a maryland state trooper. wesley brown killed at a foresthill applebee's restaurant where he worked as a security guard part-time. prosecutors say that cyril williams shot down in revenge for throwing him out of the bar. williams' lawyer says there's no evidence. >> jerry sandusky scored a victory in his fight against child sex abuse charges. a judge ruled that he can see most of his grandchildren. the judge also rejected a prosecution request to bring interest from outside the state college area. he was charged with sexually abusing 10 boys. he denies the charges.
6:48 am
>> time to check traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's check in with lisa baden to see how things are. >> looks ok on 95 in virginia between fredericksburg and dale city. you need to add extra travel time between dale city and the beltway because of a broken-down car in springfield gone. 95 between washington and baltimore still moving pretty well. looked at this picture of springfield. trying to recover from earlier issues that have been resolved. nothing additional to your time on the greenway, the toll road. normal on 66 between centreville and the beltway. 270 sac town from father hurley boulevard to the beltway, the normal pace of traffic. here's a live picture of the outer loop at new hampshire avenue to get around to georgia avenue. metro wirail, everything on normal service on this special
6:49 am
valentine's day. >> love is in the air today. >> you might meet that special someone. >> let's check in with doug hill. >> happy valentine's day. pleasant, cloudy. in good shape starting out on this tuesday. about 12 minutes from sunrise. you can see there is quite a bit of clout. we were not dealing with this yesterday. this will be around for most of the day. very little precipitation. chilly temperatures, but not as cold as it did. 32 and shepherdstown and winchester and leesburg will now. 36 in stafford, 39 in arlington and chevy chase. 32 degrees in huntingtown. the next event is trying to figure out what the disturbance will do. my hunch is not much. most of the steady precipitation remains well to the south. we will see drips and drabs and flurries to the east and west of
6:50 am
the blue ridge maybe a few sprinkles later. near 50 degrees this afternoon. we will see a little bubble of high pressure moving into more to give us a beautiful day with sunshine, low 50's. on thursday, area of low pressure on developing on the four corners will come to our northwest and put us on the one side. 50% chance of rain through the day on thursday. only rainfall. a few sprinkles with some light rain, that's all. we will see some clearing early tomorrow morning. mostly clear and sunny and pleasant temperatures well into the 50's tomorrow afternoon. thursday, and some rain coming in. today, a touch of snow flurries or mix west of the metro area especially west of the blue ridge with a few sprinkles this afternoon. near 50 degrees. clearing overnight, 34 degrees. sunshine tomorrow, mild temperatures in the low 50's. what about the next seven days?
6:51 am
are we ever going to get a snowstorm? adam caskey will have answers in a couple minutes. >> adam caskey has been waiting for that a long time. >> a long time. thanks so much. >> 6:51 on this tuesday morning, valentine's day. >> a live look
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6:53 am
6:54 am
>> a good tuesday morning to all of you. coming up on a tuesday on "today" -- exclusive details about whitney houston's life and death. her bodyguard speaking out about the troubled star and his efforts to save her life. also, the cheerleader crime that shocked the nation. a mother of plotting to kill. the mother of her daughter's rival will now more than 20 years later the daughter speaks out. how does she feel about her mother now? and look out adele. little girl who impressed audiences on grammy night. fuel meter next right here on good morning america. >> a 6:00 hour 54 right now. whitney houston's body returned to her home state of new jersey. the singer's family making arrangements for the funeral. houston found dead in her beverly hills hotel on saturday at the age of 48 . >> testimony resumes in the man
6:55 am
accused of killing maryland state trooper wesley brown. several williams killed him out of revenge, prosecutors. >> xi jinping the vice president of china will meet with the president and other leaders and will also make stops in the midwest in iowa and then california. >> traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> lisa baden has a look at traffic. >> love looking at 66. feel and glove. the newschopper 7 is over 66 eastbound. feeling the love of the centreville and manassas. so traffic before and after 50 near the vienna metro station. adam caskey. >> 48 and mostly cloudy today, a
6:56 am
brief sprinkle or isolated floreen. not a big deal. sunshine tomorrow, low 50's. a rain event on a thursday. now some computer models imagine the storm system may affect us on sunday. too really tell. it does not matter until president or friday when we could possibly get a picture of what could happen. we will keep an eye on it. >> even cupid cannot bring snow. it's a busy day for him. >> it is. that does it for "good morning washington this morning. good morning america is next. >> happy valentine's day, everybody. for continuing local news, news channel 8. we will be back here at noon. we will see you then. >> happy valentine's day. captioned by the national captioning institute
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