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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> firefighters injured, 911 calls released after a fireball engulfed several firefighters. >> search for an assassin, two americans killed in a heavily guarded building of afghanistan. >> change in the wind? out the weather may be turning milder. >> i am arch campbell with cynne simpson of oscar week and in hollywood. about abc news at 11:00 starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> 7 local firefighters are recovering tonight two of them
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hospitalized. m a fire official said the strong wind created a fireball, critically injuring two firefighters. richard reeve has the call from the fire, plus reactions. >> witnesses described this as a flash fire, a column of flames that confronted firefighters. the house is got it from the inside. seven firefighters were transported, two remain in the hospital, critically injured. it started with a rapid series of urgent 911 calls. >> it is like when people say a bomb went off. it was a lot of fire. >> newschopper 7 showed the fire scene. >> it was like a blowtorch. m a firefighter scrambling to the 75th avenue house. >> it was so quick, nobody really knew what was hitting
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them. >> cheryl's former firefighter her son michael and ethan sorrell and kevin o'toole were among seven fire fighters confronted by a column of flames. it was a flash fire. >> it was a war went inside the house. >> the wind pushed it right up through the steps and out the front door right on top of the seven guys. >> they escaped safely, but after being the fact -- but after being transported by medevac, ethan sorrell has burns and his heir wake. >> one firefighter has. cartilage damage and first- degree fires burned on his hands. >> i know how my parents felt when i was doing it.
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but i am proud of him. >> even tonight, of the damage from the outside. the injured firefighters, all relatively young 19, 21, 22. a lot of prayers and support. still no official cause of the fire that happened in the vacant house. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> shifting focus to the weather, it has been chilly tonight. we turn to meteorologist steve rudin. >> we have been watching the wind gusts diminishing the the belfort furniture weather center, improving conditions as we move through the overnight hours. the wind gusts around 25-30, but the wind chill factor makes it feel a lot colder. 23 is what it feels like in gaithersburg, 24 at dulles airport, 28 at reagan national. we have a warming trend on the
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way, just as we enter the upcoming work and school week. the full details coming up. >> news from overseas, following the latest developments from afghanistan, where two u.s. military officers are identified after being shot in an afghan government ministry area at that supposed to be secure. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. suzanne kennedy is live in the satellite center with the latest. >> it was a security breach that allow the point blank attack on the two american officers. all nato personnel have been pulled out of the afghan ministries. the attacks came after five days of anger and bloody protests over the burning of a pile of koreans at the largest military base in afghanistan. the shooting took place inside of the compound, where a man believed to be an afghan kill the u.s. major and lieutenant- colonel.
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>> he opened fire on the soldiers. >> immediately, the top u.s. leader in afghanistan with reform of veirs shares -- four advisers from all afghan ministries. the riots have left nearly three dozen dead, hundreds injured. president obama has apologized for the koran burning incident, but that does not appear to be enough to quell the anger, even in areas where the taliban has little influence. afghans called for the death of americans. apologies, this man says, are not enough. at another u.s. base, protestors tried to storm the walls. afghan soldiers responded with bullets, but could not prevent protesters from raising a white taliban flag. the two men were shot in the back of the head and the shooter escaped into a crowd of protesters.
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suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> a calvert county community is mourning the loss of a man killed today while walking in the woods. it took place at about 2:30 this afternoon in lusby. the authorities say the 50-year- old man was working on a tree when a portion fell on him and killed him. family and friends rushed to the site where the accident happened. the tree had fallen during the storm and friends say he was trying to cut it for firewood. >> it is sad. so close to home. it is tragic. my heart goes out to the family. >> the man has been identified, but the sheriff's department is not releasing his identity pending notification of the family. >> a deadly hit and run accident and rockville early this morning. rodriguez was dropped off.
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an hour later, driver saw him lying in the road, trying to revive him. by the time emergency crews got to the scene, rodriguez was dead. he was a student at montgomery college and the father of two children. >> tomorrow, they will continue the cleanup of a fairfax county school after a potential norovirus outbreak. more than 100 students and teachers called out sick at willow springs elementary school friday all reporting a gastrointestinal illness. the fairfax county health department is working to confirm of the norovirus caused the illness. >> a big crowd formed outside of a shoe store in northeast d.c. for a chance to buy the hardest challenge sue -- the hottest selling shoe on the market. a dozen stood in line on minnesota avenue just for a raffle ticket. those chosen got a chance to buy
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the $225 shoes. stores are only getting a limited supply of the shoes causing huge crowds and riots in some cases across the country. >> < it 24 hours away from hollywood's biggest night, and the stars are getting ready for the 84th academy awards. >> the celebrities are making sure they have their dresses their tuxedos, and they're getting some gifts before the big night. arch campbell and cynne simpson are live in hollywood with more on the countdown. >> we are at the very if they mess hollywood and vine, downtown hollywood, on the very important weaken for the movies. >> thousands of people are here from all over the world, the tourists who hope to see their favorite celebrities. we know where to find them, the
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gifted and sweets. take a look. it is one of tinseltown's most exclusive invitations oscar nominees and big-name celebrities gifted tens of thousands of dollars of gems, watches, even vacations at this gift being suite. >> this is a new retreat that just opened on mallee. it is four days, three nights. >> they get all expenses paid trips. the supporting actor took advantage, from food to skin care. cheech marin says he will take just about anything that is free. >> hollywood. i have more nail polish that i could use in my entire life. >> the celebrities have the opportunity to design their own watch face, whether it is silver or gold. >> we call back woods loading up
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on face products, which he says really work. >> you can have this level of protection. i know it is hard to believe. >> joking aside, it is big business. these vendors know if celebrities are seen in their goods, it is great for the bottom line. out >> more people notice us and are interested in buying our products. >> it is hard to imagine but some celebrities walk away with about $100,000 worth of loot. >> i have seen them dragging stuff out by the bagful. if they don't need it, they give it to you. >> yes they do, and more tomorrow. >> tomorrow at 6:00, the one oscar category that is too big to fail. >> looking for to it. -- looking forward to it.
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that is clearly good to be a celebrity. stay with abc 7 news for complete coverage of the oscars. arch and cynne simpson will be live at the oscars and a complete wrapup and behind the scenes look at the ceremony. still to come, rfk's son facing charges after allegedly getting into a fight at a hospital, caught on tape. >> the family of a slain american journalist in syria says they may not be able to bury her at home. >> and job f
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>> the mother of the american journalist killed this week in syria said she believes her daughter was targeted. she died in a bombing attack in homs along with a french journalist. she says that she hopes that her daughter's body will be returned to new york. they determined the situation is too dangerous on the ground. and pakistan, they are
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demolishing the compound where osama bin laden was killed. the pakistani military official said the action is being taken to keep the compound from ever becoming a shrine. the al qaeda leader lived there for years before his death. >> nelson mandela is expected to be released from a hospital in south africa tomorrow or monday. the former president was admitted this morning and underwent tests for a stomach ailment. doctors say the 93-year-old is in satisfactory to a condition. satisfactory condition and is not in danger. >> the son of robert kennedy faces charges after a scuffle with nurses. douglas kennedy tried to take his newborn son out for a walk last month. the nurses try to stop him. they said that he became violent with them. he was arrested thursday and charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. he and his wife called the
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charges absurd. >> the michigan and arizona republican primaries are only three days away. mitt romney appears to have momentum on his side in michigan and a comfortable lead over rep santorum in arizona. the latest polls indicate that roomney is ahead of santorum by 3-6 points. newt gingrich and ron paul are trailing in both states. >> veterans returning from overseas often have a tough time finding a job when they get home. >> today they tried to help address the problem, top companies in bethesda offering jobs on the spot. ou>> i got the job. >> this air force veteran just became jpmorgan's newest employee. >> they asked me when i could start. i cannot believe it. but it happened and i'm excited. >> more than 1000 people packed
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the job there, set up exclusively. for veterans and spouses but was not just a job fair, it is a hiring fair. >> we have five confirmed hires who will be coming in now. >> that is why the job there is so unique. at that iran could walk through the door, drop off their resume, and sit down for an immediate interview and walk out the door with a brand new job. among veterans, the unemployment rate is 13% well over the national average. today's event had it importance beyond giving back to those who served the nation. that these companies are helping these batteries understand how their skills and talents translate into the private sector. >> for many companies, those skills are what they're looking for. >> they bring phenomenal leadership skills, the importance of loyalty as it
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relates to working in an organization. >> he said your the person i have been looking for. that brought tears to my eyes. i did not have to stay off work. >> she starts monday. >> wonderful. >> that gives an indication of what a good thing that was. let's turn to the weather situation. bromide for anybody out and about. -- it is brutal for anybody out at about. >> the wind is starting to subside. a few snowflakes earlier today nothing that last that long, 15, 20 minutes. the wind, over the white house the flags blowing, the wind will decrease up through the early morning hours. tomorrow, looking good, 47 the high at reagan national airport. average for this day 50
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degrees. we're looking for warmer temperatures monday and tuesday. now 37, feels like 28, the wind out of the west northwest at 15. 36 at wtop, upper northwest, the same in rockville. earlier today, wind gusts of 36 m.p.h. preston, wind gust of nearly 50 earlier in the day. outside at this hour the temperatures cooling into the 30's. at 35 martinsburg $35, 36 annapolis. -- $35, 36 annapolis. the shot of really cold air off to the north and west, chicago 19 degrees. you'll notice the temperatures will start to warm the next couple days. the high pressure over head moves off towards the east. the wind will return more out of the south southwest allowing temperatures to warming
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to the upper 50's, near 60 on monday and tuesday. the satellite radar, skies clear for the day tomorrow. the clouds increase just a bit more as we move into monday night. the weak frontal system approaches from the north and west not a melting to a lot, a not a lot of cold air behind it. once this moves through mild day tuesday, followed by another storm system that will bring rain tuesday night into wednesday across the mid- atlantic. tonight, mainly clear cold, 25-32. tomorrow, daytime highs in the upper 40's, lower 50's. the extended outlook looks great, lots of sunshine monday into the first half of the day tuesday. clouds increase wednesday, not the prettiest of days. we will have rain and cooler temperatures. thursday and friday, back into the lower, middle fifties. that will be the first day of
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meteorological spurring, thursday. -- meteorological spring, thursday. >> and weather is corresponding. >> and the allergies. >> college basketball season? >> that is my version of spring. we have an update of stephen strasburg as well, but a lot of basketball. remember the underdog d.c. team from last year's tournament? the rams still looking strong, hosting the patriots today. and what slump? the ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] there's no right way or wrong way. every baby plays by his own rules
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> the capitals describe the current situation as playoff hockey. this is not the same presidents cup winning team or the dominant
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one-seed of last year. friday night, it was rewarding. the capitals have not won consecutive games since mid january. one minute into the game, johansson, so fast, comes around the net, 1-0 capitals. that is the way to get started. three minutes later, alexander semin doing work, his shot blocked, but he steals the puck putting in the extra effort. it is now 2-0. and back-to-back starts, the goalie was solid the glove save. he had 28 saves. the capitals win 4-2. there is nothing like an unlikely and by some embarrassing loss to set a team back on track. at georgetown hosting of the lenovo. -- georgetown hosting villa nueva. look at the middle of your
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screen maurice sutton gives the elbow to the face of porter, and he goes down, blood from his nose. he was called for a flagrant foul. porter not faced he gets a leg up. in the second, a georgetown with a big lead. off the miss, jason clark really a strong showing barry did go. hit the jumper. the hoyas win easily. maryland men's basketball and as a shot at the n.c.a.a. tournament is very slim. tied for seventh place in the acc, i hope to gain a footing against georgia tech, but that fell flat at the sec have. -- but they fell flat in the second half. nine seconds to go, off the dribble, goes for the long 3 1- 6 from long distance.
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georgia tech it's the foul shot. trying to put up a miracle no dice. the terps lose the heartbreaker. uva hosting unc 20 seconds to go. makes the slam, but this was extremely close. two seconds to go, the final chance evans the half-court shot, trying to make it happen, it is not march madness yet. he does not get it. unc wins. tim brant called a good game, virginia tech, closing seconds eric green, the jumper. no good. the fallout, but it is not good, either, and we go to overtime. duke with the three-point lead. seth currie, pretty good, the reverse layup duke wins 72-65. george mason at vcu huge
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rivalry. the rams on the break. check out for a daniels long distance all day, every day vcu wins and takes sole possession of second place in the caa. stephen strasburg's first start as scheduled march 4 are against the astros in florida. put it on the calendar. >> nothing like opening game tickets. >> a lot of anticipation. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] aggressive new styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. ♪ ♪ the
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>> the frenzy over new york next sensation jeremy lin is continuing. >> ben and jerry's is jumping on with a new flavor call that haute "taste the lin-sanity." the new flavor is a limited edition. it could only get it at the ben and jerry's shot at harper square -- at harvard square. >> only a matter of time until that happened. >> it will
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>> it was cold, but we had a brief peak of the daily iwonder. this is a photographer that takes pictures of dogs underwater, with the camera looking up words. tomorrow on, we will have a photo album of several of these pictures. go to the weather section for a sneak peek. near 50 tomorrow, 60, monday and tuesday. >> that is probably my favorite.
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