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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 10, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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plus your special bonus: $250 back. save $600 in your first two years. hurry. this incredible offer ends april 21st. call call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.877.827.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. or visit us online to save even more. fios. a network ahead. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon on your side. >> and new at noon, the federal is joining forces cellphone that. epidemic isng growing at alarming rates. joins us. steve, good afternoon to you. ofknow that in a number cities, including here in d.c. that these
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popular devices, cell phones, are involved in more than 1/3 of robberies. uptick there.n enforcement has try tol they can to combat it. now, new initiatives to try to stop these crimes. >> it is a persistent problem in nation's capitol. high-and devices like smartphones. >> we have seen a significant in a theft and zero robberies. there used as telecommunications. up withre teaming wireless carriers and announced o protecttiative t people and their phones. wireless carriers will soon perk launch a new database to prevent the use of stolen smartphones. lock the phones with passwords. and educate users to protect themselves. brings aime someone them to a carrier to
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to initiate service, that device for that database will be checked to see if the phones on that database. will be denied service. >> carriers with the push of a taken will be able to highly-prized stolen instruments ofo worthless pieces plastic. robberies involved sell funds. hundreds of arrests have been o these.ated t busted weeks ago, they than 1000 businesses selling stolen phones. stophe result this will before they start. questions raised about how criminals will be able to get if they wereystem in possession of a stolen phone. they announced legislation y that will make it a crime for criminals to off the i.d. number of any stolen phone. they say that they hope to have
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place byinformation in 2014. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. there are new developments in martin case. george zimmerman now speaking out on line. he created a web site to communicate with supporters and to maintain his innocence. g ans accused of shootin unarmed, black florida team. -- teen. it actually crashed multiple times. meantime, there were fires a shot at a police cruiser was gunned down. the fbi has now put a local man on the list of 10 most wanted fewer -- fugitives. allegedlyed for producing child pornography.
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the fbi says he is very good computers and may be a tutoring on line as or a nanny. there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >> and snap to a story you saw first here. story you sawa first tier. a man shot himself after he found a gun in his backpack. >> god works in mysterious ways. i cannot say that was god. >> neighbors say the child did in the house. stayed there after school. who the gunear belonged to. >> just pushing it 60 degrees now appeared a little warm but when the too. >> today, you'll be dealing with the gusty winds. that is of course the cold
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direction. temperatures are generally on the downswing. .0 degrees ran out in a fairfax gustsave experienced wind of 17 miles per hour. 60 in warrington. in morningside. temperatures will be a wide ranging. 70 south of the metro area. could tomorrow. about that coming up. >> adam, thank you. newt this noon, the maryland general assembly is scrambling now about the doomsday budget. >> we have to have something the doomsday into affect. that means many to come back session fairly
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quickly. $500+dget would require a million in cuts. the delicate said it is her to keep the budget from going into affect. governments at all levels across state are trying to keep that from happening. the future of gambling is still r now.ain fo of multimillion-dollar prince george's county are on hold. we want to know what to think. should lawmakers have voted to expand gaming in maryland? go to and vote in today's paul. >> if president obama getting a from female voters. it shows the president leading .itt romney he also has a 19 point advantage among 15 -- among female voters. president obama leads romney by
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likability. >> women are not an interest group. women are over half of this and its work force. not to mention 80% of my household if you count my issue women care about most is the economy. >> romney does better when it comes to the economy. the president will talk about economy while romney is campaigning in delaware and pennsylvania. rick santorum is back on the trail today. took time off to be with his wife and daughter. the three-year-old was recently from the hospital. she has a rare genetic condition interferes with development. santorum will attend all scheduled events today. >> of the mega millions mystery over, for the most part. speculation, we finally out who 1. that is right.
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three educators struck it rich. they are each taking home a whopping $35 million. >> the director of the maryland lottery office definitively -- did not win the mega e people didt thre with a one ticket. one of them said she had never played the lottery. the winners are all long-time moneys who put their time to for the first play the lottery. >> to me, that is one of the important jobs. are very appreciated. they want to remain anonymous. $20 for its 60n at threeurchased different locations. the third was the charm. that night, the gentleman who ticket played all
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on the floor.t in the the numbers drawing. together at one of their homes. each signed the back of the ticket and made multiple copies. >> they seem to be very modest in terms of how to go forward. plans, atheir andpacking trip to europe a daughter's college tuition. so now what happens? was never a winner. lost her job at mcdonald's, apparently. now one of her former colleagues is suing her. it was definitely not worth the of fame.s >> these are precisely the kind should win the lottery. abc 7 news. we are learning more about that special needs dogs
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arrived at the humane society in washington. one of them, a jack russell terrier. broken leg but otherwise is ok. one is a pit bull who could not open his mouth. and a palm rain with two broken legs. all three dogs required major treatment. recovering and will adoption. all three are key to dogs and hopefully they will find a happy home. come on abc 7 news at noon. a plane just hit an apartment complex. i see the smoke. for the first time, we are calls. the frantic >> we sure hope it is not a sign of bad luck. a cruise ship got into a little the high seas. >> 7 is on your side with a about x- the recipe
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rays and cancer. >>
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from seven on your side, pink onlymp might not be the e in yours additiv meat. a report has surfaced that some anti-inflammatory drugs. researchers from iowa state university recently found of the staff of bacteria mrsa in port pirie >> hearing the panic of -- pork. >> we are hearing the panic of
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911 plan calls. >> do you know if anybody is injured? it is on fire. i do not know. >> remarkably, no serious injuries, no fatalities. the navy blamed mechanical crash. for the passengers on this cruise ship the titanic's route may have regretted that idea. coast ofe ship off the today. luckily, no injuries. did have to be delayed several hours. more than 1300 people died on maiden voyage.
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>> the young thrill seeker got a bit too close to the as a jet plane took off. she tried to hold on, but then flying and slammed her head right on that curb. we were told, amazing, she is doing ok. is not the only one out there. of ahas become part trend by tourists. apparently, it is very dangerous. >> they may not do it too much after what happened to her. she had a few >> to me, if i'm on the beach, i do not want that to happen. >> there is good video of it, there. that is how close it gets. >> around here, sunshine today. wish we could squeeze a few raindrops. if you little sprinkles, here and there. but today, not so lucky.
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a gorgeous day today, no doubt about it. i like the time line. clouds start popping right about there. i believe those are cumulus clouds. i call them pancakes because they look like pancakes. temperature was, a little bit cooler than yesterday. tomorrow be the coolest they all week. not bad. 60 at dulles airport. 55 in hagerstown, 58 in cumberland. the big temperature spread. for example, i do think make it tourg will degrees later on today. meanwhile, cumberland, hagerstown, a high temperature. big temperature disparity. here as an even wider view. for the to the north, pittsburgh. 49.
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our jet stream is situated in a we have the cooler air drawn into our region. there's a little dip, what we call a trough. they pull its and southward. i am expecting this little trough to dig even further. that is what happens with the upper level energy. draws that cooler right into our backyard. here is the key. the warm air up right now, this , that air and that bump our push we will get the warm-up for the upcoming weekend. transitional pretty much all week long. partly cloudy overnight. prompting a few freeze were the.
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that is for late tonight and early tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, down in the 50's. everywhere, across the board. mostly cal -- mostly cloudy. it will be few and far between. it would just be a drop in the bucket. literally. tomorrow, the higher elevations. we could have a few snowflakes. it is possible. especially to the day tomorrow. -- especially late in the day tomorrow. you cannot possibly be hoping for snow. >> i am sensing excitement. all right. thank you, adam. charges have now been filed in shooting death of a six- year-old.
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the 20-year-old is facing several gun charges as well as reckless endangerment. the lives in clinton were the young boy shot himself inside same home yesterday. the police found a gun inside the backpack. brown, we are told, is not to the six-year-old. >> we have some road closures to ofk about because of a pair the district.n these were called in to the embassy and consulate. to, because of the threat, belmont road nw, it is closed. we will keep you updated on the situation on expect extra traffic. coming up on abc 7 news at noon. we're getting too many dental
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ray's. provocative new study linking dental x-ray's and brain tumors. lso -- candies months stop start caring --
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this noon, it might have often you get how dental x-ray's. k ofents had a greater ris developing a certain brain tumor. the study is about asking
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patients what they had before years-old. 10- fromts say it is flawed the start. the problem is it all came down to memory. did not check medical records. do not know about you, but i what x-rays ir had when i was a child. researchers say these findings to nominee should stop going to the dentist. it does not mean the x-rays brain tumors. >> the teen birth rate in the loweststates is at the in some 70s been years. that in 2010 it n average 3.4%. many experts think the economy is a factor. virginia ranked 37th in the country. with ad ranked 38
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only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. a seventh grader is being r his bushero afte a heart attack at the wheel. right there. less than one second before he wheel, the bus driver passed out. quick thinking. and then tear me and another boy down and steered off of the road. they do not call themselves pretty obviousis that they did something that is pretty super. >> fantastic. well done. all this week we're giving away
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vip tickets to see a taping "jeopardy!" go to our website to sign up. >> fantastic. great opportunity. in with adam and is in store for us. >> temperatures are declining a little bit. i just got the latest. height range. the measurement is much lower. for example, it was in the 1200 range. still high, but improvement. high temperatures are still gusty. into the weekend, we're talking near 80. in the 50's for most of the game. >> sounds perfect. we will see you tomo
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