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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  July 2, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome to "world news," tonight power out while the heat is on. tonight millions suffering without power through extreme heat. that heat with grip on more than 40 states now. the video we haven't seen before, the drug giant rubbing up its sales force looking to sale to you and your children. tonight with your doctor fraud, tickets to nevada, all to prescribe you those drugs. >> the drrs, the under the high-profile marriage of katie holmes splits from tom cruise. is she splitting from the church? did scientology play a sfloel. >> what really happened to amelia earhart, how a broken jar of freckle cream has been launching a brand new search.
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>> where am i, sir? good evening. it is great to have you on a monday night. we do begin here with the extraordinary heat. let's take you straight to the map this evening. look at the deepest reds on the map. 45 states with staemps 90 and above. as you can see, so many in triple digits tonight. look at this, more than 31 heat records broken in the last month alone. this evening this baltimore, workers are giving out ice to neighbors. in north carolina, a mother and her baby standing in front of this giant fan. this evening imagine going through all this with no power. no fans, no ac, no refrigerator. tonight 2 million customers from illinois, to north carolina, to new jersey, still without power. the death tole, at least 22 people have died from the heat and the storms.
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sam is standing right here. first meteorologist ginger zee. >> no power where she is in maryland. >> reporter: david, some utility crews soming from as far aaway as canada to help out. they tell us that just because the black down the street gets power back, it doesn't mean this power line is next. folks here are finding out they may not see anything until sunday. >> reporter: swift, powerful and unforgettable. the sky was flashing for over half and hour, like an alien movie. severe storms robbed more than two million people of a comfortable weekend. across these states and d.c. >> this was like a war zone. everyone was in shock saturday morning.
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>> the workers who are going to make this all better. do people look at you like your santa claus? >> no. they just want to know when their power is going to be back on. >> i'm not sure it's still good. doesn't smell so good. >> reporter: and are running short on ideas. kelly and her boys have been cooling off in the air-conditioned car and camping in the cool basement. >> reporter: so this is where you are sleeping? >> reporter: yeah. people will check to see when repair crew wills come to their block. >> it could be as late as sunday before everyone's pow ser restored. in the meantime, local malls have turned into the relief centers. >> this mall very packed with people just trying to stay cool and desperate for a charge. all they need is a little juice. we have all of the floor
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outlets, anywhere here along the wall, every single one is taken because you have to stay connected. >> i'm trying to charge my laptop and my phone and do some work. and my -- i didn't think i could leave my three children. my three children with my baby sitter in my house with no power and no food. >> david, trees are down everywhere. in neighborhoods across the region, you can see power lines and police lines blocking the roads. remember, this is day three without power. a local energy company tells us that this event was the most catastrophic weather they've seen in the mid atlantic since hurricane isabel. >> i want to bring in sam champion. this has been something. any relief in sight? >> it's tough to call it relief. the temperatures are little bit cooler in some places today but we're headed become to heat. we won't see the all-time record breaking heat like we saw last week. let me show you where the heat is starting today.
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right back in the middle of country. where you see the bright red, today even into tomorrow, 110, to 115. that's what it will feel like. look at new york city going back into the 90s by the time we get to the holiday and wednesday and then thursday and into the weekend. d.c. the same. chicago, really no different. i have to tell you, just slightly cooler. >> we'll see you in the morning. stunned relief there and some relief to report on the front lines of wild fires, in fact. this is the view tonight through the car window, a mother taking us back home. you can see what's left of her neighborhood there at her home. look at the back left there, the charred out car, that's the washer and drier that used to be standing on the third floor of her home. tonight firefighters say they're gaining the upper handen in that monster wild fire near colorado springs. it killed 2. you can see the frames of homes there in flames more than half of that fire now contained.
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our coverage of the weather and heat tonight many. we move on top this one involving a giant drug maker who authorities say broke the law by bribing doctors across this country with hawaii vacations and tickets to madonna. they wanted those doctors to sell their drugs. >> authorities say shows is for the drug maker and saems team, it was all about the money. >> reporter: no these aren't entertainers they are senior executives with pharmaceutical giant glaxo-smith-kline at a las vegas sales event. the goal to rev up sales as part of what prosecutors say was a culture of greed where patient safety took a back seat to profit. >> you do the math. there are people in this room who are going to make and ungodly sum of money. >> reporter: the company spared
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no. >> to prescribe gsk products. >> brieshs to include lavish trips to hawaii, fe sant trips to europe. tickets to madonna concert. >> reporter: the government claims gsk engaged in an illegal marketing campaign where drugs were promoted for disorders where there was no medical evidence they would help. in some cases, critical information was withheld from the food and drug administration endangering the lives of thousands od patients. promoting the drug praxil for treating depression in patients under age 18 even though the fda's has never approved it for kids. this was done despite the fact the company had evidence the drug could spark suicidal thoughts in young people. marketing the drug wellbutrin as a prescription to help you lose weight and fix sexual dysfunction despite never being approved for such. aggressively promoting the diabetes drug avandia but failing to disclose to the fda information suggesting it might cause heart failure and heart attacks. >> there's no question vumt of safety data for this drug not being offered to the fda or to the physicians who prescribed
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the drug, patients had heart attacks and pashtss drivewayed. >> kpen officials agreed to pay $34 billion. they said mistakes have been made and that procedures had been changed but critics said it's too little too late, david. >> that video something. thank you. now to the american grad student fighting for his life after being ataked by two chimps in south africa. each of these chimps seven-times stronger than the average human. the student standing between two fences when one of the chimps reached under an electric fence and grabbed the victim's feet. abc's alex marquardt with a tour of that research center tonight. >> reporter: as we drove through here t first thing you see are signing about wild animals. we saw the beautiful and vast reserve teaming with wildlife. it's chimp enclosures encircled by electrofied fences. warning that 6-year-old grad
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student was well aware of, having volunteered here for his second time. which is why it's unclear why he entered the no-go area where he was attacked by two male chimps. it lasted around 20 minutes before staff was able to scare them off. >> this is as close as we can get to the scene of the attack. it's still being investigated, but thpark says the chimps were reacting to what they saw as a breech of their territory. this wasn't a freak act of aggression. the chimps won't be youth niezed. >> chimps are fiercely territory yal. seven-times stronger than humans. in animal planet, director eugene was trying to train chimps but instead had to pepper spray an aggressive one. after six hours of surgery, oberly remains in an endeuced coma. he has lost fingers an toes. today his parents flew in from the u.s. to be with him. >> he is very ill as we know.
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he was stable. >> the hospital tells us it's very difficult to say when he will come out of his coma and more difficult to say when he'll be stable enough to go home. the zichgs is very much wait and see. david. >> everyone pulling for him. thank you, alex. we'll turn now for the race for president, a new president tonight in mexico enrique pena nieto. today he got a call from president obama. just underscoring how important this so to the u.s. tonight the new moral armored clothes, armored clothing just to get to the supermarket. cecelia vega, our partner at yun version and she is in mexico city tonight. >> reporter: david. >> reporter: david, good evening. with so much of the violence happening just miles away from the u.s. border, tonight, the hope for both countries is that this election signals a new safer mexico.
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in this store in mexico's capital, chic designer clothes with a secret -- bullet proof lining. >> reporter: and if bullet proof clothes aren't enough, how about an armored car? here, regular vehicles are transformed into bullet-proof tanks and everyone from business owners to plain old soccer moms are driving them home. 15 to 20 rounds someone can shoot at this? >> depending on proximity. >> reporter: in his victory speech last night, mexico's new president vowed to make the streets safer in this country and focus less on stopping the drug flow into the u.s. univision anchor jorge ramos says the frustration with this battle runs deep. >> the violence here in mexico might not stay only here in mexico. >> on the streets here -- >> reporter: residents say security and safety is what they want most. >> we're constantly watching our backs, just looking behind our shoulders and that's something that has just become part of our
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nature. >> reporter: and that fear you heard there is everywhere. even our camera man was robbed at gunpoint on the night we arrived. david, he's fine, thankfully, but it shows just how dangerous life here can be and how much things need to change. >> glad he's okay but a real sign of life as you point out. meantime the race for president back in this country,s so much of it revolving around the country. new numbers for gas coming in. down another eight cents in the last week to average on $3.36. that's good news for families on vacation. retailers hope they'll spend their gas savings on something else, back to school sales. before the fourth of july in abc's paula faris asks, why so early. >> across america, little graduates from texas to, georgia. and these little fellas in cincinnati with eye on summer break. while they should be doing this,
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retailers want them in the store shopping with their parents. school supplies already on the shelves and on sale at this staples where the back to school season began june 10th. >> very early for school shopping. they have them in the stores already. we're not ready for that yet. >> reporter: there's toys r us, biggest ever backpack sale. experts say get used to it. after a sales slump in april and may, retailers are going back to school shoppers earlier than ever. >> if they don't make it in this summer or next year, they may be out of business. >> why, national incomes are down 7%. overall, consumers are spending less. the one saving grace for retailers. >> they are going after it because people will spend for their children where they won't spend for themselves. >> reporter: among the biggest savings cotten down 50%. clothes and accessories discounted as well. >> so you don't want to shop for back to school supplies. you want to shop for the clothes.
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>> oh, yeah. >> reporter: i almost feel badly. they just got out of school. >> reporter: didn't summer just start? >> if you are out of the sales, the question is it worth it to buy now or wait until closer to labor day. >> you can get a better variety now. those block buster deals will be there. retailers are expecting consumeers to spend $87 billion back to school supplies. >> thank you, paula. a big surprise to report this evening from the u.s. olympic track and field trials. we reported here on that imagine, those two runners crossing the finish line at the same time in their 100 meter race. it was something. they were given the option of coin toss or another race. they chose the race. they were supposed to compete again tonight to break that tie, but geneva has dropped out. allowing allison felix to get the spot. >> new imagines of katie holmes here in new york and new
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scientology played a role. >> tonight the woman at the center of a tabloid katie holmes was captured in manhattan without her wedding ring. according to published reports, one of the main reasons why she filed for divorce was religion. >> i think it's privileged to call yourself a scientologist. >> he is the most famous member of the church of scientology, a faith bounded 60 years ago by l ron hub bard. the church that says counselling sessions it can heel people of past tra mas has been involved in many controversies. reportedly holmes, who was raised catholic, feared that her husband would pull their 6-year-old daughter more deeply into the faith. the niece of the man who runs scientology, david, has come fard to say that more than a decade ago, she was forced to perform manual labor at age 6
6:49 pm
and at age 7, forced to sign a billion dollar loyalty contract. >> they believe that you live life time after life time. >> the church denies children are forced to do manual labor. in what could be a sign of things to come for katie holmes, former church official debby cook says people who leave the church are often excommunicated. >> do you and your husband still have family in the church? >> yes. we do. >> do you have a continuing relationship with them? >> no. they have actually been asked or pressured in some way to not communicate to us right now. >> how painful is that? >> that's very painful. >> the church denies this and dismisses cook as a fraud. >> outside katie holmes apartment, the cameras are lined up. they have both pleaded for privacy. saying their top priority right now is their children. david. >> dan harris, thanks to you. when we come back, the surprising news about coffee,
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to this image now, mick jagger taking a walk down the aisle this weekend to his father. mom and dad, mick jagger's first wife bionca. their old wedding back in 1971, 41 years ago. america has a new gymnastics sweetheart tonight, but she was already somebody else's sweetheart. she scored an upset with a brilliant performance. she hadn't seen her father for nearly two years while he was serving in afghanistan. he surprised her. he was there to cheer her on, waving the flag as she landed. >> when we come back here in the broadcast tonight, that jar of freckled cream, a blurry ob jebt and a photo discovered and why they're about to launch a brand new search. conventional mattres store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you wanted a firm bed you can lie on one of those. we provide the exact individualization that
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did you know with your health insurance you may now have some preventive benefits with no co-pays or out-of-pocket costs? it isn't just your cholesterol screening. it's all the tomorrows you're looking forward to. learn more at and finally tonight, here it was 75 years ago today amelia earhart vanished on the final leg of her quest to be the first woman to fly around the world. tornlt, there are new clues about what might have happened to her. tonight sharyn alfonsi to find signs of amelia earhart.
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>> reporter: 75 years later, scientists are now preparing to set sail for the spot where amelia earhart disappeared, chasing 2 tantalizing new clues. the first, discovered in june: shards of a 1930's-era glass jar of anti-freckle cream. >> amelia had freckles and there are numerous occasions when she expressed concern about her freckles. >> reporter: five broken pieces of the jar were found on gardner island a tiny uninhabited south pacific island. the reconstructed glass shards look a lot like this container of dr. berry's freckle ointment, which was sold in the 1030's. one of the pieces appears to be used as a cutting tool. >> this looks to us like castaway behavior. >> reporter: in 2010, a woman's compact, buttons and a zipper from a flight jacked all made in the 1930's were unearthed on the same island. she would have flown over that
6:58 pm
island as seen in this movie. clue number two comes from this grainy photo unearthed in march. taken in the waters off gardner island, look at what experts spotted, that blurry bit on the left there, could that possibly be the landing gear of earhart's lockheed electra? armed with these new clues and a specialized underwater search vehicle, 18 researchers are heading out from hawaii to gardner island tomorrow to renew the search, hoping to solve the mystery once and for all. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> the mystery endures. that is the broadcast for tonight. "nightline" comes your way later. good morning america with the latest on the heat. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. good night.
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