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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  July 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> oh. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great weekend >> we will find out today's if first lady michelle obama will respond to an officer making negative comments about her. >> let's get things started right now with steve. >> you might want to grab an umbrella as you head up the door. temperatures are quite comfortable, hovering around the 70-degree mark.
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harrisonburg fredericksburg, this is where you will see the best chance for some showers. they will be light in intensity and will not amount to a whole lot. you will notice showers developing along the west shenandoah valley. they will stick around for saturday. on sunday, a better chance for widespread storms. for today, mostly cloudy and in a bit cooler. look for scattered thundershowers west of d.c. 82 degrees to 87 degrees. let's give an update on this morning's rush hour. hopefully, things are quiet and will remain quiet here >> they are, steve. what is quite is the beltway travel in st. george's county. you can see clearly in this camera that we have no delay on either side of the beltway.
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will give you trouble * working in your favorite now. as far as travel along interstate 49 -- in a state 95, good right now as far as the toll road across the wilson bridge. >> thank you so much. >> montgomery county police are looking into what caused it dudley motorcycle crash. >> it happened just before 11:30 p.m. last night. it happened in montgomery village. for reasons unknown, the 46- year-old male driver struck the left side curb of the meeting and then struck a tree. he died at the scene. his name has not been released here >> a d.c. police officer who has worked as a motorcycle escort for the courthouse is accused of making training
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comments about first lady michelle obama. richard reid has the latest on this case. >> they are part of an elite highly visible detail, designed to escort the president the first family and other dignitaries. >> when you sign on for a job to protect and serve, that is your job. >> but now an officer with the special division is under investigation accused of making a comment about shooting first lady michelle obama. >> common sense -- why would you threaten the first lady? >> "the washington post's" says that the comments were made during a discussion. he used a picture of the then he would use. the secret service confirms it is investigating. we received an allegation that in a prepared comments were made.
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sources tell abc news that the remarks, while offensive, appear to be enough and comment, perhaps intended as a joke. >> he needs to build with -- dealt with. >> the secret service says that the first letter was never in any danger. >> if i was the president and had some who could potentially be threatening i wouldn't want anything to do with them and wouldn't want them around me. >> authorities are not saying exactly where they are in this investigation. ordinarily, a threat against the president is considered a felony with a possible jail time. we're told this officers now on desk duty. it is likely he will face some kind of a ministry of action vs formal charges. >> we should point out that the first lady's office directed all questions about this case to the secret service. the agency is aware of the
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incident and taking the proper follow-up steps with an investigation. >> in less than five hours president doh pham of -- president obama will kick off his campaign trip through virginia. he will begin in virginia beach and then go to hampton and rana. he woke -- and roanoke. yesterday, dozens of supporters appeared to pick up tickets for the campaign rally. virginia remains the key battleground state. the campaign has organized a couple of -- mitt romney's campaign has organized a couple of events today. texas gov. rick perry will also campaigned for romney for a first time in a public event in nevada. >> investigators are trying to
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find out more about a suspicious device found on board a delta jet. the airplane was found -- was bound for madrid and returned to j.k. last night as a precaution. it was evacuated and the bomb squad called in. there was strange wiring in the bathroom but no explosive device was found. cleaning solvent is blamed for another scare in the air. some crew members aboard southwest airlines jet that took off from north polk became ill yesterday. crewmembers were taken to the hospital for observation. hazmat determined the source of a problem. the passengers then headed to their destination chicago, on another jet. >> wells fargo shells out millions in a settlement with the justice department over racial discrimination. >> and the ceo of jpmorgan chase is back in the car seat this morning.
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-- back in the hot seat this morning. >> happy friday. jpmorgan chase is up with their second quarter results this morning. and ceo jamie dimond will try to restore confidence. jpmorgan chase has not said yet how big the it was last spring. they could see as much as $9 billion. you also mentioned was fargo. they're paying a 2 $125 million to settle allegations they discriminated against minority borrowers. on top of that, it will set up a fine. the agreement with the justice department also settled accusations that the letter put credit where the hispanic and
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african-american home buyers in subprime marriages. starbucks is giving away items for free. details are coming at the next hour. from bloomberg accords in new york back to you. >> we will stay tuned. thank you. it is 40 8:00 a.m. >> still to come, there is more fallout and the response to last month's storm. more on the proposal
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>> we are off to a mild start. if you haven't been outside when you walked out the door, you will notice it is a bit more humid and uncomfortable outside. still holding in the 60's out west. martinsburg is now at 69 degrees. we have a stationary front located to the south of us. an area of low pressure across west virginia. this is their hyper this this local futurecast. it will have scattered showers in the afternoon hours. it should not add to much in the district. a look at the extended out looking just a few minutes. first, we zip over to lisa.
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>> we still have overnight construction in places but they plan to pull the last barrel of the way at 5:00 a.m. as far as to 70, -- as far as i-270, it looks fine. heading toward the pentagon, clean in the geico center picture. >> thank you. to lay, it will be another day the hot seat for some pepco executives during a d.c. hearing. >> and a proposal that could cost the company lot of money. money would be used to set up a fund to help utility crews restore power after a major
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storm appeared crash you have to hire electricians, people in the military, fire and rescue. >> pepco and bg&e are calling it unnecessary. >> residents in riverdale are now allowed back into their apartment. storms this past tuesday left nearly 60 minutes with water damage. residents were forced to evacuate. 43 of the 65 units are now considered safe. >> metro is expected to announce new guidelines today. these guidelines will be for how fast trains should travel during extreme heat. this is after a green line train
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partially derailed last friday. mattresses that excessive heat calls part of the tracks to buckle -- excessive heat -- metro says that excessive heat caused part of the tracks to buckle. >> orange line trains will single-line. green line trains will be single rail between fort talked and. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray is responding to calls for him to resign following a campaign
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>> and man is under arrest in connection with a shooting in brandywine. all of this happened in the 11,100 block of crossroads trail. at best it is believed a domestic dispute led to the shooting. police have not released the identities of the victim or the suspect. a prince george's county police chief wants to address your questions and/or concerns about your concerns.
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we have to do this and your concerns and questions to their twitter handle. they hoped to combat these tweet sessions on a regular basis. >> vincent gray tells us that he will not resign. no. will he go into hiding. -- nor will he go into hiding. three d.c. council members: him to leave office after a campaign staffer pled guilty to charges related to a shadow campaign during the 2010 election. >> i will stick to my scheduler day and i intend to do that progress had you not let this to be a distraction? >> because i came here to do my job and i intend to do it. >> he has not been charged with a crime. we will likely hear more on this issue in the mirror appears on "news," @ tenee and -- on "news
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talk," at 10:00 a.m. >> the top man at penn state failed to do anything for 10 years. the report released by a former fbi director says that officials including joe paterno callously chose to avoid bad publicity. >> they choose to -- no remorse was ever expressed by them over your sandusky. >> last month a jury found sandusky guilty of 45 counts of abusing children. >> new evidence in the case against the man accused of killing trayvon martin.
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postings from his myspace page and interviews of more than 30 people. zimmermann had a little hero complex, but was not a racist. he is free on bond as he awaits trial of second-degree murder charges. >> the planned move for the redskins' training! from aspirin to richmond is raise -- from ash burn to richmond is raising concerns. there will discuss future plans for the turning facility as well as enter any questions. >> in case you have not look to that, today is friday the 13th. if you're looking for free food, you're in luck. >> starbucks is handing out free for fresher beverages at
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participating stores. this will be from noon until 3:00 p.m. today. the low-calorie drinks are made with real ingredients, such as blackberry sanford juice for b.j. blackberry and fruit juice s -- such as blackberries and fruit juice. and it's chick-fil-a's annual anniversary celebration. >> said crispy cream, you can get a dozen original ray's 4 sammie 5 cents -- a dozen original plays for 75 cents. coming up next, and a date for
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the d.c. woman who is competing
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>> we are gearing up for an exciting weekend. take a look live on our weather but network. it is quiet right now, but it will be packed that this
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afternoon. 77 degrees already at reagan national airport. 69 degrees in alexandria. 68 degrees in waldorf. and urbana reporting 60 degrees with wind not very much at this time. temperatures in the 60's out to the west. we do have a stationary front to the south of us. and then an area of low pressure across west virginia. these are some of the showers that are beginning to pop up around harrisonburg. it will not amount to much as we move through the morning hours. most of the showers stay confined to the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge. there may be a stray shower across our area this afternoon. let's get an update for this morning's rush hour. >> going from the futurecast to present look at traffic across the american legion bridge
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rolling smoothly between germantown in the beltway. a good run in virginia on the 66. quiet at the wilson bridge pregnant teen complicated out of deals say all the way up to the 14th street bridge. this is the geico center picture. we're in good shape now heading to the toll booth. >> we have some good news to pass along. the dc woman who is running to be kelly ripa's co-host. >> she will be flying to new york next few days or she will compete for the top spot. the winner of coast-to-coast co- host search contest will host the show with kelly ribeye at the end of the month on july
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24th. which is her birthday. -- with kelly ripa at the end of the month of july 24. which is her birthday. >> still ahead, gas prices mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from
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>> disturbing allegations against a d.c. officer who has worked with the white house accused of maki


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