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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a dangerous race against time into deadly cold to the planet's most remote place. all to save an american scientist. we go inside the extraordinary rescue. emergency at 25,000 feet in the air. 131 people onboard. the cabin rapidly losing pressure. children screaming in pain. >> emergency aircraft inbound. it's going to be land. >> what caused almost every system to fail on alaska flight 539? busted. randy travis found naked on a county highway. >> grayson county 911. >> i just found a guy laying in the road.
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>> what led to the emergency call? why did jailers give him a black eye? how did this country superstar sink so low? victory dance. the third time's the chirm in beach volleyball. and swimming superstar, ryan loch lochte, joins us live. good morning, america. robin on vacation, as you know. happy to have amy robach here with all of us. and how about all that excitement at the olympics? love that dance. >> i know. i hope robin got to see it last night. so much to celebrate after the third-straight gold medal in beach volleyball. look at those moves. misty may-treanor and kerri walsh jennings, celebrating. what a great moment. and from that moment, to
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this afternoon. buckle up, 2:45 eastern, 11:45 pacific, the u.s. women's soccer team, looking for gold against japan. it's not just gold, though. they will be looking for redemption. japan beat them guttingly last summer in the women's world cup. this will be the match the opponent has had their eyes on. >> we should be ready for that last 15 minutes? >> yes, you should. and right now, twitter, you should just know, leave for a couple hours if you don't want to know. it will be so good. you hear that? it's a collective sigh of relief. gabby douglas, jordyn wieber, the pressure's finally off of america's sweethearts. two of the gold medal winners from the fab five. we have their story. we have a fascinating story out of florida. remember that leo dicaprio movie "catch me if you can"? there's a real-life story. and there's a guy that posed as
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a doctor. how he got caught. those are the interrogation tape. we have the breaking news of the rescued man out of antarctica. >> a risky and rare rescue operation at the bottom of the world, to save an american stranded with an american emergency at the mcmurdo research station in the dead of the atlantic winter. linsey davis has been following the rescue overnight. >> reporter: the airbus carried the team and landed just hours ago. the unnamed patient, rushed to a nearby hospital. ending a five-hour mission into arguably the most remote place on earth. >> as the sun starts rising, the weather tends to act up quite a bit. it gets a little more stormier. weather, like anywhere, can be very flickle. it can change in a moment's notice. >> reporter: few details are being released about the researcher the team was sent to evacuate from mcmurdo station, the united states antarctic
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science and research facility. the person is in stable condition. but may need corrective surgery. the condition was serious enough to risk this dangerous and complicated mission. the high temperature in antarctica this week, 9 degrees below zero. with windchill, it feels like 19 below. it's so cold there, rescue planes have to carry enough fuel to keep the engines constantly running. it's also dark nearly 24 hours a day. giving rescuers only a small window of time in which to land. renee ddoucer had to wait six weeks to be rescued. >> reporter: aside from the extreme cold, conditions were described as perfect. we don't know the nature of the illness. but we do know people that go into the remote places are forced to undergo rigorous
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medical testing beforehand because rescues like this are just so risky. >> we'll be keeping an eye on it. thank you, linsey davis. a frightening scene in oklahoma. massive wildfire spread across three counties in the state. an all-too familiar sight in this summer of extreme weather. people trying to tamp down the flames with their feet as they surge toward their homes. 160-square miles have been burned in recent days there. a cash reward is being offered for information about a possible arsonist being blamed for one fire that destroyed dozens of homes overnight. new safety concerns for a popular discount bus service. thousands of passengers raced to get off this megabus that caught fire along a georgia highway wednesday. passengers say the bus wobbled and hay heard a tire blow. just last week, another megabus with a flat tire slammed into that bridge there, killing one
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passenger and injuring over 40 others. meanwhile, overseas, the most violent days yet in the bloody battle to win syria. government forces even attacked a funeral service. the regime has ramped up its bombardment of aleppo. it's a must-win battleground for president bashar all assad. and a ship on fire. the navy ship that rescued the people overboard, are being flown them. and look at mitt romney. his motorcade rolled up at a fund-raiser at a new jersey function hall last night. and at just the same time, a bride and groom, you see them there, were posing for pictures. the wedding party was more
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interested in the motorcade. and they seemed to forget about the couple that had just joined in wedded bliss. chasing romney's motorcade to perhaps get a look at him. as you might guess, the bride none too happy about being upstaged. i know where you live. but romney, in fact, made up for it. later posing for pictures with the couple. lucky for him, they're supporters of his. all worked out in the end. in fact, it was the bride who got something of a last laugh. romney's guests were forced to leave at 6:00 p.m., when the wedding started. >> i love that shot. where did my friends go? josh, thank you. >> you bet. now, to the olympics. we showed you that huge moment of celebration, of misty and kerri won their third-straight gold for the u.s. bill weir is in london with all of the latest. bill? >> that's right, amy. it didn't matter that it was california girls, jen kessy and
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april ross across the net. misty may and kerri were going for beach volleyball three-peat in the shadow of parliament. and would not be denied. these two have been kicking sand in the face of all comers for a generation. >> and kerri puts it away. >> reporter: and in the shadow of parliament last night, the may-treanor/walsh jennings reign ended. >> three-peat olympic gold. >> reporter: hugs in the stands. a little lmfao dance. for a third time, they're golden and they know it. meanwhile, it was the biggest american hour on the track in 20 years. it began when allyson felix came thundering down the 200-meter stretch. >> allyson felix gets the gold. >> reporter: twice the silver bridesmaid, she's finally the golden bride. in the hurdles, jason richardson beat the world with a one-two
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punch. the bride of gulfport, mississippi, brittany reese leaped into the first long jump goal since jackie kersey in 1988. we all had emotional investment in the 400-meter hurdle run of lashinda davis. he was up set when he told her kids he lossed. another moment when sara atta became the first woman to compete in track and field for saudi arabia. a country that doesn't allow girls in phys-ed or women to attend sporting events. the crowd loved her. she finished way behind the winner in the 800 meters. imagine if our dream team was beaten in basketball by iceland.
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such is the magnitude at the upset at hand ball as iceland was beaten by hungary yesterday. hand ball is why many people in iceland get out of bed every day. you understand, the joy of the hungarian coach, who throttled one of his players. and then, got in the circle of happiness to do the elaine dance from "seinfeld." and pushing him in 200 meters, we have american wallace spearman. and my long, lost cousin, warren weir. you can see by the slight resemblance, he is of the jamaican sprinting weirs. even though we've never met, i'll be rooting with him, along with my other cousin, johny, of the ice skating weirs. >> that's quite a family tree, bill. what have you done for the family name lately? >> i do the 16-ounce curls. >> i like it. bill weir, thanks.
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live in london for us. josh, over to you. >> bill mentioning the twitter. this has been an olympics touched by social media. you wonder how the ones who dominate their sport really feel when they win their third gold. look at misty may-treanor. thank you for all your tears, thoughts and support. she saved a character for an exclamation point. what an end to a imaginal run. in one match, the u.s. has two medals, a gold and a silver. and as so, surges ahead of china for the overall medal count. russia and the great britain teams, toggling back and forth. you have to believe that the hosts have something more in them yet. let's get to julie fouty. she joins us now. julie, i know you were counting the seconds until the soccer match later this afternoon. one more beat on the beach volleyball. kerri and misty may. what an achievable.
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and one of the remarkable things is how much they overcame to get this gold medal. breakups, babies, an achilles tendon that misty may broke on "dancing with the stars." they had to focus on their mental game. >> they did. i spoke to them before the olympics. they said, we don't have it yet. we've been together almost a year. we don't have our swagger. then, i saw kerri walsh after the first game here at the olympics. i said, kerri, are you full swagger? she said they were full swagger. they went to seek a sports psychologist, michael gervais. misty may-treanor's last olympics. >> a lot of mental preparation for women's soccer against japan. they've been thinking about it every minute since that loss in the world cup. >> oh, and as a player, when you lose like you did last summer,
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in the women's world cup finals. japan comes back twice. they lose in penalty kicks. that is gut-wrenching. every day, the u.s. talks about it. they think about it when they're training. and they have lived for this moment, hoping, praying, can we have another chance at japan? they get that tonight. 83,000 sold out at the famous wimbley stadium here tonight, george. i'm going to be there. >> i'm sure. what else are you looking at today? >> well, you've got a lot going on right behind me. track and field, the 200-meter final. usain bolt going for gold. wallace spearman, hoping to dethrone him. and you have the decathlon finishing today. two americans in the lead. ashton eaton, and trey hardee, hoping to bring home gold and silver for the united states. some frightening moments to talk about. a real scare in the air. an alaska air jet, headed for
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seattle, carrying 131 passengers, forced to make an emergency landing on wednesday. abc's jim avila is in washington with the latest on what went wrong. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, amy. it was another scare the faa is looking into. this one caused by a small part that malfunctioned, in telling the plane it wasn't flying at 25,000 feet, it was actually on the ground. the plane, then, shut down vital systems. a painful trip for the 131 passengers onboard alaska air 539, from ontario, california, to seattle. finally landing overnight, five hours after takeoff, after a loss of cabin pressure forced the plane to make an emergency landing halfway through its trip. >> emergency in progress. we have an emergency aircraft on 30 left in alaska. >> reporter: the first clue in the passenger cabin, a chorus of screaming children. >> they said that the cabin had
7:15 am
lost pressure. but that was kind of obvious with all of the babies crying from their ears hurting. >> reporter: and ear-splitting pop. a painful alert. up in the cockpit, pilots send an emergency call from 25,000 feet, asking for priority landing at san jose. >> the captain said, we're really sorry. but we have a problem with the cabin pressure. but it's under control now. and i felt like the plane was going down. and sure enough, it was. >> reporter: an immediate but controlled descent. pilots thinking the electrical system was malfunctioning. mechanics later find it's a simple mechanical control near the landing gear, telling the plane it's on the ground, not flying. turning off cabin pressurization, and the plane's autopilot. >> it's going to want to throw the throttles all the way back so there's no more thrust coming in the engine. >> reporter: alaska air says the cabin pressure was immediately restored. and the pilots took control.
7:16 am
>> when all else fails and the systems aren't working properly, he needs to know how to manually fly that airplane and bring it back safely. >> reporter: that's what they did, taking control, by hand, of that big jet. and flying it to safety like it was a little cessna. >> doing their job well. we're going to turn to the sad story about country star randy travis, arrested in texas, drunk and naked, after crashing his car and allegedly threatening police. the grammy winner has had a very tough year. and abc's ryan owens has had more on his downward spiral. >> reporter: bloody with a black eye. randy travis is at least wearing a t-shirt in this mugshot. but that's only after jailers gave him one. ♪ my love is deeper than the holler ♪ >> reporter: police say they found the country superstar, lying naked in the middle of a texas road, not far from his home on tuesday night. >> grayson county 911. >> i just found a guy laying in the road. >> did you almost hit him? >> i don't know.
7:17 am
i want to say it was a white male. he had no shirt on. >> reporter: just before that, the clerk had this convenient store says a man with no clothes on game in to buy cigarettes. >> i said, how do you plan on paying for these? >> reporter: minutes later, officers say the 53-year-old trashed his transam into a construction zone before taking that nude nap. when police arrested him for drunk driving, travis allegedly threatened them. >> he threatened to kill two of the troopers. >> reporter: travis was released on bond wednesday. leaving jail barefoot, in just a paper suit. it's been a rough year for the country crooner. in february, he was busted for public intoxication, while parked outside a church near his home. >> are you kidding me? >> no, sir. i'm not going to kid you. >> reporter: he pleaded no contest to that charge. and his representatives have no comment on the latest one. travis' legal troubles come
7:18 am
after some personal problems. namely a messy divorce in 2010 from his wife and former manager. now, the singer who once had more than a dozen number one hits, is learning the good times do not last -- ♪ forever and ever forever and ever, amen ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> we hope he gets it back on track. let's get the weather, now, from sam. >> big, big, big headlines out of the world of weather. every month, it seems like we keep saying the warmest month on record or the warmest july on record. and that's true. the warmest july on record. and the warmest month since they've been keeping record. 200 acres burned in wild fires. and we have 63% of the nation in drought. this is really bad news. but we have some areas that are picking up moisture in the drought.
7:19 am
check out death valley. phoenix at 116. and we think phoenix is 114 today. these are the states that are having the worst situation with heat during the day today. that spreads towards l.a. about 94 degrees today. san diego, a little cooler at 81. there's one or two places that pick up the moisture today. that's indiana, ohio, a little bit of michigan. they need it desperately. we'll talk about that more in the next half hour, helping with that drought. >> bright sunshine of the
7:20 am
district this morning. cloud cover across the --, with the exception of the fog and isolated locations. 66 in culpeper. on our way to 92 around 1:00 p.m.. thunder showers into the afternoon. after 3:00 p.m. widespread storms tomorrow. be strong to severe late >> more of america's weather, including this line of storms. and they'll be pretty powerful. we need to talk about that in the next half hour. >> shouldn't you be on your way out? >> 8:30. coming up here on "gma," other than sam, a real-life "catch me if you can." a teen arrested for impersonating a doctor. now, the interrogation video where he reveals who is to blame. and crackdown on extreme
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, i am steve chenevey. 7:26. august 9. maryland lawmakers in a deal two important issues when annapolis for a
7:27 am
session. it will take up the bill but pet owners responsible for pet owners after a dog attack. also, as we told you all morning a "good morning washington" gambling innd maryland. allow table games of maryland casinos and a new george's prince county. on news channel 8 in a few minutes. that will be at 7:30. but as get a check on the commute. >> enjoying the ride around the beltway. nothing major to report right now. the airport, all clear. heading into the district, .too concerning metrorail on normal service. the volume ofu traffic -- kind of typical. no major issues. this is a car moved onto the shoulder. 395 looks good.
7:28 am
100, and the 14th street bridge come a little bit fog. >> and sunshine and going the degrees in the district. here is our hourly forecast. a few thunderstorms later on today. after 3:00 p.m. tomorrow week of some severe storms. afternoon tomorrow evening. saturday. pleasant by sunday. being with us.r we are back at 7:56. we will have another news then. we will have another news then. i got the chance to start my own business. i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences,
7:29 am
i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachussetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiens to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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let's even say that i was a physician. let's just say that i was. are you that stupid that you're just going to put me in the system? without any credentials or anything? >> 17-year-old conman, being interrogated by police in florida, after pretending to be a physician's assistant. even performing cpr on one patient. how he got away with it. how he got caught. robin on vacation. great to have amy with all of us. >> that 17-year-old, just a bit arrogant. wouldn't you say? wow. we're also going to be talking about the new golden girls. gabby douglas and jordyn wieber. part of the fab five, opening u in a revealing interview with
7:31 am
their moms. and, sam, hope your bags are packed. you're heading downtown to go on a wild ride. just imagine sam screaming. >> he was practicing. >> in tights. >> do i have to point my toes like that? >> what are you going to wear, sam? >> i don't know yet. it looks safe, though. i was concerned it was over speeding buses. now, i feel much better. >> it's safe. that's not what you're going to be doing. but, yeah. >> upside down and spinning. that's coming up. let's get to that teenage con man out of florida. matt gutman is in miami with more of the shocking interrogation tapes. >> reporter: good morning, george. at first, you see him trying to defend himself in that tape. but after three hours of interrogation, police break him down. finally, he tells them how easily it was to pose as a medical professional, roaming
7:32 am
the halls. treating patients in critical condition. police say impersonating a doctor and a cop. but when the 17-year-old finally got caught -- >> matthew, did you treat patients? >> reporter: he talked. telling interrogators he even administered cpr on a patient who overdosed after the real doctor left the room. >> that's when he said, can you take over cpr? i started doing cpr on her for a minute, or two minutes, while he went out and got the medications. i felt so uncomfortable. the reason i did it is because there's nobody else in there. >> reporter: he has no medical training, and was arrested in september for allegedly mask raiding as a physician's assistant. and in this tape, obtained by abc station wftb, he blames it
7:33 am
on the hospital. >> their error was putting me apparently in as a physician's assistant, in their computer. let's just say i'm a physician's assistant. are you that stupid that you're going to put me in the computer without credentials or paperwork or nothing? >> reporter: his job wasn't at the hospital, but as a clerk across the street. it causes family members to shake their heads. >> he ain't right upstairs. he needs psychiatric help. >> reporter: that could explain why three months later, he was busted again. rolling down miami beach, in what looks like a police cruiser. he even got as far as stopping other drivers to tell them to put their seat belts on. until undercover cops arrested him. after hours of questioning over the incident at the hospital, he became contrite.
7:34 am
his attorneys tell us they're going to try to keep jurors away from that video. so much is at stake here, amy. if convicted, he could face over 25 years in prison. amy? >> what a strange story. thanks so much, matt. now, to the dangerous and sometimes deadly stunt known as skateboard bombing. skaters zooming at high speed down steep hills. and los angeles is now imposing new restrictions after two teens were killed. abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: there's skateboarding. and then, there's skate bombing. it is an adrenaline-loaded high-speed favorite of some skateboarders, who rocket down the steepest neighborhood streets they can find. often running stop signs and praying cars don't get in their way. >> i like the rush. it feels good. my adrenaline starts pumping. >> reporter: it doesn't always end well. >> a year ago, a guy actually ran into the wback of my car.
7:35 am
>> reporter: while some skate bombers show in dramatic fashion they can and do stop at intersections, others speed 40 miles per hour on open roads, with no warning to motorists and no margin for error. >> here we go, baby. >> reporter: this morning, after the deaths of two teenage skate bombers in less than a year, the l.a. city council has voted to outlaw it. giving police the power to confiscate skateboards and impose fines. that includes a 10-mile-per-hour speed limit and no hanging on to cars. kyle chin, an experienced skateboarder, showed us the pads he uses. and says most riders choose where and when to ride. you made the comparison to skiing. but there's no cars coming at you. >> when you compare it to skiing or other styles of skateboarding, we don't have environments that are built for
7:36 am
our use. >> reporter: he says the new law won't change anything. bottom line, the law is not going to stop you? >> probably not. my passion, it's something that i love. i'm going to keep on doing it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," keel karlinsky, abc news, santa monica, california. >> they have to be careful out there. you, too, sam. >> we're not skateboard bombing on "good morning america." >> yeah. you're doing something far more dangerous. >> yeah. >> it looked fine. >> assume the position. assume the position. >> let's show you some pictures. by the way, as we said, we've been making weather headlines. but not necessarily in the tropics. here's a shot of the second, by the way, hurricane to make it through this season. this one coming on to the southern yucatan, south of cozumel, and doing an awful lot. more than a foot of rain. 85-mile-per-hour winds there. you look at ernesto. and this will make another
7:37 am
landfall. and you have the next system, which could be gordon out in the open waters. here's where the strong to severe storms will be rocking today. these are likely to be real trouble. they could be one or two, maybe in tornadoes, in that zone around northern ohio area there. 70-mile-per-hour winds, golf ball-sized hail. very powerful straight line stations. >> bright sunshine early this morning. degrees in the suburbs, 92 is the high. cloudy. spotty thundershowers later on >> all of that weather was brought to you by jcpenney. amy, josh, george, lara? >> sam, big hugs good-bye. >> is there a surprise? >> a big one. just you wait, sam. coming e ining up, we're goe
7:38 am
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two flavors. in harmony. honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. what an olympics it's been for the fierce five of the u.s. women's gymnastics team, especially gabby douglas. she packed highs and lows of a lifetime in the last week. abc's cecilia vegas sat down with gabby and her teammate, jordyn wieber, for a candid
7:42 am
interview about this whirlwind week. >> reporter: the pressure's off. the gold in hand. for gabby douglas and jordyn wieber, it's time for much-deserved pampering. they're at a hideaway where the athletes and families come to unwind. what a ride it's been for the fierce five. a gold medal for the team. and gabby douglas walked away with history. the first african-american to win the all-around competition. >> we can't go anywhere now. can we have a photo? can we have an autograph? ask my mom. when we're eating, it's awkward. we're eating and we're like, smiling and have food in our mouths. like -- oh. >> reporter: that smile won america over. but this new-found fame can also come with criticism and headlines. like this flash after a slew of
7:43 am
tweets insulting gabby's hair. >> want me to wear it down? curl it? my mom and i were joking, we'll throw some hoops in there. >> reporter: that must have made you really mad. >> it did because i'm thinking who says that about a 16-year-old child, first of all? >> reporter: a 16-year-old who now stands to rake in endorsements. and for a family who sacrificed all for olympic gold, including filing for bankruptcy earlier this year, that payday can't come soon enough. >> i looked up at the scoreboard and saw her name in first place, i couldn't contain myself because all of the years, all of the sacrifice, all of the struggles. >> reporter: at 14, gabby left her mother in virginia beach, and moved to iowa to train with the best. gabby says her dad, an afghanistan war vet was mostly absent. >> he would come at the last moment. >> reporter: but gabby's not the
7:44 am
only one with a heart of a champion. 17-year-old jordyn expected to win it all. but it didn't happen. she still managed the strength and help her team win the gold. >> it was tough. i had to mentally turn around quickly. >> the hardest part of being her mom at that point, all i wanted to do was give her a hug. >> reporter: and now, that team gold means more than anything. >> the first night i slept with it under my pillow. and in the morning, it was still there. >> it hasn't clicked in my mind yet. i'm the olympic champion. >> reporter: are you proud of yourself? >> i am proud of myself. all the sacrifices i made and all the tough times, rough times. i look back and just say, wow. it was all worth it. >> reporter: i have to ask you about the nickname, the flying squirrel. love it or hate it? >> i love it. i think that's a nickname that's going to stick with me forever. >> reporter: whether you like it or not? >> yeah. i love some of the other ones. people are tweeting me new ones.
7:45 am
like gabbylicious. or golden gabby. i like golden gabby. >> i like gabbylicious. they're so amazing. so poised and graceful. and they're so young. gabby hasn't been home in two years because of all of her training. she's looking forward to getting back on that flight to virginia beach. sleeping in her own bed, playing with her pub puppies and being a kid again. >> i like golden gabby better than flying squirrel. take care. coming up, josh is here with take care. coming up, josh is here with a splashy "play of the day." ce. likeittle oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. we discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. it's just one way purina one is making the world a better place... one pet at a time.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> actually, as first seen on "gaa." we have to get it back. there was lost footage we found. aspiring 2-year-old future olympian, campbell, on the dive.
7:50 am
we want to establish, first of all, she is absolutely fine. watching a lot of diving with her parents, in fact. she said, daddy, i want to try it. but take a look. she said i want to try it again. and take a look at campbell. >> she's only 2. >> joining us now, via skype, campbell. her parents, ryan and ashley. >> hi, josh. >> hi, campbell, oh, you cutie, with the pigtails. dad, when you saw her up there, looking to attempt that first backward somersault 2 1/2 pike, what did you think? >> i was thinking she had watched olympics all morning. >> we can hear you laughing. it didn't go so well. >> i couldn't believe it. >> we've been looking at her again. she's stepping up. and she's going to do it again.
7:51 am
she seems fearless. >> she does. >> campbell just discovered she was on tv. >> yeah. >> she likes to get at the end of the board and do that. she had never been on a diving board before. >> we want to thank you ryan and ashley and little campbell for making our day. campbell, bye. we'll see you in 2012. ryan lochte joins us next. your food, your wallet, brought to you by ally bank. okay. there's no such thing as a free lunch. how much do you think the average american spends on lunch? for the answer and to weigh in on how much you spend, go now to on yahoo! people with a machine. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7,
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7:56 am
it's her birthday. she can't wait. we talk to ryan lackty next. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> >> good morning, i am steve chenevey. it is august 9. hope your day is often a good start. at it on the wilson bridge. routinethrough a cracks on looking for wear. they are trying to figure out if there are problems with the grout. firefighters will be back in his neighborhoodts a five-year-old girl died
7:57 am
in a house fire. sure other homes in working they say the fire was accidental. more on news channel 8 depth report in a few minutes. now, let us check the commute. pick the toughest eastboundld be 66 coming out of centreville to get into fair oaks. there is a wreck. getting two left lanes by at nutley street. elsewhere, we are in good shape. even at university boulevard. ok, adam caskey. >> today it looks like we will light of day thundershowers. probably after 3:00 p.m. to the west and eastward. district. to 924 the high. showers later on.
7:58 am
tomorrow, we could have a strong severe storms. especially in the afternoon or evening. sunday, beautiful. sunny and comfortable. >> thank you for watching. we are back again at 8:27. news update another then. news update another [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. i think mitt romney's really out of touch with the average woman's health issues... this is not the 1950s. contraception is so important to women... it's about woman being able to make decisions... i don't remember anyone as extreme as romney... i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. i don't think mitt romney can even understand the mindset of someone who has to go to planned parenthood. planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that.
7:59 am
i think romney would definitely drag us back... there's a lot more going on here. [ glass shatters ] who is he? [ dita ] it's aaron cross. he's the most valuabab asset we've e er put in the field. he knows bourne. he knows treadstone. he's got a handle on the whole operation! consider the magnitude of what we're facing. what are you gonna do? [ cross ] i'm gonna finish what he started. ♪ aaron! you okay? let's go. [ male announcer ] "the bourne legacy." rated pg-13.
8:00 am
♪ i'm on the edge of glory [ cheers and applause ] and a crowd of hundreds out in times square this morning, having a good time, here on this thursday. celebrating some birthdays. lara's got a few fans out there. where's the sooner fans? there they are. and coming up, we're going to go a few blocks south from there. amy robach in for robin while she's on vacation. but sam -- i know he can't talk right now. but he's going to wave. >> look at that face. >> he's on the zip line at harold square. he's going to do it live.
8:01 am
maybe that will come in a little bit. >> there he goes. >> the straw he drew was about that big. >> and sometimes no words are needed. body language is fine there. and we have the golden boys of the pool. we're live from london with ryan lochte and conner dwyer. ryan's said he wants to be "dancing with the stars." wait until you hear which teammate also wants to hit the ballroom. >> i hope "dancing with the stars" is listening. >> yeah. also, this teenage girl, harassed in school. take a look. for her looks. so, she asked her mom for plastic surgery and why she says it has changed her life for the better. >> yeah. it helped her a lot. and we have andy samberg. he's going to join us live. first, josh. >> a big day for all sorts of americans in london. america is leading china in the overall medal count.
8:02 am
american women preparing for semifinals in basketball and volleyball. gold medal matches in water polo. arguably, the biggest event of all, would be the one involving them. the u.s. soccer team against japan. it's a rematch of the women's world cup final last year. the americans have said they've been looking for redemption throughout. they will have a shot today. also, americans ashton eaton and trey hardee, well-placed for a one-two finish in the decathlon. and the fastest man, usain bolt, looks to repeat 200-meter gold. that story, we've been talking all night long. the american stranded in antarctica, with a medical emergency, has just been rescued during the heart of the antarctic weather. an australian rescue team completed the flight into sub zero temperatures in antarctica. we don't know the illness of the
8:03 am
person in question. but the patient has been rushed to a hospital in new zealand. we'll have updates as they become available. and the most intense day of bombing yet at ground zero, syria's civil war. the battle for aleppo will likely determine who controls that country. rebels are struggling as the government unleashes a new wave of attacks. the president and founder of the susan g. komen for the cure is stepping down. liz thompson is leaving and nancy brinker is taking a less-visible job. it's the latest fallout for the foundation's decision to drop funding for planned parenthood. that funding has since been restored. a special picture to bring you this morning. remember the terrible story of dr. william petit, his family killed in a tragic home invasion and fire five years ago in connecticut. he has just remarried. the volunteer for the petit
8:04 am
family foundation established in the aftermath of that horror. as you can see, everyone was all-smiles. we raise a special glass to you and yours. finally, imagine you're on vacation, staying at a beautiful mountain resort. you go downstairs to meet your friend in the lobby. and you meet this guy, instead. george, what's the deal with the bears? there's an outbreak of bears hanging out where we live-itis, going on right now. >> the summer of the bear. >> this is new mexico again. they must have a good breakfast buffet. thank goodness for -- before cameras, how many bears would go in? >> they say because of the drought, the bears are looking for food now in places they haven't before. >> someone did their homework why we're seeing all these bears, josh. >> i thought they just wanted to hang out. come on over. we'll watch some olympics.
8:05 am
>> today. 3:00. time, now, for "pop news." >> thank you. good morning to you all. and to you. talk about the couple who has it all, beyonce and jay-z have a basketball team and a bundle of cash. "forbes" says they're raking in a combined $78 million in the last year alone. >> one year? >> from music, touring, the basketball team, the nets, and jay-z's beauty brand, carol's daughter. they outlasted the top earners of last year, gisele and tom brady by $6 million. and both women are making more than their husbands. >> i like that. >> who runs the world? girls. who runs the world? girls. sorry, beyonce. i had to ding myself. >> where is your bell? >> i have a prop here, too. get a load of this, everybody. this is going to be a hearing prop.
8:06 am
listen to this. >> wow. >> give that a feel. that's the new september "vogue." it's always really big. but this is -- >> 916 pages. >> this is a new level. it's usually very top-secret. this sort of the fashion bible, if you will. you never see it before it hits stands. "vogue" is giving "good morning america" the first look. i give it to you. lady gaga is on the cover. more than 658 ad pages alone, that's before you get to the content. and it weighs in just under five pounds. thank you, josh. >> i got it. >> bonus "vogue." >> i'm supposed to return that. but thank you. this story really caught our attention. mentos, chewy candy, they're sweet. but the ad campaign is salty. according to "the wall street journal," the candy brand is so
8:07 am
concerned about the low birthrate in singapore, they're calling on its people to celebrate their independence today, which is today, by enjoying a different kind of fireworks than we do over here. this is what the ad says, singapore's population, it needs some increasing, so august 9th, instead of waving flags, we'll be freakin'. >> that sounds fine. do your civic duty. >> yeah. the song continues, calling for singaporeans to do their civic duty and make babies. they have one of the lowest birthrates in the world. and mentos spokesperson said they've always stood for fresh thinking. and finally, check out these paintings. check this out. done by an emerging artist? or perhaps a child prodigy?
8:08 am
or perhaps, done by paddy. look at paddy. paddy's a donkey, as you can probably tell there. paddy, the artist, the rescue donkey. >> can you get the beret off? >> no. paddy likes the beret. she discovered her inner picasso by watching her training. it takes her less than ten minutes to finish her art. all of the proceeds goes to animal rescue. >> that's a great story. we want to get to sam. he's zip lining. he can't hear us yet. we're going to go out and get the weather from him right now. >> wait. i can hear you. i can hear you now. >> wait. >> oh, well. >> it's really, really tall. it's three stories tall up here. and they have the traffic over
8:09 am
there. no problem with that so far. we're going to do this. >> he se >> bright sunshine of the district. high temperatures today in the 90s. hot and humid today. the committee of 5. 78 in the district. the 70s in martinsburg. 90s this afternoon. few spots the thunderstorms. tomorrow, more widespread >> they are coming back. sorry about that, guys. we're going to fix those problems. let's look at what's ahead on the "morning menu." >> absolutely. good morning, everybody. here's what's coming up on the "morning menu."
8:10 am
olympic heartthrobs. we're live in london with ryan lochte and conner dwyer. also coming up, not that. that's gaga. we have a story about being harassed into plastic surgery. one teen going under the knife and it changed her life. we'll go back to sam. he will be able to hear us and we'll be able to hear him, very soon as he zip lines through the streets of new york city. all that and more coming up on "good morning america." going on here. 's a lote [ glass shatters ] who is he? [ dita ] it's aaron cross. he's the most valuable asset we've ever put in the field. he knows bourne. he knows treadstone. he's got a handle on the whole operation! consider the magnitude of what we're facing. what are you gonna do? [ cross ] i'm gonna finish what he started. ♪ aaron! you okay? let's go. [ male announcer ] "the bourne legacy." rated pg-13. delicious hershey's chocolateh, with 30% less fat?
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that's also a smart choice. splenda no-calorie sweetener. with the original sugar-like taste you love and trust. splenda makes the moment yours. for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with the capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift. [ cheers and applause ] what a great crowd. certainly, the collective olympic fever rushing through times square.
8:15 am
and for good reason. one of the great swimmers of american history, what a run he's had. ryan lochte. his next stop could actually be on a reality show. we'll talk to him and fellow gold medal teammate, conner dwyer. but first, here's cecilia vega with their story. >> reporter: they're the golden boys of the pool. ryan lochte and conner dwyer. the swim stars with the heartthrob good looks have captured the attention of fans everywhere. >> with olympic gold. >> reporter: bringing home the gold in the 4x200-meter freestyle. ryan lochte took home five medals, including two golds in the olympic games. and now, he might be looking to add hollywood star to his impressive resume. he tweeted this picture from the set of "funny or die," a viral comedy website. and he is fielding tv offers and
8:16 am
a fashion line, on top of all his endorsement deals. it's the first olympic games for 20-year-old dwyer. he swam the second position. he uses everything at his disposal, like improvised weights to prepare for races. he spends three to four hours in the pool every day. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, london. and joining us, now, from london, where they are now enjoying some well-earned days of r&r, ryan lochte and conner dwyer. a couple of florida gators, together now again. now, that you get your responsibilities, your heats done in the first week, what's it like to be over there, really, as tourists, enjoying london? >> it's kind of weird because we're done with our part of the olympics. but they're still going on. there's so many more events
8:17 am
still left to go watch. it's kind of weird. >> yeah. it's been nice. we've been able to see the stadium the past couple of days. just get in and enjoy the olympics, being a spectator. >> some of your u.s. teammates there, the women's water polo and soccer. conor, i want to ask you. you come of age in the era of ryan and michael phelps. i want to ask, what's it like not just to be teammates with them but to compete against them? >> ryan showed me the ropes the last three years, training to get to this level. but i think it's good for us to be swimming with some of the greatest of all-time. >> ryan, five medals overall. when you look back at the london games for yourself, how will you see them? >> i always like to put myself
8:18 am
as an "a" student. i played these games as an a-minus because i felt there was still room for improvement. i'm going home to my country with five olympic medals. and i'm really happy about that. >> and a gold in the 400 i.m. that's a brutal event. congratulations on that alone. there's been some talk about what you're going to do after the games. we are hearing offers to do a reality show. what would the ryan lochte reality show look like? >> i don't know. it probably wouldn't be your normal reality tv show because i'm not a normal guy. >> conor, what do you think the ryan lochte reality show would look like? >> i think it would be interesting. something that fans would like to see. he'd do pretty well for himself in that. >> ryan, thanks, in part, to
8:19 am
comments from your mom, your love life has become front and center. but if you had to pick one, "dancing with the stars" or "the bachelor," which would you choose? >> i would definitely have to go with "dancing with the stars" just because it's a competition. and i mean, i have that competitive edge in me. so, i definitely have to go with "dancing with the stars." >> all right. hey, michael phelps said today, he's not ruling it out. maybe we'll see the two of you on the ballroom floor. conor, i expect to see you in four years in rio. how about you, ryan? will you be adding to the 11 overall in four years? >> definitely. that's my biggest goal, going for another four years in rio. and i told people, if i'm still having fun, i'm going to go for another four years after that. >> that's great to hear. of course, gator nation is doing the chomp for you guys. but the nation, as a whole, salutes you again. congratulations on a wondrous games. and we'll see you back.
8:20 am
>> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> george? >> these guys are going to keep at it. that is great. have a very different story now about teens and plastic surgery. usually, it's not the kind of thing we encourage. but for one young woman in georgia, it seemed the only way to end years in bullying. and bianna golodryga is here with the difference it made in this teen's life. >> reporter: i loved meeting her. good morning. for teenagers, there's nothing more terrifying than the first day of high school. well, nadia ils will be juggling that and more, when she walks through the doors of her new high school for the first time. revealing her new face to everyone. >> reporter: at first glance, 14-year-old nadi has confidence that many her age lack. but just a few months ago, she doesn't bear looking in the mirror. going to school was a nightmare. she endured abuse at the hands of her classmates, all because of her ears.
8:21 am
>> i felt horrible. like dirt. >> what did they say? >> they called me dumbo. elephant ears. >> reporter: the teasing and bullying started when nadia was just 7 years old. it escalated to the point where she believed the negativity. >> i got into my shell. and i skipped school a lot. >> reporter: you wanted to skip school? >> yeah. i made excuses. i said that my stomach hurt. i felt like i was sick, even though i wasn't. >> reporter: all of this was a shock to her mom, linda. recently being laid off and with her 9-year-old son battling cerebral palsy, nadia didn't want to bother her mom with what she thought were superficial problems. >> i usually cry myself to sleep sometimes, too. >> reporter: how does that make you feel hearing that? >> i'm heartbroken about it. i didn't realize that it was that bad. you know i love you. >> reporter: you didn't want to
8:22 am
burden your mom? >> huh-uh. >> reporter: that's become overwhelming? >> yeah. >> reporter: the abuse got so bad, nadia even contemplated the unimaginable. >> i did think about suicide. but i didn't think that's a solution. >> reporter: it must break your heart to hear your daughter say she contemplated suicide at such a young age. >> yeah. it is hard. >> reporter: eventually, nadia spilled all to her mom, and begged for a surgery that would pin back her ears. it was at that point that linda turned to the little baby face foundation. >> their story was very compelling. children with birth defects. many who are being bullied and don't have financial means to handle the surgical expenses. >> reporter: in june, dr. romo not only performed the surgery to pin her ears back, but also operated on her nose and chin. $40,000 worth of work for free. do you at all worry that you're
8:23 am
sending a message to other bullied children that they, too, need to have plastic surgery to overcome the bullies? >> it's no different than somebody having teeth that are -- that require braces. >> she wasn't picked to have her surgery because she was bullied. she was picked because of her formity. >> reporter: what do you see in the mirror? >> i see me. >> reporter: after years of leaving her hair down covering her ears, nadia can finally wear it up proud. as for her first day of high school -- can i make a bet? i'll bet you wear it back? >> yeah. >> reporter: and for the bullies who tormented her -- >> i forgive. but i don't forget. >> reporter: and despite the surgery, nadia and her mom are under no illusions that nadia's problems were just skin-deep. linda plans to sign her daughter up for counseling sessions, saying that can't fix years of abuse, just the surgery. >> an important day for her. >> thank you very much.
8:24 am
let's go to lara. >> thank you, george. finally, it's time. sam, the adventurer, down the block from us in times square, where he's agreed to go zip lining through new york city. sam, are you ready? >> lara, i'm ready. have you ever thought about what it would be like to fly through the sky in new york city, just like spider-man does in the movies. that's the macy's building beside me. you can look into the third-story windows at macy's as you zip line by her. this is part of the new york city summer streets program. you have 14 blocks of streets blocked off for 3 weekends. you can do anything you want. you can go from the brooklyn bridge all the way to central park without traffic. there's games for kids. there's yoga. there's food. you're my guy to do the zip line adventure you've set up. what do i need to know about this? >> we're going to hook you ipwhe
8:25 am
sure you keep your feet up. >> all right, greg. let's try it. let's just hook it up and do it. all right. see if there's a payoff to this kind of event. you do have to be a certain weight/height here. but i can do it. i got the weight restriction. are you ready? hey. not bad. new york city, flying through the streets, like superman over new york city. here's the deal. for only three weekends, you get the chance to do this in new york if you're here. we're going to introduce you to the folks that tell you everything you need to know about it. and one of the cool things, lara, if you're still there, standing up there, you're looking into the windows, just like you'd imagine you could. it's not that frightening. there's a line of people ready to do it. it does require a certain amount of upper body strength, i'm sure. that's what it looks like. lara, are you still there? >> i am, sam.
8:26 am
that was remarkable. your form, i need judges' awards on that. 8.5. really spectacular. >> i felt like i was in the pike position for some of the excursion down. i think my toes were kind of pointed. so, i think i really deserve that 9. >> listen, you can go again, if you don't mind. and this time, we want a double-twist. >> we will go back. but andy samberg is coming up live on "gma." stay with us.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, i am steve chenevey. it is 8:27. rights activists railing to 9 in the district. crimes. against hate reaction to assault last northeast d.c. that sent two local men to the hospital. authorities believe the three them because they were gay. will begin aty 7:00 p.m. in northwest d.c. in maryland, the governor martin asking the federal -- his best tosk counties in need.
8:28 am
>> not bad in maryland. 270 -- minorthe accidents. take you an hour and a eastbound to get from manassas all the way to nutley street. 1.5 hour ride. a crash in the right lane. that is a pretty tough ride this morning. writing andare not rain. >> better to have son then rain. today we have plenty of sunshine. scattered clouds later on. especially after 3:00 p.m. 74 at dulles airport. 92.ur way to you will notice the committee after 2:00 p.m.
8:29 am
tomorrow, widespread storms. be strong and severe. comfortable by sunday. >> thank you for watching. atwill be back
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] excited crowd here in times square. it was muggy out here this morning, huh, guys? that's not going to keep the crowd away from the park tomorrow. big party, one republic, is going to take center stage. can't wait for that. >> i always say, let's leave that to the professionals. we're going to give them a question. we're going to ask you which question you want the band to answer. you use the "gma" app on your smartphone or go to our facebook page and vote for your favorites. and join us in central park for one republic tomorrow, live. are we going to see sam? is he unharnessed yet? are we waiting for him to come
8:31 am
back? i hope he's okay -- >> there he is. >> now, he's going to do it backwards. we're looking at you. america's looking at you, sam. and fixing the hair. that's cruel. >> that's not fair. he has no idea. >> we're family. that's what we do. also coming up on the show, he is a grammy winner. he's an accomplished actor. and he is our friend. common is here to take us behind the scenes of the acclaimed tv series "hell on wheels." if you have not seen this, it is terrific. >> there he is. >> and josh is going to put the host of "chopped" ted allen, to a brunch test. >> i went on the show. i had to face being chopped. i was not chopped. he's going to do a pasta salad, a sticky bread pudding. and later on "good afternoon america," common will be stopping by. and loni williams will be
8:32 am
stopping by. as george makes the smooth trsisition to the chairs with a very special guest. >> there we are. andy samberg here with us. we know him from "saturday night live." but he's getting a little more serious. a new romantic comedy. they play a couple that tries to stay friends while splitting up. and here's how they do it. >> tonight, i am going on a date. and i'm going to date people. >> that's great. >> it is? >> yeah. no, jess, please, don't cry again. good for you. >> doesn't bother you? >> no. >> okay. yeah. it's yogurt girl. >> yogurt girl.
8:33 am
yeah. she's cute. she's young, right? >> super young. but her body is like all-time. >> okay. there's no need for that. >> and andy samberg is joining us now. i see you're watching yourself there. this is striking out in a bit of a different direction for you. a little more serious. >> yeah. there's comedy. there's drama. you know, it's a sundance film. >> it is a sundance film. it's an indy film. there's so many indy films that are based in new york city. this one gives you a view into a different kind of l.a. we normally see in the movie. >> sure. i mean, rashida grew up there. and her and her buddy, will, wrote it. there's a lot of affection towards the city and the script. >> and she sent you the script years ago, right? >> yeah. she was like, what do you think of this? i read it and said, it's really good. who's playing jesse? >> you pitched yourself for the job, right? >> i threw myself into the ring. the entire self. not just the hat. >> rashida said she loved the
8:34 am
chemistry between the two of you. this is a bookend to another movie i talked about this week. meryl streep and tommy lee jones were here earlier in the week. they have a movie called "hope spring." it's about an old couple that are trying to be together. this is a young couple that can't figure out a way to be apart. >> this is a way sexier "hope springs." >> you're going to hear from meryl on that one. >> i'd rather hear from meryl than tommy lee. but if you want to hang out, tommy lee, i'm into it. >> this is the first time you're not getting ready for "saturday night live" in seven years. how does it feel? >> yeah. it feels okay. i just started a beard competition with common. >> he's winning. >> i think it's neck and neck. we're like lochte and phelps. >> you have a little bit of
8:35 am
time. what are you going to miss about it the most? >> so many things. people, first off. so many friends. it feels like a family to me. i'll miss working with everyone and the rush of saturday night and all that stuff. just being able to have an idea on friday and have it air on saturday. >> that's cool. here on morning television, we think about our schedules. early wake-up calls. i'll bet you're not going to miss the craziness of the week. >> the schedule's a little intense. although, in many ways, it was conducive to my natural clock. i'm a night person. it was kind of -- do standup or "snl" and i got lucky. >> want to do a round of co-star k keyword. justin timberlake. >> wait. that's going so fast. >> he's breaking up the game now. >> it's a beard competition. >> competition is here right now. >> my beard is winning.
8:36 am
>> who likes -- >> in the beard competition, you're definitely phelps. >> we'll get you two on "dancing with the stars." >> i'm not that great of a dancer. >> i'm really good at dancing. really, like, scary good. >> you want to have a competition in that, too? >> if i'd have a better shot at that than the beard competition. >> okay. i'll let you go, man. have fun. >> common. >> that was fantastic. you're a good sport. the movie is called "celeste and jesse forever." it's in theaters now. >> thank you very much. let's get the last check of the weather from sam. >> hey, george. just a few blocks away from you at times square. we're in harold's square. getting ready to zip line. also with marissa. where are you from? >> i'm from dallas, texas.
8:37 am
>> you're going to zip line around the same time as me. are you nervous? >> a little. but it's exciting. >> it's cool to be looking up here three stories tall. take a look. what do you see? >> i see everything. i see my grandmother down here. >> hold on to the mic. we're ready to go, right? >> you're ready. >> let's do a quick look at the weather before we do a second zip line. we have strong to severe weathers in parts of the country today. anywhere you see the line of red, it's along a cold front. you have to be concerned about straight line winds there. even damaging hail. elsewhere around the country, the headline continues to be heat. now that we've had the hottest month. not only just the hottest july on record, but the hottest month since we've been keeping weather records for 118 years. let's have a quick go on the zip line. what do you think? a pike position? or a little swing? >> i'd go with the pike. >> i'm going to do the pike. here we go, new york city.
8:38 am
and a swing. how did we do? all right? >> perfect. >> now, all of this is being put on by the new york department of transportation. come over here, young lady. how are you? nice to see you, always. it's an amazing way to see new york city. there's dancing going on. there's festivals happening. why is this so important to do in new york? >> this is the hottest ticket in town in the summer. basically, what we do, for the next couple saturdays, we close park avenue, from the brooklyn bridge to central park, and program it with free activities like dance and yoga and samba. and you can channel your inner spider-man and go on a 350-foot long ride and see the city in a whole, new way. >> we talked about how high it is. but that's a nice, long zip line. i've done it once or twice in the jungle. >> you can channel your inner king kong and climb the climbing wall. there's plenty of activities. we want everybody to come out.
8:39 am
>> the next three summer weekends in new york city, come and enjoy new york the way you've never seen it before. we have lots more coming up on >> right now we have a few downpours and clark county and shenandoah county. possibly severe thunderstorms >> oh. hi. are we on? we're live in new york city. coming up, common, right here in our studios. stay
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:42. and we're so happy to have actor and rapper, common, with us this morning. he's one of the stars of the outstanding show, "hell on wheels" about life during construction during the first transcontinental railroad. season two gets going on amc.
8:43 am
welcome, my friend. >> great to see you. >> congratulations on this role. you were saying, it's gritty, it's smart. it's a new look at life in the u.s. post-civil war. >> i feel like this role is very unique. you haven't seen an african-american going through that time period, post-slavery. and being a leader and being be intelligent and strong-willed. the show depicts what america's about right now. it's really cool because the show is dealing with issues that we deal with today. >> such as? >> such as life. everything from the changes that go on in the economy, to how you fit in those changes. when life is changing, where do you go to? racial things that we don't talk about that still exists right now. also, relationships. my character's in love with a former prostitute who is a white
8:44 am
woman. how can that relationship really sustain with society's ills? this is real stuff. >> common, you play a former slave. tough cookie to boot. i want to show everybody a clip of "hell on wheels." >> okay. >> what the hell you doing here? >> trying to keep yourself from getting killed. you give me the paperwork. you hand that money over and i'll kill you my damn self. >> go on, then. pull the trigger. >> what's going on in there? >> stupid. [ gunshots ] >> keep shooting. >> is it fun playing in the wild, wild west? >> it's so much fun. i get to ride on horses, which is something i've never done, coming from the south side of chicago. you know, just in the wild, wild west. the dangers of the west is really there on "hell on wheels."
8:45 am
it's really about the people and the stories. that's why i say it's so much about america right now because it's really how we relate to each other. >> very character-driven. and as they say in the biz, work begets work. boy, are you busy. you have a movie about to come out right now. "the odd life of timothy green." tell us about that. >> "the odd life of timothy green" is a heartfelt story about this young man who came out of the ground to help this family who couldn't have children. and i play this soccer coach that's really hard on him. but i learn lessons from timothy green, the lead character. >> also you produced a movie you're very proud of. a movie called "luv." >> it showed up at sundance. i was honored. "love" is a great story. i star in it. danny glover is in it. a young man by michael randy jr. it's a great film. it's kind of like a "pursuit of happiness" but told in a gritty way. >> and we have to know, have you
8:46 am
been following the olympics? >> yes. i'm into the olympics. i watched a lot of track and field. the gymnasts, the fab five, give it up to them. of course, gabby douglas. there was a young lady, i think allyson felix, yesterday, who ran. i was cheering for her like i knew her. i wanted her to win. and of course, the williams sisters, serena and venus. er is vienna got two gold medals. i want the basketball team to get theirs. >> all right, common. we hope you will come back and visit us soon. new music is coming out. come back when that's out, all right? >> i will. >> we want you to check out season two of "hell on wheels" on amc this sunday. coming up, josh, including on amc this sunday. [ obama ] i'm barack obamading and i approve this message.
8:47 am
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welcome back. my man, ted allen, is here with us, putting cameron mathison and i on his hit show, "chopped." there i am. cinnamon candies. but i immulsified. it was fun. i would come back in a second and hopefully do well. however, he's bringing his new book in my kitchen to our kitchen. albeit outside. we love having you. what are you making for us today, ted? >> want to do a brunch idea. you have quiche. this is sort of like a quiche, but more fancy with puff pastry.
8:50 am
it has bacon and wheat and thyme. >> people hear quiche and they maybe have an idea in their head. but the puff pastry is going to get it done. >> we throw some bacon in here. i cooked the bacon down and used the bacon fat to cook the leaks. that's like mellowed-out onions. >> i try to use bacon later in the meal. the flavor that remains -- >> you get so much flavor from bacon. but you want to go easy with it. you don't want to go too much. you will cook your leeks and onions for about five minutes. and then, add garlic. then, you throw in swiss chard. that's the one healthy thing in the whole dish, swiss chard. >> you feel good about yourself. >> absolutely. the rest of it is fairly rich. >> and it melts down? it's nice and slimy? >> not slimy. >> but the chard reduces, to a degree. >> it gets soft. and it puts fiber and nutrition
8:51 am
in the dish. then, we move down the line. >> we move down. >> and we take a couple of eggs. whip those up. >> you want to whip them? >> i'm not a whisker. >> everywhere on everyone else. >> i don't want people behind the table to be whisked. >> and with our eggs, we have ricotta cheese. little salt and pepper. is that all you're going to do? pepper stuff? >> i'll do all of the bacon. each and every bit of bacon. >> josh needs to get involved when we get to the pastry. and some thyme. >> give that a big whip up. >> yum. >> this is what it would look like. this is what this will now look like? >> correct. the chard cooks right down. >> what do we have here? >> just in case we didn't get it made, we have this prepared ahead of time. we're in good shape. >> lara has the puff pastry ready to go. >> not yet. not yet. here's the heart of the dish. puff pastry from the frozen
8:52 am
section of the grocery store. i don't normally use prepared ingredients. but puff pastry takes like three days to make. take the filling. spoon some of this in the middle. >> can we pretend it's healthy? >> it has chard in it. it is healthy. >> and bacon fat. >> this is the way to make a dish that looks like it came from a french bakery. you take the outside of the puff pastry. fold it over. and allow it to sort of crimp, right? and now, lara, you come in with the egg wash and get the edges, which makes it shiny in the oven. >> and sealing it. >> right? >> it gives it a glossy texture. >> how much in the oven? >> 375 degrees, 40 minutes. it's nice to let it rest before you cut it. let it firm up. and it looks like this. >> and we want to get to the beautiful salad, combining peaches and tomatoes.
8:53 am
>> i got this from iron chef zakarian. this is a recipe we put on the website. >> all of the dishes on on yahoo! his book, "in my kitchen." he is food network star, ted allen. >> thank you, sir. i think i just got flour on the >> thank you, sir. i think i just got flour on the bac[ male announcer ] in 1996, esident clinton an and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare.
8:54 am
mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
8:55 am
8:56 am
ted, the whole crowd is loving your food this morning. thank you very much. go to the park tomorrow. one republic. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
>> it is now 8:56. i am steve chenevy. lawmakers heading back to annapolis for a special session where they will take a allow tableuld games in a new casino at harbor and prince george's county. casinos would be able to stay open 24 hours a day. if lawmakers passed the bill, will get to weigh in on it in november. julies sweltering temperatures making history. the hottest in the history. and the sea, it was the hottest in d.c. it was the second hottest on record. >> 8 two hour ride on the 66 eastbound and manassas to get to the beltway. you are not out of the woods.
8:58 am
delays and rosslyn and falls church. over to the roosevelt bridge. we believe there's room works up e street. around 18th street. that has caused a lot of pressure. sunshine outside. especially east of the blue ridge. of the blue ridge, downpours. locally, we will see that action after 3:00 p.m. sunshine, a few clouds and fairfax. in manassas. 70 in martinsburg. more spotty thundershowers later on. 92 is the high temperature. >> thank you for watching. we will be back at noon. we will have a
8:59 am


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