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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  August 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> after listening to the end, i thought it was a publicity >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. straight ahead, a special session continues today in maryland. find out where lawmakers stand expand gambling in the state. >> to the outside. touchdown, redskins >> . r.g. iii delivers during his for theeseason game redskins. say aboutans have to victory over the buffalo bills. good morning, washington. it's friday, august 10. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we are on storm watch, severe blamed for leaving 850 people in the dark right now. let's find out more from adam caskey. >> there's no severe weather to
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morning.this let's go to live super doppler 7 radar. of rainfallty especially west of 95 if. will creep into the 95 corridor momentarily. the heaviest rain is mainly scattered through the piedmont of the blue east ridge antivenum west of the blue ridge. dry around the beltway for now. that will change later this .orning there will be more thunderstorms afternoon into the evening, some strong to severe. highs in the mid to upper 80s today. 80's tomorrow with morning storms on saturday. then clearing for a beautiful sunday, less humid, 87 degrees. lisa baden. on the outer loop of the b-w moving, they are overnight construction. work and nobody's
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off the beltway right there. kenilworth avenue, outer loop at boulevard, they are moving barrels out of the way. headlights are the out groups park to the inner loop side is pretty smooth. virginia there's a minor crash on northbound 95 minor crash234. near 234.-- looks pretty good between newington and the beltway. >> we are following a developing story from afghanistan. u.s. command said three american troops have been shot by a man wearing an afghan uniform. it's happened in the southern and.mon of
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>> the special session of the maryland general assembly continues to get. the senate is poised to approve a bill to expand gambling in the state. of theecial session maryland general assembly .ontinues today if approved by the house and the it would go to voters in november. the maryland senate expected to would makeill that owners liable for dog bites. a senate committee approved the yesterday after an april by the maryland court of appeals to single out pit bulls as a dangerous breed and liability to landlords or other property owners. >> turning to the presidential president obama will time at the white house today. this morning he will receive the daily presidential briefing and a dinnere will host his rival mitt romney will
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rally in manassas tomorrow, part of his romney a stronger middle- class. be at the harris pavilion at 3:45. free and can be obtained on-line. the democratic national its buse will kick off alexandria. the statestop in that romney will visit. rg3 helped lead the redskins their first win in a preseason game. now a recap of the action in buffalo. was a shaky start for the redskins. to evant the hand off royster. that fumble led to a buffalo field goal. then r.g. iii seemed to get into rhythm, especially with pierre garcon, a bullet over the middle. over the middle again for 18 yards. then robert griffin with a
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quick pitch to pierre garcon. all the way to the end zone. iii >> .down for r.g. fun.was got to get out there and got action, go against different people. that is what everybody .as looking forward to the most everybody did a good job. >> job.d an excellent he managed the game well. in the huddle and informations. this progressions. he played well. >> britt mchenry, abc 7 sports. >> redskins fans packed sports bars watching their team in action. >> they are hoping rg3 can help franchise. a losing >> all the years of hardship and pain, we got some new excitement. everyone says that he may be defined a team.
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>> he's gone to be a new breed of quarterback. we are excited. the next game is saturday in chicago to take on the bears'. that's a week from saturday. good news for ravens fans. the ravens won their preseason the falcons.t 31-17 was the final. >> in business news, the corn crisis is continuing. goldman sachs is bringing the in new york >> . the justice department will not pursue criminal charges against or its workers for that the concealing bank against securities related to the housing market. on the evidence, there was no viable basis to bring prosecution. this goes back to april of 2011. at that time, the senate's
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subcommittee investigation concluded that did tell mortgage related securities to its failing tole disclose that the firm had bet those securities would lose invaluable. corn prices hit another record yesterday. a report comes out at 8:30 this anding on crop production it is not expected to be pretty. the drought continues to scorch farmlands and drive food prices higher. burger king and wendy's costs becauseher of the crisis. more on that and why it is causing other changes, coming up hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. degrees. >> prepare for more delays of weekend track work.
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correct the maryland public looking intossion storm related power outages. should power companies be able to charge customers for lost revenue during the first 24 after major outage? earlier this year they limited the first 24 to hours. is upset that have to for service they're not getting. issues a hearing on the on december 24.
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time for check of the weather. start with adam caskey. its going to be an active friday. already some heavy rain in spots. west of 95 is where we have most of the showers at this time. screen, no. fauquier county, crossing 66, leesburg, culpeper, moving south to north. that rain will spread over the corridor and the beltway soon this morning. degrees right now in the district. winchester, 70 in frederick. on our way to the mid to upper today with showers and thunderstorms, some possibly severe. a little sunshine around midday over. weekend we will have into early saturday. dry on sunday and less humid. >> a tree came down this morning area of 16th street and
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colesville road in silver spring. road.eopened that a tree has come down on 66. is westbound at the exit delaplane. there's an accident on 66 eastbound before martial. you can get around both incidents. to report on route 7. looks good on the greenway, the toll road. travel times in our favor on 270. a pretty good ride in .larksburg headlights in this picture southbound. back to you. >> thank you. it will take longer to get around using metro this weekend. red line trains not running grosvenor and friendship heights from 10:00 tonight until .losing on sunday shuttle buses available. orange line trains single- tracking between foggy bottom and clarendon. and between stadium-armory and cheverly. green line trains --
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trains single-tracking between totten and prince george's plaza. >> the interface community holding its annual days event today tomorrow from 1:00 p.m. through 6:00 at the life center in fredericksburg. must be from stafford, a spotsylvania, king george, or counties and you bring identification. prince william and montgomery county are kicking off their -- fairs today. >> today is your last day to the contest to win tickets tickets tofair -- fair ongomery county facebook page. we will announce the winner in hour.00 >> at the arlington county fair
4:44 am last i had a chance to be there with officials andd folks and the good the. military the they will be in business through night. >> i have been waiting for the races. >> those will start today in south arlington. outside it is about 75 degrees. >> loved ones preparing to say six people killed in sikh templeing shooting in wisconsin. sikh templeing shoo♪ i dare you to dare me
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now to the deadly shootings in milwaukee. funeral will be held today for killed.people it will be at a high school near the temple. attorney general eric holder is expected to attend. the fbi wrapped up its investigation and allowed temple leaders back inside for the first time. lawyers for the man accused in the colorado movie theater shooting say that he's mentally ill and they say they need more time to assess the nature of condition.s' not competent to stand trial. he's accused of opening fire midnight showing of the batman movie on july 20.
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12 people killed, 58 others injured. with 142 criminal counts >> . dcm's gay and lesbian community stand after a violent attack on a same-sex couple. dozens of people marched to the aot in northeast d.c. where were beatenpartner while walking last month. organizers say there's been a increase in attacks on of the lgbt community. city leaders came out to tell supporters that they are working toward a stronger unity. " everybody should stand up and come together and say this is tolerable, it's not going to happen in our community. that sends a huge message to criminals. police are still pursuing leads halle attack on michael partner, but have not made any arrests. arlington police concerned about a spike in violent crime. a man stabbed multiple times for in the a restaurant on wilsonarea boulevard.
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he was critically injured, but expected to survive. arlington has had zero murders years, but there have been four in the last week's. >> totally unrelated. in terms of the message to the public, there's no serious. -- series. >> a man killed his wife and himself, and then a jewelry owner was killed. then two men were found killed in an apartment. jesse jackson jr. could soon. his spokesman says the chicago democrat is expected back from medical leave within weeks. he has been on medical leave two treated for being depression and gastrointestinal issues at the mayo clinic in minnesota. 4:49, 76 degrees. >> usain bolt continues to shine
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at the olympics. ♪
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome back. it's friday morning. >> let's check in with adam to see how the forecast looks. >> you need the umbrella this morning and later on today. have areas of rain. heavy rain in loudoun county and
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stretchingesburg, towards warrenton and culpeper and west of fredericksburg. rain is starting to on the interstate 95 corridor in virginia and prince south. county and points more rain close to richmond and pushing richmond, north. over the spread momentarily this morning. for today, high temperatures in withid to upper 80s passing showers and thunderstorms. a little bit of a break especially around lunchtime. could become severe later on today. we will start the weekend a et on saturday, and with highs in the mid '80s. sunshine, low humidity, 87. of 95.mute west >> there's a structure fire on 29. that is closed in both directions in gainesville 55.een 15 and
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66 is open. a tree came down near the exit, traffic using the shoulder to get around. show take you upstream and the 14thffic on 395 at nicely.ridge, moving 270. good in maryland on metro rail is beginning on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. we have an update on a virginia athletes who competed in london. jennings took home runs in the further weight class of taekwondo. 26-rolled picked up the he loved the turtles.utant ninja congratulations. >> good to see him coming home metal -- medal. >> the u.s. women's soccer team redeemed themselves. and usain bolt continues to make history. >> for team usa, a women's finals proved the ultimate do over.
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the women redeemed themselves. made a diving saves, earning their third straight gold medal. usain bolt did something never done before in the olympics. winning the 100 meter and the consecutive games. he was joined by his teammates from jamaica on but winning stand. the american men dominated in the decathlon want with an -two finish in decades. well. eaton doing to trey hardee getting the medal. the u.s. women's basketball team
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are planning for a fifth straight gold medal. haley anderson swam for two straight miles and only to lose gold by half second. the u.s. women of water polo their first olympic gold. claressa shields, the 17-year- old middleweight punched her way .o the gold medal the first in olympic history. abc news, london. >> lots of great action yesterday. lead thecontinuing to pulling away from china with 90 overall. china has 80, followed by britain, and germany has 37. yesterday usain bolt generated a olympict kind of record, this one on twitter. he set a new olympic games record with 80,000 tweets per minute. him as the most
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naturally gifted athletes the world has ever seen. is self-described. he is amazing. i love when he broke down into a afterwards. >> 75 degrees outside. >> still ahead, witnessing >> 75 degrees outside. >> still ahead, witnessing what do you think of this e? >> 75 degrees outside. >> still ahead, witnessing really what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea.
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