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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  August 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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shooting inside the family research council. >> d.c. fire officials try to figure out if their identity was stolen by maryland women arrested in georgia. >> and the washington nationals star is teaching young kids major-league skills. >> let's get right to steve rudin. >> we have a beautiful sunrise this morning coming up at 6:23. this is our roof camera from washington-lee high school. clear skies right now and temperatures are very comfortable, 71 degrees at reagan national airport. a dense fog advisory until 8:00 for the shenandoah valley. our temperatures will warm up quickly to day with temperatures in the mid 80's by lunch and near 90 degrees by 5:00 this afternoon. let's check on this morning's rush hour with lisa baden. >> maryland is in good shape and
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metrorail is a normal service and no disruption around the beltway and we are good through s.e. on the suitland parkway. 66 as a normal volume of traffic and 95 virgt of falmouth and a crash between lorton and millington on the franconia's/springfield parkway. southbound 395 duke street is closed. you can access the exit for eastbound duke street and get around this. >> our top story this morning -- d.c. police are still searching for the motive behind the shooting of a security guard at the stanley research co.. >> police are learning more about the suspect. >> the 28-year-old is from
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herndon, virginia. police were all over his neighborhood yesterday and his neighbors were shocked to find out that he was involved. fbi investigators searched the family home of the 28-year-old. no one leaving the home would talk to reporters but sources said people living inside the home were interviewed by police. members described the family as retired military with two younger sons. they said they were good neighbors. >> it is very surprising. >> to is unbelievable to me. >> just before 11:00 yesterday morning, the suspect walked into the family research council near eighth and g and got into an argument with the security guard. he pulled a gun from his backpack and told the guard it was about their policies.
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the family research council is a conservative lobbying group. police say the man shot the security guard once in the shoulder but the guard was able to tackle him th. >> the guard did not allow the armed person pass the front so he did a good job back of the security guard remains and the hospital. >> in stable condition. corkin is in fbi custody right now. >> we invite everyone to stay with abc 7 news for the latest developments in this case. you can find the latest information on our website, as well as our facebook and twitter pages. >> d.c. fire officials are looking into whether two maryland women arrested in georgia are actually firefighters. >> they are trying to figure out
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whether any d.c. firefighters personal information may have been taken. these two women in georgia are behind bars. d.c. fire officials are said to be looking into whether or not these two women may have taken personal information from local firefighters. earlier this week, the two were arrested in atlanta for allegedly trying to sell fraudulent supplemental insurance policies to police all buzzers in georgia abou. >> they were there to talk about supplemental insurance. >> the women tried to pull off the same scene in d.c. they visited several d.c. fire stations trying to sell fake insurance policies. authorities are trying to figure out how many people may have been affected. >> we're still compiling a victimless and we have compiled a 39 packets of information so
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that the police are looking into how many people may have been affected d.c. officials are trying to figure out whether anyone was affected within the d.c. fire department. the d.c. firefighters association says of the firefighters identity was compromised, they should report it. >> there are plenty of resources for what to do if you are a victim of identity theft. the ftc recommends placing an initial call to the credit reporting agencies. second, order your credit reports from the three companies. create an identity that report -- that report. you will find a link to the ftc web site at >> russian media is reporting
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that a bomb aboard a plane from new york to moscow for an unscheduled emergency landing in iceland. the plan was carrying 256 people and the bomb threat was made by a rigid by an anonymous caller to new york police. >> police in montgomery county are investigating the brutal attack of a blind man that happened early this morning along randolph road and georgia avenue. police said a man was robbed and badly beaten by two suspects. he was taken to the hospital. >> a pakistani air force base has come. under come to suspected of having a link to the country's nuclear program. at least half a dozen militants attacked the base before dawn. the left parts of that base in
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flames. the gun battle lasted two hours and ended after six militants were killed >> regional president of pepco was thinking customers for their patience. almost half a million customers lost power last month in the direction. pepco has received plenty of criticism. >> the campaign trail is lightening up a little bit today. president obama is meeting vice president joe biden back in washington for meetings and mitt romney and paul ryan are in ohio. the addition of paul ryan to the gop ticket puts medicare back into the spotlight. on this final day and i will, the president fired back accusations by the romney campaign that he is taking money from medicare to pay for obama
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care. >> i have strengthened medicare. i have said seniors hundreds of dollars on their prescription coverage. >> mitt romney senior adviser says the presidential hopeful prefers giving states more power over their medicare as well as their medicaid expenses. >> governor run it believes the states should have more latitude how they spend their medicaid dollars. >> the romney-writing campaign in by its discussion of their medicare plan. the russian proposal would transform medicare into a voucher -- the paul ryan proposal would transform medicare into a voucher program. in new york-based civic group promotes september 11 as a national day of service and requested candidates to observe the day. >> later this morning, and
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educational reform summit resumes in richmond. governor bob mcdonnell and other leaders are addressing teacher quality, educational choice, innovation technology and the work force. do you want good news or bad news about the power ball drawing last n >> the good news is that someone the $337 million jackpot. the bad news is that person bought the ticket in michigan. three tickets matched the five numbers and one was bought in virginia. here are the winning numbers -- the jackpot for saturday was reset to $40 million. >> it is 6:09 and 66 degrees. still ahead details on the ebay disappearing act. >> the newton butterflies are
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showing up in japan.
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>> come to the montgomery county fair. good morning, washington. >> welcome back at 6:12. there is word that radiation from the leaking fukushima nuclear plant after last year's tsunami as cause mutations and butterflies. in japan, they have found new butterflies with stunted wings because of the radiation. some of the butterflies have a normal lives and dies. the scientists say humans are
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relatively unaffected by the rise -- radiation that that is scary. >> it is 6:12. >> looking at lots of sunshine as we start our thursday morning. outside it we go to maryland with a beautiful sunrise and about 10 minutes. sunshine will last all day long. 69 degrees right now at reagan national airport and 63 manassas looking at a dense fog advisory for the shenandoah valley from 8:00 this morning. after that, the skies clear and temperatures will be near 90 degrees and hotter for tomorrow and cooler for the upcoming weekend. i will have details and a few minutes. >> i have newschopper7 flying over virginia. we have had two car wrecks this
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morning. the first one was more than 95 leaving falmouth. this one is in springfield on northbound 95 in springfield, it is on the shoulder near the franconia/springfield parkway. this will add 20 minutes to your commute from the occoquan to the beltway. >> thank you. 6:14 and 66 degrees. and a skydiver survived after two parachutes failed to open. >> we will tell you
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message seen this? mitt romney claiming the president would end welfare's work requirements? the new york times calls it 'blatantly false' the washgton post says: "the obama administration is not removing the bill's work requirements at all." in fact, obama's getting states to move twenty percent more people from welfare to work. and president clinton's reaction to the romney ad? it's just "not true." get the facts. >> this is the latest on the colorado movie theater shooting. today's hearing was supposed to
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focus on whether the suspect's notebook is protected by patient-doctor privilege. 12 people were killed and more than 50 others were injured. >> a new national program differs illegal immigrants is in effect. an executive order was signed directing state agencies to deny benefits to illegal immigrants. >> we will issue an employment authorization card to people that applaud that they will not be entitled to a driver's license or entitled to any public benefit. >> this program as mired in controversy and republican critics accuse president to bomb of drafting the plan to boost his political standing with latinos that of the election.
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the pentagon is investigating a u.s. general for improper spending. 84-star general is suspected of spending hundreds of thousands dollars. >> $30 million class action lawsuit was filed in canada after a fatal mall collapse. lawyers are trying to determine if the building was structurally sound. >> the fact is that the engineer who signed that report was under suspension at the time. there is no engineer seal on that report. that is like a red flag to anyone who knows anything about engineering reports. the person who is citing the report is not allowed to use their seal. >> two women died in the collapse and 40 other people were injured. >> government officials will
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announce this morning with a that would grant the asylum for julian assange. he took refuge in the ecuadorean embassy where officials want to expedite him to sweden to face sexual assault charges. officials accused him of threatening. >> a new zealand skydiver survived a plunge to the ground after his main parachute and his reserve parachute only partially work. the 35-year-old man was seriously injured when he hit the ground. the reserve chute deploy when he was only 750 feet above the ground. it helped slow his fault. as a result, the man is in stable condition at a hospital. india celebrated its independence today by announcing a mission to mars. it is an unmanned spacecraft that will lift up last year of a 10-month long flight critical corporate but not land on mars
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and send back photographs and data. the goal is to study it like existed or can be sustained on the red planet. >> sounds familiar. the time the 6:19 and let's get a check on the weather. >> we have a lot of sunshine on its way before this morning and afternoon but a little bit of fog west of d.c. it is hazy outside as you look at our live camera in clarendon -- this is actually in d.c.. sunrise will be in three minutes. 69 degrees, down two degrees from last hour at reagan national airport. 64 degrees in prince william county. and 68 degrees in poor -- prince george's county. temperatures across the board are a little cooler off to the west, 57 degrees in cumberland.
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lexington park is now 71 degrees and there is a dense fog advisor in the shenandoah valley. otherwise, the son will be shining throughout the day with temperatures around 86 degrees by noon and 90's by 5:00. temperatures will be in the upper 80s-lord 90, tomorrow may see a few scattered showers and thunderstorms especially late in afternoon as the cold front is coming in from the northwest. >> northbound 95 has an accident in springfield that is now on the left shoulder. we are showing a lot newschopper 7 delays from woodbridge to get to the beltway a 90-minute ride. that is from prince william parkway to 495. >> 6:20 is the time.
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johnson and johnson will remove potentially cancer causing chemicals from the entire line of products by the end of 2015. this is the first major consumer-products company to make the commitment. it has pledged to remove chemicals from its baby products by next year. >> wall street gets a snapshot of the unemployment picture with the weekly jobless claims report. >> we're getting a new reality check on corporate taxes. >> good morning some big u.s. companies are paying more to their ceo's that michael said. 26 companies including at&t, boeing, and citibank paid their co + more than $20 million while paying little or no federal taxes. this is the weakest economic recovery since the great depression.
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the recovery began in 2009 the unemployment has never been this high this long after a recession. major retailers are trying to get you a new way to pay. they're forming in the work to let customers pay for purchases using their smart phone. ebay is betting magic sales. >>
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>> concerns about the west nile virus are growing. there are record numbers. half the cases are in texas. controversial aerial spraying will begin in dallas as early as tonight. for the first time since 1966. >> we're concerned with people dying. >> help officials everywhere are urging people to use mosquito repellent. west nile affects the elderly or people with health problems. about 80% experienced no symptoms at all. the fda is investigating the safety of codeine as a postoperative pain relief for children. this comes after a child died.
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doctors believe a genetic trait caused the child to develop a reaction in their body. the body metabolizes coding into more fame. >> little league world series gets underway today. they parade welcomes the kids from 16 teams from around the world. wade boggs to serve as grand marshal and the parade. this guy is taking the town by storm. he is running a free baseball camp for kids and teenagers. it is being held at fairfax county high school. he will make a donation to a greater washington urban league. he does things right that i think so.
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it is 6:26 and have another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> we are learning
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i would say the security guard in this case is a hero. he did not allow the armed person past the front. he did his job that a straight ahead, police are still looking for answers after a security guard is shot inside the family research council. >> plus the wildfires out west showed no signs of dying and and some believe they could soon get worse. good morning washington, it is thursday, august 16. >> thanks much for waking up with us. let's check in with steve rudin. >> i promise to a beautiful sunrise. this is from washington-lee high
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school in clarendon. that is pretty. we will look for plenty of sun this afternoon and a chance for some storms tomorrow. 69 degrees at reagan national airport as 68 degrees at dulles airport. a dense fog advisory until 8:00 is in the shenandoah valley and highs will approach 90 degrees a cooler weekend on the way. >> we have some pretty intense delays of 95 to get through stafford with an accident on northbound 95. we will take you live to newschopper7 who will show you the pace out of woodbridge to get to springfield. that is from the prince william parkway to the beltway, and axa before the beltway is moved on to the shoulder and southbound 395 at duke street, there is an accident there document thing. 270 is in good shape and no extra time on the beltway and
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metrorail is a normal service. >> 6:31 right now -- d.c. police are looking to find a motive at the family research council. >> the gunmen moved a security guard but the guard managed to tackle the gunmen and hold them until officers arrived. jummy olabanji is live. with more. >> good morning, we have learned that floyd corgan worked as a part-time volunteer at a d.c. day and lesbian rights organization. the fbi has confirmed he was the man who shot the security guard at the family research council yesterday. fbi investigators were the corgan home yesterday for hours. there were interviewing family members and searching for clues. just before 11:00 yesterday
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corgan came into the family research council in chinatown and got into an argument with the security guard and shot him once in the shoulder. we spoke with the neighbors in herndon and they say they cannot believe it. >> it is very surprising. >> it is unbelievable. i am really surprised. >> despite being shot once, the guard was able to help tackle the man and later taken into custody by police. the fbi said they are leading the investigation and have corgan in custody where they are holding him on one count of assault with a deadly weapon. more charges could be coming later today. the security guard was at a local hospital in stable condition. >> thank you.
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d.c. regulators have delayed the release of their audit in the 2010 campaign. this follows guilty pleas from three people with close ties to the successful mayoral race. the great campaign has been investigated and the time line has changed. regulators say they do not know when they will release their findings. federal investigators are investigating metro. it is focused on problems of programs partially amongfunded by federal money. there was an information technology contract with a reston company. >> there were two women arrested for scanning fire and law enforcement agencies. d.c. fire officials confirmed they are investigating whether the department was among the victims.
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brianne carter is live with the latest. >> they are trying to figure out whether any firefighters had the personal information compromised. this set up the rest of two women in georgia. in atlanta they say they have arrested the two who may have taken personal information from local firefighters. the two were arrested for allegedly trying to sell fraudulent supplemental insurance to police officers in georgia. according to the d.c. fire fighters association, the women tried to pull off the same scam here in d.c. they had a grudge -- vague -- they have visited several fire houses. at this point police are trying to figure out how widespread this was and see exactly whether any people may have been affected. the d.c. fire fighters
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association says any firefighters who think their information and compromise should comfort -- should contact the police. >> thank you. a maryland man who dresses up as batman and visits children in hospitals will make his first hospital appearance since the colorado movie theater shooting tragedy. he was a youtube sensation when he was pulled over in his custom made bat mobile wearing his custom. his plan for a cross-country tour was put on hold after the more rigid movie theater massacre. this morning he plans to visit children at baltimore's sinai hospital. chances are good your dreams of winning bet $337 million power ball jackpot will be shattered because one ticket matched all the numbers and was not sold here. it was sold at michigan. >> there were eight tickets that matched five of the numbers including one from virginia. those winners will receive $1 million each.
6:37 am
here are last night winning numbers -- the time the 6:37 and 66 degrees on this thursday and still ahead -- the so-called soccer moms madam heads back to court. >> an ohio man ties three dogs to a railroad track. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that pmotes academic excellence or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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>> police in cleveland are trying to find out who tied $3 to the railroad tracks and let them to die. -- three dogs to the railroad tracks and let them die. one dog did serve god. -- did survive. there's a $5,000 reward leading to an arrest. >> 2 billion shares of facebook will be released by insiders today. the shares had previously been locked up to prevent insiders from unloading to close to the ipo. facebook shares are selling far below their original price. >> 6:40 is the time and 67
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degrees. >> we are looking at a pretty sun rise over the district. this is from our camera high atop our building and you can see the kennedy center below and the sun rise. it will be a bright and sunny day. 63 degrees in gaithersburg and 69 in -- at reagan national airport. the highs will rebound to near 90 degrees and a cold front is on the way tomorrow. >> we thought we would go to newschopper7 looking at the complicated ride on 95 northbound adding 20 minutes to your normal commute out of woodbridge to get to springfield. but during looks pretty decent. but everything is open on duke street and the pentagon. nothing to disrupt your travel on 270 in and out of baltimore and in good shape out of wall door. -- waldorf.
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>> sounds good stephen strasburg pitched in may showdown with tim linthicum. it was his fourth win. a home run was hit in the third. an rbi single was added in the 6-4 with. the washington nationals have won 14 out of their last 17 games. >> the seattle mariners -- >> 34 years. >> felix hernandez got a one- round win. that is the first perfect game in mariners' history and the 23rd perfect game in major league history.
6:43 am
it is already third perfect game of this season alone. that is really something. is now 6:42 and 67 degrees. the first lady helps the president with his iowa state fair food choice. >> coming up,
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>> extreme weather across the western u.s. is continuing to fuel dozens of wild fires. it is and then drink amenities and threatening to drive people from their homes. the number of fires in 13 western states has risen from 63 to at least 70. conditions could worsen the next couple of days and a resident in washington state lost her home
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and narrowly escaped. >> oral arguments on pretrial motions are set for this morning involving two defendants in the penn state scandal. they are accused of perjury and refusing to report sex abuse scandals and lying to a grand jury. jerry sandusky was convicted of child sex abuse. penn state will host a sex abuse conference in the aftermath of the scandal. the conference will be held on october 29 and 30. university officials said this is one of many in research prevention. >> one of the founding members of a scottish terrorist group wasn't that on charges of sending bomb threats to the university of pittsburgh. at stewart busby emailed bomb
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threats forcing the evacuation of more than 100 people. he has no connection to the city. >> the soccer mom accused of running a multimillion-dollar escort service is in court today. she battled prostitutes for 15 years. defense lawyers say she merely started a matchmaking business and asked the judge to dismiss the case the first lady may present obama bus up to what he chose to eat at the iowa state fair. >> i have to say we're all very jealous that barack obama got to go back to the fare last week. did you have a fried twinkie? >> porkchop and beer. [applause] >> he is so pleased with himself. >> give him a break.
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he was at the fair. >> there is a new white house beer. >> that's right. the time the 6:47. >> the montgomery county fair is going on now. today is the day if you want beautiful weather with low humidity and some thunderstorms are on the way tomorrow but should not be anything major and this upcoming weekend will be beautiful. this is chesapeake beach maryland, the sun is up and the dense fog adviser continues out to the west in the shenandoah county until 8:00. 65 degrees at reagan national airport and 63 in prince william county and bristol was looking at 65. in the district, is 63 degrees. temperatures are in the 50's out to the west of us like cumberland. in fredericksburg, 65 degrees. a dense fog and pfizer in effect
6:49 am
until 8:00 this morning in the shenandoah valley and nothing in the immediate d.c. area. this is our future cast for the next 48 hours. we will have some clearing tomorrow morning and by afternoon tomorrow, we're looking at a cold front that will bring a chance for showers. it will not be a washout tomorrow evening but the showers may continue into early saturday morning. the highs today will be 86-91 degrees. mid 60's for the overnight hours and tomorrow, 88-93, hotter and a little more humid outside and cooler for the upcoming weekend. by sunday, lower 80's and lots of sun monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> we will check again with maryland. you have been on a quiet side this morning. nothing on the beltway in prince george's county or from the
6:50 am
wilson bridge and the american legion bridge. virginia has the extra time northbound from fredericksburg to get into stafford. northbound 95 is closed from potomac bells to get to springfield. there is a delight to get past an accident. troubled times are working on 66 between centreville and the belly and good to the dulles toll road and the dulles greenway. look at traffic in germantown, it is wonderful. >> it is wonderful. thank you. you still have time if you like to apply for a chance to win a new ipad parade just visit our facebook page once a day every day between now and friday morning. >> we will announce the winner on monday right here on "good morning washington." >> 67 degrees on this thursday. >> we will have a roundup of our
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top stories coming up.
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>> good thursday morning a plane flying from new york to moscow with 253 passengers on board was forced to make emergency landing in eyes lead after reports of a bomb on board. we will have the latest for you
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next right here and "good morning america." >> welcome back to "good morning washington." it is time for a live roundup of today's top stories. >> let's go to jummy olabanji. the suspect who was arrested yesterday at the family resource council in chinatown is 28-year-old floyd corgan of reston, virginia. he went into the center and shot a security guard once in the shoulder and a security guard was taken to the hospital and remains in stable condition. corgan remains in fbi custody. >> in northwest washington, officials are trying to figure out whether any d.c. firefighters personal information has been compromised for this concept to the rest of two women in georgia who police say were allegedly trying to take
6:55 am
personal information by selling fraudulent supplemental insurance policies to police officers. the d.c. fire fighters association say the same two women made visits recently to several fire stations locally across the district. they were trying to pull up that same scene, trying to sell fake insurance policies. they're trying to determine whether any information was compromised. if firefighters believe that has happened contact the metropolitan police department. >> a massachusetts company is recalling 4,000 pounds of soap products. -- soup products. you can see the list on our website, >> today marks the 35th anniversary of the death of elvis presley. >> pepco customers can expect a
6:56 am
thank-you letter in the mail because pepco is thinking customers for their patience during the late june derecho. >> someone from michigan is a big winner of last night's $337 million power ball jackpot. eight tickets matched five of the numbers including one from virginia. here are the numbers -- let's check in with lisa baden. >> many bill road eastbound -- minnieville road as an accident. >> temperatures will rebound to near 90 today, tomorrow with the chance of storms late int does it for "good morning washington [ male announcer
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] you paid in to medicare for years. every paycheck. now, when you need it obama has cut $716 billion dollars from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. so now theeyoney you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plplan for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message seen this? mitt romney claiming the president would end welfare's work requirements? the new york times calls it 'blatantly false' the washington post says: "the obama administration is not removing the bill's work requirements at all." in fact, obama's getting states to move twenty percent more people from welfare to work. and president clinton's reaction to the romney ad? it's just "not true." get the facts.


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