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tv   ABC 7 News at 12N  ABC  August 18, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> battleground virginia he said today. they are making several campaign stops today in our area. >> paul ryan made stops in virginia yesterday. we sat down for a one on one interview. >> police have identified remains found in pasadena last week. >> this is abc 7 news at noon. on your side. >> good afternoon. >> thank joining us saturday august 18. it is a great day outside. what is said to dave zahren. >> this summer we have been in the wrong place of the wrong time. today washington is the place to be.
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let me show you what is happening across the area. earlier today we had a cold front moved through, as it did the rain shower activity moving down to the northeast. much of the activity out to sea. that means a better and better weather for us. look at temperatures around the area. 68 degrees and frostburg. a warm spot in alexandria. already 80 degrees. we are in the mid to upper 70s as we go through the day today the more important number is the dew point, now bending down to about 60. in a few hours, it will be hard to break a sweat. as the humidity continues to drop across the area. that is why we are so excited. dew points have dropped a lot. for today as you plan your
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afternoon, partly sunny and just pleasant out there. low humidity. 80 to 84. twins 5 to 10 miles per hour -- winds 5-10 miles per hour. in the low 80s this weekend. a light shower possible. a rainy monday possible. but a good weekend. >> thank you very much. turning to the campaign trail -- paul ryan made trip to virginia yesterday. rebecca cooper caught up with him in a one-on-one interview. >> your here in virginia. there's a lot of concern in the state about the defense cuts. you think congress should wait on the cuts until they come up with another alternative? >> we support legislation to keep that from happening. the senate has not done anything.
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>> members of the tea party and others say it is kicking the can down the road if you postpone the cuts. >> we replaced them with other cut your request of congress does not agree to an alternative, and the cuts come january 1, should be postponed the cuts until they come up with another alternative? >> these would be irresponsible and devastating. the president has shown no leadership on this. the president insisted on these defense cuts and the first place. this is not something the republicans wanted. this is something president obama wanted. they have already passed legislation preventing this from happening. we will do everything we can to prevent the sequester from taking place. we think will lead to job losses, especially in northern virginia. >> and for more of the one on one interview tune in to abc 7 tonight at 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. or visit
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>> the fbi is investigating whether he had a second target in the district. >> alleged shooter had not been taken into custody after wednesday's shooting at the family research county, sources tell abc 7 news his shooting spree may have continued at a negative -- and other conservative lobbying group. andrea says she was told their office on capitol hill was next. she spoke with us by phone. >> it is frightening to know that you are probably the next person on the list to be shot. and concern for our stuff. >> the traditional values coalition lobbies against same- sex marriage. there were labeled a hate group. >> it does put us at risk by saying we are a hate group.
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it is unfair. >> shortly after the shooting members of the joint terrorism task force were circulating his mug shot around the office, lurching employees of the possible threat. courts would not have a security guard, a metal detector like other groups would have that are larger. it is concerning to hear that we were potentially next on the list. >> as the group work and additional security, those in the neighborhood just steps from the library of congress say is unsettling news to say the least. >> that is definitely scary. >> everyone i have spoken to -- they are very nice. >> and the man who stopped the gunman is still recovering. yesterday he got a visit from the vincent gray. mayor gray pleaded last night -- i visited mr. leonard johnson today. he saved many lives wednesday morning at the family research
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council. he is a true hero. he was shot in the arm is doing ok. >> traffic is moving again after an early morning hit and run that killed a motorist on the i- 95. the woman is charged with a dui. allegedly she struck and killed a motorist round midnight and took off. the victim was standing near his cart near mile-marker 162. police are also investigating another deadly hit-and-run accident in fairfax. this would happen around 1:00 a.m. this is the man was crossing the highway when a jeep hit and killed him. the victim is said to be 62 years old and apparently homeless. police have not released the name and are still trying to figure out was driving the jeep. >> police in anne arundal county
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have identified human remains found last week and pasadena. the medical examiner's office confirmed the remains belonged to 20-year-old just the lee. she was reported missing in the may. police are not sure how she died. they are launching a homicide investigation. >> playing with her granddaughter meghan -- these could -- should be the happiest of times. instead, she learned friday for 20-year-old daughter jessica missing since early may as a homicide victim. >> she would not hurt nobody. i cannot understand why anyone would hurt her. >> to was last seen may 8 at a grocery store blocks from her home. on august 6, a terrific discovery in nearby woods. >> i thought it was maybe halloween. a homeless man found a partly decomposed human head. other remains were found close
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by. dna evidence confirms they were lee's. >> it is heart wrenching to know that someone that young has been killed. >> her family put up missing family posters. a young mother the both mentally disabled trusting of others. >> as horrible. i did not know. >> many learning late friday that lee been killed with blows to the upper body. >> it really hits my heart. it makes me want to cry. >> now a 16 month old girl has lost her mother. and a grieving family is searching for answers. >> until we get justice. i will not give up. >> richard reeve abc 7 news. >> turn into battleground virginia. in his neck in neck with both candidates battling it out for the upper hand.
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she spent the morning with the george allen. >> good morning. george allen cannot swinging today. and where he delivered his message is important here the spoken for the veterans here at the dia w hoff. the message he delivered was all about $5 billion of defense cuts that could come as congress does not get a longer-term deal. he puts the blame on the shoulders of tim kane who once supported the deal but cut negotiated in congress. here is a little bit about what he said today. >> this deal they made last summer, which i opposed and my opponent was in favor of. if you weeks ago we had a debate. that was a mistake. and still, because of these devastating cuts to our military readiness as well as over 200,000 good paying jobs and virginia that are at risk and
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his response was that it was the right thing to do. and i thought, the right thing to do to who? it is another failure of leadership. >> is said that while he did once and for that, he does support a broader deal to make sure these defense cuts to not happen. this is an especially important issue in virginia, to wonder thousand jobs are slated to be a risk of those cuts happen. clearly, both candidates are really trying to emphasize and seize on this message on the campaign trail going forward. george allen told me that if congress cannot get a deal done, no one should see their pay check. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> the race heating up there. thank you very much. switching gears now. milder weather this weekend during the was the beach forecast shaping up? here is dave zahren. >> for much of the summer, beach weekends have been a no-brainer.
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in his been in the 90s, even 100 degrees. today is a little bit cooler, just as it is here. unlike the sunshine here come here is a lot shot in the rehoboth beach. but the clouds. not nearly as many umbrellas as would normally find. even though the surface rather mild just of your ankles and knees, not many people going in. that cold front is making its way slowly towards the eastern shore. we are doing much better. were beaten traffic report shows you temperatures for today and tomorrow at the northern beaches, atlantic city, ocean city rehoboth, 80 degrees today. a slight chance of a thunderstorm. tomorrow the better day of the two days. tenters about 80 degrees. virginia beach that to hatteras, water temperature in the low 80s as opposed to the mid 70s the farther north you go. about 86 in hatteras. a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm. if you are driving -- we have
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three lanes open on the bay bridge going east, two going west. and at minimal construction. no problems driving to the beach. just not the perfect beach weekend. >> may be next weekend. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, gas prices are still rising. we will tell you how much they have jumped in the past month. >> and me war on [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years. every paycheck. now, when you need
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it obaama has cut $716 billion dollars from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. so now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is goining to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plan r the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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>> do not need me to tell you that gas prices are still rising. but you know -- you may not know the have risen 28 cents in one month. the national average for a gallon of regular is now $3.72 in d.c. is $3.94, in maryland is $3.69, in regina is $3 of the 7 cents. >> the white house is continuing to drastic measures. like tapping into the oil reserves. would that relieved the pain at the pump? >> if you think the gas prices have gone up in your neighborhood, you are not alone. the last two weeks, it went from $3.67 to $3.93. an increase of 26 cents a gallon. in california, it is up 27 cents a gallon. to $4.10.
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oregon, it has risen 29 cents a gallon. >> it is difficult trying to go a long distances after the cannot afford it. >> what is called to the unpleasant end of summer surprise? refinery outages in the midwest rising crude oil costs and rising ethinyl costs due to drought. the white house is considering releasing some of the strategic oil reserves to bring the price of gas and put pressure on ir in aa -- iran. >> the option is on the table. >> but he does not agree with this plan. >> is supposed to use in times of war or a real disruption to oil supplies. that way we would not seek a shocked and oil prices. it is not really supposed to be used to bring down the price of oil without any disruption. >>, and we talked to especially the families come think this could be good news there are looking for.
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>> that would make me happy. >> there is some good news for drivers. according to an expert, as the summer comes to an end, demand for gas goes down. also becomes cheaper to produce gasoline, which means, you could see prices fall by mid to late september. >> things like to hear. the white house is out with a new report on education. this morning, more than three dozen education and jobs have been lost since june 2009. budget cuts are forcing school districts to scale back and teachers and staff. resulting in larger class sizes and your school days. some news about the regions of unemployment numbers. d.c. drop to 8.9%. the lowest level in more than three years. maryland's unemployment raised by 7%.
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and -- is just under 6%. having around the nation, air raids happening in dallas targeting mosquitoes. >> the west nile virus has killed 12 people and now. >> overnight the war on west nile virus doubled in size. two warplanes added to the fleet spring within 100,000 acres of land in dallas county. the target -- mosquitos. the worst ever break out of west nile virus. half are in the dallas. they have. has already left 10 dead and more than 200 ill. >> you do not need to know any more. >> this is the first time in almost half a center that dallas county has taken to the air to
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spray pesticides. this has some residents on edge. >> recovered are part of the yard. just to be extra safe. court's others are more concerned about the virus carrying mosquitos than the strong chemicals used to kill them. >> i do not want anybody to get this. if it means that they have to go and spray it do it. >> spring will resume tonight. officials hoping the virus carrying mosquitoes get the message, do not mess with etexas. >> crews making progress and battling a wildfire east of seattle. the fire has destroyed about 70 homes and is now 40% contain. those evacuated are being ill to return home. and residents of a town in idaho are being urged to leave because of a fast-moving fire there. in california, 9000 firefighters are moving closer to containing
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several massive wildfires. now there is a tropical storm to tell you about. tropical storm helenae. still threatening the tropical areas of mexico. it is now centered in london of the coast near mexico. >> coming up on abc 7 news at noon, for the first time ever this week and come memorabilia from a important white house staff member is going on display. it is someone who is often forgotten about. >> and ranchers moved into our area last night. get ready for milder conditions i'm
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>> welcome back. no humidity, no rain. >> we have waited all summer for the best. normally at the end of august, people get set about the end of summer. people will be happy to see this summer go away with the high heat and humidity. it is not sticking out there today. go outside, he will not be running back inside let us show you the conditions site down in annapolis. but the sparkle on.
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-- 78 here in arlington. we have got to tenths of an inch. and burke 78. it is going to be another cold night tonight. and some changes late tomorrow. but nothing like what we have had. no return to the 90s. yesterday's 90 degree high may be the last week the about for some time. the sun goes down before 8:00 p.m. and you start to see temperatures start to plummet down into the seventies and ultimately into the 60s, even in the 50s and some of the applying suburbs.
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slight chance of a shower. tomorrow, partly sunny and very pleasant. a late they shower possible. that shower could extend on into monday. as i was saying yesterday, 94 at reagan national. 90 at dulles. well above the seasonal norm. we should be above average today, tomorrow and much of next week. the cold front is now down towards the north carolina and virginia border. we will have the low humidity. down in the tropics, chris was telling you about tropical depression helene. it is moving down towards mexico. and up here is hurricane gordon. it poses no threat to united states. rather mild. to date 80 to 84.
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isolated storms possible but unlikely. with the future cast -- here are the numbers. here comes some cloudiness. for monday, it could be a wet commute. we are not sure what -- how much rain is going to fall. tonight, 58 to 64. t and 78o about 83. i have not seen anything like that all summer long. >> it sounds like it is time to go out come after you get done watching us. >> the personal collection belonging to a former white house staff member is going on at this play. >> he worked under richard nixon. but it is how he got the job at the white house that makes this exhibit special. >> on the shores of the potomac
12:27 pm
in st. mary's county, the island and museum is about to unveil a very unique collection to regret it was kind of like -- for a museum person, christmas. his father served as the white house cook under kennedy johnson and nixon this exhibit includes things given to him by the president and their wives. >> this is my father holding his jacket. originally a former from guam, he decided to go joint united states navy. on a ship, he served the meal of his lifetime to another young navy man, john f. kennedy. >> my father made him at this -- i guess it was enough to impress kennedy. he said to my father that one day, i want to go into politics and i would really like to come back for you. >> when he became president, he kept his word and made him a cook at the white house. the bonded over food, but also family and religion. >> he was more than just an
12:28 pm
employee. at a special relationship. >> chief bob stayed on to serve nixon. after 30 years and may become he retired. but he kept special reminders from his service. >> they were really important to him to request the exhibit as a way for the sons to honor chief bob. there's one thing missing the recipe. >> that was leon harris reporting. the exhibit opens tomorrow at noon. with five very special prince given as christmas gifts to to bob, there will be on display tomorrow only. >> coming up, gop senate candidate george allen is campaigning in northern virginia today. you will find out what he had to say during a stop in dale city.
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>> and we will hear from paul ryan. give the one on one interview to abc 7. and even answered a questio
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>> you are watching to abc 7 news at noon, in your side. >> battleground virginia heats up today. george allen makes several campaign stops in our area. >> vice presidential candidate paul ryan made stops in northern
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virginia yesterday. we sat down with the congressman for an interview. >> an unsettling security breach on the metro website. for a while, anyone could excess personal information of job applicants. >> i am kathy park. >> i am kris van cleave. we are on the election today, -- vote 2012 to date. virginia senate hopeful george allen is in our area, and he made a stop in dale city where sunlen miller is live. >> george allen came out swinging this morning in virginia. he spoke in front of the veterans, and the optics of the message was important. he was speaking in front of veterans and warned about building defense cuts that could happen in january if congress does not get a deal to avoid
12:33 pm
this. he said the blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of his democratic opponent, tim kaine. >> this deal but they made last summer which i opposed and my opponent was in favor of, and a few weeks ago in a debate i said do you feel this is a mistake because of these looming, and devastating cuts to our military readiness, as well as over 200,000 good-paying jobs in virginia at risk? his response was that it was the right thing to do. to who? that is another failure of leadership. >> tim kaine has said he supports a more broad deal to support -- dubai automatic cuts, but this is important in virginia has over 20,000 jobs could be lost. both candidates know this, and both are seizing on this issue hoping to gain the upper hand.
12:34 pm
moments ago, before he raced off to his next event in fredericksburg virginia, george allen said congress does not get a deal, no one should see their paycheck. >> thank you. less presidential contender paul ryan 82 -- vice-presidential contender paul ryan a trip to virginia yesterday and rebecca cooper defended -- interviewed him where he defended the attack ads. >> when you looked at where we would take the country, and where president obama is proposing, we need to distinguish ourselves so that we could give the american people a clear, contrasting choice. the president cannot run on his record so he will run on division, frustration and anger. >> paul ryan also shared a little bit about what life has been like since he was chosen
12:35 pm
as mitt romney's vice-president >> de you and your wife ever expect this much attention? did she expect your biceps would be in the headlines? >> not really. i have to say, that is a first. we're going to give our kids a normal life, normal school year could >> how do you you stick to your re-team? >> i am a routine-based guy. i follow my exercise regimen the. >> what about mitt romney? >> he is in very good shape could >> have you offered to do p90x with him? >> no, we've not had that conversation. wheeler to relax and talk about the country. he is the kind of person that you want to see as president. he is the kind of leader you want in the white house. he is kind, good-humored, good-
12:36 pm
natured, a good family man, and that is why i am so excited to join the ticket. >> for more tune into abc 77 news tonight at 6:00 and allow the clock. >> things might be heating up on the campaign trail, but not in our forecast. dave zahran has a closer look. >> yesterday's 94 degrees could be the last of the 90-degree days, and nobody will shed a tear. we got some much-needed rain last night. more to the east. most of the activity is well offshore. some remnant showers in the norfolk area. that is where the cold front has stalled. temperatures will not rise, we could see a chance of more showers late tomorrow night into
12:37 pm
monday. until then, delightful. 70 in frostburg. 78 in bethesda. 80 in alexandria. the wind is light. as we look to the dew points, right around the 60-degree-mark, even below that to the west, making it hard to break a sweat. that is why it is so pleasant. partly sunny, and downright nice. lower humidity, and isolated showers possible. as we look at tomorrow, almost a repeat performance. more sunshine mixed with clouds, maybe late showers with temperatures again in the low- 80's. we could get used to the. >> keep it coming. the prince george's county school board has selected dr. ellen crowley as the new superintendent. he has held top jobs in the
12:38 pm
arlington, chicago, and boston public school system. he begins tuesday september 4. >> we have new information about a security breach on the metro website that we told you about thursday. we discovered a flaw that with an e-mail address and a few mouse clicks it was possible to access data from those who have applied to jobs in the agency. because of a problem with the refer-a-friend feature we were able to view job applicants' personal information including resume home addresses and phone numbers. >> this is serious in the hands of the wrong people. the information could do quite a bit in terms of identity that >> metro has shut down the feature, telling us the air did not allow for the release of sensitive information such as
12:39 pm
unemployment records or social security numbers. >> you would consider your address or your e-mail address sensitive information? >> sure. lou knows of somebody else would act with your private information. >> they took this so lightly. >> neo is one of five identity theft experts -- neal one of the identity theft experts we talked to. >> you can do a lot of damage with disinformation. >> metro acknowledged that about 30 applicants information could have been accessed. >> there refer-a-friend and teacher was on the website for about two much -- feature was on the website for about two months and while they will not talk about the issue, they are working to fix the problem. we have much more, -- much more
12:40 pm
online aft >> traffic delays will be on the metro line again with delays between silver spring and the gallaudet university. tacoma and brooklyn r close for a complete list, go to war website, -- our web site, virginia drivers whether a company on highways as college students return to campus. patrols of the stepped up as part of operation letter and and -- operation air, land and speed. the goal is to make the interest it safer. slow down. it is becoming more uncommon, but one doctor is still making house calls. >> most people drink it every
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day, but new research shows [ male announcncer ] do you ppsupport work for welfare? barack obama has a long history of opposing work for welfare. "i was not a wild, huge supporter of the federal plan that was signed in 1996." [ male announcer ] on july 12th obama quietly ended work requirements for welfare. you wouldn't have to work and wouldn't have to train for a job. mitt romn strongly believes wormust be part of welfare. the romney plan for a stronger middle class: it'll put work back in welfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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>> it is the time of year the parents love, and kids dread, as it is almost time to go to school, and that means a last medical check at >> when is the last time you heard about house calls? we a report on something very few doctors do any more.
12:44 pm
>> in this northwest neighborhood this four-year-old is heading. checkup. -- having her checkup her bottles, weight and height, a typical point, but in the family room. >> when you go to the home for development, the kids are re-let -- relaxed, in a comfortable environment >> she stepped out of a busy private practice and started doing house calls exclusively. she wanted to spend more time with her patients and her families. >> i think about the practices bring in small-town medicine to the big city. >> she has about 50 patients right now, but will never have more than 300, or is it typical pediatrician could have as many as 3000 -- whereas a typical pediatrician could have as many
12:45 pm
as 3000. it is old fashioned. >> i am the receptionist, i am a nurse. i am the pediatrician. -the office manager. it is all me. -- i am the office manager. it is all me. >> she went to stanford and is married with two children of her own. she says with each patient, he is part of the family. >> i was invited to any creed graduation last week. >> ellison starling, abc 7 news. >> she says her patients have access to her after hours, and can phone her any time. she has hospital privileges at three local hospitals and charges a yearly or a monthly fee. >> we have a warning and child safety. government officials sit least 23 children have died in cars left unattended in the heat.
12:46 pm
when it is in the 80's outside the temperatures inside of a car could rise to deadly levels in just 10 minutes. there is more confirmation to the benefits of coffee. harvard researchers say there is strong evidence coffee could prevent diabetes tied to and parkinsons' the greek -- disease. it can act as an anti occident and an anti-depressants. i might want to start drinking coffee. coming up, the national took on the new york mets as excitement grows over their possible playoff run. >> keeping our fingers crossed. rain showers move through th [ obama
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] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ male announcer
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>> for a change, we are not moaning and groaning about how hot it is this weekend. >> and i do not know about you but it has been miserable for allergy sufferers, and the rain lets people breathe easier. it is a lot more tolerable. a nice weekend is on tap. let's show you outside with our weatherbug stations. chesapeake beach, perfect blue skies. big continuous clouds have been moving into the washington area, and there's a slight chance of a shower, but for the most part we will have a delightful afternoon.
12:50 pm
what is the temperature? 73 degrees. the wind, a gust of 23 miles an hour earlier. how of the northeast, it is keeping it nice and cool. in colombia, it is 76. not as breezy, but the dew points are in the 50's. you can not break a sweat. rockville, 79. that is the warmest spot. they started at 56 with the dew points. they are very dry. we have the net dew points in the 70's for much of the summer. saturday we top out at 83, 84 degrees. it will be a comfortable day. the sun goes down at 7:57 right now. the summer is disappearing. tomorrow the ascension comes up at 6: 30. another nice day.
12:51 pm
-- sun comes up at 6:30. another nice day. monday could be a rainy day. we will keep you updated on the progress of that system. yesterday, 94 degrees. it was a very humid day as well. it was the warmest day we have had in the past week. the seasonal averages 87. we will be below that this weekend and for much of next week. here is our satellite and radar picture. there goes the cold front and the rain associated with it. the front will stall down here south of virginia beach, along the north carolina border. below that, it will continue to be sticky. as far as the tropics, there is a wave that could turn into a tropical storm turned tropical storm helen is now a
12:52 pm
depression, and gordon is moving to the east. it is threatening no one right now. today, sunday, pleasant. 80-to-84. you can see on futurecast, watched the timeline and the temperatures. we are not mere 90 as we get into sunday. clouds and could have some rainshowers monday. tonight, partly cloudy. about 64 in the city. 78-to-83 tomorrow. nice, mild conditions. looking ahead to next week monday, a cool day opera-70 prepared a fair amount of rain. for the remainder of the week, temperatures in the low-to-mid- 80's. that is your look at the weather. >> it is time now for abc7 sports.
12:53 pm
>> good morning, washington. it seems nothing can stop the national right now. in the midst of a stephen strasbourg debate, the offense keeps plugging away with the best record in baseball. yesterday, the lineup got better with a shortstop activated from the disabled list. last night, the new york mets have a 2-0 lead and tell a halt -- 's a home run his 12th of the year, and a grand slam. the first national's grand slam of the year, believe it or not. that makes it 4-2, national spirit next inning, why not repeat that? that scores and the national swim, 6-4. their first win on august 17 since moving to d.c. seven years ago. for you nfl fans, this season
12:54 pm
any fan ejected from the game will be required to take a four-our online course before they are permitted back into the stadium. take note. have a great weekend everyone could >> coming up, the national's -- everyone. >> coming up, the nationals have some cute additions to the family. >> david the first time i saw fios it was absolutely amazing. for years and
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>> this is the newest addition to the national zoo's family, of baby flamenco. the check is getting ready to join the rest of the flaw in the next in -- few months. you might be wondering why it is not a tank. they are still away off before the pink tether's coming in. -- factors come in. what we will not know is if it is going to be a boy or a girl picked >> two years? >> and the u.s. friend dr. >> always good? some mystery about yourself -- ambiguous. >> always good to have some history. temperatures in the lower-80's for your weekend. he's all next week and -- all next week toward >> we like that. thank you for watching
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