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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> prince george's county police search for clues into the murder of a 17-year-old girl. >> two boats collided pasadena, maryland, sending a local delegates and several others to the hospital. >> do you remember where you were when the quake struck the d.c. area year-ago "good morning washington? -- "good morning washington" at 5:00 starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it's thursday, august 23. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. >>adam caskey first. >> today looks dry and very sunny overall with the exception of this morning, where we have some areas of fog north and west of washington. round hill, 58, 69 northwest d.c.
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the five in oxon hill. generally in the '60s to start the day. 87 this afternoon with a good amount of sunshine. angela. >> one troublespots of our this morning travel. to the beltway on 66, blocking the right lane. a minor distraction. still looking at a pretty good flow of traffic with light volume for the most part. once you reach the beltway and travel on the inner loop through maryland, no problems. this is the american legion bridge. the inner loop and outer loop travel moving quite well at this hour. on 270, no distractions so far this morning. all lanes are open northbound and southbound. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, prince george's county police made a disturbing discovery inside a home. a 17-year-old girl shot to death. this happened on chartsey
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street in kettering. john gonzalez has the latest on what might have happened. >> still a number of prince george's county police officers and detectives in the neighborhood. the home where this happened is still taped off with crime tape. moments ago the body was removed from the home. police got a call around 10:00 p.m., a school night, in this neighborhood in kettering maryland if. police arrived to find a 17- year-old girl suffering from a gunshot wound inside her own home. she was pronounced dead a short time later. detectives have been dusted for prints and collecting evidence all morning. it does appear that this was an isolated incident. police only saying this morning that they are looking for person of interest. do not believe this was a random attack. we can also tell you friends and relatives arrived at the scene a short time ago appear invisible
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is brought. it appears this was a homicide. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. we are getting some information about the d.c. guardian angels. it turns out they will add some foot patrols to the capitol hill area and especially around eastern market where there have been many incidents in crime recently. >> plenty of robberies in the last 30 days. on the weekend a 29-year-old man ended up in a coma after he was beaten. so the patrols will be starting soon. >> this is in addition to their other patrols. >> today marks and one year since the magnitude 5.8 quake rattled the d.c. area. later this morning we will see receive updates on repairs, including those at several landmarks. the washington monument is where
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brianne carter is this morning. >> we expect an update on the lingering effects at the washington monument and across the region after the earthquake a year ago today. the washington monument behind me still remains closed and will be until 2014. there are people inside -- or people inside when the 5.8 magnitude quake struck a year ago today. there are many cracks in the building and structural engineers over the past couple months have been out here. we will get an update on the building. it's currently expected to remain closed until 2014. it's not the only building. at the national cathedral, pieces of the towers now sit on display outside the cathedral after all the damage that happened. they continue raising money and restoring that building as well. in louisa county at the heart of the quake they are still adjusting to a new normal. many students are having class in trailers while new schools are constructed.
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reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> find more coverage on the anniversary of the quake by going to our website at we have pictures and we want to see your stories. let us know where you were when you felt the earthquake. >> following a developing story. seven people including delegate don dwyer of anne arundel county in the hospital this morning after two boats collided in pasadena, maryland. this happened around 8:00 wednesday night off grand view road. most seriously injured was a 5- year-old girl. the delegate only suffered bumps and bruises. the two boats were headed in opposite directions when the crash occurred. >> i am thinking, why is no one slowing down. next thing you know, they are approaching each other right in front of the channel marker and they collided. >> local boaters rescued all the
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victims before the coast guard and anne arundel fire arrived. more in a live report coming up later on "good morning washington." >> president obama and vice- president joe biden will take a break at the white house today. -- will take a break from the campaign today at the white house. first lady michelle obama will visit the families of the victims of the sikh temple shooting in wisconsin today. she will meet privately with the immediate families of the six people killed and those seriously injured in attacks this month. then the first lady will continue on the campaign trail at events in milwaukee and indianapolis. thursday morning. >> still ahead, bottled water and batteries flying off store shelves in the caribbean and in florida. we will look at some preparation for tropical storm isaacs and
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more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we continue watching the path of tropical storm isaac. set to become a hurricane today. >> bad news for thousands of people heading to the republican national convention in tampa. now more on the track of the storm from tahman bradley. >> tropical storm isaac already the size of texas, quickly moving west, expected to make
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landfall of the caribbean island of hispaniola as a category one hurricane with winds up to 75 miles an hour. it's making officials on the florida coast nervous. forecasters predict isaac will move on to cuba and then reach florida. the wind can cause destruction. it's the flying debris that can damage structures. >> preparations continue for the republican national convention, but there are fears about isaac. >> we could have a tropical storm or category five. or we could have nothing. each of those would cause us to have a different type of response. >> the mayor says he will cancel the convention if the weather poses a threat. authorities are worried about complacency. have been several years of near misses for the coast. s. military personnel in cuba are not taking chances. pre-trial hearings at guantanamo
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bay for five prisoners accused of wanting the 9/11 attacks were postponed as authorities plan to evacuate 200 people. >> we are preparing. my biggest concern is preventing loss of life. >> in florida, republican officials have contingency plans in place if a storm threatens next week's convention. but they are keeping those plans top-secret. tahman bradley, abc news. >> still time to enter our beatles week facebook giveaway. >> first, adam caskey. >> we need to talk about fog and temperatures. patchy fog still developing. it has a couple hours to continue developing until shortly after sunrise. 59 degrees in winchester and cumberland. in frederick as well. 55 in hagerstown. 72 and reagan national. 67 in fredericksburg. we7 for the high temperature in
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the metro area. a little cooler in the potomac highlands and parts of the shenandoah valley. tomorrow it will be just like today with bright sunshine and a few patchy clouds. we did have a few showers the past couple days. today through saturday and are looking dry. seven-day forecast is coming up. now to angela. >> there's an issue in georgetown. if you are traveling westbound on m st. you will have a gap before you can make a left-hand turn to go out of bounds on the key bridge. leave room for delays and the cautious. traveling on 66 this morning we are looking at just one trouble spot. as you get to the beltway, that is. good to go at the haymarket ar. there is a bottleneck at disabled vehicle blocking the right lane approaching the beltway. so be prepared for a possible delay right there. once you are on the beltway, it's moving quite well, on the
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inner loop and outer loop. back to you. >> thank you. let's talk about the beatles week giveaway. >> we are still going. you have a chance to bin four vip tickets labor day weekend for abbey road on the river at the national harbor. you can also get it are worth $1,000. you have until tomorrow afternoon to go to facebook to sign up. we will announce the winner monday on "good morning washington." >> sounds like fun. >> 67 degrees. >> the former president of penn state talking about jerry
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>> turning to the scandal at penn state. former penn state president graham spanier fighting back against criticism on how he handled the sex abuse scandal. he tells abc news the scandal caught him by surprise. >> never in my time as president of penn state did i ever once receive a report from anyone that suggested that jerry sandusky was involved in child abuse, sexual abuse, any criminal act. >> he and his lawyers are attacking a university-backed
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report by the former fbi director that closes the graham spanier and other top university officials of concealing allegations against jerry sandusky. 7 is on your side with details on a mysterious new disease doctors. investigating a disease found that causes aids-like symptoms for people without hiv. the patient goes union system becomes damage and leaving them unable to fend off germs. it occurs in adults and is not inherited. it does not appear to be contagious. in other health news, the fda says an indiana farm is tied to a recent salmonella outbreak in cantaloupes. it has agreed to stop distributing cantaloupes at this time, but the fta has decided to issue a formal recall. dozens of people became ill and two people died. if you have a melon from indiana or you don't know where it came from, throwaway. concerns continue about the west nile virus. one of the largest outbreaks in
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the u.s., more than 1100 illnesses reported. about half of them in texas. 41 deaths so far this year. we have seen a few cases in our area. experts are concerned more cases could be cropping up in the next couple weeks. >> it might be all little early for our area to start reporting many cases. we will probably start to hear little pockets within the next month. >> to prevent contracting the west nile virus, you should use books greg, can avoid being outside after dark or before dawn. and get rid of standing water. >> let's check on the weather with adam caskey. >> it has been comfortable the past couple mornings especially off to the west where it's in the upper 50's. patchy fog to deal with. that has more time to develop. as sunrise is not until about 6:30.
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and i will have the latest on tropical storm isaac. first, let's talk about reduced visibility. look at gaithersburg 0.8 miles visibility. only 1 mile in frederick. 7 miles at reagan national. 10 miles is when you have unlimited visibility and you can see as far as the eye can see. 59 degrees in winchester, 72 in the district, 70 in lexington park, 64 in culpeper. for the most part away from the waterways, in the '60s to start the day. scattered clouds moving overhead especially locally and southeast of town. that. fog information-- that should inhibit fog formation. let's look at tropical storm isaac, maximum sustained winds at 40 miles an hour currently gusting up to 52.
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it's expected to become a category one storm possibly by tomorrow morning or maybe tomorrow midday. it will be crossing over land into the weekend. that will inhibit spending from this system. did make landfall in florida, it probably would just be a category one hurricane. we don't expect a major storm. this forecast track has been shifted a little westward. i think we will continue to see that progression as it slowly moves west. we will continue sharing updates with you here and online at tropical depression 10 should stay over the open ocean. 87 today for the high temperature with a good amount of sunshine. close to about 90 degrees the next several days. a few showers by sunday. >> not much happening. plan for a few extra minutes in
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the fog and allow a little extra room between the cars. a trouble spot on 66 eastbound is out of the way. a disabled vehicle is gone. still a little bit of a bottleneck on 66 approaching the beltway, than has been moved out of your way. 95 coming across the occoquan, building in volume, but all lanes are open and moving without delay. in springfield it looks pretty good. quiet as you make your way up to 395, continuing to crystal city the lanes are open without delay. crossing the 14th street bridge and making your way into the district this morning, no delays. back to you. >> thank you. paypal is discovering pretend mortar stores. >> t-mobile customers find an unlimited data plant. here's rob nelson. >> more signs of an imminent iphone announcement. walmart is cutting the price of the 4s, often a sign retailer
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wants to reduce inventory. lg is making a new and thinner phone screen. t-mobile customers can get the iphone, but starting next month they will be able to get on limited data plants. previously the speeds would get floor when you surpassed your plan. paypal is expanding its big and mortar stores. next year, merchants will take discover cards will be able to process paypal payments. that adds 7 million more stores to the service. it's been parked in israel --
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>> welcome back. no more hail to the redskins for
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running back clinton portis. he will officially announce his retirement from the nfl this afternoon at redskins park. >> the second leading rusher in team history number 27 on the all-time list for the nfl. he issued a letter wednesday thanking his family, teammates coaches, and fans for their support over the years and for allowing him to grow from a boy into a man in a city that he will forever love, he says. at 8:00 tonight you can show your support for the redskins ahead of saturday's's big game against colts. a pirelli will take place at the newseum -- a pep rally. >> the nationals wednesday night did not sweep the braves./ >> tim brant has a recap of what happened last night. >> hello again. it was another great scene. the braves did not want to go
5:27 am
quietly. let's pick it up in the top of the fifth. the braves have two on and two out. the center field. of trouble from the get go. all the way from first. he comes home and scores. 2-0, atlanta. single to left field with harper on third, scoring easily. 2-1. crowd was back in it. then the braves put a lock on the game. the nationals had a rough ninth inning and the braves went on to win, 5-1. >> we played hard. we have the right people up at the right time and did not get it done. >> there's a look at sports. have a great day. >> thanks so much. >> the news continues at 5:30. >> marking one year since the
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead detectives spent most of the night inside a home in prince george's county searching for clues into who was murdered teenager. it's thursday, august 23. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. let's check in with adam caskey,. >> we have a little morning fog developing especially north and west of washington. we have another hour or so for that to develop. something to keep in mind. otherwise, warm today, but not very humid. we anticipate a good amount of sunshine and dry weather if.
5:32 am
we have had some thundershowers the last couple evenings, but not today. in winchester, 59. 72 in the district, 72 in annapolis. 87 this afternoon with sunshine and a few scattered clouds. pretty much the same story tomorrow. now to angela foster with traffic. >> good morning. of to a nice start on the beltway in. maryland and in patchy fog to look for in a couple spots. making the drive on the fairfax county parkway northbound, there is a paving operation in effect until 6:00 a.m., blocking the right lane. checking your drive coming in from frederick this morning on 270, we are seeing a lot of fog . is father hurley boulevard. all lanes open. rolling along pretty nicely to the split. back to you. >> thank you.
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the search for answers into murdered a 17-year-old girl. her body was found inside a home on chartsey street in kettering. >> being investigated as a homicide even though they believe this was an isolated incident. a 17-year-old girl may have known her attacker. they say this may have been home invasion. detectives are still inside the home in kettering, maryland. there are a number of forensic vans parked out front. police got a call around 10:00 p.m. on school nights in kettering. when they went in the home they found a 17-year-old girl suffering from a gunshot wound. this is known home, we understand. she was pronounced dead a short time later. -- this is her own home. this does not appear to be random attack. it may have been a home
5:34 am
invasion. police are not saying where the girl was shot, but she was pronounced dead a short time later. relatives were on the scene briefly. we spoke with her mother off camera. she did not say much, visibly very distraught, understandably. police continue to investigate at the home. reporting live in kettering, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> today marks one year since the magnitude 5.8 earthquake in the d.c. area, damaging schools and landmarks. later this morning we will get an update on the repairs. brianne carter is live this morning near the washington monument where work is ongoing. >> almost everyone can remember where they were a year ago today when the earthquake struck. now there are lingering affects around town, including at the washington monument. one year after the 5.8 magnitude quake rattled the washington region the damage to local landmarks is. still is cracks from the quake
5:35 am
on the washington monument. this person remembers it vividly. >> it was rhythmic. >> pieces that were once on the tower now sit outside the building as restoration continues. all that seismic energy just went and opened up and it cracked the top in a whipping motion. >> in louisa county, students are getting used to the new normal, many attending class is in trailers while they wait for new buildings. >> even though it is trailers, it is still something we can call our own. >> a positive attitude for the start of the school year. about $200 million to $300 million of damage up and down the coast. we expect a news conference outside the washington monument later today on an update
5:36 am
regarding the repairs. >> look for more coverage on the anniversary of the quake on our website, we have a photo gallery and we would love for you to share your stories with us. let us know where you were when the quake hit. >> a day on the water turned a delegatedangerous for delegate don dwyer and several others after their boat collided. seven people went to the hospital. jummy olabanji has more on this still developing story. >> yes steve, good morning,. there were several victims in this boat crash involving two boats in pasadena, maryland. the youngest victim this morning is just five years old. representatives for state delegate don dwyer say he was one of several people taken to the hospital following a boating accident. nine people ages 5 to 54 injured. a 5-year-old girl is in serious
5:37 am
condition with potential life- threatening injuries. >> some children had blood on their arms and their faces. that was scary to see. >> anne arundel county fire officials say around 7:00 wednesday evening the two boats collided in the river. the two boats were headed in opposite directions. >> i was thinking, why is no one slowing down? the next thing, they are approaching each other in front of the channel marker pen and then they collided. >> other boaters helped rescue the victims before authorities arrived. neighbors say boating accidents are rare in the area and they wonder exactly what went wrong. >> for the most part it's pretty safe around here. >> officials say all the victims should be ok, but a 5-year-old girl is still in serious condition at last check. maryland natural resources police are investigating. they say they could have more details on this case later on today. reporting live in pasadena
5:38 am
maryland, jummy olabanji. >> bank unit. -- thanns. >> help for d.c.
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>> thank you and good morning. welcome back. we're starting with a pretty nice commute for the most part. a little patchy fog to watch for if you are taking a drive in from virginia on 95, but it looks pretty good. relatively quiet for the most part. under 30 minutes from route 3 to dale city. continuing northbound on 95 dale city to the beltway,. 13, in maryland, for those coming in from 695, no early complications through howard county making your way to the capital beltway, you are good to go so far this morning. let's take our forecast with adam caskey. >> good morning, angela. and good morning to you and home. a little foggy this morning. it's that time of year when the knights are longer -- nights. that allows fog to develop.
5:42 am
it's not very dense. it is 63 degrees in fairfax and 64 in warrenton. highs around 87 this afternoon around the beltway. low to mid 80's in the highlands. near 90 degrees for the next few days. not very humid. we will take a look at tropical storm isaac coming up. >> train service in ellicott city resumes this morning following tuesday's deadly derailment. csx has released a statement apologizing for the disruption and banking people for their understanding. the train company says it is extremely grateful to all the emergency crews working with it in response to the tragedy. police expect street to remain closed around the derailment today as cleanup continues. meantime funeral amendments and
5:43 am
have been made for the two young women killed in the derailment. recess for 19-year-old elizabeth nass r. tomorrow and the memorial for 19-year-old rose mayr will take place on saturday. -- funeral services for elizabeth nass are tomorrow. survey found many students are coming to school hungry and they have lower academic performance and suffer from held issues and behavior problems. secretary of education arne duncan is meeting with maryland officials this morning to discuss the growing problem. >> d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton is hosting her annual jobs and opportunities fair today. it will be held at the washington convention center. jobs tips workshops and ready to work fashion shows are taking place from 10:00 until 11:00 this morning. job fair is from 11:00 until 3:00. the event is only open to d.c. residents. you must bring proof of d.c.
5:44 am
residents say. >> the d.c. mayor's urging the democratic national committee to include pc stated in its party platform ahead of the democratic convention. a good was mentioned in the democratic party platform in 2000, but not in 2004 or 2008. he says the state the provision should be restored this year. the deal did not respond -- the dnc did not respond. the mcdonald's is refusing to purchase meat
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>> here's what's coming up a 6:00. an israeli tourist attraction takes you back to biblical times and keeps you plugged in while you are in the saddle. we will tell you how it works. >> folks are willinand how somethi
5:48 am
think steven strasburg should be feeling. >> and a control blast got out of control. that's all coming up. >> sentencing today for a man convicted of murdering a father and son during a robbery at their store in northeast d.c.. taylor shot and killed the man and his son. he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without parole on several charges including felony murder. >> funeral emergencarrangements are set for a police officer killed in a crash this week. a viewing will be held from 2:00 until 4:00 for officer adrian morris in beltsville at borgwardt's funeral home. then another viewing at 9:00
5:49 am
a.m. and woodstream chruch in mitchellville. and his funeral will begin immediately afterwards in mitchelville. police have identified the second suspect allegedly involved in the crashed and killed officer morris. police believe 23-year-old kevon neal was the driver of the acura that the officers were chasing. his alleged accomplice 24-year- old kenneth mitchell was arrested on tuesday and has been charged with auto theft. >> more on the aftermath of the june 29 derecho storm. d.c. mayor vincent gray meeting today with his new task force to explore burying more power lines in the district. about 70% of the power lines of the city are underground. even modest proposals to expand that number are expected to cost more than a billion dollars. meeting will be held at 1:00 p.m. in g9 of the john wilson building. it's open to the public. dominion virginia power and verizon holding a public hearing tonight to discuss their response to outages during the derecho storm.
5:50 am
representatives from both companies invite people to attend and to provide feedback on how they can improve services. it will be at the thomas derickson library in falls church tonight at 7:00 p.m. >> a controversial book on osama bin laden will be released on september 11. the author is a navy seal who was involved in the raid that killed osama bin laden. the new york times says he will appear in disguise during the promotional events. >> turning to the colorado movie theater shooting, a judge will hear arguments today about whether the suspects university records can be turned over to prosecutors. 100 pages of records related to james holmes' top trial studies at the university of colorado at issue. prosecutors want the documents to help them make the case that a notebook he sent to a university psychiatrist should
5:51 am
be entered as evidence. it contains descriptions of a violent attack. >> turning to the trayvon martin case george zimmerman's lawyer has decided to shut down a facebook page that was supposed to help his client. the said the page led to discussion about evidence that was not helpful. >> it's 5:51. d.c. homeowners still underwater on their mortgages. and mcdonald's is taking a stand in the california slaughterhouse controversy. linda bell has more. >> good morning. mcdonald's is halting purchases of meat from a california slaughterhouse being investigated for animal cruelty and possible health issues. the department of agriculture already suspended its purchases used in school lunches after an animal welfare group showing 6 orlin animals being violently
5:52 am
slaughtered. americans are getting better at paying off their car loans. it's now at the lowest level and 13 years. consumers now value there all alone is more than their credit cards and mortgages. that's partly due to the need for transportation to get to work or find work. the number of u.s. homeowners underwater on their mortgage fell slightly in the second quarter. home prices have been edging higher. it's also true in the d.c. area. even though it's on the decline 31% of d.c. homeowners are still paying more on their homes than they are worth. that's business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. i go to the nationals game a little early last night and there was a shower. every day this week. >> heavy rain briefly. there was a third of an inch at
5:53 am
reagan national. higher amounts elsewhere. >> it all came down in about 15 minutes. the game was delayed 30 minutes if. >> there was the most beautiful sunset afterwards. i was thinking that would make a lovely time lapsed. >> i do have a beautiful picture to share of the clouds around sunset yesterday coming up 6:00 hour if. first i want to. f-- first by want to talk about fog and temperatures. warm and not very humid. 72 right now in the district at reagan national. 59 in winchester and cumberland. frederick, 59 degrees. cooler to the northwest of washington in the shenandoah valley and the potomac highlands. clouds especially along and east of f 95 and of fog formation in southern maryland and prince george's county. northwest of town where you
5:54 am
have the clearing is where we will have fog thickening around sunrise. tropical storm isaac on the lower right side of your screen, maximum sustained winds of only 40 miles an hour, not a very impressive system. it could be a category one hurricane at worst buy some time friday morning. if this does make landfall in florida, it would be a category one hurricane most likely at that stage. the forecast track has been moving a little farther to the west. that will be the trend. should the remnants move north into washington, it would just be rain event probably by the end of next week or into next weekend. it is still just a possibility. we have tropical depression 10 in the ocean and it should stay in the ocean.
5:55 am
sunny and near 90 degrees the next couple days. slight chance of showers on sunday. >> thanks. 5:54. >> coming up, the photograph
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> police in new jersey investigating a gruesome crime where a woman decapitated her two-year-old son in camden.
5:58 am
she admitted doing it in a 911 col. >> somebody just stabbed my baby. i did it. >> police entered and found the woman dead. she had slid our own throats. they found the boy's decapitated head in a freezer. police believe the mother had smoked marijuana laced with pcp and had argued with her boyfriend before the incident. >> the governor of california has declared a state of emergency in three counties after wild fires destroyed 50 buildings. 3000 people have been evacuated as the ponderosa fire continues. firefighters have contained nearly 50% of it. fire crews in the north and west are dealing with some of the worst fire situations in years. new information in the nude photographs scandal involving prince harry. >> we know the queen is not happy about what's happening,
5:59 am
but it's not just harry in trouble but the high-priced security detail that is paid handsomely to protect these strithings from happening. he always has a team of security who travel with him. they are supposed to confiscated telephones at any point he would be in a compromise position. they did not do that. the girls were clearly snapping photographs of him in his hotel room. they just said, girls, don't take pictures. >> british military will investigate if they can do anything, because this falls under the conduct code. there's more to come on that story. british tabloids are not publishing the photographs. that's a little shocking. cracks and some br are


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