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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  August 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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how they were starting an aspiring doctors program. she was the center of all of that. >> that bright light was extinguished last night. eight gunmen kicked in the door of her home. -- a gunman acted in the door of her home. she was hit multiple times. >> we do not know why.ot know she was targeted. this is an ongoing investigation. >> per mother and older sister declined comment this afternoon. police were at the home last week for an issue involving per high-school age foster sister. there are no suspects, no motives, no explanation. >> i cannot say enough nice things about that girl. >> a number of police sources
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have told me that this case is wide open. that means they are really just beginning their investigation. they do not have any easy clues. they have a number of theories. the gunman was targeting somebody but went to the wrong home. another what was this was a random crime. >> police say this is such a mystery, tonight around 7:00 they will fan out across that neighborhood. >> today marks the one-year anniversary of the east coast earthquake. the 5.8 magnitude quake was felt from florida to canada. city and federal leaders held a news conference in washington to talk about earthquake readiness. >> first of all more people
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about this earthquake than any earthquake in u.s. history. it did significant damage here in the eastern u.s. between 200 and $300 million. >> officials say scaffolding will soon go up from the washington monument. another well-known building the washington national cathedral is open. it is still in need of repairs. >> it is a big day in the restoration effort at the washington national cathedral one year after that earthquake. today is a good day because they got a large donation that will help in the rebuilding. the evidence of which you can see high atop the tower. if you look behind me, you can
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see the grand panicle that is starting to look like it once did. >> we bless your name. >> with a blessing the line- year anniversary of the 2011 earthquake is commemorating by the setting of a news down atop the washington national cathedral. -- new stone atop the washington national cathedral. the church takes a big step forward in the rebuilding effort. >> it took under a century to get the panicles on top of this cathedral. it took under eight minutes to bring some of it down. >> one year was significant damage atop the central tower. today, there is scaffolding and restoration work being done. >> it is our hope that this grant from the endowment will provide momentum for a
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rebuilding effort. >> the cathedrals chief stonemason is proud to see progress being made. >> a year ago that he spelled right for we are standing. we did that piece fell right where we are standing. >> this is the view at the stonemasons had been experiencing in this past year as they do all of the hard work on the central tower. those bells they rang out at 1:53 this afternoon, the has back time of the earthquake. it is expected that this work will take about a decade. >> coming up we had to be at the center of the earthquake. we will see how mineral va.
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one year later. that is coming up at 6:00. >> we know that suzanne is not afraid of heights. after a string of mild days, it was gorgeous out there. temperatures near 90 degrees today. >> we are looking at another warm day a lot of sunshine. take a look at the latest 5:00 update. tropical storm isaac is on the move. it is south of puerto rico. the latest warnings for haiti and the dominican republic, tropical storm warning for the turks and caicos. the storm is expected to take a track across cuba, lose a little strength, and the intensified. it is now beginning to shift further towards the west. that is the way from florida.
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bad news for louisiana and texas. let's head back home right now. we will show you our forecast for the overnight hours. temperatures in the mid-70's. we have big changes on the way for the upcoming weekend. clouds and rain. i will give you all the details in a few minutes. >>ne of the drivers in last night's boat collision on the river in anne arundel county is talking about that crash. the collision sent a number of people to the hospital, including children, and a state>> the grandfather in this story is out of the hospital today. his face is pretty bruised up. he is thankful that his family and friends are oks to a neighborhood that jumped into action.
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>> my neighbors are angels. >> his neighbor is wasted no time when they heard an awful sound of around 7:00 last night. he had three grandchildren and two neighborhood children with them at the time. >> there were shaken up. most of them were in shock. >> the whole front of the boat was missing. the kids were screaming. >> witnesses said another boat went to help don dwyer. he was taken to baltimore shock trauma. there was suspicion of alcohol on don dwyer's boat. >> the extent of the injury to the boat, they should have been
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hurt worse. >> his eight-year-old grandson suffered a broken arm. he calls it a miracle, thanks to his neighbors. >> these people are my heroes. >> one of the boats did sink. no official cause on this accident as of yet. we did try to reach don dwyer's assistant to dave. our calls were not returned. >> new details about monday's derailment and eloquent city. -- ellicott city. they were not hit by the train but were crushed to death by spilled coal. federal investigators are still
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trying to figure out what led to the wreckage. >> the nationals have a pretty serious request for d.c., the team wants the city to pick up the tab for keeping metro open late. that is, if they make the playoffs. who should pay for this? we have reaction to this pricing proposal. >> a lot of questions. everyone is pointing the finger in the other direction. our partners are telling us about this. there was a meeting recently between d.c. city officials and officials from the nats. fans were stranded tuesday night. the national's game went into a 13 innings and ended late. hundreds of people did not have a way to get home. >> i wish i knew it was going to be closed. >> they want to keep the metro open later if the team goes to the playoffs.
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that would cost about $29,500 to keep the metro running late. the nationals asked the city of d.c. to pay for it. >> they should pay, they are rich >> during the meeting, they ask the city to help the police, thestreet closures, and concession stands. other sports teams, like the washington capitals, pay for the extended metro, and so should the nationals. >> they pay for the trains. i would expect the nationals to do the same. there should not be any controversy about this. i do not understand. >> calling that typical for any type of sports team getting ready for a big event.
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>> we will see what happens. coming up, a teenager is in the hospital tonight after a car hits her what she is riding her bike. when police say the driver is not to blame. >> tropical storm isaac is not just affecting the republican national convention. the grocery store staple he might be paying more for. >> a [ male announcer ] some
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>> more than a thousand americans have reportedly come down with the west nile by race. >> that is the largest outbreak of this disease in u.s. history. west nile is now affecting our area. >> the d.c. health department has identified the virus in several mesquita samples throughout the district. only one district president has contracted the disease, many folks are taking precautions -- a district resident has contracted the disease many folks are taking precautions. >> her family had some unusual visitors today the miskitos god. a pest control company in the
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d.c. area -- the mosquito squad. they sprayed the family's backyard with a pesticide. in addition to the d.c. case, 11 other people have come down with the disease throughout the region. >> as people go outside they cannot enjoy their yard anymore. >> nationwide, that number has risen above 1100 this year. 41 of them have died from west nile. most of them lived in texas. authorities encourage residents to clear all standing water. >> make sure your daughters are clean. -- gutters are >> better safe than sorry. >> you do not know which mosquito's are biting you.
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>> the d.c. health department says it will continue to conduct samples and monitor the disease. >> tropical storm isaac does not appear to be stopping. the republicans are holding the national convention in tampa next week. organizers are keeping a close watch on the storm. tampa's mayor says, if this thing is bad, he is going to cancel the convention. the storm is expected to reach the gulf of mexico early next week. the tropical storm is not just affecting the republican national committee, it is also pushing up orange juice prices. futures ended more than 6% higher yesterday. that was the third straight day
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prices have surged. here is the bottom line. >> the latest word on what is going on. >> it is movin the west coast of florida. things are looking better rather than worse. the odds are in favor of everything going on as scheduled. not so good for houston, new orleans. did you see that beautiful shot from suzanne kennedy? >> you do not do that very often. >> we are looking at a beautiful afternoon, evening across the area. plenty of sunshine. the sunshine is going to stick around as we move through the early evening hours. by the end of this month, we're going to be looking at about 15 minutes less of daylight. some are quickly coming to an end. 85 degrees at reagan national airport. winds are out of the east-
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southeast. the gaithersburg, 85 degrees. the wind has settled down and the patchy fog to develop tomorrow morning. 90 in frederick. the heat, the humidity of building in the mid portions of the country. 97 degrees in st. louis. we are not looking for extreme heat around our area any time soon. some big changes are on the way. an area of low pressure expected to develop. not until saturday into sunday. that is why we will see our best chance for some showers. quiet and try for the evening hours. let's head for the south, this is the latest on tropical storm isaac.
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this is puerto rico, dominican republic haiti. this is the latest plot for you went at 40 miles per hour. it is going to take a shift in direction, further toward the north. this is good news coming next week, especially for south florida. here is a closer look at the models we used to track the storm. everything moves last. we're expecting this trend to continue. it is worth watching, but it looks like florida will see better conditions rather than a worse. louisiana and texas come wednesday and thursday. here is our futurecast, close to home, temperatures in the 60's. daytime highs, well into the 80's. not expecting much. the better chance of a few showers as clouds increase during the day on saturday. by sunday, it is not -- a lot of
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clouds. forecast for tonight, patchy fog during the early-morning hours. tomorrow, upper 80's. the extended outlook shows temperatures cooling down for the weekend and warming up early next week. back into the 80's. coming up, we will look at the beach forecast. summer is quickly coming to an end. >> we are very sad. are you ready for some football tonight? it is the ravens' third preseason game tonight. they will take on the jacksonville at home in baltimore. you can watch all the preseason action right here on abc 7. you can stick around for our news at 11:00. >> you might want to check your refrigerator. wee a salad recall to tell
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you about. > see what happens when we stepped in to get some answers. >> of gaithersburg girls struck by a car while riding her bicycle.
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>> a 15-year-old is in the hospital tonight after a car hit her while she was biking in gaithersburg. >> the driver will not face any charges. >> police say it appears the driver was following the rules of the road. he was traveling right here and it appears he could not slam on his brakes and slow down fast enough to avoid hitting the 15- year-old. this marks the spot where the 15-year-old landed before 7:00 this morning. around 20 feet from the walkway she was trying to cross. police say she and a friend for riding their bicycles when they tried to cross the road at this busy intersection with eight lanes of traffic.
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the two teenagers did not wait to cross. >> the girls were going against the light. they made it safely across the northbound lanes of traffic, but were struck in the southbound lanes. >> this silver nissan. the skid marks indicate the driver tried to slow down before impact. >> this is a very busy intersection. you have to go by the signals. >> this area can be dangerous for bicyclist because of the heavy traffic. >> i ride my bike cure every day and i did almost hit at least once or twice a week. >> mine are on their bikes all the time. >> today's accident serves an important reminder. >> kids going out there and not paying attention, it is frightening. >> the driver did stay on the
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scene. he will not face any charges. as for the victim, she is still at the hospital. police said on monday, she will be a sophomore at papers. highs will -- she will be a sophomore at gaithersburg high school. >> still ahead to a new high energy movies are out this weekend. arch campbell is here whether it is worth your energy to go see them. >> we have a list of the worst airports for flight delays. keyman convicted of murdering a
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>> we have some breaking news. a maryland delegate injured in last night's accident said he
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had been drinking before the crash. don dwyer made the admission during a news conference. he is one of six people, including three children, hospitalized after police said two boats collided. so far no charges have been filed. >> 80 years in prison, that is the sentence for a man who shot and killed a father and son at a store in d.c. two years ago. >> it was not enough to keep the defendant quiet in court today. >> during two years of legal proceedings, he tried all kinds of ways to delay the trial. yelling, singing, walking into the court wearing only boxer shorts. when it was his turn to speak today, he told the judge he wanted no leniency. at today's sentencing hearing the 27-year-old taunted
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prosecutors. devout lady an oscar, she said. -- give that lady an oscar, he said. surveillance video shows kristen taylor walked into the busy store and pulled his pistol on customers and workers as he demanded money. when he thought he had the money, the 32-year-old grabs. back. both son and father died in the attack. members of the family left the courthouse. >> were you satisfied with the verdict? >> sort of. >> we also ran into his sister and brother. with much profanity the brothers announced the sentence. prosecutors said it was an unusual case. >> i have never had a defendant
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engage in the kind of delay tactics antics, and shenanigans that this defendant engaged then. >> the family was sitting there the whole time. they have been there every day. >> back in june, the community mourned the deaths. >> these were good people. >> taylor expressed little remorse, his attorney turned to the family and said, if his son were in danger, he hopes he would have have the courage that he had in that video to face down a firing gun with a stick. >> d.c. council member is calling for a full investigation after a car hit four people in northwest. it happened in an alley near 14th street late yesterday
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morning. he is working with vdot to change the traffic patterns in that area. prince george's county police are looking for kevin neal, the second suspect in the chase that ended with one officer dead. his patrol car went off 95. the 23-year date -- 23-year-old was a veteran. his funeral will be held tuesday. >> another look at our top stories. police are looking for a gunman who killed a high-school student. somebody kicked in the door to amber stanley's home last night. police believe the high school student was targeted. they do not know why. the national country joe received a $5 million gift to fix damage from the earthquake
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-- national cathedral received a $5 million gift to fix damage from the earthquake. repairs could take several years, however, and cost $20 million. >> world news is keeping a close eye on tropical storm isaac. i know you'll be talking about the tropical storm. it could become a hurricane. >> that is right. it could be as soon as tonight. everyone is saying, what about all of those people? we will tell you about the emergency plan. >> another concern is the west nile virus. i know you will be tackling that tonight. >> i know is affecting people in d.c. as well. we will take you through the
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details of what happens when you have symptoms and what consequences and how to make sure you stay as healthy as you can. >> thank you very much. you can watch those stories and more tonight. >> two d.c. airports have been ranked among the country's worst. the rankings are based on statistics from the first six months of the year. dulles came in second, behind newark. l.a.x. came in third. bwi, number 11. time for a check of the traffic. >> 95 southbound, past washington boulevard those delays towards want to go.
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travel in the outer loop of the belt way starting in maryland near 270, you are seeing delays. 270 northbound, you have a brief delay on 115. >> obama and oprah winfrey has made the list of the most powerful women in the world. >> comedy on the run at the movies this weekend. >> at 6:00, so more opposition to the idea of tolls on interstate 95.
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>> and new batch of movies out this weekend. >> two of them have a lot of stars and a lot of energy. is that enough?
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>> we have our own star. >> is getting to the end of the summer. "hit and run" occasionally gets a little hit and miss. >> when i got into witness protection, i knew i was not going to be bad guy anymore. >> he is in the witness protection program. in barrels down the road in several classic cars. tom arnold to get some fine moments and a broadly cooper shows up in dreadlocks. maybe not great, but energetic fun. joseph gordon levitt gets chased in "premium rush."
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the photography looks great, but the story feels run-of-the-mill. "the apparition" -- now you see it, and now you don't. thank you very much. next week brings "lawless." >> now you see it, now you don't. >> thank you. >> up next, a major lettuce recall. >> we step into action for a local mother. after losing everything in a
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fire in base housing this navy sailor and single mother was not prepared for [ male announcer ]
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since 1996 welfare recipies were required to work. this bipartisan reform successfully reduce welfare rolls. on july 1h president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's
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plan for a stronger middle class will put work back this message.
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>> we are learning more about the man accused of taking part in the movie theater massacre. james holmes had been banned from the university of colorado campus for making threats. >> a local navy mother raising three children on her home lost everything in a military housing fire, which started in her neighbor's some. >> shannon harrison had to move for family to start all over. she turned to 7 for help. >> it was a child playing with fire next door to me. i lost everything. >> it was a devastating blow to sharon harris and.
5:46 pm
-- harrison. the military housing burn down this past spring along with three other homes. they moved to d.c. i got a bill from the restoration company. >> a bill of over $2,000. it was liberty park housing management that hired them to clean up the entire fire scene. harrison believes liberty park should pay the bill. >> i do not have $2,000 lange around to give away. i have three kids. >> housing managers told us clean up on the inside of the apartment was a responsibility. we reached out and they agreed to waive the entire bill.
5:47 pm
now harrison does not go a dime. >> thank god. thank you so much. thank you some maps. -- so much. >> she did receive an insurance settlement, which she used to replace all for family's belongings. >> we have an important food recall. dole is recalling 1000 cases of its italian blood salad. -- italian blend salad. there were sold in stores in eight states. no reported. >> forbes has released its list of the most powerful women in the world. angela merkel tops the list. this is the second year he has taken the top spot. he is followed by hillary clinton -- she is followed by
5:48 pm
hillary clinton. first lady michelle obama came in seventh on that list. oprah winfrey was 11. >> in spanish church is trying to figure out what to do with a painting -- we have before and after pictures. officials say and elderly parishioners was asked to touch of the 1930 painting. nobody realized which she had done. >> let's see what is coming and tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> good afternoon, everybody. we remember the damage and the issues of last year's earthquake. coming up at 6:00, we will have a look at how the recovery is
5:49 pm
going at the epicenter of the quake. preparing a backup plan, tampa gets ready for the republican convention. we will show did the alternatives. -- show you the alternatives. >> thank you very much. we're looking forward to some better news for the republican national convention. >> it sounds like things are shifting a little bit. >> shifting further towards the west. take a look outside. what a beautiful evening. 85 degrees right now at reagan national airport. looking at temperatures in the mid-80's. show you what is going on. clear skies expected for the overnight hours. not expected to make it into the immediate metro area. here is the latest on the
5:50 pm
forecast track for isaac. it will slowly move towards the west at around 15 miles per hour. the track takes it further away from the coast of florida. new orleans and houston could be looking at the storm systemng as soon as thursday. we see the updated forecast in a few hours. we will have a better idea, but a lot can change between now and . scattered showers in our area saturday and sunday. temperatures will be in the mid- 70's 4 ocean city around 80 degrees for the south. there is our futurecast. we will look for an increase in clouds as we move into the day on saturday. we will update you during the 6:00 hour on the way this track is going.
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>> we will say goodbye to clinton portis. >> he was a fan favorite. >> did he dressed up? >> not this time. >> at the running back has the shortest shelf life. case in point, clinton portis. he officially hung up his cleats today at redskins park. he played seven seasons in washington and ran for 9,923 yards. he is the second all-time rushing leader ever in washington. his often crazy costumes, always theatrical. >> my run was great. the people i met, my teammates.
5:52 pm
the guys i looked up to that did not know i was looking up to them. it was wonderful, man. >> a lot of laughs as well. he called gibbs when this favorite people of all time. >> yes, he was a great running back. he got a ton of yardage. his record speak for themselves. he was probably the best running back i have ever seen without the ball in his hands. he would lay it on the line for his teammates. he was aggressive, physical.
5:53 pm
you could look to many eyes, that guy was going to give the redskins everything he had on sunday. >> he did. >> quite a tribute. >> coming up next, and state's former president is accused of not doing enough during the jerry sandusky scandal. >> hear what he says he [ obama ]
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] you work hard. stretch every penny. but chances are you pay a higher tax rate than him... mitt romney made twenty million dollars in two thousand ten but paid only fourteen percent in taxes... probably less than you now he has a plan that would give millionaires another tax break... and raises taxes on middle class families by up to two thousand dollars a year. mitt romney's middle class tax increase. he pays less. you pay more.
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>> the former president of penn state is responding to criticism leveled at the university of burk handling of the jerry sandusky scandaling -- scandal. >> graham spanier says he did nothing wrong. >> graham spanier has harsh words for the report that accuses him of covering up the
5:57 pm
child abuse of jerry sandusky. >> that report is absolutely wrong. the conclusions that we conspired to conceal a known child predator are just incorrect. >> critics charge that he should've gone to the police in 2001. graham spanier says he was only told the incident only involved a force play. >> when i heard the term horseplay -- >> he insists he would not cover up such allegations. he was abused at the hands of his own father. >> i had four operations as an adult to correct injuries from my childhood that were inflicted by my father. i have never met anyone who was at a higher level of awareness about such issues then i have
5:58 pm
had. >> he is not charged with a crime. he feels he has been unfairly indicted by the media and by the independent report. >> people have to know me and what i stand for. >> despite this photograph graham spanier insists he did not really know jerry sandusky. >> pact is abc 7 news at 5:00. -- that is abc 7 news at 5:00. >> one year after a devastating event. >> tropical storm isaac is on the move. >> the republican convention and the possible hurricane, what does it mean for mitt romney's big week? >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6 on your side.
5:59 pm
>> are big story the east coast earthquake. >> perhaps you remember where you were when the earth shook on august 23 of last year. $300 million in damage caused by the 5.8 magnitude quake. the recovery is still going on in the d.c. area and near the quake epicenter. >> you still s


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