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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 24, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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glucks coming up, the man accused of shooting a security is expected in court today. >> i deeply regret my actions forgiveness from public. >> a bold admission from maryland delegate don dwyer. drinking and in ating a boat involved crash which injured several people. >> we are also hearing from the tape falling on holdingay tracks while onto her son. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. glad to be with you on this friday morning. it's august 24. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get a check on the weather with adam caskey. need to prepare for rain. not today but into the
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weekend. have changes because of a in the weathere that will drift our way the carolinas and increase the clouds tonight and give us showers on a weekend. not a total washout for the just some areas of rain especially saturday. degrees in martinsburg, n alexandria. 64 in huntingtown. a little foggy, becoming partly cloudy and to the midday and afternoon. for the high temperature today. humid.rly we will talk more about the forecast straight ahead. now to angela. >> good morning. traveling on intersta 95 in virginia, traffic cones lifted around the beltway, but we are slowing on southbound 95. this is folks heading down 17 warrenton. the right lane getting by.
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traveling northbound, pretty good drive time from fredericksburg. dale city.up to continuing to the beltway, just under 15 minutes. baltimore, 20 minutes from 495,altimore beltway to 95. n baltimore, the tractor- struck andver was s taken to hospital. if one lane is blocked on 95 at key highway. we will keep you updated. back to you. >> thank you. more today of the the office at the inily research council chinatown. the security guards still the suspectedd arrived.til help brianne carter in northwest with a look ahead. >> 28-gerald floyd corkins, a thesuspected of shooting the familyard at research council last week, is expected back in court later today.
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he is facing several charges g assault and gun charges. authorities allege on august 15 into a conservative lobbying group and opened fire like thee did not group's politics. he was carrying a box of ammunition and 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches. a judge ordered him to undergo a evaluation to it isine whether competent to continue with court proceedings. out the result in the court hearing later today. if convicted, he could face 30where from five years to years. hearing is 1:45 this afternoon. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> maryland delegate don dwyer drinkingat he was before the crash that injured him and five others. there were three children involved. regrets his actions. >> he spoke with reporters as he trauma on thursday in
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baltimore in a wheelchair. the pasadena republican was two boats thatf collided on the river. colleges his blood alcohol twice themore than limit. >> it is true that i was drinking while operating my boat yesterday. reported thaten alcohol was 0.2. prexy and five others taken to with non-life threatening injuries. filed so far. one of the greatest cyclists will no longer fight doping allegations. lance armstrong says that he's what he callsing an unconstitutional witchhunt. denied using drugs ande enhancing is never tested positive. the u.s. anti-dumping agency him of hisl strip titles at issue him a lifetime ban from competitive cycling. >> prince george's county police continued their search for clues into a murder that has shocked the community. old amber stanley was shot to death in her home night.ay
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john gonzalez is live in kettering with reaction. >> you're right. this neighborhood is still shocked. at the time ofhe shooting e were other relatives inside the home, including two sisters. child.them a foster there were not harmed. . was the 17-year-old targeted. this murder has baffled prince george's county. a male suspect kicked in the door wednesday and shot went upstairs timesenager multiple s lying in bed to >> it is sad. a young, prosperous lady. i cannot see nobody wanting to hurt her. was a star in the science magnet program at flowers high and recently started an aspiring doctors group. to kick down the door and just shooting a young person, that's premeditated. >> dozens of investigators
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community,he quiet going door-to-door asking and searching storm drains and garbage cans for the murder weapon. >> in most cases they are the first line of completing a case. their information can go a long way in solving a crime. >> we can tell you on august 17 police were called out to the same home for some sort of with the foster sister. not saying if that in any way connected. john gonzalez reporting. degreeslooking at 68 on this friday. ahead, republicans what tropical storm -- a might bring
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getting storm isaac stronger as it moves towards the dominican republic and haiti, but forecasters don't think it will strike as a hurricane. >> it could grow to hurricane strength when it enters the gulf of mexico. it's not clear whether it will impact the republican national convention beginning monday in tampa. a former virginia congressman
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presidential the ballot in his home state. his turn did 20,000 signatures. at least 10,000 valid signatures are due today. says he is optimistic he will , but his constitution forced to back out of the presidential race in after republicans challenged the validity of its petitions. 5:11 is the time. want to look at the forecast. looking at temperatures e 60's this morning. couple degrees warmer than yesterday. in winchester, 74 at reagan national along the potomac. annapolis, 72. culpeper county 64. our way to the mid to upper 80s. most of us will be in the upper 80s especially around the beltway and south of town. around 90 degrees in fredericksburg. about 89 in fairfax and d.c. anticipates a few spotty showers saturday and lingering into
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sunday. more clouds and sunshine weekend with high in the low to mid '80s. increasing clouds and spotty showers here and there this weekend. a total washout. angelo with traffic. >> it's moving pretty well. we mentioned we had picked up zones, but there's the outer loop between 66 and 50. the outer loop, only the left closed near arlington boulevard. maryland, traveling on 70, no trouble spots. southbound from frederick to father hurley boulevard, nothing. germantown, lanes open and relatively light to the super. good on the on the inner loop and outer loop. in silver spring
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a 7 is on your side with health alert for maryland residents. the state department of health is warning people of a possible from a raven's
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football game last friday when landed on atedly in the 500ing stadium.f m&t bank school way before the test was possible. if you had contact, you are call your local health department just be sure. a year after the magnitude -- east coast earthquakes hit the area, crews still repairing damage to buildings. the monument will have to be in scaffolding before it fixed and likely will not reopen until 2014. the national cathedral may not until sometimeed in 2020. >> 5:16 by now. adam caskey is back. >> we have changes to the weekend forecast. now there's a disturbance in the weather pattern drifting northward from the carolinas. >> that's not good. >> it's not point to be total sunshine. anticipate a few areas of rain saturday and the lingering into sunday.
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and i have the latest on .ropical storm isaac first, temperatures this morning. district, 64 the manassas, 63 in winchester and 64 in gaithersburg. tot of us waking up the 60's thisn morning if. outside.very humid warm but not very humid today. by lunchtime, partly cloudy, 84. partly cloudy at 5:00 p.m., 89 degrees for the high temperature. high, thin clouds streaming fromead inhibiting fog forming the past couple morning's. the showers off cape hatteras and over the tyra banks, there's still a stationary boundary down there. the area of low pressure starting to develop. is pointing northward into saturday and a sunday.g into that will bring us more clouds tomorrow and a few
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spotty showers over the weekend. 1,100 milesrm isaac southeast of tampa, florida. into the west at 13 miles an hour, moving northwest. it continues attracting west. the biggest threat will be in keys and along the gulf coastline from. the panhandle of florida to mississippi and alabama. early to tell it willwhen or where make landfall and how strong. looks like the maximum strength will be a category one. does not look like we are facing a major hurricane. 89 today with sunshine. tomorrow, clouds and a few showers, 82. a little cooler this weekend. 40% chance of rain on saturday, 30% on sunday. some sunny breaks on sunday. that's all for the forecast. now to angela. >> good morning. it's friday light on the roads. on the b-w parkway southbound
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197, no delays to report all the way to the beltway. john hanson by way eastbound and westbound looking pretty good. boeing in virginia, 95 making from fredericksburg, no delays to report. all lanes open. continuing into springfield, moving quite well. those continuing on 395, you are the 14th street bridge. facebook updating its apple app. >> and microsoft sprucing up its logo. . >> a split -- there was a split decision apple/samsung patent battle. korean judge has said h at fault and way consumers would confuse the two companies'
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smartphones. its web has rebuilt complaints that too slow. amazon is expected to announce of its kindlesion tablets or perhaps several versions and an updated e-reader .ith a built-in light microsoft is giving itself a logoook with its first new in 25 years. this fall it will reveal a new version of windows and its own tablets.
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havingnfl is known for they've gots, but n taylor.n joh 11, 500 pounds. the place for the central
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team.lvania parana it's part of the gridiron .evelopmental football team he just needs to stand there and k.oc >> that the big boy. >> who's going to tackle him? >> tomorrow the redskins will a preseasonts in matchup at fedex field. andrew luck if there's any doubt the town its new franchise quarterback, that was put to rest. the newseum displayed an enormous image of him on the wall. fans and onlookers showed up to designs.pecial it was just a few blocks down from the president and his eyes out of the capital. will play against the no. 1 thisew lucked
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weekend. >> we are not holding this defense about havehat defense, but we talked back and forth. we have not talked much since we been drafted, because we have been busy. he does not play defense. rex parade vince and jaguars, ravens had 571 yards of offense. not a very shabby. theirvens break out of slump.on scoring 48-17 over jacksonville. the nationals are back at it tonight putting philadelphia. have a great day. >> thanks so much. the nationals have grown a curveball -- thrown a curve ball at d.c. >> the nationals what the city
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metro open late games. the last game ended after midnight. the nationals also ask the city d.c. to help with additional police, street closures, and theessions stands on streets around the stadium. a d.c. council members as other like the washington a 4 extended metro and nationals.he >> they paid, so i expect the nationals to do the same pair. there should not be any controversy about this. i don't understand why the nationals don't pay what they need to. >> it costs about $30,000 per to keep metro running after its normal closing time. 5:26 right now. the news continues at 5:30. >> a stunning admission from a maryland delegate. >> a stunning admission from a maryl[ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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d, this is "good morning washington," on your side. ahead, new details submerged today in the shooting council.mily research the suspected gunman inspected expected in court. it's friday, august 24. >> adam caskey has a check on forecast. >> bright sunshine today. warm, but not very humid. let's look at the numbers. 62 leesburg, 61 in strasburg, . sixnia the 4 in huntingtown and la plata. mid 60's around the beltway. by lunchtime, partly cloudy, 84 degrees. high temperature of 89 this afternoon.
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in huntingtown and la currently. a few showers possible especially saturday. now to angela. >> we have just gotten report of on the beltway in maryland on the outer loop near .ew hampshire avenue we will let you know if that causes a closure. coming from virginia, 395, nothing disruptive. light.ery hopefully, a lot of folks still getting vacation days. 66 is trouble-free. route 7 to leesburg pike, g disruptive as you continue to the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. it is 5:30. in the day ahead, the man charged with shooting a security at the family research council in chinatown is expected in court. corkins ii will have
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hearing and a detention hearing. walked into the conservative group's building last and shot the guard in the arm. before he fired, he said he did not like the group's politics. >> a stunning emissions from n dwyerd delegate do his actions before injured several in pasadena, maryland. admitted to drinking before operating one of the boats involved in the collision. jummy olabanji has more on this developing story. it is true that i was drinking while operating my boat yesterday. it is also it reported that my content was 0.2. >> wearing a neck brace and a left foot, he spoke with reporters as left shock trauma in baltimore thursday evening. he publicly admitted that on the his bloodhe accident was more than twice the legal limit. no one should be drinking and vehicle. a motor
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or a power boat. wednesday evening he and an passenger were riding in boat that ran into another boat that was carrying adults and children. >> these people are my heroes and i thank everyone of them so much. his a-year-old grandson broken arm and his 5- granddaughter's and fractured. my heart goes out to the family involved in the incident. i prefer them to have a speedy recovery. >> jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> police still have no suspects no motive in the murder of a high school student from kettering, maryland. amber stanley was monday night when down the frontke door. straight toeaded her bedroom and shot her several times. she was a star student at the
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forence magnet program at hours high school with hopes of flowers a doctor -- at school. a funeral mass for elizabeth for 11:00 thised morning and will be held at the church of. of two viewings for rose .ayr plan today for today.ned both 19-year-old young women crushed during a train derailment. >> and how tropical storm isaac is causing
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tony in silver chicken.ooking jerk good morning, washington. >> it's 5:37. that chicken looks good. it does. let's check in with adam caskey. and how about it a grave -- gravy-d donuts filled donut? we are in the '60s mainly. 63 in frederick. 62 in martinsburg.
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70 in lexington park. highs in the upper 80s this especially around the beltway. mid 80's in outlying areas. the weekend looks unsettled with a few spotty showers saturday and sunday. back to you. >> thank you. some lanes on interstate 66 closed thisll be weekend at the beltway because of construction. not o'clock tonight until 5:00 monday morning. e of the ramps will be closed. 495 t 66 enclosed completely and in the westbound direction. >> there will be delays on the lines. orange line trains, single- tracking between grosvenor and medical center. between takoma and forest glen. on the orange line, buses will
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between vienna and east falls church. and westunn loring, falls church stations will be until from 10:00 tonight closing on sunday. running out if you plan to take part in our latest giveaway. perhaps you have until 4:00 the chance to win four vip tickets to abbey road on the on labor day weekend. also giving away a guitar worth $1,000. to sign up. winner onnounce the monday. it is 69 degrees, 5:39. >> disturbing video from a boston subway station. a woman falls on to the tracks
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coming up that 6:00, we will latest rescues and
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apartmentat an building in southeast. a special summer house call that one montgomery county toool official will lead good things for students this year. and the british tabloid cover nude andprince harry is hoping to cash on it. >> we know the fate of a man claiming responsibility for people in the bombing rampage last july in norway. was convicted of terrorism and premeditated murder today. he was declared sane and detention, that's criminals considered dangerous to society. 10-20l serve a minimum of prison, but that could be extended. of a missing journalists missing in syria is hoping his son will turned up safe. contacthas not been in with his family in texas or
5:44 am
editors for more than a week now. he's a 31-year-old former marine expected back in the the washington post is working the state department to find him. the navy seals who rode about t killed osama bin laden has been identified. bissonett. the book is scheduled to be on september 11 under owen.eudonym mark he could face risks to his safety >> . let's check out what's happening with the trayvon martin case of. hearing this morning should be prosecutors to georgess zimmerman's medical records of. the records says private. zimmerman is charged with murder in the death of trayvon martin. pleaded not guilty and the teenager in self-defense. prosecutors in the drew peterson could rest today
5:45 am
after a crucial hearsay testimony. pastor testified that his told him about the death ofrrounding the your husband's third wife kathleen savio. the pastor, stacy peterson said her husband also asked her to lie to investigators. suspect repeaters killed stacy peterson to mucho, butew not been charged in her disappearance. >> the death of rodney king has been ruled accidental. n drinking and was on when it plunged into swimming pool and accidentally drowned. the case is now closed. there were frightening moments area subway station caught on tape. a woman carrying her four-year- son falls onto the tracks. she tells transit officers she for train that was the opposite platform. rushing, thinking
5:46 am
that the train i am boarding, not on this platform. i just stepped onto the tracks. >> a bystander helped the mom and child to safety. hurt seriously. the woman says she no longer take the subway. she would rather spend $25 to park. >> good thing she's ok. >> another status update for facebook. jane .ws are on the way >> applebee's, forget the kids highchairs. it's now a late-night destination. get ready, linda. >> looks like applebee's may be a destination to have fun. the restaurant chain wants to pull in bar harbor is late at night. it has been experimenting quietly with a late-night bars d clubs seen for years, including satellites, karaoke,
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and more. the late-night hours and promotions could boost sales to%. jetblue is launching a new between reagan national and san juan, puerto rico. is offering fares as low as $99.10 way, but you have to act fast. sale ends at midnight. it's between september 6 and november 9. go to their web site for more. facebook users, it's updating application for ipad and i phone users to make it twice as for opening pictures and news feeds. for access to members. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. applebee's and have some fun. tropical storm it is true that i was drinking while operating my boat yesterday. -- interferingrm isaac
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the republican national convention in tampa. >> let's go to tahman bradley for more. >> it is ripping through the n islands with winds up 50 miles an hour. it has flooded parts of puerto rico and neighboring islands. l be in the florida keys on sunday where residents are getting ready. live.s where we >> we will take it easy. the republican party has to storm threatening its convention next week in tampa. 50,000 people were travelling into the city. toogovernor says it is happens talk about what if the storm hits. like we will have rain .nd wind the time to have a discussion is after it leaves cuba. it could change security plans for the gop convention. thousands of police officers
5:49 am
state are scheduled to be in tampa. >> i have been on storm duty many times. it would be easiest to switch rnc control to a hurricane control. airlines plan to be able to change tickets without penalty. as 800,000 people live in the evacuation zone. they would be forced to leave if isaac becomes a hurricane. >> that water would be funneled bay.the >> the mayor said he would call if the gop convention storm hits, but republicans are still moving forward with plans to officially nominate mitt romney on monday. >> there watching that hurricane in florida. what are we watching? a weak disturbance off the carolina coast that will drift north. going to be a weekend washout, just spotty showers there on saturday and
5:50 am
lingering into sunday. and we will get the latest on the track of tropical storm .saac let's get to the temperatures this morning. '60s. in the 61 in cumberland, 63 in frederick, but 72 quantico and 74 at reagan national. the warm waters influencing that. here's the express forecast. afternoon for the high temperature. reach 90 south of washington. be in the upper 80s with partly cloudy conditions by the afternoon. have high, thin clouds moving overhead this morning. not very humid today. carolina coast there's a weak developing. it's not going to be a strong but enough of a developing to drift north and throw a monkey wrench into our weekend forecast. beautiful iting be mostly cloudy with a chance of a few showers.
5:51 am
40% chance on saturday and 30% chance on sunday. tropical storm isaac expected to the west at 13 miles an hour. over 1,100 miles to the of tampa, florida. it has the biggest threat to the keys, cuba as well. and it could hit the gulf coast category one storm by the middle of next week's. it is continually moving west. 72 now in northwest d.c., 66 in oxon hill. we will make it to the upper 80s us, near 90 in fredericksburg. on the weekend with clouds and rains, 82 on saturday, 84 on sunday. next week we have another shot of rain on tuesday. of isaace remnants our weather, it could us rainfall by the end of next week. back to angela. >> good morning on this friday. accident we reported earlier a six0, isound
5:52 am
car pileup. closed and there are significant delays. six cars involved in. the in in the meantime, not dealing much volume this morning. still friday light. there is another incident on the beltway. avenue,hampshire flashing lights. is not impacting the drive on the beltway. he article cramped to southbound new hampshire avenue blocked with this accident. car ran into a tree. you get past that, no trouble make your way around to bridge.ican legion back to you. >> thank you. , 67 degrees in rockville. >> a preview of the movie is g screen thisi weekend. bad?hey good or
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>> following breaking news out georgetown in washington. >> jummy olabanji is live on the scene with details of a bank y.bber >> d.c. police confirmed to us investigating an at the m&turglary bank on wisconsin street in georgetown. you can see detectives still on e scene. police tell us this happened after midnight early this
5:56 am
morning. not released on many details. they are waiting for another scene to get on the will bether that e lead investigating team of the burglary. we have heard is the fbi. we have seen officers also this abandoned next door to the there appears to be an opening that bank as well. we're not sure if he tried to maybe go into the abandoned building that is directly next bank.o the after midnight, d.c. police say people or group of break into the m&t onk on wisconsin avenue at street. we hope to have an update a little later. georgetown,ve in jummy olabanji. you have more movies to this weekend at the box office. >> always the question of are
5:57 am
money?rth your time and arch campbell has the reviews. >> the chase is on. >> i was kind of involved in a robbery. got into witness protection i knew i was not be that guy anymore. he is in the witness protection program. the guys wanting to rob him out on his tail. it has a thousand comic twists cameos.brity maybe not the greatest, but energetic and great fun. 2.5 stars, rated r. i have a package for you. another chase. bicycle messenger delivering an that a lot of bad guys want. stars, pg-13. best bet, "the dark knight"and the campaign and moonrise
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kingdom. have a nice weekend. campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> elkton john can sleep easy now because madonna says she forgives him. sure he's been waiting patiently for that. been in a feud since criticized a lady gaga song ,nd elton john fired back calling madonna a stripper. madonna dedicated her song elton john and not ahe'srowd i forgive mine and him. the first lady making an appearance on the dr. oz show. michelle obama will tape a segment next week to discuss her campaign and that will air on september 14. a british tabloid finally the first british paper published the nude of prince harry in s.s vega >> and james palace formally asked the british newspapers not the photographs on the
5:59 am
grounds they would infringe on the prince's privacy. but the managing editor of the changed his mind, saying of freedom of the press. labatt 6:00, how las vegas hopes to profit from the scandal. we will hear from the bill girls him on the weekend on good morning america. partyinghe girls him. a couple got married in newport beach, california packs. jet ceremony, sounique husband said i do while wearing wetsuits. who would pass this up? >> acorn to be a great story to tell our kids. >> the site of them was something for the locals to see.


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