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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  August 31, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. this is breaking news. >> to the bill stories we're following. the first was an early morning shooting at a new jersey grocery store. >> an employee at the store walked in this morning and started shooting at 4:00. the killed and 18-year-old woman at a 24-year-old man before killing himself. more than a dozen employees were in the store at the time. police are not sure the motive, only saying the suspect was at work overnight but left at some point and got a handgun and an assault rifle and then returned.
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we will continue to follow the story. >> a powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake that triggered a tsunami warning in the philippines is now blamed for one death. it struck about 60 miles off the coast of an island that has had building collapses including an least one home. no reports of any tsunami damage other than that. coastal residents have evacuated to higher ground as a precaution. >> happening right now, prince george's county police wrapping up a major search for evidence for in the murder of a teenager. amber stanley was shot and killed inside her family home on august 22, but the motive behind the killing is still question. jummy olabanji joins us from kettering with the search for answers. >> dozens of prince george county police officers just left the scene about 20 minutes ago. they focused a lot on this ravine that you see behind me. it is a couple blocks down the street from amber stanley's
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home. police believe whoever shot her may have run through this area. >> we need. the public's need >> prince george's county homicide detectives and cadets continue their search all over a 17-year-old amber stanley's kettering neighborhood. looking for clues in storm drains and trash cans. help today's increased presence will encourage anyone with even a tiny bits of information to come forward. >> so many times when you get a lead on the case somebody will say i did not think it mattered. it may not seem that significant to the person, but when that is coupled with something we already have that they don't know, we put it together and it can break the case. >> police are still looking for the person who picks in the front door last week and shot the flowers high school honor roll student multiple times. neighbors are still shocked by the senseless crime. >> we were very saddened by. >> detectives say today they have no information that leads
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them to believe that after the gunman left the home he walked down the street in choosing not to run and perhaps not to draw attention to himself? . >> you see people walking by all the time but we don't really know who they are. police of not recovered the murder weapon but they searched a ravine hoping to find any evidence as amber stanley's family and friends prepared to say goodbye today if. neighbors are hoping for one thing. >> we hope they get the person who did this. >> here's a picture of 17-year- old amber stanley. her funeral service is going on right at this moment. detectives were handing out to these crime solvers fighters throughout this neighborhood today asking anyone who may have seen anything on that night to give them a call. reporting live in kettering, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. we are following a developing story. police searching for the driver that led them on the chase careening down several states we
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dix street in southeast and southwest washington. it clipped several cars and a firetruck. the chase ended when the car driver did the car in southwest. police say the car was stolen and no arrests have been made. >> at least five deaths contributed to isaac four in louisiana and one in mississippi. many still dealing with the floodwaters that are still rising. many neighborhoods completely under water while hundreds of thousands are still without power. the 15 dozen crews working around the clock to try to get the power back on, including help from dominion virginia. despite all the warnings before the storm, some chillsstill toast to stay. mitt romney will be in orleans to see the devastation firsthand. president obama will visit that area on monday. >> isaac is no longer a tropical system, but it will have a storm
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watch for as in the coming days. adam caskey. >> the leftovers are moving to nornorth and in arkansas and missouri they have seen almost two inches of rain. almost two inches in some locations. that will continue dumping rainfall right there and it will spread east toward us and could affect our weekend plans. it's 93 degrees in the district, 86 in winchester 82 in hagerstown. mostly sunny today. mid 90's for most of us. we could see if you upper 90s especially south of town. a few isolated neighborhoods that's possible. this shows the showers and storms from kansas city down through parts of arkansas and little rock today. as for chicago, 94 degrees. sunshine and 95 in omaha. 97 in dallas. the weekend forecast straight ahead. >> while romney will not travel to battleground virginia, paul
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ryan will, scheduled to speak at 2:00 in richmond. >> this comes after an emotional high for mitt romney and a clint eastwood speech last night. it was back to the campaign trail today for mitt romney and paul ryan. i need to have you do the work on november 6 that gets reelected the next president of united states. and has to happen in florida. they held a rally in the battleground state of florida before splitting up. romney in orleans to survey the damage from isaac and to meet with first responders. and ryan to virginia. one is looking to build on last night's momentum from his speech to the republican national convention in tampa. it was the moment he had been waiting for his entire life. >> i accept your nomination for president of united states. tried to appeal to independents who voted for president obama last time but are frustrated by the slow economic recovery. >> you know there's something wrong when the kind of job he's
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done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. prexy also tried to introduce himself to voters not familiar with his background? . >> i was born in the middle of the century in the middle of the country if. brett hann to those who remain skeptical of his policy. unlike the president, i have a plan to create 12 million new jobs. >> also, a mr. speaker last night, and n and unorthodox delivery. >> i cannot tell him to do that to himself. >> governor romney was expected in richmond, virginia, for the rally, but by splitting up they will cover a lot more ground and romney will be in orleans before president obama. >> vice-president joe biden is hitting the trail today with a campaign stop in ohio. the vice president dick of the event about an hour ago near cleveland. the rally comes just a day after general motors asked the candidates not to visit the
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plant until after election day. the event is being held in union hall for the autoworkers. >> firefighters often called the bravest. and stored in county firefighters put their lives on the line to save people from a burning apartment this morning. one of them even shared his oxygen with a victim as they both sat strapped inside a burning building. john gonzalez joins us more from temple hills on this more remarkable story. >> now we know this afternoon it was hot egg rolls unattended that started this fire. of all your people were trapped inside. one woman was trapped inside this unit. a firefighter kept them alive by sharing his oxygen mask and there were rescued seconds before the air ran out. >> pipa two firemen in the back of the ambulance. >> this is exclusive video and showing how unrecognizable the bottom floor unit is. this is where the fire started. a grease fire in the kitchen.
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everything destroyed. the next-door neighbor was able to run out just in time. >> i watched as the fire came back out of the back. i was hoping the people got out. i heard yelling but i was not sure where it came from because a lot of people were screaming. >> the man walked out, but not the woman who lives upstairs in this unit. the fire tore through the floor burning her feet. she began screaming for help when she got herself trapped. a firefighter ran toward her, became trapped as well. >> he sat with her in the apartment sharing his air mask if waiting for someone to rescue them. >> boats are being treated for smoke inhalation, exhaustion, and minor burns. >> he had his tank on the gurney with her and there was still giving her oxygen. >> firefighters were greeted by a flash fire and are in the burn unit. >> i guess it got out of control. gregg starks officials say the flames did go from manageable to uncontrollable in just minutes. >> the nature of a firefighter
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is to be a hero to anyone in need. he rose to the call. >> everyone is expected to survive. the man who accidentally started the fire claimed that he pulled two fire alarms in the building but they did not work. our officials are looking into it. tonight at 5:00 o'clock, hear from the heroics fire fighter himself. john gonzalez reported from temple hills. a sad day for the abc family. we have learned of robin roberts' mother passing away. >> she started medical leave a day early to be by her mother's side. her colleagues at good morning america paid tribute this morning to lucimarian, calling recordher an inspiration. estimated to mississippi just in time to be with her mother. lucimarian was the first african-american to be the head of mississippi's board of education. she was 88. >> flags flying in memory of
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neil armstrong. a private service being held today for the first man to set foot on the moon. he died saturday at the age of 82. the service is being planned in washington in the next few weeks. >> after two years, the reflecting pool is reopening just in time for labor day. the construction of began coming down this morning and is set to reopen any minute now. they began refilling it after a 34 million-dollar reconstruction. coming u at noon, a bear in a passenger seat plans a woman on the wrong end of a big ticket. the moment she knew she was busted. >> looking for labor day weekend plans? how about rock-and-roll on the river? the coming up. >> first, water shooting into the skies in crystal city. which rose are impacted by this. >> it's going to be a scorcher. by labor day, we could be in for
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>> take a look at this. order main breaks loose and things down for people driving through part of arlington. this started at 12th street and clark around 10:00 this morning. they tried to turn off the water to stop it from gushing, but it did not work. they are trying another way now. no word this noon on when the water will been cut off. >> going out of town for labor day weekend will cost more this year as tripoli is reported national average forecast is $3.83 a gallon. 50 cents higher than it was on july 4. in the district, $4 a gallon now. a dissent jump from independence day.
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a little cheaper in maryland and virginia. if you stay home, you can get the labor day weekend started off right with a hard day's night at national harbor. >> the bithe beatles tribute band is the highlight of abbey road and national harbor. there's brianne carter. >> we just got started at noon for the kickoff of today's events. this festival will last until monday with 30 different bands performing at stages indoors and outdoors. we will talk to someone from ireland, a beatles portrait artist who got in last night in town and joins us this morning. what got you interested in the beatles? >> since i was a child. my mom and dad named me after george harrison. my father could draw and once i
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started drawing i got a passion for drawing george harrison and listening to the music inspired me even more. >> you have some of your hard work with you today. tell us about this. >> it is a portrait of george when he was older in life. it is an image of him. [unintelligible] >> some of that art work will be here this weekend. thanks for being with us and georgeanna. things kicked off today around noon. it will go on until late into the evening tonight. the festival lasts throughout the weekend until monday. $35 will get you in the door. >> thanks so much. she has been working beatles song titles into her statements. >> all day long.
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>> its current be warm today. >> go out and enjoy the day and you need some sunscreen. we can handle this in washington. it will cooldown this weekend in washington, but the rain chances will increase as the temperatures go down. rain chances increase steadily this holiday weekend. we will talk about that and the leftover rainfall best moving north throughe country and how that will affect our labor day holiday weekend. first, the time lapse. it's not the most colorful but we got a little color right at sunrise. it was a hazy sun rise because of the humidity in the air this morning. a lot of the humidity has mixed out since then. it is hot, but not overly monuggy. there's an air temperature of 93 reagan national with a dew point of 55. nothing but sunshine today with a strong high-pressure and an overall sinking motion in our
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atmosphere inhibiting any clouds from forming today. a different story of to the west. still moderate to heavy rainfall in parts of arkansas and extending into missouri. missouri does not even have any flood watches in effect at this time. arkansas has a few flash flood watch as if. right along that line in southeastern arkansas is a flash flood warning for now. this is bringing much-needed moisture to parts of the midsection of the country. they are in a very severe drought from arkansas north and even eastern into the ohio valley, southern illinois included. the leftovers of isaac will bring much-needed rain to them. right now it's not a soaking rain but it could turn into a little much of a good thing for some locations. that's why there are some watches and warnings in effect especially in arkansas. there's a cold front off to our northwest. that will depend on saturday and give us a slight chance of isolated showers on saturday? along with energy that will spin
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off from the leftovers of isaac. those combined to give us isolated showers mainly in virginia later in the day on sunday. letsonlet's look at the predicted rainfall totals from the leftovers of isaac. this is sunday at 2:00 p.m.. north of st. louis in parts of northeastern missouri, possibly over 6 inches between now and 2:00 p.m. sunday. as you go east, in ohio they could have an inch. that's just through sunday afternoon. this red area indicates four inches of rain. that is balanced through wednesday morning. between now and wednesday moving the slow-moving moisture will spread the rainfall through the ohio valley and even write here into the washington area. we have two other systems. tropical storm lesley and hurricane kirjkk. they should remain open ocean. 93 degrees by 5:00 p.m..
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slight chance of a few showers on saturday. it's gonna be a nice day overall, even at the beach. by sunday the chance of precipitation increases for. monday, the day will have the most widespread rain. not all day, just spotty showers off and on. >> better to get to the beach today. >> as early as possible. >> coming up, looks like viral marketing for moving. it is a woman breaking the law. hear what she say
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>> an attempt to keep the hov lanes ended with an expensive lesson for a woman. >> the young woman was trying to use her big fluffy teddy bear to get ahead of traffic when a state trooper pulled up beside her. she knew she was busted. >> i was driving and i saw the motorcycle cop. i turned and had a huge smile on my face. i was like yes, i am going to get a ticket right now. >> the ticket is $280.
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there's a sad face to go along with it. had a bear in the car because she was getting rid of it and was planning to donate it to a charity or a small child. sure. tell that to the judge. >> it's justintendments we will learn who america's analyst millionaires are. michigan lottery officials had planned an announcement at 12:30 eastern to announce the winner of the powerball drawings from two weeks ago. they have not said its one person or perhaps an office pool. they get $241 million in total. >> following some breaking news in harrisonburg. an suv has struck seven pedestrians, killing a little child aged 18 months. a 16-year-old was behind the wheel and loss control. the person will be charged with manslaughter. the investigation is ongoing. >> adam
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the >> join us at the national harbor for abbey road on the river. the music is playing and the weather is beautiful. the beatles-inspired festival continues through monday. $35 gets you in the door. back inside the. >> looks like a lot of fun. it's just going to be a little warm.
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