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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 2, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning, seat scare. >> new reports overnight of more american airlines jets with separated seats. a growing list of flights, forced to land when entire rows came loose. breaking right now. a deadly disaster in one of the world's busiest harbors. a ferry collision sending dozens of people, including children, into the water. that peanut butter recall is growing. moreetailers and more products joining the list, due to salmonella concerns. and beat out by a first grader? a burly tcher suing for emotional trauma after a 6-year-old's temper tantrum.
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good morning, everyone. good morning. let's try that again. >> we're a little tired this time. >> we begin this tuesday, with breaking news about troubled american airlines. and word of a third flight in less than a week where passengers' seats came loose. >> a flight last wednesday, from vail, colorado, down to dallas, had problems with loose seats. and as jim avila reports, federal officials are already investigationing two other flights with the very same issue. >> during climbout, rows passenger seats, row 12 came loose on the floor. >> reporter: american airlines flight 685, from boston to miami, diverted in mid flight, declaring an emergency and landing at jfk in new york, because a row of seats had disengaged from its rail on
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nearly a pull flight. one of the displaced passengers is moved to the flight attendants' jump seat. but fearing turbulence en route, the captain decides to land before the loose row becomes an in-flight missile. >> we don't want that thing flying around and hurt the passengers behind it. the seat is loose. and can rotate pretty quickly. >> reporter: a second american flight, from jfk, this time, to miami, turned back after takeoff because of loose seats. elevating americans' struggles from inconvenience, to safety concerns. >> i think it could be sabotage. or it could just be sloppiness. but either way, it's kind of a disaster for the airline. >> reporter: american is in the middle of a labor dispute with all of its unions, including maintenance workers. but despite the claims in maintenance delays in september were deliberate work actions, american claims, this is different. and anyone who says that the disconnected seats are a deliberate act are irresponsible
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and outrageous. the union denies any work actions. the fda says it's investigating. and american airlines has grounded eight of its 757s. now, federal investigators are looking into that third incident, the one that happened last wednesday. you can stay with us for "good morning america." they will have the very latest on american airlines, coming up. also breaking overnight, a deadly disaster at sea. at least 36 people have been killed and more than 100 rushed to hospitals after a boat and ferry collide off hong kong. the boat was jammed with people enjoying holiday fireworks in victoria harbor. and the ferry was on a regular run as the two vessels collided. and low visibility made it hard to get to all of the victims. to presidential politics now and five weeks until the ection. the candidates are spending their last full day of prep before tomorrow night's all-important debate in denver.
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tahman bradley has more at what's at stake in their first faceoff. >> reporter: the stage is almost ready at the university of denver, where tomorrow night, president obama and mitt romney will go head-to-head during the first presidential debate. at a rally last night in denver, romney previewed one of his attacks. >> we had 40-straight weeks of unemployment above 8%. and what does the president say to all this? he says forward. i think forewarned a better term. >> reporter: romney's trailing president obama in polls. and his campaign knows the upcoming debates could be their best chance to turn things around. that's why the candidate is practicing. huddled with mock advisers. in the mock debates, senator rob portman is playing barack obama. >> i don't like him very much anymore. >> reporter: as for president obama, he took a break from practice yesterday to visit a campaign office and make a few calls to unsuspecting voters. >> andrea? hi. this is barack obama. how are you?
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that's right. >> reporter: it was just a brief break for the president, who, like romney, has been rehearsing for days. senator john kerry is playing romney in president obama's practice sessions. the president is out of practice. the last time he debated was four years ago. and, rob and paula, according to the latest abc news/"washington post" poll, 56% of americans expect president obama to win the debates. mitt romney told voters yesterday, the debates are about more than who comes out on top. they are a chance for a month-long conversation with the american people. >> managing expectations, as always. tahman bradley, live in washington for us. thanks, tahman. and abc news coverage of the debate begins tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific. keep right here on abc. and there is word this morning of a series of secret meetings at the white house. focusing on the threat from al qaeda in north africa.
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"the washington post" says the meetings came before the 9/11 attacks on u.s. compounds in libya. during the discussions, the possibility of unilateral strikes against al qaeda targets in that region were reportedly considered for the very first time. and there are plenty of questions to answer about the derailment of an amtrak passenger train in california's central valley. at least 20 people were injured when several cars came off the rails after colliding with a big rig truck. a second train/truck crash happened about ten miles away, leaving the truck driver with major injuries. and an update on a story that caused so much outrage. new york mayor, michael bloomberg, says a retired lock smith will stop selling master keys to some of the most sensitive locks in the city, including the world trade center site. the keys are meant for firefighters and city officials to access electric panels and
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subway stations. a "new york post" reporter bought a set on ebay for $160. >> that is alarming. it is time, now, for the weather from across this great nation. severe storms, with gusty winds and hail, from cincinnati to pittsburgh and lexington. showers with peeks of sunshine from new york to d.c. thunderstorms from the carolinas, georgia and florida. and more record heat in the southwest. >> this great nation. you go, paula. and, my fellow americans, 102 in phoenix, 94 in sacramento. upper 60s and 70s from the midwest to the east coast. and when we come back this morning, the major food recall that just got a lot bigger. also, a recall of some of the most popular cars in america. 600,000 hondas that need a fix to prevent a possible fire. also this morning, here comes money boo-boo. honey boo-boo and her reality show family land a very sweet, new deal.
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and welcome back. we are learning the price of congressional inaction. a washington thinktank says if congress can't reach agreement on extending those tax cuts, nine out of ten, 90% of households will see a tax hike averaging $3,500. economists are warning if congress drives off what is so-called the fiscal cliff, there will be automatic tax increases and deep spending cuts on january 1st. the federal mortgage task force is filing its first action
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against a major bank. the civil lawsuit against jpmorgan chase alleges massive fraud involving mortgage-backed securities. rather than a specific deal, the complaint focuses on improper practices through bear stearns, which jpmorgan chase acquired after it went bust. american express is agreeing to refund $85 million to credit card customers. federal agencies say the company charged improper late fees and deceived credit card customers about old debts and new services. there is a major recall from honda this morning. it affects 600,000 accords with v6 engines from 2003 to 2007. the power steering might come loose and leak fluid causing a fire. only one fire has been reported thus far. honda will replace the hoses for free but won't have replacement parts available until early next year.
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prosecutors here in new york say bernie madoff's ponzi scheme actually started much earlier than first thought. according to new papers, new court papers, the fraud started as far back as the early '70s. the revised indictment adds new charges of bank fraud and new tax offenses to several people who worked with madoff. first, the dallas cowboys gave us sexy cheerleaders. now, they're giving their female fans sexy lingerie. opening a victoria's secret pink store in cowboy stadium last night. the shop will offer hoodies and other apparel. the clothing sold there will, of course, have the team logo. >> that's for their female fans? i think it's also for the males. >> i fully support it. go, cowboys. >> something in it for everybody, right? when we come back, the food recall spreading across the country. more than 100 products now linked to a salmonella outbreak that started with peanut butter. and crying foul. the football player-turned gym
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how lyrica affects you. with less pain, i'm feeling better now that i've found lyrica. ask your doctor if lyrica is right for your fibromyalgia pain. and that's the white house lit up in pink overnight, to mark the beginning of breast cancer awareness month. it's estimated that over 200,000 women will be diagnosed with the disease this year alone. now, for a look at your morning road conditions. a slick commute across much of ohio, into pittsburgh and lexington, kentucky. wet highways along the east coast, as well. but not a total washout. >> if you are flying today, thunderstorms could cause airport delays in the south, in miami. and charlotte. back to the news this morning, a peanut butter recall that started with one trader joe's brand is growing quickly. it includes more than 100
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products sold at major stores. >> at least 30 people, most of them children, have been sickened by salmonella. the sunland company is recalling products made be chashews and other. a police brew tillty investigation is under way in philadelphia after a lieutenant was seen punching a woman in the face. look at the left side of your screen right there. lieutenant jonathan josie, who is a 19-year veteran of the force, apparently hit eva gusman so hard she fell to the ground bleeding. police say the mother of three flew beer at them. but the video shows someone else tossing the beer. here in new york, a public schoolteacher is accusing a first grader of physically assaulting him and forcing him into therapy.
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27-year-old gym teacher john webster is a former college football player. but he is claiming he was seriously injured during a run-in with that 6-year-old. >> he spun around, belted me right directly in my right knee. i was trying to move back away. but i heard a big pop to my knee at that point. >> now, webster claims his doctor told him to stay out of work for several months. but a new york department of education doctor says that he should be back at school now. the new york city police department is doubling the size of its gang unit because of dares and threats on social media. the police commissioner says gangs no longer battle over drugs, but instead over turf and loyalty to friends. gang members take to facebook and other social media sites that intimidate and threaten their rivals. and to, believe it or not, brag about their climbs. digital overload is making us sick, literally.
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they're about to add internet use disorder to the official list of illnesses. it covers addiction to social media, as well as to online gaming. it includes emotional shutdown, lack of concentration and withdrawal. children are especially at risk. proof that many of us aren't getting enough shut-eye. 10% of americans are chronic insomniacs. and sleep-deprived workers admit their lack of rest is leading to mistakes in the workplace. the errors are costing employers an average of $32,000. we never make any mistakes this early in the morning. ever. wake up. now, some sports news. there's only two days left in the major league baseball season. and plenty to play for out there. we get highlights on last night's drama from espn. >> good morning. i'm hakem dermish with your "sportscenter" update. two division titles were clinched on monday. we begin in kansas city, where
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miguel cabrera is batting .352. the league-leading 44 home runs this season. tigers take a 2-0 lead. and cabrera, the all-triple category with two games to go. jose valverde in to close. he gets his third save of the season. it's a big one. tigers win 6-3, and clinch back-to-back central division titles. the series in oakland. a's/rangers. bottom five. tied at 2-2. man on for coco crisp. here, he has a base out to left. and the athletics take a 3-2 lead. top nine, now. rangers down 4-3. tying run at the plate. grant belfour strikes out mike napoli. the a's clinch their playoff berth. their first playoff spot since
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2006. they knock out the angels and rays out of contention. a win against the phillies or a braves loss will give the nationals their first n.l. east championship. the pirates beat the braves, 2-1. so, the nats have clinched their first n.l. east division. the nats lost 2-0. doesn't matter. they win the n.l. east title. feeling nat-i-tude in washington. on "monday night football," it was all bears in dallas, against the cowboys. tony romo throwing five interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns. and jay cutler, nearly perfect in the second half, missing on one pass attempt. chicago wins big, 34-18. they are 3-1. a little bit of good news out of chicago, even though the white sox were eliminated in the playoffs. >> your loyalty is clear. next up, "the pulse," says this year's oscar host is an animated choice.
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it's "pulse," time on this tuesday, stories you're going to be talking about. first up, one might say nobody saw it coming. >> fair enough. >> seth mcmarlin, he's going to be host of next year's oscars. he is the creator of the animated hit, "family guy," and "american dad." and the voice behind his characters, as well. mcmarlin showed off his other talents on the set of "saturday night live." ♪ my head is full of voices
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>> he says he will do his best to live up to his predecessors. the academy awards will air here on abc. the pint-sized reality star is getting a big raise. honey boo boo's show is so particular, that tlc is boosting her salary to $20,000 per episode. >> network honchos offered to help them find a bigger house. june shannon says she wants to stay right where she is because she makes a big deal over her christmas decorations. >> i can respect her for that. >> wow. and finally, a couple of fellows who go back a long way. >> they are joseph katz. he's the one with the crowd right there. and his lifelong friend, al siegel, they celebrated their 100th birthday together last weekend. >> joe and al have been friends for 91 years. they grew up together in brooklyn and live nearby in south florida these days. joe says use your body, don't
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♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. updating the top stories. there's word that a third american airlines flight in the past week has had problems with passenger seats coming loose. "the new york post" says it happened last wednesday on a dallas flight. and at least 36 people are dead and dozens injured after a boat and ferry collided off of hong kong. the boat was filled with people watching a fireworks show for a holiday there. the presidential candidates are behind closed doors preparing for tomorrow night's debate. mitt romney says it's not about who wins or loses. record highs in the southwest. severe storms around cleveland, pittsburgh and lexington. scattered showers in the northeast. and thunderstorms from the carolinas down to miami. and finally this tuesday morning, a pricey crash test in the desert that may have
4:28 am
produced some life-saving information. >> the ground-breaking test shows what a difference it makes where you sit and what you do when a plane is coming down. more, now, from abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: a boeing 727 over the mexican desert, speeding towards the ground at 2,000 feet per minute. and a flight crew has bailed out a hatch in the back with parachutes. >> jumpers away. >> reporter: left onboard, the passengers, more than $500,000 worth of crash test dummies, along with 38 specialized high-speed cameras and sensors embedded in the frame. all hurtling towards every flier's ultimate terror. a sudden, horrifying crash. this stunning, made-to-order catastrophe was done for the discovery channel show, "curiosity: plane crash," all to
4:29 am
discover what really happens to people onboard. >> maybe a broken ankle. >> reporter: injury biomechanics expert cindy byrd says the crash dummies tell the story. bracing for impact can save your life. you put your head -- >> your head down. hands over. and just hold it. >> reporter: and that works? >> yeah. it does. >> reporter: the results show that passengers near the front took the brunt of it. rows seven and forward were considered fatal. the force was less in the middle. and much less in the rear of the plane. >> that was a severe impact. >> reporter: she showed us something else in her lab. a simulated mother holding an infant on her lap, a familiar money saver for parents everywhere. after a relatively minor impact, the mother can't hold on. another critical tip, generally sitting within five rows of an exit gives the passenger the best odds because getting out fast is key. neal karlinsky, abc news,


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