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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc breaking news. >> are breaking news is coming from silver spring. are working to find out specific circumstances that led to the gunfire. this all unfolded on good hope drive. >> an intense situation is under way in silver spring. it is a very fluid situation, a of police are still on the same. about 9:00, purports of a shooting. was a lot of concern, some speculating there was a home invasion. there was indeed a shooting. others are speculating that the
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were somehowls acquainted. s point, no confirmation was ather or not this home invasion. we do know an individual was shot. no word on the condition. we have heard from montgomery police. it is a fluid situation, they do have officers on the same. they're trying to nail down the facts. they have secured the area, but more details to come. >> the cold temperatures stick rain is moving into the region. ryan joins us with a at what we can overnight and tomorrow morning. it has been an unusually cold day. a couple of spots set records, strange records.
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this is finally beginning to out, it's a lot of the out towards the northeast. leftovertill see some chilly rain showers are around reston. it will be happening as we sleep. morning, there will be light sprinkles. mid-emperatures into the 40's. remember, be careful. it is dark when a lot of youngsters are heading out to buses. l be cloudy was some sprinkles, may be some fog. i will tell you more when i join you in a few minutes. the cold weather sent f people into a deep freeze rights inside their
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chilly, but the heat has off.ned tenants are up said. >> it was absolutely miserable this morning. i had to wear layers in my own house. managers wait until the last minute to turn on the heat. should have the option. of front desk employee told decision had not been made the heat and no one was on anyway.urn it a short time after we arrived, a manager assured me that decision had been made over weekend. >> it would be wonderful. >> this elderly resident said the cold had exacerbated her asthma. >> i would be delighted. i would be so appreciative. >> city official confirms to me -- they do.
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about the heat turning non -- turning the lake. after they turn on the heat, they get complaints from residents that it is too hot. >> breaking news from fairfax which refers to confirm found in a wooded area is back of bryan glenn. the 17-year-old was found hours ago. the discovery was made were detectives say he parked his car and then vanished. it was in this parking lot that car wase found parked one week ago today. this afternoon, about three- down thisf a mile trail, it is where the body was found. by a volunteer who d come out to help the
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missing search for the teenager. >> i do not know. the community are understand how the dead of and up popular trail. he had a future ahead of them. know why he would have any enemies. thought anything happen to him. >> he seemed cool. he was funny. >> an army of volunteers came to woods near the park the day after his was found here. the volunteers found the body, leaving the family and searchers devastated. there? they livedce said week, --same spot last fairfax county police said they looked near the same spot last but did not see the body. in a statement, his parents everyonethank you to the community and around the globe who offered their love,
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paris, and support. your kindness has given us strength during this difficult time. >> she is one of many in the bryan.ty to another new >> i still cannot believe it. woods to get the thick right off the side of the trail. police say it not only did they body, but people have jogging and biking passed was for seven days now. nobody saw anything. as far as the manner of his was a but whether it or foul play, police are not saying anything tonight. a wild story of survival. find out what happened.
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>> washington, d.c., fans support the nationals.
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>> let's talk about the nationals. they're going to come home and had in the game. >> despite tonight's loss, they e for game 3 on wednesday. y reports from the stadium where fans are excited the series moves to nationals park. game to had fans looking future.the the sun sets on a rough day of for the nationals, fans with heavy hearts. >> a little disappointing.
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, the die- in the day hards, at the dugout. getting an autograph or two. they made the journey here from winchester, virginia. >> it has been a storybook year. been unbelievable. last year, we were one game below 500. 2 win 98 games, it is like christmas. of the day, a not what many had hoped for. >> we came here to get one or two. >> i was a little disappointed lost, but it is a five game series. >> the national tied back to washington, d.c., with one win their belt. the next game is scheduled for wednesday. >> tonight, the man at the the natalie holloway
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disappearance is at the center of the new sex scandal. >> the response. >> firefighters work hard to a kitchen.
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>> jerry sandusky it is innocence.his told the campus radio station not the monster people are making about to be any disguise sexually abusing any children. convicted -- he denies it abusing any children. expected to testify. we will have it covered for you right here. is denyinger sloot reports that he impregnated a he was in prison. he is the chief suspect and the natalierance of serving a 28-s year-long sentence. his lawyer denies, he does confirm that he is allowed conjugal visits. >> a wild story of survival for
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titten and prince george's county. it was found under the hood of a bioko. tonight, three weeks old, that kitten is safe. the driver and firefighters have a wild story to tell. >> the engine of this bmw did purr. when a driver heard what sounded cat, he pulled over and called for help. >> every time, we could not get it. hour andclose to an some ingenuity to maneuver the kitten. >> i knew the cat was in the of the card. >> -- the car. >> the firefighters worked on
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the rescue decided to take the gal back to the fire station. lucky kitten. cats are worried that the would get hung up in the fan motor or trapped underneath the motor. were afraid it would get caught up. kitten was doing just fine tonight, out of the cold and in good hands. >> we will make sure she is dead tonig fed tonight. >> the firefighters have grown kitten.tached to this >> that is cute as can be. the station mascot.
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we have some chilly temperatures out there. " some snow out in the mountains of west virginia. outside, our average temperature degrees.71 here in washington, almost a record low-high temperature. recordre, they tied the low-high temperature of 54. dulles, it was only 51 degrees. look at our current 51 degrees. hagerstown, i hope the heat is gone. winchester, 41 degrees. the main area of moisture, will -- was saturday n the 70's?
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that will be about the end of this. now, it is pretty chilly. remember back on friday, how chilly it was in detroit?nd now, it is then the 50's. temperatures are 25 degrees for this time of year. with the clearing skies out to west, those are the areas r freeze warnings. over the last 24 hours, we had a breaks, but here is that the upper level circulation hanging around and moving and over us. i think we will see the clouds up and a bit of afternoon sunshine. by wednesday, thank you your baseball in washington? hearr air comic -- do i baseball in washington? when stable be up near 70 degrees. -- temperatures by wednesday
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degrees.p near 70 over sprinkles, but i do think a steady rain. still cool tomorrow afternoon. claude disguise. it does look good -- cloudy skies. d for baseball.o i will give you a blog, i was online. the topic was the navy -- the naming of winter storms. we will have that online tomorrow. like an animated conversation. thank you. what is goingow on. another young rookie may be
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to the redskins' line up this sunday. of thepals, , bad, and mostly u
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the mound ofok
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game 2 and ordinarily -- took the mound of game d ordinarily, it would be a relief for fans. he is terrible against the cardinals. fifth, zimmerman something about it. i am not sure. 7-2. top of the sixth, espinoza hit a long fly ball. yesterday.ectacular on,hth, he adds it shot.s a solo no way they can climb out of this one. they lose 12-4. >> and they let it get away there at the end. we will try to take care of it. we needed to get at least a split.
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you want to win every game, but a split, that is good. back, and take of business. >> orioles hosting the yankees camden yards. the third, a single to right. making it 2-1, birds. the crowd was very rambunctious. bottom of the sixth, mark reynolds since a single to 3-wind.akin right now, they are leading 3-2 in the seventh. griffin suffered r concussion in the third r of yesterday's game. mike shanahan says it looks good quarterback will play this weekend. that hit was a clean hit, but no doubt a hard-line.
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it is a day do they watch until game time. if there are no symptoms, headaches or dizziness, then he would be able to practice on wednesday. long as there is no contact. they monitor that throughout the week. about thattalk during the break.
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if we can't trust him here...eo experdeficit to pay for it. taxes on the middle class how could we ever trust him here? >> the cold temperatures on -- on the fever of for the nationals playoff run. we are right back with a final look
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>> ready for the warm stuff to come back? morning, sorry. k nearl come bac wednesday. some good baseball weather. 1:00 in the afternoon for the first pitch. after that, pretty pleasant. >> i think good things will happen that day. ♪
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