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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great tuesday. thanks for watching. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your >> the sentencing of former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky several hours from now. when he told a radio station before he learned his punishment from child abuse. good morning, it's tuesday i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. now to adam caskey. >> we have some areas of rain this morning, light rain. nothing heavy, but enough to cause slick spots on the road. also it helps the lawn and garden. south of the beltway and noaa of
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the beltway we have some areas of rain. 66 from a markehaymarket to the beltway as well. it's 46 degrees in leesburg. highs near 60 degrees today. it will be tough to have much sunshine today. we will see a few sunny breaks. the nationals back in town tomorrow, 70, partly cloudy. now to angela. >> off to an excellent start even with light rain falling. just one accident reported on 66 inbound near glebe road. we don't have a shot of it, but it's on the shoulder. it should not slow you down much because there's light volume. 395 is moving well. 95 still has an active work zone northbound approaching thornburg, two lanes closed with overnight roadwork. back to you. >> thank you.
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our top story sentencing for the man at the center of the child sex abuse scandal at penn state. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky and some of his victims planning to address the judge in court today. >> this is one day after he spoke to a radio station and insisted. insisted. t.j. winnick has more. >> jerry sandusky regrets not taking the stand in his own defense after being convicted on 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse against. 10 boys for the last three months he has spent his time in jail writing a statement that it plans to read today. last night he issued an audio statements which ran on penn state's radio. >> bacon take away my life they can make me out as a monster, but they cannot take away my heart. i know i did not do these alleged discussed in acts.
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>> at the age of 68, a life sentence would be a lot. the crimes he committed occurred over 15 years during which laws changed and mandatory minimums were increased. his attorney said that he's going to fight for new trial. >> his morale has been amazing. he has been working on his appeal. he's very confident that he will get another shot at this. >> the sentencing hearing room will include arguments by attorneys, possible messages of support from his friends and family, and impact statement by at least two victims. compounded by the fact that we have a man who was convicted [inaudible] >> jerry sandusky will undergo an extensive about tuition which could last up to a few months to determine which state prison he will be sent to.
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abc news, bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> brad bell will be there for the sentencing this morning. look for his live reports on our later newscasts. for instance updates new this morning, a woman fighting for her life after she was struck by a car in northwest washington monday night at 15th street and k street. the driver did remain on the scene. the victim underwent surgery. >> former d.c. council chair kwame brown back in court today for a hearing on unspecified violation. neither prosecutors nor brown's attorney have revealed the reason. he resigned after pleading guilty in june to bank fraud and a misdemeanor campaign finance violations. he faces six months in prison on each count. but he may not spend any time behind bars for cooperating with prosecutors. a maryland delegate, tiffany alston, is scheduled to go on trial today on charges that she used campaign funds to pay for wedding expenses.
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the prince george's county democrat was convicted earlier this year of stealing $800 from the general assembly to pay for an assistant at her private law firm. they deferred sentencing until after this trial is finished. craig mundie mid-county police investigating a shooting in silver spring. officers called storm on colt drive monday night. the president said he had been involved in an argument with a female acquaintance and an unknown male. the president said he fired a gun possibly striking the mail. then they received a call saying the man baryta a hospital with a gunshot wound in serious condition. >> presidential campaign continue to focus on virginia. this afternoon first lady michelle obama speaks to reporters at the loudoun county fairgrounds in leesburg. a ticket is required. this evening the first lady will attend a fund-raiser in mclean. the presidential candidates remain on the campaign trail. president obama scheduled to
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speak at ohio state university. mitt romney will make stops in ohio and iowa. a poll shows romney is now leading the president 49%. most people thought that romney did a better job in last week's debate. turning to business news, black friday bargains might not give you much to celebrate. >> politicians are not the only ones putting their spin on the election. linda bell has more. >> watch for election stunt this year from some big businesses. pizza hut today announcing plans to give free pizza for life to who would ask president obama or mitt romney at what type of pizza papethey
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prefer. companies are doing what they can to get consumers' attention. stock-index futures indicating a lower open. alcoa will have quarterly results today. black friday is not the best day for a bargain. the best time to buy uggs in september or october, and the same for popular toys. some appliances get cheaper close to christmas. the cheapest time to buy a watch is in march. if you want to save money on your dental bill, don't kiss your dog. that in my next report. live at bloomberg headquarters in new reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. that won't be a problem for me. >> washington wizards will have an open practice tonight and it's open to the public at 6:30
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at the patriot center on george mason university campus. the home opener is november 3 against the boston celtics. the nationals had a bump in the road when they got defeated by the cardinals in st. louis. >> tied at one game apiece now. fans were disappointed by the loss, but are looking forward to the rest of the series. the team now goes back to dc. >> maryland state police investigating the action of two troopers during game 1 of the american league division series. the troopers were part of a security force at camden yards. they are accused of asking derek jeter and another player for their autographs during the ninth inning. the yankees went on to win sunday's game. the orioles won monday night, the series -- trying to a
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series at one game apiece. >> robert griffin iii will play on sunday against the vikings. >> this is after he suffered a concussion in the last game. he saw an independent neurologist on monday evening. coach mike shanahan says if he passes all the test, he will be a dog waited on a treadmill and do some other of physical work today. the falcons are undefeated in the nfl as well as the texans. the texans beat the jets monday night, 23-17. 4:39 on this tuesday morning. >> tenants have been forced to find other ways to heat their homes because building management has the air conditioning on still. le let me tell you how i will create
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12 million jobs when president obama couldn't. first my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china and improvingng job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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>> folks at an apartment complex in alexandria are freezing. >> management has to turn the heat on in a high-rise complex. the air conditioning remains on even with the cold air now. >> i have kept my space heater going virtually 24-7. it is freezing and they will not turn the air conditioner off. >> it's like an icebox.
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>> absolutely miserable. >> the front desk and police said no one was around to turn on the heat. then a short time later the property manager told us that the heat will be turned on sometime today. >> but it's going to warm back up again today. it does get cold at night. let's check in with adam caskey. >> it will be warmer than the past couple days, but not by much. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week with the nationals coming back to town for game 3. should be agreeable, just a little breezy at times. for today, areas of rain on the radar screen in southern maryland all around the beltway, montgomery county gaithersburg rockville, and especially down 95. we have the rain mainly along the 95 corridor, commuting into town from virginia to the beltway, and from the beltway northbound towards baltimore. 48 degrees right now in the district, 43 in winchester.
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41 degrees in cumberland. 34 degrees in oakland in garrett county. here's your express forecast. the rain coming to an end at 7:00 with 45 degrees. look at the afternoon, a few sunny breaks, but more clouds and sunshine as we go through the day. highs around 60. tomorrow, a big improvement come back to where we should be in the low 70's and partly cloudy. you can open up the windows tomorrow. now to angela for the commute. >> light rain, looking at a nice commute for the most part. we have lifted all traffic cones. that's around the capital beltway. reopening lanes at 50. and in maryland approaching university boulevard on the inner loop the lanes every opened as well. a crash reported in down 66 near
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glebe road. state police say it is on the shoulder. all travel lanes are open. back to you. >> thank you. 4:45 45 degrees. >> 1 tisha kent down to its lives after being
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>> a mental observation hearing will be held today for the georgetown man charged with murdering his socialite wife. albrecht muth is accused of beating and strangling viola drath in august of last year in their home. he claimed to be an iraqi general who has recently gone on several hunger strikes at st. elizabeths hospital. a fairfax county family searching for answers after their missing teenager was found dead. bryan glenn's family told abc 7 news that volunteers did
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discover the body of the 17- year-old yesterday in a wooded area in the park. his car was found shortly after he disappeared. police have not positively identified the body. classmates at woodson high school are saddened by the news. >> he had a future ahead of him. i don't know if he has any enemies or harm himself for any reason. >> the cause of death is not known. this family issued a statement saying they are devastated by the death and are thankful for all the support. >> pepco is moving quickly to fix a problem of people being accidentally overcharged. people in silver spring received outrageously high bills when pepco replaced old meters with smart meters. pepco is now canceling the incorrect bills. pepco and its union have reached a tentative contract agreement that will likely avert a strike.
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neither side would provide specifics. they could vote on a planned late next week. 1100 pepco employees have been on the verge of strikes since last month when they rejected what pepco called its final offer. >> one kitten is lucky to be alive after the driver found the animal under the hood of the victim in prince george's county -- under the hood of the vehicle. >> stephen tschida has the story. >> the engine of this bmw did not purr. when the driver heard what sounded like a cat, he pulled over and call for help. >> every time i tried to reject i couldn't. >> it took an hour and ingenuity to finally remove it from the recesses of the engine. >> we knew that it was in the front part of the car near the headlights. we attempted on the back and
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pushed it forward and then a firefighter snatched it out. >> the firefighters decided to not take a little gal back to the frustration. say this is a lucky kitten. if it had fallen out while the car was driving, it could been injured. >> we were worried it could get hung up in the fan motor or get trapped under the motor. >> eckington named bmw was doing just fine tonight, out of the cold and in good hands. -- the kitten named m.w.. >> the firefighters have grown quite attached to this little kitten, but one of their friends is going to adopt it. >> glad she found a home. it's 4:51. clark the dancing stopped
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tonight for two more celebrities on dancing with the stars. see which one
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>> welcome back. following some breaking news. >> let's get to jummy olabanji. >> we are hearing this morning
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north korea warned the u.s. that it has missiles that can reach its range to the u.s. they are saying this comes after some sort of agreement between south korea and officials in washington. the statement came out over the official korean central news agency. a spokesman for the national defense commission says that the north plans to bolster its military operations and prepared this. a short time ago, an official with south career opposing defense ministry said that they had no official comment on north korea's statement and they went on to say that officials in seoul, south korea and washington have repeatedly said they have no intention of attacking north korea. we are keeping a close eye on this story. as soon as we get any new information, we will pass it along to you. back to you. >> thank you. >> let's check in with adam
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caskey for the weather. >> is going to be cloudy and damp to start our tuesday morning. we will see a little sunshine this afternoon. overall, mostly cloudy for the majority of the day. big improvements tomorrow, just in time for the nationals in game 3. light rain up and down the 95 corridor and a good part of route 50 from the beltway to annapolis are seeing light rain in prince george's county southern maryland, and fairfax county along 66 2 the beltway. this will come to an end by 7:00. highs in the upper 50's to near 60. we will see a few sunny breaks and in those areas we could reach the low 60's. 70 degrees tomorrow, partly cloudy. near it averageaverage on wednesday.
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now to angela. >> an accident reported in virginia on 95 westbound on the ramp. state police are with another accident on 66 on the shoulder near glebe road. in maryland, 270. nothing to slow you down between frederick and the capital beltway. looks good in maryland on 95 as well as the b-w parkway between the two maryland beltways. >> tonight we learn which of two celebrities will get the boot from "dancing with the stars." >> they had to pick a dance from a previous season and update it. melissa and kelly ended up tying for first place. they each earned a nine, for
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total of 27 points apiece. bristol palin at the bottom with 22.5 points. the remaining celebrities will be in the challenged tonight. >> it's 45 degrees >> . still ahead, an update on the new jersey woman who became known as the tanning ma [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like
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