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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 29, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> are big story this morning, the d.c. region preparing for the worst of sandy. coastal regions already seeing some flooding. it has caused a shutdown of transportation offices. good morning, washington. >> we have the full list of closures that will be scrolling on your screen. we want to get the latest on sandy's path. >> we are certainly feeling the impact already. you can see it on the satellite picture. 75 miles per hour.
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this will be going downhill through the day today. i want to go to the meteorologist in the storm center. >> keeping a close eye on the screen that is how we will be doing it today. we want to give you the latest information and taking reports. send us what you are seeing. if you see any down trees, send us your pictures. here is a look at super doppler radar. over on the eastern shore. that is all moving westward. light green color up and down the corridor.
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that will continue its progress eastward. let's look at the rainfall total so far. but at ocean city. up to about 2.3 inches. that is on the eastern shore. we can expect about 4-8 inches of rain throughout the rest event. maximum wind gusts at ocean city airport is 52 miles per hour. this is the impact you can expect from later today. >> we have some changes overnight from what sandy has been doing. it has been taking that turn. it is moving to the north instead of the northeast. we will watch to see when it turns to the northwest.
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we do think it will stay to the north of the d.c. metro area which is good news for us. we will be on the good side of the storm. we will predominately be coming in from the north to northwest as opposed to dealing with the onshore flow. we will be dealing with the heavy rain and flood event. 4-8 inches of rainfall widespread. there will be isolated heavier amounts. we are not going to see so much flash flooding with this. this will be more of a river flood event. here is the predicted forecast model. just one of them. you can see some of the heavier
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amounts. d.c. looking at about four inches of rain. this is over towards del mar vote. we will have snow in the higher elevations. west virginia is going to get pummeled with about 3 feet of snow. you have to get out around 1,000 feet to get that snow. a prolonged period of time with extreme wind. that will just weaken trees. overnight tonight, the winds could be reaching 60 miles per hour. power outages are likely trees are likely. it is a good day to spend the day in the basement with the kids. otherwise, and interior room.
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6:00 a.m. through noon we can expect to see some wind gusts. this is approaching 50 miles per hour gusts by 5:00. overnight tonight, that is the worst of it. that will last through the early morning hours into tomorrow. from about noon until 6:00 we will see those wind gusts. we will show you a quick forecast for the latest on sandy. this is supposed to be post tropical. the national hurricane center at that point will stop issuing advisories. the national weather service will take over issuing some of that. we will be here throughout the
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morning to keep you updated on the storm. even though it is expected to no longer be tropical or a hurricane technically the effect will be widespread. here is the cone of uncertainty. you can see how wide that cone is. and bit. it is not a worst-case scenario for us, but it may be four places like new york city. >> thanks so much. >> we talk about all the closings out there. schools and government offices across the d.c. region are closed today. >> if you have to take mass transit, you have to find another way to get in. amtrak canceled its northeast
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corridor service. other local mass transit systems are planning to shut down today. >> all three d.c. area airports will stay open. they have already cancelled hundreds of flights out of dull es bwi and national airport. be sure to call ahead if you have a flight. she continues our team coverage. we are talking about traces of rain already. >> absolutely. good morning to you. the biggest concern was going to be storm surge. they will continue to monitor that over the next 24. the water coming over the sea wall. that is the concern. we are at 17th and the
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boardwalk. anything south of that is part of the mandatory evacuation zone. they have to get out of here as quickly as possible. the wind has been whipping hard this morning. this is not the beginning of what we are going to feel in ocean city. the water is now coming closer. this is something we have been monitoring. we are the brink of the area they are evaluating. they are trying to keep everybody's safe, knowing the first responders will not be able to get them in the case of an emergency.
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>> thank you very much. from ocean city to annapolis. >> we have a look at the early hour there. >> we can tell you it is raining hard here in annapolis, maryland and it has been for several hours. some of the businesses have already heeded the warnings. this is buddy's crack house. if you looked inside the window they put all of their outside furniture inside. many warnings were given out in annapolis. the mayor advising people to leave the area. here are some of the problems we are already seeing. not even here yet. the chesapeake has not jumped its banks. you see more businesses across
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the street. not only putting down the sand bags. trying to prevent any glass from shattering. we have seen a lot of tape on the glass. they had irene hurricane isabel in 2003. anytime there is a big storm coming through this area, you check right here. to give you an idea of what businesses have done, you see that they have taken off the glass. not a mandatory evacuation. they are calling on merchants to move from the area today. you have the bay bridge. many of the anne arundel county officials are advising people to stay off the streets.
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it is early in the morning, but we have not seen any traffic. >> thanks very much. a lot of people traveling today. we talked about the airport staying open with limited flights. >> we have christina joining us from amtrak early this morning. >> good morning. >> i understand that the northeast corridor service is completely cancelled? >> that is correct. for all trains in the northeast corridor are cancelled. >> what is the prediction as we move forward? looking ahead, doesn't look like there is any likelihood of service be restored for tomorrow or wednesday? >> we do not have an estimate for service restoration. we do have numerous people at amtrak closely monitoring the situation. as soon as we can, we will
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restore that service. >> how long does it take to catch up? folks who plan to travel throughout the northeast. >> it depends on the impact from the storm. we are strategically placed across the whole east coast, whether we need to make any necessary issues to get service restored as quickly as possible. >> what is the biggest issue? fallen trees? >> the wind is a big issue. we do have crews strategically placed so that we can get that remedied as soon as possible. >> what about the folks who have tickets that need to get somewhere? what is the best advice for them? >> we are posting updates on or you can call usarail. we advise people to check their service when it is restored.
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>> it is always better to keep it safe on the rails and the roads. it seems that people are heeding that morning. >> we will check in throughout the morning. we would check in with government officials as well. we have a full morning for you this morning. all of the information you need to hunker down and write the storm hour. our coverage of sandy continues in just a moment. >> if you are safely able to take weather pictures, send them to us. ss do not put yourself in any
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>> welcome back. a little stumble there. we are tracking hurricane sandy as a category one hurricane. that has been raining for 12 hours plus now. you can see how that steady line has been hovering in place. we are making forward progress on that now. this is moving to the western shore at this time. this is one of our great concerns. the storm is just beginning for
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the area. it is expected to increase throughout the day into tuesday morning. the additional strong winds could last. let's take a look at what this says for the next hour. 20 in manassas. it is still not too bad. check out lexington park. 37 in ocean city. we could see some damage throughout the afternoon hours. here are some total's throughout the region. we have a quarter of an inch at reagan national. about half an inch. 0.4 inches for bwi. that is nothing compared to what we're seeing overall with this storm. this is going to saturate the
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soils. she is at the weather wall with the potential for more. >> we know in washington three years of experience, it does not take much wind to topple some of our big old trees. saturation is occurring as we speak. it is not that bad. conditions will be slowly falling apart throughout the morning. come sunrise, the winds are picking up. give it some time. notice the areas of yellow and orange. those are the areas of heavy rain. this is down towards the brandywine area. this is the slightly heavier rain. this is slowly pushing eastward.
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how much rain can we expect? this is one of our computer models that we use at the weather center. this is around the district and the beltway. down into southern maryland, a little bit over 5 inches. go to the eastern shore. look at this closer to 9 inches of rain. there will be bull's-eyes of over 9 inches of rain. this gives you a good idea. a general rule of thumb. that is why we have the flood watch in effect in two this evening. there is currently a flood warning. that flood watch is for the entire abc 7 viewing area through tomorrow evening.
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this is coming up in a few minutes. >> i do not expect to see too much traffic out there. conditions are going to diminish. please hunker down and stay where you are. no metro access service, and no metro bus. the system is shut down. the metro rail trains have been cancelled. if you can, stay put. if you still have to go out and about, you have the rain going out. the drive between the east and west highway, they are going to close that down until further notice. that is closed until further notice. but the shutdown. we will keep a close for
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everybody's safety. we have high standing water. please try to avoid this. the eastbound crash. the crash at connecticut avenue is gone. >> thank you so much, is
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>> local utility companies getting ready for expectant power outages because of the hurricane. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us this morning. give us a sense of what we are prepared for it. >> wednesday and thursday we started setting up all of our command centers. this is for out of state
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territories. we have about 2500 transitions for several thousand employees that have been mobilized. we do have about 1000 outages. we are on standby to see if they can respond. >> customers can go about preparing for a prospective outage now or preparing for one when it happens. >> just making sure that you and your family are safe. you can check out preparing for a storm and what should be done. that includes having emergency kits. it encourages you having a flashlight and a blanket. there are 3 gallons of water for three days. if you see an outage or a downed
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wire you can call us. >> thank you so much. we look forward to continuing to check in with you throughout the morning. >> it is 4:26 right now. at the san
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>> welcome back, it is 4:29. >> not only did the -- they lose the world series at home, but they got swept by the giants. miguel cabrera looked at strike three down the middle. the game went one extra inning. pablo sandoval had three home runs in the first game and was named world series mvp. i thought that there were going to beat them. the redskins could not pull out a win in pittsburgh. this one was just ugly. seems like it could have had more.


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