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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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power lines. >> there are just way too many this one, downed see this to clean up this mess. year. was hurt different story in silver spring. >> witnesses say they heard a loud noise. we saw a huge a spark of fire. what they saw a gaping hole in the they saidd this made them week in the knees. >> they went in the neighbor's house. >> they just walked into another
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room. >> street after street, you could see one fallen tree after another. restfullyre leaning the wires here. >> in chevy chase, they were counting themselves fortunate this branch was brought down. >> have not lost power. >> this treetop old just missing homes but pulling down one's knocking out power. >> we can be thankful it did hurt anyone. >> a very busy evening for these kreuz. it should be a very busy next days with the ground being is.ell as crews say more trees are likely to come down. live in bethesda, horace holmes
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, abc 7 news. northeasty toured to bloomingdale in northwest. this time, they were spared the worst. schools and the government will reopening of tomorrow. clogs the efforts to restore customers were still in dark, the outages remain mostly in northern virginia. dominion reports more than an 54,000. are still about 6500 the dark. bge reporting 2600 in montgomery surrounding areas. >> it's not just sitting at home .n the dark are at columbia pike and
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buchanan. out here at this intersection. people are being cautious treating this as a four-way stop. all of their have customers' fully restored by night.w in virginia, it will take a little longer. to have everyone back in business by thursday evening. residents are holding out as best they can. many residents remain in the dark. lights out when gale e winds toppled this tree. >> we heard the three crushings was every half an hour. >> the northern area was hit the hardest. than 200,000 were without
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power during the peak. >> her family feared the worst. we were really scared. >> they have offered to bring in generator later today. >> this car in aspen hill, md., was set ablaze by a live wire. the have to cut their way through a tree ravaged roadway. the same situation is plebeian in >> this has been a storm of unimaginable magnitude. we asked for more mutual assistance than we have never asked for. >> they were navigating numerous they spents and day in the dark. they say they dodged a bullet. >> her ratio was worse.
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-- horatio was worse. >> people were prepared g pepco. because they had so much for in 1400 out ofot personnel. is the largest preparation in the company's history. godfrey, abc7 news. where is sandy now? let's ask chief meteorologist doug hill. >> its northeast of pittsburgh. currently, the quick check of the in low 40's. typical temperatures for january. here is the rate on the live r doppler seven radar. a little bit of snow continuing the mountains and a blizzard effect, but for us it is mostly light rain.
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will this be causing flooding issues? bob ryan has more. >> there are a lot of the flood warnings and watches that are up. to moderate flooding tomorrow with the high tide in annapolis. potomac, that is the e where so much rain came. fortunately a lot of it was ground. by the s around little falls. be a moderate flood crest, one or two feet above the stage, for the potomac. in alexandria, you have the urge-- tidal surge tide. high for triggered treating, it will but chilly. -put faugh- for trick or treating, it will be in the 40's.
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>> residents of new jersey are working to recover. a huge swell of water hit after e broke. had been evacuated. in national guard brought in people to a staging area. towns were under four-5 feet of water in 30 minutes. the massive damage in queens, york, after more than 80 last night. fire 200 firefighters worked to the flames under control, but the it tough for them close enough. at least two hurt and they say started by downed wires and high winds. still ahead, the rain and gone, but to the west -- snow. much of the mountains getting. >> from the west to the east, see what ocean city like the day after. >> alexandria is looking like
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>> as people start to clean up, concerned about new in their neighborhoods. >> kendis gibson is in old town in alexandria. gordon and maureen, this just
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came up in the last hour and a half. wating this coming and high tide is not even few hours yet. night for a long owners and residents. it is not just the street in particular. king street already has water .or several blocks the fire department is on union ways awayt a little are and they are things of trying to safe.ure everyone is this is how deep it is. my boots are pretty high. city officials handed out sandbags earlier today anticipating this problem. handed out hundreds. they think by the time this is over in 72 hours, and it be as high as 4.5 feet. business owners are preparing. listen. >> i have taken all the was down low,at
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stock, everything is up high now. if the water comes in, the worst just muddy water cleanup. we will not lose anything. >> that is what they're hoping, this is anything close to isobel, it will be a long 72 hours. in three hours. the owners will be on edge for here in old town. kendis gibson, abc7 news. >> a very different picture last night. hill and bob ryan have for the rest of the week. for the rest of the week. >> sandy
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>> this was the seed in ocean yesterday as the waves the boardwalk, staking out brad bell -- this yesterday. >> some of the beach may have moved by now. klutzy had to bring back that video?
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>> you had to bring that back? it's very cold today. you are right. the beaches still here. of it did move over to the boardwalk. it made a san the mess. as for the other damage, we can you the video -- it made a sandy beach. at the inlet, it goes way out the ocean. furthernot go back anymore. busyity has been very cleaning that up today. there was a restaurant damage as well. they took a lot of water and sand. flooding onlot of the bayside. d water the trailers ha not quite to the floor. of thee to one
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councilmen and they feel like of dodged a bullet. the >> day fare very well. that the town crews are -- >> they fared well. we will get back online quickly. outages are spotty. you can see the street lights me are not lit, but three four blocks down there is light. say,u heard the mayor trying to get back into business. in ocean city, brad bell, abc 7 news. to the west, it will not the problemsrain causing but snow. ande are power outages blocked roads. 68, just recently reopened, has been closed. and that snowshoe resort, 19 inches so far and they are up to another two
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feet. for the skice resorts. nice to look at. i don't wanna be there. are slowly improving. for the moment, it's just grows, cold, and damp. death-- gross, cold, damp. we will see the numbers coming in at 46-42. we have dropped already to 39 the new low for the day. 0.8 inches of rain so far today. 8.5 inches of rain in bryans road. gaithersburg 5.86 inches. we're continuing to watch this system pinwheel around located pittsburgh but the gigantic. bes is a dynamic enough to nearng up warm air from
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the bahamas. is reflecting temperatures england. 59 in caribou. 65, in the higher elevations, at 65 -- in burlington. i would not surprise to some areas north and west of town may some snow makes in italy. slowly see this improving and a few breaks of some tomorrow. good, but we're not there yet. i want to share something that is absolutely beautiful. look at this image from space. class that can give you a scale of the intensity. is headede moisture up towards southern greenlandic down in chicago in the southern tip is in the carolinas. blog ofut together a days. your tax dollars at work. this video shows the birth and
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of sandy with a completely different system across the strong jet .tream it hopefully this will be once lifetime. at the overnight temperatures. only into the 30's and 40's. we could see some lingering but mainly isrow, breeze but that will be helping the folks in alexandria. crest will be coming potomac late tomorrow into thursday. in the meantime, cloudy skies, as chilly as today. temperatures into the 50's. more sunshine. this weekend, it will be downright delight full compared we have good weather to trick-or- treater tomorrow. >> and now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by the local toyota dealers.
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inwas the weather look like cleveland? >> the cleveland cavaliers have with then opener on asgton wizard's going scheduled. sandy uprooted trees, but the game will be played. injury.out with a knee washington has not been to the season since 2008. will let bethey there this year either. the season opener will be here against boston. a lot of people are still talking about the steelers drove uniforms. the redskins will wear those against carolina. they will not be as alarming as pittsburgh's. the players like them, especially the helmets, which old say looks like the leather helmets. thet's the coolest part of outfit.
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whata lot different from wear.mally speaking of throwback, how about randy moss? the cardinals last night and he had this touchdown replaying. t pass and then he does do a regularto basis -- 47 yards. is his first touchdown in six games. sidesteps a one, two, takes sidelines and out ram the rest. with the devastation and sandy, hosting denver in jeopardy tomorrow night. jeopardy tomorrow night. [ earnest ] out of utthe blue one day,
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it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. aren't we glad cindy is over? just about. it is moving north through pennsylvania and cold temperatures only in the 30's now. to drop thistinue .vening with some light rain for the next seven days, cloudy skies with some wrecks in son tomorrow. r your kids tomorrow night. it sang to the cooler side in the 50's but much more sunshine saturday and sunday. bob ryan will have the latest for you tonight at 11. you guys did a great job. for you tonight at 11. y[ mitt romney ] there are two very different paths
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the country can take. one is a path represented by the president, which, at the end of four years, t'd mean we'd have $20 trillion in debt. i'll get people back to work with 12 million new jobs. i'm gonna make sure that we get people off of food stamps not by cutting the program but by getting them good jobs. i'll work with you. i'll lead you in an open and honest way and to make sure that we all together maintain america as the hope of the earth. i'm mitt romney, d and i approve this message.
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