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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he forced into the vacant room sexually assaulted her. >> we do not have much to go on. >> police cannot tell much from video and the woman to give ale description of the man. >> any time this happens, it is the ordinary. of >> bad things happen everywhere, unfortunately. it is a sign of things to come. ago at the same hotel, an employee escaped an inside one of the rooms. overall, people feel comfortable in this area. >> i feel safe enough. >> and said the suspect will the same fate. >> i hope they catch him. >> the hotel is looking into implementing more security a fence on this property and more cameras and possibly a security firm.
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police will keep a close eye on hotel as they continue suspect and help from the public to solve the case. >> an aide at the school for the charged with touching three female students. police say that clarence taylor them when they attended the school. the three are now 15 and 16 age and they go to another school. the first victim came forward said she learned he may touched others. taylor faces three felony of sexual abuse of a minor. breaking news coming in tonight george's county, zero saide arrested jose rodriguez. someone was killed in a drive-by yesterday. st but he hass been released from the hospital. police say the suspect -- a
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was game-e shooting related. he faces a second-degree murder charges. of the biggest dangers on tiredtro could be a operator. metro board learned of problems and discussed ways to get them to rest. that is not the only important topic. stephen cheetah has the latest. -- stephen tschida has the latest. is now going to extend five more stops to the east d of ending here on capitol hill. we got this from a couple of studies. a lot of metro operators work atly in the morning and late night. study thatcted a found tired drivers pose a safety threat. some said they would feel better knowing they had a well rested driver. >> they get tired. came after ang
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satisfaction survey. >> 8 out of 10 had favorable about theiry experience. she never liked writing metro experience has gotten better. morning, it was crowded. isone group passenger expressing this? -- expressing dissatisfaction. the blue line. they will take a hit. of the silver line, there will be fewer blue line trains. >> it can only hold so many. passengers are liking how things working out. more trains traveling there rate. be happy if i took the blue line. but the silver line will be a convenience. >> the reason metro is extending lining is it deemed it safer for the trains to turn
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n rund and make a retur from largo rather than it was make the to turnaround. add also was going to of dollars to the cost of operating. >> traffic is once again back to after eight trucks built for it all over the highway. this is the beltway. the tractor-trailer was carrying pineapples and blueberries. it took about seven hours to clean up to produce. there were no major injuries. dramatic video after an suv crashed into a building. newschopper7 was there at the union. engineers were called to assess the aftermath. no one in the suv or the building were hurt. >> switching gears, tonight the theident will light
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national christmas tree and for had betterds, they but no luck. hill is in the weather center for a check on the forecast. >> absolutely. mostly clear skies. of the belfort furniture weather center. been down 20 minutes. temperatures are going to drop pretty quickly. 37 right now in fredrik. 42 degrees at quantico. 42 what reagan national. hour,go through the next will drop into the upper- 30's. overnight,rough the cloudiness across the area. then we have a couple of affronts to keep an eye on tomorrow, saturday, and sunday. the weather will be cloudy and a will explaind we for thehe details weekend whether by the end of the weekend.
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>> the tree lighting celebration it is noter way but light the holiday centerpiece. are getting close. she is a live right now. what is going on? >> just a few minutes left obama is goingt to flip the switch on the national christmas tree. year.s the 90th all the way back to calvin coolidge. a lot of big names. it patrick harris will be the host. a lot of people that know him "doogiee hit show howser." will be joining the first .ady when she reads of musical acts said to be here. face, james taylor, all of coming together for the brand new national christmas tree. out ♪had better watch it is a tradition and unlike any
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other. it is something they wanted to person this year. >> just to be a part of the atmosphere. is such a wonderful atmosphere. the holidays, the excitement. i am excited to be here. >> when president obama flips switch, it will eliminate illuminate. the christmas confection that they personally designed. we worked with history into the archives to see what colors used in 90 years ago and used 50aments were years ago. >> even with the lineup of hollywood heavyweights and musicians, the top of build the first family, revelers who favor rudolph. met the first lady before.
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>> president obama and his daughters will be here. they are just wrapping up a ceremony. seen a lot of musicians playing. this year is a brand-new one. is a giant colorado blue juste and it was transplanted back in october previous tree died because of rock. last year it was new because the that was blown down in february of 2011. some winds took it out during a storm. this one will be able to stick around. abc7 news. >> thank you. keep the -- tell that back up the band to keep it going. be there freezing with her. >> it is going to be a great show. you picturesing , we will have it you throughout the newscast youof course we will show
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e finished product when the cup -- president comes out. expectwarning, you can major traffic delays in and out of the city. >> a downside. other news for you, today was a for gay couples in maryland. marriagefile for a in january getn married. brad bell has one couple's road chapel. the governor signed a that made it okay to start issuing these, marriage licenses. out, very few people took advantage. dozen couples statewide. right, we met one of them. she says she and her partner t wait another day. >> extremely excited and been 29l because it has years. not have to wait too long today. she and heron,
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partner, who did not want to be on tv, or the second couple to apply for a license in montgomery county. is notgeorge's county licenses just yet. she said she did not expect a rush. >> we knew that d.c. has had it quite a while. new license is different. it references party won an two. t take effect until january 1. it is still a contentious issue. a trolley operator has announced his wedding service "we are a his words notstian service and we are support to the o theage broke well gay marriage." right to stands up for his religious beliefs. >> they have every right everyone else has.
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she can tell you she has all of that before. matters to her is that the was given a license to legally marry her partner of three decades. >> i got nervous. it felt very true and real. is a good feeling. it is a big day for us. >> we mentioned in the story county ise george's not issuing marriage licenses. they're having computer problems. told they would be cany to go so that couples be married january 1. brad bell, abc7 news. >> coming up, a local university alert after an employee is a assaulted. the steps being taken to protect people on and off campus. the lockout, there is out hockey game at the tonight and fans celebrating.s are >> the duchess of cambridge as hospital and we are hearing what her father in all
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things about a royal baby on the way. m standing and what should a toyland but everywhere you see, this is where a gift is to be.d coming up, hundreds of children
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kate middleton is out of the hospital. smiling when she left hospital this morning with william by her side. prince charles made his first the royalment about pregnancy. he even joked about the radio show's phone call to her private nurse. >> what is your reaction to the the duke and duchess? >> how do you know i am not a radio station? [laughter] it is blended. i am very glad she's getting better. for a duchess was treated cute morning sickness. >> back on this side of the is the season of will but one town is difficult time providing for those in need. >> the deadline for tow
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donations is to marco and they what they normally have this time of year. jennifer donelan explains why. >> we want christmas to be the can be for our children. it is not easy to do that. >> this warehouse should be a holiday toyland. every day makes me a little more anxious. anxiety,ason for her black bag is a spot where a gift should be. >> it might be numbers on the floor, i see a lot of the kids it.nd >> there are bags waiting to be filled, 1251, to be exact. that is majority and the deadline is friday. holiday cheer has been replaced with worried. >> it is disheartening. >> out with the salvation army going to fill the room? they set up special trees.
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angel trees. each side represents a child. for jennifer, she is six. she has a wish list that includes puzzles and a barbie. this tree is covered with tags. >> it is hard right now. tough times all-around. get oute people will them in byget tomorrow. >> she took two tags off the t this town center. the salvation army says no child will walk away empty-handed. >> it may be they receive when instead of two or three we would like to give. which you would like to see is a at bear angel tree and a full warehouse. and a fullel tree turn around. up. hope people step >> it feels like the holiday season. we are in this weather pattern where we are still very frenetic. cold like we did today.
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i think before christmas the weather pattern will change and will stay colder longer. the best i can offer. the year whereof the sunset is beginning with the of our news another spectacular sunset, the sunlight reflecting off of the cloud. end, aomes to an beautiful evening. get chileg to tonight. are headed down. 41 degrees. a high of 44. that is below average. 43 in fredrik. all across the region, temperatures are cooling off in a hurry. the map for you. the couple spots here and there, degrees.40 42 at quantico. also what reagan national airport. temperature change map is thanuch colder it is now
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yesterday's. pretty impressive. at reagan colder national airport. 16 degrees in fredericksburg. the west, temperatures with aming up a bit the wind direction and cloud cover. the metro tonight, the will drop the number is temperatureaverage of 33. increasing cloudiness through hours tomorrow as well. is plenty cold. it is winter time already. 21 in care of the common name. the farther south into the valley, pleasant weather right now. 60 degrees in nashville. toarm front is going to try form and moved through the area tomorrow morning. bet enough left there could some freezing rain and over , maybe athe suburbs sprinkle or a shower. will come and go. the front will hang around the
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neighborhood to the weekend and ifending which way it goes, side, itnd the warm be closed again. then we can see that in our it day outlook. our best estimate. tomorrow we may change the story e to work out the on where the front will located because that will dictate the weather. the clouds will increase from the west tonight. as a result, temperatures will fall, but not as sharply as last night. temperatures probably in the 30's in most areas and a few of rain in pennsylvania. is one computer model. locally, we will see crowds -- clouds increase. it may be an isolated shower and then 47 midday. close to 50 degrees by the afternoon. right now, it looks like it will stay to our north. 60's on saturday.
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some sunshine. sunshine, a chance for cooler temperatures and our best chance rain sunday night into monday. >> for the people at the tree lighting, and they need to be bundled up. >> crisp, invigorating. >> and there is the scene behind the white house. santa claus is coming to town played by the band. we are still waiting for the president and the first family. t happens, we will have for you. >> a beautiful state. going to be a great evening. >> here's what is coming up -- is not the movies? -- what is at the movies? got thead -- she never money promised to her. we went looking for answers.
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>> hockey is back at the verizon center. on its wayt but the capitals will
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have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak.
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i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. the nhl is on hold but hockey fans will get a taste of what have been missing. >> is sold out american hockey played ine will be
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d.c. tonight. >> horace holmes is there for excitement. >> how much do people want to see hockey around here? 20,000 people are showing up for game. there are a lot of happy faces the arena and out. thie ice isuse -- down since may. they are prepping for hockey here. the caps playing. the nhl lockout continues. >> we are the ones paying the bill. are buying season tickets. i am desperate for it. game is sold out, localmple of how much see anything resembling professional hockey.
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>> to get everyone now is a great thing. only onese not the pucks flying. >> the caps fans bring a kind of business. e back tonight. i am so excited. >> businesses like this one have business tell off since hockey has been dark. the owner of the irish channel heed workers for the crowd expects. be a great night. >> there will be another big over the weekend. as they opened the ice for a for all season-ticket isers, and players, there the lockout will be over by then. santa clauscome, off a special skill today. a very special visitor. off a special skill today. a very speciawelcome to chevy's year-end event.
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so, the 5.3-liter v-8 silverado can tow up to 9,600 pounds? 315 horsepower. what's that in reindeer power? laughing ] [ stops laughing ]
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[ male announcer ] chevy's giving more. this holiday season, trade up to get the 2012 chevy silverado all-star edition for 0% apr financing for 60 months plus $2,000 cash allowance or get a total value of $9,000. you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00. captioned by the national captioning institute >> at a masked man got into one the school building an attack -- an employee. >> now they're taking steps to protect students and faculty. suzanne patterson has what is
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done. >> this house is some of the top of george washington university. scene of a the attack. it happened in a third floor bathroom nw. authorities say the victim was working after hours on tuesday man attacked her and to sexually assault her. the man got away and the victim the police. students were notified by e- be vigilant. to today there is a police officer the administration building. faculty and staff are being asked to be cautious. only let people in the who have the so they canon card prove they are a faculty member or employee. police are working to find attacker. students and staff are concerned.
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>> we could use some more of front desk.the >> i am surprised. i hope it does not happen again. university police officer will remain on duty until 8:30 in the evening. that will be for an indefinite amount of time. because the suspect was mass, detailsies have a few who they'rey looking for. suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> two construction workers are 20 i hospital after falling feet. the men were taken to the serious injuries. a third worker was hit by debris. no word on what caused the
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incident. at the other top stories. looking for someone assaulted a clerk at a hotel. the employee said she was stairwell when a d her and forced r into a room. he knocked her unconscious and sexually assaulted her. give a not able to description of the suspect. >> metro held a board meeting to discuss a safety problem -- tired drivers. they encourage them to live as as from a survey in which they said passengers would safer knowing their drivers were rested. trustre was not a huge say that was expected since same-sex marriage illegal for some time. licenses will not be until january 1. gay couples in washington state
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up at midnight get a marriageto license. not the only change put to the test. >> many are celebrating with a kiss and a smoke. marijuana and the marriage are legal things to two initiatives passed in november. pot smokers partied at midnight. >> i have never seen so many happy people. >> this is actually legal. for people over 21, prohibits smoking in public or a restaurant. it is only allowed at home. it goes against a federal law. do not expect heavy enforcement. we have a guy drinking a beer joint.king a to go after the beer drinker. marijuana is our lowest
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priority. year, officials will implement farm and distribution regulation. hundreds of same-sex couples up to get marriage licenses as washington became the ninth state to legalize gay marriage. it is a moment some have pointed decade for. washington has a three day waiting. . >> it is a marriage certificate. everybody understands that. s is a day before the u.s. e court may decide to take issue of gay marriage. look atht, a closer legalizing marijuana. >> tonight you're taking a look issue that proves the debate over legal marijuana is from over. >> i know everybody in d.c. is
5:35 pm with the first estate declaring legal, how is it beginning to change behavior? hear what police are saying as well. looking at two never -- we would never put together. christmas gift in. >> finally, the great minds of the universe have figured out to give the perfect holiday gift. it is a simple secret and we you how to do it. >> see you here in just a bit. watch those stories and tonight on world news. a checkirst, let's get check on our traffic situation. looking downtown at the christmas tree. you have closures on 17th street.
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the delays on 95 that you come beltway. ande additional delays g your way toward trying of. also delays around route 7. you are also seeing some delays. the inner loop is not moving too badly through the stretch. d neardditional delays an 121. in frederick crash starting around germantown. that is the latest. back to you. >> we are still waiting for the national christmas tree to be lit. the navy band is playing s carols and the first family will be there. we will bring you the big reveal when that happens. gerald butler excites some
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soccer fans. best bets.d's >> got into chris christie comes town to meet with senators on capitol hill.
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will any movies be able to take the top spot? >> what is new at the movies. >> i will give you a short, this is what we have any way. an old school crime drama and a midnight comedy. describes the new movies this week. >> he is the new soccer coach. >> he plays a has been soccer talked into coaching his in "plan for keeps." they include catherine zeta jones. don't expect anything new in this of by the numbers amid light comedy. worth one star, rated pg-13. you can keep playing for keeps.
5:41 pm
the other movie is deadfall. bana escapes from a casino robbery and survive a crash and up, a bowling to meet border andcanadian get interesting. three stars, are rated, a great old school crime drama. best we can betts, lincoln, skyfall, and the silver linings playbook. next week will bring the hall -- the hobbit. are you a fan? >> there has been a lot of talk. highly anticipated. we go. children get a special visit
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from santa claus. >> i am chris van cleve. a woman is promised a reward to the conviction
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a d.c. woman restaurant life nab a bank robber. >> instead, all she got was the runaround. woman asked us to hide her identity. van cleave has our story. >> i did not want to an innocent person getting hurt. >> she was terrified to make the call. am putting my life in jeopardy. woman knew the man hiding under his head, captured by surveillance cameras as he united bank in northwest. this time he had a note. next time he could have a gun. he would do it again. i would bet my life on it. he would have done it again. >> she saw at his picture in a newspaper wrote offering $5,000. she called d.c. investigators
5:46 pm
with his name. she gave them step-by-step to find all on how evidence they would need to lock him up. convicted he was s later,four month deliverede not jennifer's reward. >> i am frustrated. i feel like if something else happen, i would not come forward again. receive areips we critical to us doing our job. we went to the assistant chief for answers. says the process takes time, but not this much time. not say what was the delay. should not take this long. glad we are able to resolve case. promised jennifer will her $5,000 reward by the weekend. will keep watching to make sure it happens. since he took over in 2007, the of money they have given rewards have doubled.
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this year they expect to give out half a million dollars. >> we will keep an eye on the story. to report forent that was one of our heroes. design academyhe on a house that built in northwest washington. seven officials were there, g mayor vincent gray. milestone for the academy. it read it -- represents a step forward for education programs. a very proud of them 3 >> 6 vote to inst your the of your co-host challenge. the finalists is from rocks bill. she said she felt compelled to contest as a message to everyone to follow their dreams. >> i have to tell you, you want be cool and you want to jump up and down.
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an opportunity like this, i do not know how much better it gets. friend,is our apparently. the voting ends tonight. for her come and go to maybe she had a hologram or something. >> she is created. -- creative. gordon peterson is in the with a look ahead. >> president obama was making case in virginia to and the the your tax cuts for wealthiest americans. with a falls church afternoon. we'll have the latest capitol hill over could happen should we go over the fiscal cliff. have a new report that moving into the s moving out who i and why. see you in a few minutes. >> tonight, we will find out
5:49 pm
happened to the president's scandal. cliffhanger left is wondering shot -- as the vice president takes control. e must all join hands and pray for our president. as you about your heads, rest assured i am in the white house charge of the situation. >> see what happens on the all "scandal." lookeds take another it to see what is happening with the national christmas tree lighting. neil patrick harris is the host this year. waiting on the of the first family. they should be there within the next few minutes. come out and flipped switch. >> always a beautiful sight. >> this will be interesting they change to the
5:50 pm
for the first time. we will see what that looks like. >> let's check in on however is feeling. >> getting into the holiday with the cold weather. we want to start our coverage lapse.time we will put it in motion for the next couple of hours. the son moving right about there. 22 degrees either side of the sun under certain conditions. you have all seen them before. another beautiful sunset and now have cold temperatures with a few clouds. 41 in falls church. highs below average. we are continuing to drop off. that trend will continue, not as cold last night. last night we had a clear skies. still, a bit on that chilly side. to a goodrward
5:51 pm
weather tomorrow. maybe sprinkle in the morning. across southern pennsylvania, be a freezing rain sprinkle. meanwhile, for most of the will remain cloudy. 47-52 degrees. a good deal of sunshine. rain a good bet for monday. back to you. >> one more check. the first family has arrived. they are preparing to light the christmas tree in a few moments. think it is time. >> as they say, it sounds like it is time. hope everybody is ready. we have to do the countdown. starting with five -- 5, 4, 3, 1, -- [cheers]
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♪ it does look different. >> you can hear the navy band a zero christmas tree. they have a lot of great entertainment. beautiful weather for all the people there tonight. >> i bet the 17,000 people -- >> i think the president wants have dinner. he is in and out. >> he did not count down from 10. >> hey, everybody. see you. have the second most popular guy in washington, d.c. robert griffin continues to and notoriety, locally and internationally. keeps saying and doing right things.
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with the reagans on sunday, wither monster game playoff implications. to talk about is the game. rgiii as the third highest passing rating and a week. he is behind reggie bush addressing. 7 yards to carry. all the experts continue to describe what to be a, rgiii wants to quarterback. to be the best quarterback to play the game. that is the approach i tend toward it. something i can fight. hear me push it that much. show it on the field. >> the raven's coming to town chance to clinch a playoffs. there are 15-0 after a loss, the longest streak in the nfl.
5:54 pm
>> there is a way you take a loss. taken theays approach, what are you going to do? worse from it? we have been that kind of team. we have always found a way to bounce back. carry it over to following week and that is want to do. do not >> trying to keep the redskins the cliff.over could be the most popular right now. could be the have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0irst month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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a visit from santa claus is especially bad for a child. but what if they cannot talk were cured? children who attended a for the deaths were to meet him. -- for the deaf were invited to meet him. >> these children anxiously await his arrival. have not been -- never been able tell jolly old st. nick what
5:58 pm
they wanted until today. this santa claus are making a at theime appearance mall. visiting dozens of children who hard of hearing. >> as he brushed his teeth that night? >> they do not have the chance on their level h people in the community. wonderful to be able to them and have this available so they can communicate. and his elves are signers of american language. this is this child's first visit with santa claus. he plans to ask for a ball. >> i think it is special for actually relate remember that he did not forget about them. in mind is person
5:59 pm
petrified of him. >> this will be her first time deaf santa claus. >> the messages the same in any language. good boy or girl. >> they want the same toys as other boys and girls. all the kids do. >> that is the spirit of the season. for abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> good evening. the showdown on the so-called fiscal cliff, democrats and republicans waging a war of words. the issue sent president obama county lawmakers picture that could mean problems for all of us. scott is in the newsroom with all sides are saying, 26 before the deadline.


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