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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  December 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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entertainment. >> thank you. we have another hour of news and it starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's friday. i am scott thuman. cynne simpson is off today. we have plenty to talk about the top stories, but we will data jacqui jeras with a look at the forecast. if you say it's not a bad day before we get a little snowfall. >> is not going to be a bad day at all. today will be one of the best of the bunch. if it will be a great day for those trying to travel. this is the calm before the storm as the snow comes in overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. starting at 37 degrees. that's not a bad start here. high temperatures will make it into the low 40's this afternoon. snow overnight tonight. we will have more details on
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that coming up in another few minutes. first, from the belfort furniture weather center, let's check on traffic with steve. >> restart with about 29 in montgomery county, columbia pike at musgrove rd. accident blocking the bill lanes northbound on route 29. and causing a huge back up, but you can eat all the activity. everything is now open southbound. -- you can see the activity. on northbound 95 in virginia there was an accident headed up from the prince william parkway delays to the occoquan river, the left side of the road affected with an accident. after you pass the incident, you are in better shape. in springfield is moving pretty smoothly. a little volume, but not enough to slow you down. starting off well at 395. around dulles, the toll road moving smoothly. no delays on the greenway or the
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toll road. back to you. >> thank you. continuing to follow the developing story out of new york. for the second time in a matter of weeks, a man has been killed after being pushed into the path of a train. a woman who had been muttering to ourself got off of a bench and pushed the victim into the path of a seven train in queens and then ran. it's not clear if the victim never saw armor. >> i don't have any word for this. so many people is crazy. i cannot believe this is happening. >> the victim's identity remains unknown. police say there's no security video of the incident just this grainy video of the woman fleeing the scene. just four days until the fiscal cliff, president obama and top lawmakers at the white house in an effort to damp start negotiations. this comes after lawmakers fresh off their christmas break again blamed each other for the stalemate. now this report.
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>> president obama will meet with congressional leaders later today at the white house. but it may be too late for a deal. justice for our days left before the fiscal cliff deadline. >> i have to be honest, mr. president,. i don't know, why is, how it can happen. >> senate majority leader harry reid last out at house speaker john boehner accusing him of running a dictatorship. >> she seemed to care more about keeping his pspeakership than keeping the nation on sound financial footing. republicans are. blaming are >> republicans are not about to write a blank check for anything senate democrats before just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. that would not be fair to the american people. >> president obama will home early from his hawaii in vacation yesterday. speaker boehner called the house
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back into town for an unusual sunday session. but members of congress understand the 11th-hour actions may not be enough to appease the public. >> the american people have a right to be very upset with this congress. >> the fiscal cliff will bring massive tax increases and deep spending cuts. the treasury department would have trouble paying its bills. many economists worry the financial woes will plunged the u.s. back into recession. one possible effect of the fiscal cliff, milk prices could buy $2 or $3 a gallon because farm programs expire at the end of the year. some are calling that dairy cliff. correct the fiscal cliff is not the only potential economic hazard on the horizon. thousands of workers at the port of baltimore and 14 of reports from boston to houston are threatened to go on strike this sunday. those ports move about 40% of the nation's container cargo traffic. the economic damage would reach well beyond the docks.
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>> from your mom-and-pop retailers to the farmers to the trucking companies will have to go pick up the containers at the ports. this will be felt not just at the ports locally, but nationwide everybody is on the ports to move their comrades. >> a major sticking point is the future royalties that the companies pay the longshoremen who moved the containers -- move. >> general norman schwarzkopf died and his home in tampa after suffering complications due to pneumonia. the 78-year-old commanded u.s. forces and a ground invasion to force iraqi troops out of kuwait in 1991 and commanded u.s. forces in nevada and won three silver stars while serving in vietnam. former president george h. w. bush will issue a statement saying that general schwarzkopf "to epitomize the duty, service country decreed that has defended our freedom and seen
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this great nation to our most trying international crises." as for president -- former president bush, the 88-year-old is in intensive care after a series of complications from archivistbronchitis. he is receiving excellent care. he says to put. parks back in. clause ittw-- to "put the harps back in the closet." now, a rivalry at fedex field. john gonzalez has more. >> it is exciting. it's a bonus for redskins fans. this game is so big that the time of the game was changed to prime-time national television. the game is so big that metro is staying open an extra hour after the game. and tailgating will start an
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extra hour earliery at 3:30 sunday. it's the biggest game in a decade for the redskins. they match up against the hated dallas cowboys, winner-take-all. some lucky enough to have tickets. >> i would not sell the tickets for the world. we have had many years of bad seasons. it's going to be electrical and sunday. >> many fans making sure to gear up accordingly. sunday night will be cold for this heated rivalry. >> i cannot remember being so excited for a game, at least since they left rfk. really excited. we want the dallas rorivalry back. >> we have 1500 wings on order. people are calling to see if they can resermake reservations and asking whether we will show the
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game. of course we are showing the game. it's the redskins. >> a recent espn poll found 73% of the country wants the redskins to win on sunday evening. so much for the cowboys being america's team. reporting live at fedex field john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> i bet if the sample broken down, 100% of redskins fans would be nervous. it's 35 degrees 6:08. a young boy falls down a well and firefighters since a purple dinosaur to the rescue. how
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>> hi, i am playing in les miserables at the national theater. >> and i play the master of the house in les miserables. come down and see us right here. >> good morning, washington. >> at least 17 deaths being blamed on the mammoth winter storm that blew across the nation this week, bearing communities from arkansas to new england. thousands remain in the dark and in the cold as utility companies struggle to restore power. some estimates it will likely be the new year before electricity is restored for everyone. that is if another storm does not complicate matters. jacqui jeras, that is ever a situation out there. >> especially for the folks in new england that are well below the freezing mark this morning. definitely cold. they need some kind of hesat.
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-- of heat. the northeast will get a short break. temperatures are below the freezing =----are above the freezing mark in d.c. at 36 degrees. it's 28 degrees in culpeper. the call between the storm is today. you can see the remnants of the major storm system in new england. we will be watching for cold air tonight and some snow starting tomorrow morning. a winter weather advisory is in effect on the mason-dixon line, into the potomac highlands and they could get 2 to 4 inches. maybe an inch right to the west of dcm eyes will be in the low 40's this afternoon. not a terrible day. that's the latest on a forecast. let's see how traffic is moving with steve.
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>> route 29 northbound in my current county in maryland, the accident is northbound, blocking the left side of the road. that will slow you down briefly at musgrove rd. there's a little activity on the right side of the road as you head southbound on 29. there's an accident on northbound 95 at the occoquan river. only closing one left lane now. gradually moving back over to the shoulder. there is low from dale city to the occoquan. beyond that up to springfield we are looking okay. looks good on 395. back to you. >> thank you. it's 35 degrees. how barney the dinosaur helped to save a child who had fallen down a well. and four children all under 14 years old charged in a violent crime. we will spea
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>> four young suspects under arrest in connection with a carjacking in manassas. a 12-year-old boy and 14-year- old boy each stolen handgun stop the big guns from a business at the manassas mall wednesday night. then they walked to a nearby neighborhood and carjacked a man and his wife who had just parked their chevy tahoe. >> debate pointed guns at you and your wife? >> yes, and i said, okay, okay. >> the boys went back to the mall and picked up some friends included a 13-year-old girl who drove the truck to a mcdonald's. police found them in the drive- through line. the driver jumped out causing the car to pile into a pillar. no one injured. police are now looking for a 17- year-old with a teardrop tattoo under his left eye.
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495 is back open in fairfax county after a horrific crash. three people killed after their pickup truck slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer. it happened at the springfield interchange on the westbound flights over ramp from 465 to 95 southbound. the victims' identities have not been released. a tractor-trailer driver was not injured. 7 is on your side with recall a product of the consumer-products a commission says can kill children. amazon and toys"r"us and another web site are recalling the nap nanny recliner. the company refused to recall the baby seat on their own. five children have died in it. more than 90 reports of children hanging or falling from it. the company contends it is safe when used as directed. you can now place your bets anytime you want at maryland's largest casino.
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the maryland live! casino in anne arundel county is now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. referendum approved by voters allows the casino to stay open around the clock. the extended hours could mean more money for the casino as well as for the state. >> it opens up and a group of customers, those that are in the service industry or happen to work off hours. it means additional excitement and fun for. greg plan to add 150 table games and 1200 new employees in the coming months. the showdown over gambling was a lucrative for the lobbying industry. the group that lobbied to build a new casino and restored as county spent $2.7 million on those efforts. that's the most any group -- of any group in the state. marilyn spend about $482,000.
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-- maryland . russian president vladimir putin has signed a controversial bill banning americans from adopting russian children. the law will take effect on the leaders' day and includes a ban on adoptions already in the works. the move is largely seen as retaliation for recent human rights legislation approved by the u.s. congress. opponents of the bill say russian children and russian orphans will be robbed of the opportunity to find a family. a two-year-old boy is safe this morning after falling down a well. family members say little carter fell into the shaft and was left clinging to the groups about 10 feet underground. recent rains that washed away the soil. firefighters worked 30 minutes to rescue carter, who refused to climb the ladder. that's when they got the idea to use his favorites toy.
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prexy grandaunt to bernie and they were able to put a rope around his hand and pull him out. bernie saved the day. >> now has been filled with 20 tons of dirt. bernie to the rescue. -- barney. a little creative thinking. we have a pretty nice day ahead of us. >> have a great day ahead of us. it's friday, a long holiday weekend for a lot of folks. the weather could not be better. this time tomorrow we will see the white stuff coming down. 36 degrees is our temperature right now. wind out of the northwest at 12 miles an hour. it's a little present. we have a windchill factor this morning, feels like 28 in the district, 24 at dulles, 25 in gaithersburg, 27 in frederick 26 in quantico at this hour. we have a fair amount of clout left over this morning, but we will see the sun shines filtering through a lot of this
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today. we will call it partly sunny skies. we're waiting for our next system tracking and from the south and meeting up with the cold air. winter weather and by trees have already been issued across much of northern maryland. it's just outside baltimore. it's not including the district. but we could see some accumulating snow here. a fair amount of clouds today. overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, here comes the snow. rain/snow mix will stay to the south and east of d.c. we could get some of this moving and by late morning into the early afternoon. as for simulations, an inch or two especially. west of the especially2 to 4 inches possib -- west of the mason-dixon line across the mason-dixon line, 2
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to 4 inches possible. atwest of the metro area, one or two inches possible. >> this is rockville pike, southbound 355, heading south of the beltway, into the works on where the water main break is south of that near cedar lane where only one right lane is getting by. this is just south of the beltway on a 355, stop and go into the work zone where they are working on the water main break. you may want to take an alternate towards downtown bethesda. we still have an accident on northbound interstate 95 at the occoquan, which is still blocking one left lane with delays up from dale city. after that you are good up to springfield. back to you. >> thank you. we're learning more about by the national park service wants to terminate the lease of a georgetown landmark.
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the parks service says jack's boathouse has been operating on a month-to-month lease since 1982. it was not under the name of the current owner. the agency wants a concession contract. there were told to leave in january, but the victim is on hold while the park service review the situation. as we talk about america's money, milk prices could go through the roof soon. brandi hitt explains how it is tied to the fiscal cliff. >> good morning. call it the dairy cliff. starting new year's day, the price of milk could double if congress does not have a new farm bill. a 1949 law kicks in that would force the government to pay dairy farmers much higher prices for milk. sales of new homes it jumped 4.4% last month to the fastest pace in 2.5 years. new home sales up more than 15% over the past year. ford will expand a half-dozen plants in michigan creating
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2300 jobs. it's part of the companies promised to invest $6.2 billion in its u.s. plants and create 12,000 jobs by 2015. the biggest movie flop of 2012 is. is. " it grossed a total of $264, meaning two dozen people bought tickets.
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>> hi, my name is ryan king. i'm from vienna. hail to the chee redskins. good morning, washington. >> chuck pagano will return to the sidelines at lucas oil stadium to coach the indianapolis colts when they take on the houston texans. this completes his comeback from leukemia and the comeback season which saw andrew luck take them to the playoffs. >> we talk about the will to win and the will to be a good man. we are just lining up against something else. with that will, you can overcome anything. >> that game is at 1:00 p.m. in houston. customers at a canadian restaurant chain gave back by paying its forward. for three hours last friday, people who went through this winnipeg drive through paid the
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next carr's bill. when it was all over, nearly 230 cars passed on the generosity something people say is quite common in the area. there's still another half-hour of "good morning washington." the extraordinary efforts under way ahead of one of the biggest
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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>> another subway nightmare in new york after a man is pushed into the path of a train. a white house meeting is planned to try to avert what many say could be a financial disaster that would plunge the nation back into a recession. and the man takes a big leap to pop the question. the christmas lights are just the beginning. good morning, washington. it's friday, december 28, the last friday of 2012. i am scott thuman. let's check in with meteorologist jacqui jeras to talked-about a pretty good friday. >> yes. maybe even very good for late december. it's gone to be a great day for travel. if you can do it today as opposed to tomorrow, that would be advisable. 36 degrees in d.c., 33 at dulles, 32 in gaithersburg, 26 in petersburg. winter weather advisories are posted ahead of our next whether maker. it will bring some accumulating
6:32 am
snow and we could even see it in the district. advisories are all across western maryland and in virginia where two to f a more interest than expected. highs today for us in the low 40's. more details on the timing of the winter storm coming up in a few minutes. first let's check on traffic with steve. >> 355 southbound, south of the beltway, this is the back up and tries to get through the water main work that is on southbound wisconsin avenue at cedar lane. 355 southbound at cedar lane, only one right lane is getting by. right now here's the back up, just south of the beltway. texting 355 to go south from the inner loop, it's difficult right now. you may want to accuse another route into downtown bethesda. the accident that was on northbound 95 at the occoquan has been moved to the shoulder. it's been there for quite awhile. pretty slow at the prince
6:33 am
william parkway. but it's good up to 395 and to the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. just four days from going over the fiscal cliff. within the past 24 hours there have been no signs of a deal. lawmakers continue to blame each other for the stalemate. edthat has prompted president obama to call a meeting at the white house. >> in what is seen as an aa last-minute attempt president obama has called a meeting with nancy pelosi, mitch mcconnell, john boehner, and harry reid. they have before you are days to reach an agreement or the u.s. economy will go off the fiscal cliff. s when automatic spending increases and spending cuts would take effect. -- a deal will not be easy, because both sides if are involved in a high-stakes political blame game. >> we are here in washington
6:34 am
working. the members of the house of representatives are out watching movies and watching the kids play soccer and basketball and doing all kinds of things. they should be here. >> i told the president will be happy to look at whatever he proposes but the truth is we are coming up against a hard deadline. as i said, this is a conversation we should have had months ago. >> democrats want to extend bush-era tax cuts to everyone except those americans making $250,00 or more per year. many republicans are against any tax increases. most americans just want something to be done. >> people are tired of partisanship and they want everyone to come together. >> if lawmakers don't reach a deal by january 1, many economists are concerned it could eventually lead to another recession. >> misinformation on the deadly subway attack we have been
6:35 am
talking about. it took place in new york city, the second in a month. jummy olabanji is an ally of desk with more now on that attack. >> we have learned that the nypd has just reopened the 40th street subway station in queens. that's the station that has been closed since 8:00 last night when a man was pushed in front of an oncoming train and killed. a woman who had been muttering to herself got up from a bench, with the victim into the path of a seventh train in queens and then ran away. the victim's identity remains unknown. the abc affiliate in new york city says the man's wallet and laptop were found at the scene. there's no security video of the incident, but this grainy video you are looking at shows a woman fleeing the scene. it is the second such incident in a new york subway in less than a month. we are waiting for the identity of this man and zero police and no information about the woman police are looking for. as soon as we get that, we will
6:36 am
update you on air and online at back to you. >> thank you. in the day ahead, two men charged with brutally beating a man in southeast d.c. are scheduled to be arraigned today. a grand jury indicted the two of 10 counts last week, including aggravated assault weapons charges. they're accused of attacking t.c. maslin near eastern market in august. he is recovering from severe brain injuries. a third person is also charged in connection with the attack. the state department is closing its embassy in the central african republic and has ordered its diplomats to leave. the center-left in republic could be on the brink of another violent changing government -- change in government. the president of that country is trying to fight off rebels approaching the capital. the rebels have already seized an ounce. secretary clinton is expected to return to work next week. she's been recovering from a
6:37 am
concussion she suffered after fainting while sufferfighting a stomach virus. she will testify next month before congress on the deadly attacks in benghazi. it all comes down to sunday for the redskins and cowboys. the nfc east title is on the line. john gonzalez is out there. he is previewing what you call it an extra it christmas. >> is a bonus christmas a couple days after the real christmas. fedex field might look dark this morning, but it will be a few days. the last time the redskins were in the playoffs was 2006. at what is at stake on sunday night. the game will be so big that they changed the time of the game to prime time on national television. they could not expect a better opponent for this final game of the season, the dreaded dallas cowboys. the winner goes to the playoffs. i've been inside the stadium
6:38 am
when it gets loud. i cannot imagine how the stadium will be on sunday night. some decrydescribed it as rfk rally. metro will stay open an extra hour after the game and tailgating will begin an hour earlier at 3:30 in afternoon. -- some describe it as r.f.k. roudy. >> i would not sell the tickets for the world right now. we have had many, many years of bad seasons. it's a point of electric on sunday. >> a good way to describe it. if you are still looking for tickets, brokers tell us standing room only about $300. laura level tickets, five under dollars to $700 -- $500 to $7000. if we don't get a ticket, we can
6:39 am
always tailgate. it's a $5 party. you bring the stakes and i will bring beer. >> i don't know if i have a piggy bank that i can tap into to pay for standing-room-only tickets. have a good day. it is 35 degrees, 6:39. a man who stopped a mass murderer has died. and going poteau with health care law
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>> a missouri man put a lot of time and effort into this proposal. look at the larger-than-life effort to prop the question. as if the giants text and image of the wedding ring were not enough, he also had his relatives to fire up fireworks the moment she said yes, which she did. it all worked out in the end. very nice. >> it warms your heart. >> and the weekend will get a little colder. >> it will get colder. another round of snow showers. round two on the way.
6:43 am
meteorologist doug hill is joining us for the latest on the forecast. i'm a little more excited this time around. >> a little better chance to see some snow especially farther north and west. the winter weather revisory is in effect especially on the maryland and pennsylvania border near the blue ridge. we could get an inch in the metro area. the farther south and east from washington, the better chance of a mix. the farther north and west mostly snow. temperatures around the area this morning, partly cloudy. in the 30's until you get west of the mountains. some twenties out there. a high-pressure is overhead right now. to the southwest we will see changes with increasing moister coming from the south. that will set the stage for some snow early tomorrow morning. let's get an update on traffic from steve hershorn. what is going on, on 355? >> bafta back up.
6:44 am
they are fixing a water main breaks on wisconsin avenue at cedar lane. that is allowing one right lane to get by. this is the back up leaving the beltway to the south -- to go south on 355. you might want to pick another route. this one is not working very well. in virginia, northbound 395 at duke street looks pretty good. very light volume. this is more typical of what we are seeing this morning. that's what interstates look like all around the region, for the most part. a broken-down vehicles on the inner loop of the beltway to go onto georgia avenue. that will be partially blocking cramthe ramp. >> still ahead the expensive stand a company is taking. and criminal charges have been filed against a woman accused of
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>> , the lobby will not provide the morning after pill its employees insurance chain. it is required to when the health-care law takes effect on january 1. the company risks potential fines of $1.3 million a day. if the christian owners of the chain consider the emergency contraceptive tantamount to abortion. >> the government cannot put a company in a position of choosing between its faith and following a lot. >> supreme court justice on his sonya sotomayor said the company may continue its appeal in lower courts. a new york woman is charged with running a scam following the elementary school massacre in
6:48 am
newtown, connecticut. nouel alba posted on facebook hours after the shooting that she was the aunt of one of the victims, 6-year-old noah pozner. she sent to liber text messages to a donor who fell for the scam. -- elaborate text messages. >> my nieces are survivors of this tragedy. >> all the money was refunded to donors but she denies opening the paypal account. she said someone hacked into our facebook page. she's free on bond. the freezing temperatures have claimed their first victim of the season. in season a man died of hypothermia last week in frederick county. bill lee information is he was 65 or older. 15 people died of hypothermia. in maryland last. storm watch now. after damaging winds on thursday and snow this week in parts of our area, we could see even more snow. it's not expected to be a huge
6:49 am
storm, but snow was forecast for tomorrow. frederick already has some snow and some residents are getting tired of it. >> it was great for christmas and having a nice white christmas. getting around frederick and getting to work is not in front. >> shoppers throughout our area are stocking up as they typically do. want to make sure they have enough food before the storm hits. >> this is not a bread and milk storm. it's not a big deal. it's a saturday. nobody has to work. unless you are trying to travel. >> doug hill, a little early to panicked? >> the big ten timing is perfect. maybe an inch or so in the metro area and a little bit more as you go farther north and west. it will be the first snow some of you may need a broom or
6:50 am
shuffle for in a couple spots. it's in the 30's by now. 32 in frederick, 36 in the nation's capital, 28 in fredericksburg. and there's the breeze, just enough to knock the temperature down a few degrees. feels like 28 in the city, 27 in frederick, 23 in fredericksburg. futurecast, this is one computers idea. a little sunshine through the day, then increasing clouds later on. then we will look for moister to move in overnight with snow. the blue is the snow and the green is rainfall. a mixture of to our south and east. clouds will increase through the day. we will stay in the 30's. overnight, snow. an inch or two stops in the area especially north and west of the
6:51 am
city. new year's day looks dry and chile. dear steve hershorn >> . 355 southbound leaving the beltway into the water main break that is on southbound wisconsin avenue at cedar lane. this is the back of leaving the beltway on 355 southbound. very heavy at wisconsin avenue. the beltway just before georgia avenue, this is the inner loop of the beltway before georgia. a broken-down vehicles in the long ramp to exit onto georgia avenue. their weighting a little longer. otherwise the backup is not so bad. springfield looks pretty good with nothing reported. back to you. >> thank you. 6:51, 35 degrees. your friday express is
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>> it is 6:54. we begin with a live roundup of today's top stories. john gonzalez is in landover outside fedex field. >> this is the last game of the season. the redskins and cowboys. the winner goes to the playoffs. metro is staying open later on sunday night. you can start tailgating sooner at the stadium.
6:55 am
if you want tickets, you will pay. the highest ticket right now going for about $750. there's a rumor and that jummy olabanji has one. >> we just found out a chinese court has ordered apple to pay $165,000 to 8 chinese writers. app contain their work was distributed. the groups suing asked the courts for nearly $2 million in damages. an apple spokesman told the associated press the company takes copyright infringement complaints very seriously, but she did not say whether they plan to appeal. back to you. >> thank you. things you need to know. the leader of the u.s. forces in the gulf war has died. general norman schwarzkopf died after suffering complications from pneumonia at his home in tampa. he was 78 years old. pete domenici user brutally beating a man near eastern market are set to be arraigned today.
6:56 am
they and-- the two men who are accused of brutally beating a man. and there is a gun show at the dulles expo center in chantilly opening at 3:00 p.m. at now we have jacqui jeras talked about the weekend. we have an exciting few days. >> today is good, a great travel day, making it to low 40's today with partly sunny skies. snow overnight tonight into tomorrow. twa is expected in the metro. drying up late in the day tomorrow. improved travel conditions late in the day. the redskins game will be dry and cold, low to mid 30's. >> that does it for us "good
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