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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 1, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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republicans are meeting at this hour to come up with a response to the senate measure. we've got a live picture we can show you. this is where we will expect that house leaders come out and make a statement on this meeting. never a good sign. g.o.p. leaders walked past the mics and cameras without commenting about the fiscal cliff fix. eric cantor says he does not support it and john boehner scythed universal concern. >> i will vote against it because this is not the way to do the people's business. >> it passed the senate overwhelming and house democrats want it brought to the house floor. >> we expect the american people deserve an up and down vote on what was passed in the senate. >> what the senate passed will
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delay cuts for two months, prevent a big tax hike on estates valued legislation that r than $2 million. >> are are we going to avoid the fiscal cliff? >> i hope so. >> but it is unclear if there is enough votes on the house to pass the bill. >> this agreement represents the least weekend have done under the sicks. >> what we're going to do is put another $1 trillion worth of debt on the american people. >> some republicans are pushing for spending cuts to be added to the bill which means the senate would have to vote on that again if the house is able to pass an amended bill in the first place. they have too do this by thursdayed a noon, otherwise the new congress gets sworn in and this startses over again. >> pressure is on. be sure to stay with abc 7 for
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complete coverage on the showdown over the fiscal cliff. for updates log on to our website, well have the latest at abc 7 news at 11:00. >> secretary soff state hillary clinton is staying in the hospital. she is doctors are using blood thinners to break up the clot. it was discovered during a brain scan on sunday. clinton who is 65 is to be released after doctors decide what dose she needs. >> same-sex couple in maryland say i do on the first day of legalized marriages. we were there when the first couple got married. just after the clock struck midnight the mayor officiated the first wedding. maryland is the first state
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below the mason dixon line to allow same-sex couples to marry. >> this is one of several in laws that take effect in our region. in what was a dry down in montgomery county is now allowed to serve alcohol. >> change is slow in manassas maryland and that is the way people who live here like it. a new law will shake things up in this quiet town. >> we had two great restaurants go out of business because they could not have liquor. >> dry damascus is dry no more. the sell of liquor has been illegal but in a highly contested vote allows the sale of beer and wine in restaurants. >> you're not going to see people from gaithersburg come to damascus just because we serve alcohol. we're having people leave the town and join the town of gaithersburg. >> he owns a restaurant in town.
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live acts perform here on the weekend and up until now his beverage menu has been short but now he feels he can keep up with his competition. >> i hope it will help boost some soff. economy up here and attract more restaurants because we don't have a lot of choices. >> alcohol can only be served to customers who are seated, no bar stools, that prohibits bars. most residents, even those like jerry who was a long time opponent think the new law will be good for the town. >> sometimes of change we first moved here there was not as many people but i voted for this time. >> new laws coming on the books today, maryland is the first state to ban arsenic in chicken
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feed. they will have a harder time seizing private property for public use. and insurance agents can sue agents if it does not include earthquake insurance. >> investigators say that officer chris yung was fatally injure yurred when a minivan struck his motorcycle. he was responding to another accident call with his lights and sirens activated. he was 35 years old and had been the force for seven years. we'll have more from the vigil at abc 7 news at 11:00. >> investigators are searching if the cause of a fire in oxon hill. they arrived at the church around 7:00 this morning was confronted by a wall of flames. investigators found two hot spot where is the blaze may have started. it is not considered suspicion.
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>> turning now to the forecast a change in temperatures on the way after a cloudy january 1. steve rudin joins us with the first look at what we can expect. >> temperatures are not that bad. 39 degrees right now in gaithersburg. 45 in reagan national airport. southern maryland now at 40 degrees. our forecast for this evening calls for cloudy skies. temperatures will slowly fall from the 30's into the 20's and our skies will clear. we'll talk about the extended outlook in just a few minutes. if you like milder temperatures you will love what is on the way. >> we like the sound of that. coming up, rg3 mania was a top story of 2012 but was it number one or on our list? >> 7 is on your side with why this auto maker is
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>> police have arrested man who scaled a around st. peters square and calling on pope benedict to stop terrorism. authorities say he has scaled
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the barrier before. the mass was not disturbed. >> 7 son your side tonight. as we turn the calendar from 2012 to 2013. ford says its vehicle will be the top selling vehicle of the year. they sold nearly 730,000 focus vehicles through september. they also say they sold more than 630,000 fiesta vehicles through the same time frame. >> 150th anniversary and the stamp was unveiled earlier today. as you can see it features famous words. the new stamp is being issued a forever stamp. it was signed by abraham lincoln freing the slaves. >> coming up, we take a look
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back, what were the top five new stories in 2012? >> coming up next, we will share with you our list to see if you agree. >> we will also look at what the weather will bring up for the first few days of 2013. >> a new year, a new superbowl is up for grabs. it starts sunday for the redskins and we have news about mike shanahan's contract. we will recap it all
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>> new at 6:00 we're taking a brief look back at the year that was in 2012. >> earlier at 5:00 we shared with you on our list 10 through six. >> now we finish our list taking us from number five to number one. >> number five, shutting the shuttle. thousands stopped what they were doing as to watch as the space shuttle "discovery" was flown around dulles and is now on display. number four, maryland voters approved controversial
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referendums on the dream act, same-sex marriage, and casinos. number three d.c. council corruption. harry thomas resigned admitting to embezzling $350,000. he is in prison. in june, brown resigned and plead guilty to bank fraud charges. two staff members pled guilty to charges but gray himself ended the year under investigation but not charged. number two, d.c. sports. for once d.c. had a good sports year after being drafted in april, rg3 has worked wonders as both the skins and nats shattered expectations and the nats made the playoffs too. they lost a heartbreaker.
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the wizards are in last place and the nhl isn't playing. number one, the derecho. near the end of d.c.'s hottest day ever it took minutes for the storm to destroy countless trees, homes and cars and over a dozen people died. some people lost power for over a week as temps soared over 100. the derecho is our top story of the year. >> we want to know what you think of our top denton list. go to >> a tradition in pasadena, california continued today. the rose parade featured floats covered in flowers.
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espn anchor was back on the job hosting the parade. several weeks ago she suffered serious burns in an accident and her left hand was still bandaged. >> not bad. >> it wish it was brighter outside and we're going to move our way through january on a milder note. but changes maybe later this month, four weeks away. >> still time for snow lovers. >> our skies are cloudy and temperatures are going to slowly fall. winds are out of the northwest giving us a little bit of a wind-chill factor. our high today made it up to 45 degrees at reagan national airport. average for this time year is 44 and record high is 69. temperatures outside this hour are quite comfortable holding in the 30's and the 40's.
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we'll have quiet conditions as we move through the overnight hours. 39 degrees in gaithersburg. winchester is at 37 and quantico is at 41. only 13 in minneapolis. this colder air is going to move to the east. it is going to modify itself just a little bit over the next couple of days. so even we won't seat temperatures in the teens we will see daytime highs only in the lower to middle 30's. compare that to the 45 degrees we have right now. satellite and radar earlier today we had a winterry mix and did did nod amontgomery to a lot. the atmosphere so dry. anything falling from the sky evaporated. we're looking at dry condition for the remay understand over evening. with high pressure in the west that is going to get rid of the clouds tomorrow morning. that is going to allow our temperatures to remain cold and
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it is going to look brighter, a lot prettier outside. futurecast shows the clouds moving out of here. temperatures for tomorrow, around 35 and 40 degrees and another cool day on thursday. clearing will happen after midnight and temperatures around 30. 40 will. the daytime high. if you're looking for rain, looking for snow, you're not going to find it any time soon at least flu the immediate metro area. back in the middle 40's on sunday and monday. we could be talking around 450 degrees by tuesday of next week. nighttime lows in the 20's to lower 30's. >> the redskins coaches are getting ready for the seattle
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seahawks. >> we're looking forward to the weekend. >> we have shanahan news. >> reports there could be contract extensions in the works after the season most likely. right now it is all about the playoffs. the redskins is battling saw hawks sunday. seattle strugglings on the road. they are 8-0 at home. is seahawks are just 3-5 away from it. the playoffs are a different story. former new york giant is not only hosting the experience and we'll tell you how much that competition changes. >> it is a whole different level. just like it picked up from preseason to regular season. it is another step up and you can't go and do anything out of the ordinary. you have to play your game.
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>> the redskins without their three starters they were able to have turnovers. jackson had his fourth pick of the season and proved to be quite the team changer. >> i don't think it gets better that than. >> this guy has been making plays all year. >> everybody knows that defense wins championships and we don't have a problem at all. >> whatever he is doing with his squad it is working. he has improved so muches that he is being touted as a top nba pick. first up iupi. with a dribble down the court,
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he hits the shot and won. in the second half, check out the fancy dribbling by howard. finally, he gets a look, fires it up for three and they win 81-63. perhaps bigger than the capitol bowl game is the looming outcome. the junior was asked if he was declared if this year's draft. he says he's still doing going to today a couple more days before announcing his decision. the throw is short to chris connelly. georgia wins. gator bowl northwestern, and mississippi state wild cats get on the board right away. williams picks up and takes it in. at first bowl win in 64 years for n.u.
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the wizards and mavericks just got under way we'll have the highlights or low lights whatever works at 11:00. >> new year, newói
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>> if you are still celebrating the redskins win to the
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playoffs. we want you to send us a video. we want to see you sing "hail to the redskins" and we will play the clips later this week. >> i don't sing but i know the words. >> all right, we're going to talk weather and temperatures as we move through the next couple of days will be colder than we've seen over the past few days. after that, it looks pretty nice. temperatures in the 30's tomorrow but by friday lower 40's. sunday and monday middle 40's and by tuesday temperature around 50 degrees. if you like the snow nothing in sight right now however, i find it unlikely we'll have a snowless winter considering last year was snowless. >> probably not going to happen. >> highly impossible. >> abc "world news" is next. >> have a great night
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