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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the washington redskins wedding ♪ ♪ [ fema announcer ] the one for all. mcdonald's dollar menu. home of the mouthwatering grilled onion cheddar burger topped with melty white cheddar and caramelized onions. plus all ♪ ♪ every day, as always there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. ♪ ♪ >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> i got in trouble and i was very sad. >> first a six year-old boy speaks with us after he is suspended from making a gun-like
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a gesture. the school went too far according to the boy and his parents. tom roussey is live with all sides of this issue. >> after the tragedy in connecticut, schools are understandably very concerned about guns. a local family says what the school system did did not do anything to make things safer. and that it was ridiculous. rodney is like a normal 6-year- old. he enjoys a good laugh. a letter shared with abc 7 paints a another picture. the elementary assistant principal says on december 20, he was involved in a serious incident. he says his trouble started
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earlier that day. >> i went into my desk and i got scissors and then i pretended it was a gun. he was sent to the office later again for something similar. then a third time. >> planning your fingers like this. i went like that. then i got sent to the office again. i get suspended for doing nothing. >> he had already been warned. >> i do not think the punishment fits the crime. >> this could have been handled without suspending a first grader according to his parents. >> he was playing. >> they are upset school officials questioned rodney about whether his family owned a gun without them present. >>
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he has served the one-day suspension but his parents say the incident should be removed from his permanent record. the school system tells us this was not a knee-jerk reaction on their part. they take very seriously suspending students, especially one so young. live tonight in silver spring i am tom roussey. >> thank you. we are monitoring a developing story in montgomery county. and 8 inch main came apart in bethesda. police had to shut down blaine's this evening. that caused traffic problems, very serious ones. repairs are expected to continue overnight. an alert at a d.c. neighborhood for a masked robber.
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jennifer spoke to a woman attacked on her porch. two more women came forward after they were targeted while in a hot tub. >> those two women are speaking out tonight. they are hoping by doing so, it will prevent other women from being victims for this gunman. police do not have anyone in custody and have a vague description of a suspect. a police van sat near the home of the latest incidents. nerves are from rurarail. perhaps no one is on edge more than a lane and her friend. >> a guy came around in front of a hot tub with what looked to be
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a machine gun. he pointed it at us. he said, get out of there. i will shoot you. i will should that dog. >> it was an unusual looking machine gun. >> it reminded me of a mobster gun. it had a handle like this. >> she was able to get away and call the cops. the suspect ran off. this is the second incident in these parts in weeks. >> i had a machine gun pointed at me. >> this woman stared down at dawn on her front porch. these women's lives will never be the same. >> no one who has gone through that will not recognize the
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mental anguish you go through. >> none of the women were physically hurt. emotionally, that was a whole nother case. >> a vigil for a teenager who died under serious circumstances. >> a wonderful person who has touched many lives. >> they walked from a 16-year- old's home to where she was struck and killed by two vehicles. family members believe jackson was running away from a man who was trying to steal her coat. police are saying little about this case. now to the story that affects millions of americans, the temporary solution to the fiscal cliff. wall street reacted positively
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to the news of the deal. despite the deal, all of us can expect to receive smaller paychecks in the near future. >> the bill passed. >> the motion is adopted. >> not before a political bloodbath. the speaker of the house at one point told off majority leader harry reid using language we cannot repeat. here is what the deal means. there will be tax increases on the wealthy for the first time in 20 years. for people making under $400,000 no income tax hike, but take that -- but pay checks will still take a hit. the social security tax is gone. for incomes of $50,000 a year that will be $1 a year less in their paychecks. unemployment benefits extended for 2 million people looking for work. despite the large solution, problems are far from over.
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-- the resolution, problems are far from over. >> the decision was made to permanently remove any possibility for additional revenue. >> while democrats like the virginia congressmen wanted more taxes as republicans were upset their were no cuts on spending. >> they get the deal and it is not a real deal. it does not fix the problem. >> a new congressional battle is on the horizon after lawmakers postponed automatic cuts to defense and domestic spending. in just 60 days, we will be back where we started. stay with abc 7 news for complete coverage of the fiscal cliff deal and what could happen in the next few months. for instant updates log onto
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in addition to the unresolved issues, new hope congressional lawmakers will pass a congressional relief package for victims of hurricane sandy. john boehner was criticized after he would not allow the bill to reach the floor. >> if the people of new jersey feel betrayed today by those who did this in the house last night, they have good company. i am with them. >> the senate previously approved a $60 billion relief bill but it stalled in the house. according to congressman peter king the house plans to have two votes. when this friday, and other january 15. hillary clinton is spending her -- her first night out of a hospital. she was accompanied by her husband and their daughter when
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she left the new york city hospital today. doctors are giving her blood thinners and expect her to make a full recovery. returning to our effort -- turning to our forecast, temperatures are down after a calm day in the region. bob ryan joins us. >> it has been a quiet day. more quiet weather. look at our current temperatures. we are right into our coldest time of the year. our temperatures feel like january. we will be a little bit colder than average. with winds it will be in the 20's and the teens in the early morning. temperatures will only rise to 40 degrees a bit below average but not that much. i will show you where it is mild and where it has been really
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cold. snowstorms, i will join you -- i will join you in a few minutes. >> more about a major milestone that affects your safety if you work in the district. also, the mayor makes a big bet. >> what do you
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. >> children from sandy hook elementary will be back in class a moroses rigid class tomorrow said -- will be back in class tomorrow for the first time since the shooting. familiar items have been moved in. d.c. officials plan to sign a news conference tomorrow about a milestone. there were fewer than 100 homicides in 2012. there were 88 homicides last year. the lowest number on record
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since 1961. in the last four years the drop in the district has been better than the national average. redskins fever is growing. the team hosts the seattle seahawks in the playoffs. a special role in the montgomery county public engagement. the couple has gotten a lot of attention because of a creative marriage proposal and the video that has become a hit on the internet. we are joined with more on just what happened. >> he was looking for a creative way to take his two loves the redskins and his girlfriend, and wrap them into a marriage proposal. he put the video on youtube. little did he know it would become a sensation. this couple already has the ring. there is a bit of sizing to take care of.
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the real story is the proposal. it all took place new year's eve at a small party with friends and family. she opened a gift and found a redskins jersey inside. [screaming] it said "marry me." >> i knew we were going to get engaged. i had no idea. >> travis had been planning the big surprise for months. >> i was a nervous wreck. i told her dad and mom. the more people you tell, -- >> they are as huge redskins fans. >> i wanted to do something that combined my extreme love of the redskins. >> it is amazing. it is a unique experience. the happiest experience in my life. >> this is the best i can remember in a long time.
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the playoffs dallas, what more can you ask for? a gorgeous girlfriend. >> they plan to get married within a year. do not be surprised if they find a redskins team for that, too. >> the cake. [laughter] today, the d.c. mayor agreed to a friendly bet over the game. the seattle mayor tweeted a bet. the kickoff is sunday at 4:30. also, join us this friday for our abc 7 special the year of rg3. we will take a look at his remarkable season. friday at 8:00.
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what is the weather going to be like? >> not as cold as it was for dallas. >> that is not why they lost. >> no. [laughter] outside today, it was beautiful. a few clouds came in. a nice, colorful sunset. you folks who say this is nice now, we are beginning to gain a little bit of daylight at the end of the day, indeed. almost 5:00. in three weeks, it is almost 5:30. winter is not quite over. we are heading into the next two weeks. the coldest time here in washington on average. 25 degrees. outdoor recess? i think so for the tough
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youngsters. not much in the way of wind. look at boca raton 72 degrees. the cold in alaska not as cold as it has been. 4 degrees. fairbanks has closed the book on one of the coldest winters ever. the average temperature was 17 degrees below zero. that was the average. there were 13 degrees below their average about 60 degrees cooler than it was for us in washington. 32 degrees right now. a little hint of some of that cold stuff from central canada tried to get into the northern. there is no sign of it coming our way. the pattern, high clouds, moisture is staying well to our south.
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the next couple of days, high pressure. that is the story with very dry air. there may be mountain snow flurries. that is it. when you get up and head out tomorrow morning, winds will be light. bundle up. a lot of sunshine. klaus tomorrow. temperatures 40 degrees. only a few degrees below our average high temperature. as to get into the weekend, a good football weather on sunday. next week, temperatures near 50 degrees. a great blog about the temperature for 2012. we were above average. the warmest year on record for washington. >> the record has been broken. >> yes indeed. >> any records in sports? >> yes.
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a popular football player is retiring. this local area is sad. we will tell you who that big- time football player is coming up. the withers
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> sunday, rg3 th thirdwill be in his first playoff game. today, it was griffon's turn to have a little fun with the staff. he played a prank. he does not usually laugh like that. rg3 talked about the team's huge turnaround. >> what does this playoff feel like you?
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>> it feels good. it is not just about getting in the playoffs. everyone is excited we are. we want to keep it going, keep it rolling all the way through. we have to focus on seattle. the time for celebration was over for me right after the game. it is time to move forward. >> moving forward, the seahawks. it will not be an easy opponent. the quarterback in his own right could be up for rookie of the year. 3,200 yards this season with 22 touchdowns. the best total defense in the league. the redskins have their work cut out for them. >> we need to get at them. scrambling around, the defensive line linebackers keep them down on the ground. >> up the road in baltimore, ray lewis announced he will retire.
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a 17-year career in the nfl. he has been out mostmost of this season due to an injury. this is mostly due to his family that he is retiring. the wizards were down early and fought back. paul george scored 29 points for the pacers. including that lay off right there. the wizards lose again. 89-81. no good news in the lockout. there has been no agreement between either side. another meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. >> wow. worse
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(vo) they were married for... 53 years. she was his everything. he can't live alone anymore. but we don't have the room. so, we talked to suntrust... looked at our options... remodeled... for family, you make it work. he taught me that. (anncr) join the thousands of people switching to suntrust's award-winning service. how can we help you shine today? >> starting next week, we invite you to watch jimmy kimmel live. his move to allow the clock 35 begins tuesday, january 8. a man with a lot of time on his hands. he build a snowman that is attracting a lot of tension.
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-- a lot of attention. he is 36.5 feet tall. about 30 people helped build the snowman. people from all over the area has stopped -- have stopped to admire the creation. donations for a food pantry, he has already collected more
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>> it really felt like january. >> tomorrow, without the winds. the temperatures will be in the dean's for you folks in the suburbs. in washington, the weather records with the warmest weather.
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