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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  January 4, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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t that long. diane will have more of the interview tonight on "world news." that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> later this morning, members of law enforcement family, and friends gathered in woodbridge to say goodbye to a prince william county police officer killed in the line of duty. good morning, washington. it's friday, january 4. i am cynne simpson. >> i'm scott thuman. glad to have you along on this friday morning. let's get to jacqui jeras to talk about the forecast and the weekend. >> the weekend is just about here and the weather looks great. it was chilly outside yesterday the coldest day of the week. things will get better from here. 19 degrees in manassas this morning, 18 in culpeper, 30 in
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the district, 25 at dulles. there's a wind chill especially to the north and west. hagerstown's feels like 19 degrees, 22 in martinsburg, 30 in luray. our forecast, 31 and cold with sunshine at 9:00, 38 at noon, 40 degrees with clear skies at 5:00, for high temperature of 42, about average. temperatures will be rising above seasonal averages. that's coming up, minutes away. we will go to traffic now with the jamee. >> good friday morning. around the capital beltway looks good, virginia maryland, not encountering problems. overnight construction is gone in virginia. here we are in bethesda. landover and silver spring are quiet. route 5, branch avenue, there is a closure of southbound route 5 outside the beltway near allentown road.
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is diverted around. -- the traffic is diverted around. northbound lanes are open. southbound leaving the beltway is where it is shutting down. virginia is quiet on 95 395 14th street bridge, to tell you about. back to you. >> thank you. funeral services today for prince william county officer killed in a line of duty. chris yung was responding to an accident monday and his motorcycle struck a minivan in bristow. he was taken to a hospital where he died. he was a seven-year veteran of the police department. his funeral is at 10:00 this morning at the memorial chapel in woodbrige. a former fbi agent convicted of a drunk driving crash and
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brandywine is expected to learn his fate today. >> johnson faces 13 years in prison after a jury found him guilty in october of mortar vehicle manslaughter and other charges. johnson was drunk when he hit an 18-roll calyear olf in for brent. >> a former prince george's county jail guard accused of ignoring and the macintosh was charged with lying to law- enforcement officials investigating the death of romney white. he was found strangled in his jail cell days after he was arrested in the hit-and-run death of a corporal. the death was initially ruled a homicide, but police later ruled he could kill themself. he was found unresponsive the guard did not inform others. >> michael crapo is expected to be arraigned after being arrested for dui.
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the idaho republican ran a red light in alexandria last month. he failed several field sobriety tests. he later issued an apology saying he accepts full responsibility for his actions. manuel, the newly sworn in congress gets to work. the house is expected to pass and nearly $10 billion bill to provide aid to victims of hurricane sandy. then the senate plans to follow up with a likely and contested vote. a vote on the remainder of the $60 billion package is later this month. house speaker john boehner initially/plans to vote on the package, but he backpedaled after receiving criticism from several new york lawmakers. president obama may need to find a new treasury secretary much sooner than expected. >> timothy geithner plans to leave his job after president obama is. there was speculation he would stay on the job longer with fiscal cliff negotiations only half done and another debt ceiling site on the horizon.
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the white house chief of staff jack lew is the front runner now to succeed him. >> secretary of state clinton is ready to get back to work after three days in a hospital. her spokesman says she will be back on the job next week. she was treated for blood clot she suffered on sunday that stemmed from a concussion and she suffered a last month when she fell. >> the house and senate will convene a joint session of congress today and to count electoral ballots from the presidential election. a federal judge in california rejected a challenge by birthers in their latest attempt to overturn the presidency of president obama. the judge rejected a request to allow a florida man to testify about alleged inconsistencies and the typeface on the birth certificate? that the president released. the presidential inaugural committee has launched an online store. a retail store will open later this month at 1165 f street in
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northwest. they offer official member billion including mugs, t- shirts, blankets. for a link to the online store along approach between the federal trade commission and google is finally over. >> linda bell is joining us from bloomberg headquarters in new york to explain. good friday morning to you. >> the same to you. google avoided what could of been an expensive battle with the fcc by volunteering to change some of their business practices. they're selling allegations they misused patents. -- they are settling allegations. let's talk apple. congressional investigators are wrapping up an inquiry into the accounting practices of apple and some other technology companies. apple had become a focus of the inquiry since the accountant
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found illegal ways to allocate a large percentage of the profits offshore in an effort to lower the taxes they would pay in the u.s. apple in response says it is one of the biggest corporate income taxpayers in the country and conducts its business with the highest ethical standards. you have heard about tailgating. kfc is looking trademarked the term "collegouch dating." on that in the next hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> i like that. >> all right. we look forward to that. 33 degrees 4:37. >> still to come, get ready for delays if you plan to take metro this weekend. which stations will not ru
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>> welcome back on this friday morning. jacqui jeras a layer of ice was on my car this morning. there was some work to be done. it was mostly on the roof and on the hood. >> and it's dry alastai outside. i need a hand lotion and a humidifier.
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it is a chilly start. that's for sure. we have temperatures in the twenties across the region for the most part. a couple spots in the teens. 18 in culpeper if and 19 in manassas. the warm spot at reagan national at 30 degrees. happy friday, everybody. looking for temperatures to make it into the low 40's today. high temperature of 38 yesterday. today we will be closer to the seasonal averages. we will get some clouds on sunday, but the cold front will be dry, i think. now, jamee. >> an overnight police chase and the crash on southbound route 5 branch avenue, but one minute ago they reopened everything. i just spoke with prince george's police. now everything is open near allentown road. you are able to use about five. glad to give you that good news.
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around the beltway bethesda, good out of kensington, connecticut avenue, an early troubles, 270 off to quiet start. it was earlier construction on the virginia beltway near gallows road. that has reopened. and it's quiet out of dale city. back to you. >> thank you. if you're morning commute takes you in chevy chase expects things to run smoother compared to thursday. a water main breaks disrupted traffic. crews will temporarily open the two southbound lanes near wisconsin circle during the morning rush hour. then the road may have to be shot down so workers can continue preparing a water main. give yourself a little extra time if you plan to use metro to get around this weekend. >> orange line trains will not run between vienna and east falls church from 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. shuttle buses will be available. red line trains will single
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track between shady grove road and twin brooks. and between judiciary square and rhode island ave. there will be no work on the other lines. more on all aspects at >> looking at 33 degrees right now. >> an update on the 6-year-old boy suspended from school after attending his fingers oregon. we will t
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>> the prince william county police officer who died in the line of duty will be laid to rest today. officer chris yung was responding to an accident on monday when his motorcycle hit a minivan in bristow. he was just 35 years old. he had been with the police department seven years. also, a former fbi agent convicted in a deadly drunk driving crash in brandywine is set to learn his fate today. adrian johnson faces up to 13 years in prison after he was found guilty of several charges in very 0.11 crashed and killed 18-year-old lawrence gardner jr. the house will vote today on a $10 billion bill to help the victims of superstorm sandy. lawmakers are expected to vote on the rest of the package later this market. new york lawmakers slammed the decision to scrap a vote which was planned for earlier this week. >> an interesting debate brewing
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as montgomery county lawmakers are upset with what is being done with a portion of speed camera finds. roz plater shows where part of the money is going. >> if you are not a fan of the speed cameras disinformation race and you through the roof. a portion of the $40 speed cameras ticket goes back to the vendor. it varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but it can be as much as 40%. >> i think it's a kickback, it's not good, they should not do it. >> it is sterile. no one should be profiting off that. >> the city does. >> the city, but not private vendors. >> lawmakers never wanted the vendors to get the bounty, says a lawmaker, there's a loophole. >> when the original law was written in maryland aaa and
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others thought they had created a fire wall so no one could be accused of policing for profit. >> lawmakers say that they want it to stop. some districts argued ticket revenues are dwindling and they could not afford the cameras if they had to pay rent or a flat fee. >> these programs are lucrative. for someone to say we cannot afford to have a camera program is absurd. >> abc 7 news. >> prince george's county police plan to pare nearly 50 red light camera certification. -- to add nearly 50 red-light cameras. police are now shifting their polkas from speed cameras to red-light cameras. >> a virginia man whose murder conviction was overturned is still behind bars. a federal judge ordered justin wolfe and released by thursday afternoon, but a federal appeals
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court granted a request for by virginia attorney general to stop his release. he was convicted of a drug- related murder in 2002. the conviction was overturned after a judge found if prosecutors had withheld evidence. >> 06-year-old montgomery county first grader at is a happy camper this morning. rodney lynch received a one day suspension from roscoe nix elementary school in silver spring last month for attending hi -- pretending his fingers or a gun. it will be removed from his permanent record. it's 33 degrees. >> the excitement continues to build ahead of sunday's game between the redskins and the seahawks. how
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>> friday morning. we are talking about the temperatures because it is brisk out there. >> it is, but we will make it through. >> absolutely. yesterday was the worst of it. it gets better from here. that's the good news. we will see improvements. it's the weekend. let's look at the satellite picture. skies are very clear. little low level cloudiness across the great lakes. that's due to the cold air blowing over the warmer lakes. for us nothing but sunshine
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today. it's 19 right now for the wind chill in dulles and 18 in culpeper. and the wind chill is 26 in d.c. today's forecast, mostly sunny skies expected, high temperature between 38 and 42 degrees. the weekend looks really good. there's a cold front approaching on sunday. that will bring quite a bit of clouds. i think it will be dry. the air is very dry. watch for the temperatures to drop a little by monday. then they will drive up again for the middle of the week. less a check on traffic and weather jamee. >> its friday. starting off quiet around the beltway? in virginia, maryland. 295 across the 14th street bridge, a relaxing trip into the nation's capital without any troubles. prince william police are working a crash and closing did
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in drive in dale city west of interstate 95 on opus boulevard. no problems on 270. that's between frederick and the capital beltway. back to you. >> thank you. howard county executive ken ulman showing his support for the redskins and the ravens. star in at 5:00 tonight, there will be a purple and burgundy glow on the george tower building. they will also make sure there is a glow on the gateway and another building in columbia. they will keep the colors as long as the teams keep winning. yesterday we told you dcm's manor and the mayor of seattle made a bet -- d.c. mayor vincent gray and the mayor of seattle made a bet on football.
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>> and now there's been another bet. both men are offering a gift baskets of coffee. constantine is offering seattle's best, starbucks. rushern baker is offering 8:00 bean coffee which is made in landover. they're planning to where the winning team's jersey during mentoring and volunteering events as well? . >> redskins fans are finding creative ways to get their hands on coveted playoff tickets. >> autria godfrey tells about a deal from a travel agent. >> what would you do to get your hands on the hottest tickets around? >> i would name my firstborn after redskins. >> i would shave my head. >> i don't know. >> the people want to see the seahawks sidelined. a chance to soak up the sights and sounds at fedex field sunday as people getting creative with
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what they will trade for deposit. how about a weeklong stay at a tropical resort? one travel it is willing to trade a seven-night stay at a resort in the bahamas for two tickets to sunday's game. even trade and a year to take the trips. >> i would have to say no. >> beth know how precious her tickets are and says she would gladly and take a frigid sunday night at fedex field overtopping a balmy vacation. >> the guys have worked hard. when have we ever been relevant in december, the redskins? it's been a long time. >> and at city hall -- >> i love rgiii. >> and the press conference turned into the redskins. >> they have won against all odds.
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>> and a reminder. join us tonight for our abc 7 special "the year of rgiii." his remarkable rookie season and the run into the playoffs for the team. that's at 8:00 on abc 7. >> after announcing his upcoming retirement, it appears ravens star ray lewis has a new job. sports illustrated reports that he will join espn after the season. hopefully, they will find a way to work in the great dance moves back. is expected to have a significant role on the monday night countdown program on the cable network. 4:57 and 32 degrees. >> still ahead, planning a trip to the vatican? plan on paying for souvenirs and other services in cash. why tourists
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