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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that he planned to visit so he could steal the new car that mcquain had bought so he could give it to his 18- year-old girlfriend. they presented a barrage of damning evidence including lopez in mcquain's car, and an atm taking money out of her account shortly after her murder. they also presented images of lopez with mcquain's 11-year-old son, william, shortly before he vanished, and photos of the barbell used to paul mcquain in her bed and the knife used to fatally stabbed her. the police found at mcquain's body in her germantown apartment after her co-workers reported her missing, but william claimed was missing. he had been beaten to death with a baseball bat and was found in the woods. >> he was led down the pathway and bludgeoned with the bat in a horrible manner. >> prosecutors showed surveillance video of lopez
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taking a back into the car while an unsuspecting 11-year- old boys sat in the front passenger seat. that was found at the murder scene. prosecutors say that lopez was in charlotte after the murders trying to sell mcquain's flat screen tv and her antique tiffany lamp. >> this man should never walk the street again a free man. he deserves to die in jail. >> at the end of today's proceedings, the judge accepted the alford plea, and abolishment of guilt without actually admitting guilt. -- an acknowledgement of guilt without actually admitting guilt. >> lopez will be sentenced april 17. he has already served 13 years for attempted murder related to a pennsylvania carjacking. >> breaking news from prince george's county where a county employee is being charged with extortion. autria godfrey as live in police
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headquarters with the breaking details. >> prince george's county police say this was a building inspector with prince george's county trying to use his position to intimidate and extort $1,000 per week from a local business owner to allow his band to play there every week. they say he is 52-year-old john cleveland brown of clinton maryland a building inspector out with them since 2007. one of the locations that he was responsible for inspecting, levi's restaurant, also in clinton, maryland. he realized it was a live music venue and he used this as an opportunity to try to make money for his band starting last march to threaten to close the place down and sang every employee would be without work six-nine months if the owner did not allow the band to play. the owner agreed to let the band play, but said it would be a
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nonpaying trial date, and that is where things took a turn for the worst. >> the band performed at some point at the restaurant. it was agreed to it would be a free trial basis. after the performance, the suspect then told the business owner, i would like $1,000. the business owner said, that is not what we agreed to. >> the police say he came back, demanding $1,000. that is when the business owner reached out to p.g. county police, and they set up an undercover operation where a prince george's county officer acted as the agitated manager for that -- as the entertainment manager for the restaurant. the police say that brown was arrested on the spot charged with two counts of harassment, two counts of extortion. it is important to point out that no money exchanged hands
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during the sting. he is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >> family, friends, and strangers said farewell today to a prince william county police officer killed in a motorcycle accident earlier this week. thousands attended the funeral service to pay their respects to officer chris yung. >> in the history of the prince william county police department, this is their third line of duty death, the last two in 1990 and way back in 1973. today, officer chris yung was remembered as an excellent public servant and a proud officer. this is exactly how everybody says that he would want to be remembered. >> he had a smile that would light up any room, and the day.
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he went 1042doing what he loved. >> what he loved was serving and protecting on a motorcycle. [taps plays] >> the family showed up by the hundreds to honor their fallen officer in blue. >> we all know when they leave there is a chance that may not come back. >> officer yung leaves behind his wife robin and their three children. >> i brought my daughter so she could see. >> why? >> so she could understand the sacrifices police officers make. >> the investigation into the fiery crash that took his life is still under investigation. >> it is a tragedy.
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>> mourners are out to not focus on how he died but how he lived, not to grieve but smile. they say it took just one encountered be impressed by officer chris yung, even if that encounter was getting a traffic ticket. he will be buried tomorrow. monday the results of the investigation are expected to be released. live in manassas, kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. >> on capitol hill, the house approved a $9.7 billion package to pay flood insurance claims for homes and business owners affected by a super storm sandy, two months after the storm hit, just days after house speaker john boehner's copter braziel decision to delay the original vote. -- his controversial decision to delay the original vote. >> the december jobs report is out.
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while unemployment stayed the same 7.8%, experts say this news it is encouraging because it is coming out of the one under 55,000 jobs last month that were added. experts say the economy continues to heal and the numbers indicate if more americans are getting into the labour force. >> now to the weather, and a good outlook for this weekend. chief meteorologist doug hill has what we can expect. >> it looks nice, right on the rooftop, the belfort furniture weather center perry the sunset with seven minutes ago, but a beautiful twilight. the clouds will clear off in the evening. with clear still conditions, it will get cold. clear and cold. 40 right now at washington dulles 42 quantico, 44 in the nation's capital. the wind is still a factor out of the west, a 10-15, so we
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definite chill in the air at this hour, with what it feels like in gaithersburg at 28, 39 in the city. clearing this evening continuing to drop through the 30's, overnight 18-29. a cold night. the weekend looks good. we have a window of opportunity tomorrow night, early sunday morning for some snowflakes. we will talk about that and the redskins forecast, too, and a couple of minutes. >> speaking of the redskins, everybody is looking forward to sunday at 4:30, when the redskins take on the seattle seahawks. >> we have a look ahead at the big game. >> big game and a lot of smack talk. the redskins say they will let their play do the talking, and they should. despite hosting the game, the redskins are still three-point underdogs to the seahawks. the defense has improved dramatically in their seven-game winning streak, holding their opponents points allowed average to just a touchdown.
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the redskins are not fled by robert griffin iii 20 touchdowns, only five interceptions this season, but he is still a rookie. all of this is new and as mike shanahan reiterated, this requires a new kind of streak. >> every game has been do-or- die, so we are used to this scenario. the only thing we talk about now, instead of calling for the nfc east, you are planning to go to the super bowl. it is a four-round fight for us and we have to take care of business in around 1 to get to the next round. >> we will hear more from players and coaches coming up and which redskins are up for work the of the year honors. >> we have a good idea. >> the team and the fans are not the only people ready for sunday. some redskins icons are also getting ready for the big day.
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suzanne kennedy is live from fedex with more. >> is great to catch up with these guys, especially when we're feeling so good to talk about the redskins. if fans are hoping the team will make it eight in a row sunday afternoon at fedex field. obviously, this game is extremely important, one that has been a long time coming. it is nearly go time for the washington redskins' top fan chief z. the chief will join thousands at fedex field this weekend as the nfc east champion square off against the seattle seahawks. as a key 12th man, the chief says fans have to show what for this game. >> the fans have to know we have to make noise. when they go to the huddle, that is when you make noise of the cannot hear the play. >> sunday's sold-out game is the first playoff game for the redskins and five years, the
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first home playoff game since 1999. the fans at ben's chili bowl are pumped up. >> all you have to do was field of buzz. coming from the bottom of the nfc east, five consecutive years, jumping to the top? it is so emotional, i cannot explain it. it is a great feeling. that this woman and her daughter are new to washington and brand new fans. they will be there sunday with the die-hards. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> the hogettes sharing the redskins to victory. the chief says at this year's team as a surprise. >> they have had a great run seven wins in a row. they have been playing game by game, doing it two months, and it just unifies the whole team. >> great to see people around town wearing jerseys wearing
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hats, getting ready for about 48 hours away. this and a lot of the rest will open four hours in advance of the game gates opening two hours in advance. kickoff time is set for 4:30. live from fedex field, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> it has been a great year for quarterback rgiii and the redskins. tonight, the sports team will look at the whirlwind year and what has met for the team, "the year of rgiii" tonight at 8:00. >> we have more redskins coverage ahead. find out why rookie running back alfred morris swings in imaginary baseball bat after scoring a touchdown. >> and assault in fairfax county has the police investigating. >> and here with a u.s. senator had to say after pleading guilty to a dui charge in virginia. >> man's best friend and a
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retired firefighter come together
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>> breaking news from florida.
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a small airplane carrying five passengers crashed into a home on the coast while trying to land at an airport. the house burst into flames. the sheriff's office said the pilot had declared an emergency. the latest on the sandy hook elementary school shooting. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords many special visit to newtown, conn., to meet with the victims' families, accompanied by her husband retired astronaut mark kelly. giffords is still recovering after being shot in the head of a campaign event in arizona two years ago. >> senator michael crapaudo has pled guilty to dui charges. he will have to attend a safety program, pay a fine, and his license has been suspended one year. last month, crapo was pulled
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over for running a red light in the district. >> i'm sorry for the pain and embarrassment i brought to my family idahoans, i church, my colleagues in the senate and staff and anyone else was placed their trust in me. >> the 61-year-old senator issued an apology last week pledging he would never drive drunk again. at a retired police to the tenant is being charged -- is being credited for saving a woman's life today. >> this happened in bowie. he is just one of the heroes. kris van cleave has the details. >> once a firefighter always a firefighter. as they were arriving getting ready to battle the fire the fire was consuming the home. he pulled the woman out the back door. he is crediting a four legged friend. >> 21 years on the job, i never
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pulled up on something like that. >> he retired as a firefighter at five years ago but he saw the smoke from the home and had it right for it. waiting for him, the resident's best friend, a black lab who kept running to the door. >> i noticed there was a lady inside on her knees, about 5 feet with the fire over her head. i ran over, knelt down, crawled in, and dragged her out. >> you were not geared up. >> not at all. just the old instincts kicked in. >> mills took this picture with his phone, moments after pulling her from the doorway filled with flames. >> i think within a couple of minutes, it could have got real bad. i'd like she would have made it out by herself. >> but don't call him a hero. he says he was just doing his job. if that i think the real hero was the dog.
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he was alerting me. he was more concerned about her than his own safety. >> the woman suffered serious injuries burns and smoke inhalation. she is expected to make a full recovery. the dog is being cared for by the county tonight. as for the rescue work, the retired firefighter, he had to get back to calvert county because he is coaching atv girls' basketball team right now. live in bowie, kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> what a good neighbor. >> busy guy. >> a little sunshine today it was nice. we had an interesting cloud pattern. beautiful sunrises and sunsets. another aspect, the view from germantown, high above the weatherbug headquarters. the clouds cleared out during the midday. another cloud deck moved in.
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these clouds are generated as the air flows across the appellation and allegheny mountains, forming the roles of cumulus clouds, as they flow across the appalachian mountains and the allegheny mountains. this is the view from outer space. they look like avenues, feathering across. we have another batch of clout in this, then we have clear skies, and with the clear skies the temperatures will drop. 42 in upper marlboro, light west wind at 5. but 35 in leesburg, they hit a high of 40. with temperatures in this range it does not take much wind to drive the wind chill low. 37 right now frederick martinsburg, gaithersburg. 44 in washington, 42 quantico, 43 annapolis. but of the great lakes and midwest, the temperatures much colder, a nice bump and temperatures.
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those temperatures are coming next week, but in the short term, here is the story, clear and cold conditions overnight. ideal cooling conditions, along the mercury drops into the upper teens, low 20's. another batch of clouds navigating in, then a large area of clear skies under the influence of high pressure. the computer model gives the weather story through the day. sunshine increasing clouds in the afternoon clouds hanging around sunday. by later sunday afternoon thinning out ahead of the cold front. some computer models just a little bit of moisture with the upper air disturbances. we will include in the forecast a chance of fleury's overnight tomorrow into early sunday morning, a patch of snow to the west, but generally nice sunday after the cloudy start. the temperatures climb sunday afternoon. tonight, headed the other way 20's most area, but 18-29 is the range by the morning under clear
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skies. 40 at midday, 43 in the afternoon, partly cloudy skies. more clouds at night. the window of opportunity sunday morning, late saturday night but then saturday afternoon sunday afternoon sunshine. 47 in the afternoon at kickoff time delightful. 8 bit cooler on monday. then a noticeable warm-up. 47 sunday, koehler on monday, mid 40's tuesday, low 50's a possibility as we head through wednesday, thursday, and friday, with a chance of scattered showers. we have not had any precipitation and a long time. >> thank you. >> breaking news from fairfax county, where a car crashed into a house. that triggered a natural gas leak. newschopper 7 is live over the scene at backlick road and commerce street in springfield. the gas leak has been capped, the street reopened but it will
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take a while for traffic to get back to normal. nobody was seriously hurt in the crash. up next, the local neighborhood where the writing letters are popping up. >> plus, a major milestone for the pakistani girl who fought for education for other girls and was shot by the taliban. >> of the springfield hey, look! a shooting sr! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i sh
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>> it seems the serial groper
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may have struck again. >> it has been a few weeks, but the latest incident occurred yesterday on briarwood court. >> natasha barrett is live and annandale with the latest. >> all of the other incidents have happened in springfield right before christmas and earlier in the fall, but the man behind this does it the same way every time. he takes advantage of women by themselves, either early in the morning or at night. this time it happened in another area, nestled just off 495 in fairfax county. >> he touches a woman without their permission. >> a 30-year-old woman was talking when the police say a man grabbed her. she yelled, then he ran away. a neighbor said that he thought he heard something near the apartment.
5:27 pm
>> i heard crying, like, oh, my god. that>> the neighbor said he cannot call the police because he did not take it seriously then. the police say this is the 15th time a woman has been groped. here is the suspect's sketch, and hispanic man in his 20's, this time wearing a green fleece jacket like before. several other times he was seen wearing a red baseball cap. a woman jogging said that her neighbors have been dealing with several break-ins in the area. >> it is horrible, especially because people take pride in taking a stroll or walk with their husbands and wives. i feel awful right now. >> right now, the police say they have not linked to the break-ins in this neighborhood to the incidents with the groper. they are looking into it. as far as the 30-year-old woman who was involved in the incident
5:28 pm
last night, the police station was not injured and she is ok. live from annandale, natasha barrett, abc 7 news. >> coming up, super bowl advertisements selling for record prices. we will tell you how much companies are spending for the prime-time spots. >> and who redskins running back alfred morris says is his inspiration for his touchdown celebration moves. >> a hit-and-run suspect guys in jail. three
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> a man who used to work at the prince george's county jail pled guilty in connection to the death of inmate in 2008. >> the inmate was ronnie white. richard reeve has the story. >> maureen, anthony mcintosh pled guilty to one count of obstruction of justice, not guilty to two other counts but he admitted lying to police in court today. the plea deal stems from an incident at the prince george' in june 2008, when it inmate ronnie white accused in the hit-and-run of a police officer, was found dead in his jail cell. anthony mcintosh said that another officer found white that was a lie. >> mr. mcintosh represented that he was not the first person to find ronnie white unresponsive,
5:32 pm
when he was. he thought he was dead and to not call for help. >> the medical examiner said that white had been strangled, a homicide, but the state police investigation found the 19-year- old could have killed himself. mcintosh pled guilty to obstruction of justice because he lied in a statement to the p.g. county police officer. >> ronnie white's death was tragic, but anthony mcintosh did not harm, kill or cause the death of ronnie white. with today's resolution, mr. mackintosh has accepted responsibility for his false statement. >> mcintosh pled not guilty to a second obstruction of justice charge and a civil rights violation. he is free on his own recognizance but is due back in court in april facing possibly 2.5 years in prison. live in greenbelt, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> time for a look at the other top stories.
5:33 pm
a man accused of killing his estranged wife and stepson in montgomery county has entered an alford plea. the police say curtis lopez killed jane mcquain inside of her germantown apartment in october and beat her son william to death with baseball bat. lopez was arrested in north carolina one day after mcquain's body was found. he is facing a possible sentence of life without possibility of parole. >> a prince george's county by employee has been arrested and charged with extortion and harassment. but investigators say that john brown used his position as a building inspector to threaten a restaurant owner with the fear of losing permits unless the owner paid $1,000 per week for brown's band to perform at the restaurant. >> redskins media sweeping the area, just a couple days to go until the first playoff game against the seahawks. fans are purchasing burgundy and gold. tickets are selling for big bucks on line. kickoff at fedex field sunday
5:34 pm
at 4:30. you may have noticed redskins' rookie running back offered more swings an imaginary bat when he scores a touchdown. -- he may have noticed that redskins' rookie running back alfred morris swings in imagine a baseball bat and he scores a touchdown. >> redskins fans love to see it offered morris follow his touchdowns with a swing. for this little league team, watching him score is like a grand slam. the team of nine- and 10-year- old met him when they were in ashburn for a car but, before ending the phenom and inviting them to one of their games. morris went and said of the kept when he would give them a special baseball shot at when he scored his first nfl touchdown. >> they said you have to do a celebration. i said what if i hit a home run? at that is how it started. i finally got a touchdown in the caprice is it an icon of liked it.
5:35 pm
-- i finally got a touchdown in the preseason and i kind of liked it. >> the team is hoping that he hits a home run against seattle. they say it is more likely that morris will have to add more yards to the season. >> seattle has a ball hocking secondary, something to redskins will show up and it will rush for about 160, 170 yards. >> redskins fans believe the team may run deeper into the playoffs. speaking of alfred morris, in an interview with the seattle times, seattle's coach said that alfred morris is legit and his team would be keeping a close eye on him and rgiii during sunday's game as they try to take on the victory at fedex field. >> before the game gets underway, we have learned that d.c. washington, will sing the national anthem. >> ♪ and the rockets' red glare
5:36 pm
bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ >> washington, from woodbridge, va., last week at fedex field when the redskins took on the cowboys. time to check the traffic situation. >> delays on 3 and 5 southbound towards duke street westbound 66 jammed towards not leave. fairfax county parkway southbound, a crash blocking the right lane. brief delays on 95 northbound in maryland before 198. howard county, a crash has been cleared, travel lanes now open. slow go on the inner loop of the beltway crossing the american legion bridge towards the i-270
5:37 pm
spur. to 70, brief delays past old georgetown road, montrose road, the laser gun in gaithersburg. -- delays began it in gaithersburg. >> coming up, the pakistani girl who was shot by the taliban and who inspired the world has reached a milestone. >> residence in manassas on alert tonight. somebody has been leaving threatening letters on their doorsteps. >> also, which vehicles are
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>> manassas police looking for a man who is leaving threatening letters on doorsteps. that he leaves them at night and then runs away. greta kreuz has what people are saying about the strain threats -- stramngenge threats. >> the most recent threat was on the year's eve notes scrawled in pen or pencil, each
5:41 pm
different, but all threatening to kill. carolina found that no one night last month after somebody threw a beer bottle at her front door. >> and has the name of somebody, their address, and "i will kill you." >> she has gotten one of 10 mysterious notes left in the neighborhood since december 4. >> i'm worried. i was really scared out of my mind when that happened. >> the police said the suspect approaches home near byrd park between 7:30 and at 11:00 a.m., rings the bell, knocks on the door, and that leaves a note behind. >> there is a consistent name on each node, and is for a specific person who lives in the neighborhood. we have spoken with the individual who has no idea what this is about. >> what is more bizarre, each note is connected -- said to a person was no connection to the
5:42 pm
threatened homeowner. he's described as middle eastern, hispanic, or south asian, 5 foot 10 inches, with a thin build and dark jacket and jeans. the notes suggest that his english is not good. the police are increasing surveillance of the quiet area. >> i am hoping that it is just a scare, playing around. >> the police think it is more serious. >> somebody who was willing to do this is either violent, dangerous, mentally unstable, who knows. >> another resident who did not want to be identified said he came home from the movies one night with his kids and a guy came to his door with a pickax. so far, nobody has been hurt. nobody has open their doors to confront the guy. the police say they are increasing surveillance. they hope to have a sketch of the suspect next week and are asking anyone with any information to please call. live in manassas, greta kreuz
5:43 pm
abc 7 news. >> super bowl advertising reached record prices. next, how much a 30-second commercial is going for. >> spider man shows
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>> an unusual child-support case is sparking a big debate. a sperm donor and kansas -- in kansas is being sued for child support by the state. he donated his sperm three years ago to a lesbian couple that split up. >> what i would do differently is go to a lawyer and say, will cut of things what i have to do to get out of this? to stay out of trouble, to keep this from happening? but i was totally unaware of this kind of thing would even be possible. >> he replied to a craigslist ad for a sperm donor. he said that he signed a contract giving up parental rights and responsibility for the child, but under kansas state law, a doctor is not involved the donor is legally considered the father. >> starling numbers about drowsy
5:47 pm
drivers. one in 24 drivers fall asleep at the wheel in the past month. according to a new study by the cdc, 33% of fatal accidents in the u.s. involve a sleepy driver. scientists are using sesame street to determine how the brains of children work. a group of adults and two dozen children ages 4-eleven watch sesame street while their brains are scanned for activity. they show that the children score higher on standardized tests when the brain activity match the activity of the adults. more research is necessary, but studies like this may help identify and help treat learning disabilities in children. >> patrick dempsey is one step closer to saving a coffee shop. he and his partners are fighting to save hundreds of jobs at tullys coffee. >> it is very important. some of the players involved
5:48 pm
want to take the jobs away. the economy is rough, looking at jobs. the employes are deeply concerned. >> starbucks is one of the other companies bidding for tully's but they are interested in only half the publications. dempsey and his team went to buy all of them. a judge is expected to make the decision by next friday and make a decision by the end of the month. when the super bowl airs next month, advertisers will spend record cash for the commercials. these are some ads from last year. the price of a 30-second spot this year is an all-time high of about $4 million. that is just the average. a spokesperson for cbs says in some cases advertisers will pay more. that tops last year's record when nbc sports charged a record $3.5 million for 30 seconds. them a little boy in
5:49 pm
fayetteville n.c., received a big surprise. he was thrilled when spider-man jump over the fence of his backyard, but he was really surprised when he pulled off his mask. it was his dad, sergeant jason reynolds. >> he surprised me. >> i wanted to do something more special for him, because with a newborn in the house, on to make sure he understands that he is just as important as she is. >> sergeant reynolds is home on emergency leave for the birth of his daughter. although he missed the birth, he still spent a week with the family before going back overseas. tonight at 6:00, jim moran wants to prevent gun-related deaths. >> and a new twist to the controversy over a new york newspaper decision to publish the names and addresses of gun owners. how lawmakers are trying to stop the paper from doing so tonight at 6:00. >> right now, we want to hear
5:50 pm
more from doug hill on the weather. >> happy to give an update. 40 degrees right out in arlington, va., outside of the weather center. clearing skies, but it will get very cold. cloud bands moving through. clear skies follow. what did win diminishing, the stage is set for a cold night. 37 frederick, 34 winchester, 45 fredericksburg. we still have the wind to deal with. 10-15 m.p.h. in spots. combine that with the temperatures still getting a wind chill, north of washington feels like 20 -- 12 gaithersburg, not as much of a difference further south. clear and cold overnight, 18-29 range of temperatures. a lot of sunshine midday clouds in the afternoon.
5:51 pm
low 40's. overnight saturday into sunday a disturbance could get day of -- could give a flurry or two. it looks really good for the redskins at fedex field sunday afternoon. the temperatures falling into the upper 30's, southwest wind. the next seven days, lots of sunshine, warming trend, rain showers wednesday thursday time frame, with temperatures in the 50's. >> "" is all new tonight in prime time with a look at people who have lost half of their body weight and the secrets to their weight loss success. tonight, overweight friends of celebrities who decide to take action in the fight against obesity. among them, a guitarist for the jonas brothers. >> i said maybe i should think about losing 150 pounds. >> see if he succeeded on "20/20."
5:52 pm
>> we just saw the graphic with "the are of rgiii." >> the jerseys are everywhere. rgiii is officially the rookie of the year candidate. he impressed from the start with his 88-yard touchdown pass to pierre garcon. he has continued to grow, 3200 yards this season, 20 touchdowns, more than 800 yards rushing, a redskins franchise record by rushing for a quarterback and a single season. alfred morris surpassed clinton portis as the franchise brushing it reckitt later. but-- rushing rookie leader. >> to accomplish some of the things i have accomplished is an honor and i cannot take for granted. so much more can be done.
5:53 pm
>> as big as rgiii is and will become, he will be the first to remind you he is just a military kid from a small town in texas. his family lives in the area now and has not missed a game yet. his parents give him a foundation, and a fee waivers, some good food. >> my parents have not changed, even though my situation has changed. they are still the same. my mom's still makes sweet potato pie for me and i love having them around. >> i used to pray, we used to pray that god use us to change some of the things in the world, and i really believe my son is going to change the culture of the nfl, if not the world sunday. >> he will be doing that by eating sweet potato pie, right? >> yes. >> sounds good. we have a lot more rgiii.
5:54 pm
watch abc 7 at 8:00, "the year of rgiii," with exclusive interviews with his mother athletes and coaches, and a conversation with the star himself. >> mother and father
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>> new developments tonight in a remarkable story of a pakistani gore recovering after being shot by the taliban. >> they shot her for promoting girls education. today, she walked out of the hospital after months of treatment. >> what is next for this brave little girl? >> she was shot point-blank three times. now the girl who became a glow ball symbol of the system has walked out of the hospital. she will check back in the hospital later this month for cranial reconstruction. but the 15-year-old has no brain damage, a remarkable recovery for a girl who needed emergency
5:58 pm
surgery and spent the last three months in the hospital. her father said she almost did not make it. >> i told my brother-in-law, you should make preparations but thanks be to god -- >> she and her family reunited in the u.k., her father her inspiration, running the pakistani school where she studied, encouraging her to dream bigger than she already did. >> i want to become a doctor. >> she could be more than a doctor. she can create a society. a medical student would easily be able to be a doctor of dignity. >> despite her injuries, she promises to continue her work for girls' education that she started in 2009. >> we must have the confidence to say this thing is going on
5:59 pm
and must realize this. >> she will not be doing her advocacy in pakistan. her family will stay here because it is too dangerous for them to go home. captioned by the national captioning institute >> today federal lawmakers approved a multi-billion dollar aid package to pay for damage from super storm sandy. >> not everybody is happy with the outcome. rebecca cooper joins us from the newsroom and victims and lawmakers are expressing their disappointment at what happened? >> they're grateful for the funding, and today's funding replenishes the national flood insurance program that was due to run out next week, but with 150,000 sandy claims still unpaid there is tens of billions of dollars clocked


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