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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 4, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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up in the system of federal aid and lawmakers and the victim's are wondering why they have had to wait so much longer than previous hurricane victims. by friday afternoon the first batch of federal money for hurricane victims was set to get on its way. the senate included $9.7 billion of flood insurance passed by the house earlier friday but dismayed victims are shocked congress waited this long. >> we have had no help from anyone. see that pile of garbage? that has been there since the first week. >> 57 house members objected to the aid, that was not paid for elsewhere. nancy pelosi said it will fight back against charges they are to blame for the deficit. >> they have created this problem, and now they're saying we are not paying the bill. that is just not right. i think that is an appropriate conversation to have. >> some house republicans
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complained that the package got loaded with pork. >> there are 1000% wrong. there is no pork in the bill. >> the new york republican made it clear -- he repeated charges that he and other republicans from new york and new jersey made all week, that there and party had betrayed sandy victim's. >> these people have no problem finding new york when they need to raise money. at the new york and new jersey should not pay one penny to these campaigns. >> harsh words from a republican about his own party. the storm killed 113 people on the east coast, destroying thousands of homes and businesses. congress is promising to pass another $50 billion of aid which they have not figured out how to pay for yet but the victims are anxious to start rebuilding their lives. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> thank you despite fears the
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economy would tumble over the fiscal cliff, the job market held steady in december. the labor department reports over 150,000 jobs were added last month roughly matching the pace of the last couple years. it was not enough to reduce unemployment, which remains at 7.8%. wall street reacted positively to the jobs report, the dow jones and nasdaq closing up, the s&p closing at its highest level in five years. >> from hollywood to capitol hill, the movie "zero dark thirty" is getting a lot of buzz but the review from the senate committee is not favorable. senate members want to know what the cia told filmmakers about it. senators have been critical of the movie, saying that suggests enhanced irrigation techniques were used on cia detainees to help the agency find that bin laden, but the senator say that
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is not true. >> you believe from watching this movie that water boarding and tortured leads to information that leads then to the elimination of osama bin laden, but that is not the case. >> the cia and pentagon cooperate with filmmakers, and investigators want to look at those interactions to see if the filmmakers had any inappropriate access to sensitive information. >> idaho republican senator michael crapo apologize today after pleading guilty to drunk driving in alexandria, va. >> i regret the decision i made because the serious consequences can come from drinking and driving. i am truly grateful nobody was injured. >> prosecutors dropped the charge for failing to of a traffic signal. he was pulled over december 23 for running a red light with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. today he was given a $250 fine his license suspended one year,
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and the most complete and alcohol safety program. >> funeral services in woodbridge for prince william county police officer who died in the line of duty. officer chris yung was killed monday when his motorcycle collided with a minivan in bristow while he was responding to an accident when he was killed. he was a seven-year veteran of the force and leaves a wife and three children. >> she is no longer jane doe, a woman who federal agents sought in a child pornography case is in custody. they receive tips leading them to the suspect the 52-year-old woman from california was arrested as part of a federal crackdown on child pornography. more than 200 people were arrested yesterday and the investigation known as operation sunflower. >> the call for stricter gun laws has been center stage since the mass murder of 20 children and six adults in newtown, conn., but the editors of an upstate newspaper in new york
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and not waiting for lawmakers publishing the names and addresses of gun permit holders in two counties. and the paper is fighting to do it in other counties. and it is the case of freedom of speech against the freedom to bear arms. they posted an article last month that revealed the identities of all permit holders in two counties in suburban new york, but when they tried to obtain the same information for a third county, they were denied, even though publishing names is legal. >> ball is crystal clear and has stated for years that the name and address of any pistol license holder is a matter of public record. >> there has been public backlash. one lawmaker vowed to protect law-abiding gun owners of his county from the newspaper. >> i will fight with you until hell freezes over, left and then we will fight on the ice. we will hold the newspaper accountable. >> in connecticut, another
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newspaper is embroiled in controversy. westchester collective is holding a gun show in stanford, even though the county mayor ask them to cancel. what made things even worse this shocking mistake in the stamford advocate newspaper, an ad appearing on the same page as the story of the sandy hook students returning to school. the advocate apologized, saying "artist piper's not be running gun ads, including four antique and collectibles gun shows next to stories about sandy hoped." back in new york, hazmat crews were called to the newspaper after they received an envelope containing white powder. it turned out not to be toxic. in response to the threat, the newspaper has hired armed security. >> virginia congressman jim moran has introduced legislation to improve gun safety. the veteran democrat proposes what he calls five common-sense
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consider reforms. they include background checks for every gun purchase, background checks on gun shop workers, prohibiting suspected terrorists from buying guns, requiring gun owners to report to police when weapons are lost or stolen, and establishing minimum standards for concealed carry gun permits. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi is defending a shot -- photoshopped picture of the swearing in thursday. this is the photo before the representatives were added. here is the after photo. congresswoman pelosi said there was no attempt to fool anyone and the photo is an accurate historical record of the democratic women in congress. policy said the four women were running late, it was very cold upside, and some of the members needed to leave to greet constituents and family members. >> thousands of gm vehicles
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being recalled, why some of the vehicles involved can roll away in park. >> just ahead of the football game, a connection that a seattle seahawks player has with our area. >> and we will have the forecast for the redskins, the weekend forecast. a cold temperatures, and
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>> if your redskins fan, like this gentleman sunday cannot come soon enough. the anticipation is building for the big game. the team's turnaround this year has been amazing, from last to first in the nfc east. fans have waited a long time for this and they are pumped up. >> the first playoff game in years, the first home playoff game since 1999, so the city is very excited. >> chief z will lead the cheers in the stands. fans can play a bigger role as the 12th man to help push the redskins to the next round of the playoffs. >> there is a local connection for one of the players on the seahawks. as horace holmes reports quarterback russell wilson used to call virginia home. >> when he is done managing one of the biggest law firms in virginia these days, ben wilson
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is answering e-mail about his famous nephew. his nephew is the rookie quarterback sensation not named robert griffin iii who will start sunday between the redskins and the seahawks. >> on russell wilson, starting quarterback for seattle. and as popular as rgiii is an washington, russell wilson it is in seattle. >> he brings energy to a great game. >> his roots deep in the area, growing up in richmond, spending many summers in d.c. with his uncle ben and his family. >> my dad helped change my life. i was excited to be able to go home to him and tell him i was drafted in professional baseball. the toughest part was he died that night. >> it is inspiring to see him overcome obstacles, to see him succeed. russell wilson is a young man
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who has always persevered under special circumstances. >> sunday, hhis uncle will be at fedex, wearing his no. 3 seattle seahawks jersey, saying what will be a tremendous game between two of his favorite teams, but cheering for his favorite quarterback. >> it has been a great year for rgiii and the redskins. tonight, we will chronicled the amazing year, right here on abc 7. >> general motors is recalling more than 50,000 vehicles. there are concerns some of the vehicles could roll away while and park. >> and we will check with the weather. >> a former wizard will hit the court at verizon tonight. sports is coming up.
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>> general motors is recalling 55,000 suv's, trucks, and vans
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because of a problem that could cause them to roll away in park. the vehicles were all made in 2012 and the issue may be a broken parking lot cable or steering column. it includes certain escalades tahoes and suburbans. the company will mail letters to the affected owners of the vehicles. >> we are all waiting to hear the weather for sunday. >> the morning could be stitched with clouds or snow flurries, but by the afternoon we will be in good shape fairfax after sunrise, bright sunshine. through the morning, that gave way through a change in the skies, cloudiness, clearing out midday. more clouds towards sunset. that was the story in most of the area. we still have clout in this.
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at 38 degrees laurel, 34 leesburg 34 damascus. the wind, just enough, at 8-9, keeping the chill in the air. the temperatures, 46 the official high at reagan national 43 the morning low 43 the average high, 27 the morning low. this evening, a rapid drop in temperatures once the cloud band clears. the temps from the west in the 20's. 43 reagan national but the numbers will drop, upper teens upper 20's most of the area. clouds moved out, high pressure sliding to the west building in giving be very clear and cold night. the computer model simulations this is the in house model that shows clouds in the afternoon snow to the north showers to the south. other models suggest when the system comes through late tomorrow night overnight into sunday, there could be snow
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flurries late in the mountains. that is a possibility, but it will be here and there. sunday afternoon, the skies clear out and it will be a very pleasant day, with the added bonus of southwest wind, pushing the temperatures into the upper 40's. clear and cold tonight 18-29. tomorrow, clouds increase, but a good day, the temperatures in the low 40's. 44 degrees, sunshine at kickoff time fedex field sunday afternoon. the next seven days, the possible snow flurries overnight saturday night, upper 40's. monday colder, 43 with sunshine. partly cloudy, 46 tuesday. wednesday through friday, we will hit 50 degrees, with just a chance of a few passing showers. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers.
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>> and glad you were focusing on alfred morris. rgiii is having a great year. >> at dallas game, you have to credit alfred morris. alfred morris is an inspiration to every kid played football not only because he is good, he defies expectations. the sixth round pick broke the redskins franchise record for rushing in a single season. he was a deciding factor in the nfc east victory over dallas, running for 200 yards, three touchdowns. strong runner, but the vintage 1980's running back. how does he stack up against seattle? he is 20 shorter rushed for 100 more yards and clearly it is a close match up. but morris is not allowing it affect his game. >> all the big games, i do not add any pressure.
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i'd just come in that game day regardless of the stage, i don't get caught up in the hype. i don't like the pressure get to me. i just do what i have been doing since i was 5 years old, and i just go out there and play and have fun. >> and reminder to watch at 8:00, right here on abc 7, an in-depth look at robert griffin iii, with teammates. "the year of rgiii." maryland men's basketball is on a 12-game winning streak. tomorrow, they open acc play hosting virginia tech. while these games, war, mark turgeon is telling his squad to take it in stride. >> losing the game will not ruin the season, winning the game will not make the season so we will play well tomorrow and learn from it and continue to improve. it is a marathon.
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we just try to the best we can tomorrow. >> the 4-26 wizards post the nets tonight. andre blatch is averaging 10.9 points per game. this will get some applause, the knicks hook up for a great jam. one-handed. the knicks blow out thse spurs. kansas state taking on oregon, thomas goes all the way, from the six, 94 yards. touchdown. oregon wins 35-17. nhl talks continue, but today no formal negotiations.
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the commissioner says he is prepared to cancel the season if a deal is not in place by thursday. should they call congress? >> i'm not sure that is who you want to call.
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>> some californians could not believe what they were seeing in the sky. this video appears to be superman full line of the carlsbad coast in san diego. it is not a person but a cut out figure made of foam and remote controlled the brainchild of a former air force test pilot. he has created about a dozen of these remote-controlled figures. they achieve a top speed of about 30 m.p.h. my gosh. >> that looks like fun. that will get a double take. clear and cold, 18-29 saturday morning. mostly sunny in the afternoon then clouds. may have snow flurries overnight, but clearing out just in time for the afternoon, upper 40's, perfect football weather for the redskins.
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bob ryan will have more on that at 11:00.
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