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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 5, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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this is "world news." tonight -- air scare. as a crew taking one passenger into their own hands, using duct tape to subdue him. witnesses say that he was drunk and making threats. yet another case tonight, the pilot just moments away from boarding his flight from the midwest to new york, passengers waiting, suddenly he was stopped, authorities saying that he was drunk. tonight, the new results from his breathalyzer. lost at sea. the head of a famous italian fashion house, missing at sea. tonight, what happened to him and his plane. to catch a thief. authorities signalling alarm
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over stolen iphones. tonight, the simple app that helps to protect yourself without going that far. and the close encounter caught on tape. the polar bear. the photographer who wanted to get close who was not expecting this. >> she's coming closer and closer. >> see what happens when the 1,000-pound bear tries to break through that glass. good evening. on this saturday night. great to have you with us here. we begin tonight with that unruly arling passenger trying to create a real scare in the air. witnesses say that he was drunk. over my shoulder, here's what the crew did, turning to duct tape to trap him. the passenger was on a flight from iceland to new york. witnesses say that he was drinking his duty-free liquor, allegedly claiming the plane
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would go down. passengers holding him down as the crew trapped him with the tape. that's just one case tonight causing real concern. the other concerns an captain, when authorities smelled something troubling on his breath. abc's lisa stark tonight on both fronts. >> reporter: you might call it instant justice. this man got so drunk and so belligerent on his flight, that fellow passengers duct-taped him to a seat and strapped his mouth shut, after he allegedly choked a woman and screamed that the plane was going to crash. the icelandic air flight was heading from iceland to new york, the airline tells us "he was restrained by passengers and crew and was monitored for his own safety." police took the drunk passenger to a hospital, he was not charged. in minneapolis, it was a pilot who allegedly had too much to drink, way too much. american airlines captain kolbjorn kristiansen was caught by chance. tsa and other officers smelling
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a whiff of alcohol as kristiansen was waiting for an elevator. by the time airport police arrested him, he had completed preflight checks for his commuter flight to new york and the 53 passengers were getting ready to board. kristiansen failed an initial breathalyzer test. today, we learned that it showed him way over the legal limit for pilots. that limit, .04, half that for drivers. >> we're going to roll it. >> what do you mean it, "roll it"? >> reporter: one of the current hit movies "flight." focuses on a drunk pilot who saves passengers. >> initial reports show that you had alcohol in your system. >> reporter: pilots are tested after any accident and face random alcohol tests as well. in the past decade about a dozen pilots a year have been caught. in one case, in 2002, tw0 american west pilots were caught drinking on surveillance tape the night before their flight. and tsa screeners smelled alcohol on their breath the next
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morning. the pilots were arrested before the flight took off. >> this isn't a major problem in the airline industry. but even one single occurrence is intolerable and can't be tolerated. >> smooth sailing. >> reporter: drunk pilots were the subject of abc's program "what would you do"? >> get two martinis, please? >> here, actors played the pilots to see if bystanders would intervened. they didn't. >> i think they're going to go fly a plane. he kept talking about new york. >> reporter: luckily bystanders aren't the only line of defense. for pilots who admit to an alcohol problem, there's a government program to help and it has a 90% success rate. allowing pilots to clean up and get back into the cockpit. david? >> lisa, thank you. that experiment really troubling. if you see something, flag authorities.
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>> lisa, thank you. meantime, rescue crews tonight are searching for a small plane off the coast of venezuela, after a plane disappeared off talkoff. on board the head of the famous italian fashion house missoni. abc's gutman on the search tonight. >> reporter: tonight, dozens of rescuers are scouring the southern caribbean vittori missoni, this twin-engine islander took off friday off of los roques, venezuela, his partner, two friends and two crew, it dropped from radar, just 30 minutes into the flight to the mainland, 35 years to the day after another flight from los roques also disappeared, killing 14. it's fashionable among the jet set. the runway there is long as the island is wide. often these puddle jumpers are the only way of navigating the caribbean.
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as abc news recently learned. missoni was known as the group's enthusiastic ambassador. >> i do marketing. so, it's quite the family business. >> reporter: he extended its bright metric design into asia and into the u.s., where he made high fashion affordable. tailoring milan cat walks to target. in 2011, the missoni launch at target sent off a shopping frenzy. venezuelan authorities say they're searching for the plane in a 300-square mile reus. so far, no trace. matt gutmans abc news, miami. >> our thanks to matt tonight. the headline out of aurora, colorado tonight. the town still reeling from the movie theater killings in the summer. overnight and into the morning hours, a gunman taking members of his own family hostage. in the end, three people were killed before authorities shot and killed the gunman. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the first shots rang out in the dead of night. police told neighbors to stay down.
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>> i'll be honest with you, i have never been so scared in my life. >> reporter: as police evacuated the neighborhood, a man barricaded himself inside this townhouse, he would not be talked out. >> he came to the second-story window with a gun and fired upon us a second time. this time, shots were returned. the suspect was hit. >> reporter: the suspect was killed. inside, police found three more bodies, two men and one woman. no names were released. but police say, at least some of the victims are related. just the latest gun tragedy in aurora, since last summer's movie theater massacre. with authorities asking again, why? that theater is just a few miles from here and many of the officers who responded here this morning were at that theater back in july. david? >> those same first responders. clayton sandell, thank you to you. >> just this week, the children of sandy hook elementary school went back to school to a new building.
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same desks were delivered. this weekend, not far from that community, though, controversy, over a gun show being held and the debate largely to how close the show is to newtown, how soon after the tragedy. mark greenblatt is in stamford, connects cut, tonight. >> reporter: just 40 miles away from sandy hook elementary school, a gunshow decided it must go on here. happening in the same city where the gunman's father live. >> the timing of this show incentive. >> i don't have a solid opinion on that. i'm not for or against it. but i would defend it by saying that it wasn't the gun. >> reporter: but the death of 20 kids and 6 teachers at sandy hook, prompted other gun shows to cancel their events. >> i felt that the timing of a gun show so close to that tragic event, would be in bad taste.
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>> reporter: but across the country, attendance at gun shows is up. buyers today at this minnesota show say, they're expecting more gun laws. back in stamford, dealers say they're doing nothing wrong. >> i have to make a living. life goes on. >> reporter: they say they're not selling any assault weapons here, just antique guns for collectors. still stamford major called the gun show insensitive. what would you say to the mayor? >> i would say he's wrong. >> reporter: why is he wrong? >> this is a private thing. he shouldn't be expressing his opinion on it. >> reporter: the opinion here it's just business. mark greenblatt, abc news, stamford, connecticut. there are reports tonight that cyclist lance armstrong is considering a confession, is it really part of a strategy to
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deliver a comeback? here's abc's neal karlinsky now. >> reporter: silenced and publicly disgraced, the "new york times" now reports that lance armstrong is considering publicly admitting that he used banned performance-enhancing drugs and blood transfusions during his cycling career, because he wants to persuade antidoping officials to restore his eligibility so he can resume his athletic career. according to unnamed sources. it would be a dramatic shift for armstrong who has fought with and sued anyone who accused him of doping for years and who remain defiant under oath in a civil case. >> how many times do i have to say it? it can't be any cleaner that i haven't taken drugs. >> it would be extremely out of character to see armstrong come forward now. the last time i spoke with him was in july. and his words to me were, there will never, ever be a confession. >> reporter: abc news learned
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that armstrong has quietly made comments, they share training data, where armstrong until a few days posted under a alias. challenging days for sure around the pelota house but brighter days ahead. less than a week, responding to a post about his critics, armstrong wrote, i got my life. they got theirs. i ain't trading for nothing. head high and heart full. the stakes are enormous and an armstrong confession could affect civil claims. days ago, he added this note to his twitter bio, revealing to his battle with cancer, met patients in 1996 but only now am i getting to know and appreciate her. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> neal, thank you. alaska was rocked by an earthquake, the 7.5 struck off
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the coast of craig, alaska. many families rushing to higher grounds in some communities. the warnings have been canceled. back to the east now, and the communities trying to rebuild after hurricane sandy. so many angry after witnessing what played out in washington this week or what did not. did some lawmakers choose politicsover people? here's david kerley. >> reporter: with debris still covering lots, surrounded by damaged houses, it's the house of representatives that residents are seething about. >> maybe the house should come live at my house and see how they would live. they wouldn't take it. after a week they would run out of here. >> as you can tell, we had a floor. we had to rip it out. >> reporter: anne marie milne has stayed in her damaged rockaway park, new york, home. weeks without electricity, some warm food from the red cross, $2,400 from fema, but nothing from her insurance company, which says it's waiting for government flood insurance money. congress finally passed $9 billion to help pay out more
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flood claims, after northeast representatives shamed the speaker. >> they have suffered long enough. they need to hear from their government. >> reporter: but the major chunk of aid for the areas hit by sandy, $51 billion, won't be voted on for another week and a half. and already some republicans are questioning the spending. >> a great physical tragedy of today should never become an even greater fiscal tragedy for our children tomorrow. >> reporter: governors, including chris christie, loudly complain that delaying this aid hurts everyone affected by sandy. here's why. before a homeowner can rebuild, they need electricity, water supply, waste systems and passable roads. that infrastructure has to be rebuilt, and much of that money is stuck in washington. the worry? that homeowners may give up. >> the government is showing me that they don't care. and i don't know what else to do, besides leave, like the rest of the neighborhood. then what?
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where is this neighborhood going to go to? >> reporter: among the republican complaints in that $51 billion are $400 million in what they call pork barrel spending. also some republicans say, these emergency bills they should actually be paid for not put on the national credit card, david. zblrjts tomorrow, meanwhile, on "this week," republican senator mitch mcconnell will be among george's guests and the powerhouse roundtable tackles the debt. a royal mystery solved. we told you about this photographer of princess diana, just 19 years old, on a ski trip in switzerland. we don't know who the young man was. we have learned that the young man is adam russell, a friend of hers at the time. he had a crush on her but never told her, he now lives in a farm south of england where he and his wife run a bed and breakfast. there's still much more ahead tonight on "world news" -- the crime wave caught on tape.
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we have reported today on spike of thefts in iphones. even michael bloomberg contributing the spike in crime to those phone thefts. tonight, one iphone user, who crafted his own sting tonight that worked. here's tanya rivero. >> reporter: he left his iphone 4 in a taxi on new year's eve. >> i immediately used my friend's phone to call it up. to see what was going on. it was turned off. >> reporter: the brooklyn musician becoming one of thousands falling prey to a growing crime spree called "apple picking." caught on tape. nearly 16,000 were reported stolen this year in the big apple, keeping new york police busy. >> if you just took out the thefts of apple products, our total crime rate would be lower than it was last year. >> reporter: but, unlike most victims, he got a lucky break, the crook started sending
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messages. from his phone using his online profile, trolg for dates. >> he was using my okcupid account. at like 6:00 a.m. to send messages to all of these girls. >> reporter: against police advice, he set up his own sting, creating a phony profile. with a cleavage baring photo plucked from the web. >> my best version of a flirty girl was adding emoticons and winky faces. >> reporter: the thief took the bait. "do you want to meet?" he replied, "yeah, i kinda do." they made a plan to meet up at his apartment. >> i confronted him right here. i put the $20 in his hands to diffuse the situation as fast as possible. but i had a hammer in my hand just in case. >> reporter: the thief handed over the phone, took the money and ran. >> he was dressed up and smelled like cologne and he had a bottle of wine.
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prius. help people who can't drive around on their own. to our person tonight, james bond. and word of a tribute now that many 007 fans are calling long overdue, the oscars will feature a tribute to bond. a retrospective. >> bond. james bond. >> the specifics of the tribute will kept under wraps. including whether there will be a special appearance by the reclusive 81-year-old sean connery who was not long ago our "person of the week" here. to our picture of the night tonight. it comes to us from germany. a 12-year-old gorilla has been captivating visitors at a zoo. with his rare acrobatic talents. when he appeared to become homesick, zookeepers installed a tightrope to swing around from. instead he began balancing on it and a star was born. if you have an idea for the
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finally, tonight, a bear scare. unlike anything we have seen. one photographer looking to get up close and personal, but even for him this was too close to comfort. here's "good morning america" weekend anchor, dan harris. >> she's trying to see if she can crawl through. she's trying to see if she can bite through. >> reporter: a face-to-face encounter with a 1,000-pound, eight foot tall beast. >> i can feel it pushing all this weight. >> reporter: wildlife photographer gordon buchanan came to arctic norway to photograph a family of polar bears from a safe distance, but he got much closer than he ever planned. >> she is enormous. geez. gee whiz. that's why i've come here, to see these animals. to get to understand them. >> reporter: he's inside what he calls his "ice cube." an above water version of a shark cage.
6:58 pm
>> the bear's nose is thousands of times more powerful than mine. it's gathering information before it approaches, like it would when it's stalking a seal. my scent is strongest at the weakest point, the door. >> reporter: with her powerful 12-inch-wide paw raised the bear tries to get in for 45 minutes. >> being this close, i have an appreciation for what this animal is. it is one of the most powerful animals on the planet, one of the most intimidating animals on the planet, and one of the few animals that actually see us as food. >> reporter: food that this mother bear is determined to get to. >> it was one of the most terrifying things that i've ever done. but it was incredible. >> reporter: but he says this close up was worth the close call. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> be sure to watch dan and the entire team tomorrow morning on "good morning america." i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. from all of us here, have a good evening. good night.
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