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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  January 5, 2013 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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seems like this is one of the cool nights we are having. it does not cold enough to produce no. there is a little bit of snow out in western maryland. temperatures will be around 45 degrees tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 50 by the end of the week. endis has been freezing all month. [laughter] >>
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topped with melty white cheddar and caramelized onions. plus all your tasty favorites for just a dollar each. ♪ eve y day, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. ♪ >> live and in hd, this is saturday night news extra.
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n >> ever since the deadly shootings in oregon and more people are buying guns. some gun owners are suggesting to go back to school. before class, the met a guy ed.ting fingerprint he is here because of mud and big trucks. he went off road and. nothing to do with weapons. but on his facebook page, he noticed a trend. a lot of people were saying wanted a gun to protect their family and friends. do it responsibly. this is the way to do it responsibly. he arrange for readers and friends to take a gun safety class. this is my and aire certified certified -- nra .nstructor he teaches gun owners when
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is legal to shoot someone. it is a way to show how to treat guns with respect and to carry them. gun instructors also noticed the trend. a store almost sold out of weapons and all january classes ldap. people are looking for it. we were a little bit, holy cow. >> to have double what is normal. that is the first time we have had that sort of influx. they are sold out. a gabrielle giffords made stop in newtown, connecticut to meet with officials. they met with the lieutenant and
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u.s. senator. she is still recovering from a from a campaign event a few years ago. congress -- lawmakers from have failed to pass a measure. passing that measure has to start over. it could be a month before any d reached new york and new jersey. good economic news this week. 155,000 jobs have been reported in december. many analysts say there are reasons to be optimistic. lawmakers on capitol hill say jobs must still be among the country's top priorities. >> and then pleads guilty to a drunk driving charge. he will lose his license for one year. he will also have to attend a
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seminar and pay a fine. he failed a sobriety test and will have to apologize for his behavior. officials say they know why. why curtis lopez committed such an awful crime. the death of his estranged wife and her son. lopez and his wife married when he was still in prison. in september 2011, lopez asked hearing sheer inherited some money. that -- some say that is why -- lopez killed her her son. >> this man deserves to die in jail. >> he will be sentenced april 17. as sentence for a
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carjacking incident. those numbers are a far cry 1991. 479 people killed and call the murder casual. crime cameras are making a difference. are reuse of technology has been important. of technology has been important. more guns are in use. a 30s say they are concerned about a rise in sexual assault. say they are concerned about a rise in sexual assault. onmberly suiters has more this story. is exactlyg, this
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the way he would have wanted to be remembered. any day. is smiling happened through tears on this day. >> he was doing what he loved. >> what he loved was serving and protecting. ♪ >> families showed up by the hundreds to honor their fallen brother. >> we know there is a chance they may not come back. he leaves behind his wife, d two young children. they rode together as a .rocession road it took two hours. >> i took my daughter so she
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could understand the sacrifices those officers make. the investigation that took e young officer's life is investigation. they talked not about how he died, but how he lived. kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. coming up, the redskins forared to take the field the first playoff game in years. we will show you how fans are .etting ready >> i'm steve rudin and the weather center. we have a little bit of snow and rain. what can we expect for the football game tomorrow?
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the military is issuing a that sailors and their .amilies need to see is about a recreational drug someow it can make violent. we warn you that the video you are about to see is graphic. >> what is wrong with you? the u.s. navy is waging a war against a popular drug. people are using bath salts. they are not their normal selves. they say bath salt is not a
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but a nightmare. the video shows the range of paranoia that comes with doing this drug. they want sailors to know there , whichious side affects include seizures, depression, and schizophrenia. sailors think this might be high.ocent this is one thing you do not want to mess with. they showed the video to military members for reaction. it depicts a lot of the things that could go wrong and when people started using illegal substances. when you look at that part of it -- >> the movie has a zero use.ance policy for drug
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s sailors on the anders of bath salts them from making a career ending mistake. at the pentagon, suzanne , abc 7 news. rg iii is not the only person people will be keeping an eye on tonight. there is a
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if there is one thing on washington's mind this weekend, playoffs favor. the redskins are getting the game against the seattle seahawks. people could not be more excited. it is like a dream come true. it is hard not to find people wearing burgundy and gold today. >> and the final hours, come in on sunday. we will stand and say, power to the redskins. this is a longtime redskins fan. he was giving a motivated sermon. , you alwaysld say sound like a reverend on the radio. i believe.
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redskins. >> we came across some of the first lady's this morning. it has been a long time waiting. you have been around for 10 years cheerleading. how difficult is it cheering on the field? i'm a big redskins fan. .t is not difficult at all we have a lot of fun down there. some fans have very high hopes. i have been a redskins fan 40 years. this man says, you have to believe. hey, y'all, billy? believe! he has set a wager. gets a basket of coffee. we would get seattle's best and
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starbucks. at fedex field, john gonzales, abc 7 news. as long as they do not get our cheerleaders. he looks like he was being warmed up by those cheerleaders. [laughter] he will not have that many keeping him warm. right? it will not be that cold. got it. we are looking at a nice day tomorrow. temperatures are going to be a , bute chilly out there nothing like last week. we wish the best to john into theas a move hours. the wind chill factor is not so bad. winds from the south at 10 miles hour. our weatherbug network shows 30's.ratures in the
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everything that is falling from fall as rain. we might look at a few snow flakes. 36 in upper mall baroque. boro.lbr temperatures around the immediate area are 35 degrees. we are looking at all rain right now. oakland and cumberland, that is where we have a few areas of snow. it will be like. there is not a tremendous amount of really cold air out there. here is the satellite and radar. this moves to the north and east as we move into the next few hours. tomorrow morning, everything should have moved out of here. skies will be clear. i'm confident there'll be
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sunshine tomorrow afternoon. in time for tailgating. it will be chilly, especially during kickoff time. temperatures are expected to be 45 degrees or so. hagerstown is where we have a little bit of a mix. it will not be much. it will be out of here relatively soon. temperatures rise into the mind 40's.per we will see lots of sunshine monday.ut the day on there is a big warming trend on coming wednesday, thursday, and friday of the upcoming week. 28-34 for our nighttime temperatures. the 40's. we will call for temperatures
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44-45 degrees. should not pose a problem. an extended outlook is not something to be impressed by. inperatures in the 50's january. enjoy it. friday. by >> is that more like march temperatures? absolutely. we will be right back.
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redskins player has a move that has meaning behind it. >> they say watching him score is a dream come true. >> redskins fan young and old love to see offered morris with this.touchdowns watching morris score is more like a grand slam. the 10-year-old mentor maurice were up inwhen they ashburn for a tournament. he invited them to one of his and told them that if the team kept winning, he would give them a shout out. >> that is how it started.
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i did it. i was like, i kind of like that. >> he did that for us. the team is hoping to see a home runs. for the skins to win, maurice would have to tackle more than that yards he has run this season. they have egg intimidating corner. they will rush for about 160 or 170 yards. they believe the team might run deeper into the playoffs. speaking of morris, seahawks said that morris is "legit and that the team will be a close eye on him and as they try to take him the win at fedex field. in the newsroom, abc 7 news.


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