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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 11, 2013 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning, america. happening now, the unparalleled flu epidemic, escalating by the hour. the vaccine is running out, including crucial medication for children. schools are being sprayed out with sinfectant. and some entire districts are closing with too many sick students. and breaking now, wild weather coast-to-coast. blizzard warnings if in the upper midwest, with frigid temperatures setting in as far south as san diego. and tornadoes touch down across the south. sam is tracking it all. also brand-new overnight, lady gaga versus sharon osbourne in a bitter war of words.
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sharon calling the pop star a bully. and hundreds of gaga's fans pile on to protect their icon. and at this hour, painting kate. her first official portrait, once in the making, unveiled. she sat for it twice. and she's finally seeing it finished. does it really look like her? you be the judge, when we reveal it this morning. 14 and good morning, america. happy friday to robin at home. josh is off today. great to have amy robach in and dan harris this morning. we have breaking news, about the plane of the future, the boeing dreamliner. the faa just announced a comprehensive review of the plane, after two new incidents overnight. there's a brand-new investigation of the plane's power system this morning. boeing insists the planes are
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safe to fly. plus, the million-dollar history about who poisoned the lottery winner. investigators questioning his wife for more than four hours. what court documents are revealing this morning. we're going to show you a man being called mr. perfect. 9,000 women weighing in on everything they look for in a man. and there he is. this man met every, single requirement. we will meet him ahead. >> we're going to get to that. right now, let's get to the deadly and escalating flu epidemic, causing so much misery in so much of the country right now. linsey davis is in one of the hardest-hit cities, boston. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. masks and hand sanitizers are the front defense about fighting the flu here in boston and around the country. it's not just the flu. there's a nasty stomach bug called the norovirus that's also on the rise.
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the fight against this particularly nasty strain of flu is quickly becoming an uphill battle. >> i don't remember seeing anything like this here in 20 years. >> reporter: this morning, hospitals and doctors offices are running low on flu shots and tests. >> this is a true national shortage. >> reporter: more than 128 million vaccine doses have been distributed nationwide. but with supplies dwindling, clinics can't keep up with demand. >> that could be gone in 20 minutes. >> reporter: across the country, schools are reporting hundreds of students out sick. at some school systems, resort to using high-powered disinfectant to clean classrooms. today in oklahoma, one district has even canceled classes. 25% of its students are ill. from minnesota to massachusetts, states are reporting an increasing number of flu deaths. in new york alone, more than
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15,000 cases of the virus have already been reported. more than three-times the number during all of last year. michael mayo got a flu and pneumonia shot. but neither stopped him from making a trip to the hospital. >> never had to strain that hard to breathe. i was pretty close to death. >> reporter: pharmacists are also struggling to fill prescription drug orders. >> right now, we're getting 24 boxes of the tamiflu capsules. but we're getting 40 or 50 prescriptions for them every day. >> reporter: one doctor i spoke to says what concerns him most is the transmission of this year's flu is faster than normal. also, they have an inundation earlier than normal. normally they don't have this many cases until flu season peaks in late january or february. let's get more on this from our health and medical editor, dr. richard besser. we're learning, shortages of vaccine. shortages of tamiflu. what do you do if you can't find
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it? >> people are trying to do the right thing, which is good. there's a website that can help you. it's called it will tell you the pharmacies that have the vaccine. if they don't have tamiflu, the pharmacist can mix up a cure for your child. that should cover you. >> we're looking at the flu but the norovirus coming in and creating so much misery. >> that's a nasty stomach virus. the last thing you want on top of the flu is to get that. if you were healthy before you had the flu and you're doing well with the flu, don't rush into the emergency room or your doctor's office, because you could pick up something like norovirus. give them a call and they can help you handle your illness that way. >> there's a new warning on acetaminophen, which is the ingredient in things like tylenol that so many people take. >> john sson & johnson, the leading maker of tylenol, lowered the dose of what you
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should have a day of acetaminophen to 3,000 milligrams. you may take acetaminophen for your fever. but you're taking multisymptom relievers for your symptoms, they all contain acetaminophen. if you don't read the label, you can get in trouble. and young children, don't give them any over-the-counter medications without checking with your doctor first. it can be dangerous. the leading cause of liver failure. and that can be deadly. >> dr. richard besser, thank you very much. let's go to all of the snow blanketing the west. and tornadoes hitting the south. sam has been tracking the latest overnight. and sam joins us from las vegas, where that unusual cold spell goes as far as the deserts, even phoenix. sam, good morning. >> yeah. deep into the deserts, amy. this cold air is all the way here, from arizona into nevada. now, the snow, let's get right to the pictures because for the second time since thursday, snow has shut down the i-5 through the grapevine. this has been a big hit of cold air and snow through the l.a.
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area. the cold air following that will be in the 30s, even for los angeles itself, on friday night. 16 states, from california to utah, and all the way into minnesota and michigan, with heavy snow and ice from this system. blizzard conditions are even possible friday night into saturday, in the dakotas. and into northern minnesota. this storm will head into canada by the weekend. it does miss the northeast. and that's fairly good news for -- as that cold air moves across the country. but also look at this. three tornadoes through louisiana. this video, these pictures coming out of -- we had a couple of them. both of them ef-1. one near plaquemines hasn't been measure yet, in southern louisiana. the unusual weather pattern we're in right now has warm air and cold air still on the map, this time of year. every time we get that interaction, we're getting storms like we have in louisiana. we'll talk about all of america's weather when we come back in just a minute. amy? >> all right, sam. with his sweater in vegas. let's get to the other top stories. and dan harris, in for josh this
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morning. good morning, dan. >> good morning, everybody. the massive search for a missing teenager in utah has come to an end. and it's a happy ending. overnight, police found brooklyn gettens at a walmart, unharmed. her shoes, glasses and jacket had been left behind. 1,000 volunteers joined in the search last night, when she called her family after apparently being dropped off at the store. of course, many questions remain here. police believe she may have been picked up and harbored by one or more people. by they have not yet identified any suspects. a judge in colorado ruled there is enough evidence against suspected movie theater gunman james holmes for him to stand trial. holmes was set to be formally charged today. but his lawyers, who claim he is mentally ill, say they are not yet ready to enter a plea. which brings us to the latest shooting in a school in america. this time in southern california. a 16-year-old who opened fire at his high school near bakersfield says he was targeting students
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who had bullied him. he shot one teenager in the chest, leaving him in critical condition. he failed, however, to hit another classmate he was firing at. a teacher was able to coax him into dropping the gun. that teacher risking his own life so students could escape. vice president biden will be talking about gun violence today, with executives from the video game industry. this comes after a day of a seemingly unsuccessful meeting with the national rifle association. the nra left the white house and said biden's task force is talking about feel-good measures that won't stop gun violence would be violate the second amendment. the homeland security is telling people to stop running java software. it should be disabled right away because of a flaw that has just been found. and it's allowing hackers to take control of computers. one person says this is like open season for hackers. and finally, i love this. take a look at two pictures
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going viral this morning. the first picture shows the president of russia, vladimir putin, talking to a boy at a church service. but look at the next shot taken seconds later, the boy is in complete shock. so, what did putin say to this poor child? online comments offer the following series. one, i am your father. two, i deleted your pokemon saved fail. or three, if you pick your nose one more time, i'll have it removed. there's word that vladimir putin may star in a reality show "supernanny." unclear when that will get the green light. >> that's like macaulay culkin in "home alone." >> it really does. now, to the dreamliner. the faa is ordering a comprehensive review of the airliner this morning. and it's the latest in a series of stumbles for the 787. jim avila is here with the
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latest. jim, good morning. >> reporter: the ballyhooed plane of the future, the dreamliner, is having a nightmare run. and the faa will conduct a full review of its design, its systems and its manufacturing. the faa calling in the national press corps to talk about a recent rash of problems onboard the dreamliner 787. bloomberg news reporting, the government will call for a review of the plane's newly-designed electrical power system. >> this is a newer kind of a battery that hasn't been basically, you know, looked at, in terms of any types of falls. it's a very good battery. we're not sure what happened with it. >> reporter: the 787, which gets better fuel mileage than standard jetliners, replaced controls with lightweight electronics to fly. it's more sophisticated, powerful and complicated. and while the dreamliner has had
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other minor glitches, including a fuel leak in boston, and a brake warning light in tokyo this week, and just overnight at a different airport in japan, a cracked cockpit windshield, the electrical hitch is seriously to catch the attention of the ntsb, faa and aviation experts. united, which flies the only six 787s operating domestically, says it has no plans to take its dreamliners out of service. boeing says, it has extreme confidence in the 787. and it is 100% safe to fly. today, the faa will say, if it agrees. sources tell abc news that the faa is not going to ground the plane, signaling at least for now it doesn't feel the plane's problems are safety issues right now. and it is safe to fly. george? >> okay, jim. thanks. we have a medical alert about america's most popular sleeping pill. and this one is especially for
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women. the fda says the recommended dose of ambien and its generic twin is too high. and they want to cut it in half. lisa stark has the story. >> reporter: there's been case after case of sleep driving on ambien and its generic. it happened with this new jersey woman. and recently, to kerry kennedy, the daughter of robert kennedy. >> i remember getting on the highway. and then, i have no memory. >> reporter: there are reports of sleep eating. even sleep sex. i found out what can happen when you take the medication and get behind the wheel. testing my reaction in a simulator, after 30 minutes. am i on the wrong side of the road? 90 minutes. like i totally fell asleep. and four hours after taking ambien. it wasn't pretty. i almost hit that car. the label is clear. make sure you get a good seven or eight hours sleep after
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taking this drug. but now, studies show, for some people, even after eight hours, enough of the drug is still in their system to leave them impaired, increasing the risk of a car accident. so, the fda wants the recommended dose for women cut in half, to 5 milligrams for the regular version, 6.25 milligrams for the extended release. reducing the amount of the drug will make it less likely you will sleep drive. and more likely you'll be fully awake in the morning. one woman's health expert says this change is long overdue. but the drug company that develops ambien says it stands by its safety. as for men, the fda says they ought to think about cutting their dosage, as well. >> we're just talking about it. everybody's had this reaction to ambien. >> i cut mine in half, anyway. that's about the right dose. now, to a wild story out of florida. huge pythons are taking over part of the state, slithering
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right into people's backyards. and florida is declaring open season on the predators, inviting people from all over the world -- or from the u.s., to help control them. steve osunsami has more. good morning. >> reporter: wildlife officials tell us the problem just isn't in the everglades. they found these snakes in parks, in people's homes. and they're hoping this hunt will help. florida authorities are desperate to get rid of these snakes, calling this a snake hunting mission. no experience necessary. no licensed needed. just a gun or a knife. by some estimates, nearly 150,000 pythons are living in the everglades alone. but the snakes haven't stopped there. >> they're starting to come back into civilization, looking for easy food, our pets. that's what they're feeding on. cats, small dogs. >> reporter: state wrangler scott mullen says families are finding them in parks, high grass and even backyards. and he's been busy making house calls.
7:16 am
>> when people call about a python, it's a different sound on the phone. you can hear it in their voice. they're very excited. very nervous. >> reporter: pythons are native to southeast asia. but experts think that residents who couldn't handle them as pets set them loose. last year, they captured the largest ever. owning one is now against the law. >> you're having to use all your muscle, aren't you? >> yes. >> reporter: so far, more than 500 amateur hunters have signed up for the month-long python challenge. whoever catches the longest snake $1,000. whoever catches the most, $1,500. >> participants in this python challenge have it cut out for them. they're going to have to go out into the wild, into the everglades, to capture these animals. >> reporter: he thinks the vast majority of hunters won't find a single snake. but will find plenty of mosquitos and alligators, too. amy? >> sounds tempting, steve.
7:17 am
thanks so much. >> i think there's others. >> me, too. we're going to turn to the royal portrait. kate's first unveiled in london. this is the portrait that millions will see for years to come. is it a success? you're going to be the judge right now. abc's lama hasan has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the moment of truth. william and kate entering london's national portrait gallery, anxiously awaiting for the duchess' first official portrait. it took 3 1/2 months to create. would the painting do the duchess justice. take a look for yourself. kate sat twice for the portrait. painter paul emsly says he ne. wanted to capture her natural beauty. and he thought he was going to paint her without a smile. after meeting her, he changed his mind. >> i think actually that it was the right choice in the end to have her smiling because it does
7:18 am
really who she is, i think. >> reporter: he also took liberties with her eye color. changing it slightly to match her blouse. away from the cameras, the duchess described the work as amazing. adding, i thought it was brilliant. but with that extreme close-up, those bags under kate's eyes. not everyone's review is so glowing. >> what is it? it's a giant polaroid. she walks into a photo booth and it was balloon up to a huge size, it would look more or less the same, wouldn't it? >> reporter: well, another art critic was harsher. calling it, a rotten portrait. but the most important critic is prince william, who says simply, it's beautiful. it's absolutely beautiful. george and amy, that's all that really counts. >> i guess so. and i guess i'm on the minority of this desk. >> you do? i think she looks older. >> but she looks very real. >> i want better than real.
7:19 am
yeah. >> you have the liberty. go for it. sam, what do you think out there? >> i totally agree. i'm not paying for a portrait to look real. you know what i mean? i'm paying to look good, george. i totally -- totally agree. let's get to the boards. we've got some incredible chill through the desert. but there's some incredible warmth on the boards, as well, today. look at the near-high temperatures that swing east. d.c., in the 70s. new york city, 60. raleigh, 75 degrees. atlanta, you're in the 70s and the 60s, for the weekend, as well. there's the warmth. we have a lot more to talk about. there's the rain, as well. we'll look into that next half hour.
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>> good morning, 39 degrees is seetemperature and you can already but some breaks. the clouds will thicken up and 36 right now and gaithersburg. it is becoming mostly cloudy today with showers expected late day, 37-53 degrees and your seven-day more morning to will give way to sunshine and 60 degrees on saturday, and coming up on "gma," new clues in that million-dollar lottery mystery. investigators questioning his wife for hours.
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what court documents reveal right now. and sharon osbourne calling lady gaga a bully. what gaga is saying right now. and who's that man? he's mr. perfect. could he be the right guy for you? you'll meet him right here on "good morning america." ( birds chirping ) everything's better with a great cup of coffee.
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>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning, it is 7:26 and friday, january 11.
7:27 am
a former marine could learn today if he will spend the next shootingin prison for at several virginia military buildings. he pleaded guilty last year to and theonth corps museum and two recording stations. as lawyers say he is schizophrenic and they want a plea to review whether the and sentence are appropriate. the flu outbreak is taking its .oll in the area aremergency rooms overcrowded and clinics are vaccine.the people including 20 children have died so far. bring more 8 will coming up in a few moments. time,railways are on va., 95, i-395 , no problems and better than usual on 270.
7:28 am
i need to give you a heads up route 100, westbound, before 95, only the shoulder is getting by. it is looking great for the you might want to grab umbrella today, a few maybe this morning in rain showersce of afternoon, 39 degrees right now and a beautiful sunrise. 33 degrees at dollars and 36 said gaithersburg. expect mostly cloudy skies and midday showers, 47-53 degrees. j thank her for
7:29 am
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hello. >> what the heck is going on? >> hello. >> oh, my god. >> the video's gone viral. a car drives up to the drive-through, no one's there. watch what happens every, single time. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm scared. >> you're going to meet the man behind the prank. he is there in times square this morning. he is going to show us, live, how he did it. will he fool you? those reactions are just priceless. >> and there's one where he says, i'm a ghost. and they can't see him. we're going to talk about elaborate lies and deception, in the story of a man who faked his
7:31 am
own death. he deceived his family. he did it to create a completely new life for himself. it's a bizarre story. we'll bring it to you, coming up. what is it about sharon osbourne and lady gaga? they create controversy. this time, with each other. sharon osbourne calling lady gaga a bully. saying, she's just defending her daughter. we're going to have what gaga says about it, right now. and the miss america contestant. she has inspired so many. she's autistic. and why she says a girl who has a few differences is definitely miss america material. you will meet her. she is awesome. >> can't wait. that's montana, right? >> yes. looking for the latest on the mysterious death of a lottery winner, poisoned just after hitting the big jackpot. there's no official suspect. now, there is a move to re-examine the body as a battle over his estate rages on. alex perez has all of the details from chicago. >> reporter: in just a few
7:32 am
hours, investigators will be asking a judge to exhume urooj khan's body, hoping to get answers from the grave. this morning, the mystery over who may have poisoned urooj khan is growing deeper. his widow, still working at the couple's dry cleaning business, declined to speak to abc news. police are not calling her a suspect. but her attorney says investigators questioned her for more than four hours and filed a warrant to search the couple's home. >> absolutely, positively, she had nothing to do with her husband's death. >> reporter: khan won a million-dollar lottery jackpot in july. after picking up his check, his wife says he came home. they ate dinner and went to bed before he cashed the check. after a concerned family member demanded more tests, authorities
7:33 am
found a lethal amount of cyanide in his blood, turning the case into a homicide investigation. >> if you think of someone who's drowning, they don't have oxygen in their brain for four minutes. >> reporter: khan did not have a will. and his widow is in a legal fight with his siblings for over $1 million of his lottery winnings, as well as his business and real estate holdings. court documents show ansari may have tried to cash the check after khan's death. those documents show khan's family is questioning if the couple was ever legally married. asari said they were. >> it turns out to be somebody did that intentionally, i think she is shocked anybody would do that. >> reporter: and there's also word this morning that khan's father-in-law owed more than $100,000 in back taxes. all eyes will be on that motion
7:34 am
in court today. if the judge approves it, khan's body could be exhumed in the next two weeks. >> alex, thanks very much. now, to the story of the man who faked his own death, and deceived his own family members. raymond roth concocted a scheme to make a new life for himself. chris cuomo has the story. >> reporter: john roth shows the exact spot where his father got in over his head. >> we kind of went off over back there. >> reporter: saturday, july 28th, 2012. raymond and son decide it's a perfect beach day. >> he took his shirt off. took his shoes off, even. >> reporter: half an hour later, john sounds the alarm, saying his dad went for a dip and disappeared. >> we're all crying on the >> reporter: then, what about this? among the belongings he left on
7:35 am
the beach, a wallet with no driver's license. a cell phone with no calls or texts. and as evana roth soon discovered, bank accounts with no money. >> i started to look at the bank records and there was nothing left. >> reporter: although it was unclear exactly when, raymond had significantly increased -- >> tripled. >> reporter: his life insurance. >> then, the horror started. >> reporter: four days after the disappearance, evana stumbles upon her stepson john's open e-mail account. uh-oh. >> all the e-mails popped up. >> reporter: she reads a dumbfounding series of secret messages from raymond, sent the day before he went missing. raymond mentions a last will and testament. and getting cash for the trip. ray warns him to use a pay phone to call me at the resort. >> i'm like, i can't believe it. he's alive.
7:36 am
we have to call the authorities. >> reporter: where raymond was during his not-so-near-death experience? he had driven his honda down to his own timeshare in orlando, florida. >> do you have anything to say to your family? what do you have to say to your son? >> reporter: roth denies it. but john says his father forced him to take part in a scheme, by threatening him with death. raymond says the life insurance angle was his son's idea. he had nothing to do with that. but prosecutors are charging both men. for "good morning america," chris cuomo, abc news, new york. >> all right. you can see more elaborate fake, secret lives on "big lies" on "20/20," at 9:00, 10:00. let's go back out to sam in las vegas, for miss america. a it's a little chilly in las vegas. >> it is a little chilly. the normal temperatures here this time of year are in the 30s. but, boy, does it come down in the 20s, tomorrow night, when
7:37 am
this cold air from the western storm starts to get here. we're on the vegas strip. let's show you maps and show you what's going on on this fine morning. you have a cold blast behind that storm that dropped all of the snow in the mountains. all around l.a. yesterday. that's some cold, gusty winds. there will be blizzard conditions in some states. that's 16 states from california, utah, minnesota, michigan, with heavy snow and ice from that system. want some warm temperatures? they're on the board, too. memphis at 69 degrees. atlanta, 70. new orleans, at 76 degrees. in january, that cold, cold, cold air, moving up against the warm temperatures, still in th
7:38 am
>> we are live in the las vegas strip. by the way, this weekend is the miss america contest, right here. we're going to talk about the judging and everything else, all here on "good morning america." back to you guys in new york. >> cannot wait for that, sam. coming up, why sharon osbourne is calling lady gaga a bully. saying she's protecting her daughter. and what gaga is saying right now. this is the ultimate dream guy according to over 9,000 women. get ready to meet mr. perfect, live, just ahead. ♪ ♪ what baby wants, baby gets. the everyday collection. by target.
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we are back, now, at 7:41, with big drama heating up between lady gaga and sharon osbourne. controversial comments from both of them, right now. their war of words escalating overnight. and abc's rob nelson has the story. >> reporter: in the latest battle, it's little monsters versus outrage. it all started when sharon osbourne's daughter, kelly, appeared on this british talk show. >> talk about lady gaga. what do you think about what she was wearing at london fashion week? >> you want my honest opinion? >> yes. >> i think she's pregnant. >> and those four little words, the battle lines were drawn. >> her hair style has completely changed. >> oh.
7:43 am
>> reporter: gaga's army sent in on twitter, trashing osbourne. one fan saying she should kill herself. that's when mom, sharon osbourne, entered the picture, complaining to gaga's management. and a response from lady gaga herself, to kelly. i know i am perceived as a wild child. but in reality, i am a woman that deeply cares for humanity. i have empathy for you, kelly. but i feel it is culturally important to note you have chosen a less compassionate path. i cannot control my fans. and i discourage them from any negativity or violence. and i do feel badly that your feelings were hurt. sharon osbourne posted a letter back. by your actions to kelly right now, you show me you are nothing more than a publicity-seeking hypocrite and attentional seeker. you have 32 million followers. and you're criticizing kelly in your open letter. are you so desperate that you needed to make this public?
7:44 am
and in case that wasn't blunt enough, osbourne had this quote. in closing, stop wearing fur. top looking for publicity. and stop using your fans to belittle, not just kelly, but an endless stream of publicities. a word from you would stop the hideous negative events from your little monsters. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> we thank you, rob. we apologize for the audio problems there. and coming up, the miss america contestant you have to meet. she is autistic. she's amazing. and she'll also crack you up. we'll hear from her just ahead. george? and "the play of the day." we showed you the video that stumped so many people at the drive-through. now, the mastermind behind it is here live, to show us how he did it. a can of del monte peaches? ♪
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7:48 am
7:49 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> all right. josh taking a well-deserved day off. here we go. check out the stunned reactions at the drive-through window when a car pulls up and no one's in the driver's seat. take a look. >> no. >> that's so funny. >> is it a ghost? >> just drove up this car. >> hello. what the heck is going on? >> oh, my gosh. >> really? >> really. and it's really going to happen right here, right now. check it out. right here, in times square. there's the car. here he comes, right now. >> he's driving at a safe speed. >> i tried to drive there. it's not easy. >> hard to drive a hybrid.
7:50 am
>> where is rahad? >> how is he steering the car? >> there he is, right there. check it out. okay. this is incredible. this has gone on -- you posted on tuesday. there's been millions since then. how does this work? >> well, basically, what it is, it's a costume. when i was put in the order, i flip it on. the headrest, where you can see right through it. put it right on. and get some reactions out of people. >> of course, lara has a much more important question here. >> why? why? how did you come up with this idea? >> i came up with this idea about a year ago.
7:51 am
i saw an image on the internet of a car with, like, a driver that was disguised in this sort of costume. and i thought, that would be a really cool idea to put in somebody's video. from that point on, i created the costume. i was going to do it on a local road. it was a safety concern. i started small and went through a drive-through. i think that works jufs as well. >> it certainly is working well. those are real reactions. we cannot wait. >> thank you for the laughs. >> thank you very much. and coming up, get ready to meet the guy that 9,000 women and coming up, get ready to meet the guy that 9,000 women say who is mr. perfect. [ all ! [ moderator ] you sure? i am absolutely positive! [ little boy ] two times is awesome. the thing i can do is wave my head and wave my... that's amazing. i've never seen anything like that. look i can do -- hold on -- i'm watching this. i'm getting dizzy... [ male announcer ] it's not complicated.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. time is 7:56 on this friday, january 11. time ifrself some extra o use metro to get around this weekend. blue line trains will not run between pentagon and rosslyn until closingight sunday. buses will be available singleins will be the red along parts of and green line.
7:57 am
the early flu season is taking a region.our hospital emergency rooms are and there are long at pharmacies and clinics offering the flu vaccine. inschannel 8 will have more depth report at the top of the hour. i-395 is quiet and all the trains are all on time. with a problem with the water break. this is video from the water break in the west hyattsville yes at queens chapel road. westbound at 295/b w parkway has an accident gone. >> is a beautiful star of this morning, a little sliver of cloudiness,ween the degrees and we are starting
7:58 am
day mild. you can see scattered sprinkles trying to make their way in from the west. amount to much this morning but more significant expected this afternoon betweenr highs will be 47-53 but a warm weekend, into the 60's. we will be back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] fans of robin right out there in times square this morning. big shoutout to her. d.j. ms. nix on deejay friday. great to have amy robach. dan harris, here. we have someone else in the studio this morning. he is the guy 9,000 women say is mr. perfect. we have a perfection cam right now. you see him in silhouette. we're going to talk to him live
8:01 am
just ahead, and see if you agree that this is the man who embodies perfection. >> can't have a perfection lens? we're also jumpstarting your january. we want to get you looking and feeling your best all year long. there's iconic supermodel iman backstage. she will reveal her tips for a dazzling face. dazzling eyes. dazzling lips. you'll be perfect after this, as well. >> iman, you look incredible. we have a supermodel secret tip, everybody. it's our tip of the day. thanks to carmody. i understand you're bringing us a tip for men and women, that involves sugar and a loofah. >> it's the only time you're going to have this much sugar and not care about the calories. white sugar in the shower is the best exfoliator you can use. use your hands to buff your
8:02 am
face. use a loofah to get your body. >> enjoy your breakfast, everybody. that's fantastic. sugar and loofah. will travel. >> carmody will have another secret for us. and coming up, the miss america contestant you just have to meet. miss montana. she has an incredible story. and she'll make you laugh. you'll hear from her ahead. also this morning, ryan gosling. >> i didn't know. >> coming up. there he is. he's doing so well. in so many movies right now. and very special "deals & steals." special beauty edition outside. right now, we have to get some news. that's why dan harris is here. >> i asked to do the news on the perfection cam and was denied. so, here we go. we're going to start with new information this morning about the flu outbreak. according to data being released
8:03 am
by the cdc later today, there is an indication that the flu may have peaked in parts of the south. this is pretty good news in areas hit hard by this outbreak. it's an encouraging sign that new cases may be on the decline in those areas. many hospitals across the country, running short of vaccines. pharmacies struggling to fill prescriptions of tamiflu, particularly for children. a fierce winter storm making travel difficult from california to minnesota. the snow so bad north of l.a., an interstate had to be shut down twice thursday. now, this area, bracing for near record low temperatures. louisiana, winter tornadoes, causing widespread damage. and a state of emergency has been declared because of flooding. sam will have your forecast in a few moments. the faa is announcing plans for a full review, following a rash of problems with boeing's newest jet, the 787 dreamliner. it will reportedly focus on the power system boeing created for this jet. there's been a series of incidents, including a fire
8:04 am
aboard a plane in boston this week. and in japan, overnight, a cockpit windshield cracked. the faa is not expected to ground the plane. and speaking of planes. check out this samuel l. jackson movie come to life. a snake on a plane. passengers could not believe their eyes as a ten-foot python managed to hang on to the wing for the entire two-hour flight, after slipping into the airport loading dock before takeoff. news of the weird this morning. now, diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning, dan. great to talk to you on "good morning america." and tonight, on "world news," as we know, families across the country are looking for something to prevent the flu. and we wondered, do the alternative treatments work? the ones you see in the drugstore? tonight, we're going to show you one that really does help, on "world news." >> a lot of people curious to hear about that. thank you, diane. and finally, talent, definitely runs in this family.
8:05 am
take a look at this. adorable toddler crashing his dad's concert in texas. he was in the middle of his rendition of "brown eyed girl" when his son, ethan, stormed the stage and stole the show. i mean, those moves -- i definitely cannot dance like that, under any circumstances. look at that. now, you might think that he picked up these moves, this 17-month-old, with a pacifier. you might think he picked them up from his dad. but actually, his mom is a hip-hop dancer. that might explain the whole thing. >> dan, you're two for two on the kiddie videos today. >> yeah. i -- if i had another newscast, i'd find another one for you. >> thanks. let's get "pop news." >> thank you. good morning to you all. we told you on wednesday about a brand-new tequila from george clooney and rande gerber. now, we have the commercial we teased. it is juicy. it starts with gerber walking in
8:06 am
on his wife in bed with george. then, george opens the bedroom door to find cindy crawford in bed with his girlfriend, stacy keibler. and then, cindy crawford walks in to find her husband in bed with george. the ad is called, it could happen. please drink responsibly. and it ends with that message. it would be a huge problem to wake up next to george clooney. >> i must be misremembering this. i thought when you said it -- >> tongue and cheek. they said it tongue and cheek. george is a wise guy. >> okay. >> i think that's to get your wheels turning. i think a lot of vodka will sell, though. i wish we had the music today. that was magical. we have to move on because we have so much to get to in "pop news." it is friday. it's time to meet a furry friend. this is not the first guy to get famous after moving to the big city. this is the first river otter to
8:07 am
make san francisco home in a half-century. he has taken up residence in the city's old baths. and life's good. sam spends his day catching fish, sunbathing. he's become an attraction. biologists say they don't know why he has chosen this odd place to live. but he seems otterly happy. and ladies, i present to you, the perfect man. in a new survey done by an online dating auction site, 9,000 women were asked to describe the perfect man. every attribute they would want, which, george, you met every one. and, dan, you did, as well. >> they're taking. >> but we digress because you're not single men. "the daily news" went out to find the man who meets every requirement on the ladies' list. and they found him. he is a hedge fund manager from brooklyn. his name is ian clegg.
8:08 am
we'll call him mr. perfect. women, they want brown hair, and green eyes. yours are kind of hazel, george. but it will do. he's tall. he's cute. >> i'm tall. >> you're very tall. he has a british accent. he makes a lot of money. he's smart. he has two degrees. he's athletic. he doesn't smoke. he only drinks socially. and he wants someone to share his life with. shall we meet him? get in here, mr. perfect. everybody, meet ian clegg. congratulations. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> you've been married before. >> i've been married before. i have two children. >> and you decided to go on a dating site. how did it feel to find out that you met every, single requirement that women want? >> it's very amusing. it's been fun. i had a couple of girls call me and say they want to go to istanbul. >> really? if you meet every requirement, why has it been hard to find
8:09 am
someone to spend your life with? >> we're all sort of busy. we're all preoccupied. >> this has been the world's biggest personal ad. >> it can't hurt. >> you need to turn on your cell phone. >> we thank you so much. best of luck. keep us posted. >> thank you. sam,re you there? >> mr. perfect? are you in vegas? >> are you there? can you hear me? can you see me? hey, lara. if dan harris is in for josh today, why is josh heckling me on twitter from vegas. how is that possible? >> i don't know. the guy -- sleep in, josh. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about. as you step outside your doors in the northeast, you've got to get prepared for scattered showers. that's the way it's going to be. the heavier rain will stay in
8:10 am
little rock, memphis, louisville, during the day today. houston, you're getting a little bit of rain. locally in the red zones, it's two to three inches of rain. how about the overnight lows? the cold air, if i think it's chilly now in vegas, and i do, in the 30s. it will really be cold at 35 in phoenix. palm springs at 36. l.a. at 39 degrees. san diego at 42. las vegas coming in at 31 degrees. some stations have it coming down to the 20s with this cold air. why should you leave your chair? let the map come to you on this morning show called "good morning america." we've got some clouds moving region and even a few west, 40 to the it is a mild now, start, but we expect showers in the forecast today late today. otherwise, mostly cloudy, high be aboveres will
8:11 am
average and looking in our weekend, we will have some thought to start tomorrow morning and it will become neary cloudy with a high 60 and warmer for su >> and we are live on the las vegas strip. i'm in a warm sweater that josh doesn't like, lara. back to you. >> i think you look absolutely perfect, sam. thank you so much. can't wait to talk to you about miss america, coming up. here's a look at what's coming up on our "morning menu." get ready to meet the amazing miss montana. she has autism. and she is awesome. and coming up, supermodel iman revealing her makeup magic. plus, a special "deals & steals." it's a beauty edition to jumpstart your january. all that and, ryan gosling is coming up, ladies. all live on "gma" from times square. [ female announcer ] introducing coffee-mate natural bliss.
8:12 am
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8:16 am
d.j. ms. nix. we're back with the countdown to miss america. in one day, 50 contestants will square off. sam off to judge. there's one contestant making history. miss montana, alexis wineman, is going to be the first contestant with autism. >> reporter: she is an incredible woman. she is the first contestant with
8:17 am
autism. and the youngest contestant. and she's not letting any of it keep her from her dream. in a competition filled with smiles, struts and sass, the reigning miss montana looks like she fits right in. >> holy crap. i'm going to be on miss america. >> reporter: but fitting in has never been easy for 18-year-old alexis wineman. >> growing up, i was alone a lot. i barely hung out with anyone. and that's because i was afraid of being laughed at. >> reporter: she is the first miss america contestant to be diagnosed with autism, which was discovered when she was just 11 years old. >> i would stay in my room for hours, not wanting to talk to anyone. >> reporter: even though she was considered highly functioning, she said she was ridiculed because of her speech impediment and intense shyness. >> the girl you're seeing right now, is not the same girl you would have seen ten years ago. i've overcome so many of my symptoms.
8:18 am
>> reporter: she credits her family with enabling her to become comfortable in her own skin. that new attitude allowed her to try new things, like cross country running, and cheerleading, where she became the captain of the team her senior year. events like this may appear a world away. but like everything else in her life, alexis never considered them out of reach. so, she decided to enter the miss montana stage competition on a whim. >> i realize, i've done a lot of things i never thought i could do. what's stopping me from trying? >> reporter: and now, here she is in las vegas, ready to compete with the best of them. >> all of the confusion kind-made me hungry. >> reporter: her talent, a comedy routine. >> i realize, if i laugh at myself, then that's okay. >> alexis wineman. >> reporter: no matter what happens tomorrow night, alexis knows just by competing, she is inspiring others. >> a girl who has a few
8:19 am
differences is miss america material, no matter what they are. >> no question about that. thank you, bianna. more on that in "pageant confidential" the road to miss america. she got unprecedented access, following the contestants for months. that's at 8:00 on abc. followed by the 2013 miss america competition. sam will be judging. >> what an honor it was working with those ladies. right now, it is time. jumpstart your january. we have with us, well, needs no introduction, really. the most famous supermodel on the planet, iman, revealing makeup tips, live, in a moment. first, here's a look at iman's groundbreaking career. ♪ hers is a flawless face that's synonymous with fashion. for four decades, iman has been beauty and grace and a designer's dream. the author, philanthropist, wife
8:20 am
and mother, conquers every world she encounters, from model to mogul. now, 57 years young, the icon has become the paragon of aging gracefully. famously saying, what you take care of in your 20s is what you're going to inherit in your 60s. this has been a 40-gyro manse with my skin. and i have taken care of it religiously. and right now, she's here, only on "gma," to reveal even more of her supermodel beauty secrets. how lucky are we? thrilled to have iman here. welcome to "good morning america." >> so good to see you. >> i love your saying about taking care of our skin. what can we do now? can you help us jumpstart our skin? >> yes. first of all, the sun does not discriminate. ladies, put an spf on it. you have to have this. and religiously, like you brush your teeth twice a day, you really take care of your skin twice a day. it doesn't have to be expensive.
8:21 am
cleanse, moisturize and hydrate. as simple as that. in five to ten years, you will see a remarkable change in your face. >> we always talk about spf. everybody, we know this. how much do we really need? and is it really all year round? >> absolutely. all year round, every day. my dermatologist has me on spf 50. i'm not a white girl. i don't need 50. she said, yes, you do. and i'm telling you, this is what people asks me, what gives you at 57? it's simple, religiously taking care of my skin. >> and you're taking care of isis. look at isis now, post the iman treatment. talk about what you've done. you have simple trips that everybody can use. >> get yourself a b.b. scream.
8:22 am
it has spf in it. and it's like a veil of coverage. don't use too much of a concealer. just where you need it, under the eyes. maybe you have a broken -- you know, veins or something like that. >> what about the lips? >> the lips, keep it simple. something very light. i like what you're wearing. it's light, it's fresh. it's kissable. men don't like lipstick. i like a lip stain or a lip gloss. really. if you really think about it, you get yourself a great foundation, and the b.b. cream, that has a cover cream. a loose powder or translucent powder. you want something to keep the shine away. you don't want too much powder. >> when it comes to makeup, the number one thing that women do that makes themselves look older than they are? >> heavy foundation. too much powder. and lots of makeup. keep it fresh. you can always add.
8:23 am
but you can't subtract. we're really not professional makeup artists. we really don't know how to do this. so, start light. then, you can keep adding. >> iman, there you go. check out our website, on yahoo! for more tips. we thank you so much for jumpstarting our january. you look gorgeous. and, everybody, we'll be right back. actually, amy, where are you? >> i'm outside. we have "deals & steals" for everyone here. tory johnson has the must-have beauty products. you head to our website, on yahoo! for all of the promo codes and links you need to get to the bargains. let's get to the bargains. >> this is your first time of lifting the box, right? >> this is nail polish, right? >> she is a rock star manicurist. the deals are amazing on these for either trios of hot nail
8:24 am
colors or the duos where you get the matching lip and nail. each of her sets, depending on what you choose, is from $16 to $38. exclusive think for "gma" viewers, 50%, $8 to 19 bucks. >> it's cold. people feel like their skin is dry. >> this is an amazing steamer solution. you get the steamer. and you also get this -- >> i use these. >> your skin is gorgeous. >> thank you. >> you get both of these. it's a 5 to 20 minute treatment. you get to hydrate and exfoliate together. it's perfect all year around. the set combined is $213. it's not inexpensive. but 54%, knocks it down to under 100 bucks. >> i'm going online. >> this is a fun one. >> this is your smile, right? >> not yet.
8:25 am
this is venus secret. and what's amazing about this is, even the supermodels have to shave their legs like the rest of us. you also get the shaving set here. you also get this brand-new from secret. it's four-times more effective than the average antiperspirant to never let them see you sweat. this set is normally $26. slashed in half, under $13, plus, free shipping. >> that's a great deal. now, this is something to smile about. >> pearly whites. whitening from gosmile. this will whiten as well as the strips. but replace your regular toothpaste for 30 days. use this instead for 30 days. you'll see whitening results in as few as three days. normally, this set is $50. but for "gma" viewers, it's slashed in half. 25 bucks. >> that's a great deal. >> free shipping. and last, but not least.
8:26 am
>> we need some care now, right? >> this is shapewear by a really great company. it's not only underwear and tanks. but there's tank dresses and slips and leggings, all a huge assortment. >> shape every part of your body. >> wherever you have a little problem area. normally $44 to $88. but exclusively for our viewers, these, too, are slashed in half, starting at $22. plus free shipping. >> those are fantastic deals. >> yeah. we got some good savings. we always have an exclusive that you'll only find at on yahoo! get something for everyone on this friday. >> tory, thanks so much. we want to thank all of the companies for providing the deals. on yahoo! don't forget, that includes the deal. coming up, beauty queens like you've never seen them before.
8:27 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning at 8:27. two d.c. council members are their efforts to tovince president obama plate.his license with white house staff members today. the presidential limo has d.c. "taxation without the representation"slow in on them. president obama will meet with afghan president hamid karzai at house and it will the future of the
8:28 am
role and afghanistan. newschannel 8 will have an in- a few report coming up in moments. commuteday morning part is great. on 66, this is what we are finding outside and inside the beltway. you can catch a break outside the teddy roosevelt bridge. we do have an accident in montgomery county which you can get through. redland road but the tow truck is there. good morning, the weekend looks good but today you might want to grab your umbrella. some showers are expected this afternoon, 30 degrees right now so it is a mild start. this shows is the clotting is pushing in and there are very showers trying to develop mostly cloudy today with
8:29 am
late day rain, 47-53, and the weekend looks great. at 8:56.l be back
8:30 am
♪ d.j. ms. nix this morning. we need that music this morning. it's a little chilly. before we get to anything else this half hour, we have a special announcement, coming up from robin on monday that everyone is going to want to tune in for. everyone's going to want to hear. that is coming up on monday. right now, you see sam up there on the big screen. he is live in las vegas this morning. going to be judging the miss america competition tomorrow night. and right across the way, from tlc, making me feel very overdressed without an overcoat. >> she has been giving us tips all morning long.
8:31 am
>> you know, she's doing it so we can all look a little tanner, in the dead of winter, right? not just tanner. but more svelte, correct? the way you apply your bronzer is everything? >> it's actually everything. you want to apply your self-tanner normally. on day two, use a sponge or foundation brush and trace along the muscle tone. it gives the illusion that you've been working out in the gym a lot harder than you have. >> first, the sugar loofah. and then, the bronzer. fantastic. you should get inside. you can catch carmody on tlc's "what not to wear" on thursday nights. >> thanks, amy. carmody, go. it's cold. thursday night, you'll meet the 53 miss america contenders vying for that crown. but behind the sequins and the smiles, there can be fatigue,
8:32 am
and even self-doubt. in my special, abc news got unprecedented access behind the scenes to follow a group of these women from the locals, to the states, up to the national level. we did it for months. and here's a look. more than 12,000 women a year sing -- dance, twirl, banjo, even belly dance their way across local and state stages. ♪ >> sometimes, you get up here. so, they will stay in. >> reporter: butt glue, a spray adhesive essential for keeping the bikini bottoms on their bottoms. >> if your bathing suit rides up, you can't pull it out in front of the judges. >> you don't want everybody to see everything. you want to make sure it stays. >> this is a great choice 23r you.
8:33 am
>> reporter: miss kentucky has a different kind of trick. >> we put a swimsuit over the bombshell bra. and no one will know. the bombshell bra. my secret weapon. >> reporter: and the ladies pull out every stop to make sure things go smoothly. like the last-minute lunges and push-ups that they say make their muscles pop. from now, until game time, every calorie counts. >> i have a flat butt. it's been a problem. >> i said to her, you have to do something about the fact that your butt's flat. >> reporter: the nit-picking feeds into the natural insecurities all women face, even ones that look like this. adding to the mounting pressure. >> her legs are her problem genetically. we have to find a way to shrink her legs. >> reporter: your trainer told you needed to lose seven or eight more pounds. how does that feel to hear? >> it's more motivation for me. and a reminder for me that,
8:34 am
okay. i'm wearing a swimsuit on stage. potentially in front of millions of people on national television. that kind of puts things into perspective. >> reporter: miss america contestants spend hours upon hours studying everything under the sun. >> sam champion, come on up. >> reporter: and so do the judges. ask our sam and "dancing with the stars" cheryl burke, who has the tough job of choosing who will wear the crown. >> we've been watching these young women all week long. and the interviews can turn on a dime. cheryl, what do you think is the best advice for someone in an interview situation? >> i think to really be yourself. and take the moment in. >> reporter: that can be easier said than done. listen to what happens to miss california during this practice interview. >> what's your feelings on euthanasia becoming legalized. >> that's something i'm not very educated on. i need to look up on exactly what that means. but i do know it's a vaccine,
8:35 am
correct? >> no. euthanasia is assisted suicide. >> i felt so dumb. i felt so idiotic. and that's one of those things i don't want to have happen in my interview. >> reporter: that's why judges like sam believe confidence is key. >> the most interesting time is when the young woman sits back, enjoys the experience, can look each judge in the eye. >> absolutely. >> and let her point of view come across. >> really interesting stuff. you can see more on "pageant confidential," the road to miss america, tomorrow night, 8:00, 7:00 on abc. it's a special edition of "20/20." followed by the 2013 miss america pageant, live from las vegas. and, sam, how has the judging been going for you? >> lara, it's really an exciting thing. talking to the young women, my favorite part has been the interview. it's easy to concentrate on the evening gowns and the swimsuit.
8:36 am
it's easy to think this is just a beauty pageant. but this is a scholarship pageant, miss america is. they award millions of dollars in scholarships, every year to young women. they are the largest scholarship supplier to young women in the world. so, that interview is important. and it's heavily weighted. it's about 25% of their total score. you watch them, you know, move across the screen. you know that miss america is going to be an attractive woman. but that interview, man. we pounded her. and the miss america organization was like, really, go for it. ask them hard questions, you know? >> sam, you are getting perfection and polish from these girls. what the special shows is really unvarnished look at all that goes down in the months leading up to it. these girls work so hard. it is stressful. they have coaches. the scrutiny. it's tough. >> yeah. and i think what really shines out, in the women that stand out above everybody else, is that
8:37 am
all that preparation has to come in a really relaxed package. they really have to come at you confident, that, yeah, they've done their homework. they're going to give you their point of view. it's not a point of view that everyone has to agree with, they have to stand up with their point of view. i can't wait to be a part of the big, big, big show that comes out on saturday, lara. saturday night, right here on abc. >> i know. let's take a quick look, by the way -- go ahead. >> you go ahead. i was going to ask you how the weather was. >> oh. well, good thing you were going to ask because i'm ready to do that. we're going to first talk about our coat drive, lara. we've been on this warm hearts and warm coats coat drive, trying to get coats and collecting them for folks who might not be able to afford their own coats this year as the cold air moves across the country. here's the big tally. we've collected 125,895 coats for those who need. if you tweet us a picture while you're donating a coat, chances are you're going to get on "gma"
8:38 am
at some point. here's our latest picture. dana sent us this shot of her and her pfizer colleagues who came from many different states for a team meeting in orlando. that's where they decided to collect 48 coates and drop them off at theburgington coat factory outlet. and help us get those numbers up. we could do better with your help. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to show you. it is chilly here on the strip in las vegas. but you're showing us pictures from connecticut, where it looks nice. and salt lake city, this morning, as well. here's the boards. we have weather moving across the country. one of them is this heavy hit of snow. billings, fargo, rapid city, salt lake city. elsewhere on the eastern seaboard, there's some showers moving in during the day today. but there's some warmer temperatures coming ahead by the time you get to the weekend. i can't wait to get to the 70s. i can't wait. re
8:39 am
it probably is not 70 pause weekend.60's by the couple sprinkles are trying to up along the i-81 corridor. 40 degrees is our temperature now and we wil >> we are live on the las vegas strip. as i like to say it, there are a lot of things in this world. but there's only one miss america, ladies and gentlemen. you'll find out who it is on abc saturday night. lara? joining us, now, grammy-winning rapper and actor, common. his hit series, "hell on wheels." he and michael rainey jr., making his big screen debut, starring together in a new coming of age story. it's called "luv." we welcome you both to "good morning america." common, tell me about your character and this uncle vincent. he's having quite a day.
8:40 am
>> uncle vincent is a person who has an american dream. he wants to fulfill his dream and take care of his family. he's just been recently released from prison. and he wants to be a father figure to michael's character, woody. >> i want to talk to you more about that. but let's show everybody a clip and give them an example of this valiant effort that uncle vincent makes in love. >> every man needs to learn how to drive. this is park. reverse. neutral. and drive. let's go. >> he wants hard to do the right thing. but he doesn't seem to have the tools. >> it's a situation that exists a lot within inner cities and in america. we have, like, men who haven't been taught properly how to -- i think the story's poignant in that way. >> let's talk about the title of the movie "luv," l-u-v.
8:41 am
what's that about? >> that's what is learning uncle vincent. it's about his character learning about life and learning, through his uncle, what life is about. >> after going through this experience with your new friend, common, is acting something you can see yourself sticking with? >> yeah. >> is this a career? >> yeah. i like to act. >> you're quite a natural, my friend. >> thank you. >> i think big things are coming. do you agree? >> very much. >> he's acted with them all. >> this guy is so gifted. he's a blessing to us. yeah. his future is infinite. >> thank you, michael. we look for big things to come. as usual, common, thank you for coming. will you come and sing and talk to us again? >> yeah. >> everybody, check out kwp luv." >> it opens in theaters next friday, january 18th. coming up, one-on-one with
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
[ cheers and applause ] thank you, d.j. ms. nix. now, the man lara and amy have been waiting all morning to see, ryan gosling. what a run he's had. "the eids of march," crazy, stupid love."
8:45 am
and now, "the golden age." >> reporter: over the past few years, no one's star has risen quite like ryan gosling. >> seriously? it's like you're photoshopped. >> reporter: with leading rolls in everything, from comedy. >> let's talk about how many women you've been with. >> sexually? >> no, break dancing. >> reporter: to drama. >> you make right for so many people that made wrong. >> reporter: to romance flicks. the canadian-born actor is being hailed as one of the finest of his generation. his latest film, "gangster squad" tells the true-life tail of a group of police officers in 1940s los angeles. >> i'm looking to put a squad together. >> reporter: who come together to save the city from notorious mob boss mickey cohen. josh plays the hero. >> this is one of my favorite movies. i collected all of the burger
8:46 am
king cups. i was obsessed with it. so, that was my entrance into the gangster picture. >> seems like the lady doesn't want to talk to you. >> what lady? she is just one of mickey's pro skirts there, pal. >> where is it? where is it? >> reporter: you met with some of his family members in reparation, right? >> right. >> what did you learn from that? that he was a greater man than me. one of the importance of the movie, is that the character have a better narrative. he didn't need convincing. he was all-in right away. >> reporter: the film was scheduled to be released last year, but was delayed after the aurora, colorado, tragedy, because it contained a sequence that contained a theater shooting. director ruben fletcher cut the scene. >> it was the best sequence in the movie, without question. the day it happened, he wouldn't even dream of keeping it in.
8:47 am
>> reporter: shot on location in l.a., the director said even the ever-present paparazzi didn't affect the very focused gosling. >> you have to get used to guys hanging in the bushes. that's the adjustment. or being followed. all that stuff. >> reporter: what is it about gangster movies that keeps us so fascinated with him? >> i think it's a lot of people going around, if you say that again, i'm going to kill you. they don't mean it. gangster movies. gangsters do. >> reporter: was that a gangster lesson right there? >> that's gangster 101. >> reporter: go ahead. one more time. >> don't think too much about it. >> reporter: i'm going to kill you. >> you're not going to. and that's the difference. >> you can't shoot me. you're a cop. >> not anymore. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> and "gangster squad" opens in theaters today. coming up right here, bobby flay.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back. we're very excited to have bobby flay with us this morning. he's helping us get our year started right. he has a brand-new web series called "bobby flay fit" on the food network website. tell us about the show. >> it's seven three-minute webisodes. it started because five years ago, i was going out to dinner with my wife. i was getting dressed. looking in the mirror. >> you had the moment? >> i don't like what that looks like. and you can make all the excuses you want. you know -- >> oh, wow, bobby. i'm looking at this video. >> what are we watching? >> you're like superman in the street. >> that's not really me. i don't like weights, i can tell you right now. that's michael symon, from "the chew," as you all know.
8:51 am
>> in each episode, we follow you working out with your friends. >> a lot of people ask me, you're a chef, how do you stay in shape? what i tell people is i don't follow any diet. i don't like the word diet. i think it's a quick fix. it doesn't last forever. i'm a big picture kind of thinker. i do the same thing with my health. and i try to lose the weight slowly and try to get in shape so it will last for a real long time. >> i try to lose weight for a long time. >> george is eating away already. >> good. >> lwe're going to make chicken tacos. what a surprise. everybody likes tacos. instead of using a corn or flour tortilla, we're going to wrap it up in lettuce. and flavor comes in the form of butter and cream. i love it. we can put flavor into this without using that. we want to start by making our
8:52 am
cabbage slaw. here it is, lara cooking 101. >> that was great. you did it with fitness. orange juice, lemon juice, and lime juice. a lot of citrus flavors. and move on to the chicken. >> what kind of oil did you use? >> aittle canola oil. fire away, lara. you're doing great. and for the chicken, chicken breasts, of course, can use lots of flavor. skinless and boneless, a little canola oil. and i throw a little garlic in there. and smoked paprika. and i put it in the saute pan and let it cook. it's going to look just like this. nice and crusty. exactly. i slice it up. we have a sauce. how is the sauce there? >> is it a pesto sauce? >> it's not pesto. it's actually -- >> i'll translate. >> okay. and we slice up our chicken. we're going to make our wraps. we take the -- >> it's easier. >> especially when bobby flay's
8:53 am
doing it, everybody. >> and then, a little bit of sauce. >> bobby, how many shows do you have these days? >> i have a handful on the food network. "bobby flay fit" starts the 14th. on tv, on food network, a new show called "bobby's dinner battle" coming on, as well. >> on monday, you can find "bobby flay hit" online. and you can get his recipes. we'll be right back. >> bobby flay, everybody. >> tacos for everybody.
8:54 am
8:55 am
(vo) they were married for... 53 years. she was his everything. he can't live alone anymore. but we don't have the room. so, we talked to suntrust... looked at our options... remodeled... for family, you make it work. he taught me that. (anncr) join the thousands of people switching to suntrust's award-winning service. how can we help you shine today?
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[ cheers and applause ] and big reminder. special announcement coming from robin on monday, too. that is going to be great. thanks to bobby flay. thanks for coming. d.j. ms. nix. jumpstarting january. a lot coming up on monday. have a great weekend, everyone. take care. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
good morning @ 8:56. the cdc will provide the latest today on the flu s growing nationwide. u season has struck early and has claimed the lives of at least 20 children. is widespread and more than 40 the numbers in our are show that more people by flu this year over year. if a freak flu clinics will be -- a freak flu clinic will held on tuesday. let's take a look at our friday commute. not seeing, we are any delays in virginia. we have a problem because of a main break in the
8:58 am
area.ville it is south of the east-west highway. it is causing delays for metrobus is. 295 south the pennsylvania, a were generally accident has been cleared out that you might want b your umbrella this ofning with a couple sprinkles along i-81. is very light but most of the come in before you get back home. you'll need it late today and 40 now so right uncomfortable start. it will be cloudy today with a showers especially late, 47- lookinges and a great weekend, almost 60 degrees for saturday and warmer sunday. >> >> thank you for watching. we will be back at noon. "live with kelly and michael" is next.
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