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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 21, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, monday january, 21st, 2013. >> it is inauguration day. and president obama has already been sworn in for his second term. but the celebration is just getting started. we're live in the nation's capital to preview the pomp and the parties. the death toll rises from that brett brutal hostage drama algeria. also, the stain on a super bowl celebration. a fan of the atlanta falcons is accused of stabbing a 49ers fan in the throat. police say he was angry about the way the game ended. two men not angry about the
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outcome, jim and john harbaugh. a historic match-up. these two head coaches will be the first set of brothers to face one another on the biggest stage? sports. good morning. i'm sunny hostin, in for paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. good morning, everybody. just hours from now, the president takes the oath of office for the second time in two days. >> hundreds of thousands are gathering on the national mall to witness history. and abc's tahman bradley is keeping an you on it for us. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, sunny. good morning, rob. the national mall is about to fill up. hundreds of thousands of people are expected out here. the president's second term is already underway. so, the only thing left is the pomp and pageantry. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear. >> reporter: president obama's
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second term is officially under way. the constitution required he take the oath of office yesterday. but today is when the american people celebrate mr. obama's second inaugural. it's also dr. martin luther king jr.'s birthday. the president will honor dr. king by swearing in publicly on a bible once used by the civil rights leader. he'll also use a bible that was once used by abraham lincoln. 800,000 people are expected in the national mall. >> what we're doing is celebrating each other and celebrating this incredible nation we call home. >> reporter: the president and vice president, along with their famili families, will start by attending st. john's. the swearing-in is followed by a parade and the glitzy inaugural balls. the security is extremely tight. 15,000 military and law enforcement personnel will watch over the proceedings. >> watching an event this large, with this number of people
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coming, takes a lot of corporate nation. >> reporter: the president and first lady showed off their love. the president weighing in on his wife's new hair-do. >> i love her bangs. she looks good. >> let me tell you, it has just been a true thrill to watch this handsome, charming individual grow into the man and the president that he is. >> reporter: in a speech, president obama will reach out to some of those people who voted against him opinion and he'll call on washington to come together to seek common ground. rob? sunny? >> tahman bradley in washington, thank you so much. as inauguration festivities get under way, the nation is pausing to pay tribute to dr. martin luther king. community leaders and celebrities got a jump on things in washington, with an annual wreath laying ceremony.
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dr. king's son, jesse jackson, and actor jamie foxx were among those taking part. the death toll from the algerian hostage siege has now passed 80. security forces are finding dozens more bodies. one of the captors spoke excellent english and may have been from canada. and many of the terrorists were dressed as security guards, making the decision to run for it difficult. >> you don't know what side they are. and we know that the terrorists all dress the same as the security forces. that was a huge decision, do you stay or do you go? >> at least one american is among the dead. and there are concerns about several others still missing. and atlanta police are investigating a stabbing outside the georgia dome just after the nfc championship. investigators believe a falcons fan got into an argument with some 49ers fans. and one of them sliced the
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falcons fan in the throat. that man is hospitalized in stable condition. witnesses say police did recover the weapon. well, the super bowl teams are now set. and this one will be a match for the ages. more than just the quality of these two teams. super bowl xlvii may have enough drama for two tv movies. the final game for a legendary defensive warrior. on top of that, it will be the first championship game to pit two brothers, fiercely competitive head coaches, against each other. should be good, down in new orleans in two weeks. >> who has it better than us? >> reporter: jim and john harbaugh are just 15 months apart. but in two weeks, they'll stand 15 feet apart, face-to-face on the biggest stage in sports. the 49ers stunned the atlanta falcons on sunday, to clinch the nfc title. >> into the end zone for a touchdown.
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>> reporter: big brother's john's baltimore ravens capped off a cinderella season, sealing their destiny by running over the patriots. this game has its own twitter hash tag, #harbaugh. >> we had a few fights and arguments. we'll try to stay out of that business. we'll have the two teams duke it out as much as possible. >> reporter: john and jim grew up with the game. their father, jack, coached some of the top college teams in the country. the two boys with him every step of the way. but the emotion may only be surpassed by the man wearing number 52, ray lewis, who will come february 3rd, will play his last game in the nfl. lewis, clearly moved after the game, talked about coming back from an injury to make this his last season. >> and i knew, as a leader, the things that i gave up. the things that i sacrificed for
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my team, to come back as a leader, to be counted out with a torn tricep. and god kept telling me, that no weapon for my team is possible. and any time you trust in god, a man can't tell you what you can't do. >> reporter: the harbaughs gave thanks to their parents and kudos to one another. >> i want to thank my parents, jack and jackie harbaugh. and go, ravens. >> i'd like to think that our two teams are very similar. when you looking at those two teams, you're looking at mirror images of football teams. i'd like to think that. it's going to be a great football game. and thousands of detroit area homes and businesses are without power this morning. winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour knocked down trees and power lines over the weekend, putting nearly 200,000 customers in the dark. crews have been working around the clock to restore service. but they warned some will be
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powerless until late tomorrow. >> going to be a cold one out there without power. those temperatures are dipping. and it's time, now, for the weather from across the nation. a foggy morning in the northwest. a foot of snow the in michigan, from maar kwet to grand rapids. light evening snow around new york city. up to four inches in new england. bitter cold in the midwest. >> 13 below zero in fargo. minus 7 in minneapolis. just 8 degrees in the windy city. meanwhile, some 30s here in the northeast. 50s in dallas and atlanta. 40s in the pacific northwest. coming up next, the new 12th man. how social media is playing a unique role when it comes to the huge super bowl commercials. plus, gunfire at a gun show sparks a mad scramble for safety. and later, a joyful reunion. some soldiers returning from duty. some to meet their children for the first time. stay with us.
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welcome back, everyone. well, the economy has come a long way since president obama's first inauguration. since that first swearing-in ceremony, the stock market has soared. the dow jones industrial average, up nearly 72%. back then, the economy has fallen to its lowest point since the great depression. and digging out has caused one other measure of the economy to soar, the national debt. and soda sales are falling flat. the pace of the decline quickened even during the holiday party season. now, the giant soft drink companies are scrambling to
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change their directions, pinning their hopes on sports drinks or low or no-calorie versions. older people are now concerned about obesity and diabetes. more super bowl ads will be crowd source this year. you may remember this made by a fan. this time, doritos will air two fan submissions. pepsi and pizza hut are getting into the act, by inviting fans to upload stories that will be woven into commercials will be air during the big game. good luck to those guys. at the movies this weekend, jessica chastain was the big winner. she starts in the film "momma," which had its debut. she stars in and got an oscar nomination for "zero dark thirty." and "silver linings playbook," another favorite, came in third. >> she is hot. >> she is the new it girl.
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a nice run. when we come back, new details about family tragedy in new mexico. a popular chaplain and his entire family gunned down inside their home. who police say is responsible. and also coming up, a well-deserved welcome home. this morning, dozens of soldiers are with their families for the first time in nearly a year. we'll be right back. [ dog barking ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's durable, and scrubbable. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand. everyday life? bring it with bounty basic. the strong but affordable picker-upper... now costs even less. the strong but affordable picker-upper... has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories,
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to shape our curriculum, so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. new honey bunches of oats greek yohere we go.ole grain. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. drivers are facing slick roads across a big chunk of the country this morning. heavy, blowing s snow made road impassable in parts of north dakota over the weekend. cars slid off icy highways, like this one in salt lake city. a pickup truck careens over a guardrail, killing a couple, their unborn baby and their four dogs. >> that's beyond tragic. with that, let's look at your morning road conditions. fog could affect visibility in the northwest.
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snow-covered roads around northern michigan and the upper peninsula. also, a snowy ride from cleveland to upstate new york and new england. and some wet highways from orlando to miami. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in the northeast, in new york city and boston. and recapping our top story now. the nation's capital repairs for president obama's public inauguration later today. the private one was over the weekend. hundreds of thousands are expected on the national mall to see history in action. during the ceremony, the president will have his hands on two bible, in fact. abraham lincoln's, as well as dr. martin luther king jr.'s. he will follow a journey from 1600 pennsylvania avenue to the white house. now, if the latest in a gang rape of a 13-year-old student, attacking her so brutally, she died three weeks later. the men are appearing in a fast-track court, meant
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specifically to deal with attacks against women. it was set up after widespread protests about how women are treated. near albuquerque, a 15-year-old boy is in custody this morning, after police say he killed his parents and three siblings. authorities say each victim was shot more than once. several guns were found at that home. one of which was a semiautomatic military-style rifle. investigators were trying to determine who owned those weapons. five people are recovering this morning after a string of accidental shootings at gunshots. a shotgun hit three people when it discharged in raleigh, north carolina. and two others were hurt at a gun show in ohio and indiana. the shoots came as gun advocates rallied against president obama's plans to rein in gun violence in the wake of the sandy hook massacre. manti te'o has agreed to his
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first on-camera interview since the scandal broke about his girlfriend that never was. te'o and his parents will sit down with abc's katie couric, for a show airing this thursday. in an offcamera interview with espn, te'o acknowledged he handled the situation poorly. but he denied any involvement in the hoax. and as you already know, it is all about the super bowl match-ups this morning. with all the highlights, here's espn news. >> i'm hakem dermish with your "sportscenter." and ray's ride continues. ray lewis and the ravens, taking on tom braidy and the patriots for a trip to the super bowl. new england takes a 10-7 lead. fourth quarter we go. baltimore up one. joe flacco to anquan boldin. touchdown, baltimore. an 11-yard touchdown from flacco to anquan boldin. that capped off the game for baltimore. 240 yards, 3 touchdowns, no interceptions for flacco. and the baltimore ravens are
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going to the super bowl, winning 28-13. we're in atlanta for the nfc championship game. colin kaepernick and the 49ers, taking on matt ryan and the falcons. and matt ryan and the falcons came out strong. second quarter, touchdown pass to julio jones, his second of the game. second of the first half. seven catches, 135 in the first half. falcons up 17-0. back come the 49ers. frank gore, nine-yard touchdown. 49ers take their first lead of the game. fourth and four for atlanta. ryan's pass broken up by know var row bowman. time runs out. atlanta, shut out in the second half. the 49ers come back to win it, 28-24. they are going to the super bowl. super bowl xlvii, now harbaugh bowl two. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day.
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families gathered to welcome home their loved ones returning from afghanistan. about 500 national guardsmen are back on u.s. soil for good. they were part of "operation enduring freedom," working to help withdraw troops from the war zone. without exception, all of them couldn't wait to wrap their arms around their families. >> happy you're home? >> yeah. >> how great is it to be home? >> it's really, really good. it feels really good. >> it's great. >> i'm speechless at this point. >> they'll all have to report for a debriefing tomorrow. and then, it's back to normal life from now on. >> never get tired of seeing that. >> you really don't. up next in "the pulse," an oscar-winning actress talks about her love affair. but this one isn't what you might think. what octavia spencer holds in her arms in a regular basis. a story to make you hungry
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it's time to check, "the pulse." kim kardashian is blasting the person behind the s.w.a.t.'ing prank calls last week. >> kim said, it's dangerous and not a joke. but her step dad, bruce jenner, suppos posed with the guys who answered the call. octavia spencer's latest
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film is creating a buzz at sundance. >> this time, she is calling some of the shots as executive producer and star of "fruitvale." but she's savoring her big oscar win for "the help." >> i called all his cousins. sits in the middling, underneath my television. every time i'm in there, i'm reminded i have a job to do. you can't rest on your laurels. i lay it in my arms like a baby. he's my darling. yeah. we have a love affair, me and oscar. >> spencer said she cried like a baby when she met oprah winfrey and steven spielberg. when she no longer gets star-struck, it's time to retire. >> after the inaugural ceremonies, the president sits down for the congressional luncheon. 15 chefs are in charge of preparing the feast, which this year features a lobster with clam chowder sauce.
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>> they'll finish up with hudson valley apple pie. most of the wine comes from new york state this year, except for the bubbly. that comes from a vineyard in california. >> tasty. >> yeah. we'll be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point, i knew i had to do something. when i went back to my health care professional,
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with its creamy, thick texture you won't feel like you're running low on satisfaction. light & fit greek. be light and fit. and satisfied. updating our top stories now. president obama takes the oath of office for the second time in two days, followed by his inauguration speech. and of course, that traditional walk down pennsylvania avenue. and atlanta falcons fan is in the hospital this morning after an argument with 49ers fans turned violent. he was stabbed in the throat. so far, police have not made any arrests. and the match-up for super bowl xlvii is set. it's a family affair, bitting jim harbaugh, against his older brother, john, the head coach of the baltimore ravens. looking at today's weather. foggy in the northwest. frigid across the midwest. heavy snow from cleveland to upstate new york. showers from orlando to miami. and finally this morning,
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stepping out in style. all eyes are peeled as first lady michelle obama goes under the inauguration day microscope. >> mrs. obama is known for her fashion-forward choices. as tanya rivero tells us, she is kicking off the next four years with a bang. >> reporter: over the past four years, it's been bold colors, bare arms and now fresh bangs. no one has influenced women's fashion quite like michelle obama. >> women like the way she mixes labels. she's unafraid to wear color. she seems like she's having fun. >> reporter: as all eyes turn to the inauguration, one big mystery remains, who will the first lady be wearing? ♪ at last >> reporter: in 2009, her one-shouldered white chiffon
4:29 am
ball ground made jason wu national time. wt women's wear daily" had the designers sketch their renditions. tommy hilfiger turned to the nens look for first daughters, malia and sasha. >> they're becoming more interested in malia and sasha. >> reporter: the first lady has had a few fashion missteps, ruffling feathers when she wore alexander mcqueen to meet the chinese president. but the first lady takes it all in stride, as she becomes a fashion icon for the ages. capable of changing a company's bottom line in minutes. telling our own robin roberts -- >> it's hard,yen? i'm kind of a tomboy jock at heart. but i like to look nice. >> reporter: i'm tanya


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