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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 25, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon on your side. >> all eyes are on the skies this noon as we await yet another round of snow. already some schools are deciding thito close early.
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starting in maryland, schools are closing two and a half hours early. prince george's county is also out two hours early. calvert and charles county are out to hours. -- are out two hours early. fairfax county schools two hours early. loudoun county schools will get students out one hour early. we will sure to bring the update as we continue. for now we continue our storm watch coverage with adam caskey in the western center talking about when we can expect the snow to arrive. >> just a couple of hours away. probably three or four hours away. we are starting to see some flurries across the town. temperature wise, it is cold enough for snow. 22 in arlington. 17 in west virginia. 22 in remington, virginia.
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you see a lot of white on the screen but not a lot of that is hitting the ground. a lot of that is just clouds. snow in the clouds evaporate before it hits the ground. -- snow in those clouds evaporate before it hits the ground. we are getting a course of light flurries. more snow and more moisture as we continue to push -- will continue to push through the washington area. here is your travel forecast around the washington area. boston should be ok. 23 degrees and partly cloudy. a little bit of precipitation in the upper one midwest, a minneapolis. -- upper midwest minneapolis. >> we want to remind everyone that we have the school
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closings -- the school closings listed at the top of the screen. snowfall is projected during the evening rush when thousands of people are on the road. jummy olabanji showed us what to do to keep traffic moving and keep drivers state. -- keep ever since. >>drivers safe. >> it could slow down this afternoon. just like yesterday, more snow is expected to fall across our region today. accept this time the snow is expected to impact the evening rush hour just as thousands of drivers are tried to get home. >> 395 -- if 395 is backed up i will hop on another one. >> there will be about two hundred trucks out of the red with this afternoon. the job may be a little bit harder because of the timing of the storm.
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>> the worst scenario is we see snow at the same time everybody is heading home. >> it is a scenario they are trying to avoid. that's why crews have been pre cleaning the roads in advance. there crew will likely be on the roadways of the afternoon. -- all afternoon. >> if people have the option to go home early we would recommend it. >> many tell us they plan to do that. >> i have shoes at work just in case, gloves and a hat. >> in southeast washington jummy olabanji abc 7 news. >> and remember, abc 7 news is your severe weather station. if we are going to bring you the latest update on today's snow on
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the air and on line. do not forget to download the stonewashed whether app. -- the storm watch whether app. -- weather app. thousands are marking the 40th anniversary of roe v wade. brianne carter is on the national mall with the lat take a look behind me. you can see this thousands that have gathered here for the annual march for life. the archdiocese of washington anticipates that [no audio] >> we feel strongly about it. we want to speak for those that cannot speak for themselves. >> it brings us all together shows us that we are not alone -- brings us all together. shows us that we are not alone.
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we are all moving together. >> that was brianne carter reporting from the national mall. we also have a developing story out of the district where an 18- year-old was shot and killed. we are joined by kimberly at the scene. >> we are just learning that the 18-year-old died this morning. she lost her life right here at this bus stop. police say she was stopped in the head. -- shot in the head. when we talked to neighbors, they said they were not awakened by gunfire. what they did here was the police knocking on the door. >> right in front of their house. it is pretty scary. we are concerned. >> now i have to look behind my
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shoulder. >> her friends at this hour are talking to each other and expressing condolences on facebook and on twitter. they are talking about how funny she was. they cannot believe she was gone. they are remembering their time together. again, and 18-year-old shot in the head and dead today. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. reporting live, abc 7 is. >> thank you, kimberly. the murder trial of a four culpeper police officer is under way today. today the jury visited the crime scene. daniel harmon-wright is
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convicted of shooting patricia cook. and the man who admitted to using a baseball bat attack -- a baseball bat to attack a security card at a daycare is said to be charged today. young became enraged at staffers at the day care when they would not let him use the phone. and new this noon, president obama is expected to announce his appointment formally the this afternoon. it is part of the white house's plan to drum up support.
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joe biden is kicking off his campaign this noon. yesterday he helped an on-line forum where he discussed the importance of gonna reform. >> another reason this makes sense, even though it accounts for a small percentage of the murders of those who died in consequence of a weapon every year, is because police organizations overwhelmingly supported -- support it because it gives them guns. >> there is no word yet on when president obama will be heading. and senator dianne feinstein is opening up about her proposed assault rifle ban. she said her long reaching band is driven by personal reasons. in 1970, she was the one who found the body of the separatist lemaire and his supervisor after they were shot by former colleagues. she said that shooting changed
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her view of weapons. even though her proposal faces large opposition she still wants to put it through. and some mixed feelings about the autonomy this noon with the commerce tomorrow -- with the commerce department releasing their latest housing sales numbers. it is the best since 2009, rising nearly 20%. the dow jones industrial average was up 26 points. coming up at abc 7 news at noon when snow will fall. adam caskey will
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>> take a look at this. the frigid air has made for quite a sight in washington d.c.. this is at the american museum. quite a few. we want to check in with adam caskey to talk about exactly what we are dealing with timeline -- in the time line. >> it will climb above freezing. roughly from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. it is not going to be a continuous six hours of snow. three or four hours here or there at the rate of a quarter to half an inch an hour. -- of a quarter inch to half an inch an hour. here is a great time lapse of
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the sun rise earlier this morning. isn't that beautiful? 7:20 the sun popped up over the district earlier this morning. notice how cold but notice how quick the clouds moved in. -- notice how quick that clouds moved in. a lot of what you see here, westminster, a lot of that white is not all snow. we anticipate flurries shortly in frederick and snow after. martinsburg reporting a little bit of night snow. -- of light snow. we have steady snow off to the west. they could see about 5 inches in maryland all the way until
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tomorrow. look how widely scattered is. stretching from the great legs all the way down to north carolina. -- from the great lakes all the way down to north carolina. the reason is the two week little systems. -- is these two weak little systems. they are giving our atmosphere and a kick and energy to fire off. the all-important question, how much? on average about an inch. a little bit more or a little bit less in a few locations. this is the latest run of it. about an inch and a half in gaithersburg. about an inch and a half in manassas. that is just by early tomorrow morning.
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on average around the mid. there is a slight chance, a 30% chance that you could see up to 3 inches in if you isolated locations. -- in a few legislative locations -- isolated locations. it is more likely around the mason-dixon line or around southern maryland. here is the with the rigid here is the winter weather advisory. keep in mind, this is not a result of the amount of snow we are going to sea. it is because of the timing of the snow. it will come around rush hour. that is what the weather service posted the winter weather advisory. -- that is why the weather service posted the winter
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weather advisory. 27 is the high temperature today. 3:00 p.m., a light snow begins around the metro. by 9:00 p.m. i am expecting it to be out of here. finally by sunday we will see temperatures barely climbed above freezing. over all we are not going to warm up above average until next week. especially tuesday. in the '50s. >> you know what i am looking forward to. i know you are rooting for that 10% chance of four inches of snow. >> you know me. >> thank you so much. at 7 is on your side this noon with a potential delay to when you can use credit cards when taking a d.c. taxicab. taxi drivers are getting a little bit more time to accept credit-card payment. the original plan called for
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them to accept it by march 30. it will not set a new deadline after a meeting next week. and seven is also on your side with some big steps being taken to preserve the recent improvements to the national mall. interior secretary ordered to protect the major rehab project. the national park service plans to replace the turf between seventh and 14th street. this new order would require events held on the mall to provide funds to replace any damaged turf. we have a lot more coming up. we w
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>> tonight on the, we are examining the culture of lies in the wake of the manti te'o scandal and beyonce's allegedly it sink at the inauguration. -- and beyonce's lip sync at the inauguration. >> we got an in depth all -- an in-depth look at the reason why we live. there are several different reasons. we have a lot more on the manti te'o scandal and how he could be taken in by somebody who was lying, someone who said he was a sheet. also, lance armstrong who spent many years aggressively lying about doping. there is a difference between the reasons why men what -- why men like and why women lie.
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-- white men lie and why women live. men will lie to protect what they have and women will do it to be more polite or be part of the group. we are finally going to weigh in on the beyonce lip syncing controversy. a lot of people saying what does it matter? we had the marine corps band that wasn't really playing. it occurs a lot more often than you really think. we will look predict river dance, for example. -- we will look -- riverdance, for example. >> the whole, sept concept of catfishing, it might help people know if they are being
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deceived. >> there was the documentary "catfish," the end tv show, mtv show, "catfish.' " you do not know who is on the other end of that keyboard. other stories of people ofmanti te'o who were duped by somebody posing as someone else. >> a nonprofit group in a bakery in new orleans has teamed up again to send troops overseas aid package ahead of mardi gras. they are sending 500 cakes to troops overseas with the help -- with the help of an operation. -- of a local operation.
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and a 10 year old girl with a heart of gold is stepping up to help kids who have lost everything. she collects teddy bears and toys as a part of a project to donate to fire station so crews can distribute them. she is no stranger to hard times herself. >> i was an orphan. i had a stuffed animal and i realized that i can be happy -- i realized if i can be happy the whole world can be happy. >> if she is getting the ball rolling by donating some of those stuffed animals to firehouses around las vegas. >> still ahead, if i look at the we [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy
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>> adam caskey is back with us. here comes the snow. >> this is frost bird, maryland. -- this is maryland. take a look at our radar. it is hitting around martinsburg. that is going to continue to increase in the south. around town, and most likely -- it is most likely around an inch. you could see to to three in isolated locations.
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>> thank you for joining us
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