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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 28, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. happening now, a snowy, icy mess to begin the workweek, from washington to boston. a half-inch of ice on the ground already in the midwest. but hold on. springlike temperatures are just hours away. lovefest. the president and hillary clinton in a rare, joint interview, has everyone reading the tea leaves. >> we're both gluten for punishment. >> what his high prize, the first time that she is his pick for 2016? and breaking now, a major breakthrough on immigration. we have brand-new details. midair lightning energy at 30,000 feet. the airliner hit with flashes
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from all angles. the flaming jet streaking through the sky. how the pilots kept control in the middle of chaos. "argo"-naut. ben affleck at the s.a.g. awards. and jennifer lawrence's dress coming apart as she wins best actress. good morning, america. happy monday to robin, at home. josh also off today. welcome back to elizabeth vargas and david muir. welcome to you, as well. let's look at the s.a.g. awards. >> her dress did not rip, by the way. >> it came apart. >> and tina fey. big night for "argo" and "modern family." we'll have all the highlights coming up. >> "argo" a surprise winner.
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great for our friend, ben affle affleck. we're learning about the fire over the weekend in brazil. 230 people dead. we have brand-new details coming in straight from eyewitnesses on what caused the disaster. we're going to tell you the first thing you should do if you're trapped. you did a big special on this. >> i did. and most people when they're confronted a disaster, they will go out the exit they came in, bypassing exits that work perfectly well. there's a lot of tips of what you can do to increase your chances of surviving in a case like that. and the sudden surcharges taking everybody by surprise. we're going to tell you about the credit card fees across 40 states. are you about to be charged up to 4% on your purchases just for using the plastic? "american idol" under fire right now. a group of contestants have filed a legal complaint against the show saying they were kicked off, not because of their voices but because of their race. >> wow. let's get right to the ice storm that's been making all the commutes so dangerous and messy
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across the midwest and the east coast. sam's been tracking the latest overnight and has the latest. >> from virginia, all the way to boston. it will eventually be rain. but look at the pictures out of iowa and you know that driving on any amount of ice is a problem. in some cases, it will take the ice you see on this to change over to wet road surfaces. you can see the areas of purple, that's ice. mixed in with the blue, that's rain. from central pennsylvania, to the carolinas. the northern areas falling just as snow. it will stay as snow. it's three to five inches of snow in the northern elevations. it's the southern sections that are a real problem. from central new york state all the way this morning into the carolinas. ice to rain. ice to rain. it's going to take all afternoon to get rid of it. we'll take you step-by-step. the warm air that changes it to
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rain will be a problem for severe storms tomorrow. we'll show you what that looks like coming up in regular weather. >> sam, thanks very much. to the white house now. and the first-ever joint interview with president obama and hillary clinton. once bitter rivals, they've been working side-by-side for four years. and their sitdown already sparking some buzz about what comes next. let's get more on that from abc's martha raddatz in washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. friday is officially hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state. but after watching the "60 minutes" interview with president obama and secretary clinton, it seems clear we've not seen the last of her. from the moment they sat down to talk with cbs' news "60 minutes," president obama and secretary clinton, seem like they've been the best of friends for decades. >> i just wanted to have a chance to publicly say thank you because i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we had. i'm going to miss her.
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wish he was sticking around. hillary's been one of the most important advisers i've had on a whole range of issues. >> reporter: how did they heal the wounds from their intense rivalry? during that highly contentious 2008 primary fight. >> i can't tell who i'm running against. >> we're just getting warmed up. >> ancient history because of the people we are. also, we're professionals. >> reporter: the interview will clearly leave many wondering, was this the endorsement of a 2016 presidential run? >> i don't think either he or i can make predictions about what's going to happen tomorrow or the next year. >> clearly, the door is open for her. she's leaving the scene. she's not leaving politics. >> reporter: at least clinton's health doesn't seem to be a factor. announcing she expects to make a full recovery after suffering a concussion and blood clot recently. >> i notice your glasses --
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>> i have some lingering effects. that will all recede. >> reporter: it's believed the secretary is having some troubles with double-vision. and what about vice president biden? he's playing coy about 2016. >> i haven't made that decision. and i don't have to make that decision for a while. >> reporter: hard to believe it was just a week ago today that president obama started his second term. but clearly, a lot of people are thinking ahead, george, to the next race four years from now. >> a little time to go before that. but there is big news coming out of washington today. the beginnings of a bipartisan deal on immigration reform that includes the man you spoke with yesterday, senator john mccain. >> reporter: exactly. there's an announcement scheduled for this afternoon from this bipartisan group of senators about agreement in principle in sweeping changes of immigration law. and a lot of optimism, this could be passed even with a very controversial path to citizenship for those in the country illegally. senator john mccain telling your
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"this week" show yesterday, he thinks the time is right, especially given the power of latino voters in the last election. let's get the rest of the morning headlines from david muir, weekend anchor in for josh. >> good morning, everyone. we're going to begin with the search for answers after that horrific nightclub tragedy. 230 were trapped and killed in a fire that engulfed a dance club in brazil. one exit became a death trap in seconds. matt gutman is in brazil with new details on how the fire started and why there was no other way out. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. it is impossible to underestimate the impact that has had in brazil. look at the headlines. banner headlines everywhere here today. and largely because those killed were so young, mostly college students and minors. and because this mostly was avoidable. this morning, images of inconsolable grief. investigators say the fire that claimed the lives of more than
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230 people who died in this popular nightclub, started with the band had small flares, pointing them towards the ceiling. that set the building's sound-proofing on fire. and within seconds, the club began filling with smoke. that triggered the stampede. hundreds made it out in the streets. and firefighters and several young clubgoers who managed to escape, pulled others to safety. but so many were trapped. most of those who died succumb to smoke inhalation. firefighters finding dozens of their bodies blocking the club's single exit. eerily similar to the station club fire in 2003, also started by a band's pyrotechnics. it took patrons 30 seconds to react to the fire. by then, it was too late. 100 people died. some experts believe if they had immediately headed for the exits, dozens o lives would have
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had spared. the city morgue quickly filled up. that had to be moved to the gym, where families are still identifying bodies this morning. and the first memorial, one of many, just began moments ago. >> so many mothers and fathers on the scene now. back in this country. troubling developments about boeings 787 dreamliner jet. "the wall street journal" reporting to avoid production delays, officials at boeing and the faa, decided the plane would not have to pass newer and stricter fire safety tests. and japan, reportedly sped up inspections, pressured by the airlines looking to cut costs. part of the mississippi river is shut down after a barge struck a bridge in vicksburg, mississippi. it's unclear how much oil has spilled. an oily sheen has been spotted three miles down river. and amazing rescue video in australia. a family stranded in their pickup truck.
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rescuers urging them to put their 14-month-old son in this tiny bag to be hoisted up to the helicopter hovering above. as they bring him up, they carry him up inside the helicopter, all the way up. this is terrifying for those adults watching. look at this. right inside that bag, a little boy's head. a little upset. but doing just fine. >> why did they zip the bag closed? >> he's okay. and so are the parents. and also from australia, the storm churning up all of the foam. watch to the left. the two officers jumping out of the way. a car emerging from all of that foam. the driver said, where am i? unbelievable, right? foam. the driver thought they were -- >> completely submerged? >> completely submerged. >> they didn't have sam. see? now, to a major headline for anybody that uses a visa or a mastercard and that's a lot of us. there's a brand-new surcharge up to 4%, now allowed in 40 states on every purchase.
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and it just started yesterday. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: you thought all you had to worry about was the interest rate? wrong. this morning, retailers can charge you a fee for swiping your credit card. how much? up to 4% of your total purchase. in other words, if you buy a digital camera for $200, you could be charged an extra 8 bucks for using a credit card instead of paying cash. >> i'd be really upset. i wouldn't want to pay more. >> reporter: luckily for this shopper, she's in new york, one of the ten states that has barred retailers from charging consumers the fee. some retailers said they won't be passing on the surcharge to customers. walmart told abc news, we are not interested in surcharging customers in order to allow credit card companies to continue charging unfair fees. >> and it will really only be the smaller retailers or service
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providers who might do it. but it's really anybody's guess. >> reporter: don't panic yet. stores have to make sure you know about the fee before you pay. what are some of the things consumers can look for in a store when they're walking in. >> there has to be a sign conspicuously displayed indicating they do surcharge. at the cash register and also on your receipt, they have to clearly disclose what surcharge. >> reporter: and the same goes for online shopping. the website must warn you about the online fee. using your debit card with a p.i.n. number is a little different. this applies only to credit cards. now, to the terrifying air scare caught on camera. a plane catching fire in mid flight with 100 passengers onboard. investigators trying to figure out if it was caused by a bolt of lightning. abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: sparks coming from the engine. not what you want to see out
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your jetliner window at 30,000 feet. the massive flashes seen in this video that went viral last week, were originally reported as a lightning strike fire. another camera catches the flaming plane as it streaks across the night sky over turkey. onboard, passengers are warned of turbulence. then, the lights go out. but the turkish airline pilots never lose control of the flight and land safely. lightning strikes are not uncommon. this airbus a-380, was hit going to london. >> we had a lightning strike. >> reporter: that plane landed safely. as did a jetblue flight that took off from tampa. >> we've been struck by lightning twice. >> reporter: aviation experts say every liner in the sky are hit every year. the chances of being hit in the air are 500-times more likely
7:14 am
than being hit on the ground. >> it happens all the time. and they safely absorb it because they're not grounded. >> reporter: john nance says this engine fire is likely to have been caused by lightning. >> there's almost no likelihood that a lightning strike could have caused this problem with the engine. >> reporter: lightning strike or not, fire in the air is not what anyone wants to see out their window or from the ground. jim avila, abc news, new york. >> that is sure an understatement. now, to the mother of two who vanished mysteriously traveling in turkey. she was by herself, taking pictures of the breathtaking scenery. now, she has disappeared. john muller is here with the latest on this strange story. >> reporter: as we speak, the missing new york mother's husband and brother are in the air, on their way to istanbul. when they land this afternoon, they will join a frantic search. she went to a far-off land to take beautiful pictures. but her first trip abroad has turned ugly.
7:15 am
33-year-old sare sierra left for the u.s. and never came back. the instagram pictures she took from turkey, strikingly beautiful. detailing the dream photography trip she was originally supposed to take with a friend, who backed out the last minute. she never got on her flight home. >> she had never arrived at the airport at turkey. >> reporter: this morning, her distraught husband and brother are on their way to turkey to try to find her. she stayed in constant contact through skype and messages. the last message came last monday, i'll be home tomorrow. yay. >> she touched base with us all the time. and everything was fine, up until the day before she was supposed to arrive. >> reporter: when her plane arrived tuesday without her onboard, her family called authorities. at the hospital where she was staying, turkish police found her passport, medical card and
7:16 am
phone chargers still in the room. >> she's an amazing person. she has one incredible sense of humor. >> reporter: she had every reason to come home. she decided to cut her trip short because she missed her 9-year-old and 11-year-old kids. and she was eager to enroll in classes a college. now, an international mystery, as family from new york hits the ground in turkey, trying to bring brack the wife, sister, daughter and mother they love so much. her family is deeply suspicious. this is completely out of character for the mother of two who deeply loves her children, children who still don't know their mother is missing. >> i hope there's a happy ending to this. let's switch gears to a big night in hollywood, as we count down to the oscars. abc's chris connelly has all of the highlights from the screen actors guild awards. and one of our favorite movies have momentum.
7:17 am
>> reporter: the best picture "argo" was an oscar favorite. >> it's cool. >> reporter: how did he remain calm when he had so many different roles? >> who said that? >> he was very much in control. i hate to say it in front of him. >> never say anything nice in front of me in my life. that was the first time. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence won a female best actor award for "silver linings playbook." >> reporter: winners of comedy series ensemble for the third time. >> i have a nice bathroom. i put them there. >> her bathroom is as big as my living room. >> i go in there when i'm depressed. >> reporter: anne hathaway, for "les mis." >> i want to thank my mother for voting for me. >> reporter: daniel day-lewis won for "lincoln." and "downton abbey's" cast left
7:18 am
with the best ensemble award. you can get anywhere in town if you just wave those things tonight. >> reporter: it was a great night to be an actor, just ask ariel winter, who turns 15 this morning. >> happy birthday to you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> that's a nice birthday present. >> sure is. >> sam, your favorite show did well, too. >> not bad to be a "downton abbey" fan. we're going to start with the warmth in the weather today. we showed you the cold. the warmth plays a big role in what happens tomorrow and into wednesday, with the elevated chance of getting tornadoes. we'll show you where that happens. look at 78 in houston. 68 in kansas city. jacksonville, you're coming in about 75 degrees today. this is for tomorrow. as the cold front moves into all that warm air, it will be driving some strong storms in the red zone, strong, gusty winds. and the elevated opportunity to get some tornadoes through here. this is most likely through
7:19 am
arkansas, north texas, also, northern louisiana. tomorrow, that zone -- tuesday, this is the area. wednesday, it's much wider and spreads into the south. we'll go over both of the days so you're not surprised by the strong to severe weather that happens tuesday into wednesday. >> this precipitation all across area thisgton morning. freezing rain. in general we are starting to
7:20 am
that shift to just rain. if there are still some sit -- slick spot on the satellite. the green indicate that change. mainly down 95 and in southern maryland. 41 degrees for the high temperature this afternoon. >> and just one more reminder, from the great lakes to the mid-atlantic, it's an icy mix of rain and snow today, until the afternoon. >> okay, sam. thank you very much. coming up on "gma," two shock jocks facing off in court in a bitter showdown, with a bizarre twist that could lead to this trial. why one lawyer is calling it a john grissom trial coming to life. and the mystery of jonbenet ramsey. a grand jury indicted both of her parents leading to her murder. "american idol" under attack this morning by former
7:21 am
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>> is 7:26 on this monday, january, 28. we do have some weather related
7:27 am
delays this morning. federal government opening at today. also arlington and loudon county schools are closed. frederick, montgomery, and havee george's county will a two-hour delay. at there is a full list of your screen. also at our website at the jail like that,. -- at of they we have a mix weather. take at some of our cameras. a lot of the delays and -- ellations you can see at 395 north of these street. no delay. you might find some dicey slick spot. part the roads have treated and retreated.
7:28 am
metro stick -- metro is a little behind schedule. at forecast with adam caskey. part we havest just rain and sleet falling. but the dreaded freezing rain being reported in annapolis martin burke. we see the screen, of generally that is just rain falling. just few hours left of this light wind premix. -- of this flight wintery mix. it is looking war the next days. of >> thank you so much.
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7:30 am
upping the fashion ante, as we count down to the oscars. that was last night's s.a.g. awards. all kinds of glitz and glamour on the red carpet. where is jennifer lawrence? her dress caught all kinds of attention. there we go. >> it's made like that. >> she hit a little button there? >> it's like -- it's called -- it could be a minidress or a full-length dress. >> keep your eyes on that screen. >> i thought she was beautiful.
7:31 am
and one of the genuinely surprised winners. and ben affleck, he looked surprised, too. also this half hour, a question. is the show "american idol" racist? the hit show's under attack by former contestants who are claiming discrimination forced them out of competition, not their singing. so, we're going to weigh into that in a minute. also coming up, a shocking headline in the jonbenet case. was the grand jury ready to charge both her parents with child abuse? we're going inside a brand-new report. >> it's a story we haven't stopped talking about since it happened. also, look at this. beyonce, putting out brand-new pictures. am i the only one who saw this, can i live? instead of can i live? i don't know. >> sam champion. >> we'll find out more this morning. >> our chief investigative correspondent, sam champion. >> that is all coming up. right now, we're going to begin with the bizarre shock
7:32 am
jock trial in florida, where one lawyer calls it a john grissom trial come to life. this latest may mean a mistrial or a new arrest. linsey davis has all the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is one of the cases that falls under the heading you just can't make this stuff up. for starters, the initial lawsuit involved a man who goes by the game of bubba the love sponge clem. he and his lawyers are involved in a honey pot that involves a dui arrest and may lead to a mistrial. >> the authorities are always screwing with you. >> reporter: a civil defamation case over alleged name-calling, between the biggest names in the tampa bay area. bubba the love sponge clem and john schnitt. schnitt's attorney was behind bars for a dui. a member of bubba clem's defense
7:33 am
team went to a tampa bar and allegedly tricked the opposing council, charles campbell, into getting arrested. >> she bought him drinks. she specifically, we believe, asked him to move her car. >> reporter: police testified that a member of bubba clem's defense team called them to have campbell arrested for dui. schnitt's lawyers say they're asking for a mistrial on the grounds the jury may have been influenced by the publicity of campbe campbell's dui arrest. >> the criminal arrest for lead counsel for the plaintiff has a dramatic affect. >> reporter: schnitt's lawyers say bubba's lawyers could have gotten an advantage because campbell left his briefcase with apartment documents in the paralegal's car. but there's no need for a mistrial. >> there's no evidence to suggest that my law firm or any of us was involved in any of this. >> this is campbell's second dui
7:34 am
charge in the last five years. this is stemming from a $15,000 civil suit. schnitt is suing clem for allegedly making defamatory statements about him and his wife. now, to the shocking update in the case of jonbenet ramsey, the beauty queen that was found dead in her home in colorado. the grand jury in that case voted to indict both of her parents in the case for child abuse, leading to her death. we're going to talk to dan abrams about it live. but first, clayton sandell has the latest on the story. >> reporter: it's a murder case 16 years old, still unsolved. in 1996, at christmas, 6-year-old beauty queen jonbenet ramsey was found dead in the basement of her family's boulder, colorado, home. suspicion fell on her parents, john and patsy ramsey. but they insist an intruder is to blame. >> did you kill jonbenet? >> no, i did not.
7:35 am
>> mrs. ramsey, did you kill your daughter? >> i did not kill my daughter. >> reporter: abc news sources confirm that in 1999, a grand jury, after meeting over a year, there was enough evidence to indict john and patsy ramsey, on charges of child abuse resulting in death. the charges first appeared in "the boulder daily camera." but the district attorney refused to sign off. >> i and my prosecution task force, believe we do not have sufficient evidence to warrant the filing of charges. >> reporter: the prosecutor believing a conviction would be impossible. patsy ramsey died in 2006. john ramsey remarried. his attorney tells abc news, that prosecutor hunter is a hero who wisely avoided a miscarriage of justice. the case is still officially open. but as in 1996, investigators seem no closer to solving the crime in 2013. the year jonbenet would have turned 23.
7:36 am
for "good morning america," clayton sandell. >> abc news, denver. >> one of the great lingering mysteries. let's bring in our "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. the saying always goes, the grand jury will indict a ham sandwich. the burden of proof is much lower for a grand jury than it would have been the district attorney. >> it seems that the grand jury went for a compromise. they didn't decide to say this is murder. they said this is abuse, which led to the death, which sounds to me like a compromise on the part of a grand jury. ordinarily, you present a case like this to the grand jury, you're going to get a murder case. now, we don't know exactly what the prosecutor said to the grand jury, meaning, we don't know that they said we want you to indict on murder. my guess is they didn't tell them at all what they wanted them to do. they left it in theirs hands. and this is what they came up with. >> how often does that happen? that a d.a. gets an indictment for abuse leading to the death or murder or whatever you want to call it, and chooses to do
7:37 am
nothing on it? >> very rarely without new evidence coming forward. you might see this in a case where a grand jury says, hands up an indictment, and says other things have come into play here, we're not going to move forward. it's the prosecution's decision to bring it to the grand jury. >> it was a huge divide between the prosecutor's office, and between prosecutors and police about the guilt or innocence of the ramsey family. >> this would have put so much pressure on alex hunter back in the late '90s to move forward with this case. i think he gets a lot of credit. i've seen most of the case file. i think alex hunter made the right call then. and looking back on it, it's even clearer that he made the right call. >> the ramseys were officially cleared by a subsequent district attorney. but the current d.a. says he is not bound by that clearance. >> a murder, you can continue to investigate. but i think whoever investigates this case moving forward, will not be looking at the ramseys.
7:38 am
and my guess is, this case will probably never be solved. >> thank you so much. let's get a check in, now, of the messy, messy storm system across the east coast and the midwest, from sam on the morning weather. sam? >> we're going to talk about flooding rains that were yesterday, from phoenix to tucson. pictures came out about three-quarters of an inch to a full inch in that zone. a lot of flash flooding in that area. it's much drier today. and temperatures will eventually start coming up. it took me, like, half an hour to get the temperatures up when we were practicing today. 64 in l.a. the numbers will come up later in the week. but it dry from the southwest to the west coast. as far as the northeast. this is what elizabeth was talking about. the great lakes, to the northeast, and the mid-atlantic. this is an icy zone. slippery, slidey mess. from rain, to ice, to ice, to rain. and it does that until midday in boston. some areas in the northeast will get an accumulation of snow. most of
7:39 am
>> for the most part we're seeing that transition over to light rain. still a few hot spots of freezing rain. annapolis, the less, up towards martinsburg and >> all of that weather was brought to you by advil. >> thanks, sam. coming up, "american idol" is under fire right now. why some former contestants are accusing the show of racism. and actress january jones says her hair is falling out and actress january jones says her hair is falling out from dyeing it so many times. of labor and it's a lot of love. i don't need to go to the gym. my job is my workout. you're shoveling ice all day long. it's rough on the back. it's rough on the shoulders. i get muscle aches all over. advil® is great. pain and soreness is just out of the picture.
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welcome back. it is now 7:43. we have new drama surrounding "american idol." the hit show, now under fire, from a group of former contestants who say they were kicked off because of their race. abc's cecilia vega has our story. >> you did not make the top 24. >> reporter: it is the hit show where singers can get the boot for missing a note. but can contestants also get the boot from "american idol" simply based on their race? nine former contestants have filed a legal complaint against the show, reportedly claiming they were kicked off for that very reason. according to tmz, the group says the show tried to humiliate african-american contestants,
7:44 am
many with arrest records, by exposing their past for ratings. this morning, their issue tells abc news, it is an issue for the courts. idol's network, fox, isn't commenting. >> for all of the people that were taken off of the program, they have been all african-american. is that a coincidence? it's kind of hard to tell. >> reporter: contestants, including, finalist corey clark, disqualified from season two after a battery arrest. and jared andrews, sent packing over an assault charge. ♪ and i don't need >> reporter: producers also booted these twins, after identity theft charges surfaced. >> i really cannot recall anytime on the show where i felt discriminated against. >> reporter: season six finalist, melinda doolittle,
7:45 am
said one thing "american idol" isn't, is racist. three of the show's past winners are black. other contestants say singers on "idol" are required to disclose arrests. vonzell solomon tells abc news, i was clearly informed of all grounds for disqualifications in our contracts. "idol" has changed my life for the bert. >> i didn't feel like there was special attention given to someone because of race. i cannot see where this is coming from. >> reporter: where it may be headed? to a courtroom. the group reportedly plans to sue. for "good morning america," see celia vega, abc news, los angeles. and coming up, we have the story of a woman who spent a decade planning every detail of her wedding before she even met the groom. but she was ready. she was ready. >> the cart before the horse, or something like that. and "the play of the day" here this morning. holy visitor, batman. did you see this over the weekend? you have to freeze this in
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> "play of the day" on monday morning. watch what happens. you saw this. the unexpected player on the court. >> i did. >> this is a way to see grown men cry. a bat showed up at the game. marquette against providence in milwaukee. the next shot's the best. look at the coaches. the coaches, so terrified, they start putting -- hiding behind one another. towels over their head. one player about seven feet tall, takes a swipe at it with the basketball. >> they had to turn the lights off in the arena. >> they did. and when they turned the lights back on, it was mysteriously gone. >> in the game going, where did that thing go? >> one other piece of video,
7:51 am
too, comes from the court. and this was a little guy. when the camera comes on. hand on the hips. hand on the head. number 12. >> yeah. >> got moves. >> look at his dad. that's my son. >> pulls out the sprinkler. that's always a winner. >> the sprinkler. >> oh. >> that little -- got a little pelvic move. that was the sprinkler, sam? >> yeah. that's it. >> he steals the day. braver than the coaches, right? >> not sure what that was. coming up next, the red carpet fashions from the s.a.g. awshds. carpet fashions from the s.a.g. awshds. >> that's good. ♪ it's the way i've made my living for over 30 years. ♪ every time we leave the dock, it's an adventure. the one thing people might not realize when they're going into mcdonald's and they order the filet-o-fish sandwich... this is wild fish.
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>> is 7:56 on this monday, january, 28. cynne simpson. are delays to report to you. county and loudon county schools are closed. charles county, frederick county, andgomery george's county had a two-hour delay.
7:57 am
we have a full list of the top screen, also your we will have more coming up at .he top of the hour >> with as many cancellations thanelays, we are lighter volume out on the roads. we still have a lot of potential free-freezing. -- potential re-freezing. the mark train system runs an hour and a half late. they're still trying to clear those delays. let us go around the beltway. purging of maryland wide open. -- virginia and maryland wide- open. just a few more hours left of winter remix. for the most part we're seeing a change.
7:58 am
in the paint in northwest washington still have packets of freezing rain. next couple of hours -- a light rain until lunchtime. after that everything is over with. much warmer the next couple of days, 62 by wednesday. >> thank you so much. if we will have the latest
7:59 am
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queen mattresses start at just $699. and save $500 on our special edition bed set. now at the sleep number white sale. ♪ well, is cassie going to say yes or not? >> how can she say not? >> we miss robin, as well. she's at home watching. we look forward to her comeback every, single day. and welcome to you, david. >> how cute that he's asking her to prom. >> i hope it works out for him. >> there we go. way to go, andrew. >> cassie, say yes. >> that's great.
8:01 am
>> younger and younger. >> right. how about last night in hollywood? lots of great turnout on the red carpet. we were talking with jennifer lawrence all morning. that dress that we saw her. watch closely here. she did that herself. >> yes. >> that's the way it's made. >> it's made. from -- on the runway, it was shown with the sheer paneling. she wanted to be covered up. >> i love lara. >> i was told to ask the question. and you have the answer. there you go. >> lara has all of the rundown. check this out. these are pictures of beyonce since her inauguration controversy. the message on the sweatshirt, if you can go back to it says,
8:02 am
can i live? or sam and i think it says, can i live? >> are you kidding me? >> we had her here on the show. >> and she knocked it out here. >> uh-huh. you go ahead. you're our guest. >> all right. well -- you're so polite. i was going to go to beyonce, she doesn't do anything that's not planned. but back to you. all right. here we go. the woman who said yes to the dress and everything else for her dream wedding. here's the thing, though. she said yes to all that stuff before she found the guy. >> yeah. >> so, was she superprepared? or taking it all to a new extreme? >> are we asking? >> he seems okay. >> how does he feel? does he feel like the right guy this morning? this is a little frightening. this had to be scary for january jones. her hair is coming out.
8:03 am
not just a little bit, but in clumps. she thinks it could be years of dyeing it. what everyone needs to know about dyeing your hair. is it overstyling? is that the problem? let's get the news from david. >> thanks, george. we begin what is appearing to be the first step in changing immigration laws. we're expecting to hear from a group of senators, who believe that there's a path for citizenship in the u.s. president obama, meanwhile, unveils his own immigration reform plan tomorrow. and there is expected to be a lot of common ground here. that morning, authorities investigating that horrific nightclub fire in brazil said 2,000 people were packed in that club when the fire started. 230 of them died, after being overcome with smoke after the band with flares set the
8:04 am
soundproofing on fire. the security guards tried to block people from leaving, at first thinking they were skipping out on their bar tabs. khalid sheikh mohammed will be among five terror defendants in a kwan tan mow bay courtroom. a nationwide manhunt is under way for the man you see in gray. he just walks out of prison. he convinced an inmate who was about to be freed to switch wristbands with him and walked out of a detroit jail. he used the same strategy to walk out of a phoenix jail last year. barnes & nobel says it's planning to close one-third of its stores in the next decade. all because of increased competition from ebooks. an incredible brush with
8:05 am
death. check out the motorcyclist. the truck tips over. that was a close call. the guy on the bike, just fine. that's not a fun morning. finally, beyonce -- are you ready for this one? >> yes. >> after firing back from all of the lip-syncing criticism, she was shown in the sweatshirt, saying can i live? can i live? charles schumer, by the way, apparently is waiting for a call from beyonce. he wants her to apologize. he ran the inaugural committee. i think he will be waiting for quite some time. >> senator, you stick by that >> good luck with that. >> yeah. "pop news." >> let's do it. good morning to you all. we begin with jennifer lawrence. the superstar showing off a lot of leg, as she made her way to the stage to accept her prize for best female actor in "silver linings playbook." we have more of that coming up in fashion.
8:06 am
take a look at this. some footage that jennifer lawrence made. she thanked mtv. it was a promo for "my super sweet 16." it showed her at 14 years old. jennifer said, when she got the card in the mail, it made her life because it made her a professional actor. as we know, the rest is history. congratulations, to jennifer lawrence. and tina fey could be adding to her resume. the comedienne, writer, actress, and now broadway producer? before tina fey scooped the s.a.g. for best actress in a comedy series, for "30 rock," she says "mean girls" is a possibility. she wrote the screenplay for the 2004 monster hit and is trying to develop a musical version who does all of the music for "30 rock." >> that was 2004? >> yeah. >> a classic, i think.
8:07 am
and this. it was a whopper of a sendoff. >> ding. >> for a pennsylvania man, who loved burger king so very, very much. 88-year-old david kind jr. was such a regular at the fast food restaurant in york, pennsylvania, they agreed to allow his entire funeral procession to go through the drive through, including the hearse. everybody was given a burger to go, including kind, who was buried with one on his flag-draped coffin. in tend, his daughter said, he had it his way. >> oh. >> on the radio, it was a whopper of a sendoff. >> that's what i said when i started it. >> i was so hit by the video. >> it's the way he wanted it. >> i think his daughter said, this is something he totally loved. >> absolutely. >> and he lived his life as he wanted it. i thought it was sweet. >> 88. clearly burgers -- >> a world war i veteran. god bless. >> if he wants a burger in his
8:08 am
casket, go for it. and scottie's performing the party trick. not that scottie. stay over there. these pure-bred scottish terr r terriers go crazy for goat milk. and look at what happens when the owner this to in a bowl. they have a scottie pinwheel. no one's really sure why. but it's fun to look at. look at scottie. our scottie doing his pinwheel. i'll give you warm milk later. that's "pop news." we have a pop quiz. would you like to enjoy the pop quiz? >> i'm enjoying it already. >> it's about norah jones. she is performing the nominated song from which movie hit at the oscars this year? i will tell you after the weather. >> huh. let's get that from sam. >> we are outside, with the fine
8:09 am
folks in times square today. what a great crowd on a monday. mitchell, right? >> yes. >> where are you from? >> iowa. >> tell me about the sign. >> my sister's boyfriend wanted me to make it for my sister. >> uh-huh. >> and he's asking her to prom. >> do we know the answers yet? >> she's probably going to say yes. >> she probably will say yes. can you confirm that she'll probably -- mom, can you confirm -- >> we're about an hour behind. we're in iowa. so, i'm sure it will be a yes. but she hasn't seen it yet. >> we'll try to let you know on "gma live!" what she actually says because "gma live!" happens after the show, which should happen in all the right time zones. let's get to the boards. here's one or two things going on from washington, d.c. a little bit of fog. a little bit of low clouds from washington north. we're getting milder temperatures, which is going to take care of the icing. but it sets up strong to severe weather during the day tomorrow, and on wednesday, from the
8:10 am
plains all the way to the deep south. but today, just know the temperatures are going to get milder. into the northwest, in comes that low. that's an awful lot of rain. also, mixing wit >> temperatures still hovering around at freezing point. part,ise, for the most around the 66 and 60, that is where we see cold rain. an end upcoming to the next couple of hours. our highs today, 41. >> we're live in times square. it will get warmer, i hope. let's go back inside to -- >> lara. >> great crowd outside. thank you so much. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning
8:11 am
men menu". january jones hair loss shocker. plus, why this woman started planning her wedding over a decade ago, before she met the guy. and the sizzling red carpet fashion at the s.a.g. awards. we have that and so much more, coming up live on "good morning america." [ female announcer ] going to sleep may be easy, but when you wake up
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8:16 am
our pop quiz of the day. it's norah jones, everybody. she'll be performing "everybody needs a best friend," from the movie "ted." it's a great song. this is a really charming song. >> there's the bear. >> rocking it out. >> ted's blowing up. big oscar debut. >> hope we have a mic out there. yeah. >> ted is filthy. >> someone should cut away quickly. >> exactly. at any rate, we're going to move on to "mad men" and january jones. she is revealing her hair is falling out in big clumps. she says it's from coloring it so much. it's not just a danger for stars but for anybody who dyes their hair. and abc's tanya rivero has the story.
8:17 am
>> reporter: she's best known for playing don draper's perfectly coifed ex-wife, betty on "mad men." but now 35-year-old actress january jones says looks can be deceiving when it comes to hair. she says her hair is falling out in clumping. adding, she should just shave it and wear a wig. jones believes a s it's from changing her hair color so much over the last year. she went blonde to red, back to blonde, brunette. many hairstylists warn against accessive coloring. >> the chemicals used can result in breakage and hair loss. >> reporter: genetics and certain medical conditions like thyroid disease play major rolls in female hair loss.
8:18 am
but for celebs who have to present ever-changing looks to the world, overprocessing can be troublesome. take the case of kelly osbourne, who has seemingly experienced every hair color under the sun. three years ago, admitted to getting bald patches after a hair colorist forget about her in the chair. lady gaga, a natural brunette, has discussed the difficulties of maintaining her signature brat numb blonde look. telling "people" magazine, she must occasionally get a chemical hair cut because my blonde hair is faulg out. >> my advice would be to make sure you're use thing the right product for what you're doing. highlights or covering gray. and make sure you are conditioning enough. >> reporter: for "good morning america," tanya rivero, abc news, new york. >> we were just talking about this. i'm not sure -- i'd like to know any viewers have opinions on
8:19 am
this. if you have blonde hair or brunette hair. i think blonde hair is supposed to be more delicate. >> i think it is. if you have fine hair, it will take processing different than coarse hair. we talked about having fine hair on the set. >> you're just fine people. >> it's fine. just fine. >> i hope all of -- i'm going to be gray and bald. wash out my gray if i know it's going to fall out in clumps. >> george is out of this conversation. >> right? >> i don't know. i think it's fantastic. my hair's all there. >> she is beautiful. >> yeah. you ready for this story? >> yeah. >> i don't know. >> you'll find out. we were talking about her. the bride that planned her wedding for a decade. paula, you're here with this. >> yes. >> she started planning before she met that nice guy right there. >> reporter: i think every single lady will admit they've
8:20 am
looked at a bridal magazine or two or three or four. you never did? >> no. you create a picture of what you hope for. >> every girl is dreaming of that big day. i let my mom plan everything. nearly every woman dreams of her wedding day. some start planning earlier than others. one started planning before that important piece was in place. she had planned the perfect wedding. from the dress, to the flowers, she had booked the band. the only thing missing was the groom. >> i booked my band nine years in advance. i said, i don't have a groom. but if you're still around, will you play my wedding? >> reporter: kate owens had been planning her dream day for nearly a decade, ten years before she met her prince charming. >> i knew the style of dress i wanted. i knew the color scheme. i knew i wanted to be outdoors. i think some people probably thought i was nuts. >> reporter: by the time she met
8:21 am
mr. right, kate has assembled a wedding binder full of ideas. >> nobody knew about the binder. it was another binder on the shelf. >> reporter: not even engaged, she had to break ate to her beau. >> i was a little surprised at first. >> the wedding book? i haven't seen that since the fourth grade. >> first organized alphabetically, then geographically. then, by square footage. >> reporter: nearly 40% of the website's visitors are not engaged. they have a section devoted that those dreamers. and it's one of the site's most popular message boards. >> it's okay to fantasize. and it's okay to preplan and be that way. at the end of the day, you have to remember there's another person involved in this wedding. that's your to-be husband. >> reporter: for kate and sean when their big day arrived, they hadn't deviated much. and sean even had a say.
8:22 am
>> he picked out the tux and the suit that the guys wore. i just gave him a color scheme to work with. >> reporter: now, they're gearing up for the next phase of their life. and naturally, there's a plan. >> we're working on starting a family, hopefully soon. >> she even booked the band nine years prior to her wedding. she had a working document on her computer titled life, not marriage. she was a little embarrassed about it. >> that's very cute. >> i think so, too. >> when kool and the gang shows up, we'll know why. >> she got a deal. from nine years ago. she got a deal. >> the 2003 rate. who was everybody's favorite on the red carpet? >> i loved jessica chastain and kerry washington. >> a glamorous night. the look of the evening was
8:23 am
sophisticated and sizzling. stacy london will be here with her take on the fashion. but chris connelly had a front-row seat to the biggest fashion statement there. >> reporter: hail the ponytail. leather to lace. these fashions did everything but s.a.g. from amanda in zac posen. and jennifer lawrence, going up the stairs. >> i felt on the ground, this train is going to murder me. somebody's chair got stuck on my train. >> reporter: but you handled it with grace. >> i did. i fell into the crowd. >> reporter: the color of the s.a.g. awards carpet had nothing on jessica chastain, rocking that alexander mcqueen. keeping it dark and dramatic were tina fey, amy poehler and busy philipps. and claire danes rocked it lips
8:24 am
to hips. >> i knew it was the right one. >> reporter: the passion and influence of the first lady seemed much in evidence. you embraced the bangs before michelle obama did, didn't you? >> she stole it from me. she called me. >> reporter: youth kept it. ant hathaway from "les mis." to "madmen's" kiran shipka. >> i feel good in them. maybe because they make me feel confident. >> reporter: nicole kidman was radian in vivienne westwood, when she was wore by naomi watt, and her fashion icon having fun. >> he's in australia doing his tour. i went with naomi. and tonight, i'm going with steve daniels. i have to find dates, you know? >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles.
8:25 am
for more, we're joined by stacy london, co-host of tlc's "what not to wear." >> thank you for having me. >> i love the fact you have a true philosophy when it comes to red carpet dressing. will you share it with everybody? >> it's interesting. julianne moore talked about her stylist on the red carpet. now that we know celebrities have stylists, we don't necessarily think they're going to be huge successes and big misses. it's much more about the fact, you want to see the woman in a dress. you want to see her and think that she's beautiful. the risk-takers, what winds up happening is the dress is wearing them. not necessarily that it's a terrible dress. but that's the distinction now. >> who did you think were the winners last night? >> i had so many favorites. i have to go with jennifer lawrence. jesse chastain and naomi watts. i know amanda seyfried.
8:26 am
and amanda looks gorgeous. that dress was amazing. >> you talk about when the dress wears the woman. who took a fashion risk? >> i think january jones is the woman we're talking about. she did severe hair. she went with the shorter hair and her hair falling out, that was part of it. but that dress really wore her a little bit. i love that dress, actually, when it was shown originally was shorter. i think it was a little less of a statement. >> i liked the neckline. >> she was going for something a lot stronger. >> more rock 'n' roll. >> exactly. it was a almost punk rock. some of the dresses were a lot softer. >> all right. >> stacy london, we love your hits, your misses and your great advice.
8:27 am
>> good morning. i am cynne simpson. the time is 8:27. offices are delayed and orools are closed today late.g we have a complete list on our web site. also the list is at the top and bottom of your screen. this morning fans will hold a rally for the reagans in baltimore. in baltimore.ens >> heading out and about, if you
8:28 am
the roads ithit normal forhter than the most part. this is just starting to build on 66. outside of the beltway is it betweenoks pretty good manassas, centerville, and beltway.owards the across the 14th street bridge is still quiet. a broken down freight train has been taking care of. running behindl schedule. let us check the forecast with adam caskey. you can see many colors on the radar screen. started this monday morning with a transition from the mixed to a cold rain. a little bit of sleet in the the north and west of washington. otherwise, around the metro and maryland, it is just a
8:29 am
cold rain. it will all come to an end around lunchtime. cooler today but warmer tomorrow. >> double so much. another update at 8:56.
8:30 am
do you ever look at someone and think to yourself, they look just like someone i've seen on tv. we're talking to you. we're putting out a call across america, to find the perfect "gma" look-alikes. do you think you know someone that looks like robin, josh, george, sam? the eyes, the nose, the air. do you know a "gma" match? go to and send us your picture. you're might end up here on "good morning america," seeing double. a great crowd out there in times square. we have a lot of images coming
8:31 am
in all weekend long. they're all coming in. to everyone in the control room. they're taking a look at it. if you think you're a match, go to on yahoo! >> i think george clooney is your doppelganger. >> thank you. i wish my wife agreed. joe zee is here. he's joining us live, with the scoop on these gorgeous oscar-nominated costumes from "anna karenina." this is eye candy, for sure. we're going to get into this in a minute. >> so dramatic and beautiful. this is the guy everybody was talking about all weekend. it's mike. he got a chance and he won it. $75,000 for a half-court shot during the miami heat game. and you wouldn't believe. he got up close and personal
8:32 am
face time with lebron james. >> i know. >> we're going to talk to him. he's here this morning. good morning, mike. >> hey, mike. >> is he going to do it again for us? >> no pressure, mike. >> we'll try over the weather monitors, through the lights, and in. >> double or nothing? >> sure. >> and george can tackle him. mary j. blige just walked in. >> you should see the shoes that mary is wearing. >> look at these shoes. >> wow. >> she is rockin' those shoes. >> yeah. >> star power, by the way. a lot of star power at "gma." >> they're telling a real-life story about two women behind two men we all know. >> great. let's get started with the picture. show penelope cruz. you look real closely right there. she has what could be earrings. they look like beads.
8:33 am
looking very closely right inside there. each one, they're acupuncture beads. each one targeting a specific condition. and rachel smith gave this treatment a try. she's here to tell us about it. hey, rachel. >> i sure do. good morning, george. we look to the stars for the latest trends when they hit the carpets decked out to the nines. one actor says four tiny accessories has left fashion watchers asking, what is that? penelope cruz is known for dazzling on the red carpet. and at a recent premiere, one detail in particular caught the eye. or rather, the ear. four, tiny gold beads. it's acupuncture for the ear. unlike this episode of "sex and the city," it's unobtrusive and virtually pain-free. and it's not for style.
8:34 am
some practitioners say it can be beneficial for your health. intrigued, i vifsited jill at te yinova center. >> they're little tiny beats. they don't pierce the skin. >> reporter: marjorie martin says, people think it might hurt. it doesn't hurt. you don't really feel it at all. >> reporter: why the ear? >> they're always contacting other body parts through your ear. we have points for hunger. we have points for organs like the kidney or the heart. what penelope had in her ear is have a point that is very calming. a point that is very centering. it had a point for metabolism. and another calming point. >> it's like taking an extra deep breath. >> reporter: so, it was time for marjorie's deep breath. >> you can feel them.
8:35 am
you can press that. >> come on in. >> reporter: and then, it's my term. what is she doing? i'm calming my mind. yep. so, i still have a couple of those beads hanging on for dear life. the therapist gave me beads for hunger, metabolism, stress and calming. i did find myself pinching my ear from time to time, which jill said stimulates the point. minus my big lunch and dinner later that day, maybe. i'll willing to go back to the full treatment and i'll let you know how it goes. let's go to sam and re-create basketball magic. >> michael drysch, george. it was the heat/pistons game. you come out. you make the shot. you get the check. this started two weeks before, when you were on lebron's website and you won a contest. >> carmex.
8:36 am
>> tell me about the contest you won to get you there. just put your name in there? >> yeah. just send on in. >> you didn't have to shoot to make the contest. >> yeah. 30,000 people entered. and i was fortunate enough to be picked for a random drawing. >> you walk out. and you know you've got this, right? i mean, you've done this before? >> no. who practices half-court shots? now, they have a half-court academy at carmex, maybe. >> do your friends know you as a guy that can play basketball? >> my friends don't know me as someone that plays basketball. >> so, the pressure was on. >> no. >> you didn't care? >> 75 large is pretty good. and lebron gives you the tackle hug. >> king james is the greatest. >> are you bruised and injured after that? this is a big guy coming with you? >> i did some moving work in my
8:37 am
years. he's a big seven-foot guy. whatever. >> what was better? the shoutout from lebron or the $75,000? >> king james greeting. i wanted to meet him. probably not make the shot. but meeting king james was the greatest. >> not only meeting him. but he'll remember you for the rest of both of your lives. we have too many lights in here to make a shot. from the weather monitor, from behind the weather monitor. not a long shot. but maybe you can get arc out of it. do me a favor and see if you can. one more time. one more. one more. >> third time's a charm. >> it's a three-time there. let's get to the boards. the man is walking away with $75,000 and is personal friends with lebron. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to show you. your twitter and facebook
8:38 am
pictures let us know what's going on in the country. you're nice enough to send them every morning. this over the next two days will be where the weather kind of cameras and pictures and stories are focused. there's going to be heavy rain in this zone. and in the southern part of this, strong to severe weather. lighting up the skies and rain, to detroit, memphis, new orleans, and st. louis. watch your local abc stations for all of the warm weather across the country. we're getting a warm-up. it's not a good time of the year to do that. thank you, michael >> optical rain around the down 95 and south of washington in virginia and where land. -- and their land. freezing rain to the north and west town. >> a little basketball. a little weather.
8:39 am
all that brought to you by cadillac. coming up, a lot more on "gma," including the story of
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all right. we're counting down to oscar sunday. and this morning, we have a special treat. five of the oscar-nominated costumes which were worn in "anna karenina." and joe zee to give us the lowdown on these looks. these are wows. >> they're amazing. you talk about works of art. these are museum-quality cost e costumes. >> i want to start with this black ensemble that keira knightley war so well. >> when you talk about what they did for this movie, they took the idea of 19th century russia and incorporated '50s couture. >> they actually -- jacqueline said, i don't want to focus on the 1870s, when the film is set. but take that '50s couture.
8:43 am
>> there was a lot of glamour in '50s couture. they took a lot of inspiration from the turn of the century. true costumes from the turn of the century, is a little doubty. and she's not doubty. >> she's so chic. and in the film, it's a scene when they're fighting when she's wearing this incredible two-piece ensemble and the high neckline, she's so glamorous. and it's a tricky line to walk for costume designers. you don't want the clothes to outshine the performance. >> you want to enhance the character. but you don't want it to become about the dress. that green dress is still in everybody's memory bank. >> i want to celebrate jacqueline. this is her third nomination. she's been nominated for two other joe wright keira knightley productions. so, she's on a roll.
8:44 am
and they work incredibly well together. >> the best part is they can talk and work through the things that work best for what her character is. >> another example, a similar silhouette to the others. but i love that the color here is telling a story. what we learn from jacqueline is that the colors were darker in the beginning of the film to reflect the mood. as the love affair grew, the clothing got lighter. >> i think a moviegoer get a sense of that. i think this particular movie, it is stylized. i think what joe wright had was inspired by a play and took off from that. and i think you really see the character really move in a really beautiful way. that's what you see through the costume. >> talk to me about this. >> chanel. chanel supplied all of the jewelry for the movie. it's incredible. it is -- talk about handcrafted, state-of-the-art, really --
8:45 am
inspired by turn of the century. but it's not literal. >> it's a modern approach. >> very modern approach. >> you were standing next to this. this is my favorite. i love the color. what can we take on this for today's fashion? what can we interpret from these looks? >> these are costumes. there's a lot of work put into these. they're boned. they're corseted. there's a lot of padding underneath. but the idea that you can find something that's elegant and understated in a way. this was my favorite from the movie. >> me, too. >> but this is only in the movie for a split-second. >> but you remembered it. it was that impactful. >> that's what costumes should do. >> we have one more. this is truly eye candy. tell us about this ensemble and these jewels. >> this is a deep purple/black taffeta ensemble. and keira knightley is not even here and it looks like she's standing here right now. >> it's incredible. these have been on tour.
8:46 am
not easy to get the actual costumes from a film, especially oscar-nominated film. we thank you, joe zee, and everybody involved. mary j. blige and angela bassett joining forces about one of the most remarkable friendships. and coming up on "gma live!" did cassie say yes to the prom? we'll reveal her answer, live. stay with us.
8:47 am
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8:49 am
well, two powerhouse perf m performers -- that's hard to say. two powerhouse performers have joined forces to bring one of the most intriguing friendships to the screen. angela bassett and mary j. blige. they create a legacy all of their own. and they are together in a movie called "betty and coretta." it's so good to have you both here this morning. you both look so beautiful. >> thank you. >> just gorgeous ensembles. we're all talking style today. a lot of people know that martin luther king and malcolm x were
8:50 am
certainly huge and symbolic leaders of the civil rights movement. they were not friendly in life. but their two widows forged an intensely deep friendship. and i don't think a lot of people know that. >> right. i didn't know, either. that's what drew me to the story. the fact that they were friends. and they look at the bigger picture to, you know, live out their husbands' legacies to keep the dream alive, so to speak. and they didn't fight. they just -- >> because martin was peaceful to gandhi. and malcolm x., fiery. you know, by any means necessary. so, you know, whatever public was attracted to, you had y you sides you could go to. but they lived beyond that. >> exactly. the two women actually forged a really deep and intimate bond, not the least of which, they were both widows. they both lost their husbands
8:51 am
violently. >> they had that deeply in common. they had families to raise. they were committed to the movement, and to the community, and to the struggle, i think to the larger issues. so, they were to get past it what was considered petty. >> single mothers. raised between the two of them ten children without their husbands. i want to look at a clip. originally, malcolm x. was killed first, assassinated first. you play betty shabazz, who didn't want a public life until she saw coretta scott king. >> i saw on tv how you led that march. you took them right into the city where he was shot dead. i was so amazed. but it's not a choice i would have made. >> it's something i had to do. there was no choice.
8:52 am
>> talk a little bit about that, angela. the exact that coretta scott king shot she had no choice but to assume his mantle. >> it was how she grew up. her history. her father who went through his experiences in a southern town, racist experiences. was a bigger person because of it. you know, didn't go towards violence. her mother who says that my children would get an education if i had but one dress. and her and her sister went on to antioch college and there to boston. so, when she met martin, she rebuffed him. i have lots to do. i'm very busy. i think she was on a road to an ope operatic career. she was like, you guys calm down. settle down.
8:53 am
don't go this route. she thought her life had a purpose and a purpose with him. she embraced it nonetheless because there was a god-given purpose that she felt a calling on her life. >> well, it was a fascinating friendship. and a fascinating movie. my 10-year-old watched it with me. and he loved it. so, the movie is called "betty and coretta." it premiers saturday and lifetime. thank you for being here. and happy birthday to twins. >> their birthday. seventh birthday. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] when your business is powered by verizon,
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remember, nathan out in times square had a big sign for robin this morning. she answered on twitter. appreciate the signs that "gma" audience make to comfort me. every day is returning will be a blessing. there you go, nathan. have a good day.
8:57 am
>> good morning. it is 8:56. simpson.e the weather some areral government offices until noon today. if numerous schools and our area closed or opening late. have a complete list on site, and also at the bottom of your screen. prices are up once again. prices rose 2 cents over the past two weeks. -- thece for regular national price for regular is $3.35 per gallon. in virginia is $3.26. >> want to be everyone -- we ast everyone to be careful they head out. for the most part we have light volume with a lot of delays and cancellations. this, no delay on the 395.
8:58 am
no problems around the beltway or silver springs. a free trade was broken down morning and still behind schedule. we wanted to give you a heads up on that travel. forecast wethe will go to adam caskey. >> you can see a lot of green and pink. the green is rain that is not freezing on contact. still a little bit of sleet and pockets of freezing rain. for the most part we are seeing transition just into light rain. 41 is the high temperature this afternoon. participate -- all gone byation is lunchtime. few the next >> thank you for joining us. we will see you on abc 7 news at noon. we will see you on abc 7 news at no[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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