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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> the series of storms continue to pound the region >> at this hour, powerful storms are headed through our area. we are not out of the woods yet. >> from flood watches and warnings to the potential for tornadoes.
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we will talk with jay in just a moment but we want to go to our senior meteorologist with what we can expect right now >> the good news is that the tornado watch has been cancelled. no threat of tornadoes. but after the rain we had -- this is a major january storm. here are the areas that are under a flash flood warning which includes the entire metropolitan area, especially the folks west and north. that is until 4:00 in the morning. this will be extended right through the morning rush hour. you can see the areas of yellow from montgomery county frederick county, and numerous reports of streams and flooded roadways. st. mary's county has -- it has yet to see its first drop of rain. already, we have had 2 inches to 3 inches of rain through much of
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the metropolitan area. this has been moving slower than i thought. it probably will not be drying out or ending until 3:00 to 5:00 in the morning. that means expect major delays. and really a lot of cancellations also appear the morning rush hour, a lot of standing water. don't take any chances. this is a major rainstorm for us. i will tell you some of the incredible things coming our way in back of the storm. >> many parts in the area have been hammered by the storm. >> jay has made his way back to reagan national. despite the warnings, some people could not help but be out in this mess. >> that's right. this system drop a tremendous amount of rain on us in a very short amount of time, causing issues here at reagan national and on roadways.
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driving rains wreaked havoc on anyone venturing outside for what proved to be a dangerous evening in the washington, d.c. region. >> it is [indiscernible] >> she is a school bus driver. in these conditions, she thinks about the safety of her students. the storm contributed to accidents, scattered power outages, and road closures especially in frederick county, maryland and loudoun county, va. fast-moving water swallowed up some roads. it was moving too fast and was too high in leesburg for our comfort level. >> it is a little cold and we're ready to roll. >> this pizza delivery driver was on high alert. >> that is all we have to do. get there on time and we make the people happy. >> at reagan national, just about every arriving flight had been on a delayed or was canceled. there are also multiple reports
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of high water rescues in frederick county, maryland and in the northern section of montgomery county. also, he report of a funnel cloud in virginia, not far from here in fairfax county. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, at least two people are dead after a large storm system struck the southeast today. a news crew shot this video. it turned vehicles over on 75 including one tractor-trailer. you can step to date at any time. >> in other news tonight, the man is in the hospital after he was stabbed on in metrobus. according to police, it happened
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earlier this evening on eighth street and northeast. the suspect has not been caught. as for the victim, he was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. there was trouble below ground on the metro during rush hour. it stranded passengers on the train and the station. as we hear, some people had to walk their way through that tunnel. is that what you heard? >> they did but that is only because they've decided to self- evacuate from one of these stalled trains. that is something that metro officials caution strongly danced. but these passengers said they had it with this nightmare commute. >> me and my kids would be dead is what was on my mind. >> nobody knows what is going on. >> people were going crazy. it was hot. people were having seizures. it was ridiculous. my view in front of me was a lady shaking and passing out. >> green line metro riders
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unleashing an indirect finally being unloaded. >> i feel like they just forgot about us. >> 15 minutes turned into one hour. another hour turned into another hour. it was ridiculous. >> the meltdown was the result of an electrical malfunction. there were sports, but no [indiscernible] but one in emergency responders mistakenly knocked off the power, two trains in the tunnel were trapped with thousands of passengers. >> those trains did lose power and that complicated matters because commis benchley passengers on one of those trains opened the doors and started self-ejaculating. >> yes, two other women and nine
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blocks from avr. -- two other women and i walked from avr. >> you can understand why that would create some anxiety. metro silver line to dulles airport reached a milestone today. the initial testing of the electrical system will be followed by tests that will be done in phases. >> the firefighter who lost his arm in an accident on the belt with this morning is now in stable condition. tonight, his arm has been reattached. tom, this firefighter could not have been in a better hospital given his injuries, right? >> or had a better surgeon allison. his surgeon was a man who made the news for a different reason yesterday.
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in all four fire fighters from the west at animals station wound up in the hospital. -- west atlantic station wound up in the hospital. three of the more arresting upstairs. but one of them is still the hospital. he had a pretty wild day and underwent a remarkable surgery this morning. at rush hour, all beltway lense just south of route 50 were finally back open. but this accent -- have it much of the day. >> we could not get on the beltway. but police say that fire trucks had responded to a minor call. a car stopped to make a u-turn. a tractor-trailer was behind and could not stop. both vehicles and an suv flipped. police stopped short of saying that the tractor-trailer have the right of way. >> we believe that the driver of the tractor-trailer was the favored driver. >> they would not say on camera with favored demand. of three people in this accident were taken to the
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hospital. the most seriously hurt was firefighter ryan emmon. doctor james higgins and his team in baltimore reattached the arm. just yesterday higgins made national news for being one of the surgeons to perform a double-arm attachment for an iraq war veteran. >> at least we had the best surgeon. >> higginses wracked the arm -- the wrath of the arm shortly after the accident. >> the next few days are cautious. >> the guys here at the station tell me that ryan emmons is as dedicated a firefighter as you will need. he-the lives here at the fire station. -- he actually lives here at the fire station.
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the fire department committee is rallying around him and his family tonight. >> we hope he has a speedy recovery. the anne arundel council tonight is considering removing john leopold from office. he was found guilty on two counts of misconduct yesterday, but was acquitted of two other misconduct charges chief administrative officer john a man has been named acting county executive. >> daniel hermine wright was convicted yesterday for the shooting death of patricia and cook last february. he said that he acted in self- defense. last night, court officials found two dictionaries in the jury room, a violation of the judge's instructions. >> a 70-year-old gunman is on the run, suspected of a shooting in an arizona apartment complex that left one person dead and two people hurt.
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he walked into fusion contract centers and shot and killed steve singer. singer was the company's ceo. the other two victims had yet to be identified. they are in their 40's and are in critical condition. former arizona congressman gabrielle giffords spoke out today. she began saying that too many children are dying. >> you must act. the bold. the courageous. americans are counting on you. >> this is the first congressional hearing on gun control since the newtown shooting. wayne lapierre said that they no longer support universal background checks because criminals will not submit to one.
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>> a task force held a town hall meeting in wakefield high school. parents and other community members aired concerns about safety in schools and colleges. the task force is considering measures like placing armed guards in every school and improving mental health outreach services. >> the rain continues to fall tonight and we're in for even more in the next few hours. we will check back in with bob on when things will change. >> also, this controversial ad from volkswagen is getting a lot of attention. >> seven and half years after katrina, new orleans says it is ready for the super bowl and a brighter future.
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>> there is a super bowl ad from volkswagen that is getting a lot of comments tonight. it features a white man and he is speaking to his co-workers with a jamaican accent. critics have called the commercial racist fear some even suggest that the portrayal is reminiscent of black face.
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however, the president of the institute of caribbean studies disagrees. he says, in part -- he goes on to say that any one of the actors in the commercial could be a native jamaica because the country is so diverse. volkswagen has no plans to pull the commercial. >> speaking of the super bowl, with just a couple of days away from the big game between the ravens and the 49ers -- >> new orleans has really come a long way since the devastation of hurricane katrina -- hurricane katrina. bob is in the big easy right now. they want the world to know what has changed their -- changed there. >> they have done a lot of work and want to spend the world.
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the super dome has been completely refurbished. the have 4000 more hotel rooms than before the storm. we wanted to go out into some of the communities that we covered during the damage in 2005. while progress is being made, it is coming along a little more slowly. when katrina hit new orleans, a few neighborhoods were scared. mark lives in lake view. when the levee broke, he lost everything. >> 3 inches of water upstairs. from the crest to the road you would be standing in 11.9 ft. >> across town, 4000 homes like these were destroyed. many people died. many had to be rescued from roofs. >> it was very bad. we had at least 9 feet of water. >> but now seven years later both neighborhoods have something else in common. although it has been slow going, houses are being rebuilt. in the lower ninth ward, the efforts of medstar brad pitt has
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led to the construction of -- of superstar brad pitt has led to the construction of 89 homes. in late new, homes are now being built and many of the empty lots -- in many of the and the lots were families once lived. >> we are excited now. the houses are going up. >> that is the message they're trying to get out and it is not just a refurbished superdome but a city that, after a near death experience, is trying to improve, not to rebuild. >> i would say we're back better than we were before katrina in several ways. >> after years of hardship, he believes, too. >> you can see that things are coming back. better than it was before. >> the bottom line is the people of new orleans believe they have a good story to tell and they want to use the super bowl so
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that the world can hear it. abc7 news. >> thank you. >> let's get to our weather tonight. they rather active evening. >> the tornado risk is gone, and not the flooding risk. tomorrow, there will be a lot of delays. make sure that you caution any of the youngsters to not go any area streams. outside tonight, how it looked in town during a torrential rains. it is a rarity to see this much humidity. did you feel the committee today? in january. at a temperature right now -- did you feel the humidity today? in january. the temperature right now is 56 degrees. the warnings extend away from north of baltimore, especially right through fairfax, montgomery county. these will probably ride over
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the washington area because of the amount of rain continues to fall. the areas of yellow and orange, that is more moderate rain coming down. that is called training in the atmosphere. means as a meanwhile, in st. mary's county, you will be getting the rain in a while. this area of moisture right after the other that comes to -- that continues to come up and over here in some spots, already 3 inches to 4 inches of rain. down in the south, that is where the severe threat continues. meanwhile, the white is snow in chicago right now on the baggage of this area storm. so it has been a real monster storm. 3 inches closing in in parts of leesburg and already 3 inches in parts of montgomery county. through the ninth time, still some more rain. but look at what is behind it temperatures are in the single digits. the wind chill in minneapolis
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eight degrees below zero. they had to close schools because of the wind chill. we will see some mighty cold air coming in. there is a big wave in the atmosphere. that is because of the concern that there could have been some tornadoes. fortunately, none of that. overnight tonight there is a back plane. even at 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning, as temperatures fall, it will be lingering around from tomorrow afternoon, we get that testing northwesterly wind. and we will tumble into the 30's by the afternoon. windy and cold but when you get up and head out and maybe think about heading to school especially in the western northern suburbs, it will be much cooler with some localized flooding. temperatures will tumble into the 30's. there could be a passing snow flurry on friday morning, but no sign of a storm -- of a snowstorm. i think the ground hog has come out of his burrow a day ahead of time.
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again, nasa morning rush hour because of widespread flooding -- nasty morning rush hour because of widespread flooding. >> thank you so much fear >> the super -- thank you so much. >> the super bowl is on track. >> bayline going on. the georgetown hornets put an automatic. here in new orleans, the baltimore ravens get out and europe for
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>> the ravens went through a good practice this afternoon at tulane university. john harbaugh seemed very pleased. joe flacco was very sharp. the attention all week has been lee lewis. he seems really focused for this game despite all the controversy. he is disgusted that the media has made such a big deal of it all. >> it is just sad, once again that someone can have this much attention on the stage of this bay where the dreams are really real. they are really real. i don't need it.
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my teammates down it. the 49ers don't need it. nobody needed because it shows you how people really plan things to try to attack people. >> the ravens had to battle the gusty wind at the out door to that facility. this game, as you know is in the dome so the wind will not be a factor. but john harbaugh wanted to get his guys on a normal schedule. the ravens have a whole lot of motivation for this one. >> we want to get it done for all of our vets and all of our fans. we have been a dominant team for years. we did not have the championships to show it. now we have the opportunity to get one. >> let's go to college basketball. this game was something. let me take you back to tallahassee. the tur -- the terps led .
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the terps go down in tallahassee. the georgetown hornets scoring inside and outside. he it did rebound in as well. porter had 20 points. starks had 15. 74-52. georgetown with three wins in a row. and for a probe fast ball fans -- for pro basketball fans, and a cold and windy day. but the ravens are ready for super bowl colin kaepernick -- for super bowl xlvii.
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>> patty andrews, the last survivor of the andrews sisters singing trio has died. they produced several hits songs. she died of natural causes at home in los angeles. she was 94 years old. bob has
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>> the heavy rains continue and a flash flood warning continues. i think it will be into the year early-morning hours. because of the amount of rain, a record amount in many areas for a january day, a lot of delays
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and cancellations. temperatures by late tomorrow in
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