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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 15, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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make news in america this morning -- the united states on alert. north korea is a study in contrasts today. the nation celebrating a holiday and issuing a nuclear threat against the world. an avalanche swallows up a group of hikers. this morning, a woman is dead. and a man still missing. it's april 15th. you know what that means. tax day in every state but one. who those lucky folks are and what kinds of deals you can get today that you won't find for the rest of the year. and a huge honor for a man who broke barriers. what every major league baseball player is doing today to honor the legacy of jackie robinson. good morning, i'm john muller. sfland i'm tanya rivero. it is a day of celebration in
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north korea. they mark the birthday of their founder. >> the nuclear threats are being made by the leaders. with more, we're joined by devin dwyer in washington. >> reporter: good morning. it's been five days since the missile was fueled and readied for fire. it's now a waiting game. in north korea this morning, celebrations marked the 101st birthday of kim jong-il. the celebratory mood comes as the north's new musudan missile keeps the region on edge. keeping the sand op hot, the
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government doubled down on the threat. promising all-out war and more higher-quality nuclear weapons. over the week ends, john kerry said there's still hope for peace. >> the united states will do what is necessary to defend our allies, japan, the republic of korea and the rege yan against these provocations. our choice is to negotiate. >> reporter: the north has rejected offers for peace talks, calling it a cunning ploy. to many south koreans, this is a familiar pattern. on sunday, psy drew huge crowds for a concert, defying the looming threat. u.s. and south korean officials believe kim jong-un could cause
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problems for a long time. staying in washington. the gun control debate is waiting for votes. there's a new bipartisan deal gaining strength. two republicans might support the deal for background checks. that support after a mother of a boy killed at sandy hook delivered tdeliver ed the president's weekly address. >> sometimes i close my eyes. all i remember is wait agent the sandy hook four house for the boy who would never come home. >> both proposals are likely to be defeated. a florida police gun intrukter fired after stirring up new trouble in the trayvon martin case. he planned to use target ts like these for a no-shoot training
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aide. the photos show a face less person in a hoodie carrying skitdles. new details in a story of a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide after she was sexually assaulted while drunk. her family is planning to file charges. and the loser in venezuela's residential race is demanding a recount. he had lost to a hand-picked candidate. the final count gave the election to the winner by about 300,000 votes. both sides con plained of voter frauds in the hours after the polls closed. new fears that the bird flu will rise outside of china.
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the first case reported in beijing over the weekend. as the flu moves across the country. four international flu expects will arrive in china over the next few days to pinpoint the source of the flu and how it's been transmitted. a notorious french gangster son the loose this morning. he pulled a prison escape straight out of a hollywood movie. he fused explosives to break through heavy doors. wiz wife is said to have smuggled them in. the faa is investigating possibility faulty parts. at least 1,000 boeing 737 jets neez inspections of the horizontal stabilizers. no accidents have been reported. and the faa is not grounding the jets. two massive avalanchies thi
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weekend in washington. a wall of snow hit with no warning. they worked frantically to dig their way out. those who survived say they were beyond terrified. >> i thought, i'm dying. but -- i could hardly breathe because of the snow. continuously covered my body and then my face. >> one woman died. man is still missing and presumed dead. time for the weather across the nation. more snow at the higher elevations of the northwest. snow in the rockies and the northern plains. the most severe weather across the plains and into the midwest. the east coast, clear skies and some rain in the florida area. >> temperatures there and across most of the south will be in the 80s. low 60s from the d.c. area up to new york city. 50s in the northwest and the nation's heartland. sxwlmpblts still to come, two
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rival teams up for a rare partnership. what ford and general motors plan to develop. and later, chicago's wrigley field has looked pretty much the same for nearly a century. that will soon change. we'll tell you about the $500 million plan to make it a lot more modern. stay with us.
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deadline day for filing taxes. in most cases, you need to have them postmarked or electronically sent by midnight tonight. as many as 100 million filed early. 90 pgt of them filed the returns
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electronically. if you're not ready to file today, send in a form, form 4868. that's for an extension. if you're in massachusetts, you have until tomorrow, it's a state holiday today called patriots day. restaurants are offering ax payers some relief. cinnabon is offering free bites from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 hm tonight. arby's is offering curly fries or potatoes kax. a rare partnership between ford and general motors has them to working on a new transmission. it's expected to meet new standards. it will be available if front and rear-wheel-drive models. meat recall is expanding over fears of bacterial
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contamination. the recall includes now a half million pounds of beef, turkey, and pork products. all made between february 27th and april 9th. shipped to stores in 12 southern states and illinois. warm ocean waters creating worries for lobster men in maine. they say the conditions could create prices well below value. the scientists say the water temp is below normal. the story of jackie robinson is a home run at the box office. "42" brought in $277 .3 million. it beat "scary movie 5." rounding out the top three, "the
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croods." just in time for the premier of the movie about his life, jackie robinson day is today. we'll tell you what each team and prayer is going to do to pay tribute. snow in april is bad enough. but we're seeing something we have never seen before. stay with us. it always begins with fresh, local milk, blended with real wholesome cream. going fresh from the farm, to our fridge, in just six days. because we believe in fresh taste. that's the way we set the standard for intensely rich, luscious flavor. so our story of fresh taste always ends... deliciously. when it comes to taste, philadelphia sets the standard. the intense ache made it hard to do the things that i wanted. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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♪ i lost my weight online ♪ now i'm schooled in all the tools, the plan's a snap ♪ ♪ there's a really cool app, can't be beat! ♪ ♪ this thing's sweet! ♪ aaaaaaaah ♪ crash! bam! ♪ i heart weight watchers online! ♪ [ female announcer ] join for free. and check out our risk-free guarantee. a strange sight over the weekend, thanks to the spring storm unleashing a wintry blast on up thor midwest. huge chunks of ice jammed lake superior just outside duluth. ships anchored in the lake were blocked by the ice pack. plenty op onlookers were out getting a firsthand look. not much melting in the area today. snow in the area. rode conditions elsewhere, wet for seattle and portland. the sunshine state suffers a wet day. miami, orlando, jacksonville, have the wipers ready. same for oklahoma city. airport delays possible in
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chicago, denver, salt lake city and san francisco. there's a possible break into who murdered a d.a. and his wife in texas. a former justice of the peace, eric williams is the h custody. he's not been named as a suspect. authorities searched his home friday. he was prosecuted last year by williams for stealing computer monitors. anonymous e-mails threatening attacks have been traced back to williams. mapping in los angeles, free meningitis vaccinations are be offered. they've teamed up with the aids foundation. the response is directed at gay men who are at risk for the infecti infection. a brother and sister reported missing by their mother was later found in a neighbor's
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above-ground pool. the 7-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy were unconscious when pulled from the pool. the pool's owner had been cited for an improper fence. well watchers in puget sound are getting up close and personal. a huge fin whale was washed ashore in a public part. it was dead. half of the body was gone. it did not stop the crowds from gtherring to get a feel for what a real whale is like. >> it almost leaves you speechless. it's sad that such a beautiful creature is dead like this. then it's like, wow, breathtaking, actually. >> the type of whale is rare for the punlt sound. officials believe it was struck by a ship out at sea and dragged to the area. wrigley field, the iconic home of the cubs is a big step
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closer to major makeover this morning. a deal clears the way for the cubs to submit plans for a $500 million renovation. more advertising signs as well as a new hotel and office building are included. it won't cost tax payers a dime. meanwhile, runners are getting red guy for today's 117th edition of the boston marathon. about 27,000 rounders are expected to start the race. temperatures in the high 50s by the end of the race. much better than last year. we mentioned the success of "42" at the box office. today is major league baseball's jackie robinson day. every play nor the league will wear number 42 in today's games. meanwhile, at rob. son's alma mater, ucla, they've unveiled a new mural in his honor. time now for more sports. a big day in golf as top players
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competed in the masters tournament. the latest from espn news. with your "sportscenter"up date, i'm criss hassel. what a finish to the masters on sunday. needed more than 72 holes. more than 73, in fact. adam scott this to take the lead, gets to 9 under. cabrera, back this the fairway. watching all this go down. he needs to get up and down. to force a playoff. cabrera. ranked 269th in the world. looking like number one with that shot. he would birdie. we go to a playoff. and back to the 18th. both players short of the green. cabrera chipping. third shot. is it in? almost. cabrera trying to become the second oldest to win the masters. at the age of 43. scott, he can win it.
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just short. both parred. we head to the 74th hole. sunday death playoff number when. cabrera, a 20-foot birdie putt, up the hill, great speed. just a little too high. so scott, a runner up in 2011, and said all he needed to do to win the masters was putt a little bit better. two years later, he comes back and does it! he wins with tiger's former cadd caddie, stevie williams. adam scott's first major championship. the first green jacket for an australian. scott also won a gold jacket at the 2012 australian masters. he has a gold and a green. tiger finishes in a tie for fourth. i'm chris hassel.
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make the most of every moment. ask your dermatologist about humira, today. clearer skin is possible. all right, it's time to check "the pulse," stories you'll be talking about today. >> the mtv movie awards took place last night. "silver linings playbook" won big. jamie foxx got the generation award. the night was filled with laughter, including this moment from comedian rebel wilson. >> a big hello to our international viewers in north korea. a special shoutout to supreme leader l'il kim.
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hopefully, he doesn't see me on stage being hot and prematurely fires his missile. at great moment, will ferrell's costar ran up and tried to wrest the award out of his hand. the whole thing was unplanned. and there's a new fire storm of criticism this morning aimed at justin bieber. this time, he's being called insensitive, immature, and self-centered. >> after a visit to the anne frank house, he wrote wroe in the guest book that he hoped the jewish teen would have been a belieber. >> the museum said they did not find the remarks offensive. we learned that billy joel's daughter was the victim of a stalker. the stalker september fa eer se
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about rape and murder. george bush can now be called grandpa. >> jenna and her husband henry welcomed mark r ed margaret lau haguer. congratulations. this happened at the zoo in wichita, kansas. >> watch the goose facing down a gorilla. it goes on the attack. the gorilla is left with nothing to do but to retreat. >> don't count the underdog out ever. >> come on, gorilla, man up there. >> for some of you, your local news is next. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches.
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[ dog barking ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's 50% stronger. in this lab demo even just one select-a-size sheet of bounty basic is stronger than one full sheet of the leading bargain brand. everyday life? bring it with bounty basic. the strong, but affordable picker-upper. updating the top stories,
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secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. remains open to quote authentic and credible negotiations with north korea over its nuclear program. so far, north korean leaders have turned down any offers to talk. two more republican senators are signaling they're likely to support background checks. that measure could be voted on as soon as wednesday. two enormous avalanches tore down the cascade mountains. overpowering high hikers and snow shoe peppers one woman died. one man is still missing and presumed dead. clear weather on the east coast except for florida. snow in the northern plains. you may have heard lindsay lohan, robert pattinson, and kristen stewart were there. an annual vent, the coachella muse you can festival.
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>> rob mcmillan was there as the party started. >> reporter: this is what it's all about. good weather. >> the whole atmosphere. the heat, we love the sun. >> reporter: people acting silly. >> partying, drinking. it's crazy. >> reporter: music fans from all over the world having a great time. >> it's great experience with my best friends ever. >> reporter: for alexa, camping for the weekend in indio is all part of the experience. >> it's awesome. it's the way to do it. >> reporter: for a lot of folks, it's how they had to do it. hotel rooms for this weekend sold out months ago. down the street in a very crowded raffle's parking lot, we could tell just what this ept means for the economy. the event host says the concerts mean close to $250 million in spending. people buying a lot of ice, a lot of soda, plenty of adult beverages, too.
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>> can you seriously drink thault beer? >> of course we can. and we will. >> reporter: most people living here are not put off by the large crowds. >> i think it's great for indio. >> it's great for the economy. it's great to see young people. it reminds me of the days when i was young. >> reporter: back at the camp xwroupd, it was almost time to head in for some of the first acts. >> you feed offer the energy. >> reporter: if samping is not your thing, there's still space the you want to come next weekend. at indio, rob mcmillan, abc 7 eyewitness news. have great monday.


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