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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 30, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and asked to be buzzed in. but he was not there to shop. instead, he kept the door open for a group of masked suspects who were aggressive and physically control the store. there was a brief struggle with the security guard. they then smashed open the jori case and took what was there. the whole crime took less than a minute and the masked men were gone. >> the fact that they're coming here is amazing. i am shocked. >> police said they have been at among thees collection of luxury retail stock -- shops. there's usually an off-duty police officer there working. chasedsay that i officer the suspect initially, but later called off the pursuit. later, the car was spotted and this police officer was on their tail. he lost control of his cruiser
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and crashed appeared he was rushed to the hospital, but is doing ok. the suspects got away from the area and the hunt is back on. >> when a crime like this occurs, people should be shocked. to note thatrtant there was not a gun used in this morning's robbery. late model black dodge charger, the getaway car, told the front of the car had virginia tags and the back of the car had illinois plates. >> thank you. she reported there was no gun used in this case, but in the frederick and pentagon city kasich, hammer was used. -- cases, a hammer was used. police have not connected the cases just yet. >> a man is charged with beating a young father with a baseball bat. charges told the front of the r
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had virginia tags and the back of the car had illinois plates. >> of a string of assaults last summer. the most serious was the beating of t.c. maslin. >> it was in closing arguments the prosecution focused on the of a string of assaults last summer. the most serious was the beating oftestimony of the defendant, tommy branch. she said that her son told her that he knocked ltc matlin down. she said she also found a baseball bat in his vehicle. but the most compelling testimony was from maslin's wife, abby. >> it took seconds to destroy a family. when her husband did not come home from the game, abby matlin was in a panic. when she saw two charges on his credit card at a gas station, she knew something was very wrong. this video shows the man who robbed and savagely beat t.c. maslin as he walked across capitol hill. her worst fears were realized
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when a doctor and hospital called to say he was undergoing major surgery. he had suffered a catastrophic injury. even though he had pleaded with the suspects to take what he had, the suspects attacked him and that 22-year-old tommy branch went at him with a baseball bat. she gave up -- abby matlin on the stand that she gave up her career to take care of her husband. he still walks with a limp. on the night of the attack to ask if he should come home early because the baby was sick, she said she told him now. he rarely went out and she did not want to ruin his evening. defense argued that matlin -- maslin injured
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himself when he fell down. the defense said that michael moore only testified against branchville to get as light a sentence as he can. get asnst branch to lyders and that he can. >> turning to the latest in a boston terror attack, investigators have found female dna on a fragment of one of the bombs used at the finish line. intobi agents are looking catherine russell, tamerlan tsarnaev's would go. -- widow. pressanwhile, during a conference, president obama defended the fbi's work. didt is not as if the fbi nothing could they not only investigated the older brother, but they interviewed the older
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brother. they concluded there were no signs that he was engaging in extremist activity. >> agents have compiled a list of nearly a dozen persons of interest. pimlico race course and has banned a number of carey and items, including backpacks and cameras with detachable lindemann -- lenses. they are implementing restrictions on how the visitors carry their food into the course. a list of all the new policies are at our website >> let's turn to the weather anotheruse it was just gloomy weather day around the metro area for most of the morning. >> that is right. hopefully, there is sunshine head. >> we will get some sunshine here tomorrow, but this afternoon is still damp and drizzly. we have had some persistent light rain east and south of the city. still cloudy and drippy.
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still raindrops on a camera as we look. 58 degrees in roslyn right now. as we looked around the area, patchy rain around the area. drops are so small that they are not detectable by the radar. temperatures are well below the 71 degree average high on his last day of april. 59 and the nation's capital -- capital. rainfall is hundreds of an inch. 31b.w.i. marshall, hundredths of an inch of rain. overnight and lingering drizzle, and maybe some low clouds in the morning, but during the day tomorrow the sunshine will come back out and temperatures will warm up. more in a few minutes. >> the anne arundel county police department is warning citizens about a telephone scam. in the past several weeks,
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residents have reported getting calls from a suspect who is claimed that a relative has been in a car crash or is holding them at gunpoint. they threatened to harm the relative amounts the money is immediately wired. police say to hang up and do not send the money. the smithsonian is suspending some exhibits as a result of budget cuts. here is more. >> the smithsonian needs to cut $42 million from its budget in this fiscal year. it is closing down those less popular galleries and, while that might not seem like that the deal on its own, the cutbacks have people wondered about the long lasting impact the storm clouds that hovered above d.c. today, perhaps an omen of things to come from a tourism standpoint. after what has been a banner
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couple of years for tourism, budget cuts, construction, and congress are now putting a damper on visits for many tourists. >> oh, how sad. >> in large part, because of sequestration. tomorrow, the smithsonian begins at shutting down three buildings through the end of september. among the the other sequestered locations this family was planning on visiting. >> we were frustrated with that. >> the national archives is operating on shorter than usual spring and summer hours. and while it is not sequestered related, the washington monument is wrapped in scaffolding and cordoned off, only adding to that sense of what -- of on loch ness. welcomness. >> we come here to see so many things and now we have less time to see it all.
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>> officials say with so much to seek a michael not hurt tourism to the town. -- so much to see, it will not hurt tourism in the town. >> the reality is that he will still be able to enjoy the city. do.nd officials not that there are dozens of other galleries that will remain open throughout this summer, most of them are free. >> thank you. in a moment, acting flowers and selling them for cash. >> tonight, a brawl involving metro teenagers. it is all caught on tape. you will find out what started the fight. down for anox said exclusive interview with diane sawyer. how she feels now about her case going back to court in italy.
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7 and that is when abc reports a local speed camera
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>> new developments out of florida tonight. -- george zimmerman
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waived his right to a preliminary hearing. he is accused of second-degree murder in the death of florida teenager trade on margin. he is due for another pretrial hearing. the trial is set for june 10. testimony started in the wrong file that he -- wrongful death suit filed by michael jackson's mother. katherine jackson left the courtroom during testimony today. meanwhile, a star-studded lineup of witnesses are expected to testify. >> back at home tonight, a metro a brawl on camera between two d.c. student high school students.
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investigators said was the result of an ongoing argument between the students at the two schools. metro transit police were tipped off about the possibility of an incident during a conference call prior to the fight. and now to a speed camera story we brought you yesterday. >> prince george's county is fromg the camera out giving out tickets. you that, we can tell this speed camera is no longer issuing tickets. abc7 news first told you about the apparently improperly installed speed cameras yesterday, other good by a tipster who learned that the town of fairmount house --
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fairmount heights never got the proper permit to to get along the road. violated the nicolasa which allows them only in a school zone and requires the posting of a sign. the city is not in compliance. >> we have told them what they need to do. >> county inspectors are confirming our observation. prince george's officials are requesting that they deactivate the cameras until they are in compliance with county and state law. the residents say the implication to those already did it is obvious. ticketed iseady obvious. >> those who have already paid it should get a refund and those who have been ticketed should not have to pay. the city should know better. >> probably a judge will have to decide whether they radar tickets are enforceable.
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countycitizens of the are not put on proper notice and that should render any ticket issued from one of those machines nell and void and anyone who receives such a ticket should challenge that in court. >> the mayor called me this afternoon and she said that it was her belief that they were doing things right and it is her hope that they can iron things out. that is what she said to us. but she did say that as of today, these machines are no longer issuing tickets to those who drive here on sheriff road and up the street on addison road. >> let's talk about our weather. we're hoping that pattern is shifting. >> tomorrow is may 1. we're hoping it will coincide with the pleasant change in the weather pattern. of clouds as we start this. we're looking from our perch here in roslyn looking to ease.
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low clouds and high levels of moisture. just an awful day. it will have more of that early in the morning tomorrow. then it will finally break and we will get some relief from it. in the next 24 hours and made nextbig changes -- in the 24 hours, some big changes in the weather patterns. almost an inch in calvert county and close to an inch in leonardtown. the average height is 71 degrees, so we are well below the mark. we are seeing patches of light rain make their way along the coastline and across the bay into southern maryland, calvert county and the bay. the droplets are too small to be picked up by doppler.
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just damp and dreary. 59 degrees in washington. 61 in manassass. 68 degrees at mckeown park. -- 58 degrees at lexington park. early tomorrow, in the range of 45 to 53 degrees. a little bit of drizzle early in the morning. chicago o'hare, 85 degrees. 86 in st. louis. 80 degrees in charleston, west virginia. this pattern will start breaking down tomorrow and we will get some clearing around here. as a result, will warm up. we will not see 80's or 90's anytime soon, but we will be close to the lower 70's by the weekend. this is the visible image where you can see the black background is clear skies. low pressure is off the coast pushing clouds on shore.
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englandssure across new will strengthen and expand southward, helping to clear things out. upper 60's tomorrow. sunshine thursday and close to 70 degrees. 56 tonight, 49 in the morning, 63 by midday tomorrow. lots of sunshine after tomorrow morning. check that out. all the way through tuesday, upper 60's to the low 70's. temperatures just about where they should be for this time of year. >> a nice weekend. >> coming up, the method one woman allegedly used to try to poison customers at a starbucks. saynd many manufacturers they have been crash tested for
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>> tonight, amanda knox says down for her first television interview since being acquitted
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in italy. diane sawyer sits down exclusively with her, whose book hits the shelves today. >> amanda knox told abc's diane sawyer that it was extremely difficult to spend 1400 days in prison for the murder of her english roommate, meredith kircher. she writes about it in her new memoir, "waiting to be heard" released today. >> you talk about feeling like you're sealed into a tomb. >> yes, and it was my life. it was not the prison. it was my life. >> did you think about suicide? >> i did. ways you plenty of could kill yourself, and people did. and i imagined doing them all. >> in 2007, knocks came to italy as an american college student studying overseas. when kircher was murdered, knox quickly became a suspect. >> it is one thing to be in the media and it is another thing to
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be in the courtroom fighting for your life while people are calling you a double. >> max and -- knox and her boyfriend were both convicted of the murder, but the decisions were overturned. court issued its ruling, sending it back to the in the work -- a lower court for retrial. >> after reaching what i thought was the end, i just turned out it was the horizon and i had another field of barbed wire i have to crawl through. heard of americans have of amanda knox and 65% say they feel sympathetic toward her. >> and you can see more of diane atyer's interview tonight 10:00 p.m., followed by abc7
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news at 11:00 p.m. jason collins is opening of about his decision to be an openly gay professional athlete. he received wide support from many, including his family and even president obama. he said that for him, it is about being honest with himself while doing what he loves most. >> it doesn't matter that your day, but the key thing is that it is about -- that you are gay, but the key thing is that is about basketball. it is about sacrificing for your team. agent and says all of the attention is only motivating him to work harder. localll had, robbery at a pawn shop and in a crash.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5 with leon harris, alison story -- allison sterling, doug
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hale of -- a dog hill. this is abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. >> april showers bring me flowers, but they also bring back the cleveland park thief. >> he has been back for a few years. here's the latest tonight. >> he is kind of like a comes back every spring. he first started in 2007, so they have been trying to find him since then. he took a few years off, and then he came back again last year, and now he is back again stealing flowers. >> it is one of the things that make the people living cleveland park so proud, the flowers that bloom in the spring. it makes it one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. but someone is destroying the beauty. >> they call him the flower thief and he is back again. >> a lot of folks have seen him sneaking around and cutting them off and walking away with flowers. are my wife's lilacs.
5:30 pm
i gave for those lilacs. past three springs, the flower thief has struck. he is elusive. he takes the flowers, and has even been seen selling them at different markets around town. no one knows who years, but everyone wants him stopped. of hard workt planting and raising those flowers. he is just walking by and taking them. up at has daisies coming the community garden. the flower thief has struck here. some of her friends and neighbors are his victims. suppose i'm sad, but i would be mad if they were mine. >> his latest heights was just a couple of days ago, but outside of this neighborhood in d.c. --
5:31 pm
in chevy chase, d.c. and neighbors said they even have a picture of him holding a big are full of flowers, but he is still on the loose. shot andrity guard loaded a suspect during an attempted robbery at a pawnshop in prince george's county. it happen this afternoon. two of the three suspects fled the store. there was an exchange of gunfire between the security guard and one of the suspects. one which is to does not want to be identified tells abc7 news that her sister called her from inside the pawnshop. >> she was screaming, crying. i don't want to die. call the police. >> they dropped the wounded suspect off at the hospital and they saw the two other suspects the the take off from the hospital and eventually crashed into a metro bus.
5:32 pm
all three are now in custody. lookingolice are still for the suspects in a smashing grab robbery. it happened at a cartier store this afternoon. chase and 1ice on a d.c. police officer was hospitalized with minor injuries after crushing the spirit >> the man -- after crashing. >> the man charged with the leading a young father is facing charges. abby tookin's wife the stand today in closing arguments. >> the smithsonian has announced it is suspending exhibits as part of a sequester cuts. case murder suspect appeared in court today for the .irst time
5:33 pm
this court case is full of twists and turns. >> wearing a yellow jumpsuit and struggling to walk, ronald cloud had been to court as the man accused of killing brad baker more than 32 years ago. >> this is closure for us. >> this is the sister of baker, who was 30 years old when he was murdered on new year's eve, 1980. >> he had so much promise, and i think it is just great sadness at the time of year he would have been 60 years old. -- this man in camouflage hat testified that he took a cab from a party on year's eve because his wife was causing problems. another guest heard his wife jane that mr. baker
5:34 pm
needs to be taking care of. with a 38rmed revolver, and ronald with a sawed-off shotgun approach to baker on his farm where a scuffle and shots followed. he died from a shot to the head and groin. he, too, firedat testify until not 2012. he said he cannot go on living with it. >> i think he was not as forthcoming today as he should have been. >> throughout the hearing, ronald icloud was speaking low, but audibly through the entire hearing. at the end, he gave a cheerful thank you to the judge. the judge decided there was more than enough evidence to bring his case to a grand jury next month, bringing it one step closer to trial. >> thank you. traffic is moving again after a deadly crash on 95.
5:35 pm
virginia state police is a 68- old timothy lost control of his motorcycle and slid into a tractor-trailer. that was early this morning. a tractor-trailer driver did not stay on scene, so if you know anything about this, you are asked to call police. >> how does it look out there? >> we are seeing delays on 395 northbound as you cross the 14th street bridge. here are southbound delays heading toward duke street on june 95. and again near the trunk way station toward quantico. also on the kew bridge near the board. on the inner loop of the beltway, delays began as you work your way toward the 270 spurr. past 95 as you work your way over toward 50, some slow traffic. it looks like roadwork or
5:36 pm
emergency equipment on the left shoulder causing delays near kenilworth ave. 270 up to 370 you can see a vehicle stopped there in the right lane. .ccident activity >> we're coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., when a woman -- what a woman is accused of putting into drinks at starbucks that police say could have killed. and breast cancer survivor pose a new outlook on life. how she is helping others. >> and 1 d.c. member of the council is
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>> as we continue to count on the race to this season she, in the race for the cure, tonight, stories of survival and laughter. >> she made a big career switch to help others >> who were
5:40 pm
struggling, or just need a pick me up. she went from working in business management to making people happy. >> [laughter] >> a laughing was not something she could find a reason to do when she was going for breast cancer in 2001. >> the mammogram did not pick it up. i was taking a shower and i happen to feel something and i thought it did not feel right. >> after chemotherapy and several surgeries, including a double mastectomy with two young children at home. several surgeries, including a double mastectomy with two young >> i was doing things that probably not every other teenage struggling, or just need a pick girl was thinking about, but that was probably one of the hardest things. >> it was hard for them. and it was hard for me not really being able to be there for them. it was a tough time. dealughter helped her to with her physical pain and stress. she became certified in laughter
5:41 pm
yoga. she works for the company that uses laughter for healing. helping me feel better, and then i started doing it with groups and then more people wanted to do it. it became contagious. >> not just those of for cancer survivors, but the those suffering from depression needing an outlet. her outlook on life has forever changed. >> i am now more in to the happiness and laughter aspect of life because i realize that is what life is all about. >> this year's race for the cure will be the 12th year that she will walk in the race for cancer research. that is that for saturday, may 11. >> she is making a lot of people happy. switching gears to breaking news tonight, this is from the fda.
5:42 pm
the agency has approved selling the morning after pill over the counter to people 15 years old and up. the cashier will have to check a customer's age, just as with tobacco and alcohol. the ingredient that one woman tried to use to poison starbucks customers.
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>> a starbucks customer is accused of trying to poison other customers. a customer saw this woman pulled two bottles of orange juice out of her bag and put them in the display in california. then she left the store. and employee got her license plate number and police found her later at home. it is, the orange juice had a lethal dose of rubbing alcohol in it. they do not have an motive in the crime, but the woman is now facing attempted murder charges. >> more people are buying safety harnesses to protect their? while in the car. their bodies in
5:46 pm
the car. >> they are not as safe as they are advertised to be. >> why you cannot believe everything you read on the packaging. >> many claim to be crash tested, but we found out that some of them are not telling the whole truth, like the fact that the products actually failed the crash tests. >> that doggie being thrown around in this crash test is a specially designed animal with pet centers. it is uniquely designed to put pat harnesses to the test. >> we had a 100% failure rate of the products that we tested. >> in a crash at 30 miles per hour, none of the harnesses worked, even though several advertisers said that they had been tested. >> we had one that failed miserably the other day. >> how the manufacturers get away with this? >> because there's no oversight
5:47 pm
of this industry. they do not necessarily tell you everything. >> a veteran area orthopedic surgeon has operated on many dogs injured in car crashes. >> the dog fell forward into the back -- into the dashboard and broke its front leg. >> he says that even though the harnesses are not get what they should become by they are still better than nothing. >> honors should be buckling in there? just like they buckled in their children. correct dog owners who do use harnesses say they get easier the more you use them. >> he has gotten used to it now. you just need to get them used to it. >> and before you buy a safety harness, make sure you check the manufacture and read the full crash test study to make sure it actually passed the test. right now, there's a new round of tests on the latest harnesses to hit the market.
5:48 pm
we have more information on how to keep your pets safe in the car. and check out the story. >> welcome aboard. you have been reporting on all of our traffic issues for good morning washington every morning. >> how has your first-aid been? >> it was a long day. i have been here since about 4:00 a.m. but it is great, i'm happy to be here. i'm right in the middle of a beehive. there are bees buzzing all around, but instead of making honey, they are making news. >> i have an alarm clock i can pass along. >> i might take you up on that. >> welcome. >> will see you in the morning. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom with a look ahead.
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>> tonight at 6:00 p.m., the fbi is looking into the relationship between juniors herbert and one of his campaign supporters. that show the moment the plane lost control and crashed in afghanistan. we'll talk about what investigators can learn from that. and there is new video of nelson mandela that is causing a stir in south africa. we will see you at 6:00 p.m. >> we would like to -- like to see some changes with this gloomy weather. >> tell us what is coming up. correct amar will be a big transition day. it is the first day of may. a little bit below average mawr, but we will get some sunshine. that is what counts. we will take you to rockville in a moment. a first from a look at the live super doppler radar. probably more rain now that i
5:50 pm
have seen in the past several hours, especially across southern maryland. seeingwhat we are outside are a low clouds and drizzle. the temperatures are well below average with the easterly winds and heavy cloud cover. 59 at washington dulles. 61 in frederick. and take a look at the sunset. tonight. at 8:00 thelatest sensex @ -- latest sunset on june 20 at through july 23 is at 8:37 p.m. 45 to 51 degrees and cloudy and cool with lingering drizzle in the overnight hours. will dissipate tomorrow at high pressure will take control and give us several days of improving temperatures.
5:51 pm
that is the latest. back to you. we are starting to get some injuries here. jason wuerth has a groin an ankle injury. and there has been concerned about stephen strasburg in the 17 hours passed. mike rizzo now says that his arm is ok and it's structurally sound. rowbig man lost four in a during the sixth inning against the atlanta braves. he shook his are more than usual and had some command problems. but he did strike out eight and gave up only six hits and two runs. mike rizzo says he is strong as a knox and will pitch this weekend against pittsburgh. played forand as
5:52 pm
almost seven hours. fans took naps, newborns for giving -- were given birth to. gavehe was done, he himself a pie in the face. a long night on the west coast. it all starts in the phone with thursday night. the fourthrth -- time in the past two years they square off, the capitals and rangers. the capitals beat this team? -- how do the cavs beat this team? the rangers eliminated them in game 7 a year ago. >> we know this team. they played hard last year you got to be disciplined and the guys have to believe we can win.
5:53 pm
at 7:30 p.m.rts and will be fun to watch. >> coming up next on abc7 news at
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>> a special lineup tonight for a local police officer killed in a car accident. >> officer chrissy young's named was placed on the memorial tonight just four months after his death. fellow and family and officers gathered to pay tribute. >> for month after officer chris killed, a somber group gathered to honor him. old officer died on duty new year's eve. he responding to a call when he was struck and killed by the driver of a 2001 dodge caravan. today, his name was unveiled on
5:57 pm
the national law enforcement memorial in washington. >> chris had an infectious smile. he impacted everyone he met. he did not go through anything will dairying countered with people that he dealt with, without letting them experience that's file. >> he worked at the department for seven years and was also a former marine. his family laid flowers and also etched his name today in his honor. >> i would rather not have his name on the wall, but it is a great tribute to him. it is emotional. i want him back. was a part of the department motorcycle unit. many of his fellow officers showed up for the unveiling. >> he always did what
5:58 pm
needed -- >> he always did what needed to be done. >> their official dedication will take place at a candlelight vigil during police week next month. in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> and suzanne tells us that recentlyung brought into this world a son and -- the officer yung's brother's wife recently had a son named him after his uncle chris. >> we begin tonight with breaking news into the investigation into the poison the letters sent to president obama and other public figures. court documents just unveiled that investigators found a dust mask and other items that tested positive for rice and into the studio of suspect james and
5:59 pm
dusty. he was arrested over the weekend and is being held without bond in mississippi. >> virginia gov. mcdonald is indly defending his record the including the fbi. >> under investigation are those who helped bankroll the wedding of the governor's daughter. >> a couple of things at stake in a couple of things at play here. question one, is this an ethical decision not to report an alleged gift to a family member? now there is question as to whether he actually violated any laws. but the virginia governor mcdonald did not want to talk about the fbi, saying it is his policy not to talk about any potential or actual criminal matters. >> there's nothing going on at all that it impairs my ability to do a good job and serve the people of virginia


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