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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 5, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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at the back door. >> police leave the same man may be as possible both home invasions this morning. they woke me up from my badge. -- from my bed. >> burglars rummage through the house. they say a made off with hundreds of dollars in cash and computers. we did know this -- we did notice beefed-up police presence. nothing new to report. >> thank you. we're also following a developing story tonight out of philadelphia, where a building in the process of being demolished collapsed onto a building next door. an update on those injured tonight. >> this is the latest on the situation in philadelphia. one person was killed. 13 others have been pulled from the rubber -- rubble.
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read -- they are searching for anyone who may be still there. it was terrifying. the ground shook, and some could hear cries for help buried beneath the piles of rubble. >> there were people standing on the corner next to the thrift shop. it had a big aftershock on the ground. he felt it shake. people started screaming. they were people in the building. you heard them scream. happened in philadelphia center city area. the building was in the process of being demolished. >> a four-story property that collapsed onto a two-story property, the salvation army store. many people get their services there. quit -- >> heavy equipment is still being used to move away debris in the search.
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this is a picture of what the building looked like before it fell. >> we will continue the operation until we are certain that anyone who was in the building has been taken out of the building, and is recovered. >> right now, there is no word on what caused the building to collapse. the occupational safety and health administration is investigating. >> thank you. transportation security ministration is dropping a proposal to loosen knife regulations aboard airplanes. it drew some fierce criticism from lawmakers and airlines, who said it would place passengers in danger. thatgency is now dropping proposals they can focus on other programs. >> witching to the weather, and let the would say today was the perfect weather day.
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>> it felt like it. >> loved it. >> terrain on the way. doug hill is live in the weather center. >> showers scattered tomorrow. writing and saturday, heavier rain in the areas coming through the gulf of mexico. we had that yesterday. today is beautiful. somede the weather center, clouds moving by. 80 degrees. the dew point at 54. 74 in gaithersburg. 78@lexington park brady dew point numbers numbers are the true measure of moisture. numbers are the true measure of moisture. , partly sunny. as we have to the day tomorrow and friday, that blob of showers , checking to see if
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it is a tropical depression. that could affect us on friday. a lot to discuss. >> thank you. two men are in federal custody tonight accused of smashing and grabbing robberies. authorities say they are still looking for other suspects. jennifer donelan talk to one of the victims. >> we have a federal court eludedt says two men authorities for months. the smashing grab robberies happened at area shopping malls and stores, they made headlines each and every time. you are about to hear from one store employee. she said she did what she was trained to do. >> just listen to them, and everything will be fine.
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they were in and out and 54 seconds. >> she turned out to be one victim in a crime spree that rocked the d c area. snatch and grab robberies at jewelry stores. the thieves walked in, smashed open glass display cases, and took what they wanted. >> i heard don't move, don't talk. i leaned against the wall, started praying. >> they began in december of last year enes kanter this april. they took place while the stores were open for business. michael kors, neiman marcus, cartier all included. >> we heard a lot of glass going. they were going into several of the cases. the only worked on this one. >> they got away with $15,000 of rolex and citizen watches. at least eight cases, they still luxury hand cam -- handbags.
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, totaling at least $700,000. guns.ase god, no >> no guns were used any of the crimes. using store surveillance videos, some -- cell phone records, and tracking down the waiting vehicles in the robberies, fbi agents arrested two men, walter douglas and for davis, marking the day -- beginning of the end. >> i was hoping this would not happen to anybody else again. >> according to the "washington post." at least 14 smashing grab robberies prayed these represent just two arrests. 4-5 men were involved in the robbery. a number of people still at large. the fbi not commenting at this
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point, saying this is an ongoing investigation. reporting live, jennifer donelan. >> thank you. bob mcdonnell signs a school security bill today in an effort to keep students a safer. jeff goldberg is live with a look at what these changes mean. >> hello. in school district like this, alexandria, fairfax, loudoun county, you will find strong security security measures in place, like resource officers at all middle and high schools. but legislation signed today by governor bob mcdonnell is one more step in the process to trying to prevent another tragedy. ask parents and fairfax county, and you will find many who feel confident in their kids go off to school the morning. >> i deathly think fairfax is up on it security. >> we have a very safe school. i feel good sending my kids to school everyday day. >> amy smith, a parent, push to
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make -- believes the push to make schools safe here cannot be stopped. to put in place the resources to make sure kids are protected. >> the governor joined other state leaders to ceremonially signed new step -- school safety legislations on the shootings of sandy hook. these are the results now going into effect. funding to hire more school resource officers. the crying schools to hold lockdown drills, and grants for security equipment. >> our top priorities make sure you can learn well from great teachers, and in a safe learning environment. >> increase security leads to tough questions to read there has to be some limit. i do not know what that is. >> and troubling reality. ,> someone bent on doing harm
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there is only so much you can do. areameras like these another tool governor mcdonnell says can go a long way in preventing problems. just a change to stop problems before they start. providing immunity to students report on other students who may be a threat. thank you. the story that everyone is talking about. the baseball bombshell that is about to drop. >> bombshell may not do it justice. a julie baseball is investigating the biggest drug bust in sports history. >> i think you are actually when you say that. it is going to pick up speed. major league baseball is preparing to suspend 20 players, including alex rodriguez. it is based on testimony of tony bausch and written documents of
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major league baseball. the documents have been in the hands of mlb since january. notes by terry bausch, -- it lists names who are taking performance-enhancing drugs. now that he is not only expected of astify, in the case rod, he injected the ailing yankee star himself. gio gonzalez perp -- reportedly purchased only legal substances. i am focused on baseball. i'm ready to continue. other than that, i'm getting ready to see more w's. >> we are confident in him. we feel he is exonerated. >> according to espn, the suspensions could come within the next 10-15 days. if these are upheld, this ped
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scandal will be the largest in american sports history. it is big, and it is moving quickly. >> we are talking hundreds of games. this -- >> this could be the end of a ross career. -- this could be the end of a rod's career. >> i high school in mourning. how students are numbering a senior who died skateboarding two weeks before graduation. i don't dohe things well is this. >> how the first lady debt with a heckler at an event. >> the winner of the jackpot has come forward. would you want someone to do that to you? looking for answers as to why an elderly man was forced out of his home. the story coming up.
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antonight, action to take elderly man from being forced out of his home. >> he rents an apartment in
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montgomery county. he has never had any problems there until now. why this man could end up homeless by the end of the month. leisure world, residents can only stay for three years. this man was allowed to stay an extra year. now they say the rules are the rules, and he has to go even if he has nowhere to go. >> life is good here. i get on with everybody. >> james brown loves his two- bedroom home in leisure world. it was something akin to a miracle. >> i was homeless two years. ande is off the streets living here for four years. the price -- the place is immaculate. limits the co-op renters to three years, he has to be out by the end of the month. >> i have to find another place.
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i'll just be back on the street. i would like to stay here and live. >> i do not know how he would find something else. on top of that, he 78 years old. ,utting him through this stress why would anyone want to do that? >> brown has never been a problem and is well-liked by neighbors. the co-op board denied his request to let him stay. the property manager sent this letter threatening legal action. >> it is a nasty thing to do. >> property managers showed up. >> he has been extremely fair. the gentleman has been allowed to sublet here for over three years. >> pharisee going to go? >> we have been overly compliant you. >> explain that. what have you done? >> i just asked where he is
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going to go. he said i'll be living on the street. that is a sound like above and beyond. >> this conversation is over. .> we asked the co-op board the property manager told us to make an appointment with his office. we did that. five minutes later, he canceled. he told me by phone this afternoon they were following the rules. that is their right. the owner says he will stay on it. >> thank you. winner of the $590 million jackpot has been revealed. the officials held it press conference today in tallahassee, florida to announce gloria mckenzie claimed the prize. the woman took the lump sum payment. that makes her the largest single winner in u.s. history. the ticket was sold at a
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supermarket in florida. >> 84 years old. i wonder if she has a big family? >> i bet she does not. >> all right. away from the heat and humidity. onwill be interesting here friday. tropical moisture from the gulf in florida. let's get you started. first up on wednesday, take a look at one of our time lapses here. we will put this in motion for you. this is typical of the whole area. the campus in montgomery college, this look before sunrise this morning. a gorgeous day. temperatures in the lower 80's. fairfax, high-80 degrees. right now across the area, we
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see the slow transition east of the winds. 78 in waldorf. it will not be excessively hot. the low 80's the next couple of days. humidity will come up and increase. 82 in fredericksburg. 77 in annapolis. temperatures around the 80 degree mark. their 85 degrees in charleston. cooler across northern new england. all of our attention to the south. you will see there is a big tropical blob down there. high-level moisture tropical disturbance. they will fly through and find out that there is a plume of tropical moisture coming across the eastern gulf into florida.
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the flood watch is up. we first spotted this a couple of days ago. that is going to final up the east coast. a lot of rain is going to be ollowing -- falling in peer a lot of rain is going to be following. that leaves the potential for rain here into sunday. high-pressure overhead. that is what is turning waste to the south. the moisture tomorrow, the disturbance approaches. more widespread. who gets the access of the heavy rain? it is going to be in the mountains. it's like rolling the dice. it could be anywhere. it could be south. .hese are the finer details we tell you this so you know that if you have plans, where
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the weather could affect those plans, pay attention. the weather could be adverse. increase of cloudiness in the overnight hours. tomorrow mostly cloudy and muggy. isolated showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. the next seven days, i higher probability of rain. clearing up by early next week. >> a taste of the tropics around here. >> thanks, doug. coming up, big changes coming. >> a big graduation surprise for one senior class. why this appearance brought people to tears. ,> a beautifully tended home and an eyesore that has neighbors fighting.
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collects a foreclosed home sits empty. outside, the grass has grown. >> it has grown so long but neighbors complained to the bank that -- but those complaints have not done anything. brad bell made calls, and this is what happened. >> the bank it house next door has an bothering lilith smith for more than a year. lately she says it is out of hand. >> this is the worst it has been. >> it is a foreclosure. for a while, the bank had somebody cut the grass. >> it just quit. they haven't been here. it is irritating. i'm 80 years old. if the raccoon comes up, or a snake. >> how tall is the grass?
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i am six feet tall. it is at my ways. the bank has yet to respond to our request for comment. such neglect is a widespread problem in prince george's county. county enforcers say they get more than 20 complaints a day. in response to the e-mails, an inspector slapped a cleanup order on the home. today, after our inquiry, a prince george's county -- showed up to wet down the yard. lilith smith doesn't have to worry about snakes in the grass for a while. >> i love it. god bless you. >> brad bell, abc 7 news. >> good ending there for her. >> coming up, the national teams about to open a diabetes care center for children. confronts aobama
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heckler at an event. hear how she handles the situation.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> students at washington lee high school in arlington are dealing with the loss of a classmate. >> they were honor him with a visual. he died in a skateboarding accident yesterday. live from the school with how use being remember tonight. >> one student i talked to said it was just a tough day here. the school principal released a statement, calling john an incredible man. he said he will never see a brighter smile. classmates are echoing that sentiment. >> they have in planning for
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graduation. now they are preparing for a funeral. >> some people are crying in classes. everybody is sad today. it is not a good day today. >> the senior died tuesday after a skateboarding accident. it is what you see here in numerous videos. they hold onto a moving vehicle. holdinging a helmet was onto the pole between the driver side window when he lost control. it isn't uncommon. >> not only in the school, but different schools. >> aside from being dangerous, it can also be criminal. the friend who was driving the truck who will face charges. we are bringing charges on the driver.
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>> he was on the swim team, and awarded for perfect attendance area he was heading to vcu in the fall. can a light prayer services will be a chance to say goodbye. i just want to mention him. i just want to say my words. >> that candlelight prayer 8:30 at scheduled at the high school. they plan on taking of money donations to try and help the family with arrangements. >> thank you. d.c. police are investing the shooting death of a teenager in northeast. and happened monday night on greg wood road. they found a 16-year-old in the hallway of an apartment building suffering from gunshot
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wounds. he was taken to the hospital, where he died. >> adc community is on high alert after burglaries hit at least two homes overnight. one of the break is led to a sexual assault. -- home invasions took place the investigation is ongoing. >> a series of smash and grab robberies in the area, two men are behind bars. facer davis and for davis multiple charges. >> one person is dead after a building collapsed in philadelphia. a building in the process of being demolished collapsed onto a building next door. emergency workers are searching for anyone who may be trapped in the pile of rubble. >> a heckler got more than she bargained for after interrupting a shell obama at a washington fundraiser. the first letter was heckled tuesday night.
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the woman wants the president to sign an executive order on gay rights. mrs. obama stopped for confrontation of the heckler. -- >> the first lady give the heckler a choice. you can listen, or you can take the mike. the crowd shouted for mrs. obama to stay. >> she is not her husband. totally different style. >> babies and smartphones. they put them to the test tonight. i talk to diane story about that. >> hello. we are tracking huge storms that may be about to drench all of us yet again. coming up, the magnetic power of
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ipads and iphones on children, even babies. you have to watch this tonight. an experiment. baby one do you think the will go to? you have to see it to believe it. >> you can watch stories and more after abc 7 news at 6:00. time for a check of the traffic situation tonight. quite slow headed north on route 29 this afternoon. a crash ono howard, the left side of the roadway. 95 might be a better bet for you. traffic is slow on the beltway on the inner loop from tyson's most of the way through silver spring. on the south side of town, not doing badly after woodrow wilson bridge.
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slowlyare running pretty here on the inner loop at connecticut avenue. i-95, traveling southbound, not too badly this afternoon. the slowest traffic is getting passed dell freeze. >> here is a look at what is coming up in prime time. looking for answers on "the lookout." the promises of locksmiths and repair min lb followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. -- that will be followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. michael jackson's daughter is in the hospital, she may have tried to commit suicide. an attorney for paris's grandmother says the 15-year- old is physically fine, and is getting medical attention. she tweeted cryptic messages about troubles and tears. -- till ahead,
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>> i was born in el salvador. five years old, i moved to washington dc. >> low-income minority students learned to soar above their social and economic hardships. how they are doing it next. >> the much anticipated continuation will not come as soon as plan.
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>> dilapidated high schools for minority students in d.c., to a -- e of the art facility, [inaudible] inside these brick walls, dreams are nurtured. social and economic handicaps no longer hold these young people back. >> i was born in el salvador in a small city.
5:41 pm
>> rodrigue oh is a senior in northwest. he is saying the endless opportunities make this public school so different. to college take classes. it was a sneak peek at what i would be experiencing in the fall. >> i was recommended to a turn -- attend a interna -- and in turn. .ou get $1000 scholarship >> the school has come a long way in the last decade. the old crumbling building replaced by a brand-new high school and middle school with a mission to send all of their students to college with scholarships thanks to philanthropists. >> without a champion like him, it would be hard to make it. it is justion that wonderful to see.
5:42 pm
>> i'm going to the university of wisconsin. i have to study biomedical engineering. >> i want to study business administration. inhis legacy will live on every student to comes through these doors. the story that campus is far from over. they are making new stars every single day. >> what a success story. thank you for sharing that. coming up, they are calling him a miracle. see how he surprised his senior class after being shot in the head. >> [inaudible] there is nothing better in the world and that. children's diabetes center. why this could change thousands of l
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>> the washington nationals have more than baseball on their minds these days. >> they open the national diabetes care complex, so
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families with children with diabetes have a place to go to deal with the disease. >> these doors opening signified the combination of a six-year project for the nationals dream foundation. >> we won a project -- we wanted a project recent -- we wanted a project reasonable in nature. i was diagnosed with diabetes at age five years old. you do not know what you are doing. >> they will learn proper exercise and diet routines in a controlled setting. a local chef donate the high-end kitchen. -- e're having the children [inaudible] [no audio] >> the ribbon-cutting was extra
5:47 pm
special with players interacting with the youngsters. >> they are in all. -- in awe. >> he seems more and all of the kids than the hospital. >> just seeing the light come out of these kids. why he may not be here every gio may.le next up for the dream foundation, a youth baseball academy in southeast washington. they are already ready hoping to be playing ball this summer. >> that is fantastic. how about this. i high school senior shaun the head is made a miraculous recovery. then he gave his classmates the surprise of their life.
5:48 pm
he made a grand entrance at his high school graduation ceremony. he was not expected to be able to attend after surviving that won't two months ago. wound two months ago. >> i want to thank god. [applause] >> everyone wiping away tears in the audience. he missed the last two months of classes, but he was still able to graduate on time with his class. to top it off, he is throwing out the first pitch tonight when the tigers take on tampa bay. a big day for him. >> that is great. way to go. let us see what is coming up next. a car company refuses to issue a recall despite what the federal
5:49 pm
government wants. and look at what is motivating chrysler to recall -- refuse recall of suvs. a big decision by the tsca and the future of knives on airplanes. >> we will see you a little bit. >> less check in with doug. >> ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to tropical storm andrea. hello. that is the blob we have been watching for a couple of days. may have range on our area on friday night. that is the real deal. just preparing the latest statements and the tracks. nothing available yet. -- a little-in influence from the radar, showing a lot of rain and flood
5:50 pm
watches. low pressure moving in from the west, and moisture from the south, rain to my showers, and thunderstorms. isolated thunder possible in the late afternoon. mild temperatures near the 80's. a heavier rain possible friday night into the day saturday. partly sunning, and other delightful day. 80 at reagan national. skiesh the day tomorrow, turn cloudy. then the rain will become likely above 70% for friday. monday in tropical through saturday and sunday. more coming up at the top of the hour.
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andrea is gorgeous. one step forward, two steps backward for the nationals. peter strasburg has been based on the disabled list. he needs more time. the atlanta braves won again this afternoon. the lead over washington to 7.5 games in the east. you got the feeling they have snapped out of it. it was a vibe. the first ninth-inning walkoff win of the year. we get a chance to see if a motion carries over. if they can gain momentum and chase the plays with consistency. they need to win some games in a row pray they need to beat the mets. >> the baltimore ravens were guest at the white house. barack obama rolled up the red carpet and saluted the ravens.
5:52 pm
he wore the purple tie for the ravens. the band played the ravens fight song. the team's remarkable run fresh in everybody's mind. >> they trailed denver by a touchdown. 70 yards, and less than a minute to go. -- well, not know >> ray lewis, now retired, and the defensive back on the -- >> you are going to need in week 11 when you go to my hometown of chicago to play the bears. i brought chicago fans in here. he was presented a personalized number 44 purple jersey.
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lex we are grateful to be here. i want you to know we have plans to be back next year. he said the right thing. [inaudible] [laughter] [inaudible] [laughterall the chicken in your grocery store
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is inspected by the usda before it's ckaged. but perdue asked the usda to go further...lot furthe in our hatcheries, feedmills and the family farms where our chickens are raised. they y verify that all our chickensns are fed an all-veggie diet, with no animal by-products... and they're cared for in a clean, safe environment. no other chicken company does this. but t we believe this is what it takes to bring your family a tastier, more tender chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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>> changes could be coming to pennsylvania avenue. >> they are considering putting up barriers to stop cars from taking u-turns. good part of today out here. it'd take us long to see the problem. several cars making illegal turns into the bike lane. now there are several agencies that found a permanent sous
5:57 pm
solution to the problem. a several agents have found permanent solution to the problem. three years after these clearly marked bike lanes were installed, bikers and drivers continued to have to deal with content with each other. >> they miss you by less than a foot sometimes. >> it has become a serious matter for bike messengers. he has made changes to his three. it can be really dangerous. the cars have to watch out for you. >> that hasn't stopped the problem. >> the cops lineup here. >> to make sure it doesn't happen. now the county is considering
5:58 pm
installing permanent barriers. >> that will help, those barriers. >> multiple agencies that oversee this roadway are taking comments from bikers and drivers. whether the barriers would be a good move for all who share the road. >> i'm not sure that is the best answer. it is just for people to respect each other. , the proposal has the approval and support of d dot. they're going to start off with a small section of pennsylvania avenue first, and see how it works out from that standpoint. , abc 7 news. >> that does it for us at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now with breaking news. abcive, and in hd, this is
5:59 pm
seven breaking news. >> we are five days into the hurricane season. we have our first tropical storm of the year. >> that will be tropical storm andrea. in the gulf of mexico, doug hill is joining us with details. >> lesko right to the computer. it was interesting. this is absolutely the exact prime location. as we get moree information and to update that. plenty of rain. we expected to continue and move eastward. florida radar is picking up a lot of rain. the expectation based on commuter modeling is an area of low pressure approaching our area from the west over the next few days and the influence of this moisture means a possibility of significant rain across our area beginning friday, friday night, into saturday. here we go.


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