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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 6, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a woman was pulled from the rubble after nearly 12 hours. >> what this bride and groom did after sharing their first kiss as husband and wife. >> and good morning, washington. >> jackie, you can have the windows open and enjoy some fresh air. >> it feels really good. i don't know if you noticed it when you walked out your door, but the humidity is higher and we're going to see that be pretty elevated, especially as we head towards the weekend. 65 degrees is our temperature in washington, d.c.. 62 at dulles. the temperature in winchester 63. 65 in hagerstown. cool in frederick. one of the headlines for today is while we have a little bit of cloudiness, most of the day will
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be dry. we're keeping our eye on what is now tropical storm andrea in the gulf of mexico. what kind of impact will it have on our weather? well, it looks like we could get heavy rain here on friday. as for the weekend, a little iffy with a chance of showers. i'll tell you which will be a better day for your outdoor plans coming up in your seven-day in just a few minutes. time for traffic with amanda. >> we have unfortunately an accident on university boulevard near silver springs. it is going to slow you down. lanes closed eastbound. you may want to avoid that area y using new hampshire instead. lanes closed on connecticut avenue further west between the belt way and jones bridge road. we also have a construction zone
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on 95 slowing things down. pennsylvania avenue there closed due to the fire investigation between 10th street and 12th street. 9 5, though, has construction going on and that is southbound. they just set this one up. be prepared. only the left lane gets by through that stretch of road way. 9 5, 14th street bridge, absolutely beautiful. more information for you before you head out the door way, you can check in at gridlockgoddess. >> thanks so much. 5:03 is your time now. the top story this morning, a four-alarm fire drew a big crowd. >> a flame destroyed the popular frager's hardware store.
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investigator are trying to it. e out what causeed people have a lot of questions. >> it scleerl a very sad morning on capitol hill. people -- clearly is a very sad morning on capitol hill. people absolutely loved this store. crew recess mained overnight in case any more fires popped up. today will be a day to start to clean up and try to figure out exactly what happened. >> the fire started during the evening hush hour in a lumber area near the side of the store on pennsylvania avenue southeast. >> one of our customers alerted the cashier. she started yelling. >> before they knew it, the new century-old business was going up in flames. >> i smelled smoke. got a fire extinguisher. when i tried to get out there on the area on 11th street it was just flames shooting up the side of the building. >> the fire quickly moved to
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four alarms. 200 firefighters were called in to fight the blaze and smoke could be seen for miles. >> i saw all of the fire trucks. >> it literally was going over the top of the capital billing. it was dark, ominous almost. >> the fire was under control at 11:00 p.m.. >> they had everything. it is really sad that it is burning right before my eyes. >> back now life, a traffic heads up for everyone who travels in this area. pennsylvania avenue eastbound between 8th and 14th street as you can see behind me remains closed at this hour. the westbound lanes have been reopened overnight. there were no civilian injuries as a result of this blarkse however two firefighters were
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transported to local hospitals with minor injuries. >> thank you. 5:05 now. turns out d.c. police are investigating a double shooting in northwest. >> live images. the shooting happened just about an hour ago near the 1,100 block near first place in northwest. we know it is a double shooting. police getting the call just after 4:00. one vick temperature was shot in the foot. police say a second victim, they are not confirming whether or not that is a fatality. though we know that the injuries are serious and life threatening. we're working to get some more information. you see they have a large area taped up there on first place northwest as well as the 100 block of pierce street in northwest. there is no information.
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as soon as we get any information we'll pass that along. back to you guys. >> thank you. we're following a developing story also coming in from philadelphia. a woman was pulled alive from the rubble of a building collapse. she is hospitalized. authorities say six people died. 13 others were hurt when a building being demolished toppled on to a thrift shop next door. they will keep searching through the debris for as long a it takes. lautenberg's body will lie in state. e 89-year-old was the last world wor ii veteran serving in the senate. he will be buried tomorrow at arlington national cemetery. >> still ahead here on "good
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morning washington," the the >> still ahead here on "good morning washington," the the last hearing b
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was a record collection. no. there was that fuzzy stuff on the gouda. [ both ] ugh! when it came to our plants... we were so confused. how much is too much water? too little? until we got miracle-gro moisture control. it does what basic soils don't by absorbing more water, so it's there when plants need it. yeah, they're bigger and more beautiful. guaranteed. in pots. in the ground. in a ukulele. are you kidding me? that was my idea. with the right soil... everyone grows with miracle-gro. >> 5:10 now on this thursday morning. i guess we're going to get that
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return of the humidity. back up. >> all good things must come to an end. still pretty comfortable this morning but you can definitely feel the difference in terms of humidity. we have more cloudiness. notice a thicker layer of cloudiness which has already moved in. 65 in washington, d.c.. a fair amount of clouds throughout the day today. we'll get a peek here or there or sunshine but more clouds than anything else. we'll have a mostly dry day but a few showers will be possible late this afternoon and into tonight. also keeping our eye out on tropical storm andrea which has windsthened a bit packing around 60 miles per hour. otherwise today a pretty boring one overall with some clouds and high temperatures in the upper 70's. let's find out what is going on
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on the roadways this afternoon. hopefully slow and steady. >> we do have one crash on university glfed that is causing some delays. -- boulevard that is causing some delays. we're monitoring conditions at dennis avenue and the eastbound lanes. consider branching off maybe using georgia avenue. we also have coming in along 66. eastbound lanes moving steadily into the belt way. construction may slow you down. that is coming in just after the prince william parkway. the two right lanes are not getting by. where you see yellow, there are patches of heavy traffic. quantico, 95 northbound.
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live shot of 395. edsall road. traffic heading northbound. towards the pentagon and the 14th street bridge this morning. >> thanks so much. it is 5:12 now. >> coming up, folks in florida preparing for the first tropical storm of the season. jackie is going to show us how andrea is on track to make some jackie is going to show us how andrea isall the chickenke some in your grocery store
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>> well, a bride and groom decided to make their wedding day even more special. >> take a look at what they did. >> it is the state's honor to present to you for the very irst time --
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[laughter] >> the entire wedding party. even the pastor broke out in the harlem shake. apparently it is still going strong. >> what if you have no idea what the harlem shake is and you're witnessing this. >> the grandparents. >> what's happening up here? we got a lot to talk about on the ride at 5:00. >> we do. watching andrea heading our way. it could bring significant changes. really heavy rain. the storm has been upgraded with stronger winds.
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tropical storm warnings have been extended up the coast to cape charles. the delmarva peninsula. that does not include our area. the closer to the coast you are, the more likely you will be to see those gusty winds. boy the rain is really heavy. in florida today, we expect andrea will be making landfall later this afternoon in the big bend area. rainfall should be between 3 and 6 inches and we could locally heavier amounts in parts of florida. as we take a look at the forecast track here, we'll put this into motion for you now. it is going to be riding up the coast. we're not in the cone of uncertainty but southern maryland is. friday night we'll expect some of the heaviest rain. it is going to be picking up in forward speed as it rides up the coast. that is the good news. the structure of the storm will
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be changing as it interacts with land. some of these totals could be higher but our future cast here predicting a good inch or two of rain possible across the metro area. most of the day is going to be fine. the calm before the rain arrives. 65 in d.c. a little orange glow as the sun is about to come up. 62 at dulles. 55 in frederick. a little cooler to the north. showers to our west. that's mostly where they will stay throughout the day today. but we could see an isolated thundershower there this afternoon. tonight cloudy with a few showers. andrea brings us heavy downpours at times come friday. saturday i'm hoping that most of the rain will stay in the morning and we're trying keep the showers out of the sunday forecast because i want a nice day for me and my mom.
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now it looks like we'll have a little break before the next rain comes in on monday. >> we'll have to take advantage of. i >> this morning, we'll continue our rex in addition -- recognition of local schools that raised thousands of dollars. >> out to adam who is with some students bright and early this morning. >> you know, it is overwhelming. i'm starting to feel overwhelmed here this morning. it is great. that is a good thing. let's hear it for rosa parks middle school! yesterday we were at walter johnson high school. they rose over $8,000! how did you guys raise so much money? how did you get all of this money? was it really just pennies? >> it is not all pennies. some of us brought big bills but most of us brought in coins. what is your name? >> leah. >> how does it feel to make such
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a difference and raise so much money? >> feels really good. >> what are you striving for next year? >> i guess like $9,000. >> yeah! that's a good start. there we go. i have a little help with the forecast. i like egg it. -- like it. a little help with the forecast for tomorrow. how about tomorrow? >> tomorrow rain and storms likely with a high near 80. >> looking pretty damp. i think the heaviest rain will be southeast so of washington. east of the 95 corridor. over here, let's go to kenn. kenn, my man. let's hear it for kenn. what about as we go into the weekend -- kevin. >> not as rainy as tomorrow but still a few late-day thundershowers possible. we have the band. ♪ >> i'm dancing and i'm tossing it back to amanda.
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take it away, amanda. >> adam is a band geek. i love that. i love hearing the band this morning. now we have unfortunately an accident along university boulevard. we have a live shot for you so you can see current conditions there. this shows you that they have the eastbound lanes closed down there at university boulevard. so please, be prepared. this is at university and dennis. they are detouring that eastbound traffic off of dennis. got a couple of alternates. completely avoid the university blft a thnd crash, you can use new hampshire or georgia avenue instead. that stretch of road ray, no big problems or delays. unfortunately we have construction going on. they just opened this up. this is going to have those two
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right lanes closed so be prepared. excuse me, the two right lanes getting by. the left slain closed just after prince william parkway. back over to you. > in today's tech bites, >> smart phone summit, leaders from apple, motorola will gather together next week to discuss twice stop criminals from stealing the popular devices. blackberry launches its new phone this week. it provide ascii board with a 3.1 inch touch screen. and remotes that work through walls so you can control appliances from a different room. unfortunately it is not available yet. more hands free technology for you. check out the camera app that lets you take hands free
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week. a judge is set to decide whether to accept a voice expert's testimony on 911 calls made the night martin died. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. 5:27 now and 63 degrees. > ahead at 5:30 an update on 5:27 now and 63 degrees. > ahead at 5:30 an update on the t[ both ] we're foodies.
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>> a business that has been in the district for decades gone in just a matter of hours. investigators are trying to big e out what caused this fire at frager's hardware store.
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>> let's go to the weather first. >> a difference. when you walk out the door this morning you can see more cloudyiness and feel more humidity. the outlying areas, if you remember, cooler in the 50's yesterday. this morning mostly in the 60's. 61 at dulles. the them d.c. 65. manassas.rning in we're tracking tropical storm andrea which is packing winds now at 60 miles per hour in the gulf of mexico. that is going to be driving up the coast and impacting us on friday. what about the weekend? looking a little iffy. a chance of showers but also there will be dry periods in there as well. we'll have all the details and all of those stories coming up in your seven-day forecast. we need to check on what is going on on the road ways. a dry thursday morning.
5:32 am
>> it is the good news. the bad news, university boulevard near silver spring. you can see here that those eastbound lanes are closed and you're getting detoured there at dennis. you either have to go left or right which is what those arrows are telling you. we're getting reports that that crash had injuries so they are doing that investigation wrap-up at this point. we'll let you know as soon as that clears. in the meantime consider using new hampshire or georgia. not looking too bad on the belt way. 95 southbound after prince william park you may run into some delays. only the two right lanes getting by there and 9:00 5, at glebe road, it is starting to pick up little bit.
5:33 am
you can always get more updates by meteorology me on twitter at gridlockgoddess. check that before you head out the door. back to you. >> all right. 5:33 now. our top story. an uncertain future for the owners of frager's hardware store. a fire destroyed the popular business. >> we have more on what a lot of people are considering to be a real, you know, aufrl big impact on that area. >> absolutely, this is a store you went to when you needed to get a key made or needed a plant. if you live on capitol hill. you can see the firefighters remain on the scene overnight. now they are trying to deal with any small fires that might be restarted after last night's
5:34 am
four-alarm blaze. we want to take you back about 12 hours or so, the nire the 1,100 block -- fire in the 1,100 block. it started in the lumberyard at the side of the building. one of the customers who was in the store at the time saw smoke and started yelling. the fire quickly moved to four alarms. it took 200 firefighters and 50 trucks to finally extinguish the blaze. the store's owner described what he saw once he was alerted that his business was on fire. >> opened the door to the receiving area. lights were out. it was pitch black and smoke. we tried to attack it. it had been going on for the last three hours. >> they were finally able to call the fire under control about 11:00 last night. back here life on pennsylvania avenue, inbound lanes are open
5:35 am
but the out-bound lanes are closed as they continue to work on this fire here. obviously concerned about any hot spots that may pop up as a result of this. there were no civilian injuries despite the fact that the store was open. two firefighters were injured and transported to local hospitals. they have minor injuries. >> now to an abc 7 i-team investigation. a d.c. firefighter is under vestigation after a run-in with police. the video shows keith chung parking in a handicap spot. he was given a ticket. he allegedly dropped that ticket on the ground. officers approached him. he refused to get out of his caror give them his license and
5:36 am
began to shout expletives or slurs at the officers. he said he thought he has been cited for littering. >> the county spending millions on safety programs. 11 pedestrians have died so far this year. up from six in 2012. the county spends up to $5 million a year on pedestrian safety initiatives. a key problem is parking lots. there are a lot of accidents in parking lotses this year. >> a house oversight committee will hold a hearing today on wasteful spending at i.r.s. conferences. one top official stayed five nights in a room costing $3,500 a night. >> she's accused of misleading
5:37 am
the nation on the attack in benghazi but president obama defied his critics and named susan rice as his national security advisor. that position does not need congressional approval. samantha has chosen power to take over rice's current position. is investigation for the train derailment on may 28 is almost complete. they plan to interview the driver in the next few days. crash scene has been cleared and trains are back to running normally. >> much more to come on "good morning washington." oh. it was another rough day for the nats. it was another rough day for the nats.
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>> my name is michaela. >> good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington! to you. od morning you can feel the difference in the air compared to yesterday, can't you? temperature-wise about the same but the humidity is up and we're
5:41 am
also seeing quite a bit of cloudiness this morning. what a beautiful sunrise. officially just two minutes away. we'll see a little sun on occasion, especially this morning but showers are in the forecast and we are already seeing them in western maryland and west virginia. most likely to stay to the north and west of washington, d.c. throughout the day today and also keeping an eye on tropical storm andrea. it is a healthy tropical storm now. winds up to 60 miles per hour. this is going to bring torrential downpours across florida today. it is going to be trekking up the coast. right now today's forecast, staying mostly cloudy, a few showers, mainly late and the high temperatures in the upper 70's. let's check on traffic this morning. a few problems all right. >> that's right. we have a few problems including the crash on university boulevard in silver spring. luckily it was not on the major
5:42 am
interstate. we're starting to go see things build in the usual hot spots. you can see eastbound those lanes are closed down. you're getting diverted there. you veert to turn left or right there. at university at dennis, you can see north of the belt way, that is going to have you slowing down. just a little bit on university boulevard and that again, is eastbound. zone o have got that work causing delays. southbound is where you're getting the lane closures. 95 southbound just after prince william park. only the two right lanes getting by. please keep that in mind. the two right lanes get by southbound. bright yellow as you head through quantico. >> thanks. it is 5:43 now.
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64 degrees outside. >> coming up, a new plan to offer healthy foods to
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>> coming up at 6:00 on "good morning washington." what led up to this confrontation. a photographer getting attacked while on the job. >> oh, my goodness. also why young people on the job hunt may want to think twice before hitting post on those social media pages. >> and it doesn't look like a special chair. ind out what makes this $5 worth thousands of dollars. all new at 6:00. >> score! >> and the boston bruins now just one win away from the stanley cup finals. bergeron netted the game-winner in double overtime.
5:47 am
oston beat pittsburgh 2-1. dominated the series 3-0. they can lock it up tomorrow night in bean town. don't forget the nba finals get underway tonight. >> game one between the heat and spurs. you can catch that at qu9. -- 9:00. >> the stock market type season continues for the nats. up and down. very inconsistent. after that ninth inning win over the mets, new york came back and she would them. let me take you back downtown after the nats took a 1-lead in the first. byrd takes heron deep to center field. two-run shot. ig lead, nats. byrd got another dinger later.
5:48 am
new york had 15 hits. it was like batting practice. 10-1 the final. >> it was up to me to keep the momentum going. we scored one in the first and i couldn't hold them down. just made too many mistakes. it got out of hand and before we knew it it was 5-1. >> there is a look at sports. have a great day, everybody. >> 5:48 now. the humidity starting to set in again. >> the hair. i warped you. -- warned you. the humidity is creeping up. we're going to be seeing a whole lot of rain in some parts of the area by tomorrow courtesy of tropical storm andrea. let's give you the latest on that storm packing winds up to 60 miles per hour. it has strengthened quite a bit in the overnight. we are expecting landfall with
5:49 am
little change in strength. it is bringing a lot of heavy rain, flooding rains across florida. three to six inches can be expected there. we need to pay attention to this. andrea will likely be impacting our weather. take a look at the forecast track of this. moving off the east coast hrough the karns -- carolinas. notice d.c. is not in it as it takes this easterly track. our impact is going to be minimal and most of the rain will stay towards the coast. in fact, we could see very little in d.c. if that is the case. if we get this westerly track, we'll all be getting torrential downpours and we could be talking about inches of rainfall and this is going to be coming in the afternoon hours friday and into early saturday morning. let's show you to computer model forecast. this is just one solution but you can see it already. on friday night, we could see a good inch of rain with heavier
5:50 am
amounts over towards the bay. now it is 65 degrees. clouds here. dew point is 53. 63 in gaithersburg. 63 in martinsburg. only a 20% chance of rain this afternoon. expecting cloudy skies tonight with just a couple of showers. 62-68. i think we're going to have just many breaks as we will have showers so you will be able to get some of those weekend activities in. that is a little bit of good news for those of us that wanted to -- >> this morning we're making another stop at a local school that raised thousands of dollars lymphoma ukemia society. >> they raised more than 8 grand. >> pennies add up.
5:51 am
let's get out to adam. good morning. .> it is $8,334 he rosa parks middle school! we actually have a few students here that have been battling leukemia and lymphoma. tell me about your illness. >> i have leukemia. i've been sick for about a year and a half but everything is good now. >> and alex? >> i had lymphoma stage four but now i'm good. anytime remission now. >> that's good to get you back in school. bhaffs your first reaction when -- what was your first reaction when you heard the school was going to take part in this? how did you feel? >> i didn't think we were going
5:52 am
to do it at all. >> it was really cool. >> when you heard over $8,000 what did you say? >> i was really shocked. that is a lot. >> we have some of your friends and soccer teammates and the soccer coach. what did you guys do to get behind your friends and your teammate? >> well, hunter had the idea to shave our hair off to support alex when he lost his hair. >> not only hunter and what is your name? >> tanner. >> who else shaved their head? right behind you here. >> most of the people on our team. >> that's owsome. i -- awesome. i have some help with the forecast. >> tomorrow rain and storms with a high near 80. >> it is going to be a damp one tomorrow and humid. >> how about saturday? >> partly cloudy and a few afternoon storms and a high in the 80's. >> we'll have more here from rosa parks middle school coming up in the next hour. it just gets more fun throughout
5:53 am
the morning. back to you guys inside. >> thank you, adam. we are monitoring conditions on a crash. this is a brand new crash on 95 northbound. already a busy stretch of roadway in the morning commute. you are going to pick up the brake lights. it is starting to turn bright yellow there. almost red. that is going to be past woodbridge. but those delays begin back in quantico. really getting heavy as you approach that northbound crash. that has the two right lanes closed. near mile america a 16 -- marker 163. we also have got that construction or excuse me, that crash still working. that is going to be route 193 eastbound university boulevard. that is blocked. eastbound you have to turn right or left and westbound there are
5:54 am
no right turns there at dennis avenue. you may want to try using possibly new hampshire or georgia instead. starting to build on 270. we have a live shot through that area where you can see current conditions. 270 at montrose starting to build. you can get updates at gridlockgoddess. >> all right. thanks, amanda. forget about those big mac attacks. mcmuffin at egg midnight, you might be able to get one. >> weddings are expensive. you may not be the only one ducking out of your friend's big day to cut costs. linda bell joins us with more. >> good morning. i'm sure you both know june is a big wedding month and if you have invitations piling up that you have not rsvp'd to yet,
5:55 am
you're not alone. more than half of adults have a wedding to go to this month. it especially hits people age 18-34 who are burdened with their own money issues like student loan debt. one in four adults will not attend the wedding because of the costs involved from travel to buying a nice outfit and also the wedding gift that you have to buy. you mentioned mcdonald's. all the mcdonald's fans out there. the golden arches is looking to try something new. nothing is set in stone yet but some of the 24 home run hour restaurants will start selling breakfast and lunch items at midnight. you would be able to mix up your order and get hash browns instead of fwrice your quarter pounder. that is business news live at
5:56 am
bloomberg headquarters in new that is business news live at bloom[ male announcer ]in new erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever. now about that parking ticket. [ unting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply.
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theoncession stands of nation's 75 national parks all now be required to offer healthy food choices. the national park service director signed a new order for
5:59 am
the two did the restaurants and snack bars in the park which include the national mall, the c and o canal and the shenandoah national park. the guidelines require concessions to offer items such as vegetables, fruit, low-fat foods, and non-sugary drinks. on healthy food will still be allowed. \ 5:59 and we have another hour of news that starts right now. >> live, and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i am devastated. we have been a business since 1920 and i have owned the store since 1975. fire atsive four-alarm a famous park restore about a woman is rescued alive 13 hours after a building collapsed in philadelphia and we will take you live to the scene for the update.


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