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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  June 7, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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moving up the coast. 5,000 customers in northern virginia are without power. >> let's get to jackie and talk about what we can expect. >> we can expect heavy rain. we have this very wet washout of a friday. we are concerned about flooding as well, especially late today into tonight. we just had some light showers scattered across the area. believe it or not, it is not the deep tropical moisture just yet. tropical storm andrea is still well to our south in georgia. it is pushing across the state line into southern virginia at this time. winds around 45 miles per hour. a little change in strength is expected and we're not really concerned about winds with this
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storm. rain will be the big issue. there you can see the flash flood watch. the heaviest of rain comes this afternoon and evening and then we'll see a half-and-half weekend with showers and storms friday but things look better by sunday. the roads are wet. lots of spray. i'm concerned about standing water. amanda, what is going on now? >> we have already got standing water. we're going to get to a crash first. lots of activity on the belt way, especially for this time of morning. we have that outer loop crash just after dan dorn. -- van dorn. an inner loop crash in the bethesda area at route 355. 95 in maryland things are
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looking fine northbound and southbound. we are getting reports on the outer loop they have the two right lanes closed due to all of that standing water. of course for more information on any of those incidents, you can always follow me on twitter. check it at glidlock goddess. >> residents in florida are assessing the damage left behind from tropical storm andrea. >> that storm brought flooding and tides that part of the state. >> toppled trees. flooded roads and charli: waters. -- choppy waters. governor rick scott urged people to get ready for more of these kinds of storms. >> this is a reminder for all floridians to get prepared. to be ready for hurricane season.
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>> those trying to heed that advice had to drive through flooded streets. those who got in the water found themselveses tossed around by the wind and waves. >> when we got out there at first it was not too bad but then it hit us like a blast. >> the system spawned two tornadoes. this woman was there on vacation. she describes the moment the tornado hit. >> i looked out the window. it was literally like it was coming off the ocean. it was so fast. one minute it was calm and you ould lardly hear anything. >> she rode out the storm in a closet and said it is her first encounter with such severe weather. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> stay with abc 7 for the latest on the forecast. also you can get weather any time by heading to our website, be sure to sign up with the
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storm watch mobile app. >> there is a developing story involving d.c. council member michael brown. he said he plans to plead guilty on charges for accepting payments from undercover agents. prosecutors are expected to file charges as early as today. if he is charged, he will become the third council member or former council member to face a criminal complaint for actions while in office. >> new this morning, a carjacking investigation. >> officers say a woman was pumping gas at exxon on the 3600 block of m street and three men took her vehicle. the woman was not hurt. there was a police chase which ended with a crash. we don't know if police have made any arrests. we will have a report coming up at 5:00 a.m..
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>> amid the m.s.a. scandal, facebook says they are not providing the government access to their services. >> apple may start a trade-in program to let you upgrade. linda bell joins us live. good friday morning to you, linda. >> good friday morning to you as well, scott and cynne. it is the trade-in program is aimed at getting users to use the iphone 5. there is increased demand overseas. especially in emerging markets. apple is using a company called brightstar to run this program. speaking of apple, it is among tech companies that assure americans it is not giving the government direct access to their service. also we have microsoft, google,
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acebook. the code name, prism and the roots to aces its former president bush. one says it puts americans' security at risk. there are few places where you can get a free sweet treat. while wells fargo is pledging to make improvements in neighborhoods including the d.c. area. those stories are coming up the next hour. linda bell, reporting for abc 7 news. >> what does she mean already know? of course we know. we have had this day circled.
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>> ready to indulge. thank you, linda. >> still to come, more health problems for prince philip. why he is having surgery today. >> and we're keeping an eye on the weather and the wet
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>> going misyou. a great lady. >> we're going to see a lot of that. >> for those who don't know, today is my last day here at abc 7. bittersweet. it is sad for me, too. thank you so much. that is so kind of you. i appreciate it. >> let's check in now with jackie and find out what we're expecting for today? >> i got you a little
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something-something that will help you through it. a pacific northwest day. -- perfect day. overall, rain is pretty light now. this is due to the cold front off to our west. not due to andrea. that heavier, steadier rain is oing with going to be come coming in late this afternoon and tonight. you can see some light showers along the baltimore-washington parkway. getting into annapolis this morning and some light sprippingles into washington, d.c. so far the rainfall has been heavy at times. we got about an inch and a half in d.c.. over an inch in gaithersburg and over an inch in quantico as well. 6 at dulles. 63 in winchester. 63 at dulles. our forecast for today, rain,
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rain, rain. you don't want to leave home without the umbrella. i recommend the boots if you're going to be out for a few minutes. the rain will be heavy by 5:00 tonight with the threat of setting and standing water. let's find out how the commute is going with amanda. >> we are very busy on the roads unfortunately. that rain is definitely having a bad impact. a couple of incidents working on the beltway. there is a crash working there just after route 3. only the left lane getting through there. see this bright yellow on the map, that is causing a slowdown already. the two right lanes close just after van dorn street away from the springfield interchange. use caution there. only the left lane gets by. two right lanes closed. 95 to virginia, luckily very
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quiet for this time of the morning. we don't have any of that construction that usually ties it up. that is the good news, but it is definitely going to be a wet one, so give yourself extra time this morning as you head out the door way. definitely be prepared to take it a little bit slower than usual. now back over to cynne and scott. >> 4:43 is the time. 66 degrees. >> coming up, president obama is 66 degrees. >> coming up, prthis is obama is an rc robotic claw.
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>> we want to wish you the best. >> we're going to miss you. i'm going to miss putting makeup on with you in the morning. >> i'm going the miss your great style. >> thank you so much. i'm going to miss all of my colleagues at news channel 8 also. >> they are going to miss you. >> get my morning started right. we have a moment to vote every morning as we are getting our makeup on. >> 4:47. checking our top stories. the d.c. area preparing for the possibility of flooding and damage from tropical storm andrea. >> high winds and heavy rain, a suspected tornado in florida left behind a trail of toppled trees and power lines.
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andrea is not expected to intensify into a hurricane. >> michael brown told reporters his plans to plead guilty that he accepted payments from undercover agents. prosecutors could file charges today. if that happens, brown would be the third current or former council member to face charges in just the past 18 months. >> nationals fans may have to wait longer if they want to see bryce harper return to the field. >> queen elizabeth's husband, prince philip is in a london hospital where he is expected to have surgery today. he is having exploratory surgery to investigate an abdominal problem. he is in good spirits. prince philip turns 92 on monday.
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frank lautenberg will be laid to rest today. thursday his flag-draped coffin was escorted into the chamber. he was 89 years old >> president obama is in california this morning on a trip that involves fundraising and diplomacy. he arrived at mountain view near san jose on thursday and attended two democratic fund raisers. today he will deliver remarks at a fund raiser in santa monica. later today he'll be meeting with the chinese president in rancho mirage. there are questions about whether a recent decision cost firefighters valuable time bat thaling four-alarm blaze. >> they are trying to figure out what caused that fire at frager's hardware.
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>> they were removed. for some reason, we don't know why. >> we changed it from an automatic request. >> it was adopted after the 2007 fire that detroit the georgetown library. frager's plans to open a pop-up store. >> time to check in with jackie and find out exactly how we are going to feel that impact. it did a lot of damage in florida. >> it did. it will have a different impact here. it is about the rain. the biggest threat is flooding. the heaviest of rain will come in this afternoon and continue through the evening hours. keep that in mind as you plan your day. we have already had a fair amount of rain in washington, d.c. in the last 24 hours. notice once the rain has crossed the area now, it is very light. this is coming in with a surge
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of moisture from the south as the cold front gets closer to us from the west. as you take a look at andrea, you can see the center of circulation. it is near savannah, georgia. still way down to the south and has a long way to go. notice the rain is already into southern part s of virginia. we'll watch that slowly creep up towards us. that should happen late this morning or early this afternoon when we start getting the really heavy stuff. this is a tropical storm. it has winds 35 miles per hour. it is not going to change a lot in terms of intensity. the strongest winds are well off to the east. those are ask offshore. that is good news for thenologist the karns. -- carolinas. t could move over to delmarva. it looks like good two to four inches can be expected.
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the storm will be extra tropical later on today. that is really not that important, quite honestly. what is important is how much rain we're going o get out of all of this. flash flood watches have been posted for all of the area including southern maryland. that is in effect until 10k tonight. -- 10:00 tonight. predicting anywhere between one and three inches widespread on top of what we already have. temperatures now, 70 degrees. a few 60's out there. 66 in gaithersburg. 63 in hagerstown. temperatures not moving a lot today. into the middle to upper 70's. we'll see a few embedded thunderstorms in this. the rain continues tonight. again, the flood b will be possible. 62-68. it is all starting to wind down a little bit for your saturday. we think a few showers and
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thunderstorms will be possible. sunday looks better and dryer but it is going to be warm and sticky. all of that moisture is going to evaporate back into the atmosphere so it is going to get pretty sticky and a bit uncomfortable. we have problems on the road as a result. >> we have standing water in several places including on the outer loop and getting reports that a vehicle hit one of those trucks helping to divert traffic around. on the outer loop at van dorn, eisenhower, that's where you're going to run into delays coming from springfield. we also have a crash working on the inner loop and that's going to have traffic on the lefting by and that is going to be at 355. we also have standing water on the offramp for route 29 and
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that is going to be coming in the beltway. southbound, route 29 on to the outer loop, please be prepared. that is on the right side of that ramp as you access the outer loop. stay to the left. that becoming definitely an issue. take it slow. don't slam on those brakes and please use caution if you are heading out the door way. back to cynne and scott. >> thank you. it is 4:53. >> coming up next, the heat lost game one in the nba finals against the spurs. lebron james does have something he can celebrate. we'll tell you a
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>> we want to say we're going to miss you and good luck. good morning, washington! >> thank you, guys, so much. our executive producers. our morning producer. everybody on the assignment desk. thank you, guys. i'm going to miss you too. the heat lost game one in the nba finals to the spurs. lebron james has one thing that he can smile about. the heat forward will grace the cover of nba 2 k 14. the first time he has been on the cover of a video game in his career. it goes on sale in october. time now, 4:57.
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66 degrees outside. >> coming up, we want to give you a live look at the roads. you'll want to plan on extra driving time today due to that nasty weather. all the chicken in your grocery store
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and they're cared for in a clean, safe environment. no other chicken company does this. but we believe this is what it takes to bring your family a tastier, more tender chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. >> coming up, our live team coverage of the path of tropical storm andrea. it hammered the coast of florida. what can we expect next in the d.c. region? >>


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