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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 7, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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developments in a federal investigation on michael brown. >> vladimir putin and his wife make a shocking announcement. "good morning washington" at :00 a.m. begins right now. >> and good morning to you, washington. it is friday, june 7. i'm cynne simpson. >> we are still on watch because of that warm weather. let's get to jackie and talk about what we're going to see today. >> it is all about the rain. the wind not so much a threat. that is going to be well off the coast away from our area. the rain has been coming down since yesterday afternoon. we have already seen an inch and a half. everything that is out there now is very, very light but there is some standing water on some of the road ways that we're concerned about. the center of the storm is about 30 miles away from salve ana, georgia.
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-- savannah, georgia. still well to our south. we just got the 5:00 update from the national hurricane center. andrea has maximum winds around 45 miles per hour and it will race up the coast throughout the day today and will be just off to our east by this evening. there is a potential of two to four inches of rainfall. the worst of the weather this afternoon and this evening. over the weekend things will gradually improve. half good weather, half not so great. your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes but we need to find out what is going on on the roads. >> we have a crash on the inner loop and standing water on the utter loop. we'll start off with a -- outer loop. we'll start off with a live shot. it is moving along. we are getting reports that it is very slick out there and only
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the left lane is getting by there. this is 495 there near eisenhower. you see people moving along but i do not expect that to continue f this standing water lingers. three right lanes closed between van dorn and eisenhower. you can see things through that stretch of road way. we have a crash at beths da. -- bethesda. he left lane getting by. route 29 southbound, standing water there on the right side. stay to the left. for now, back to cynne and scott. >> thanks, amanda. it is 5:03 now. while andrea is a tropical storm, it landed quite a punch
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to parts of florida. >> local utility companies are preparing for what andrea will bring up our way as it moves up our way. how are meteorologist preparing? >> -- how are folks preparing? >> as jackie mentioned a few minutes ago, we got some light rain. no wind. there is some puddling. the big story is the power outages. we checked in with the power companies and they have around 5,000 power outages. this apartment building just within the past 10-15 minutes, they got their power back on. one of the dreptses came out speaking to our crew this morning talking about the fact they already lost power this morning. the really big problems have been in florida. tropical storm andrea making
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landfall in florida yesterday. the storm caused damage there. a suspected tornado ripped through parts of gulfport, florida outside of tampa. also there is a suspected twister that moved through areas of palm beach county, florida. the storm has lost some of its intensity as it makes its way up the coast. expect it to bring storm surges at the beaches, south carolina, north carolina and in georgia today. in our area, the story seems to be the rain. we should see some -- have pudding in the roadways as you're making your commute to work. make sure you use some caution on the road ways. >> thank you, jumei. stay with us for full storm watch coverage. >> also new this morning,
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investigation of a carjacking at a gas station on m street. >> jennifer joins with us more what has been a very active night in this investigation. >> georgetown university right over here and to my right, key bridge. this is the exxon at the foot of the key bridge. it occurred around 1:15 this morning. if you look at it over here, it is more dark. that's where this woman in a mercedes-benz pulled up. we're told by the employee inside the store, another car pulled up with three guys inside. they tried to rob her. she goes running into the store and the employee said she was terrified. he called 911. looking at video from earlier. the suspects take her car. d.c. police get here and we understand they put a lookout for the car. shortly after that, d.c. police
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spot the stolen mercedes. we are told there was a pursuit and it went all the way to the clara barton parkway. montgomery county police got involved. we understand that car flipped three times on the clara barton parkway. obviously it is extremely wet conditions out here. the suspects all build a out of the car. we have been able to confirm that at least one of the suspects was arrested at this point. we have no word on injuries. we know at this point no other cars were vfed. back here live, we're showing you a shot of a surveillance camera put in directly at the location where this woman was carjacked. i spoke to the store employee about that. he said in a few hours they will be able to go look at that video and recover it for police. >> thanks. we're also following a developing story involving former d.c. council member
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michael brown. he told supporters he plans to plead guilty to federal charges connected to accepting payments from undercover agents. federal prosecutors are expected to file charges as early as today. brown left the council back in january after losing a re-election bid. if he is charged, he will become the third council member or former council member to face a criminal complaint for actions while in office in just the past 18 months. 67 degrees. 5:07 is your time. >> still ahead, how major internet companies are reacting to participation in controversial government surveillance. >> we'll have weather with jackie and
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>> he is speechless. he can't even vocalize how sad he is that cynne is liing. if you're just joining us now. that was one from gordon peterson. we're very sad to see cynne go. >> when i was a student at howard, i used to watch gordon
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and maureen and i aspired one day to become just like them and to have worked in the same building is a dream come true. 5:11 now. it is also a dream come true to work with scott and jackie and you guys. >> absolutely. we're going to miss you around here but so excited for new opportunities. a big announcement in the future as to what cynne's future holds. around here, our future holds heavy rain. it is going to be a washout. you'll want the umbrella and probably some rain boots if you have got them. there is going to be some standing water. right now you can see everything is very light. just some spotty, light rain at times. heavier up towards baltimore. annapolis a little steadier there and off to the west. just looking at cloudy conditions. we have about an inch and a half in d.c.. over an nimpling gaithersburg.
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-- inch in gaithersburg. on top of what we already have, we could see another one to three inches. this is our future cast showing the predicted rainfall through saturday. that's why we're concerned about flooding and a flood watch has been issued for the metro area and the further east you, the heavier the rain potential will be. 69 degrees with rain at 9:00. here is the rain at 72 at noon. the heaviest will be this afternoon and evening. 75 degrees at 5:00. we'll have your weekend forecast and what you can expect after andrea. that's coming up in a little bit. >> 5:12 now. bit. >> 5:look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the b biggest natural gs projects in the world.
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enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ >> hi. we want to say thanks, cynne.
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>> cynne is leaving? >> yes, she is leaving. >> good luck. >> we also want to say good morning, washington! >> it is not something bad. we're just not announcing yet where i'm headed. that announcement still to come shortly. yeah. trying to keep it under wraps. >> it is 5:16. former d.c. councilman michael brown says he is going to plead guilty to charges that he accepted payments from undercover agents. >> prosecutors are expected to file those charges today. if brown is charged, he will be the third former couple member in 18 months to face a criminal complaint. >> president obama is tackling fundraising an foreign affairs during his trip to california. he will head to palm springs for a summit with china's president.
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>> it is 5:17 now. checking in with jackie. what is left for the day? >> rain. not much more than mist in d.c. but this afternoon and this evening when the really heavy rain comes in. so keep that in mind for your plans. and for your andrea does not have to be a deadly storm for us. not expecting wind, just rain. you can see we have a couple of showers out there now. this is the moisture streaming in from the south as the cold front is picking up andrea now and advancing its forward speech. the true toich is just -- tropical moisture is just off to our south. you can see the center of the storm as it heads just to the north now near charleston, south carolina and there you can see the rain spreading through south
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carolina and southern virginia and just to the south of our area now. later this morning, we'll see the steady rains of the true tropical moisture. a few rumbles of thunder will be possible today as well. andrea, a tropical storm. maximum winds at 45 miles per hour now. and it will become extra tropical later on today. it is going to start to interact with the cold front and lose some of the tropical characteristics. once those maximum winds are off the coast, well to the east of the center of the storm, that's why we're not really worried about wind gusts or power outages for us unless we have so much flooding that we start to see trees come down as a result of that. it is going to move so quickly. moving at 28 miles per hour. that is crazy fast. it is going to whip up on us later on today. it should be moving out quickly. as we take a look at our future
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cast here, widespread showers around 9:00. this is going to last throughout the day today. the real heavy stuff comes in by this evening and overnight start to clear things out. hot and sticky weather on the way for the weekend. right now we need to find out what's happening on the roads. we have a lot of wet pavement. amappeda? >> that's right. we have a lot of wet pavement on the belt way. we're monitoring three crashes on the beltway. we'll start off with a live shot where you can see current conditions. this is the crash site i was telling you about on the outer loop on the beltway. closed. right lanes barely squeezing by on the left. this is a result of standing water. we also have got a map of that
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so you can see exactly where that is. that is going to be coming out of the springfield interchange on the outer loop coming towards van dorn. so please be prepared for that this morning. we also have a crash on the inner loop and that is going to be on the topside of the belt way through bethesda. be prepared for that. that has got the left lane getting by. route 29, the ramp on the outer loop. we also picked up a new crash on the outer loop. two right lanes are closed there. be prepared to stay to the left. for now, back to cynne and scott. >> all right, amanda. in today's tech bites, the giant internet companies are firing back they didn't participate in a controversial government surveillance program. >> in today's tech bites, there is word of another government
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surveillance program. the "washington post" reporting that the n.s.a. is tapping directly into the servers of nine internet companies. they are denying that. cell phones are the most quickly adapted consumernology the history of the world. the popular google keyboard will be available on all android device. and you may soon be able to unlock your mobile device just by making a fun face. it allows people to use their phones just by wippinging or even sticking out their tongues. that seems kind of easy. those are your tech all the chicken in your grocery store
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>> probably going to the hall of fame of broadcasting. we're going to miss you here. we love you. >> oh, bill wright. my photographer who always travels with me to "dancing with the stars." we also went to the royal wedding to london together. e spent a lot of time with me. it is 5:26 now. president obama is in california this morning on a trip that
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involves fundraising and diplomacy. >> he arrived in mountain view near san jose on thursday. he attend twod democratic fund raisers. today he attends one in santa monica and later today as well as tomorrow he will be meeting with china's president. >> prince philip is expected to have surge today. cyhl have -- surgery today. he is expected to remain in the hospital for up to two weeks. prince philip turns 92 on monday. >> the latest senator, frank lautenberg will be laid to rest today at arlington national emetery. the 9-year-old new jersey democrat was the oldest -- 89 new jersey democrat was the oldest member of the senate.
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>> we'll continue our live team coverage of tropical storm andrea. it is moving up the
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>> the cleanup is underway now in parts of florida that were slammed by tropical storm andrea. that storm is moving along the east coast. good morning, washington. >> i'm cynne simpson. we're in storm watch right now. i want to get to the latest forecast with jackie. good morning. >> you need the umbrella today. you have rain. misty across the area now but the heavier, steadier rain is going to begin by mid this morning and continue through tonight. we have a long way to go. most of the moisture we have seen is due to some cold front
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off to our west. you can see the steady rain is just to our south now moving through central virginia and it is just about on our doorstep. as we take a look at the flood watches across our region, they have been issued along the blue ridge. the further east you go, the heavier rain you're going to get. the biggest threat from andrea for us is the potential for flooding. standing water in urban areas will be a concern, especially for that evening commute. 67 at dulles. we have a flash flood watch until qu9 this evening. kind of a half-and-half weekend with more sunshine but humid conditions expected. we'll have the latest on its position and impacts coming up in a few minutes but first we have trouble on the road. things are wet. we have some standing water. amanda? >> big trouble on the road ways.
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we're monitoring conditions on an outer loop crash. even we have had some improvement. you can see this on the map. it just got moved over to the right. a pretty big improvement. they had three right lanes closed at one time. nly one lane closed now. things moving slowly on our mapping system. there along the outer loop. along the outer loop on our mapping system, we can see things are moving, that bright red there at van dorn. be prepared for delays unfortunately on that outer loop crash. we also have an incident working. this is on the inner loop from bethesda. be prepared for that left lane to get by there. the right slain closed there.
5:33 am
bethesda, working 95 southbound. the left lane closed and the 11th street bridge running into delays coming in from 295. the left lane closed there indowned due to a crash. if you want more information you can follow me on twitter at gridlockgoddess. >> we'll check back in in just a bit. we're following meanwhile a developing story involving former d.c. council member michael brown. he has told supporters he plans to plead guilty to federal charges of accepting payments from undercover agents. federal prosecutors are expected to file charges as early as today. he left the council after losing a re-election bid. if he is charged, he will become the third council member to face criminal charges while in office in just the past 18 months.
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>> local commuters are going to have to find a different way to get to work. the i.c.c. is eliminating three routes. they cost a half million dollars a year. but have low ridership. if that happens, there would be only two routes along the i.c.c. >> it is 5:34 now. 66 degrees on this friday. >> still ahead on "good morning washington," highlights from game one of the nba finals between the spurs and heat. we're going to show you how tony between the spurs and heat. we're going to show you how tony parker
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>> cynne, you're leaving us. this is almost like i'm sending my daughter off to school again. i'm losing my pizza partner. i'm going to lose my heey every time you walk into the room. you deserve a chance to go there band a star. we love you. miss you already. >> thank you so much. love you back. my uncle leon has been looking out for me since i arrived here. >> we have to explain the beeps are because it has not yet been announced where cynne is going as she leaves us. she is leaving us which is why you're seeing tributes all morning.
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>> yeah. there is no cursing on air. florida is cleaning up the damage caused by tropical storm andrea. we can see rea, power outages as well. >> people are waiting for power to come back on. >> scott, cynne, good morning. we are in arlington. in fact, this is the area in terms of power outages this morning where dominion is reporting the majority of their power outages. around 5,000. most are in the arlington pentagon city and in alexandria as well. power outage outages are going to be the main concerns today as well as flooding in the streets. you can see that the traffic is moving here in this section of pentagon city. as tropical storm andrea made landfall yesterday moving her way up the coast there in florida, it spawned a few
5:39 am
tornadoes in that area that did cause some damage. some downed trees and power lines and damaged some buildings there. now as the storm is beginning to move closer to oury through georgia and later today making its way into south carolina and north carolina, a lot of those coastal communities and beaches are empty right now. a lot of people like to go to the beach in the summer months so there is some storm surge there and a possibility of high urf and rip tides as well. do minutian pour says they will be -- dominion power says they will be stick around. there could be some trees and branches that fall on to the power lines. they are looking to get the power restored as soon as possible. this building we're standing in front of right now didn't have power about two hours ago but the power was restored just efore 5:00 this morning.
5:40 am
abc 7 news. >> you can tell a lot of rain coming down around jumi. it is going to be a very busy weather day. >> rain is the big thing. this is a rainstorm for us. not a wind storm. the closer you to the coast, though, you will get some of the gusts at times. you can see a little chop in the ocean here. we're also seeing some of the -- in the awnings there off the balconies gusting in the wind at times. here things are calm for most part. rain has been light. not much more than a mist in washington, d.c. and a little off to the west, it is dry at this time. our rainfall since yesterday has been pretty hefty in a few spots. over an inch and a half at reagan. over an nitschke quantico as well. rainfall on top of that will be
5:41 am
somewhere in the range of 1-3 inches. future cast predicted rainfall here between now and saturday night showing about 2 1/2 inches or so in washington, d.c.. that's why we're concerned about flooding. a flash flood watch has been issued. rain and 72 at noon. heavy rain comes in this afternoon and evening. more details on andrea and what we can expect for your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes, but now we need to check on the roads. it has been a rough start already. >> it has been a rough start. monitoring several different incidents i around the beltway. right lane closed. believe it or not that is a slight improvement from earlier conditions traveling there on the outer loop. only the right lane is close. originally three right lanes were closed. stay to the left if you're traveling between van dorn anodizen hour.
5:42 am
be prepared for that. -- eisenhower. bright red on the outer loop just after van dorn due to that crash. also a incident on the inner loop at 355. left lane get there you go there. heavy traffic coming in through bethesda. i-925rks ramp to the outer loop still that is left lane closed. an accident there along the 11th street bridge. that is going to have the left lane closed as well. be prepared for those delays there. back to cynne and scott. >> thank you. 66 degrees. 5:43 is your time. > coming up,
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>> hi, cynne.
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i've been your boss for 5 1/2 years. we wish you the best of luck in [beep] and that's where we found you and that's where you're headed. everybody is going misyou. >> thank you so much, joe. i adore him. he has given me so many opportunities over the last 5 1/2 years. exactly 5 1/2 years today. >> it speaks volumes when your bozz says he is going to miss you. >> coming up as we say goodbye to cynne and we wish her well, we're going to take a look back at some of her best moments here at abc 7. >> find out why a new study may make women looking for a promotion at work frown. >> and one -- what stupes will have to carry on with them after graduation from high school. >> russia's president announced he and his wife are divorcing.
5:47 am
>> vladimir putin and his wife attended a ballet performance before announcing on takeover that their marriage is ending after nearly 30 years. the couple says they still hope to remain friends. mrs. putin has rarely been seen in public during her husband's long tenure in politics. russians generally keep their domestic lives out of public view. >> scores! >> the charlotte blackhawks are one win away from knocking out the defending champs. they take a 3-1 series lead over the kings. the series winner will represent the west in the stanley cup finals. meanwhile pittsburgh and boston, they play tonight. the bruins lead that series 3-0. >> meantime, the nba finals kicked off right here on abc 7. here is some of the action. >> hello again, everybody. let's start with the nba this morning. game one in the best of seven series and the san antonio spurs
5:48 am
played a relentless style of defense in miami. they put the handcuffs on lebron james most of the night. tim duncan with a buzzer beater. 20 for duncan. big night for tony parker. he had 21. this one to beat the the shot clock. reviewed it. it was good and the spurs win 92-88. san antonio stealing game one. the nats game that was postponed last night will be made up as part of a double herd july 26 with the mets. they picked a up jake johansson in the second round of the draft. >> redskins quarterback robert griffin 3rd came out to help a teammate for a good cause. >> that's right. they attended the all-white charity event. it was for the boys and girls club in washington, d.c. looking good out there. >> we talked with rg 3 about the
5:49 am
event's performance. >> it shows you how much unless as a professional athlete you have in the city and your community. pierre is doing a great job. getting all the players out here, getting everybody excited. not only for, the football team but for what we're doing in the community. >> it was a wonderful event. it raised more than $30,000. it is 5:49. we need to get a check on the weather this morning because the wet roads are slowing people down. >> absolutely. things are changing rapidly with the latest on andrea and our weather here. we have had light stuff so far this morning, kind of mist you but the steadier heavier rain will be coming up in a couple of hours. a tornado watch has been issued that includes parts of southern virginia. not here in our d.c. metro area
5:50 am
but something to keep in mind with tropical systems. that new watch in effect for southern virginia as well as eastern parts of north carolina until 1:00. how the andrea is quickly losing its tropical characteristics getting swept up with the cold front and that's why it is moving so quickly. moving at almost 30 miles per hour. it is going to be heading towards us very fast throughout the day. here is the steady rain with andrea just to our south. in two hours, we'll start to see more consistent bands. at times, we could get a thunderstorm with those bands as well and that's when we're going to start to see some of the heavier downpours. our best chance of the heavier, steadier rain is this afternoon and into the evening hours. quite a bit of moisture, about an inch and a half in d.c. since yesterday. a flood watch has been issued for the metro area and the areas off to the east.
5:51 am
most of the heavier showers will be along east of i-95. keep that in mind. as we take a look at the track of andrea, keep in mind it is going to be a rainstorm, not a wind storm. the stronger winds have stayed off the coast for the most part. it has been a lopsided system. it is very near delmarva. those of you in the mountain areas will be doing just fine. stay out of the water and you'll make it through it just fine today. here are some of the heavier rains this morning. you can see it is going to pick up this afternoon. heavy stuff for the drive home and then even after midnight tonight we'll start to sweep this out of here and just keep a couple of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow. 72 degrees in washington, d.c.. we have 61 in frederick. the temperature in culpeper, 66 degrees. high temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. tonight flash flooding still possible through the evening and cooling out overnight a bit. a few thunderstorms possible
5:52 am
mainly in the afternoon on saturday. sunday, you'll feel the humidity in the air. it is going to be hot and sticky with highs in the mid 80's. let's find out what's happening on the roadways this morning. it is a wet start. >> it is. we expect things to be very busy, jackie. we already have conditions on the outer loop improving. we'll start off with the good news and move our way back. right lane closed on the outer lane past van dorn. they had three lanes closed earlier. you can see things starting to move at a good clip. however we are still getting bright red on our mapping systems. we are seeing delays at van dorn on the outer loop coming from the springfield interchange is. the 11th street bridge left lane still closed. you need to stay to the right this morning. maybe use the douglas bridge instead. we also have that crash still block everything but that left lane on the inner loop just
5:53 am
after 355. it has the ramp closed as well with that tractor-trailer cleanup. the southbound ramp to the outer loop getting reports of standing water there. be prepared for a little bit of activity there as well. stay to the right. for now, i'll send it back over to you. >> thanks so much. it is 5:53. many americans expected to satisfy their sweet tooth today. >> wells fargo is agreeing to make improvements in minority neighborhoods hate the ervices. -- neighborhoods that it services. >> wells fargo will pay $39 million. this is a settlement with the u.s. department of housing and urban development. the national fair housing alliance found they violated the fair housing act. this is buying homes that have
5:54 am
in foreclosed on to remain dill an dated shape. that affects washington, d.c., prince george's county. i know you like sweets and hings that are free. dunkin' donuts and krispy kreme re laying out free promotions. i want to mention the krispy kreme in dupont circle is one of the places participating. in case you're wondering, it dates back to world were i. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. cynne, i just want to say goodbye and i wish you the best. loved working with you.
5:55 am
>> thank you. i think i'm going to drown my sorrows in doughnuts today. >> in honor in you. >> did you coordinate this for me? >> it is 66 degrees outside. >> coming up, a look at new movies hitting theaters this
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5:57 am
5:58 am
an.n a and in but you are nice and sweet and kind and down to earth and we will miss you so much. good luck. >> that is so sweet. , allison, a dear friend who has been amazing. >> she sums it up well for all of us. , thank you so much. >> we have been talking about the weather and really it could be the perfect time to check out a new movie. arch campbell has a look at what is new on the big screen. wittmann and a one wilson set their sights on google on " the internship" to build on their success on "the wedding crashers." >> they lose their jobs and pin their hopes on google.
5:59 am
don't expect anything new. startsorth a couple of with a pg-13 but it is by the numbers laughs. honors goes movie to "the kings of summer" where three teenagers run away to a house they built in the woods. it feels like this year's answer to "little miss sunshine." four-star best that. best.t abc 7ch campbell, entertainment. captioned by the national captioning institute toppled trees, flooded roads and tornado debris. that is what andrea left behind in florida and now


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