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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  June 17, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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prepares to attend the g-8 summit. >> and traffic is flowing freely again on 95, the gridlockgoddess will help you get around the mess this morning. looks like some traffic out there this morning. good morning everyone, i'm greta kreuz. >> and i'm brad bell. let's get a look at the forecast with jacqui jeras. >> good morning guys. be aware there's a chance of a few showers this morning and then again this afternoon. our super doppler 7 is showing a little bit of light rain in few kier county, stafford southern maryland, and in charles county. this is all very light. you hardly need windshield wipers with this. want you to know it's out there along with the cloud cover. 74 in d.c., 64 in gaithersburg, 70 in manassas and 72 in culpeper. our express forecast we'll show you there is a chance of a shower through about
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mid-morning, then mid to late this afternoon. our highs will be in the mid to upper 80s. a little more sunshine down the line, more details from that in the belfort furniture center in a few minutes. 95 amanda what's the update? >> finally things getting cleared. they had traffic stopped on 95 in the models due to an overturned vehicle. it took longer to get that cleared. this is the backup you're dealing with. this is from our news chopper 7. you can see the hovs are sitting slow and that's because they had to shut down all lanes three different times over the last hour and 15 minutes to get that crash cleared. now monitoring conditions there and they have all lanes open now. you can see the four lanes are heavy but steady and then the models are just bumper-to-bumper. you can see on our vdot camera things are moving there in the models those are the lanes to the left, the three lanes are
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the ones to the right, this is where that crash was they'd just gotten that out of the way. all emergency vehicles are out of there. you will be moving soon but i would avoid those models and stick with the through lanes on 95 northbound as you come into the beltway on edsall road. 295 starting to flow to the 11th street bridge keep that in mind 95 in virginia building in stafford and quantico as well. i'm amanda meadows back to you. >> we want to remind you you can get all of amanda's traffic updates on air online, you can follow her on twitter on gridlockgoddess. >> new this morning in southeast d.c., police are investigating after two people were shot, including a teenager. >> john gonzalez is live in the 4900 block of g street with more. >> greta and brad, this hour police investigating a double shooting on g street in a section of the city quite
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frankly that is no stranger to crime but we can tell you this latest case the two victims are very young including a 17-year-old girl shot inside an apartment here on g street and southeast. this is near the intersection of east capitol street to give you a lay of the land. after police arrived after reports of gunshots they found not only a young girl but also a young man wounded. he's believed to be 20 years old. our cameras captured him being carried on a gurney from the looks of the location of his bandages it appears he was shot or wounded injured somehow in the upper left leg. police say he was also shot in the face. he was transported by ambulance as was the 17-year-old girl who was shot in both legs, police say. now, as for the motive, well, police say they're not sure, they're not sure if the victims lived inside this apartment building but they know they're looking for at least one suspect, more than likely more than one. right now the getaway car they
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believe, a silver car. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc7. >> john, thanks the update. 6:04, president obama is in northern ireland this morning. he's urging youth to keep to the deal that brought peace to the troubled region. he talked to an audience in belfast an hour ago, that peace is the blueprint for them living in conflict all over the world. later today the president will talk about foreign policy and economic issues with world leaders at the g-8 summit and we're going to have much more on the summit in a live report coming up at 6:30. >> well, it is 6:05 and 71 degrees outside. still ahead on "good morning, washington," firefighters are making progress finally progress out west. >> that's good news. coming up, the latest on the battle to knock out those wildfires in colorado.
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>> back with you now at 6:08 and look at that beautiful picture of our iconic architecture. the capitol the national -- excuse me, the library of congress in the background, beautiful beautiful picture. >> so far so good jacqui. you said it might be a little bit lighter today? >> on stand by, a couple showers central virginia, maryland, drier in the district, that will be the rule and i think the showers will be an exception today. 74 temperature, kennedy center overcast at this time with relatively light winds out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour. we look at the storm scan, there you can see the showers moving through richmond stretching over the delmarva, to the carolinas and the deep south. if you're traveling today there will likely be airport delays in place like charlotte as well as atlanta. doing ok in d.c. you can see this frontal zone kind of stalled out so this air mass developing across the
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southeast. forecast for today, partly sunny skies, couple showers here and there hour u our high temperatures will be in the mido upper 80s. i'll have your seven-day forecast and when things look drier. time for traffic, here's amanda. >> monitoring conditions coming into 95 due to an accident earlier at edsall road. all lanes are cleared now but this is a shot from our news chopper 7 showing the backup. you can see the models are starting to pick up, the three lanes are picking up the overflow traffic because people are trying to avoid the models. all lanes in the hov northbound closed for some time on and off. you're getting that backup, though, in the through lanes and that's where that traffic is inching along going along 95 northbound into the beltway. you can see on our shot in that area from our camera system that things are moving heavy but steady through that area but the hov has all lanes open at this time.
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that's good news. heading over to our mapping system the bright red coming into 95 and into 95, 95 northbound residual delays, back to fairfax county parkway we're getting reports up there and that's just before edsall, again, all lanes cleared now in the hov from frederick down from clarksburg southbound leave yourself extra time there. we also have got a smooth roll on each side of the beltway, virginia as well as the maryland side after you come in on prince george's county and through montgomery county, bridges either on the beltway. for now i'll send it back to greta and brad. >> we've got your backyard camping. >> swimming with shark. i think that might be a shark all
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>> "good morning, washington," welcome back, i'm meteorologist jacqui jeras time for the bus stop forecast, some of you aren't in school but some schools are in session looking at arlington schools, the last day of school is wednesday. countdown is on. 71 is your temperature. here's what you can expect through the day. 74 degrees, mostly cloudy at pickup, recess partly cloudy 83 degrees perhaps an isolated shower or thunderstorm at 3:00 4:00 when the bus gets you home with 86 degrees. i'll have your seven-day forecast two minutes away, right back to you greta and brad. >> a different topic now president obama's approval ratings, they're plunging. >> jummy olabanji with the
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numbers jummy. >> the president's approval rating has dropped over eight points to 45% that's the lowest rating in more than a year and a half. the president's rating up 54% in mid-may, it's been an interesting couple months for this administration, as you'll recall, since reelection the benghazi with the ambassador being killed the irs scandal and now the nsa surveillance program. according to this new cnn poll that was just released this morning all of this might be catching up to the president. according to cnn his ratings are also going down with african americans and with voters under the age of 30. we know those are two groups that have helped him get reelected. we'll have much more and post it online on >> jummy, thank you very much. the most destructive wildfire in colorado history is now 65% contained. evacuees are eager to return, of course. it's still not safe because the
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dry grass and trees could quickly reignite if the wind stirs up hot spots. officials suspect the black forest wildfire was deliberately set and said they're narrowing in on a suspect. >> 6:16 and jacqui jeras has joined us now for weather. first day of summer is this week. >> yes. >> feels like summer. >> meteorological summer, the summer solstice. longest day of the year i know got to love it looking forward to increased chances of sunshine, right later in the week. we've got a lot of cloudiness to start us out here this morning, it's kind of warm and muggy. we've seen a couple showers well to the south of the metro area. most of that has really stayed into southern maryland. let's go ahead and take the map and take a look where those showers have been. charles county, st. mary's and charles county, sprinkles here and there and that will stay to the south with chances, once
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again, in the middle of the afternoon. 74 degrees in washington d.c. our dew point is 65 so that's a measure of the moisture in the atmosphere. and when we're in the mid 60s it does feel a little bit uncomfortable. 64 gaithersburg, 75 in quantico and 72 degrees in culpeper. yesterday we made it up to 87 degrees. the average high today is 85. the average low is 67. so we're better than the average low and we should probably be a few degrees better than the average as well. we've got a frontal boundary that's going to kind of set up shop near us the next couple days so that means we'll see i will impulses along the front giving us isolated thunderstorms. 30% chance today, the computer model forecast, could either be isolated showers and thunderstorms mid to late this afternoon. been drying up overnight, weically our chances tomorrow will be a little bit better.
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50-60% isolatessed thunderstorms. and a few early and then start to clear things out of here. forecast for the day a few showers, highs in the mid to upper 80s. a stray shower or storm, mostly cloudy overnight. our low temperature between 65-70 degrees and your seven-day forecast showing you lighten things up by the end of the week. summer solstice friday and weekend hot upper 80s to around 90 degrees. it's the time of weather that's good for camping, how about it meteorologist adam, spider-man nice, adam, the great american campout is this weekend. what do you have for us? >> we're previewing the great american campout. you're supposed to enjoy the outdoors in your backyard. we're in north bethesda having so much fun. i've got to get up here and get moving rise out of the at the present time.
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ahh. saturday is the big event for the great american backyard campout. people just go outside in your backyard, that's it, pop a tent, what are some other activities. >> there are lots of different things you can do, you can go for a hike, you can do a photo scavenger hunt using your iphone star-gazing sing songs and activities just being outside and connecting with your family. >> we had this going earlier you can see the remnants of our s'mores, nice hot fire ready for the marshmallow. another fun activity is a little hide and seek kids, wonder where they are this morning could anybody possibly be in this tent? ahh! we gotcha. ranger rick could be hiding, ranger rick, where's ranger rick where could he be? ranger rick! he's here. you can have a lot of fun.
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c'mon guys john john, where are you where are you, saturday is going to be dry. you zipped it on me, i see, you keep zipping it up on me. weather's going to be dry. warm in the 80s for highs over the weekend. what we're looking at as for now is dry and that's the key. having fun? say good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> all right, back to amanda with the commute. >> well we've still got very big delays coming into the beltway on 95 northbound. overflow traffic in the lane i just spoke with wtop, the traffic center, all lanes are open in the hov things are moving right along. use the hov that's your best bet because you've got the overflow traffic and that's going to be in the outside lanes headed northbound. this is 95 coming into the
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beltway, you can see steady flow there. our mapping system shows us those delays coming in from norton to springfield about 20 miles per hour. pregnant significant delays. 95 northbound hov all lanes are cleared coming in from the maryland side of 95 looking good, starting to build volume on the outer loop through montgomery county. if you want more details on that crash or other incidents on the -- on the roads, you can always put it on 103.5 fm wtop. for now i'll send it back to greta and brad. >> amanda, thank you much. >> new yorkers may soon have to separate -- here's america's monday. >> topping america's money. the national debate gun control, record sales for gun makers.
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42% the year before. general motors recalling suvs because they catch fire. 2006 and 2007 chevy blazer envoy, and it affects vehicles sold and registered in 27 states. cincinnati plane landing in washington. first attempt to fly across the u.s. without any fuel. journey set for next month. new yorkers may soon need to separate their food scraps. the city is working on a composting program that handles 100,000 tons of food all year. some will start off voluntarily. that's america's monday, i'm diana perez.
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>> welcome back to telephone title. a florida teenager has a whale of a tale to tell after a recent fishing trip in the gulf of mexico. >> 19-year-old chris cray was involved when he ran into a whale shark, one of the world's largest, the biggest fish. he jumped into the water, grabbed the fish's fin rode for a few seconds. he wasn't hurt but they don't recommend riding these things because it can be harmful to both the fish and the human. >> 6:27. still have another half hour of "good morning, washington" ahead. >> jacqui and amanda are back with what you need to know before you go after you get dress
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>> straight ahead at 6:30 we're live after two people are shot including a teenager. >> plus president obama delivers a message of hope in ireland as he prepares for a meeting with other world leaders. >> find out why a library it has a domino effect on the summer reading program. i'm brad bell. >> i'm greta kreuz. checking in on the weather with jacqui jeras. another hot one. >> chances of showers 30% shot. we've been seeing a few of them already to the south of the district and heading into southern maryland. most of us have been dry through the overnight, however, and most of the rain has not been measurable. 74 degrees in washington d.c. mostly cloudy skies and the dew point's at 65, yep a little bit on the sticky side. weather headlines a few showers possible through the early part of the week, increasing sunshine in the latter part of the week.
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we'll watch for improvements and really looking a lot like summer by the end of the week. seven-day forecast from the belfort furniture weather center but problems on 95 earlier. >> we did have early problems on 95. we also picked up a crash in the backup heading into that area in the through lanes. monitoring conditions right now norton, this is going to have a crash working northbound there in the brake lights near mile marker 163 the left center lane is closed. we're clearing the hov, though. we've got reports from the wtop callers that things are moving along smoothly in the area and moving along in the hov. this is a chopper shot, you can see all is open in the hov and rolling along. heavy on the through lanes with that overflow and that manassas
6:32 am
66, beltway. frederick, grurg very heavy on 270, you can see on a live shot from that area, near father hurley very, very heavy. no reports of any incidents, eye on the backup on 270 south. for now i'll send it back over to greta and brad. >> get amanda's traffic updates on air and online, you can follow her on twitter @gridlockgoddess. >> people investigate after two are shot including a teenage girl in southeast. it happened in the 4900 block of g street. >> that's right, john gonzalez is live in southeast with the story this morning. john what's the update? >> well, greta and brad, it's still unclear this hour, how the victims are connected, if they're related perhaps or they live here but we can tell you they're definitely young a 17-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man both found shot in an apartment here on g street
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in southeast d.c., this is near benning road. neighbors heard a lot of gunshots just before 2:00 this morning. we captured video of a man on a gurney in only his boxers. police say he was shot in the face. we also spotted bandages on his upper left leg. the teenager was shot in both legs both victims are alive in the hospital in serious condition at this hour. the nature of the crime here still unknown. police say they're searching for a motive, trying to figure out who shot these people. they have a lookout, they say the getaway car may have been a silver car and that's all we have right now. reporting live in southeast washington, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> john, thank you much. turning now to the day ahead president obama and the first family are in ireland right now for the g-8 summit. he'll be joining the world's other powerful leaders to talk about a number of topics. >> our brie and carter is in our satellite center with more.
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>> good morning the president arrived in belfast earlier this morning alongside the first family. he spoke to a group of young people asking them to continue to push for peace. now, sections of that country have experienced decades of sectarian violence and divided neighborhoods but progress has been made over the past 15 years. this morning the president highlighting all of that, called ireland a blueprint for those living amid conflict around the world. the call between catholics and protestants. the president, though urged young people to keep the peace. >> this work is as urgent now as it's ever been because there's more to lose now than there's ever been. in today's hyperconnected world what happens here has an impact on lives far from these green shores and if you continue your courageous path toward a permanent peace and all the social and economic benefits that have come with it, that
6:35 am
would not just be good for you it will be good for the entire island, the united kingdom the europe and the world. >> speaking of the world the president headed now to meet with world leaders at the g-8 summit the two-day meeting expected to focus on free trade, syria. vladimir putin and president obama are expected to meet later today. brianne carter, abc7 news. >> thank you, brie and. three dozen people shot over the father's day's weekend in chicago. >> jummy olabanji at the live desk with more. >> the windy city has been dealing with a major gang violence problem for quite some time now and this weekend things simply got out of control. according to the "chicago tribune" from friday to sunday 46 people were shot and seven were killed. the youngest victim, just 16 years old.
6:36 am
last year about this same time there were 53 people shot, nine of them, a rash of shootings, chicago has seen a large in overall homicides and shooting numbers this year, greta and brad, back to you. >> thank you for that update. 6:36 and 71 degrees. still ahead on "good morning, washington," squabbling with your siblings can have the same impact as getting bullied in school. >> while it could soon become a reality to pay $50 just to see a
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>> good morning westridge. hey, you could be in one of those videos. send us a short of your "good morning, washington" greeting. see if you can be that clever. we may play it on the air. e-mail it, 10-15 second video clip or youtube clip to our web site. be sure you end it by saying "good morning washington." >> a lot of talent out there. 6:41 and time to check with jacqui on this monday morning jacqui. >> good morning guys. kind of a cloudy start. we got a couple of breaks. you're seeing a little bit of the sunshine. got a nice, orange glow to the sky 30 minutes. 74 degrees is our temperature as we look at the lincoln and jefferson memorial with the tidal basin. it's kind of muggy and humid. had a few showers in the
6:41 am
overnight. staying well south of the metro area. skirting parts of virginia, richmond southern maryland delmarva peninsula. chances of rain are there today but minimal. 20-30% chance, through mid-morning today and then again later this afternoon. in between mixture of sun and clouds and high in the mid to upper 80s. bus stop forecast, that's right school's not out for everybody, that's in a few minutes check on traffic with amanda. >> big delays 95 on the beltway from wharton. new crash adding to the delays coming in from that 95 crash. this is a shot from our news chopper 7. you can see the is moving right along now but the through lanes are where you're having problems. heavy traffic coming in the morning northbound on 95 toward the beltway and then that crash is getting that overflow traffic. caused that overflow traffic. 95 northbound wharton, left lane
6:42 am
exit. 95 northbound, earlier crash cleared all things moving. water main break. we have a live shot there. you can see that water causing problems so please avoid that area if possible. back to you. >> ok, amanda, thank you, still to come, a key vote could mean more money for local teachers. >> find out why a library hope its new world record has a domino effect on its summer reading program. 6:43
6:43 am
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>> "good morning, washington" and good morning arlington. yep, you're still in school today but washington lee high school looks like wednesday's your last day, only two more days, you can get through it. 71 degrees is our temperature and it's a muggy start. bus stop forecast for you today 74 degrees and mostly cloudy. pickup time, breaks and a little bit of sunshine, 83 degrees. slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm when the bus gets you home between 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon with the temperature around 86 degrees.
6:45 am
more weather in our seven-day forecast. more when we see you then. >> around the region teachers in anne arundel county could get pay raises. the school board votes for thousands of employees. if passed cost of living adjustments could take effect next month and salary step increases would begin early next month. the board president said the money for the increases is available but officials are still investigating. >> setting dozens of fires on virginia's eastern shore are expected today. charles smith and tanya bundlic are charged with arson and conspiracy to commit arson, they say two are responsible for 77 arsons on the eastern shore since last fall. they were arrested in april. court documents indicate smith told investigators he torched 52 unoccupied buildings and bundlic set fire to 15. >> redevelopments in the case of
6:46 am
private first class bradley manning he's charged with leaking classified documents to wikileaks. dispute over access to public court records in his trial is moving from a military court to a civilian one. constitutional right to accessing documents in the ongoing case. that organization's lawyers will present their arguments beginning today in federal court in baltimore. >> around the nation a former hit man is set today to testimony against whitey bulger. he's one of three that got released after striking a deal to testify in bulger's trial. the 83-year-old bulger is accused of committing 19 murders in the '70s and '80s. >> jury collection resumes in a trial charged with killing unarmed teen trayvon martin. george zimmerman's attorney said he's confident he can pick a jury in the florida county where the 17-year-old was shot last year.
6:47 am
both sides are seeking a pool of 40 potential jurors before moving to a second round of questioning. zimbabwe has pled not guilty to second-degree murder. >> a chinese activist said caught up in the middle of u.s.-china relations. he said he's being forced to leave new york university over fears he's affecting the school's relationship with china. he escaped from house arrest in beijing last year. university spokesman said that's not the case. he points out his fellowship is coming to an end. >> and 7 is on your side inside to the effects of sibling bullying. researchers say even mild acts of aggression are just as detrimental as the bullying many children experience at school. children face just one relatively mild act of bullying suffer greater distress than those are not. 9 and under were more distressed
6:48 am
than teenaged counterparts. >> jellyfish could bring internet access to 5 million people. testing in new zealand. you can connect to network if you're in 25 miles of a balloon. this kind of a technology could be key during natural disasters. the project is still years away from actually taking off. >> the director who brought us star wars is predicting you'll soon be playing a lot more -- the box office a lot more -- terrible. >> george lucas said it's because blockbuster budgets keep getting bigger and bigger got to spend more money. made a ticket for world war z. for $50 you can see brad pitt save the world two days before everyone else you also get a digital copy of the movie, custom 3-d glasses a poster and a small a small box of popcorn.
6:49 am
>> $50. brad pitt better be in front of me. >> good movie weather the next couple days. got a chance of showers in the forecast. it's a little cloudy and overcast and humid this morning but all in all not a terrible day to look forward to. as we take a look at our satellite and radar composite picture, we've had some sprinkles, most of that is pushing toward delmarva. watching southern parts of pennsylvania. it's not made over the state line but we'll watch that closely for you. it's not much more than sprinkles, not much rainfall but to let you know it's out there. the dew point is at 65 so when you're in the mid 60s that's
6:50 am
pretty uncomfortable for most people. 64 is the temperature on the thermometer in gaithersburg, 66 in martinsburg. yesterday 87 degrees. our days are getting longer and longer with the summer solstice arriving on friday. keep that in mind. today a mixture of sun and clouds and a frontal boundary struggling over our area impulses along that and that will trigger a chance of a shower and isolated thunderstorm this afternoon. you can see futurecast picking that up. and drying up a little bit more overnight we'll have an increased chance of more widespread showers tuesday into wednesday start to dry things up. forecast for today, partly sunny skies a few showers are possible, 85-89 degrees. for tonight mostly cloudy a stray storm possible mostly early and dry conditions overtime.
6:51 am
seven-day forecast showing a 50/50 shot of showers on tuesday. mostly early in the day on wednesday and dry things up to end the week and looking for a hot weekend ahead, pushing 90 degrees by your sunday. that's the latest on the forecast. let's find out how the roads are, hopefully better amanda? >> delays coming in 95 toward the beltway headed northbound. the hov is doing much better, we've got a shot from news chopper 7 that shows us that we are going to have activity there on the route shoulder. this is 95 at wharton you can see slowing there as well. two tractor-trailers looks like they're involved. they have the left center lane closed that's improvement you'll have to stay in the middle through lanes. 95 at wharton mile marker 163 we can see on our mapping system that things are moving slowly coming into the beltway and into wharton. once you get past there, you are starting to move along still heavy but steady coming into the beltway past edsall due to the
6:52 am
earlier activity on 395. a water main break working, that will slow things down as quaker lane closed in both directions through alexandria. we also have a shot of 270 in maryland south of father hurley running heavy as well. slow going traffic you can see. live from the wtop traffic center i'm amanda meadows. >> good monday morning. coming up on the heavy wildfires in colorado. this morning agents from the atf are on their way to the state to investigate was this fire, now the largest in the state's history started on purpose. are they looking at arson? we're live on the scene with answers next right here on "good morning america." >> thanks, jar. 6:53, time for monday express. >> john gonzalez in d.c. john.
6:53 am
>> greta and brad d.c. police at this hour searching for the suspect or suspects who shot a 17-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man both found in an apartment in southeast d.c. the man shot in the face the 17-year-old girl shot in both legs. they're both in serious condition at the hospital this hour. police, in the meantime searching for a silver getaway car. brie and? >> president obama and the first family in ireland where the president is attending the g-8 summit. he spoke to young people in ireland. he spoke about decades of sectarian violence and the significant progress that's been made over the past 15 years but the president urged young people to keep pushing for peace jummy. >> a government official said the u.s. and cuba will resume talks on restarting direct mail service. officials for both countries
6:54 am
will meet in d.c. tomorrow and wednesday to see if anything can be done to end the 50-year suspension of direct mail. talks in the past have been on hold since 2009. >> thank you. now here's what you need to know before you go. >> we'll learn more today about an aircraft billed as the world's most advanced solar powered plane. >> people behind solar impulse which landed at dulles will talk about it today. >> at&t will get free emergency alerts on their iphones. the wireless carrier began installing the mandatory updates this weekend. >> producers of the possible netflix house of power plan to film scenes at the statehouse in annapolis. >> for more information on any of these stories just go to our website >> jacqui is now with us again. beautiful day. >> yeah, not bad. a mix of sunshine and clouds
6:55 am
today. warm and on the muggy side. mid to upper 80s for today. that's the latest on the forecast. brieadam has a preview of the great american camp out. >> we're having blast. we're playing in the tent. what are you looking forward to most for the great american camp out. >> the s'mores. >> the s'mores. bubble gum for little kids and we have our binoculars to do some bird spotting and birdwatching and bug spotting around here. saturday for the great american campout should be dry and fairly sunny evening hours 80s dropping into the 70s go to amanda, take it away with the commute. >> we have a chopper shot of the earlier crash along 95 at wharton. earlier delays due to a crash on 395. you can see that shoulder activity's to the right.
6:56 am
95 bright red on our mapping system coming into wharton due to that crash and that disabled vehicle we just showed. for now i'll send it back to you. >> before we go public library kicking off summer reading program by setting a new world record. >> the volunteers out there lined up 2,131 books in a domino chain and then knocked then down. it took the volunteers seven and a half hours and five failed attempts to set up the chain. the books are donated or retired and being sold as a fundraiser. that looks like a lot of fun. >> that's a lot of books. >> look at that. it goes and goes and goes and goes. >> oh. oh wow. >> love to be the one that pushes it. >> yeah. >> that does it for "good morning, washington" this
6:57 am
morning. "good morning america" is next. >> news channel 8. we'll see you again at noon. have a great day everybody.
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february 22nd. a lalandmark transportation bill is up for consideration in the virginia legislature. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell, tea party republicans refuse to support the plan. but terry mcauliffe thinks this is too important a time for partisan politics. mcauliffe reaches out to democrats and urges them to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. good morning, america. breaking overnight, brand-new spy games revealed right out of a hollywood thriller. the u.s. and britain eavesdropping on world leaders even hacking the e-mails of the russian president as president obama arrives in northern ireland for high-level talks today. developing now brand-new hot spots as more blazes break out in the west.


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