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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 4, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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could be developing. our weather headlines today, back in the 80s. humid at times and patchy fog expected in the outlying yours but it won't be enough to limit your commute. big changes ahead by monday. we will talk about the latest of tropical storm karen. let's go to traffic. hey, amanda. >> hi, jacqui. we're starting with an accident at route 50 and virginia that has all lanes closed. be prepared to use that stretch of highway just after sully road, you will get diverted this morning and detoured around that. police are on scene investigating that crash. all lanes are open on 66 and virginia. 270 southbound before 370 working a construction zone there so you may run into a few
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minor to moderate delays at gaithersburg. beach drive is still closed down, that is going to be between that broad branch area as well as wise road, so be prepared. that is going on a few days now, but it is still closed down through the weekend. i'll send it back over to you. >> thank you, amanda. it is that calm after the storm. >> after the car tried to dry into the capitol, we have the latest. john? >> this was a wild scene on capitol hill. in the midst of a government shutdown the capitol building behind us was locked down, this was weeks after the navy yard shooting that left 12 people dead. this all started around 2:00 in
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the afternoon when the 34-year-old wol, now identified as miriam carey tried to essentially infiltrate the white house by using her car as a battering ram. the secret service surrounded her with guns drawn but somehow she managed to maneuver around and took off. a high speed chase ensued through the streets of downtown d.c. and that's when police started spraying that infinity with bullets. now, the chase continued for over a while. while all of this is going on, there was a toddler in the backseat, strapped to the back seed of that black sports car. a capitol police officer tried to stop the woman as she gets closer and closer to the capitol gets airlifted to the hospital after his cruiser was badly wrecked. you can see a number of people just hanging out as this unfolded.
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reason to how two of them describe it. >> i was really shock mood is quite rapid. it was like boom, people, boom, boom. >> about 30 seconds later, at this point, there was about three or four cop cars. it was fantastic. >> a secret service member and member of the capitol police are expected to recover. the little 1 year old girl was not harmed. john gonzalez,ics news. >> -- abc7 news. >> many say they had no idea anything was wrong until phones started vibrating. >> we not the notice like everyone else did over our phones. >> we were in the grassway, where people park, and they told us to come back and get behind a car.
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>> one senator was pulled into the senate chamber by a capitol police officer. he and three other lawmakers had to stay in that chamber during the lock down. coming up in a few moments, one of the major unanswered questions this morning. who was miriam carey? we have the latests as investigators try to figure out what caused her to lead this chaotic chase. >> 4:35 now, and we're going to turn to the government shutdown. as we head into day four, president obama canceled his trip to asia. now the attention turns to the debt ceiling. main say the two issues are now linked. "the new york times" reports speaker john boehner reported he will not let the u.s. default on october 17. lawmakers say boehner promised to raise the debt ceiling, even if most of the votes come from democrats.
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>> and another effect from the shutdown, the september jobs report. officials say they're too short handed to get the information out. there is no word on when or if the report will be released. the last team it was delayed was in 1996, during the last shutdown. >> a check on this morning's business headlines. a data breech for millions of users of adobe programs and this involved stolen personal data of customers. >> let's get to bloomberg's linda bell with that and a preview of how the markets are shaping up. >> good friday morning. the s&p 500 index dropped most of the month as the government shutdown drags down. this morning, we have stock futures little changed. the question, you do use adobe system software. if you do, a hack attack you should know about. hackers stole the personal data of 3 million customers, including names and credit card numbers. it goes with the popular
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programs of acrobat and cold fuse. they're advising people to reset passwords and it is offering the option of enrolling in a one year complimentary credit member. i will have more details in the next hour. linda bell reports for abc7 news. back to you. >> thank you, linda. 4:37 this friday morning. >> now some national guard troops are being ca
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>> welcome back. 4:40 on this friday. all of us looking forward a weekend hoping jacqui can replicate what we've seen all weekend long. >> we have rumblings of rain. >> say please. >> not over here. >> we need rain but we don't have it for the weekend. yay, let's cheer. it looks gray, a stray shower possible in the rest of d.c., but that's it. everything is happening on monday so keep it in mind. your monday commute, put that in the back of your head, the rain could be heavy at times. 68 degrees this morning. oh, that feels good. 61 at dulles . 61 at gaithersburg.
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pas in manassas 59. we have a few clouds around but notice a disturbance here. showers to the west it fizzled out and didn't make it over the mountains. we could pop a stray shower with elevation but everybody else will be fine. it looks like glorious day amount few clouds, 70 degrees. 83 degrees at noon. 5:00, 86. the high 87. we expect more of the same through the weekend. look at this, picture perfect and still feeling like october, or warm-tober. mid to upper 80s and partly cloudy skies. we will have more details with the partly cloudy skies and who could happen in the tropics. that is coming up in a few minutes. let's go to traffic with amanda. >> thank you, jacqui. saturday looks beautiful with that festival going on. a couple of us will be out there. we've got an accident on the
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roadways so we will head straight to route 50 in virginia. all the lanes shutdown eastbound. that is near route 28. in f you use 50 just after sully road, you will get detours after 28. 66 is the alternate instead. 395 be just wrapped up a construction zone so looking great now, no problems or delays at the 14th street bridge. light traffic conditions at this time coming in the beltway, depending which way you're headed. that crash on route 50 has all haines closed at virginia. you can listen to 103.5 fm once you get in your car. traffic on the 8s and when it breaks. back to you. >> thank you.
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4:42. >> we have new information we're learning this morning about miriam carey. the woman police
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>> more now on one of our top stories this morning at 4:45. we are on day four of the government shutdown. the house of representatives could vote today on legislation that could help federal workers,
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giving them the full load of missed pay when the government reopens. senate democrats say they will not support the deal to open the government on a piecemeal basis. >> this morning at 4:46, so many questions still after the chaotic chase and shooting at the u.s. capitol. andrew spencer has more as we try to figure out who miriam carey was. [siren blaring] >> [bleep] >> video shows the chaos when a patrol car crashes into the barrier. officials haven't been able to answer me questions about the 179, miriam carey, or her relatives. her family gathered. >> of course they're shocked. friends and family members, how this whole thing occurred. no one knows the exact circumstance of how this really occurred.
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>> after the shooting that left carey dead, they searched her apartment. >> they said it is a sensitive are area. after running i have five to 10 minutes to get all my stuff and get out for the next eight or so hours. >> keep in mind, as you watch this, there is a 1-year-old child inside this black infinity. the driver strike as barrier, backs into a patrol car and than speeds away. officers open fire, not mowing about the child. police caught the driver a few blocks away, opening fire again, this time killing the woman. the 1 year old appeared to be okay. the chase started at the white house where the woman stopped the car at a security check point. she was later found to be unarmed but she used her car as a weapon, strikeing a secret service officer before speeding away. >> in indiana, a doctor faces criminal charges for pulling a gun on a driver.
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the victim captured it all on cell phone video. doctor dobins pleaded not guilty. a screen grab of the video appears to show smoke coming out of the barrel. >> i'm sick ever since it happened. just sick to my stomach. if we can just go back and him, you know, like i say, flip me the finger instead of the gun, i would be a lot happier. >> records show dobins lost his medical license because of unauthorized prescriptions of oxycodone. >> this morning, illegal immigration will be able to get valid driver's licenses. california officials estimate nearly 1,375,000,000 illegal immigrations who apply for --
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1.5 million illegal immigration who apply for driver's license get e get one. >> now the national guard is being called back to deal with tropical storm karen. about 1,000 civilians from the national guard were sent home. 10 were called back on thursday and 25 more today and dozens more could be calls back, depending how bad the storm is. >> 4:49 is your time. time to check on the forecast. i know we're keeping a close eye on karen. >> absolutely. everything an effect on us somehow, some way. let's talk to jacqui jeras but how that could affect us. >> the remnants of karen will make its way here on monday. still a little bit of uncertainty what impact it will have on our area, but reasonably, we could expect a few inches of rain as karen gets hooked up with the cold front. we still have a couple more nice
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days to enjoy so the timing is good. 61 at dulles. 61 in gaithersburg. culpepper at 61. 59 in winchester. if you notice, there is quite a bit of humidity in the air and that is translating to a little bit of fog with the calm winds. be aware patchy fog could be a possibility but i don't think it will limit you. culpepper is down to a third of a mile, so watching that closely. two-mile visibility in manassas so some spots will see that fog. the wind has a westerly component today so we will stay in this warm sector. we have this very potent cold front across the nation's midsection today and that will likely trigger severe weather in minnesota and iowa. that is going to be heading our way. about the same time, the tropical storm will come up from the northern gulf coast and likely make a hook to the right. karen now producing winds 65
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miles per hour. it is not going to be a terribly strong storm but it is going to be a big rain maker so lots of flooding expected for the southern states here. by the time it reaches our state, it will reach a lot of its punch and no longer be tropical but adding energy and lift and moisture in the atmosphere than that cold front will do, and that comes in on monday. the details today, partly cloudy and warm amount stray shower possible in the mountains of the otherwise, upper 80s. look at that weekend, temperatures in the mid 80s still. heavy rainfall possible on monday. dying down tuesday morning and feeling more like october next week. amanda? >> we're still watching route 50, this is going to be in shan tilly, virginia. we're getting word from our traffic tracker they're starting to clear the last pieces of a parts of this accident. just after sully road, all lanes shut down. it should be clearing soon but we will give you up to the
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minute details on that as soon as we hear all routes are back open. route 50 eastbound, they will detour you at route 28. 66 might be a better bet you are headed eastbound through virginia this morning. 270 moving along, 72 miles per hour. fast for that stretch of high. still, delay free conditions. 95 is moving right along, as well. we got word that that earlier construction near fairfax county park way mass wrapped so you can see light conditions in both direction on that live shot there. heading back to the live maps, you can see the bright green coming in and out of newington. maybe a few residual delays there, southbound out of the beltway. really not too bad for this time of the morning. 395 between the beltway and 14th street bridge, delay free. i will send it back to you. >> all right, amanda. 4:52 now. 65 degrees often this friday. >> last night's "scandal" premier did not disappoint. plenty of fans are still talking about it this morning.
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coming up, we will take amme
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>> now to the television addiction many of you were waiting for all summer long. the run of abc's hit show "scandal", and many are still talking about it this morning. hundreds packed the park at 14th street to see all the excitement last night. this is one of several watch heards across the d.c. region. abc7 spoke absolutely with the
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woman who was the he inspiration for the hit show about olivia pope and what is in store for hear. >> what is interesting, by around the country and talk to a lot of women about her character. the thing that they love is she is not a perfect person. i think for a crisis manager, instead of handling the crisis, she is the crisis. we will see how that unfolds. >> yesterday on abc7 news at 11:00, she tells us the advice she would give olivia pope now that she has been outed as a president's other woman. this morning, people are talking about pro golfers davis love's new pet. >> lindsay vaughn borrowed it to play a voke on tiger woods. they have a squirrel. she is going to put the squirrel
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on tiger's shoulder. and it is going to take him a second to notice it [laughter] this is great. oh, yeah. he did not think it was as funny as she did, clearly, tiger, he is a champ. he was just trying to visualize his next shop but she seems to enjoy it thoroughly, him, not so much. afterdegrees. still ahead on good morning washington. a bizarre twist from the government shutdown. some federal workers are not getting paid by the people they're guarding you are. >> police investigate that deadly shooting on capitol
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>> the calm after the storm. we have everything you need to know after that police chase and deadly shooting. >> a warning now about miriam carey as the f.b.i. searches two homes overnight. good morning, washington at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. >> live from the abc7 broadcast centers, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning, washington. i'm scott thuman. >> i'm jummy olabanji. we also have live team coverage from the


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