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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 4, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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who was in the backseat of the car the whole time had gone to connecticut police last wasmber, worried carey delusional, that she thought president obama have put her home under surveillance. still many question why carey drove here to washington. his security working right? a capitol police officer was injured when the safety barrier went up while his cruiser was in on the chase. most of all, when will i get back to normal? >> it's hard to feel safe with all these things going on, but i think there's a level of unrest in this country. >> when you look at the big picture, we live in an incredibly safe country, and i think we are really fortunate. >> that capitol police officer who you saw the cruiser that crashed -- he was released from the hospital last night. he is ok. as for the little girl, their daughter, little erica, she is now in the custody of protective services, and they are hoping to get her back up to new york with
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her family, or connecticut -- whichever works out best. toan ohio man pleaded guilty raping his suv to crash into a white house secret service booth . he also has to pay for the more than $5,000 in damage he caused. had planned to spray paint a message on the white house. >> we have an update on a breaking story this evening from the national mall witnesses say a man there live himself on iron air 7th street and madison drive. a witnesses says -- a witness .old police she saw the man witnesses say the police arrived almost immediately. pulled out their fire extinguishers. there was officers with blankets. we saw officers grabbed one guy -- one guy grab a cooler full of
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water out of the back of his truck. they went out there and were holding him down. >> at helicopter landed on the mall and took the man to the hospital. there's no update on his condition, but fire officials say his injuries are not life- threatening. >> federal workers put on a visible display today against the government shutdown. >> we want to work. we want to work. >> we have to work. >> hundreds of auto workers rallying outside the capital demanding an end to the shutdown and of course, the furloughs that come with it. tonight, though, instead of going back to work, more employees are losing pay. in the last hour, lockheed martin announced plans to furlough 3000 employees starting monday because of the shutdown, and that number could grow the longer we go without a deal. while there was no deal in sight, congress and the white house agreed federal workers should get paid for time lost because of the shutdown, and that legislation could pass tomorrow. president obama has canceled his
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trip to asia to monitor the situation here. rebecca cooper is outside the .apital with the latest >> as you say, the house will be in session on saturday and part two vote on the compensation measure but also to continue to pursue the republican house strategy of passing both -- bills to partially fund the government. democrats say they will not negotiate on partial funding. with no sign of compromise today, both sides opted for optics instead. >> surrounded by press, president obama and vice president biden took a surprise i.ip to taylor gordon delhi republicans #lettouted their new hashtag -- #letstalk.
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the american people do not want their government shutdown, and neither do i. >> wall street largely shrugged shutdown, but congress will need to raise the debt ceiling by october 17 or risk a possible default. if the u.s. default, the treasury department warns credit departments could freeze and interest rates could skyrocket. congress passed the debt ceiling in 19 70 and intending to limit u.s. debt by limiting how much treasury can pay for. the problem -- congress decides how much money is spent, so the law ends up only limiting the government's ability to pay its debt -- the money already spent by congress. foreign countries like china and own 46% of u.s. debt through bonds. >> bondholders get paid first, so you pay china off before you pay off social security recipients. if you don't, you will never be able to borrow anything again.
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>> moderate house republicans say today that the house speaker promised them privately that he will not risk the possibility of a default, even if it means teaming up with democrats to lift the debt ceiling, but the speaker is not saying that publicly today. for now, the impact continues not only for the shutdown but the upcoming vote on raising the debt feeling as well. >> thank you, rebecca. of publicepartment works has been ordered to collect trash from national parks. the mayor says garbage cans have to be emptied so they do not collect rats, so the workers pick up trash from the parts that are still accessible to the public. >> the long-awaited arrival of the smithsonian's complete to read a source rex skeleton gets even longer. skeleton38-5-long 7-10 was federal to arrive on october 16, but because of the government shutdown, the
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skeleton will not get here until april of next year. curators at a museum in montana are waiting until the spring because they do not want to transport the skeleton during winter. , angry words from a former governor on the shutdown and why he says lawmakers are acting like tang members. -- like gang members. >> military families have to shop off base, but the golf courses remained open. that in a moment.
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>> some american military families cannot escape the fallout from the federal government shutdown. >> but some operations on military bases, which would hardly be considered vital, continue uninterrupted. we have more on a surprising discovery. at baseian workers andrews got some surprising time off. they are furloughed since congress and the white house cannot reach a deal to fund the government. >> this is going to affect us really bad. echoes across the golf course. it is funded with player dues,
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so play continues in the midst of the stagnation. >> it's horrible. that's all i can say. >> nothing wrong with it. if they are paying for it, that's good. >> one aspect of the shutdown making military life difficult -- commissaries are shuttered. >> i wish instead of funding for the golf course, i was they would fund for the commissary to be open. >> some military families stocked up in advance of the shutdown, but others did not do their big shop in time. >> we have to come off base to shop now, but we're not too picky. wherever we can get our groceries. >> it's not just the inconvenience affecting these military families. the cost of groceries off base is digging into their pockets. there is some disagreement about whether or not it is a good and to keep the golf course opened here at joint base andrews. most people with whom we spoke are in agreement in their hope that the government works out some kind of deal to get back to business. >> thank you.
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former governor jesse ventura stop by our studio and shared some of his thoughts about the shutdown. >> it's despicable. makes me want to throw up. i mean, they are shutting down our government because of health care? when these congressmen and senators -- the democrips and rebloodlicans -- and please excuse me, crips and bloods, for using your name in vain -- they get for it choices of health care to choose from, and we get none. we want one to choose, and they shutdown the government? >> i guess we know how he feels about it. coverage of the shutdown of the federal government continues .nline at
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it includes a guide to what facilities are open and what is closed as we head into the weekend. click next, the federal budget causes concern. >> afternoon baseball capturing the attention of the sports world today. ♪ five
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>> police and anne arundel county are telling drivers -- get ready for some heavy traffic tomorrow because of several big events. in annapolis, thousands of people will attend the navy football game and the u.s. powerboat show. the maryland renaissance festival takes place and motorcycle ride for toys for tots and for the national fall and firefight -- fallen firefighters memorial weekend takes place. coast arets along the preparing for a wet weekend as
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tropical storm karen moves closer. >> the gulf coast has been hammered in the last decade. what do everything we can to be prepared, but most importantly, we want to make sure that washington is listening to us. >> a majority of fema's employees are listed as essential and remain on the job during the shutdown. forecasters say karen could still become a category one hurricane before it reaches land, however, i referred to .rother hill here >> the winds are kind of tearing it apart, so it has been a pretty big rain producer. not a terrible, horrible storm. let's show a pretty picture -- i always like to do this. rooftop camera here and arlington. minutes from30 sunset. look at that. low angle of sunshine, clear
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skies. we are still in the 80's in many locations. take a look at this, this taken this afternoon. coming on very quickly at higher elevations out west. >> are those people walking on water? >> i don't think so. i think they have a little paddle board or something. but maybe we have another story there. i'll go back and look. unseasonably warm. we're going to give this unseasonably warm air mass with us. monday, things start to change. 87 degrees at reagan national airport. hit 90l board -- we degrees today. or 94,ord high was 84 -- back in 1994. but 18 degrees above average, very warm indeed. morningwake up saturday with just a few clouds, little haze, touch of clouds and the temperature in the 60's across the entire area. very mild start.
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we will wind up again in the upper 80's in most areas. mild across the mid part of the country. look what happens on the backside of this cold front. 32 degrees right now -- freezing in rapid city. snow, severe weather to the east of this front. a very dynamic system. severe storms are one side. the blizzard on the other developing. we get kind of a bonus summer weekend. now we have to figure out what karen is going to do. it's movement, even though it has become a depression, is .oing to come up the east coast a loan, the cold front will give us a few scattered showers, but at the cold front slows down just enough and starts to pull up some of the moisture, we could have some significant rainfall monday night into tuesday. that's why we are putting it at 70%. it's not a done deal. right now, the heaviest center is east of circulation.
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depending on exactly where it goes in the speed of the cold front, that will determine how much rain we get. enjoy this week -- upper 80's, feels like summer for the first weekend in october. rain chances pop up monday and tuesday. lower 70's wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> baseball not only means football, it means baseball playoff season. lots of baseball this afternoon. if you have nothing else to do but stay around the house, watch some baseball this afternoon. biggest story today -- the pittsburgh pirates. after getting pounded last night by st. louis, they roared back today. two-run home run, 3-0 pirates, and pittsburgh cap the whipping stick out.
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nixon 7-1. they go on and even the series. .he other game this afternoon a drive that bangs at the grandmaster and left two runners on. both of them decided to come on home. this one.uising in they are in the eighth. boston is up 8-2. the circus that seems to surround alex rodriguez is apparently still in town. the yankee their basement announcing today that he will sue major league ace ball. he claims the league spent millions of dollars in an effort to force him out of the game and calls the league's efforts a witch. he is appealing the record suspension. a littlee able to get
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bit of golf in before the heavens opened up. look at that backspin. don't you love back spend? up americans are still stroke over the international team, but there's a lot of rain in the forecast throughout the weekend, so we do not know what will happen with the playoffs. i do not think the maryland terrapins football players can get any more excited than they are right now about traveling to tallahassee, or do. not that tallahassee, florida, is not a great spot in the nation. i imagine the spotlight will be on them tomorrow. let's look at tomorrow afternoon against florida. they are ranked nationally. florida's is the number eight team in the nation. layers are not shying away from the spotlight.
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>> everyone is going to be fired up, you know, to be on tv. everyone is going to be watching. you just have to go out there and execute, act like you have been there before. for a lot of us, we have played on tv before. we have played in big games at some point in our lives. once you get on the field, everything else will go by the wayside. >> one thing to learn about the 2013 edition of the washington capitals is they can soar. dow 3-0 last night to calgary, and beat thek flames. the caps even their record with a 5-4 win. finally, d.c. united is back in action at rfk tonight. finally, d.c. united is back in action at rfk tonight. february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... kecuccinellins joins tea party republs icans to block the pla.
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but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrcrats o support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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>> a summer weekend here. a chance of some meaningful rain on monday. we will update you on that tonight at 11:00. >> abc world news coming up next. >> join us at 11:00. have a good night.
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welcome to world news tonight, on the move, the giant tropical storm bearing down on the gulf coast. evacuations underway, state of emergency declared tonight, plus the only winter out west. and a tornado outbreak tonight. we have it all. chaos at the capitol wampt we learned about the driver, the mother with her baby in the back seat. what led her to this? the abc news investigation, trailing the police officers who were speeding. there was no emergency. why do they get to speed? and out of this world, a movie everyone is talking about tonight, what happens when disaster strikes in space? tonight the real life hero, who helped inspire the movie, on what it's like a step away from disaster.


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