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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 5, 2013 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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>> no political agenda. she wasn't a terrorist. and a crazy kayaker teetering on the edge of sane. what was he thinking? ♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ and i'm hanging on a moment of truth ♪ i think we saw ginger's next stunt. >> yeah. >> it wasn't ginger. we have her out in the field this morning. she's covering an extraordinary confluence of weather events. also this morning -- take a look at the cover of "new york post." the headline this morning, there's no whining in baseball. this comes after rodriguez filed a lawsuit against major league baseball for allegedly ruining
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his reputation, he says, the full story coming up. also this morning -- take a look at this. dramatic dashcam. a man in military fatigue opening fire during a routine traffic spot. his two kids watched the entire confrontation. >> that is crazy. matt gutman will have that story coming up in the us. but first the extreme weather across the country. an extraordinary confluence of the events. there's the four box and ginger is in venice, louisiana, good morning. >> reporter: hey dan, this area, still one a area that's concerned. it's a disorganized mess. we got to share with you news out of the snow. south dakota and wyoming, look at the snowstorm totals.
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rapid city, south dakota, 19 inches yesterday. but lead, south dakota, up to 44 inches. absolutely unbelievable numbers. there was the severe weather. including tornadoes which you see right there on that map. >> violent, large tornado. >> reporter: large, violent and 18 reported tornadoes from nebraska to iowa. all part of a series of volatile twisters including this one in nebraska. leaving behind dozens of tramped homes and businesses. several injuries reported in wayne, nebraska after an apparent tornado slashed through. check out that hail. meanwhile, behind that front, a blizzard for the books.
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>> a huge tree fell down. fell on my grandfather's car and flattened the tire. it took out the whole windshield. >> reporter: texas, wyoming, paralyzed under record-breaking snow. airports shut down. closing highways. from the windy and cold. to windy and dry, wildfires flarg in northern california. all this as tropical storm karen tries to swirl toward the coast. scurrying to sandbag outside of louisiana. >> i'm very stressed. >> reporter: so, overnight the storm did weaken incredibly. let me show you the path of karen. i doubt it will stay a tropical storm for very long. as it slips past that landfall.
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and then eventually into the florida panhandle. what it will bring, rain, especially the slower it moves. that's something that we're watching. a whole lot more coming up in the nation's weather including severe weather forecast for today. yes, more chances of damaging winds. dan and bianna. >> ginger, thank you. you'll see you in a couple of minutes. the frightening road rage involving a pack of motorcyclists and a suv in new york. the bigger shock yet this morning, the report of off-duty cops may have been in the motorcycle pack. why if cops were there they didn't intervene? >> reporter: one explain why he
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didn't intervene. also investigating whether there were four other off-duty officers on that ride. and one of the prime suspects turned himself in. this morning, police say this man seen here, the first man is in custody. overnight, 38-year-old reginald chance turned himself into new york police after a week long search for one of the prominent players in this video. the clip now seared in the minds of millions of americans and it shows alexian lien and his family being chased. minor accident escalated in alexian to cause the motorcycle. they pull him on the street and
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begin to beat him. the violence only ends thanks to two good samaritans who stepped in to shield lien. one spoke to cnn. >> the moment i turned around and i was like this, protecting the family, i'm not going to move from here until they go. >> reporter: this morning, police say they're still scouring hours and videos taken that day. police say over 200 911 calls came in about the motorcyclists. overnight, nypd revealed they're investigating reports that as many as five off-duty cops may have been among the bikers that day. one came forward that he didn't intervene in order to protect his cover. that officer is being
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investigated by internal affairs. they're asking for assistance from public to identify the following individual. they want to find the people -- person in this photo. >> details still unfold zmrg it's moving fast. >> linzie, thank you. this morning, the sisters of the woman who was shot and killed by capitol police just days ago. they're giving a clearer picture of miriam carey, her sisters argue that she did not deserve to die and abc's gio benitez spoke to the family. good morning, gio. >> reporter: the sisters are on a mission for answers. now, they're sitting down with us. these two women are remarkably composed. overnight the sisters of miriam carey telling us that she was a loving mother who had dreams of being a teacher and dentist.
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not a criminal. was she a violent person? >> no she wasn't. >> reporter: but police said they were forced to shoot and kill the 34-year-old in the nation's capital on thursday. police said that carey's black infiniti was weapon enough. her 2-year-old daughter in the car with her. >> she didn't have a political agenda. she wasn't a terrorist. she had a diagnosis of postpartum depression psychosis. >> reporter: the sisters are speaking from unique backgrounds. >> officers had enough time to assess the occupants of the vehicle. not only did they took someone out of harm's way, they took someone's life. >> reporter: one in ten women
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will experience postpartum depression. >> mental illness really should have more attention. >> reporter: sources say that last year, the father of carey's daughter called police reportedly out of concern over the claims that president obama had placed her house under electronic surveillance, something that her sisters never heard her talk about, but this morning, they want to shine a light on her illness and whether police handled it appropriately. >> if there's something that you could say to miriam right now, what would you say? >> we wish you were here. >> reporter: the family has hired an attorney to help investigate what happened thursday, they haven't taken any legal action, at least not yet. >> not yet. all right, gio, thank you. another story in d.c., day five of the government shutdown and there's still no end in sight, president obama catching reporters offguard friday, taking a surprise stroll with vice president to local deli for
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lunch. neither side is budges. and the shutdown is impacting everything from economy to love. this couple, take a look at this picture. they wanted to get married in our national park. they had to come up with a creative alternative instead. abc's jeff zeleny has the very latest. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. both sides insist they want to end. it's slowly but sadly becoming the new normal. overnight, in the president's weekly address no signs of a breakthrough. >> take that vote. end this shutdown now. >> reporter: and no common ground on capitol hill. >> this isn't some game. >> reporter: a standoff growing deeper by the day. >> reporter: president obama once planning to leave tonight for an economic summit in asia is stuck in washington, his
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travel halted by the government shutdown. on friday, the president taking a rare stroll from the white house for a sandwich. >> original or wheat bread. >> reporter: walking back a comment from within the administration. we are winning. >> there is no winning. families don't have -- >> stop the shutdown! >> reporter: federal workers and many americans expressing outrage. in alaska, government meteorologist working without pay, sending a clever sos, their message hidden in a seemingly normal forecast, please pay us. back on capitol hill, a long weekend of debate, getting the best of some lawmakers, look here, as congressman, north carolina republican dozes over while presiding over the house floor. now, the house is coming back in session this weekend to vote to
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give those furlough workers back pay. slowly, this fight once over health care is now bleeding into a larger fight in raising the nation's debt ceiling. >> that could really harm the u.s. economy. jeff, thank you. don't miss our george stephanopoulos going one-on-one with house speaker john boehner, it's his first interview since the government shutdown. >> that's going to be a fascinating interview. the overnight news and matt gutman filling in for ron claiborne. >> thank you. good morning to you, new this morning, secretary of state john kerry has a warning about the u.s. government shutdown, kerry is on an overseas trip, in bali, he urged congress to stop the shutdown. turning now to shootout between an oregon state trooper and a man he pulled over for speeding. caught on camera.
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>> shots fired! >> reporter: it's shocking footage of a face to face shootout. august 29th gun battle between a state trooper and this army veteran he pulled over. according to the oregon state police, the 34-year-old was speeding down when he was ordered to pull over. police said in the backseat, van allen's three kids. >> you were speeding? >> reporter: in a matter of seconds, gun fire. van allen fires shot after shot, taking no cover. what he didn't know what was one of the shots hit the mark. allen was found half a mile away from the wou-- dead from the wo the chest.
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his three children who were unharmed during the incident have been placed in state custody. that happened in august. the video was released. kevin ware has been cleared to begin workouts again. he told josh elliott a short time after that he had never seen the video of his accident and never wants to because it can hamper his recovery. finally, you have to check this out. we have seen kayakers attack some of the rapids. but a drainage ditch. in british columbia. clocking speeds of 34 miles an hour. and then, whack, and that's got to be the world's biggest slip and slide. let's see that again.
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who knew that concrete is such a great conveyor for a kayaker. >> i would put that in a bad idea file. >> a little too dangerous. i don't think our insurance covers those kind of stories. >> matt gutman, thank you. new clues of maddy mccann, she disappeared six years ago, scotland yard has launched a major new effort. and abc's muhammad lila is on the story. >> reporter: on vacation when your little girl simply van ishs. new life into the investigation over the disappearance of madeleine mccann. investigators are now me tick
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clously combing through cell phone records. here's how it all works. the cell phone records show when phone calls were being made. what they don't show what people on the phone were talking about. police in portugal obtained the phone records six years ago, and according to scotland yard, they didn't investigate properly. they're hoping to narrow down their current 41 people of interests. tracing all those people linking real people to the phone numbers you have going to be a significant challenge. >> reporter: last year, on britain's version of "america's most wanted" police released this photo of what she might look like today. she was just days away from her 4th birthday when she
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disappeared. hundreds of heartbreaking, false sightings around the world. muhammad lila, abc news, in london. >> so many years later. >> six years. time now for a check of the weather and back over to ginger, she's in venice. >> reporter: saw the big tornadoes at the beginning of the show. today, we got a severe weather risk, too, from chicago to indianapolis, all of the way here, south to memphis, as you can see in this graphic, that's where that cold front will bring the severe weather, damaging hail. i wanted to bring it to you. also more snow on the back end of it. as if they needed it there in south dakota. that low pulls off to the east snowy conditions. windy and 92 degrees in los angeles. if you want some warm and
7:18 am
summerlike weather where it shouldn't be, you go to the east coast. d.c. close to 90 today and ending the weekend in philadelphia and rale >>ropical storor karen jusa minimal opical storm soon to come ashshore on the louisisiana coastline. it couldring rain to us late mondnday into tuesday. ry warm already. at reagan national. lo of sunshi today to we madet to 90 yeerday. simir temperates today. i'm asonally warming and tomorrow and c cooler with rainn mondayay and cooler r toward thd of the week. >> the name of a boat that's behind me here in venice, louisiana, awaiting tropical storm karen. we'll have that forecast in the next half-hour. dan and bianna.
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>> let's hope they don't get much of a storm surge. moving on now, he's at home on a basketball court, but in a swimming pool, i'm not sure this works. nba star brandon bass is like the proverbial fish out of water. >> the hoops player fighting his fe fears, fears, learning how to swim. abc's sara haynes is here. >> reporter: hard to imagine a professional athlete not being able to do something. he's used to dunking. not diving. brandon bass is 6'8" and 280-pound forward for the boston celtics. hardwood is where he's comfortable. the water, not so much. >> i don't know how to swim myself. >> reporter: he decided on the
7:20 am
best way to learn. a boston classroom. >> i think i can swim across the pool. >> reporter: since he was a child, bass has feared the water, but learning to swim was something that he knew he needed to do. >> drowning is the leading cause of death for kids from ages 1 to 4. >> reporter: why the 28-year-old athlete thinks it's so important to learn to swim. >> my son is one up on me. >> reporter: bass hopes to serve as an inspiration to all. >> i'm willing to learn how to swim. i think it will encourage kids and even their parents to learn how to swim. imagine when you see his arms out, his the whole class can fit
7:21 am
under his wingspan. >> i had jake in the water when he was 12 months old. >> the pool, three strokes. >> his feet are probably like flipper. >> he's doing a service for a lot of people. coming up on "good morning america" -- coming out swinging. a very different kind of story. a-rod filing a lawsuit against major league baseball. is this a shrewd idea or desperate move? also ahead -- all-access pass. rachel smith and cecilia vega play reporters on the abc hit "scandal." they'll give us a behind the scenes look at the hit show. check this out -- checkup for 10-week-old gorilla baby.
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the gulf of mexi. there is tropical storm karen, a minimal tropical storm right now. for he miles per hour wind heading toward the northeast good it ll be e maki ldfall and ststorm surge d heavy rain as it makes it to a up ththe atlantic seabod. we coulsee ththe rmnan i latate monday andd esda i'a wararmorni. it is 66 degrerees i in leesbur9
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white house staffers now say that sent numerous nights working alone in the west wing. >> calculated attempt to seduce the president while his wife was away. >> oh, my, gosh, i was so nervous. >> that looks like rachel smith and cecilia vega, what are they doing on my favorite show, "scandal"? they were visiting the show and they'll be here and tell us about that experience. i'm so jealous. it just premieiemierpremiered. >> just joined the viewing masses. >> when they do visifictionaliz versions of reporters. that's coming up in the broadcast. i'm dan harris
7:30 am
golodryga. also coming up -- who photo bombed steven spielberg, jerry seinfeld and his wife. we blurred his face. >> you have to stop doing that, dan. >> it's a very bad habit. but we're going to begin this half-hour with fighting words from alex rodriguez, taking aim at major league baseball, over smeerg campaign. >> good morning. it's october. we should be talking playoff baseball, right? it's been a busy off-season for alex rodriguez, even more so for his lawyers. filing two separate lawsuits. it's clear we're closer to the beginning of this story than anywhere near its conclusion. alex rodriguez is fighting back against the very institution they made him a household name.
7:31 am
in a lawsuit filed in new york supreme court late friday night, he accused major league baseball and the commissioner bud selig in engaging in torturous conduct. it comes after a week of grievance hearings. that sentence could cross the 38-year-old tens of millions of dollars and quite possibly his career. >> i see it as mostly a desperate move, his reputation has been tarnished to the point where, i'm not sure he'll ever get it back. >> reporter: rodriguez's attorneys claim that commissioner selig knew about the mlb use of performance
7:32 am
enhancing substances. a statement released from major league baseball deny those claims. >> i was suspended four times longer than the others here. what's going on? >> reporter: rodriguez is one of 14 major league baseball players to be suspended this season. that includes milwaukee brewers star ryan braun. last night, a second lawsuit was filed by team a-rod against the yankee team doctor and the hospital where he works allegedly med mall practice. this battle off the field may be prove to be just as fierce. this process has just begun. they want to respect it every step of the way. we'll hear about this well through the playoffs. he'll fight it every day. >> it will give us an excuse to
7:33 am
bring you back. time now for weather and get it back to ginger zee in venice, louisiana, covering tropical storm karen. ginger, good morning. >> karen is about 100 miles away and 12 to 18 hours from affecting here right along the mouth of the mississippi river, i wanted to show you what you can expect. timing from early today and tomorrow, you can see mobile, panama city, all in the heavier rain shield. but we have big stories and i mean, big n the way of huge tornadoes yesterday. look at the violent video we have -- right there, wayne, nebraska, all of that debris just floating upward. so wild to see the chunks going
7:34 am
up. one more image from wall, look at how much snow, oh my goodness, they'll get more as we go into parts of today and tomorrow in south dakota. i want to leave you with storm imaginati imagination. >> gd the middle of more octber sizzle today. yesterday, 90 degrees. today, i again, a a for degreeto 90egre. so >> this weather report brought to you by target. we'll head right back into the studio, but we'll be waiting for karen right along the gulf coast. >> all right, ginger. thank you. well, let's get a check of the final headlines this morning and top stories from abc's matt gutman in for ron claiborne.
7:35 am
in the news this morning, new details about that road rage incident in new york involving a confrontation between motorcyclists and a suv. the nypd is investigating reports that as many as five off-duty cops may have been among the bikers that day. new details emerging about this woman, killed in that shootout with u.s. capitol police. miriam carey's sisters said that she wasn't like that. everyone is cashing in on twitter ipo. tweeter soared more than 1500%. apparently investors brought that company thinking it was twitter. finally a woman in arkansas gets a megabucks surprise in her bank statement. she discovered she was a
7:36 am
trillion nary. it was a clerical error. a man in texas found a similar statement. i decided this is a way to solve the debt crisis. >> just add a 0. >> that tweeter story is hilarious. >> thanks, matt. coming up on "good morning america" -- playing their part. rachel smith and cecilia vega ready for their close-ups on the hit show "scandal." and the baby taking san francisco by storm. ♪ i'm watching you. ♪ i'm watching you tonight. ♪ it's in those blue eyes. ♪ sweet surprise. ♪ that everything feels right. ♪ tonight. ♪ oooooooo.
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thursday's premiere of "scandal" is any indication we're into for another wild ride. two abc reporters got to go behind and in front of the cameras, rachel smith was one of them. rachel, do tell. >> it was a crazy experience. i 4r0e6d it. i'm a fan. the show known for bringing the scandal delivered one hot story
7:41 am
line and record-high ratings with its season three opener, the second episode is going to be even steamier. drama. betrayal and deceit. can only mean one thing -- >> get on the plane, oliva, you're running out of options. >> reporter: scandal is back. season three premiered this week with kerry washington's character, olivia pope in the middle of her biggest crisis yet. what's it like to be caught up in that drama. cecilia vega and i got the opportunity to play on-air reporters. before we made our hollywood debut, we waited in makeup. hair. and some scandalized style. >> all right. ready. oh, and one more thing -- panty hose.
7:42 am
i already got something on them. to los angeles park after a quick rehearsal. it was lights, camera and action. >> white house staffers now say that ms. lock and president spent time together. >> oh, my gosh. i was so nervous. >> reporter: all in a day's work at pope and associations and i didn't rip my panty hose. at least that pair. i haven't worn them in years. >> wow, making mom proud. >> i went through two pair of panty hose that day. >> you don't even know, dan. >> i'm lost in that this conversation.
7:43 am
>> tune in for an all-new scandal episode thursday night on abc. tonight, cecilia and i make our big primetime appearance. >> thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- taylor swift and kelly osbourne look sweet but the dessert is even sweeter. coming up in "pop news." make the bedroom.he bed.
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that techno can only mean one thing. time for pop news. there are photo bombs and then there are photo bombs. steven spielberg and jerry
7:48 am
seinfeld and his wife jessica. posing for a photo at the gala. who would be bold enough to creep in this picture? >> dan? >> tom cruise. >> close. another hottie george clooney. in fact, he was honored at the gala as an ambassador. very few people could pull that off. dan harris is one of them. he was below the back of the head. >> whoo. >> uncalled for. two superstars heating things up in the kitchen. taylor swift and kelly osbourne team up to make a giant batch of chocolate peppermint cookies. they brought taylor's "22" video to life. kelly complimented her baking buddy on instagram. judging by photos, the cookies
7:49 am
and the company were both amazing. i'll take the cookies. >> did she write a song about it? >> she writes a song about -- she's going to break up with the cookie. you got to see these adorable photos of san francisco zoo's new star. baby girl gorilla was born ten weeks ago. gorilla births in captivity are rare. only about six in the u.s. each year. they say gorilla's heart and lungs sound like that of a human baby. and it's officially breast cancer awareness month and glam girl beyonce is going pink. queen b's known for her fashion statements. this latest statement has an important meaning. she's giving herself a manicure that supports a great cause.
7:50 am
it's called paint your pinky pink gives dollars to breast cancer campaign. here at "good morning america" we're going to go pink all month long. sign our bing pledge at abcnewsgo >> rachel, thank you. >> rachel? >> we'll be right back with more "good morning america." when i first got shingles it started on my back. and i had like this four inch band of bumps that came around to the front of my body. and the pain from it was- it was excruciating. i did not want anyone to brush into me to cause me more pain than i was already enduring. i wanted to just crawl up in a ball
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how much i love the name sara. >> thank you, bianna. >> i didn't mean to call you rachel earlier.
7:55 am
you'll be back with us, matt. >> i will. >> have a great day, everyone. you live and in hd. this is an abc 7 news update. morning, it is 7:56. i'm kathy park. news from the family of the woman who led police on a high-speed chase is now speaking out. miriam kerry says her daughter had no history of violence but said she was hospitalized after giving birth. police should have been more cautious in their use of force. couples whose
7:56 am
weddings are scheduled to be held on the national mall are getting some help from the national cathedral. they have opened their hardens to couples who are been put off by the shutdown. for weddings for the weekend and will hold more at the shutdown continues. and now they've with our down on the gulf of mexico there is tropical storm karen. she is barely a tropical storm. just 40 mile wins. watch the path. be think it is going to be moving up to the carolinas and then bring out some rain. byn-three inches of rain late monday into tuesday. the city live shot of this morning. lots of sunshine some haze out there yes. it is already 70 at reagan national. 67 over and over. look at the big picture. high pressure just off the coast pumping in all of that warm air
7:57 am
and the humidity. degrees. we hit 90 90 at dulles as well which was a record for the day. i'm seasonably warm. 84-90 tomorrow. into the as we head week. look for temperatures to drop down after the rain in the low i got you white chocolate pumpkin. oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, white chocolate and pumpkin. oh! pumpkin. ha-ha! pumpkin is back at dunkin' donuts. hurry in for delicious pumpkin coffees and lattes today. america runs on dunkin'. we've always been on the forefront of innovation. when the worlcalled for speed... ♪ ...when the world called for stealth... ♪ ...intelligence... endurancnce... affordability... adaptability... and when the world asked for the future.
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hello, everyone. i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo and welcome to "wild countdown." over the years, river safaris have provided some of my most memorable animal encounters. you've got to enjoy this. elephants there, elephants there, elephants there and elephants there. the rivers also provide a comfortable refuge. they can just put their little ears and eyes and even their nose right up to like a submarine. right above water. an escape route. >> these buffalo will come out and try to get away from the lions. >> and a breathtaking display of power. man alive. watch out, watch out. whoa! all this, plus my blooper of the week. never been documented and never been seen. hm. i heard that somewhere.


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