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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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(rowan) guard?! ♪ but it's all so easy ♪ all you gotta do is try ♪ try a little tenderness huck? yeah... (switch clicks) oh, we need to talk about who you're working for. ♪ hold her where you want her ♪ squeeze her, don't tease her, ♪ ♪ never leave her ♪ get to her ♪ try, just try a little ♪ tenderness, ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ hi, livvie. ♪ you've gotta love her ♪ ♪ you've got to squeeze her ♪ don't tease her ♪ never leave, you've got to ♪ ♪ nah, nah, nah, try, try a little tenderness ♪ >> this is judi met, and you saw
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an amazing episode of scandal. stay tuned. abc seven news at 11:00 starting now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a manhunt for the shooter who
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killed a man in broad daylight. happened near high schools, some minutes from dismissal. >> we talk to someone who said he is too young to see a man die in front of him. tom has got the story. >> police have wrapped up their investigation. searching elsewhere for two suspects they believe were involved in this murder. i spoke to two people who were involved. they could not tell me if the victim was coming into or going he of the building, but when got to the sidewalk, he was shocked dead. it is normally a quiet place at 2:30 in the afternoon. not so today. >> i heard two gunshots. >> the victim was shot and killed just as students were starting to return to this
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complex. the apartments are also within blocks of two middle and one elementary schools. helicopter,a canines, and a swat team to search for the suspect. >> the primary concern initially was the safety of the community. >> mark rodriguez and kevin hernandez all the body right here after the gunfire. they say the victim had been shot in the head. >> this is the first time i have seen somebody dying in front of me. not for a person to see, especially my age. >> this is most shocking incident, but residents say it is not the first issue with crime. >> i have a daughter to take care of. >> as of now police have not publicly identified the victim.
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sayor the suspects they folks did not get that good a look at them. i can tell you the police would really like to hear from you if you have any information that could help them find the sus act. -- the suspect. >> new at 11:00, a renewed push for justice following the controversial high profile death loved one. he died in the custody of sheriff's deputies at the movie theater. live in the newsroom with more on this emotional night. >> the community is still breathing but also not tacking down. part of what they wanted to accomplish was to send a message to maryland governor. death still the galvanizes the community. thousands came out to remember him and support his family --
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dozens came out to remember him and support his family. hist is a wrong doing to life. >> in january, a 26-year-old man with down syndrome died in police custody. he refused to leave the theater. three deputies handcuffed and restrained him. when a grand jury declined to charge the officers, hundreds of thousands signed a petition asking maryland governor to get involved. they have appointed a commission looking into whether training of officers is needed. >> everybody has to stop and think and make the best decision possible. training might not have helped the situation, but it certainly might not have hurt. others think more needs to be done. >> we need to show the
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government we still need an independent investigation. >> there are two more things going on in this case. the justice department is investigating whether civil rights were violated. the family has filed a civil suit against the theater. >> bc police are investigating a shooting in the 100 block of 34th street. officers tell us the victim was not responsive when they arrived on the scene. his injuries are considered life-threatening. we will bring you updates as soon as they are available. >> the contractor is arrested, accused of stealing copper wire. the investigation revealed evidence that he removed copper wire on several occasions between june and november. police tell us he sold it for cash. the exact value is not known, but the lease to leave it exceeds $10,000.
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we are about to get our first taste of real winter this weekend. doug has a first look at our forecast. >> it is shaping up as being the coldest afternoon in the month of november we have had in five years. right now 46 outside the weather center, 48. areasorrow morning most remain in the 40's. we haven't dropped much. cloud cover and a southwesterly wind all contribute to these temperatures. here is what we are watching as we head to the weekend. rain chances coming our way tomorrow ahead of the cold front . we will let you know how cold it will be and how long this remains coming up in a few minutes. >> it was clear the congressman busted for buying cocaine wants to move on.
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a statement he made to politico he says he will come out a better man. he also says he will work hard to gain the trust of his constituents. >> republicans and democrats have put the party line aside to show support for the virginia senator. dozens went to the vigil. he was stabbed several times earlier this week by his son, who then turned the gun on himself. it is important to put aside politics and support the family. >> it is a difficult time for him and his family. we want to show him he has had our backs, and now we have his. >> the senator is in good condition at the hospital. >> urges against two teenagers accused of cyber bullying a classmate who later committed suicide has been dropped.
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sheriff grady judd announced the arrest and then released their pictures, which is typically not done with minors. it is not clear why the charges were dropped in this case. the sheriff says he stands by the decision to show the pictures because the teens are in psychological treatment. work on essential we this. >> the youngest demand an apology from sheriff judd. he is threatening to sue over the way the judge and sheriff had handled the case. >> after 30 years in captivity three women are free tonight. authorities announced a couple is in custody, accused of slavery and domestic servitude. they believe the victims were held against their will for decades. they are free tonight because one of them was able to contact shecharity by phone and say
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was being held against her will. >> these are traumatized people, and it is essential we work to establish the facts in this case. >> police do not believe the m's are related. >> a man charged with sending ricin laced letters to president obama is in trouble again. he is accused of trying to send some from prison. deputies blamed paul curtis initially, but he was later cleared of the crime several months ago. he said the men have been fighting for years. >> an economic boost in time for the holidays. the outlet opens at 9:00 tomorrow morning. drivers can expect heavy traffic throughout the weekend. 20,000 cars tot the complex on friday a load. >> computers -- friday alone.
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>> the fcc is considering allowing phone calls at 10,000 feet, but not everyone is on board with the idea. some airlines said no to it. nationalve at reagan airport. >> for some being able to talk on cell phones while in flight would be convenient. or others having to listen to that conversation is quite aggravating. our obsession with electronics may soon take flight. the faa announced airlines may soon allow airlines to use laptops and cell phones without causing problems for pilots. they will need to be in airplane mode, but now they want to go one step further. the plan -- they are pursuing a plan allowing travelers to talk on their phone. the travelers we talked to had mixed reaction.
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>> if it is not interfering, i think it's great. >> it can be annoying. you are so close to each other that listening to someone's calls on the other line is not fun. >> some flight attendants are stressing an enclosed space of chattering will not be tolerated by some. >> if i want to take a nap i do not want to hear your conversations. >> we cannot legislate against annoying people. it used to be about safety, so if there isn't a safety concern, we should get rid of it. >> if we could keep it quiet that would be one thing, but a lot of people don't realize the volume they speak in, and i don't want to hear their information. said this is not going to delta said said -- this is not going to happen. jetblue officials said they are open to this idea.
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>> speaking of flying, a mixup leads to a massive airplane landing at a tiny airport. a dream lifter was supposed to land at an air force base near wichita. with ad up at a facility runway thousands of feet too short. >> say it again. >> [indiscernible] >> engineers spent the day trying to figure out how to have it take off safely. luckily, calculations were correct. there you see the dream lifter left this afternoon. >> new at 11:00, many of you just watch the episode of scandal. she made a dramatic decision about her campaign.
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>> we hate to tell you this, but you are going to have to wait two weeks to find out what happens next because they are taking a week off for thanksgiving, but tonight the executive producer stopped right to give us some inside scoop. >> you just watched an amazing episode of scandal. you love here is the question. is queen into deep -- quinn in too deep? i don't know if she will recover, but you can wait and see. we will be back after the holiday. keep an eye on that tricky vice president. don't forget to watch it right here on my local station, channel seven in washington. >> thanks.
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scandal returns in two weeks. right here on abc seven. >> historical change in the senate. today senate majority leader harry reid used a nuclear option executiveter nominations. now nominations need 51 votes, a simple majority, for approvals. democrats said it was needed to restore order. will not qualified nominees because they don't want president obama to appoint any nominees. >> they broke the senate rules in order to exercise the power grab. >> the changes take effect immediately. analysts say if it backfires democrats could find themselves in the minority. >> in a few hours people will remember the event that changed the country for ever.
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50 years ago president kennedy was assassinated. his death took away the nation's innocence as the mysteries surrounding what happened that day remains in the public consciousness five decades later . he died 50 years ago but endures the images. a popular young president with a beautiful wife and easy manner rejecting optimism some historians would call the american century. >> ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> jacqueline kennedy was 31 when he entered the white house and widowed at 34. she called her time camelot, likening the administration to a royal court and her husband to legendary king arthur. president kennedy was hardly a king, but he was a cold war year to challenge soviet influence. he set america on a path to the
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moon and a national nightmare with vietnam. day, he was assassinated in an open car. end to a morept innocent time. >> my job was to shield them. >> the images are still sobering half a century later. kennedy's killing was the first time america shared i national tragedy for the first time through the media of television. for stories and information throughout the day, log on to our website. we will have coverage of the national moment of silence.
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>> such powerful corruption. a capital committee will consider a proposal to raise minimum wage by 2016. it could get a vote by december. >> the clock is ticking for a $16 million lottery winner who hasn't come forward yet. the ticket was part of the $50 million nationwide jackpot. there is a good chance the buyer was an out of town or. the ticket was sold on memorial day weekend. if no one claims it i next thursday the money goes to the education fund. colt favorite,is the mc rib may be hard to find this year. announced it is not doing a nationwide release of the sandwich. they are living it up to franchise owners to decide if they will carry it. they are hoping scarcity will drive up demand.
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>> it is going to get cold. >> it is going to get really cold. for aare right on target winter day. we are seeing a lot of clouds, but now the waning moon. you will find a very mild day tomorrow, but it's a one-day deal. this cold air is coming in. the coldest afternoon highs reported in november in five years. day whend to recall a we were this low in november. haveis hour temperatures not dropped that much in the
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metro areas. 39 degrees in hagerstown. the cold air is confined to the northeast as the high-pressure has pushed off the atlantic. trend, but look at these temperatures to the west. movingd front was eastward. if everything was covered in snow the air would maintain a lot of coldness, but because that is not the case we are going to see temperatures moderate a little bit. it is pretty darn cold. that is heading our way. there may be another cold outbreak by the end of next week. front it is much colder. we may see sunshine. low to mid 60's.
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it is breezy and a touch colder on saturday. can seee and radar you some of the rain showers. suggestster model there will be some rain with the it.t. there you see look how quickly it moves through the overnight hours and saturday morning. skies will clear out nicely. the winds will start picking up here is our story. tomorrow we will climb to the lower 60's, and then we will head forward with gusty winds on sunday. a tiny warm-up as we approach the eggs giving, but then we will turn sharply warmer again. >> takes.
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>> they travel south to play san juan. here come the 49ers. the super bowl teams now here come the 49ers. the slook, every day we're using more and more energy.
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toyota dealers. >> the redskins say they will turn a page. these out anded are ready to finish the season very strongly. it starts monday night against the 49ers. both quarterbacks are now facing criticism. much in thell very hunt for a wild card. >> they are six and for right now. they are a good football team. talented bunch. >> let me take you to orlando. the quarterback is for real. they play on sunday. over 300 yards for a touchdown. this looks like what rg iii used to do.
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a huge surprise in college basketball. the huskies one. and 11 point lead in the first half. northeastern clawed its way back. williams with the steel. he takes it to the bucket. the final is 63-56. the wizards have won back-to- back games. the wizards are four and seven. let me take you to oklahoma city. blake griffin, look out. kevin durant with another big night. watch this. you know what durant is going to do. 28 .4 durant. okc, kevin durant do this?
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$20,000, and this guy got congratulated. afford his clothes at barney's. thought up this promotion? that is pretty good. is now a semi finalist for the hall of fame. next round will be the playoffs. they will be announced at the super bowl. kobe toulling for jason be in the hall of fame. >> delivering the mail will get >> the search for a killer after
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a man was gunned down in maryland. the massive tree minor airline landing at the wrong airport, creating problems, and the chilly weekend forecast. you can read about them on >> postal workers in new zealand are being i've bumped daily viagra said magpies. attacked e being
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aggressively by magpies. bringing something to attack them. usually the starlings. attack them. usually the starlings. [ taps baton ]
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decent. >> it is in the 60's. for now, take a look at tomorrow. nice tomorrow. some showers late in the day. sunday will be windy and cold. into monday.
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