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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 22, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> remembering president john f. kennedy's life and legacy. it is one of the saddest days in american history. killed,dent kennedy 1963. thousands gathered for a moment of silence and to unveil a new monument. >> you are looking live at arlington national cemetery where people continue to file past his grave and the eternal flame. cemetery,on national
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president kennedy's grave is one of the most frequented sites there. cemetery,on national a day to reflect on what few can forget. the day president john f. kennedy was assassinated as his motorcade crawled through the crowd in dallas. lunch at thet to italian village and we heard the president had been shot. kennedy family members prayed and left roses at the gravesite, today was about ordinary americans. the dramatic aftermath. >> we were watching tv and we lee harvey oswald.
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>> shot on live television. what would have happened, how would our country have been different? america said goodbye again to camelot. time.years is a long i think he still resonates as a great president. >> president kennedy's daughter caroline became the u.s. ambassador to japan. she commemorated today's anniversary privately. >> thank you. tonight, at 5:30 p.m. where were you when president kennedy was killed? local residents remember.
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>> an alarming story in montgomery county. a three week old baby is taken away from its mother after a neighbor found the baby being carried inside a diaper bag. they took the baby's mother away . neighbors are revealing what the mother allegedly said to them. witnesses are mothers themselves. they witnessed the mother acting strangely. but to takechoice action. a mother whisked away to a hospital. , i am going to kill my baby. it was the parking lot of the damascus apartment. i could smell alcohol on her breath, she was incoherent.
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>> the mother knocked on her front door several times this morning. she appeared to be disoriented. >> kind of freaked out. she saw theater, mother stumbling down the apartment steps with a diaper tote bag in her hand. >> where is the baby? i looked down and the baby was inside the bag. >> she took the diaper bag with the baby away from the mother. she handed the newborn over to the neighbors adult daughter. there --he got down door andocked the called police. residents heard the mother allegedly yelling she was going to kill the child. this is crazy.
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the babynts tell us was taken by child protective services. the mother was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. charges, it will all depend on their investigation after the mother is evaluated. reporting live from damascus. >> let's move on to the weather. we have a cooldown headed here. there.o area, thers to the second part comes in tomorrow night. let's get you started. temperatures are still in the 50's. over the next few hours, there could be a few more showers. cold front number
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we think it will clear out pretty quickly overnight. 59 at reagan national, 55 in frederick. there is the front. the at the numbers near canadian border, very cold. that is heading in our direction. skies, 36-45.udy >> we will check back in with you in just a bit. local teenagers who were trying to set a good example for other teenagers became the victims of a crime at adc library. thieves struck at the mlk library. the young people said well they were performing here for other youths, thieves made out -- made off with $3000 worth of
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their belongings. promising futures is a group that does hip-hop shows for young people. while performing at the mlk library on wednesday, they left their belongings in the back room. into the back room and i noticed my bag was open. laptop with was a her doctoral dissertation. they suspect teens watching the show. >> i use my ipad for school. i should not come to the library .nd get robbed >> d.c. police are investigating the incident. >> it is unfortunate. >> members of the groups say as they left the library, once girl spotted her jacket on a youth
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outside. >> this is your jacket? jacket, none of the things were in their. >> -- in there. photographed the young man and took down his information. the group wants to continue to perform here at the library. they hope in the future the library will do more to secure performers belongings. >> thank you very much. the navy yard shooter aaron hat is security access pulled six weeks before the shooting. suspended his access to classified material because of mental issues. saysr government official
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his clearance was restored two days later and the navy was never told. he killed a dozen people before police killed him. >> that is part of a tweet sent -- after doctors released him. heal.ounds will not candidate for governor was airlifted from his home on tuesday. he was stabbed by his son, who then committed suicide. wasas sent home because it there were no psychiatric beds available. she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. her surgery last week, her surgeon found a second malignant tumor. will need further
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treatment, but her prognosis is good and she plans to return to work december 2. >> that is great to hear. tanger outlets are open at the national harbor. brad bell is live from the outlet tonight. how did it go? >> i did buy one thing. i went to every single store. take a look and find me. this place is packed. it has been that way since 9:00 this morning. they are just thrilled to finally have a place to go shopping in prince george's county. she admits she is just window shopping. >> i am going to wait to black
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friday. this is a grand slam. >> it is right in my backyard. >> so go the early rave reviews. center was already packed. traffic is a concern, so please had been busy keeping cars and people moving. movingce had been busy -- keeping cars and people moving. the success of the opening justifies what some saw as a risky investment. looks we look to the future of prince george's county. the future is bright. >> the collection of high-end
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retailers fills a void. >> the highest income, highest educated african-american community in the nation and yet we could not shop in our own neighborhood. >> it is awesome and it will bring lots of money to the community. jobs, jobs, jobs, 900 jobs created by this outlet. everything from people working in the stores to security people. i think you have time to get down here. plenty of bargains. i could use a few things. >> don't tempt her. what a group of people accused of stealing and how that was able to knock out power to
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thousands. keeping doctors say is them from saving the lives of thousands of hiv patients. >> your safety on the road or big brother out of control? you may be familiar with the fact that fire stations are safe havens for newborn babies. but they are
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>> get ready for more traffic cameras in the district, including stop sign cameras. to keep drivers safer or is it a way to make money? police say this is all about safety. but if you are thinking about the number of cameras in the city already, get ready. there will be 132 more of them. they are designed to do several blocks a, targeting box violators, stop sign
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runners, speeders, and those oversized commercial vehicles that are not supposed to travel residential streets. the goal is to improve traffic goal -- traffic flow. >> we have experienced reductions in traffic for tallies over the last 10 years. -- for tallies over the last 10 years. >> those cameras also generate money, but we are told violators will only get a warning. the fines will start on december 30. the location of the cameras will be listed online. thef you are walking streets of arlington and you feel like you are in danger, run to your nearest fire department. there is a safety button that
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can keep you safe. jeff goldberg is live in arlington. that button is inside lobbies of fire stations like this. this is station number five and crystal city. it is catching on across the country. it provides safe havens for newborn babies, but it is catching on in arlington that they can provide fire stations for refuge for people in danger. even in a place like crystal city where people feel safe, caution is key. >> you always have to be on guard. >> she likes having safe haven lobbies at city fire stations. >> knowing that there is a place where you can seek out safety is helpful. >> it allows someone to come in and lobby and press the call lobby -- the call button for
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immediate help. police are on the way. firefighters are often on call. >> the access to 911 is key. the front door is open at all times, but under the new system, you can press the button and the door locks immediately. fire stations are outfitted with the technology and five more will be soon. >> there were times people would come to the firehouse and pound on the doors trying to get help. >> he recently got attacked near his house. >> i am glad this is here. >> the emergency dispatcher will not unlock the doors until police arrived.
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nobody has used the technology in arlington, but people certainly seem reassured knowing it exists. .> ok the weekend is upon us and we have been talking about sunday. it is going to be -- cold air is coming. we will start off with a little time lapse. this is in southern frederick county. temperatures are comfortable, just about average. with nightfall, temperatures will fall a bit. 60 in leonardtown. 60 in herndon.
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more to the west across to west virginia and kentucky. current temperatures mostly to the 50's. fredericksburg at 65 degrees. low 30's across northern new england. in northper 60's carolina right now. oklahoma city, 30 degrees with freezing rain. it is even colder, 33 in minneapolis, 28 in omaha. moisture, this is the nasty spot developing. the possibility of freezing rain in parts of oklahoma. clearing skies through the day
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tomorrow and sunday. late in the night tonight when the front passes. the arctic air arrives late tomorrow night. .0 or so tomorrow the breezes will pick up late in the day. sunday, high-pressure interacts and that pressure is going to put the squeeze on the atmosphere. that will be the direct route of delivery, highs only in the mid 30's. 50 by midday. sunday, 35 or 36 for a high. sunshine at 40 degrees for the day. tuesday, wednesday, a coastal system could develop. there is a lot more in it to talk about.
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>> that is a big travel day, of course. who wantse to someone to warm things up where they live. time now to announce our next winner. >>ks congratulations -- congratulations to diane. everybody else, you still have one more chance to win. today -- take today's keyword, celebration. we will announce the next winner on monday. consumer alert, the baby monitor recalled after two tragic deaths. >> we are not talking about marijuana or cocaine, the prescription drug that is becoming a serious problem on college campuses.
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>> breakthroughs in medicine have drastically increased the hiv survival rate in the u.s. they are discussing it at an international conference at howard university. when we learned about aids back in the 1980s, there was a misinformation.
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experts say it is not hiv that is killing people, it is the stigma. my first thought was, i do not want to die. is no longer a death sentence thanks to modern medicine. not dying ofle are hiv, they are dying of the stigma. die and theyeople look into suicide because of the stigma. >> people are afraid to say, i need help. most of the public have this that the person deserved it in some way. >> washington, d c, is ground zero. the stigma -- there is still
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stigma around hiv. there is a sense of, i do not want to know. >> that fear killed his daughter around the mid 1990s. >> the family did not know until it was too late. >> he insisted his granddaughter be tested. no baby has been born with hiv in d.c. in the last few years. >> thank you. very interesting. you will see how this caved chris cedar -- caped crusader
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cancer survivor is paying it forward and how you can help. >> where were you when president kennedy was assassinated? > an overnight heist (the
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victims in the dark. made off withts
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copper wire and it caused a major outage. this is what we are talking about. this is what they were going for, valuable stuff. they had this power line behind me. hit somer wire hotlines and not knocked out although prior -- all of the power. an employee rushed across the yard to check on residents and she spotted something strange. >> of the driveway where a car picked them up. they had cables in their hands. menolice identified the two . >> we called the police. >> the call included be description of the getaway car.
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-- the call included the description of the getaway car. extension clippers as well and freshly cut copper wire. common,coming more investigators believe one of the suspects has a connection to someone who works on power lines. crews got the lights back on around 1:00. >> i have people on oxygen. this is the copper wire. 250 feet of it would have brought in several hundred dollars. arrested facee the distraction of property and theft charges.
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property andn of theft charges. >> a teenager spent a weekend in jail for his role in a crash that killed a friend of his. he was hanging onto the side of a truck skateboarding when he fell, hit his head, and later died. the 17-year-old driver got probation, community service, and had his license revoked. >> here is a look at today's top story. a three week old baby has been taken away from his mother after a neighbor found the baby in a diaper bag. she took the diaper bag with the baby inside away from the mother and called police. the baby is alive and the mother was taken to the hospital. >> a big opening in prince george's county. usppers came out and drove the grand opening of the outlet center at national harbor.
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the0 years since assassination of john f. kennedy . he was shot and killed as his motorcade traveled through dallas. if you talk to anyone who is alive when president kennedy was shot, they remember where they were when they heard the tragic news. sam ford continues our coverage on the 50th anniversary. shot. has been i said, what? >> it was that indelible moment. >> absolutely, i will never forget it. >> president kennedy died at 1:00. they relived with us the friday afternoon 50 years ago.
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>> they called everybody together for an assembly. she was age nine in d.c. and he was a high schooler outside baltimore. >> somebody came running out onto the field screening, somebody shot the president. >> a student in utah. a young mother in new york. >> jackie kennedy with that suit with the blood on it. >> a number of african-americans urned jfk andore an worried about the future of civil rights. that four day weekend of national mourning is still vivid
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for those who lived through it. these photos show the funeral crowds the following monday. , the coffin, the kennedy family. >> i felt the kind of sadness that one tends to feel when a loved one in the family has been lost. >> thank you.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, we will show you how americans mark today's anniversary. >> let's get a check of the traffic situation on this friday evening. how does the commute look so far? >> friday volume out there, for sure. there is a new problem on 66 on the eastbound side. on the westbound side, west to the beltway. very slow each way on the beltway. 270 three germantown -- three germantown. let's see what it looks like on the beltway, plenty of volume in both directions. i-95 southbound, plenty of volume this afternoon. that is the way it looks, back to you. >> have a good weekend. the parking lot warning that police want you to know about. a
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recall fortary the baby monitor you see right here. it is coming out after the deaths of two children. the angel care movement and sound monitor with sensor pads poses a strangulation risk. they were sold at several 1999lers of october
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through september of this year. oh for xbox is over. over. wait for xbox is voice activated commands and new ways of watching tv. it already has competition this shopping season. sony released waystation 4 last week. i told you about this last week. deals and price matching on select items started this morning in stores and online. it should be interesting to see if people were ready to shop so early. cyber monday is more than a week away. are you ready? >> you have to be organized to be ready to shop already.
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>> someone needs to develop and sell a shopping calendar. after the city of san francisco came together to make batkid's dream come true, his family is paying it forward.
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>> we have a warning for every parent out there and every student. this is about adderall. the prescription stimulant is the drug of choice for students looking for some type of academic average. it is as dangerous as cocaine. stopping its use poses a major challenge. >> at least four or five people were walking around asking if anyone had adderall. >> it is not just coffee or red bull anymore.
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students are using stimulants with or without a doctors prescription. shows studentsy without adhd think these pills help them focus. >> it is very prevalent. >> we chose not to show the students face. first he used it recreationally in high school. do, it i saw what it did was the pressure to succeed that kept me going. >> what is most surprising, students share more often than they sell. >> it points to a suggestion that people do not think there is anything wrong with it. >> that perception is accurate.
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is a drug problem on campus and i do not want to partake in it. share. urge her to >> i have been asked, but i have never indulge them. it is steroids for your brain. in the last 12 months, they have had fewer than 10 cases. of challenges lot to any sort of crackdown or enforcement. it is a commonly prescribed substance. there is not a way to crack down on it. >> students are less worried about potential harm. >> it is not that taboo.
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>> if you are concerned and want link to more, we have a the study. it is on our website at >> the annual discount meal program began this morning. it was distributed throughout the area. hundreds of churches, community groups and 1000 volunteers are helping with this year's event. that kids family is paying it forward. tkid week, more than 20,000 people helped turn san francisco into gotham city.
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be batman after his leukemia went into remission. >> that is one of the coolest things we have ever seen. >> it was so great. >> let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> let's check in with gordon peterson. the obama administration delays to more deadlines. two more deadlines. we have new information on the tax problems that plague the d.c. owners of a well-known strip club. >> ok, you have got our attention. >> let's check in with doug and talk about this weekend. >> let's jump right into it.
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a couple of showers late through tonight. 57 in winchester, 67 in fredericksburg. this is the colder air moving in. shares have a few more -- showers. tomorrow night, it gets mighty chilly. 36.high on sunday only it will feel like it is in the 20's all day on sunday. 35 in the city and through the day tomorrow, they go up a bit, but they fall rapidly. 7:00 sunday morning, in the teens. there you see the changes. storm system on the coast will
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bring rain. a brand-new blog about thanksgiving travel weather. check it out. it is true confessions tonight on 20/20. show us whatovers really goes on behind the scenes. that's tonight at 10:00. the redskinse how are getting ready to handle their business. >> we have to put the past behind us. point.e you cannot this we will see what happens on monday. happen thedid not way many expected. things have a way of falling back down to earth.
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stars taking the field on monday night are proof of that. >> we do not have no divided locker room. >> we stick together. you guys are trying to divide us up. defendingl focus is san francisco's offense. >> he will run you at the drop of a hat. test for us to make sure we stay disciplined. calling ground game is not going quite as well as last year. >> he set the bar so high. impossible to do
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that again. the run game they have is a tremendous compliment. iii set theiffin record straight. >> it is a chance to check out the other quarterbacks. we have a big challenge ahead. >> i read an article on these two quarterbacks and what they did last year compared to the sheer. you can check it out on the website. spendsgomery county
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>> the push is on to keep
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pedestrians safe and parking lots and garages. be more aware after pedestrian involved accidents doubled over the last three years. kevin lewis has more on the safety alert. >> july of this year, a 77-year- old man allows his car into the sam's club in gaithersburg. -- they can best very dangerous. 2010, cars hit 74 pedestrians in montgomery county parking lots and rodgers. 98 and 2011. 125 last year. in june, and acura suv hit and killed and 81-year-old woman outside this giant.
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only a few weeks later, an elderly man would hit -- was hit. debbie knows thean's daughter. i am surprised it has not happened more frequently. >> what is causing the spike? cell phones behind the wheel don't help. put postersill soon on buses and distribute 23,000 reusable shopping bags with the campaign slogan. this initiative is no cheap task. they have spent $50,000 to help spread the word. >> thank you. the news continues right now at 6:00.
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