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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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that's our program for tonight. good luck this weekend getting ready for the holiday. for elizabeth and everyone here at 20/20 thanks for watching. i'll see you this weekend. good night. >> this is breaking news. the victim of a hit and run crash has died. there is a big police presence. .he victim is an adult male he has not yet been identified, however.
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>> we turn to the weather. brace yourself for a deep freeze this weekend. get ready for it to feel like january by sunday morning. >> doug hill is standing by to break down the first forecast tonight. >> let's talk about what is happening. 58 degrees right now. the rain is on the way out. west, theck to the front is moving through, temperatures are still very mild. 55 in germantown. 58 in springfield. by morning, 36-45 degrees, very breezy. the cold weather will follow in the heels of that.
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maybe a storm next it. you can stay connected on the changing weather all weekend long. stay up-to-date on and you can also like us on facebook. baby isee week old taken away from its mother after a neighbor finds that baby inside a diaper bag. it is a troubling story. neighbors tell us she is a good mother and is a victim herself. that neighbor who locked herself inside the rental office knows the mother of the infant since they were in high school. what happened here is not about abandonment. it is depression wrought on by domestic abuse -- brought on by
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domestic abuse. >> i think she snapped. she cannot conceal the terror sheaf -- the terror she felt this morning. >> she is holding a baby. >> it was not her baby. >> she started crying. >> she is referring to her downstairs neighbor. stumbling down the stairs with a diaper bag. >> where is the baby? the baby was in the bag. , it was herthe mom friend and neighbor of more than 10 years, but she hardly recognized her this morning. the rental office was the closest refuge. i did not know what else to do,
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so i took the baby and ran. she has been victimized herself for years. police have been out here several times. >> it was a cry for help that went unanswered for years. >> if she had got help you for this, i do not think this would've happened. >> montgomery county police say they cannot confirm if officers were previously dispatched to the apartment. can't confirm the 29-year- old mom is not under arrest. -- they can confirm the 29-year- old mom is not under arrest. that is the latest from damascus. tough situation.
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information about a conference new information about a controversial plan and the district. they plan to add stop sign cameras. >> they are calling this operation d.c. streets safe and they are using portable cameras. they will not just be at major intersections. they will be at stop signs and along residential streets. it can be like driving through a war zone. there is about to be some new enforcers in town, portal full -- portable traffic cameras, 132. >> every block? that is not good. they are targeting block the
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box violators, stop sign and thosepeeders, oversized commercial vehicles that are not supposed to travel on residential streets. >> people are always trying to get through the light. >> i think it is a good thing. >> police say the id is to improve traffic flow. if you do not follow the rules, you will be fined. >> i am not a fan of it. >> there are already plenty of traffic cameras in the city. >> we have experienced reductions in traffic fatalities in the last few years. them, theem or hate new cameras go up starting saturday. to $250 ms will go up
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a but there is a grace. period. d.c.e live in northeast parking isnow that at a premium in d.c. and it is especially bad around the national mall. not everyone is on board with a proposed solution. it would add a parking deck under the mall itself between the smithsonian castle and the museum of natural history. >> i do not see the reasoning behind it, honestly. up would be aorn sad thing for a while, but it would be worth it. >> the fans -- the plan still faces questions and debate from the public. >> we have new information to
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report about the navy yard shooter. officials report the company that aaron alexis worked for pulled his access to classified materials. this happened back in august. restored and was the company never told the navy about it. the employer has not commented. remembers the day 50 years ago that changed america forever. the assassination of jfk. hundreds attended a ceremony in dallas today. >> president kennedy was also remembered at arlington national cemetery this afternoon. richard is live along pennsylvania avenue. >> certainly an emotional evening for many people. folks cannot believe it has been 50 years.
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anyone alive at the time remembers exactly where they were. ♪ at the cathedral of saint matthew the apostle -- >> 50 years ago, president kennedy was called home. >> a mass of remembrance for a slain president. hise days after assassination, president kennedy's funeral service was held here. >> we remember a president who gave us a sense of service to our country. single candle marks the spot where his casket was placed. eddie sullivan was in washington that november 22. -- betty sullivan was in washington that november 22. there were public moments of mourning.
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i never thought i would feel the way i feel today. i did not hear any shots. >> and then there is dan rather. emotions,g your own can this be happening in america? >> we remember john kennedy in prayer. >> part of that funeral procession along pennsylvania avenue was used by one million people and millions more on television. there is some opposition from the top about allowing cell phone calls on planes. the fcc chairman says he is against it.
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their is aognizes technical reason to prohibit it. .e agrees with them >> here is hoping the airlines are paying attention. d is putting his cape back on. >> his family is paying it forward.
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>> do you think you can jump a metro fare gate and get away with it? >> transit police are cracking down. we look at the cost of cheating. >> watch these guys. they are about to cheat the system. it can mean a free ride.
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with a hidden camera, we watch people coming and going over and over. jason west got so frustrated watching cheaters ride for free, he called 7 on your side. >> last week, there was another delay on metro and i was on the train for two hours. all these people are stepping on me did not have to pay. >> the agency believes it accounts for less than one percent of daily trips. the system recorded 743,600 people entering the system. at least 58 -- at least 6800 fares might not have been paid. transit police says they have
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stepped up enforcement. $50 toe can range from $300. they stopped this family and sent them back to the turnstile. >> you are not really saving that much money. >> that did not stop dozens of people we saw cheating the system for a free ride. it bothers me more and more that i noticed it more and more. at adding alooking localized alarm. they expect that will make it evders to invaders -- follow a paying customer through. 236.gon city has
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that is followed by anacostia. if you want to see the top 10, check out our website. >> we have some new information about amy robach. weeks ago, she announced she was diagnosed with breast cancer. her colleagues today, she revealed her surgeon found a second undetected malignant tumor. she says she will need further treatment. she says her prognosis is good and she plans to return to work soon. >> that will be a good thing to see. batkid and his family are paying it forward. 20,000 people showed up to turn san francisco into god's -- awesome city. -- gotham city. he is now cancer free.
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family is working with the 49ers to raise money for the make-a-wish foundation. >> shows how one good deed spreads. this bitterly at cold weekend. it will feel like january. arehe temperature changes starting. sunday will be the day everything will kick in. click 61 at reagan national today. the -- >> 61 at reagan national today. the clouds have been pretty persistent all day long. it is happening already because we see the winds changing direction. the cold front is pushing a little farther south. wind. checking the
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some nice wind gusts out there. reagan national, that is a degree warmer than it was this afternoon. you can see the temperature starting to fall, indianapolis, 34 degrees, 28 in chicago and omaha. it is way below zero just north of the u.s.-canadian border. late tomorrow night when the real drop occurs. you can see how much colder it is than it was last night at this time. huge drop inn a temperatures over the past 24 hours.
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a lot of things are changing. here is what is happening. and wednesday, we talked about this at 5:00 and 6:00. you can see a little spin in the atmosphere. we have the possibility of some action. the air will be cold. before then, it will be cold and windy. you can find out more about this travel weather and the conditions on a brand-new blog we have at here is our story for the weekend. it will be breezy and cooler tomorrow. it will be like midwinter as we head to the weekend. maybe by thanksgiving, we will have some sunshine. >> thank you. >> did the hoyas recover?
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>> or we could just be like them and go to the caribbean. terpshe hoyas and the were in action down south. were in action down south.
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and our networksre getting crowded. but if congress, the fcc, and the administration free up... more licensed wireless spectrum, we can empower more... people to innovate, create new technologies and jobs... and strengthen the economy. america is the world's leader in wireless. let's keep it that way. free up licensed spectrum today, so wireless... can do more for america tomorrow.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk.
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>> the capitals may not of been great one was in attendance today against montréal. see for yourself. wayne gretzky was in the owner's box. had enough of that combo yet? another slap shot. unfortunately, the capitals cannot muster enough. i know. keep talking about feeding the hot hand. is everyone on the same page? tonight, wall was very visible. 37 points, but was it enough? look at this.
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does not get prettier than that. every toronto starter had double digits tonight. what can you do? terps in st. thomas this weekend for the paradise jam. maryland is enjoying that paradise. who wouldn't? sets up a sportscenter play. he is not done yet. 16 points on the day. marilyn wins big, 68-43. kansas state in puerto rico. you can hear the crowd.
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smith led the hoyas in scoring. 25 points for him on the day. today, the nfl suspended allison for one game. derogatory comments to trent williams. they thought the decision was too hasty. no word on whether trent williams will receive any punishment for his comments to the media. the terps are at boston college tomorrow. you can see the game on news channel eight. you can see the game on news channlook, every day we're using more and more energy.
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the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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annual caribbean heritage awards took place today in d.c. bunyan was the mc tonight at the event. >> calling all sports fans out there. michael jordan psalm near chicago -- jordan's home near chicago can be yours. feet on 7.4 square acres.
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bedrooms and 15 full bathrooms. just a small little place, a second home maybe.
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>> the chill is on. >> we will keep you up-to-date. >> party time.
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