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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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new mexico, and if you are watching us on the east coast tonight, get ready. this is where it all started in the west with drenching rain in california, shattering records in phoenix. then the snow, as well. the roads inial we career key looking like winters in the northeast. and tonight, at the dallas ft. worth airport, they are de-icing planes at this hour. delays counting. hundreds of flights canceled for tomorrow. tonight here, the forecast. but first, the pictures of the storm that's already been deadly. we begin here with abc meteorologist ginger zee. >> reporter: parts of the southwest, barely visible tonight. an intense punch of pre-holiday winter is slowly lumbering east. already killing at least eight people. most in car accidents. in new mexico, up to a foot and a half of snow.
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amarillo, texas, halted on the highway. spinning in almost five inches of snow. and in oklahoma city, a fresh coat. the storm's next stop, dallas. where they could get up to a tenth of an inch of ice. the city pretreating roads. the air ports de-icing planes, watching the number of delays climb up to 1,000. separate from that storm, the cold has certainly settled in. >> it's the windy city. >> reporter: feeling like single digits in chicago. >> we wouldn't have come out if it wasn't for the dogs, that's for sure. >> reporter: buries in up to two feet of lake effect snow in parts of pennsylvania. and in nashville, auditions for the new "star wars" film had the actors begging for the force to be with them and they endured temperatures 20 degrees below average. >> just unbelievable. ginger, you are tracking this storm and you say most concerning, this hits major hubs where people travel. >> reporter: right. you saw that dallas starts tonight. you'll have that potential for
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ice. all about timing and type of precipitation. this low pressure system scoots across the gulf. all rain. but that's not good. look at atlanta just soaked. tuesday, 7:00 a.m. carolinas get inundated. a lot of rain at the coast. that's wednesday, 7:00 a.m. the only good news i have to report is that by thursday, that storm is out of here. >> but getting there in this rain is going to be treacherous. what are we talking about as far as totals. >> reporter: people are worried about snow, but most of the snow is going to be reserved if partly lake effect and partly that storm in far western new york and far western pennsylvania. it is that rain that could come in buckets for some, in the east. look at northern alabama, right through tennessee, the carolinas, d.c. and even new york city. >> what a mess. drive safely this week. ginger, thank you. we're going to turn next to the other major headline this weekend, the historic nuclear deal with iran, agreeing to freeze its nuclear program for six months. a small step, but a major break through. tonight, we're learning about
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the secret talks between the us and iran that led to this. secretary of state kerry celebrating with other foreign leaders there after the deal was sealed. and as he shook hands with iran's foreign minister, there was another very unhappy world leader. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who got a call from president obama. 30 minutes long. the white house describing it as, quote, a useful discussion. so, what does iran have to give up and was it worth it for america?c's terry moran tonight. >> reporter: the smiles and hand shakes told the story. they think they did a very big deal. so does president obama, who hailed the work of the negotiators. >> that opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure. >> reporter: under the deal, iran agreed to freeze its nuclear program, destroy its dangerous near weapons grade fuel and allow daily monitoring of key facilities by international inspectors. in return, the u.s. and allies
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agreed to ease some economic sanctions. about $7 billion worth, but leave most others still in force. and the whole deal is temporary. six months for negotiators to hammer out a final agreement, which will be much more difficult to get done. on "this week," secretary of state john kerry argued this deal is plenty tough on iran and reversible. >> and if they are not prepared to do the things necessary to be able to have a peaceful program, truly peaceful, and provable, as such, then the sanctions can be turned back up. >> reporter: but the doubters and the critics are legions, starting in jerusalem, where prime minister netanyahu blasted the deal, declaring it -- >> not an historic agreement. it's an historic mistake. it's not made the world a safer place. >> reporter: in congress, most republicans and many democrats voiced deep skepticism of president obama's approach. >> we let him out of the trap. >> reporter: and they are
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preparing even more tougher sanctions, which if passed would effectively kill this deal. and today, another diplomatic astonishment. it turns out there had been months of unprecedented secret talks between the u.s. and iran to lay the ground work for geneva. five meetings this year, in the gulf nation of oman and elsewhere in the region, u.s. and iranian officials meeting face to face. president obama keeping some of the closest u.s. allies, including israel, in the dark, as the agreement took shape in the secret talks. secretary of state kerry came here to london today to begin work with allies on the next steps. planning negotiations to cut the next deal and making sure iran abuilds by this one. david? >> all right, terry, thank you. now, to the picture from iran tonight. hundreds cheerg on their negotiators returning to the airport, giving them a hero's welcome it was a marked change from a come of months back when return's new president returned from america to eggs being thrown at him from the crowd.
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but from the streets, from iran tonight, the young people with a message for america. and abc's muhammad lila reports from tehran. >> reporter: in iran, he's being hailed as a hero. the sanctions regime will be broken, iran's president says. and take a look at this photo. rouhani kissing the forehead of a young girl, her father, a nuclear scientist, assassinated, the iranians say, by foreign agents. we journeyed to iran, seeing for ourselves the winds of change. here, over lunch, young and proud iranians share their surprising taste in music. >> what do you listen to? >> reporter: even here, listen to what the iranian skateborders tell us. >> i hope the relations get better. have a tour in usa. >> reporter: when iranian students took americans hostage in 1979, the united states severed tie. >> it is day 139.
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>> reporter: if you were watching back then, you might have seen this woman, a spokesperson for the student revolutionaries. thank you for giving us time today. >> thank you. >> reporter: now, she's a reformist and iran's first ever female vice president, telling us words that just a few years ago were unheard of. >> together, the u.s. and iran could work against violence, against radicalism. >> reporter: but that cooperation might not come easy. after friday prayers, many here still chant "death to america." and outside, when i ask them -- do you think it's time for america to fix the relationship? they respond by chanting it even louder. muhammad lila, abc news, tehran. and one more note overseas tonight that will effect our troops in afghanistan. tribal leaders have approved a security deal this sunday, allowing u.s. troops to remain in their country beyond a 2014
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deadline. american commanders and troops had wanted that to ensure what they've accomplished isn't lost. president karzai, however, hasn't said when he'll sign off. back in this country now and to the economy tonight, just as the holiday shopping season kicks into full swing, the markets trading with cheer. with black friday shopping after thanksgiving this week, some dubbing tomorrow black monday, we wanted to know, when is truly the best day to shop? and it turns out some researchers wanted to know the same thing, and that day is coming. abc's clayton sandell tonight in denver. >> reporter: this year, the competition is cut throat. facing fewer days for holiday buying and lower consumer confidence, retailers are desperate for a bigger share of the 147 million shoppers hitting stores and websites black friday weekend. if the mad dash for deals is your holiday tradition, you can now do it a day earlier. k mart, target and walmart all
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unlocking their doors on thanksgiving day. >> it's bloody, brutal and there are going to be a lot of casualties. >> reporter: early birds are bringing tents and generators to this best buy in ohio a week early. >> looking for tvs as presents for family. >> reporter: but some stores are making the curb side campout unnecessary. walmart, amazon and macy's already one-upping competitors by offering black friday prices online right now. best buy will even match a price if you've already bought somewhere else. and experts crunching the numbs say the best day to shop may actually be december 4th when good deems can be found, minus the crowds. now, only about a quarter of shoppers are expected to actually come out on thanksgiving day. the idea of hitting the mall after a big holiday meal, probably, david, giving a few people heartburn. >> that parking lot about to get much busier. clayton, thank you. new trouble tonight for boeg and its state of the art dreamliner. the company warning of serious
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problems with the engines on that plane. pilots should avoid flying near thunderstorms because ice can form inside those engines, causing a drop in power. tonight, to groeg consumer outrage. the faa allowing you to keep mobile devices on. but when many heard phone calls on planes could be next, they said, please hold. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: on a plane, phone calls can be annoying. so, just the fact that the fcc is going to look at the possibility of allowing cell calls in-flight is leading to chaos in the cabin. >> some things are too personal and you don't really want to know. >> can you hear me now? >> reporter: the s.e.c. acknowledges that most passenger opposing phone calls and the chairman says, "i feel that way myself." on the white house website, 2,500 people have already signed a petition to stop the fcc. delta airlines polled its passengers, and two-thirds say
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no to phone calls. and flight attendants are ow wi a dozen people, can you hear me now, can you hear me now? and none of us want to experience that on an airplane. >> reporter: why such a negative reaction? researchers found when you're stuck in an elevator or plane and listening to a one-sided conversation, it steals your attention. making it difficult to get anything done. tonight, this is just a proposal. even if approved late next year, it will be up to the airlines to decide if you can make a cell call at 30,000 feet. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> david, thank you. a reversal of fortune tonight for a lotly winner who hit a $1 million jackpot. the problem is, he was told he'd only one $1,000. abc's rob nelson reports tonight, it's happened before. >> reporter: tonight, two employees, nabil and karim jaghab, father and son, accused of trying to scam a new york
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lottery winner out of his prize. he purchased a $10 lottery ticket from this long island deli and was told by the suspects he had won $1,000 when that ticket was really worth $1 million. the unidentified ticket winner became suspicious friday and called police. father and son are charged with grand larceny. the son in handcuffs saying it's a mistake. >> honest mistake. >> reporter: their lawyer blaming a malfunctioning lot toma sheen. >> reporter: last november, two brothers were accused of scamming a syracuse man out of a $5 million winning ticket. they allegedly told the real winner it was worth just five grand. officials say there are simple ways to protect yourself. donald hantd over your ticket. use the machine you see in most stores to see if you're a winner. and sign the back of your winning ticket so others cannot claim it. good advice there. the gaming commission for new york state says, quote, we stand
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ready to cooperate with law enforcement. the father and son in that story have pleaded not guilty. >> they say it was just a mistake. >> reporter: we'll see what the courts say. >> rob, thank you. now, to a different mystery tonight. for the first time ever, the catholic church opening up a jewel box in public, unleashing a scientific debate over what's really inside. here tonight, abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: today, pope francis offered the world the first glimpse of what could be the remains of the world's first pope. the bronze case held nine pieces of ancient bone, allegedly bone fragments of st. peter. until now, they've been kept in a private papal chapel. they've never officially been declared the fragments of st. peter, in part because a 1,000-year-old curse threatened those who disturbed his tomb. today's display is the strongest sign yet that the vatican believes these are the remains of the apostle peter.
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but some archaeologists aren't convinced, saying there's no scientific proof. pope francis's emotional display today marked the end of the vatican's year-long celebration of christian faith. and it's that faith that will be required to be convinced that these are the remains of st. peter. david? >> alex, thank you. still ahead on "world news" this sunday night, he was the doctor treating michael jackson during these rehearsals for that documentary film. what dr. conrad murray said, stunning descriptions of jackson's final days. later tonight here, you have to stay tuned for this. the dance cam seen by more than 2 million people tonight. what we just learned about the 11-year-old on the left there, who stole the show. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath.
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in those final days. abc's aditi roy in los angeles. >> reporter: he is one of the last people who saw michael jackson alive. and now, dr. conrad murray, who treated jackson while preparing for his "this is it" tour is speaking out for the first time since being released from prison. murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 for giving the pop super star an overdose of the drug prop foul. he was released just a few weeks ago, serving two years of his four-year ensense. today, murray told australia's "60 minutes" program jackson begged for the drug. >> i did not agree with michael in using such a powerful sedative for sleep. so, what i told michael is that, we have to get you off of the substance. however, i mean, call itdedeal not ideal, michael jackson is not a guy you can just say, stop
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it." >> reporter: murray spoke with "the daily mail," reveelg shocking new details about jackson. murrays, quote, michael trusted no one. the bed chamber smelled because he did not even let maids in there to clean. there were clothes strewn everywhere. murray also talked about the condition of jackson's body, murray says he only con fronted jackson once he star the pop stars arms. his veins were in a terrible state. i said, michael, i have never seen arms in such veins kept for a drug addict. australia's channel nine confirms paying for murray's interview. abc news reached out to the jackson family attorney, but so far, they have not commented. david? >> aditi, thank you. when we come back here on "world news" this sunday, what we have just learned about that home in cleveland where the three women were kept. the real savior the day they got out. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ]
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were held captive in cleveland. amanda berry's 7-year-old daught daughter. the brave little girl noticed her father, ariel castro, forgot to lock the front door and quickly ujed her mother and the two other women to escape. oversea, mt. etna is at it again tonight, after the spectacular eruption we showed you last weekend. the volcano erupting again. you can see it all over these cars and one woman using an umbrella to protect herself from the rock. well, the party about to get started in los angeles at the american music awards. tonight's ceremony hosted by pitbull. it's his first time hosting a gig like this and he jokes, i hope you have that delay button ready. fans will be able to vote for the winners on twitter. as we continue on "world news," bring it on. take a look at this tonight. on your screen, the usher known for his dance moves, on the right. the 11-year-old on the left who steals the show. it's been seen my billionmillio
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waiting for his chance and let's just say, when that chance came, it was a slam dunk. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: 11-year-old antwan alexander's dream was to be on the detroit pistons dance cam. so, when he got his chance, he went for it. ♪ for 20 seconds, the 20,000 strong crowd roared for him, then, the camera shifts to the pistons usher, shannon sails, who has been entertaining fans with his moves for years. he challenges the young groover to a dance-off. >> oh, you want to challenge, so, i just went on. >> he was so hyped and the crowd was just behind him. i was like, he's taking my crowd. >> reporter: fans can't get enough and tonight, look at this new number. 2.5 million views and counting. >> i don't want to brag, but i'm good. i brought my a-game. i think i won. >> reporter: we wanted more. >> i'm coming to get my revenge today. >> reporter: call it the "world news" dance cam.
6:30 pm
♪ >> i think i won. >> he is so good. >> reporter: but tonight, there's one winner. that 11-year-old and his 20 seconds in front of the fans. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> by the way, antwan sings at church and that dancing usher sails he plans to see antwan at church. "gma" first thing in the morning, diane here tomorrow night. good night.


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