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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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year of my life. this value dates that, if you voted for this, that we are heartbroken, the same way and we fall in love the same way and we're happy the same way and the fact that you would listen to my music means that we're on the same page. i'm 23 and i have no idea what's going to happen to me in my life. but i figure if you decided on something as wonderful as this, then we're pretty much in it together, aren't we? i love you so much. thank you for this. it's unbelievable. >> that's our show. god bless and good night. dale!
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captioned by the national captioning institute the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 11:00 i'm on your side. >> a postal employee murdered while delivering mail. other employees are raising concerns about safety during night deliveries. lawmakers express optimism and doubt about a deal made on iran's nuclear program. not many people are giving thanks for the large storm system that is right now hitting parts of the country. it could threaten your holiday travel as well. we are going to start there. it has been eight years since it has been this cold this early in the season. the next few days are critical
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with many of you hitting the road for thanksgiving. what can we >> let's start withd news. the winds have finally settled down. tomorrow, even though it will be cold, it will not be as windy so it is not going to feel quite as uncomfortable. temperatures are in the 20's. 21 in gaithersburg, 23 at the list. today was the callista date -- they we have had in the season. 13 degrees, that is what it feels like this hour in hagerstown. it feels like 20 at reagan national airport. we are going to keep the cold air for tomorrow with highs around 35 to 40 degrees. we are patiently watching the potential for a large storm system that is going to impact our area for the upcoming holiday rush-hour commute. come tuesday into wednesday, coming up in a few minutes, i will talk about the potential for snow and rain across our area.
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>> steve, all right. we are use to dealing with cold in the d c area, but some people are surprised that we received this blast this early. tom roussey continues live team coverage from the lincoln memorial. down, butds are dying it is still awfully cold especially for this time of year. 21 degrees below average. normally, you will see folks hanging out with the steps there. there is no one there. this cold is keeping a lot of people away. many did find things to do outside tonight. >> ironically, one of the best ways to stay warm tonight was to get on the ice. if you continue to skate around, you feel less cold. it affected cold, the zamboni at the pentagon city outdoor rink. harry tran spent about 12 hours,
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, getting itutside to work right. >> trying to stay outside, make sure the machine is running. 10 degreess all most colder than the average high in mid-january which is the coldest time of year around here. in d c, it is not the cold. it is the windchill. today saw gusts of up to 45 miles per hour. that didn't stop people from going outside tonight. in some cases, in shorts. up,e jonathan blair grew tonight wouldn't be so bad. >> i am from alaska. thes not that cold unless wind is whipping, to me at least. >> if you are from outside anaheim, california, you don't see it that way. >> it is like it is cold there, right? >> not at all. we have layers so we are warm. as long as we keep moving, we are fine. >> the soccer players took it to heart, not letting the cold keep them playing even though that ball had to sting.
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awaye cold keeping people from places like the lincoln memorial tonight were normally even at night you see folks hanging out. i just met some tourists from florida. man, were they ready to get back inside. it is not likely to see cold like this in d.c.. what is totally abnormal is to have it before thanksgiving. live in southwest, tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> we are not alone in experiencing these conditions. several states are dealing with snow and ice, making for a big mess on the road. take a look at this. storm chaser captured some dramatic video in oklahoma city. you can see an suv sliding on ice, then rolling over. several cities have sand trucks out to sleep -- treat the slippery roads. in dallas, crews spent a day spraying deicing fluid on runways and planes. more than 300 flights were canceled today alone. wjla.comjeff goldberg is livee
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attended tonight's vigil. >> police officers and letter carriers alike cannot remember a case like this ever happening in this area before. here near where tyson barnette was shopping -- shot. unfortunately, it is far too common to be delivering mail after dark in areas like this with few streetlights and sidewalks. they say they don't want it this way but to get the job done, they have no choice. >> it is part of our plan. >> they will tellhappened to tyd have happened to them. >> i was heartbroken. >> stanley johnson was barnette's one-time supervisor and a friend. >> he was the kind of person that would do anything for you. >> according to police, barnette, from upper marlboro was shot and killed saturday
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evening on reed street in chevrolet while delivering the mail. >> i heard one shot and then i heard six. >> it happened at around 7:15, long past sunset. police have no suspects or motives. >> i wouldn't suspect something like this to happen. >> letter carriers say there is no reason barnette or any carrier should have to be working in the dark. >> when it gets dark, i get scared. >> especially in areas with few curbside mailboxes, requiring carriers to do the job on foot. too late. they say they love doing their jobs and will forever remember tyson barnette, a man who also loved doing his. >> he will not be forgotten as a letter carrier,. the u.s. postal service is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.
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they are working very closely with prince george's county police to try to solve this murder. letter carriers and a union representative will not be making a major push for safety improvement. live in cheverly, jeff goldberg. >> we are going to annapolis where police are investigating whether one man is connected to several burglaries. investigators released surveillance photos of the suspect. police say one burglary took place on bay ridge road. last night, five additional burglaries took ways within minutes of each other. officers say an early 2000 style green or blue minivan with silver trim was seen in the area of the break-ins. if you know anything, you are encouraged to call police. president obama is in seattle for the start of a major fund- raising trip out west. the president will make seven appearances over the next rebate. he is expected to raise aliens for the democratic party and candidates running in next
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year's midterm elections. the white house says that the president called israeli prime minister netanyahu while he was traveling to the west coast. it was to discuss the deal with iran over its nuclear program. netanyahu is one of several leaders expressing doubt that the run can be trusted. chuck has more. >> it was hugs and kisses in geneva, switzerland as secretary of state john kerry and other foreign ministers congratulated one another on the deal. kerry defended the deal which does not require a run to dismantle its nuclear program. >> we will be negotiating. we will be negotiating the limitations. you can't always start where you want to wind up. to freeze its nuclear program and open its nuclear facilities to daily inspection by international officials. in return, the tehran regime gets $6 billion to $7 billion in
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relief from sanctions battering its economy and no new sanctions. the deal is temporary. ismore cover and the deal expected to be much tougher. -- comprehensive deal is expected to be a much tougher. >> we are keeping parts of the program rollback. >> the pact brought a sharp rebuke from israel's prime >> now is not the time to ease sanctions when they are working. we have let them out of the trap. >> their negotiating team returned home to eight euros welcome. chuck c brisson, abc news. >> what is next in this historic deal? we will get some perspective from politico. a huge media controversy today. i had, how it is tied to the very first pope. gas prices are on the rise.
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have you seen this video? it is the dance off that has gone viral. we are going to
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newsu are watching abc 7 at 11:00, on your side. >> tomorrow, abc city council committee will consider a bill to raise the minimum wage. the proposed legislation would raise the rate to $11.50 an hour, one of the highest in the country. mayor vincent gray says he think that is too high and if approved, would hurt job creation. gray says he supports raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour. there was a first today for the vatican. pope francis put on display what could be bone fragments of the world's first pope, st. peter. a handful of bone fragments set in a jewel box. the pope blessed them before he began his mass. no pope has definitively said the fragments belonged to st. peter. today's display could be the strongest sign yet that the vatican believes that is the case. some archaeologists aren't so sure. conrad murray is talking about his relationship with michael jackson. it is murray's first interview
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since getting out of prison last month. he was notinsists responsible for jackson's that. he says himself with too much propofol. marie also says jackson did not father his three children and was fitted with a catheter every night because he was incontinent. tonight, theert national highway traffic safety administration has started a formal investigation into the safety of tesla model s. it is after three fires in the past six weeks. just last month, the agency said it was not planning to conduct a probe because it had not found evidence showing the fires were the result of a problem with the car. tesla motors said monday it had requested the investigation. the automaker our ceo complained about all of the media attention the fires received. aspires gotinjury more national headlines than a
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quarter million deadly car fires. that is mad. >> there are three cents in the past two weeks. the national average stands at $3.23. in the district, you are paying about $3.50. the best that is in virginia at $3.21. good news for some redskins fans using metro to travel to tomorrow night's game at fedex field. metro rail will stay open an additional hour for the matchup against the san francisco 49ers. the last train willue line leave at 12:25 in the morning. the last train to margaux towne center leaves at 1:33 a.m.. entrances at all other metro stations will close at normal times. the extended service is funded by an agreement with the redskins. that's go to detroit and the pistons game where the best action was happening off the court and in the stands. the video of a child competing
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in a dance off with an usher at the game is racking up views. take a look at this. ♪ 11-year-old antwan alexander showed off his best moves as the pistons famous dancing usher challenged him with some moves of his own. he says it is the first time he has ever challenged a fan. >> i was like hey, he is taking my spot. it was time for me to step up. this is my house. >> i am good. [indiscernible] >> the dance off has earned millions of views since it took place tuesday night. that is awesome. he is not only good but he is confident as well. >> look at that.
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>> how confident are we that things will get really cold? >> it is going to get very cold tonight. it is not going to feel as cold tomorrow. the windchill factor won't be quite as harsh. an skies have cleared out hour winds have started to settle down. it is 27 degrees at reagan national airport. six mile-per-hour winds compared to 45 mile-per-hour gusts we had this afternoon. windchill factor makes it feel like 20 degrees. our high today was only 34. our average for this time of year is 55. 74 is the record, not even close to that. alexandria looking at 24 degrees. notice the windchill factor, feels like 24 out there. 26 at george washington university. our final stop to exist to rockville, 19 degrees after a high of only 27. temperatures will fall by another 5-7 degrees as we move through the early morning hours.
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23 in winchester, 23 in martinsburg. monica looking at 25 degrees. colder air is out there. still in the teens in pittsburgh and detroit. 21 at syracuse with the windchill factor of 10 degrees. lake effect snow as we move through the overnight hours. lake effect snow across northern ohio into pennsylvania. none of this is going to make its way to our area. high-pressure overhead moves out towards the east. a change in wind direction tomorrow. clouds will start to increase. this is part of a larger, more complex storm system that will arrive on tuesday. national weather service has posted a winter storm watch for western pennsylvania and eastern ohio. this is for tuesday into wednesday. higher elevations could see upwards of 6-8 inches of snow. for us, this is what our futurecast looks like. clouds will start to increase tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the mid to upper
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30's around 40. mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow night. by rush-hour, tuesday morning, no sin -- notice the rain and snow mix across loudoun county changing over to all rain as we move through the middle of the day. that rain will become heavy as you move through the evening hours of tuesday into tuesday night. upwards of 1-2 inches not unlikely. we could see a little bit of snow mixing in off to the north and west. it appears reagan national, dulles and dwi marshall may all rain. not expecting snow delays for the rush-hour on tuesday and wednesday. 15-23 for an overnight low. clouds will increase. 35-40 for an afternoon high. in the extended outlook, once we get through all the nasty weather on tuesday and wednesday, as long as you can make it where you need to go, it looks great for thanksgiving. temperatures in the upper 30's. at least it will be dry.
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coming back from your holiday, not so bad for traveling conditions. we will have clearing skies but the biggest problem will be tuesday night into wednesday and then ending wednesday night. >> i was in that snow yesterday at syracuse. i am in the holiday spirit. it is going to be cold. if you're going out to the game, dress-up. nfc east has a new leader. rg iii said, don't show my bad plays. just give us good ones. just cheeseburgers in paradise tonight. jimmy
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the redskins are off today and playing the 49ers tomorrow night. let's start with the terrapins. the maryland basketball team
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playing in the semifinals in the paradise jam. let me take you to the island. big night. the transferral from michigan -- the turks were 20. 55-46 terrapins. less than two minutes to go in the game. what the drive, nice spin move. maryland wins--- 80-56. let's go to puerto rico. rivera a free throw. he had 10 points at the break. more smith rivera, defense set up the offense. he takes it to the house. beats 84-80. that's go to the nfl. the 49ers are favorite by four tomorrow night. i will be there to bring you the very latest. the nfl network is reporting that rg iii requested that the bad plays all be taken out of the videos at redskins park.
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and score.oop he goes all the way. 50 yards. yes sir, touchdown. 7-0 cowboys. manning finds brandon myers. look at the cowboys. they never touch him. myers gets up. he wanted for the score. cowboys at 21-13. cowboys changing the lead and clinging to it. up the band. two-point conversion. it was 21 all. cowboys take it right now. two seconds left in the game. dan bell is your kicker. 35 yards, dallas improved to six and five. beating the giants 24-21 and grabbing a share of the lead in the nfc east. let's go to arizona. colton cardinals. -- colts and cardinals. 26 yards. still in the first half, andrew
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luck, how would you like to have the name luck with a force you on your helmet? picked off here by carlos. he takes it 22 yards. 24-23 cardinals. mendenhall will take it up to five yards, run it in. 40-11, arizona wins over indianapolis. let me take you to baltimore. jets and ravens. jets snap it, the ball is lose. he picks it up, recovers it. 9-3 baltimore at the half. third quarter it was 12-3. watch joe flacco. looks, fires, where's jacoby jones? there he is. jones makes the catch around three. goes 66 yards for the touchdown. 19-3 ravens. go to the fourth quarter. geno smith, he dropped over the middle. picked off by corey graham. ravens win 19-3 over the jets. that brings us back to the redskins.
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there has been talk today about rg iii's and security. mike shanahan's job security. bottom line is, we will see two young talented quarterbacks tomorrow night. again, san francisco is favored by four. i will be out there. it will be cold for both of those ballclubs. >> and it will be a very good game. thanks.
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>> not so typical november temperatures. >> feel like january. tomorrow will be dry and much quieter compared to today. temperatures around 40. look at tuesday. by midmorning into afternoon, we are looking for a little bit of snow and rain mix changing to all rain, heavy rain tuesday night and early wednesday. thanks giving day will be drive. the coldght, more on coming up in th
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