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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 25, 2013 4:00am-4:31am EST

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chances are, they want to help but they don't really know how. teach them that the bt thing to do is calmly walk away, find a teaeacher or oter adult, and spspeak up. and your part--be that alt they can talk to and trust will listen. join me to help stop bullyining. go to to find out more.
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making news in america this morning -- severe weather. rains, flooding, snow, and sleet.
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a killer winter storm sweeps the east as arctic cold grips much of the country. and travel concerns. that storm could affect holiday plans for million of people. outside and outmatched. two would-be robbers didn't match up. it would be them running for cover. memorable moments at the music awards. we'll show you the good, the bad, and the miley. and why everyone's talking about her again. good mornd mornings. i'm tai hernandez in for diana. >> and i'm john muller. that storm system is now blamed for at least eight traffic-related deaths. >> much of that country plunged into a pre-winter deep freeze. some areas seeing highs today 30 degrees below normal. the storm system has gripped a
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wide swath of the nagts in a prewinter cold snap. the northeast is getting hit after new mexico got hit with a foot and a half of snow. few interstates were spared, including this one in oklahoma city where an suv rollover was caught on dash cam video. no one was hurt in that rollover. but in pennsylvania, a 77-year-old woman was killed in a multivehicle pileup. >> there were guys with a huge, huge truck pulling a van out of the median. >> i would think that's him. >> reporter: also coming together, first responders in new york, coming together to rescue a hunter trapped in waist-deep water. a rescue of duction. their wings iced. literally falling from the sky towards what they thought was glistening water. it was ice on the roads. >> the edges of their baek have got very bad bruising and
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bleeding on the the end of baeks. they must have nose-dived. >> reporter: as the storm system moves through, hundreds of flights were canceled in dallas. in the mountains of nevada, not everyone is seeing the two feet of snow as necessarily a bad thing. >> are you having fun? >> yes. >> how excited were they to get out here. >> oh, my gosh. they kept saying, pull over mom, now, now, now. >> that's supposed to hit the midwest and east on tuesday and wednesday. treacherous driving conditions but gorgeous winter scenes. good morning, john and tai. terrible news for folks traveling along the east. it will be a nightmare wednesday and third. big storm system brewing, originating in the south and east. tuesday night, mid-atlantic. into wednesday, heavy, heavy rainfall along the i-95
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corridor. areas of flooding and then a big threat of snow. pittsburgh, could see 3 to 6 inch ts. along in the new york state through way, syracuse, 6012 inches. john and tai, back to you. >> thank you, andrew. stay tuned to "good morning america" for the latest. our ore pay jor stories, the historic nuclear deal with iran reached after months of negotiations. tahman bradley joins us live from washington with more. tahman? >> john, good morning to you. the obama administration say this is is an important first step. over the week end, president obama phoned the israeli prime minister. and secretary of state john kerry will meet with more members of congress. they clinched the deal. iran and six world powers reached agreement to halt iran's
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nuclear program. >> israel will be safer. the region will be safer. iran's 20% you ra-- uranium wil be destroyed. >> in return, the u.s. and allies will ease some economic sanctions, about $7 billion worth. many are skeptical that iran will change. >> it's an historic mistake. >> reporter: israel condemned the deal. some members of congress expressed doubts. >> i would caution the president from overselling the deal. it's not a full dismantling of their program. >> reporter: before the geneva meeting, the administration held secret talks with iran. a longer term deal should require iran give up its ability
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to enrich uranium. >> i thing you'll see on capitol hill again, a bipartisan effort to make sure this is not the final agreement. >> reporter: the obama administration admits that hammering out a lasting agreement will be difficult. but the president is committed to a dip lolomatic path. frightening moments in ar airplane over new york. the flight from san francisco managed to safely land are 150 people on board. the pilot had to declare an emergency after smelling smoke in the cockpit. at first, he thought the bird struck the landing gear. >> we had a bird strike that apparently hit one of our randing gear doors. >> it hit one of the engines? >> no, negative. looks lying right now it's just the landing gear door. >> well, the engine was, in fact, hit. you can see the damage there as
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long with the stain from the bird. no injuries to passengers or crew. two people being treated for life-threatening injuries that they sustained after an oakland raiders game. one is a woman that fell about 60 feet from the third deck to the area below. she was critically injured, as was the man who tried to catch her. we're expecting a report today on the newtown shoot shooting. it will only be a summary, without many details. the full results of the state police investigation should be released, said critics. victims' families oppose that. the nfl's investigator looking into the miami dolphins bullying scandal says his work with continue for at least a few more weeks. he'll interview martin a second time, most likely next week. jonathan martin answered questions for seven hours during his first interview about the
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situation. and the end of an era if air travel this weekend. the longest flight offered by any airline, the 19-hour nonstop journey from singapore to n newark, new jersey is is no more. now the longest is from dallas to sydney australia. boeing has a new warning for pilots. and a race against time in frigid waters. two teens caught if a dangerous situation. new video of their rescue this morning. plus, brady for us is manning. a game with two of the best quarterbacks. a wild comeback and a mistake that ended it in overtime. mme
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all right, welcome back. just in time for one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, gas prices are up. a nearly seven-cent increase in the past week. to an average of $3.28 for regular. prices are 15 cents less than a year ago. boeing is warning that the engines on some of the new dreamliners can ice up if they get too close to ice sigh thundersto icy thunderstorms. black friday might not be the best time to snare a bargain. when the discounts are real, few shoerps get them. the rest settle for something else on display nearby. microsoft is crowing this
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morning about the launch of its x box 1. it sold more than 1 million units in the first 24 hours. sony said it sold 1 million of the playstation 4 in fewer countries. the hinge r unger games movie is really catching fire. no other film was close this weekend. when we come back, when are you most productive at work? the answer from new research might surprise you. and the wrong store to rob. two men points a gun at a clerk. what the clerk does next that had the robbers running for their life. talented, inspiring, downright daring. a wheelchair athlete with amazing moves. side-by-side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board -- what else does it do, reverse gravity?
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is difficult. but choosing which one is even harder.
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police department in colorado springs on accident alert this morning. the weather triggered a string of accidents across that area. if you don't have to be on the roads, your best bet is to stay home. a look at the morning road conditions elsewhere the. the storm system is moving east. heavy rain. driving will also be tough. a tough go across the gulf coast and in the dallas ft. worth area, icing conditions. >> if you're flying, airport delays possible in dallas, houston, memphis, and new orleans. two teenagers in north carolina have the coast guard to thank for saving their lives. the teenss' small boat took on water. >> the swimmer dragged them to a basket to be hoisted into the helicopter. they were taken to the hospital for observation. an off-duty police officer
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being called a hero this morning. chris tty wilson and her mother saved the people in this van before it caught fire. there were no serious injuries. michael jackson's former doctor is telling his side of the story for the first time since he was released from jail, claiming he was the singer's closest friend. he sat for separate interviews with oversaws interviewers. he said it was jackson who administered the fatal dose of propofol. >> i did not agree with michael for using such a powerful sedative for sleep. i told michael that we have to get you off of this substance. however, i mean -- call it i deal or noni deal. michael jackson is not a guy you
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can just say stop it. >> he compared jackson's veins to a drug addict. he said the singer's room smelled because he wouldn't allow anyone in to clean. nasty robbery on camera over the weekend. robert moore behind the register. one of the guys in ski masks announces it's a robbery and pulls a gun. the gun didn't look real, so moore took some action. >> one of them said this is a robbery. i looked at his gun and said, i have a bigger one than you do. >> wow, they were out of there, weren't they? they decided to take off. jumped into an suv and haven't been seen since. you see this guy, he turns around. he doesn't have the gun in his hands yet and he takes off. many people dread mondays. but a new study finds that is when the most work gets done. new research by microsoft offic
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are between 10:00 a.m. monday mornings. it's a good time to tackle the to-do list. >> we tend to run out of steam on the next day. we're least alert around 4:00 in the afternoon on tuesday. >> i have to remember that. >> i'm good for 24 hours. that's about it. time for some sports. what better way for football fans than tom brady versus peyton manning. >> quite a matchup. and it ends in overtime. good morning, america. i'm steve levy. welcome to "sportscenter." probably the game of the year in the nfl. two star players. two marquee franchises, ended on a fluky play. tom brady ends the first half down 24-0. a long way to go against a peyton manning-led team.
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brady to gronkowski. patriots with 21 unanswered. here's brady. back to edelman. dives in for pay dirt. pats score 28 unanswered. take a 28-24 lead. peyton manning to demaryius thomas. broncos tie it at 31-31. to overtime. in the overtime, the patriots punt, their former hero wes welker back to return told everybody to get out of the way. his message got to tony carter too late. recovered by nate ebner. patriots recover in field goal range. steven gostkowski does it. pats overcome a 24-0 halftime deficit and win 34-31 in overtime. tonight, a dandy for you on espn's "monday night football." 49ers have to have in the game. already looking up to the cardinals and panthers in the nfc playoff picture. the skins and rg3, looking up at
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everybody in the east. we figured we had to give this guy a ton of credit for doing what he does. that's why he's the star of our "play of the day." >> he's freaked out wheelchair athlete aaron. he's doing tricks that are the domain of skateboarders. he inevitably rights himself and keeps going. >> it's amazing stuff. >> wow. wow. but he recovers. >> he can get back up. tough guy. up next, it's "the pulse." it's all about the american music awards. >> all the fashion, performances. don't forget about miley cyrus. store and essentially they
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time now to check "the pulse." and the big story you'll be talking about today. the american music awards. >> we're scratching our heads. miley cyrus, barely dressed. not the problem. singing with a cat behind her. the cat cries a few time. ♪ i came if like a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ all i wanted was to break your walls ♪ ♪ all you ever did was wreck me ♪ >> she sounds great. but i can't stop staring at the cat.
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>> great timing on the lip-synching on the cat. >> miley turned 21 over the weekend. >> she didn't show up like that. she wore a white suit and what appeared to be nothing underneath. lady gaga showed up riding a white horse with two people inside that mechanical horse. >> i love that thing. taylor swift turns heads wearing a sparkling minidress and drew cheers for winning the ama's artist of the year. that's for a third time. justin timberlake was the man of the night, taking home three awards for soul r&b album, pop rock artist. the american music awards voted on by the public and music in buyers, rather than --
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>> did you know that -- oh, there's miley again. did you know that justin could play the guitar? i never knew that. wonder if he's learning. stare at the cat some more. >> don't look at the eyes. you'll be late for work. you'll be hypnotized. >> was it a bad karaoke video from tokyo? i don't know what to make of it. >> the cat's saying, miley, you have some 'splaining to do. >> maybe we're just not getting it because we're older. >> quite possible. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, the touching way classmates help a boy battle bullies. for centuries." ♪ this levian collection is amazing. maybe it's time to start your own. [ female announcer ] kay jewelers presents today's levian collection... [ gasps ] [ female announcer ] ...featuring exclusive levian chocolate diamonds. from the levian family -- where the latest in fashion meets fine jewelry.
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dentastix® treats have a unique texture that's clinically proven to reduce up to 80% of tartar buildup. smile, it's dentastix® time! checking our top store rirks iran has agreed to stop nuclear production for six months while a new far-reaching deal is worked out. a bird hit the engine of a virgin america flight last night, forcing the pilot to
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declare an emergency moments before landing at jfk. the plane touched down safely. no one was injured. the massive wintry storm is expected to coat the dallas area with a tenth of an inch of ice. flyers are urged to check with their airlines before heading to the airport. the storm system is moving east. they expect to hit the east coast cities with heavy rain. some areas will be 30 degrees below normal readings. finally this morning, a bunch of young boys coming together to help a younger boy who had been the victim of bullying. >> when a football team he works with learned about it, they showed their friend some love. details from jack harper from our station in boston [ chanting ] >> reporter: in the middle of it all, danny keith. bridgewater first grader. water boy for the williams foonl team. he wears a tie and jacket. he has speech issues.
4:30 am
a few other kids had been picking on him about that. his team dressed up to show they don't approve. >> we heard he was getting picked on. we decided to have a day to dress up like danny and come to school like danny and sponsor danny to -- um -- show danny that we love him. and -- that we of him very much. >> reporter: did you think this has made him very happy? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because everybody's cheering him on and when he's -- everybody loves him. >> reporter: danny suffered a brain hemorrhage after he was born. years of speech therapy are helping. and so did yesterday. when you came out of the hospital was the best day. but this was a really great day. >> yeah. >> we didn't want him to keep getting picked on. maybe if we all wore suits they would stop picking on him zbp tommy knew that was the right thing to do.


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