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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 28, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> live and in hd, this is abc seven breaking news. breaking news in montgomery county where a construction onker was killed in a fall poplar drive and silver springs. kris van cleave it's on the scene. what we know? >> it happened a little after 10 this morning and basically this was a construction worker. we understand he may have been a carpenter. he was working in the first floor of the building back here, this townhome under construction treaty apparently slept -- slipped on some ice, fell and that fall turned out to be fatal. there was a hard hat found near the body of the victim. he is a 56-year-old man. his family is on the scene here.
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work was a small amount of being done on a cluster of townhomes you're under construction. police say it appears to be a freak accident. they don't suspect foul play but detectives and an investigator for the medical examiner's and weare out here now expect osha to come out and look at this as well. by all accounts, it is just a tragic freak accident at this construction site. >> thank you. turning to the weather now. you will want to bundle up if you are headed to the relatives for thanks giving dinner. a live look outside at the nation's capital where we are experiencing one of the coldest thanksgivings in year. now at your first forecast. 34 degrees? >> that is the temperature in arlington. if we only go up one more degree to 38, that will be the coldest angst giving in more than a decade. we haven't been this cold since
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the year 2000. the windchill factor is lower than that. it only feels like wendy nine. it is going to be a breezy day. in takers pirg. wind chill is 28 degrees. if you are going to be traveling, things will be relatively quiet across the country. clear conditions across the country. lake effect snow showers and it's relatively calm. the express forecast for today, temperatures in the upper 30s. into the teens in a few spots coming up in a few minutes area >> there is relief for organizing the things giving day parade. the winds were calm enough to allow the giant balloons to fly during this morning's event. spiderman come a spongebob and
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other characters would not have been able to lift off if the winds topped 23 miles an hour and gusts exceeded 34 miles an hour. they have only been grounded once in the parade 87 year history. shoppers in the d c area are braving the cold weather to catch sale at bailey's crossroads. some camped out overnight to be the first ones in line for when this best buy opens up. as john gonzalez shows us, other shoppers got an early start when kmart opened at 6:00 this morning. >> it resembles black friday, but this mad rush is being called grey thursday. stores opening earlier than ever before on thanksgiving. not bad for $40. and shopable to stop for my grandson, and he will be happy on christmas day.
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>> stores are becoming more bold with the national retail federation part getting a jump of 3.9% compared to last year. kmart is staying opening -- staying open 31 hours straight. >> is this thing going to fit onto the tree? >> a holiday survey found 28% of consumers are willing to skip pumpkin pie and turkey and head straight to the stores. however, shopping in maine, rhode island and massachusetts is illegal thanks to some blue laws. some wish that was the case at home. know. i don't really do this. >> shopping on thanksgiving day could become just as popular as and turkeyl, parades itself. what are you buying? tv for mying a
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father. >> when do you plan on eating turkey? >> i plan on missing it this year. >> we found people literally camping out outside the store in arlington, virginia. john guys in one tent. gonzalez, abc seven news. >> here is a look at some other stores opening today. most toys "r" us stores will open at 5:00 this evening. asked by will open at 6:00. at 8:00 the mud jcpenney emma coles, sears and target will open. several malls and outlets will open today including outlets in prince george's county. this is video from last week when it opened. it will provide up-to-the-minute traffic and parking information. just check for the #. an update on a pizza hut managers story. the one in indiana who refused
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to open the store on thanks giving day. we have learned they are offering him his job back. he has worked at the franchise for more than a decade. pizza hut's corporate office said they made a serious error in judgment. no word on whether he will take his job back. thousands of people have a good meal to eat on this thanksgiving day thanks to the hard work of the night in columbus. they spent hours preparing food for thousands of needy and homebound people. we have a look at what goes into fixing all those plates. from pouring and stirring it to slicing and stacking, this decades-old thanks giving tradition just keeps getting bigger. >> it is a true community effort erie >> the largest thanksgiving celebration put on by the knights of columbus will serve 2600 this afternoon. that's a thousand more meals than just three years ago. >> more turkeys this year than last. and the numberrs
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of servings and the people and trucks we need and it is an enormous operation. lex he has been figuring it out for the past 16 years. >> this is my favorite day of the year. donated, the food is including the nearly three tons of piping hot turkey and dozens i jumped in to help with the many pounds of potatoes. they don't just serve dinner in their home. they expect to deliver 1500 meals to people in the comfort of their own home. >> sometimes people just want to have someone to talk to. and talk too out the same people every year. >> no detail is left unattended, including a placemat for every person >> it is a truth tradition of thanks and giving.
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>> the staff and volunteers at food and friends is delivering 3500 thanksgiving meals today. it will go to people living with hiv and aids come a cancer and other illnesses. , 970pounds of turkey --nds of stuffing and one 1000 pounds of potatoes and more than 1600 pies. d.c. roadways remain closed after the thanksgiving day truck for hunger. pennsylvania avenue northwest and between 12 and 13th street are expected to reopen at about 1:00 this afternoon. the race benefits so others may eat, a nonprofit that provides food, clothing, health care and other things to the homeless population. the white house released the holiday edition of president obama's weekly address.
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>> on behalf of all of the obama's, michelle, malia, sasha him a bow and the newest member of our family, sunny, i want to wish you a happy and healthy thanksgiving. >> the president went on to say he is thankful and is thankful for the military and their families. the first family will spend the holiday today hanging out with loved ones, eating good food and watching football. a reminder for metro customers -- buses and trains are operating on a sunday schedule trade that means metro rail will close at midnight. fares will be in effect all day and parking will be free at metro operated facilities. there is no track work going on this weekend. new accusations involving the national security agency. country iswhich accused of allowing the u.s. to spy during a high-profile summit? plus, caught on hanrahan -- a
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hostage standoff and shootout. learn how long it lasted and how it ended. we also have newly released video showing the intensity of recent tornadoes in the midwest. locally, how low will the temperatures go ♪ black friday deals up in the store. ♪ ♪ getting presents and so much more. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ buy today, come back for more. ♪ ♪ save next time you shop in store. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. >> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side erie >> a man was mooted in an officer involved shooting in frederick county, maryland. it happened last night on eb street in brunswick. it is unclear what led to the shooting but one man was taken to the hospital. his condition has not been released. that shooting is under investigation.
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all of this was caught on camera -- a hostage situation and shootout in inglewood, california. a woman and her 14-year-old daughter were held at gunpoint for nearly nine hours by that woman's boyfriend. the hostage taker eventually surrendered to the lease. >> the intent gun battle between police and an armed suspect led to a nearly nine hours dan off. with the gunman barricaded inside this inglewood california home. like an army or some type of automatic weapon. >> we have information that there may be hostages. >> it started wednesday afternoon when neighbors say the gunman showed up at his girlfriend's house. this man who did not want to be identified say his nephew managed to escape the home and called 911. >> my niece is being held
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hostage. >> when officers approached the house, they came under heavy fire. hisofficer was hit great bullet proof vest saved his life and a second officer was injured. as backup arrived on the scene, you could see the wood officers being carried away from the barrage of bullets. the suspect also yelled out the window that he was willing to die for his crimes. the bearcat.on >> hostage negotiators were able to talk to him and convinced him to surrender after night all. the hostages were released unharmed. the officer who was shot in his bulletproof vest was hospitalized with a significant injury but the bullet did not penetrate his test -- his chest. >> we are getting a better look at the intensity of those tomatoes -- the tornadoes that ripped through the midwest. ais video shows the moment tornado ripped through an
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indiana middle school. the cameras are motion activated and showed the destructive power of the storms. administrators say had students been in class at the time, they would have taken shelter in the center of the building and not in the hallways or the gym. a different kind of disaster relief work for nato victims in the midwest. a therapy dog spread a little love to victims. the dogs made their rounds as they attended a pre-thanksgiving luncheon. several dogs with therapy dogs international were flown in to help the dems cope with the disaster. >> it is calm but certainly cold. a lot to be thankful for. a look at this. this is something i am thankful for. beautiful sunrises. isn't that dutiful. as the sun came up this morning, it gave way to beautiful blue skies and a good-looking day.
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they haven't been feeling so good for many. temperatures started out in the 20s. 28 for our low at reagan national. 25 in martinsburg and cooler in hagerstown. the temperature was 23 degrees and we are not alone. widespread across the area and a little bit on the breezy side. an hour, so that is giving us a windchill factor down into the 20s. at theake a look now windchill across the region, it feels like 21 in hagerstown. and 28 degrees in lexington park. it is cold all across the country. temperatures are chilly in salt lake city. and bluesas city stretching out toward the gulf coast.
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it is what i would call a light thanksgiving for many as we look at the snow cover. almost 30% of the continental united states has some snow covered this morning. that does not include us in d.c., so you snow lovers will have to had west to the mountains. coming down across the great lakes and the cold air was over the warmer lake water and that causes some instability and a snow shower to develop. we overnight into northern maryland, but it was very light and did not last long. high pressure will dominate the us lots ofay giving sunshine and a cool northwesterly flow. clipper just a little and that's not going to do anything for us. we expect plenty of sunshine the next couple of days. great for your holiday travel if you are out and about. high temperatures will be in the mid-to upper 30s. for tonight, cold and clear
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skies. in the city, only 25 to 28 degrees. by tomorrow, a carbon copy of today but the wind will be a little calm her. if that is too chilly, check out your seven-day forecast. we will make it into the 40s as we head into the weekend. sister willonday, a -- a system will get closer to us. not enough to bring us any rainfall. high temperatures this time of year is 53. you can see that whole stretch. >> hopefully it will come back up at some point. >> thank you. maryland governor martin o'malley is preparing for a big trip next month. he will lead a trade mission to brazil and el salvador to meet with potential business and investment partners. accompanying of o'malley will be catherine and other government
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officials. importst of baltimore more from brazil than any other country. kennedy'sfter john f. assassination, some of his personal items are going up for auction. it includes a wicker walking chair he used to relieve his chronic act a as well as family photos. toplot is estimated to $150,000. new developments this noon involving the national security agency. canadian agencies reportedly allowed the nsa to spy on them in the 2010 in canada. it's based on top-secret documents released by edward snowden. do not mention specific targets but mention canadian authorities were aware of the surveillance. the obama administration is offering to destroy some of
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syria positively as weapons. u.s. officials say will be done in international waters aboard a 700 foot government owned ship. it still subject to final approval. no other country has committed to disposing of the chemical weapons on its own soil. a rand says it will increase its production of uranium enriched at a low level. the production will be done using machines that treaty asleep reduce 20% enriched uranium. last weekend, air and said it would freeze part of its activities in exchange for the easing of sanctions. you might be surprised to year who is leading time magazine's public poll of person of the year. the person is known to be quite the wrecking ball. plus, beyoncé is firing back at accusationst -- at sh
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>> you might find it hard to believe who is leading time magazine's online poll for person of the year. according to the hollywood reporter, it is a miley cyrus. she has more than 29% of the votes, putting her ahead of nsa leaker edward snowden and cereal eater bashar al-assad. time's editors will make the final decision about who will be the person of the year. their selection will be announced on december 11. a representative for beyoncé is responding to claims she was banned from egypt's. it -- egypt's aramid because she was rude. she said that she arrived late for a tour and about apologize.
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a representative for the singer said that never happened and called it all lies. ahead, jacqui will be back with a final
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>> the mayor in australia wants justin bieber to pick up his mess after he's great painted graffiti on the walls of his hotel. the hotel said it gave him the ok to spray paint the building
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but they ordered them to paint over the graffiti. the mayor tweeted i'm glad you had a great time on australia's gold coast. hope to see you soon to clean up your mess. >> he can afford to pay someone else. >> write a check. too bad.ather is not a lot of people like to go for a walk after their big meal. do you ever do that? >> i like to watch football. >> you can do that too if you don't like the cold. upper 30s here 40s with lots of sunshine. the wind will calm down tomorrow and we will warm up a bit or the weekend. some clout sunday and monday but overall, not too much to complain about. >> easy for you to get out of town. >> happy thanksgiving to you and town. >> ha[ male announcer ]o you and this is jim,
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