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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 29, 2013 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning -- breaking news. shots fired outside of a department store filled with holiday shoppers. new video and details about what happened just coming in. shopping madness. people yelling and shoving to get to the front of the line. >> hey. hey. hey. hey. >> the scenes playing out across the country overnight as black friday gets under way. torch trouble. an olympic flame handler gets a little too careless and nearly causes a catastrophe. pie pummeling. why this lawmaker was hit with a decadent dessert. good friday morning to you. we do begin with breaking news. shots ring out outside a
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department store filled with holiday shoppers. it happened in a parking lot of a kohl's in suburban chicago. several people are hurt, including police officers. no officers were shot. none of the injuries said to be life-threatening. witnesses say a suspect tried to shoplift from the store and ran to a getaway car. a vehicle on the scene is riddled with bullet holes. eager shoppers looking to get the best deals. >> tahman bradley reports on all of the shopping madness. >> reporter: it's the national holiday shopping spree. but not everyone is in the holiday spirit. overnight, wild scenes of black friday shopping. in romeoville, illinois, police fired shots at a man trying to rob a kohl's. the suspect and two officers were taken to the hospital. in southeast texas, a walmart customer grew aggravated when the store gave out tvs to the back end of the line. >> they tried to get it from us. she started hitting her. >> reporter: another walmart customer in new jersey got into a scuffle with police.
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walmart correspondent replaced a statement overnight saying, our stores and employees did a good job calming things down quickly when incidents occurred last year. and we anticipate that to continue this year. these black friday shoppers were more tame and thrilled with the eye-popping deals. >> we're here to get the playstation for $99. >> i'm here early just so i can get in and out and go to the next store. >> reporter: this year, holiday sales are expected to hit nearly $600 billion. and stores tried to cash in by opening on thanksgiving. >> get out and beat the rush. >> hopefully, they'll get all their dolls and toys and over with. >> reporter: the deals this year are better than ever. the average discount, 35% off. that's up from 25% in 2010. 140 million americans are expected to shop in stores or online this weekend. experts say there's no rush. many retailers will keep these deals through the season. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> thanks to tahman for that. black friday, of course, is a reference to the day when many
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retailers finally go into the black, starting a profit for the year. >> registers will be ringing across the nation again today. and for some of those who went shopping yesterday, it was just a way to pass the time. >> my wife is a nurse. she's working 7:00 to 7:00 today. so, we're celebrating thanksgiving tomorrow. >> might as well do something, right? >> right. sit with the dog all day watching tv. >> got a lot of people to keep him company. for those of you counting, by the way, there's only 26 shopping days left until christmas. only 26. >> that's frightening. brings us to our facebook question of the day, what are your shopping plans for black friday? will you spend more this year? logon to and let us know. nasty weather has threatened to ruin the holiday for many americans. more than one-third of the nation is covered in snow. >> much of michigan was a mess after a healthy dose of snow and
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freezing rain, especially on slippery, snow-covered roads. by noon, dozens of accidents were reported in flint township. >> crowds swarmed streets to get a close-up look at the balloons and bands marching in the city's annual parade. and this year, there was more to see. the route was nearly a mile longer than before. >> they're having fun. >> i don't know if anybody walking in that parade was happy about it being longer. >> in new york, down to the wire. gusting winds forcing a last-minute decision whether the big cartoon balloons would fly and they did. the winds were just enough. the handlers had to keep them very close to the ground. and frigid conditions and snowshowers will be back again today, from the great lakes into parts of the northwest. by the south, it will warm up. sunny and dry from coast-to-coast. >> and chilly temperatures in the upper midwest to the eastern seaboard. with highs in the low 30s and 40s. check out l.a., phoenix and miami. spring-like readings.
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highs in the 60s and 70s. we are always so jealous of them. and thanksgiving ending with a bang in missouri. a natural gas pipeline ruptured just after midnight. the flames could be seen miles away. and the blast was felt 20 miles away. there were no injuries. the fire has the burned itself out. the anti-government protests in thailand have spread into army headquarters. others gathered at the democracy monument and wore pink shirts in support of the king. their leader is rejecting that. the demonstrations began last sunday. and we have some new dramatic video from brazil, showing a construction crane collapsing into the soccer stadium hosting next year's world cup opener. two workers died in that accident. that's incredible video. a safety engineer now claims he warned his supervisor that the rain-soaked ground was not stable enough to support the 500-ton piece of roofing where that crane collapsed into. but he says, his concerns were
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just brushed aside. tension is building over the east china sea. china, today, sending fighter jets to patrol the air space it now claims. the u.s. doesn't accept the claims and let china know it earlier this week by flying its own war planes into that zone. adding to the tension, vice president joe biden leaves for china sunday and will ask china to exchain its actions. president obama has his thanksgiving message for the nation. he gave thanks to the troops and their families for the sacrifice. he called ten members to deliver that message personally to them. and he sat down with abc's barbara walters. >> mr. president, do you have a thanksgiving message? >> there's a lot of people out there who work hard every day, do right by their families. but are still working through some of their ravages of that big recession that we had. my message to them is, know that every day i'm going to be working as hard as i can on your
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behalf. americans, i think, deep down, care about each other. and want to do the right thing. >> the first family volunteered at a charity on wednesday, they were yesterday at the white house, with other family members visiting from chicago. and tonight on a special edition of "20/20," barbara walters asks president obama about the rough rollout of his health care plan. and when he thinks the u.s. will elect a first female president. that's coming up at 10:00 eastern time tonight. speaking of u.s. troops serving overseas, they had their chance to celebrate thanksgiving, as well. >> in kabul aft, afghanistan, h traditional meal. thousands of them will be coming home over the next year. but it doesn't make their absence from home and their families any easier. ready, set shop. we know what apple will be offering black friday shoppers. and caught on camera. new video showing what is believed to be the biggest
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jewelry heist ever. and nets coach jason kidd is paying the price for his well-timed spill.
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welcome back. it is black friday. and nearly 100 million of us are expected to hit the stores today for a total of 140 million over the weekend. even though this year's shopping season is a week shorter, analysts expect an increase in sales of almost 4%. apple has offered discounts on past black fridays. but not this year. if you buy something from apple today, at full price, you'll get a gift card.
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source tells the website, that's because gift cards are easier than updating pricing for one day. trading is expected to be light. investors will be keeping an eye on this weekend's retail sales. gains in the past few months have been spread very evenly. some analysts wonder if that will continue. it's going to be fire versus ice at the box office this weekend. "the hunger games" sequel is expected to stay strong. but the new disney film "frozen" will try to douse "catching fire." it's the animated musical's first weekend in wide release. abc news is also a part of disney. and attention bruce springsteen fans. an early draft of his megahit "born to run" will be sold at auction next week. >> it's estimated to fetch anywhere from $70,000 to 100,000 bucks. the chorus should be recognizable right there. tramps like us.
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the character wendy isn't apparently. no word on who the seller is. >> something you want to snatch up? >> a piece of paper. i'd rather put on the album and listen to the song. the paper doesn't do anything for me. when we come back, special delivery. one family has a lot to be thankful for. a newborn will have quite a story to tell about her birth when she gets old. and not-so-smooth criminal. this suspect was never going to get away with a robbery of a gas station. and we're going to show you why. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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rain-slicked roads in the northwest, with snow to deal with around the great lakes, unfortunately. >> and if you're flying today, you're in luck. we're happy to tell you there are no major airport delays. that's a nice change of pace. we're getting our first look at surveillance video of what's believed to be one of the biggest jewelry heists ever. >> you see a gunman breaking into a room where a bag of jewels had just been dropped off. he threatens everyone in the room. grabs some loot and leaves. that loot worth about $136 million. the guy on the loose. the jewels, never seen again. there was no space-giving for the space x rocket launch yesterday. it was scrubbed with one second to go. it was supposed to put a communication satellite into orbit. space-x hopes to try it again in a few days. it appears the run is over for the comet ison. the so-called comet of the century approached the sun yesterday, went behind it. nothing came out the other side. it's a journey that began 5 1/2
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million years ago. but was only discovered a year ago. it became one of the most-tracked comets in history. but like icarus, got too close to the sun. an oregon family has more to celebrate than usual this holiday weekend. celebrating the birth of a baby girl. except baby emma's arrival was not exactly elegant. emma's mom, rachel, knew she wasn't going to make it to the hospital. so, emma's grandmother pulled to the side of the road and delivered her granddaughter right there. >> the traffic going by. i didn't care because it happens. usually not on the freeway. but it happened. >> baby, mom and grandma are all doing fine this morning. and emma's dad said her nickname will be i-5, after the freeway where she was born. >> high-five i-5. a suspect is in custody in south florida after bumbling his way through a robbery attempt.
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it didn't quite go as planned. >> the guy named johnny love. the clerk behind the counter has handed over the money. he gave love some plastic bags in case he wanted to steal more stuff. love grabs everything he can, from gum to beer. >> he walks out. one of the bags breaks. the bottles break all over the place. he tries picking them up. and that's when the cops arrived. and now johnny love is under arrest. >> all he had to do was take off and run. he had the money. what does he need the gum and the beer more? >> help yourself to some gum. well, take a look at this video. some in spain have been sentenced to prison for their unorthodox protest for a building of a railroad line. the video you see here happened two years ago. >> they marched into a public meeting in france. the rail line they were protesting was supposed to link france and spain. there's been another mishap for the already-troubled olympic
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torch. a russian bobsledder carrying that torch through a siberian city, when oil from the torch dripped on that his arm and briefly set him on fire. >> he wasn't hurt. he grabbed a new jacket and resumed his run. the flame has flickered out more than 40 times in the past month. >> what's going on there? here at home, brooklyn nets coach jason kidd has been slapped with a $50,000 fine for spilling a drink. the incident happened wednesday night. kid seemed to say hit me to one of his players so he could intentionally spill that drink on the court. >> kidd used the break while the spill was cleaned up to draw up a play. the nets lost the game anyway. time, now, for sports. thanksgiving means three things. turkey, family and football. >> here's rouriends at espn with all the highlights. >> i got a bad case of -- say good morning, america, from the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. he's stan. i'm neil. and, man, we had three nfl games on thursday. we're going to show you two.
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>> i hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving meal to save room for this. this is the ravens and steelers. jacoby jones takes the kickoff here. and it looks like he might go for a touchdown. and he eventually gets run down. but he says mike tomlin's presence on the field, caused him to break his stride. and tomlin, with a little smile as he might have gotten away with something. but no smiles after the game. steelers couldn't convert a late two-point conversion. and they go down to the ravens, 22-20. tony romo, 5-1, on thanksgiving day. he's mr. november. he changed into a football uniform from that suit to take on the raiders. then, he handed the ball off a lot. de marco murray scored three times. matt mcgloin said, let's tie this thing up. brandon carr. cowboys, 31-24.
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dallas, 7-5 in the nfc. >> the cowboys wait for romo to turn into mr. december or mr. january. >> yeah, the opponents are. hey, have a great friday. >> back to you. >> and we mean that. >> thanks, guys. a soap sculpture got our attention overnight. so much so, we made it our "play of the day." we don't know where it's from. >> we know it's awesome. a bulldog was posted on facebook. good going whatever made that. >> that is incredible. >> amazinamazing. >> just the shadowing on the nose. it's snow, by the way. >> that's an artist. coming up next, it's "the pulse." and we're counting holiday weight gain. oh, boy. wait until you hear how many pounds we pack on after that turkey feast every year. water world. plans are unveiled for an incredible city on the sea. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ]
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♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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time to check, "the pulse," the stories you'll be talking about today, especially when you try fitting into your skinny jeans. >> before you pig out -- yeah. before you pig out on the thanksgiving leftovers, consider the latest research. it turns out that people gain an average of two pounds over every, single holiday. and most never lose it. if you count it up, over ten years, you're looking at 20 pounds. >> that's not encouraging. research has found that men are more likely to gain this holiday weight than women. and they learn that exercise has no real impact on how many pounds we pile on. >> there goes your skinny jeans. we know that thanksgiving quickly gives way to christmas. and what is christmas without "a christmas story"? the movie came out 30 years ago to lukewarm reviews.
4:24 am
>> but ralphie and the rest are part of a holiday favorite. we have to hear the film's most famous line at least once. here we go. >> you'll shoot your eye out, kid. >> so many classic parts of this film. >> parts of it were filmed in cleveland. and the city is giving appearances at the house where ralphie lives and a beebe range in the backyard. >> a red rider -- blah, blah, blah gun. the first floating city is getting closer to reality. the freedom ship will be home to 50,000 people. thousands more will be able to visit and stay overnight. >> it will have its own airport. it will be too big to ever enter a port. the florida-based developer say they're getting close to getting the $1 billion needed to start construction. the final cost expected to be $10 billion. >> who is going to do that? >> i don't want to live on a floating city.
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checking our top stories now -- several people were hurt after shots rang out at a kohl's department store in suburban chicago. it happened after an apparent shoplifting attempt at the store. china has flown its own war planes through disputed air space there in the east china sea. and first lady michelle obama welcomes the official white house christmas tree today, where it will be displayed in the blue room. looking at today's weather. mostly sunny and dry in the east. more snowshowers around the great lakes. warming up across the south. and stormy in the northwest part of the country. all in all, better weather than we've been having lately. >> absolutely. especially for orlando. 70 degrees. late-night comics still are having a little bit of fun with toronto mayor, rob ford. >> and of course, they couldn't
4:28 am
ignore a couple bizarre bits from miley cyrus. >> this year, thanksgiving is on the same day as the first day of hanukkah. so, don't forget to get your turkey circumcised. >> organizers of the macy's day parade said that strong winds could force them to cut some of the balloons from the lineup. here's one celebrating weed being legal in colorado. look at the balloon right behind it. it's rob ford. >> police here in l.a. asked an 83-year-old woman to tell her black friday story, in the hope, i guess, for others to avoid a similar fate. >> a young fan got out and pointed a gun at me. and said [ bleep ] your purse. so, [ bleep ] gave him her purse. >> another story from the amas from miley cyrus. there was a giant cgi kitten that lip-synced along with her.
4:29 am
even snoop dogg was like, i'm not high enough for this. i don't know what i'm watching. >> i witswitched over from the football game. and immediately became concerned that someone had spiked my beer with a hallucinogen. >> president obama is announcing the big nuclear agreement with iran. >> okay. >> something is not right. >> okay. >> take a look at this. and then, we'll talk about it. here he is. >> diplomacy will open up a new path -- >> this is always a problem with kittens. show that awkward moment last night. ♪ i put you high up in the sky ♪ [ laughter ] >> i was so proud of us because we didn't even mention miley cyrus this week. >> i know. we got away from it. >> there it all goes. >> all the way to the bank. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday. and happy shopping.
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>> chaos on black friday. a police officer is in the hospital and several suspects are now in custody after shots ring out. we will have the latest for you. and, while shoppers are out in full force today, so are workers in our region and they're pushing for change. >> good morning, washington, i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm autria godfrey. happy friday to you. hope you can come out of that turkey coma to do all your shopping today. we will get straight to eileen whelan in for jacqui jeras with the shopping forecast. eileen? >> nip getting out really -- anyone getting out really early this morning certainly wants to be bundled up. it is cold but at least it is


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